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Unknown Speaker 0:00 Hey man, what's up? I'm so excited for this intro. Okay, have you heard of this man? Unknown Speaker 0:11 There's no picture Unknown Speaker 0:12 there's not a picture. No, just have you heard of this Unknown Speaker 0:20 this man, have you heard of this man? This man, this man, the one who lives on Drury Lane? Unknown Speaker 0:27 Yeah Unknown Speaker 0:29 I have heard of this man Unknown Speaker 0:31 this man I truly know. Now this man I will he might actually Unknown Speaker 0:38 last time I flew southwest guy next we brought five guys on the smelliest of foods and sat middle row. Shoes off. Unknown Speaker 0:46 There's a pretty good chance that this man is going to be dreams. Unknown Speaker 0:49 Watch the TV we will chant a zip holy cow. Things I Learned last night Unknown Speaker 1:09 this man, this is a weird story, bro. I might knowing you. I can't tell if this is going to scare you or not. Okay, this might be scary for you. So consider that your disclaimer. Proceed. Unknown Speaker 1:28 All right. Let's let's get it this man. This man is this like a frickin like Slenderman kind of thing or something like that. Unknown Speaker 1:38 I'm kinda but worse. Maybe worse. I kinda I don't know. Unknown Speaker 1:44 Hey, man. You might have nightmares after this ghost story. I'm about to tell you. Oh, man. I don't know. How do you feel about chainsaw murderers? Ah, all right, roll. Yeah. What are you talking about? Unknown Speaker 1:58 Okay, so we'll, we'll take it to the beginning of the story, I guess, January 2006. Unknown Speaker 2:06 Now, that's way too recent. I don't like this already. Let's bail. Handle scary stuff from like the 70s and stuff, you know, because that's like people were done back in 2006. You know, people at least. Alright, go ahead. Unknown Speaker 2:24 So in January 2006, a psychiatrist in New York, had a client who reported that she was having these reoccurring dreams. And in those dreams, there was this man that was present in the dream, okay. And in the dreams, he was pretty benevolent, and would always kind of guide her out of the dream and be like, Hey, by the way, this is none of this is real. This is a dream. Dubai, and then she'd wake up. And she was like, it doesn't really matter what the dream is like. She's like, it's it's a reoccurring dream because this guy shows up. But the dream itself isn't real. He's the recurring thing. He's the recurring thing. So he shows up in all these different dreams. What is the dream? And he shows up. So the psychiatrists sketched the man according to her description, and this is who this man is, and what he looks like. Which is yeah, very uncomfortable. Unknown Speaker 3:22 It's not scary to audio listeners. It isn't face. It kind of is scary. It's a guy who's balding, bald, bald, like an IT guy. He's got math teacher, who was also an IT guy. His eyebrows are huge, like up big. Yeah. Yeah. Super thick eyebrows and almost a unibrow. Unknown Speaker 3:44 Very squished head. But very wide face. Yeah, his head is not very tall. But his face is very, but Unknown Speaker 3:50 he looks like I mean, he looks like he's a human person. He's normally his head isn't cartoon shaped or whatever. It's like a normal old Unknown Speaker 3:58 his mouth is a little wide. His mouth does seem a little wider than probably that might just Unknown Speaker 4:02 be how bad of a sketch artist she is. She's a psychiatrist. Yeah, that's Unknown Speaker 4:06 possible. Okay, and so they kind of continued having sessions and he kept coming up. And it was something that was Unknown Speaker 4:15 Was she kept being like, well, this man. Up me, he kept coming up. Unknown Speaker 4:22 I don't know, he kept coming up in her dreams. And they kept having sessions. She was logging the sessions. Unknown Speaker 4:28 And then she started having dreams. Unknown Speaker 4:31 She didn't start having dreams. But she was talking to a couple of her colleagues. And they said, Hey, we have patients that are having similar things where they have no same sort of thing. Like the guy shows up at the end of the dreams, guides them out of their dream and have Unknown Speaker 4:50 you ever had a recurring dream? Yeah, I've Unknown Speaker 4:52 had a few Haven't we talked about? Unknown Speaker 4:53 I think we did. That's why I was like, man, is this the guy from my dream? Unknown Speaker 4:58 Does he look like him? Unknown Speaker 4:59 I told you about my record. and dream does he look like him? Yeah, no, he he didn't have a discernible like, well I don't know. He was wearing like, I can only describe as like a mobster. You know, like whatever that hat is hat Yeah, not fedora. But yeah, like I imaginable