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Hey man, what's up? Have you ever heard of owl? Alvin York? Alvin your Calvin York? Is that the chipmunks last name? No, it or York? It's their dad. Alvin York. So to be clear, you think that the dad of the chipmunks name is Alvin and he made toward the chipmunks Alvin, and then the other two, Theodore, and you can name it after you. Yeah, I'm sure it's been done. That's one way to make it as if this why middle names exist. That's one way to make sure the other to know their place, I guess. Yeah, yeah, they came second and third. He that's why he's always saying Alvin Allen. Yeah, because he likes the most Okay, I'll actually just say this. Yeah, he's so mad at himself for creating talking chipmunks. Was that ever explored why they talk? Was that ever like, I don't know. Golden some radioactive stuff or whatever. There's never like the opening sequence to Powerpuff Girl said after midnight or whatever crap happened to him. No one knows how they got there. Things I Learned last night? Let me tell you about New York. Sure. Please do. Okay, so Alvin York. He is arguably one of the most unlikely war heroes the country of the United States has ever had. Okay. Which war? The war? That narrows it down, doesn't it? Yeah. World War One. Oh, the war? The Great War. Yeah, the war. He was born in 1887. To a one of those Tennessee families and they laid 82 You know, one of those. You know, I mean, you know what I wanted to see fade on I'd say like father miter and, like mill in the 1880s 1880s 1880s in Tennessee. So that family, their dad worked on a railroad. Their mom made all their clothes. And there was like, 20 of the kids. That was their lifestyle. They, each of them 1880s Hmm, every one of the 1880s that's what their lifestyle was if they were in Tennessee. Okay. Which for Tennessee, we're talking. I'm actually I'm not totally sure. Fentress County, Tennessee. Oh, yeah. Yeah, that's, uh, I know where that is. Don't go don't expand further. It's no tea. So all right. You better hope you don't gotta years to Geez. That's a deep callback. Do you not remember that? The no teeth soon? Yeah. Yeah, cuz it's the Kelly Hopkins vote. Don't look at me. See if I don't know which Yeah, Kelly Hopkinsville episode 12 of our podcast when I drew a picture on the whiteboard that nobody saw because we were audio at the time. I saw it. No one had listened to it either. We had no way we wouldn't have listeners. And we're losing them by the month. Okay, great. Cool because of this. So using the dotate zone, shockingly, had a full mouth of teeth. But he his family, for some reason. His whole all of his siblings, they did nine months of school. And that was enough for them. So decided by who? I guess them I guess their parents. Enough. Nine months is plenty. Yeah. You got to spend nine months in the womb, nine months in that room. That's the schoolhouse. And then you're ready to work on the railroad. Yeah. And then you're gonna spend the rest of your months heading towards the tomb. So their dad died in 1911. In when Alvin was 24, I think is how old he would have been at the time. His two older brothers had moved away. So it kind of made him the de facto father figure out the family head of the house. Yeah, the head of household and he took it into his head. He was excited to be Oh, he just couldn't wait to become a no interesting sidebar his family. I was thinking about this when reading his lineage. is sometimes you forget just how Not old America is. Oh yeah, his his mom. He's probably got like a living grandkid. Well, his mom's dad was a deserter in the Civil War, which is so she so his mom's dad changed his name. And then his mom's grandpa was a part of the original settlers of Tennessee. Mike from Yeah. Which is insane. This guy, World War One, which is a long time ago. Sure, but not that long ago. Oh no. And then his grandma, or I guess his great grandfather settled Tennessee. Yeah, that's bonkers. Anyways, so he he kind of became the de facto same way that like the year 20 ad is closer to now than like the JFK assassination. Yeah, that's not cool. Cool. Okay. Yeah, times weird, dude. I hate it, man. Well, I mean, that's, but that's why like, that's why people in certain parts of the country, certain parts that rhyme with the mouth are so deeply entrenched in there, like, you know, the South will rise again stuff because it wasn't the old people who were saying it it was like their grandpa who was like, God, damn, I fought for this stuff. And lost and I bitter, you know? Yeah, that is that is Yeah. So anyways, Alvin, he became the man of the house. So he went working for the railroad. And the pressure of the day long all day long. The pressure got to him. He became an alcoholic and was prone to bar fights. I guess we should say saloon fights because that was the time to Tim just keeps going like, the only thing he knows of 1800s is seminar city. Like you're just like saloon fight salute. People were robbing trains, you know, they'd be out there with a stick. They'd be like, this is a stick. You know? And that's about all they do is Rob trains all day trades and go look at the dead guy at that one place in Kansas. That's it. That's all there is to do. Yeah, so sometimes I am glad social media exists. We don't gotta go look at dead people anymore for fun. Now, I can just pop on a Netflix series over a thing I don't want to watch. You know, I mean, half of the things I watch on shows or I don't want to see it, but at least I don't want to traverse the country to go see a dead guy. Yeah. That makes no sense to someone who hasn't watched our back that's fine. It's just like when I'm done creating content for new people. This is for the this is for the people. Yes. Okay, so Alvin, he is for me when I listen to 20 years in prison you look around you know windows. worth it though is net worth it? Take your hand. Feel that spot on your on your side where you got shanked last night? What are you talking? I just for video for video people. He just goes take your hand and then puts his hand just softly on his belly like he was about to be like Do you feel that shake wound shank wound Yeah, I feel the shake we would it was worth it wasn't it that stabs but that that stabbed stick? Petition to repay knives stabs take stuff. out of it. He was prone to fighting? Will he get drunk? He would fight people. Not mutual combat. I don't think at least who knows? Maybe some of them. But he in one such fight. His best friend died. I don't think he was fighting his best friend. Him and his best friend got in a fight and his best friend lost. How? How big of a person could I pick a fight with that before you would be like I'm not gonna help her with this. I would help with whatever size person so stupid I am. I am. Here's the thing. I am way too confident in myself. That's true. That's true. And so if if things went south in a moment, I I can handle this. matter. It doesn't matter. I am too confident. We're both good murderers. Both great. Both of us loose. So don't worry, you're outside the seven whatever Boulevard to podcasters does you call us A couple of my staff and his friend got in this fight and they're their age. Yeah, probably wage appropriate fights, we don't know probably so we don't know. And his best friend dies. And this impacted him a lot. His mom was very active in the local church. So he started coming to church with her, but he was not like into it. He would like show up drunk and stuff with like black guys. And you know, from the fight the night before. Pastor also had black guys but couldn't tell anybody why. And so like, the pastor is up there, and he's there. And like, they're both like we fought in the bar last night. But the pastor has to be like, I, I wrestled with God last night wrestled with the Lord. A great temptation. I'll tell you what, I had a fight with this guy. And he was so muscular and strong. Everything was in the right place. Alvin's best friend dies in this fight. Yeah, no, he's already church. Oh, that's right. He says go to church. And the pastor finds out he's a decent singer. So he gets put in like the the choir. And so he's singing every weekend at church, drunk. But he's there. It's the only time he's got courage to sing. And then one day, in the winter of 1913, his church, it was a normal chapel service. And then all of a sudden it went for 48 hours. And then people started posting on Twitter and coming across the country. Part of it? No, but they did have showed up. And they did a lot of on the platform. They wouldn't let him up. Yeah. They said you're too famous for this. So no. Oh, that's a good litmus test. Maybe I should go to the Asbury revival, and see if they let me on stage. And then that's how if I'm famous enough, did you get to talk at the yes or no, I was too famous. Put me on winter jam. That's like in your media kit didn't get to talk. So there is a revival breakout revival. They have like a revival service. Oh, the end of the last 48 hours. 1913? No, it was the end of 1913 December 1913. On January 1 1914, he has this big conversion experience. He's like, I'm leaving alcohol behind. I'm leaving the fights behind. And I'm following God. Okay. And the church he was a part of was an interesting church because it was kind of like a separatist church. They weren't associated with any other denominations. They broke off from a local Methodist church, because just a few years ago, during the Civil War, the church, the members of that church congregation, were appalled by all the people who were like fighting for slavery. And they were like, well, we don't we don't like that. We don't like any of that. And so they broke off. They started their own church, and they were like, super pacifistic. Like, sure, no violence whatsoever, because they were so against everything that happened with slavery and the Civil War. Sure. So he adopts all of those mentalities. Okay. He's like, he's like, I can't fight. I can't be violent. I can't do any of that. And then World War One starts. Yeah. And obviously, anyone below the age of 30, and above the age of 21, had to register for the draft. And so shoot, dude, do you think it was still good drafted? Now? It's 25. So we're free. We're home free. Unless things get worse. It looks like real things get bad than they up it. But right now, we're in the clear. So hopefully, that sticks around. Sorry to you. If you're in the trenches right now, five years from now, listen to our old podcast, Shree living the memory and you're just like freaking eatin bugs and stuff. Yeah. Jared, I want you to reach down, feel the stamp. And remember, great. No, don't make me laugh. Do you like the idea that in five years, so society's collapsing of the word poor, and