leaning out the side of a car like die. But I would wake up in my room and he'd be in the corner of my room. Yep. Yep. It would be like it's over. And then wake up. Which that was the one where you killed your parents right now my parents I kill a random set of parents. Oh, that's Unknown Speaker 5:39 right. That's right. Yeah. Because there was the kids. Unknown Speaker 5:41 Yeah, you remember this very vividly. Wow. Unknown Speaker 5:44 You told me this story a few times. Yeah. Yeah. I had the dream to I was the kids in the dream, though. I had the dream, but the kids weird. And so Unknown Speaker 5:56 it was about a year and I don't know what it was like, 2009 2010 when that happened? Unknown Speaker 6:02 So she she said, Well, hey, I sketched him. Do you want to bring this? Like, take a photocopy of the sketch? Unknown Speaker 6:09 Imagine imagine you're talking to yourself, okay. Let's just go with it. For as I go, you go and you can find it. Your psychiatrist. You're like, Hey, man, this weird dude, you've sharpened my dreams, your multiple sessions. And your psychiatrist has gotten this sketch from the other psychiatrists. And then your psychiatrist goes, is it and now you're suddenly and it looks just like, suddenly your whole reality is shaking. Dude. I would poop my pants. I would like what do you even do? Oh, you mean this man? Oh, you mean? This man? I think I would impulsively kill my psychiatrist. I would just start. Oh my gosh, you're the result. There's real wake up. Wake up wake. This man. I would cause like, a psychotic break in me. Are you joking? All right, go ahead. What happens? Unknown Speaker 7:06 They show him they surely and the clients are like you have that's the guy. Unknown Speaker 7:10 Wow. I hate that. And so this how many clients? Unknown Speaker 7:16 I don't know at this point. It's a couple a handful. So this group of psychiatrists gets together and they write it up, put out this paper, and a handful of other psychiatrists they put out Unknown Speaker 7:25 a wanted poster. Have you seen this man? Unknown Speaker 7:29 A handful of other psychiatrists pick it up and they're like, this sounds familiar. And so they started printing out the mixtures and bringing it to their clients. Now this is spray because it's Unknown Speaker 7:41 scary or not but I've got something to show you. Freakin what all they put it in the oil stuff. Yeah, like what do you like? Unknown Speaker 7:51 And what do you think when you see this? Oh, voice gets deeper when you see what do you think? What do you is this? What do you think when you see this? Unknown Speaker 8:25 Move your arms Unknown Speaker 8:33 Oh, I love that no one gets this. That's for patrons do some of our Patreon supporters get it? There's a very specific comedy special that we reference. And we've only told our Patreon supporters what it is. So if you want to know what it is support us on Patreon. Yeah, Unknown Speaker 8:51 it's somewhere in the bowels of our Discord right now. Unknown Speaker 8:57 And we'll also show you this guy on Patreon that saves you he doesn't show up in your dreams, if he's Unknown Speaker 9:04 a big idea will kill him into drinking. Will kill this meeting your dreams. Unknown Speaker 9:13 Have you seen this man? Actually, yeah. And then my favorite podcasts? Were also there. They killed him. And he was there. He was there. All right, anyway. So some people will pick it up some more psychiatrists, hey, all like in different regions or just that area all Unknown Speaker 9:35 around the world. They start picking it up because they publish this and all around the world. They start picking it up. And these people start writing the authors and they're like, Hey, mind to like my client too. Yeah, is it's happening. And so this started to become kind of a phenomena. And so a website was put together called this And on it, it just had that composite sketch. It had a form and it said Have you dreamt of this man? Tell us about your experience. And over the course of about three years that this was up, roughly 3000 people came forward and said that they had dreamt of this man. What was interesting is the results from the website. Once they started submitting for the website, they started to vary a little bit. It seemed before the website was established that he was mostly benevolent like he was he would show up at the end of people's dreams and guide them out of their dreams. Yeah. Once it was on the website, there was a bunch of those, but there was also some where he would just like, be there. And like, they'd be like, yeah, he's just kind of in the background of all my dreams, or like, just kind of observing. Or there were other ones where, like, there's a particularly famous account. I don't know why, but there's a particular famous account, where she says that she was having a flying dream and he was flying alongside her the whole time. Unknown Speaker 10:57 And what is he wearing? We always see a picture of his head trenchcoat. What's he wearing in these dreams? Unknown Speaker 11:03 I don't know. Look, I Unknown Speaker 11:04 imagine a green polo and khakis khaki. Unknown Speaker 11:08 Yeah, definitely. khakis Unknown Speaker 11:10 tucked in. You know, the person who wears their pants too high. Yeah, you know, because they're just thin, thin. A little over their waist is you know, talking about like, like those stick people. Yep. And they don't know where to stop. So he's just got way too high. Black Belt. brown shoes. You Unknown Speaker 11:25 knew Sanders. Green Polo is Unknown Speaker 11:28 not Oracle do what the heck. Unknown Speaker 11:31 Sepinwall watches his left arm, Unknown Speaker 11:33 and he still does the bands from you know, 2000 it was just six years really into silly bands. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 11:39 He says, Hey, you're dreaming. Also, look at this. This is an Unknown Speaker 11:41 elevate your true blue. This is crazy. Unknown Speaker 11:51 He just flying, his arms are straight. And he's like, hello. Like, this is a dream right now. You're doing your doctor Usami I am this Have you seen this man? Unknown Speaker 12:06 So they get like, the all these entries. And then there were a handful, where he was actually malevolent. And he was like killing people. And is interesting in those accounts, because even though he was killing people and doing malevolent things in their dreams to them, they felt like he was still trying to get them out of the dream. But he was taking more extreme measures in that case with them. For whatever reason, they're like, Let me kill you. So you wake up. Unknown Speaker 12:37 Having a great dream. Beach. You know, you're driving in a convertible, it's, you know, wind in your hair, you can smell the salt of the ocean. Like this is awesome. And then just the guy you look over the passenger seat, there he is polo, just he's just like, Unknown Speaker 12:55 you need to wake up. Now. It's time to wake up, unbuckle your seatbelt. Unknown Speaker 13:02 Word yanked the wheel. Unknown Speaker 13:09 All right. And so because of this was just kind of a public forum. The psychiatrists are like, well, there's probably some people who are faking it like this. We can't rely 100% on these results. Unknown Speaker 13:21 I filled out 2000 forms. Unknown Speaker 13:24 I've seen I've seen I've seen. Yes, yes. Yes. Well, Unknown Speaker 13:30 exercise a world building. They Unknown Speaker 13:32 check they check. They had a system in there that checked their Wi Fi to see if they've been logged in. And if not, after 30 days, it logged them out. And then they were like, Unknown Speaker 13:42 oh, yeah, my this man subscription ended, because sharing passwords too much. Yeah. So now my parents have to have their own this man. Yeah. Hey, thanks for being here for this episode of things I learned last night. If you like this, and you want to check out other episodes, please go through our back catalogue. There's literally like 100 and something episodes, you can go check out. One of my favorites is Stanley Meyer, a guy who allegedly invented a water powered vehicle and then took that invention everywhere and then mysteriously died. So we go through the whole theories of why it could have happened to him or like why his idea was plausible, not plausible, really great episode. But other than that, thank you so much for being here and checking out this one. Unknown Speaker 14:28 So in 2009, now, this for whatever reason, went viral. And so in October of 2009, in a matter of a couple of weeks, the website got 2 million visits. How many form submissions, like 10,000 submissions of people claiming to FCM at that point, it's it's hard to say if it's legit or not, because it's now probably just have a bunch of internet trolls that are submitting stuff. Sure. And because it went viral, it kind of became like a meme. And a bunch of people started making Seeing, like animating what they think he would actually look like. So Unknown Speaker 15:03 would that then cause more dreams to happen? Unknown Speaker 15:07 Well, that's interesting. We can get to some theories about why it was happening and but yeah, some people who knew how to like animate were like, This is what it looks like, if you want to see not just not just a bomber so this is a more realistic version of what he looked like, which is scary. It is scary. He is so pay. This is what I would think slender man's face would look like. Honestly, if Slenderman had to face Unknown