we're still listening to your podcast? I didn't like the first part. I liked the bit. I don't like the idea. I don't like Oh, I like The idea that our society would collapse that's fun, downloaded them all onto an mp3 player. We've got old headphone wired headphones that we're wearing in the war in the war, because I just assumed Bluetooth won't work anymore. We broke it. The war broke Bluetooth. Yeah, imagine the headlines. But whatever we're reading the headlines on still works. Isn't that well, real paper? Oh, okay, bro. stone tablets, chiseled. False fast. So. So he gets drafted. Well, in the draft when he registered for the draft. He's 29. Now he's just barely in the cutoff. Yeah, when he registers. There's a line for conscious conscientious objectors. And so he said, Do you claim an exemption? And if you do specify your grounds, and so he wrote in remember, he went to school for nine months. So he wrote, yes, don't want fight. Don't want fight and they said, Cool. You're going to war? You sound dumb enough to be on the frontlines. Let's do it. They said they said you sound like your parents taught you more about guns than words. So let's have you go now use it was a horse he wasn't a soldier. He had another guy. And they made a made to you know, I just so I just imagine being so your oars, the turbine frontlines. Pit, and they're like, are those soldiers is that the Calvary coming in? The American Calvary. There's so many of them. Wait a second. Those aren't horses or other horses. Those are? Those are men. Those are boys. Nay, men, and none of them have teeth. Okay, so you don't have to fight. You just gotta you gotta run with a fighter on your back. Don't worry. He's small. Small guy. It'll be like you can carry. He's like, Well, yeah, horse jockeys are small dudes. They are they're a little. Hey, we want to figure out what the best episode until it is. And that's why we're doing what Tim? It's a March Madness bracket for baby. Baby, we're gonna do a March Madness bracket. If you want to vote for what you think is the best episode, we've narrowed it down to our top 32. Yes, yeah, we've been 16 of my favorite 16 of his favorite. And we've pitted them against each other. And you can vote on which ones you think are better. If you want to do that just text Taylan 266866, you'll get the link or go to tell It's there. And if you're a patron, this is super cool. You can actually make your own bracket to see if you can guess what you think is gonna win. And why? Oh, because we're gonna give $100 to the winner to the winner of this game to everybody. We are doing $100 to the winner who guesses the most things correctly on this bracket. But you have to be a Patreon supporter to win and can compete in that park. But you don't have to be a Patreon supporter to vote. So please do that text Taylan to 66866 or go to tell right now so he, he gets the objector status. But the problem is in World War One. If you got objection or status, you still had to serve in the war, you just didn't have to be violent. So you would like carry stuff around camp and drive. And stuff like to be part of the war. You're still part of it, but you're just not pulling the trigger. And they're like, that's fine. You're not you know, doing it. And after World War One, they were like, We don't want to do that either. And then in World War Two, they were like, okay, you don't have to do anything. You're not gonna do anything. Just stand by, yeah, you can be at home. Sure. But in World War One, they're like, You still gotta go. And so he still had to go. And while he was, he got shipped off. And you know, wars happening. His commanding officer was also a religious person. And he basically coerced him into not being a pacifist anymore. He was like, God loves war. I read the Old Testament. And he was like, Yeah, right. God does love war. And so then he was like, why don't you go home for like two weeks. Talk to your family, some people, pray about it, pray about it, think about it, and then come back here and just kill a bunch of people. And so he did. He went home for a couple of weeks, got leave, prayed about it, talk to his pastor a little bit and came back and said, kept coming back ready to kill it. They say that well, he didn't say that but okay, but he did say, I'm, I'm okay to sure I'm feel good fighting. And so he gets put in coach, he gets put into company g of the 328th infantry at second division. And he gets shipped off to he does a couple battles, you know, you know how war is there's multiple battles. But eventually he on October 8 1918, he was a part of the Meuse Argonne offensive. Okay, so that right. And his battalion was trying to capture what was known as Hill 223, which was in France, along this railroad, like strategic railroad that they were trying to capture, okay, military. And in the middle of this encounter, there was an enemy machine gun position, like fortified position that had pinned them down, and they were shooting out artillery at them, and they couldn't progress any further. And so the captain selected a group of 13 of his men, one of them being Alvin, and then for other officers at the time ovens a corporal and then for other officers to try to flank them. And, sure, take down that position. And so they go, they they go into spanking route, and they get seen, and the machine guns opened fire on them, and four of all