Speaker 15:37 Gosh, man. He looks like if you drew the IRS, you know, we're like, what do you think the IRS looks like as a person? That's it? I mean, that's 100% painfully accurate. Yeah, it looks like a less cool agent. What's the agents name? And matrix? Oh, in? Unknown Speaker 15:57 Oh, Katarina casting, Unknown Speaker 16:01 you know, talking about though. Unknown Speaker 16:03 He called him Mr. Henderson. But what was his name, agent? Unknown Speaker 16:06 Man anyway, looks like a boring version of that. Like if you can make that that suit and that matrix person a little more boring? Yeah. And maybe it's Agent Smith. That's right. If you made Agent Smith live with his parents for like 10 years longer than he did, then, you know, balding? Unknown Speaker 16:25 Yeah, that's very accurate. And he's kind of coming over like he's probably more bald. His eyes are too big. His mouth is too big. His brow is too big. His ears are too big. Yeah, his head is really small. Here's one of the hips going around a corner Unknown Speaker 16:42 he's too close to the camera. This guy listens to Jordan Peterson podcast. This guy he's very well done. Oh my gosh. Unknown Speaker 16:58 I like it. Very chewy. Yeah, wispy. Unknown Speaker 16:59 His hair is no Oh, I hate that one. Yeah, cuz that feels like the last thing. You see a freeway, where he's just like, he's like, he's coming towards you. And he's like, wake up, wake up by makeup. He looks at the guy that you're walking to the sidewalk. And it's like one of you has to move and he refuses to walk. And like you kind of do that awkward. Like, oh, you know, sorry. He's just full three shoulder walk right into you. Unknown Speaker 17:21 Yeah, because he didn't make eye contact. Unknown Speaker 17:24 He's looking straight at you in that one. I don't like that picture. Get that out of here. Geez. Unknown Speaker 17:30 So yeah, so allegedly, those were made by this man dreamers. Right. Which is what we're calling him from now on until this man Unknown Speaker 17:39 dreamers one day what do you think his name is? Freakin you know? Pete? No, he wouldn't go by a short version of he'd be Peter for sure. But, Archibald I was thinking something more like yeah, Maxwell you know shows up on Oprah. And is like Yeah, and so it's it would appear that I've gotten a viral mega viral and Unknown Speaker 18:10 everybody sees me in their sleep Unknown Speaker 18:13 yes it's very interesting to me What are you didn't x well? Oh well that's that's a good question. I I I used to run a used to be the top executive at a a digital video discs supplier Unknown Speaker 18:40 What about now though? Unknown Speaker 18:41 Oh now i i run some food management that is responsible for the highest distribution of meat and bones in the nation. Nation what a nation it all of them I think Unknown Speaker 19:02 all of the nations have I heard of it. Unknown Speaker 19:05 Well, I'm not here to talk about what my employment status is. Unknown Speaker 19:09 I'm not gonna lie Maxwell You strike me as an IRS man. Oh Unknown Speaker 19:20 wake up wake up cheeks Unknown Speaker 19:29 just starts going straight toward the camera. Oh wow. I would drop kick a TV. Wow Unknown Speaker 19:37 wake up it's time to wake up Unknown Speaker 19:39 it's time to wake up it's time to shoot you know someone didn't fall asleep watching this episode. Unknown Speaker 19:45 And then we wake up it's like my God. She's so there's a feed thing I was gonna he was a manager at Blockbuster and he worked at McDonald's but he came like called the Donald calm or the distributor for biggest Even bonds beef and bonds distribute Unknown Speaker 20:06 what does that sound McDonald's marketed themselves beef and bonds Unknown Speaker 20:09 back to the basics you know what cut all that out I want to pitch that to somebody I guaranteed you know who would buy that like Hardee's would buy that harsher Unknown Speaker 20:20 goodbye that that's Unknown Speaker 20:23 beef and bonds? Yeah. Unknown Speaker 20:24 Isn't that like 2001 like contemporary Christian song back to the basics back to the base Unknown Speaker 20:37 Korea Asprey before reckless love, she wrote Unknown Speaker 20:48 Well, me never be Unknown Speaker 21:07 so aggressive Unknown Speaker 21:18 Oh, yeah, dude, what do you mean? What do you need me to bring the Superbowl party for you football? If you check out our merch store, I've designed a shirt that says beef and buns. You could buy it. Unknown Speaker 21:32 There you go. Yeah. So the psychiatrists were like, we should figure out what's going on here. There's probably something happening. Unknown Speaker 21:41 What's going on here? All right, let's go. So there's a few Unknown Speaker 21:47 theories. five, maybe six. The