four of the officers were killed. Three other soldiers were injured. And so now there's, what seven of them left, he becomes the commanding officer because he's the next in line after all the injuries, okay. And the other people that were with him, he describes he describes his experience in the war with a lot of the other people were super young, that were in the war. They were all like 2021. Yeah. And he said that they often would kind of freeze up in these situations. And so everybody else he was with froze up, dove into cover, and he just laid down in the brush with his handgun because he somehow lost his rifle on the exchange with his hand gun. Against this four to five machine gun position. They said there's probably a dozen machine guns up there. He started just mowing people down with his handgun because his whole life, he was backwoods Tennessee, she has little pins and squirrels stuff, so he was an incredible shot. And so he's just sitting there every time he sees someone poke their head out, and he's just clearing this fortified with a handgun with a handgun. Okay, and just reloading his handgun, taking them out, killed a couple dozen German soldiers. And eventually, one of their, like the commanding Lieutenant at this fortified position, jumps up and empties a whole clip to try to take him out and just misses the entire thing. And so then he yells out and he says English. And Alvin says no American it's good to know that that person has always existed English red blooded American. Which that does like a movie, though, to be honest, does Pretty cool. Pretty cool. series like those speaking. And he was like, ah, yeah. Oh, yeah, I guess. And he's like, he's like, he's like, lay down your arms and we'll surrender. And so he's like, I don't know what to do this. They're attached to me. I don't know where you want me to lay down your gun. And so one by one, the German shoulder soldiers start standing up from behind this. He just know from behind the trenches. One of them does actually try to toss a grenade at him and so that guy tosses grenade and he just shoots shot him on the spot, and like rolled out of the way that grenade and then everybody else was like, okay, sorry, what do you need? And they really shot the guy on the spine rolled out of like a like the guy threw a grenade at him and he was really shot the guy and rolled away from the grenade like Rambo. And then everyone else is like, all the Germans are like so what do you got that guy retired about? That's what happened. And so they also rendered this whole encampment surrendered. And you're one guy with a handgun ended up being 132 German soldiers. And none of them could count but there's no way he's gonna 132 bullets in this thing. They were just what happened was they were like, we can't kill this guy. Because they had A dozen machine guns shooting at this one dude. And he's just knocking everybody out. Their commander steps up and tries to do it and he misses every shot. But this guy's not missing a single shot, that he would throw a grenade and try to grenade. And so they took 132 German soldiers back to Kim and they just marched them along all seven of these guys. Yeah. He's up there like, Ba ba ba ba. That's what his brain thinks. Yeah. Oh you fellas know where we were staying? You guys got the room key turns out on last night he he said that he was nervous coming back to their camp. Because they had 132 German soldiers. It was gonna look like they were favored attacking. Yeah. But luckily, they saw him up front. And he was like, he was like English like a American. American. So they marched back in. And the general and on the site was like, Did you capture the whole German army son? And he's like, Nah, sir. Only 132 What do you do with a put them in our other prisoner of war camp, okay. And this enabled the American victory in that battle, they were able to then progress past that point and win that battle. And so he had to put them in cages, either. They were also scared of this guy. You know, they were terrified, kind of like an electric fence with a dog. You know, eventually you can take away dogs just like, Yeah, I don't need to go anywhere near that. That's fine. So he earned a Distinguished Service Cross for this, which later an investigation was done on what happened. They interviewed all the witnesses and stuff. And like, oh, no, he needs the Medal of Honor. And so I gave him the Medal of Honor for this, which was wild, because he, I mean, not even a year ago was like, Yeah, I don't believe in violence. And then he became a Medal of Honor recipient. And took what I don't know if this for sure. But what is probably the largest amount of POWs captured by a single person in one go. That's a huge amount. Yeah, and one succession versus fantasy stats. Yeah, no, I gotta check my fantasy platoon. He ended up he ended up receiving DraftKings putting out a bet. And how many pow is this tendency kids gonna get? It eventually got over 50 Like commendations in his career, and became a game home. And when he came home from the war, it was like a humble homecoming. And then somebody in Tennessee found out about what he did. And they wrote an article about it. And then he became like, super hero. Yeah, and everybody it was a hail. Hey, welcome back from the war. What happened? You know, it's just war, or, yeah, I was really just a pencil pusher when you really think about it was one guy who thought I wasn't you guys know we speak English. And so he, he he because of his fame. He started a nonprofit organization for Tennessee youth to be able to get to go to school. What probably was the scar from him not realizing the guy. Yeah, he's. Yeah, he's like, wow, that hurt me more than me killing that guy with a gun. I mean, like he killed to hurt me more. Yeah, I know that I kill a lot of your friends. But you cut me deep with that. Like no idiot. English that you speak it. But yeah, this is Alvin. Is not him now. 28 Yeah, this is him then. That's a 28 years old. Yeah, man. We are doing good. It depends. It depends what season of the world. This is war time. So you know, he does he wasn't doing it. I saw some guy talking about it. This is interesting. You brought this up. I saw like I talked about this on tick tock. I'm interested your thoughts on this. Okay, he was talking about how like people who live through situations like this and their life. Our he used the terms domesticated and wild. He said these people are wild. He said people who live in situations like ours are domesticated because they don't have like insane hardships that they have to go through in their life. And he says So these kind of tick tock Are you watching? What kind of Wild at Heart meds conference crap. Are you listening to? Maybe like me, the best thing He's like this. We're just domesticated. This is a real wild man. Okay, no, but his point his point was like, if you look at the difference between a domesticated dog and a wild dog, they have different features and different they act differently because one of them all their needs are met the other one they have to meet all their own needs and their own survival and so they have some millionaire talk on this podcast, right? Oh, I don't think you I don't think it looks like he could have been and it would have been a left field surprise millionaire, you know, like one of those ones where like, I imagined I imagined it's two bros. In like, oversized hoodies just sitting there one of them's like, yeah, bro. I mean, like, Dude, you got to think about people like freaking Alvin chipmunk, right? Who is a wild man. And really, when you think about it, like girls only went wild, man. We're just domesticated now, bro. I don't want to do messenger domesticate. I'm not done. I've broken. I'm wild. Released. I freaking I've been delivered. I got I got in touch with the sun dude. And like the natural rhythms of nature. And, and that's, you know, I'll tell you what, one of the hardest things I ever went through. hardest thing I ever went through was when one of my seven rental properties one of them want to cheaper rent. And I was like, you I can look at hardships and I can go this sucks. Or I can go this is gonna make me why Yeah, you're making me wild right now. It's on the phone. He's on the phone with this tenant. He's like, You're gonna make me wild. You want to pay 50 bucks less above ground free and here's why it's Bing. You need to move your landlord. Yeah, dude, my landlord. Why? My landlord came over shirtless, ripped shirt. And was just ripping grass out of the yard. Guys are the yard. Yeah, what did his mouth dirt hanging out but everywhere. Like hair pops in his chest. You know? That what kind of tick tock Do you watch? And that's what I'm saying. Dude. I'm just curious. What do you think about that? I don't know, man. There's two dogs inside all of us. You know? And they're fighting. Yeah, which one's gonna win? Which one's gonna win? The wild? That's wild. The wild it's not the little Beagle. It's not the one you see. You feed is domesticated. That's the message. Yeah. When you feed domesticated and now you've ruined that dog feed that dog. Don't let the starve or become wild. Do you want to be you want to be a little last year? Do you want to be a snow doc? You just gave an example of two domesticated dogs. Yeah, domesticated. Dogs are cooler dogs. was outside. Do you want to be you want to be a snow dog or be a snow dog? Or you want to be a service animal for middle aged white lady in Indiana? Who definitely paid a lot of money for a service dog. She has zero mental health. Do you want to be a snow? physical disabilities want to be a snow dog? Or do you want to be air but yeah, dude, I probably want to be here but it's a real man. Anyways, so that's Alvin, Alvin York. I want to be honest, this was all a segue I want to talk about Polish is the Polish War hero. Poland's got a big war hero too. Okay, nickname the bear. His name is Vojtech. How are we in this episode? About 30 minutes? This is where you're pivoting? Yes. Okay, so, bear Yeah, so this guy sounds wild. Poland has a word here though. As the name is Vojtech, can you say that Vojtech? Yeah that's a cool Dora the Explorer me again dude. Are gonna wild Okay, so voice the bear the bear. Here's a picture of him. He's the one that something boy duck, the bear. He's an actual bear What are you talking about? The bear I thought it was I was a guy holding him. No, they didn't call him they did call him the bear because he was like a tough guy. They call them back because he was a literal bear. And he was the war hero. So, here's an avid at the beginning of World War Two we're talking about war bear right now. We got to make a movie this already I don't know the story, but it's gonna be called Modern Warfare. So, a group of Polish soldiers were released from the Soviet Union. They were prisoners of war in the Soviet Union. They were running a train back on the train ride. There was a little boy on the train, who had a bag, like a bag with him. And one of the soldiers was like, Hey, son, why is your bag moving? And he was like, Well truth be told, I found a burqa. No way. And he's got a bear cub in the bag. And he's like, I think some hunters killed his mom. So I picked it up. And I and for some reason, they were like, ready to take that bear son. Soldiers were like, Babe your price. So they traded a few bucks. Like some drinks and a bar of chocolate for this. Season drinks How was this kid? Like, there was like juice. Waiting cover for a dude. Polish preserves award. They're gonna give a kid alcohol in exchange for a baby. Just like here's a flask. Dude, I mean, freakin you've got a small bear in your backpack. Another dude, imagine you don't trade the soldiers. Right? If you go to second grade, some kid next year is pulling out a teddy bear. And you pull out a teddy bear. Oh, that's cool. Oh, that's nice. My players gonna literally kill your bear. Can you imagine being a teacher on Shawntel day and even the bear did. He was on the ground. And then he goes and the bears just like Bear in around whatever bear do bears are pretty chill. They are pretty chilled. And so these soldiers my apartment complex is gonna be so mad they find out about my inflatable hot tub, and why I paying pet red for that. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you're enjoying it, make sure you subscribe. And while you're at it, leave a comment if you're watching on YouTube. Or if you're listening, leave a review that stuff really helps a lot. It really boosts us in the algorithms. And make sure a lot more people get to see what we're doing. And so we appreciate that a ton leave that comment, leave that review. And we'll see you in next episode so the these soldiers they they started raising this bear. They got they ended up on like backing camp like, you know, not doing any war stuff because they just got back from war prison. Okay, it's got some time, chill, recoup. And so they're raising this bear. And it became kind of like a part of their company. They were the squad. Yeah, they were the unit. They're 3522 of the 22nd artillery supply company. And so this bear was like a part of them. The three the 3552. And so they they raised this bear and the bear. I mean, it was 1940s Poland. And so they the bear like started mimicking all the soldiers. So the bear would drink beer. A lot of beer. And the bear would what kind of beard is the bear? Like? I don't know, Bush. Maybe Oh, that bush is that's our that's airband blush. That's our bear beer. And so yeah, the bear would drink beer. And they would eat like cumin food, like whatever they would give the bear whatever they had that was sugar for them. And then it really enjoyed marmalade honey syrup, but also very much enjoyed smoking cigarettes. They would give the bearer cigarette, and they would light it and he would take a puff and then eat the burning cigarette. The interesting thing is if they tried to give him an unlit cigarette He would spit it out. He's like, give me a lit cigarette. I want them. Because this bear this bear because they got him at such a young age. I thought he was one of them, like, and so he's like I see them all with the lit cigarettes. And they're putting them in their mouth. And they must be eating them. And so he was just trying to fit in. He was trying to be a part of the culture. Now, yeah, I remember when I was a freshman in high school, and I ate a lit cigarette to try to fit in with some kids. Oh, these kids. Oh, all the cool kids are smokers are eaten cigs. Hey, kids. Oh, yeah. were you just talking about it at lunch? You've never been around a cigarette day in your life. Like Oh, yeah. Did I eat a whole pack? Excuse me? Yeah, you threw back like a whole pack of whole pack of marbles. J marbles, marbles. A whole pack of marble. Marble marble burrows. Yeah, yeah, I eat six. Yeah, I love them. Great. Burn on the way down. You know, your your E cigarettes. I like spicy. Oh, you're not poser. Yeah, you lose her. See at the skate park. Right over the bathroom is great, you know? Holy cow. But yeah, so he boy Nick is the or void. What is Voytek? Vojtech void Texas the name that they gave him. It's actually kind of cool. It comes from Hold on, let me scroll down and get this right. It comes from like a local phrase, which means happy warrior. And so yeah, so it grew up alongside them and became like their mascot. And everybody in the community loved him. He actually wrestled with the soldiers. And they were good circles that wrestle this full grown brown bear. And then like, if it was really cold, is the sweetest little bear. If it was really cold, it would find its favorite soldiers, and it would come snuggle up with them at night to keep them warm. Like some really like gentle giant bear, you know? Yeah. Then he killed the whole I know how the stories go. Well, there was this, the the 22nd Company of the 35.2 they got sent out to the Italian campaign in the in the war. And for some reason that I don't I want to know more context about why I haven't been able to find it for some reason, but bear comes with no for some reason. Poland had a policy that mascots and pets aren't allowed on their ships already. So apparently, that was already a policy. No, no, no, not after last month war goat. Okay, so I'm we're drawing bringing the bill No, not on this boat. All right, no, go to this boat. And so the company they enlisted him and the Polish army and it worked. So what do you show but his ID it is like, and they're like, Wow, you're really hairy. So you got officially drafted into the Army became a private, private Vojtech. He had he had his own paper book rank serial number. And he lived with the other men on the ship. Or sometimes they put him in a wooden crate depending on the scenario, but normally what the other men in the 22nd division. And so everybody else, there's like a lot of divisions on the ship. There's the boat. Imagine day like 17 on your journey on the boat day to kind of cool. It's cool. There's a bear in amplitude. That's really neat. That's pretty funny. They found a bear cub and they raised it as their own day. 17 You're like, holy crap, that's a real they're not joking. I've seen like I've added day 17 You didn't know there's a bear and 22nd company and you like go into the latrine. You know and it's just pee and this is in there. It knows what to do. You're just like we're in the middle of the ocean. Are you a sea bear? Okay. The pair turns around and goes. Well, they did teach it to salute. So it's a higher rank than you do. You got to salute the bareback. Alright, sorry. Yes sir sorry. Well, it wouldn't mimic those other soldiers. So this this bear walked on its hind legs and like marched in formation with the other soldiers. Yeah. So like, do all the things and they get out to the frontlines. And at the Battle of Montecasino. And this the 22nd company, they were an artillery supply company. So their main job was to supply the artillery guns in the frontline. And so they were burying crates of artillery up to the front lines. And he saw the rest of his company doing that. And so he starts picking up crates of artillery, and carrying it up to the gun positions and following soldiers because he's like, Well, that's what we're all doing. He's like, I'm one of you. And so no, you're joking. After this battle, he got promoted to a rank of corporal because of his service in the battle, it was pivotal in the battle he was he could carry more than everybody so he was carrying more ammunition than the Emeralds like Frick, man, he didn't even work out that 3522 division change there insignia for the audio listener, it's a bear holding a missile. Does the outline of a bear holding a missile here? That's what you're missing out. It looks like a military patch. And it says 3522 And then yeah, it's the wow, I want that on a hat. So so cool. And after the war, they they made dozens of these statues of this bear carrying looking so happy to everyone else is like freaking spreading because like you're gonna die here. Get us the front lines now. Okay. This bears just like anybody got I'm hungry. I'm so glad you'd made me go home with that kid. Can you imagine what I'd be carrying his house? Okay, happy that bear looks so happy. So where's that bear today? So after the war, they took them to the zoo. And the zoo? was like, yeah, we'll put them with our other brown bears. Yeah, no, we'll make them a zookeeper. They put them on the other brown bears. And he hated it. He couldn't connect with them. Yeah, they couldn't connect with him. You know why? They were domesticated. And he was wild. He first and they're like, No, we're, we're wild. You're domesticated. And he goes, have you guys have you guys seen someone get shot his little napkin that he eats with? You know, he's like, no, no, I don't think you know, the things I've seen. Will you pass me? So they had to create a new enclosure just for him. So that way, the other bears didn't mess with them. Because they didn't they didn't get along. So you got a private enclosure. And the 35/22 division was like we want to see him. Well. They would come visit him all the time. And they would jump the fence and go wrestle with him and bring him cigarettes and beer and just hang out with him in the zoo. All right. Come on over here. You're a second grade teacher. All right, kids, come on over here. And so we got the brown bears, you know, the brown bears. They live in this part of the country. And oh, nine. One of the zookeepers is down there feeding that bear. Let's see what he's feeding probably salmon. You know? I think that is light cigarettes. Okay, kids. So suddenly, this is this is a let's talk about peer pressure. Okay. Just saying no, this is how Derek got started. The dare bear Yeah, so this guy would act became a war hero in Poland in his own right. The warfare, the horror bear. Yeah, but um, he ended up in 1963. He passed away the long time though. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Successful war bear. The most successful war bear in history. It makes you think, you know? I mean, you know, where do we find a bear cub? Apparently on a train into Poland. What other podcasts just has a bear sitting in the corner? Like a guest? Dude Alex's getting kind of expensive audio engineers a literal bear. Yeah. You think we're joking, but he's a literal bear. Yeah. We're gunning for that top podcast spot Three Bears not wild it's pretty domestic that's not cool at all man brought us wild man. Yeah, that's the best. Yes. Sounds pretty domestic it's a scale. It's just like what? The scale All right, does that we want to end on those of your last words before you're mauled by a bear. It's just like yeah, it's one of the more most impressive things is that in the middle of that campaign in Italy, Italy also had a war Tiger there's more time here and bigger animals from Italy. You were like roaches or Mike or that award tiger and the Italians you know how they are their art see? Hey, see ya. God they're better things on last night is a production of space. Tim media produced by Christian Taylor audio is edited by Alex Garnett video by Connor Betts social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic design by Caleb Goldberg. Our hosts are Jeremiah and Tim stone please follow us on social media at tellen podcast that's T IO in podcast leave a review, comment, subscribe, wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on last night Transcribed by

Alvin York is one of the most unlikely heroes of World War I. He was a simple, uneducated farmer from Tennessee who was drafted into the army in 1917. York was a pacifist and opposed the war, but he was eventually convinced that it was his duty to fight for his country. York’s heroism in battle is the stuff of legends, but what makes his story even more remarkable is the number of prisoners of war (POWs) he captured single-handedly.

Born in 1887 in Pall Mall, Tennessee, York grew up impoverished and had little formal education. He spent most of his childhood working on his family’s farm, hunting, and fishing in the woods. York was known for his marksmanship skills and often participated in shooting competitions in his local community. He also attended church regularly and was an active member of his community.

When the United States entered World War I in 1917, York was drafted into the army. At first, he refused to go to war because of his religious beliefs. York was a member of the Church of Christ in Christian Union, a small denomination that believed in nonviolence. However, after much soul-searching and discussion with his pastor, York decided to serve his country but not kill anyone. He requested to be a conscientious objector, but his request was denied.

York was sent to basic training at Camp Gordon in Georgia, where he quickly proved himself a skilled marksman. As a result, he was assigned to the 82nd Division, which was sent to France in 1918. York’s Division participated in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, one of the largest and bloodiest battles of World War I.

On October 8, 1918, York’s battalion was tasked with taking a German machine gun nest near the town of Chatel-Chehery. York and a group of soldiers were sent to flank the enemy position, but they soon came under heavy fire from German soldiers. Most of York’s comrades were killed or wounded, leaving him alone to face the enemy.

What happened next is a testament to York’s bravery and marksmanship skills. He fired his rifle at the German soldiers, killing several of them. The German commander ordered his men to charge at York, but York continued firing until he had killed all of them. Alvin York then removed the machine gun nest, killing several more German soldiers. In all, York killed around 25 German soldiers and single-handedly captured 132 prisoners of war.

York’s actions earned him the Medal of Honor, the highest military award given by the United States government. He became a national hero and was celebrated for his bravery in battle. After the war, York returned to the United States and used his newfound fame to advocate for education and improved living conditions for his fellow Tennesseans.

Despite his heroism, York remained humble and never sought attention for his actions. He continued to work on his farm and rarely spoke about his experiences in World War I. York’s story is a reminder that heroism can come from unexpected places and that even the most ordinary people can do extraordinary things when faced with adversity.

York’s capture of 132 POWs is also notable for its strategic significance. In World War I, capturing prisoners was valuable because it allowed the victors to gather intelligence about the enemy’s strength and tactics. However, it also demoralized the enemy, as captured soldiers often felt ashamed and defeated. Alvin York’s capture of so many prisoners helped to turn the tide of the battle and played a significant role in the eventual defeat of the German army.

In conclusion, the story of Alvin York is a powerful reminder of the bravery and heroism that can come from unexpected places. York’s pacifist beliefs did not stop him from serving his country and becoming one of the most unlikely heroes of World War I. His marksmanship skills, bravery, and strategic thinking in battle allowed him to single-handedly capture 132 German prisoners of war, an achievement that turned the tide. Despite his fame, York remained humble and continued to work on his farm, using his newfound platform to advocate for education and better living conditions for his community. York’s story reminds us that even in the face of adversity, ordinary people can do extraordinary things and that true heroism lies in selflessness and courage.

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Alvin York – Wikipedia

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