first one? Unknown Speaker 21:54 Was there a video of the guy? No, because Unknown Speaker 21:56 it's in everyone's dreams. Unknown Speaker 21:57 I know. But you said the animators figured out video well, they made Unknown Speaker 22:00 pictures of him God like they've made models. So, the leading theory yes theory number lead is that this man is just an example of Carl Jung's concept of the unconscious archetypal image that people see in difficult situations. Okay, what this is, so Carl Jung theorized that there was a series of archetypes that exist in human consciousness, that are absolute, we all have these archetypes within us. And he points to a handful of them throughout history that we see in mythology, like the flood. Pretty much every culture has a flood myth, right. And so he says that there are things like that, that are archetypes that are within are embedded within our consciousness that we are always going to have some concept of that story. When when people Unknown Speaker 23:00 have the common dream of your teeth falling out. Unknown Speaker 23:04 Yes, those type of things. Yeah. And so the theory is that this man is an archetype that people see when they're going through difficult times to get them out of a dream, basically. Okay? And so it's it's almost like he's this man is inevitable for some people to see him okay, what is a terrifying phrase this man is inevitable. Unknown Speaker 23:26 Yeah, but it's a really cool nickname if you're mister inevitable script dude Unknown Speaker 23:33 that's true. I like that. Yeah, Unknown Speaker 23:35 that's the star quarterback of a dying franchise you know saying Unknown Speaker 23:40 Mr. Inevitable What did Unknown Speaker 23:43 they call the San Francisco guy Mr. Irrelevant Unknown Speaker 23:47 Yeah, what was Mr. Incredible No, no What Russell wasn't calm so Mr. call themself Mr. Something. Diddy. Yeah. And then he was drunk in the video and it Unknown Speaker 23:59 was himself that yeah, that's different. You can give yourself a nickname that's a loser move for sure. You it's got to be limited. Mr. Unlimited. Yeah, because I'm Mister unlimited. Unknown Speaker 24:09 He was very drunk in the video and he was like I'm Mr. Limit. Wow. And everybody made fun before it for years until he did the singing and playing thing though what what what have you seen that this year this year on on their on their way to their London game. Everybody was sleeping you know because London's a long flight and he was doing high knees in the aisle singing praise and worship songs Unknown Speaker 24:42 never before God Oh wow. Mr. Unlimited. Wow, dude, maybe chill out. There's nothing I hate more than those videos online of people be on planes. Yeah, like just So you know, there's a God who loves you and you could give your life to him right now in 13 see like, shut the crap up. I hate that. Unknown Speaker 25:10 Yeah, it's very obnoxious. Hey, that was worse than being on a plane and having to acknowledge that other people are on that plane. Unknown Speaker 25:15 Oh my gosh, dude. Unknown Speaker 25:19 And so yeah, people doing things that are just on avoidable on planes the Unknown Speaker 25:23 next last time I flew southwest guy next we brought five guys on the smelliest of foods. And he sat middle row shoes off Unknown Speaker 25:34 oh no so high that he was Unknown Speaker 25:37 texting and he was falling asleep mid text so he'd be like Unknown Speaker 25:52 Yikes, and I'm stuck. Renda sees middle row. The IOC was like, Guys today, the day to get saved. Unknown Speaker 26:05 And then in the middle of that, you want Unknown Speaker 26:07 to know more about God texts beef and 26866. Unknown Speaker 26:19 Geez, man, Unknown Speaker 26:20 Miller the flight, the row in front of you in between the seats. Unknown Speaker 26:30 You said it's time to wake up now. Unknown Speaker 26:33 I hate that. You owe $21,000. God man in my dreams. Leave me alone IRS. Unknown Speaker 26:49 So first theory is that it was an archetype. That was the one that the psychologists seem to be leaning on, right. Second theory was that this was a manifestation of God. Okay, God. Unknown Speaker 27:02 Yeah, dude, God, God looks like a guy whose dreams didn't work out. You know? God, God looks like he drives a Kia Sorento. Unknown Speaker 27:12 Honestly, though, if we're God's dream, then we didn't really work. Unknown Speaker 27:16 That might be so disappointed the look in his face. And so like you guys, you could have done so much. Unknown Speaker 27:23 So many other things. Unknown Speaker 27:26 Wow. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 27:28 So yeah. A lot of psychologists are like, Nah, probably not. Unknown Speaker 27:33 Here's what I think. Yeah, I'm gonna interject my theory in the middle of this. Sometimes you'll have dreams. And in the dream, you'll realize that the person you're talking to, yeah, doesn't look anything like the person that in your mind, your mind goes. Like, for example, like Ray has been in a couple of my dreams. But it looks nothing like her. Yeah, but I go, Oh, yeah, that person's right. That's you. Yeah. You know? Yeah. And so have you Yeah, where it's like we and then even when you wake up, you kind of go that didn't look anything like, I know where he was there. But that didn't that that was like her? Yes. Yeah. Or like, and you like, you'll be it'll be a dream. It's like that was Tim. But it looked like oh, like I, you know, almost like what the AI is doing with those blurry photos of Oh, yeah. It's is that your brain is gonna writing so yeah, that's it. And that's, that's this person? For sure. Yeah. Yeah. You know, I've Unknown Speaker 28:20 had it happen to where it's like, there's another character in your dream. That's a person that you know, and over time that that happens, where they don't look like them. And then over time, by the end of the dream, it's a different Unknown Speaker 28:31 person. Yeah. You were you were there. You were them a second ago. Unknown Speaker 28:36 And now you're interesting. Yeah. So the P Unknown Speaker 28:40 Holmes bit about dreams? No. Or is like if aliens studied human sleep, and they were just like, why do you guys pass out for eight hours a day? And he's like, Well, I don't know. We need it. You know? It sounds like it's such a waste of time. So Well, I mean, you know, I get rest, and I feel good afterwards. And he's like, that's great. I mean, that sounds so boring. Just to close your eyes for eight hours because No, my brain plays movies that I'm in. That's pretty funny. Unknown Speaker 29:09 Hey, thanks again for being here for this episode. If you want to help us make more of these, we have a patreon you can support us on. We don't make money from this. Personally, all the money from Patreon goes straight back into our show helps us to create better episodes get a better production quality. But more than anything, we're just so glad that you're here. So thank you so much for supporting our show. And if you want early access and be part of our Discord, please consider supporting us on Patreon. But other than that, we sort of say thanks again. Unknown Speaker 29:40 Here's a here's a scarier theory. This one's a theory that, well, there's probably two theories that I would say I really don't like and this is one of them. Okay. Unknown Speaker 29:50 Is that dream pirate? There was an Unknown Speaker 29:53 ad campaign that a corporation ran that had like, subliminal messaging to put this man on people's dreams. That's Stupid Yeah, creepy. Unknown Speaker 30:02 Yeah none of us can really die was didn't really dumb. Unknown Speaker 30:05 Yeah, that's a stupid as Why would you be scared of that idea? Unknown Speaker 30:09 Not scared? No, I'm saying that's that would be such a dumb if you think about the idea for more than two seconds. Yeah, what one? Does anybody know which company it was to? Why would they do that? If it doesn't? I mean if you're gonna do it make it freakin a game burglar, you know? Like, if you're gonna do it. Make it Ronald McDonald Unknown Speaker 30:29 Yeah, I don't know, Doc, for some reason the Hamburglar keeps Unknown Speaker 30:32 you describe it. Describe him again. He's wearing a hat, like a mobster. Yeah, yeah. And he's wearing a striped shirt. Like, it's just got a little Unknown Speaker 30:43 like the girl like mask eyes. And he's holding it Unknown Speaker 30:48 has to pause. As we look at the picture, the sketch, like surely I'm getting this wrong. There's no way. Unknown Speaker 31:01 You imagine the moment when he talks to his colleagues. And it's like, you know, my clients seem Unknown Speaker 31:08 pretty interesting to you and say that, because my client Maxwell has has mentioned, obviously, why would a company do that? Unknown Speaker 31:21 I'd be I think the idea is Unknown Speaker 31:23 to try to Yeah. Face of our brand. Unknown Speaker 31:29 Yeah, maybe they were trying to get you there. But everybody, but everyone just ended up they were like, damn near this close. It's supposed to be Steve Jobs. Unknown Speaker 31:37 Well, that makes sense. If it's the McDonald's arches, and that's his eyebrows. Yeah, Unknown Speaker 31:40 maybe, maybe? I don't know. So that was that was one of them. Here's another best advertisement Unknown Speaker 31:47 you've ever seen. Unknown Speaker 31:51 Probably there was this Pepsi commercial a few years ago where she crossed the line and get Unknown Speaker 32:02 excited at all. Was that excited? Well, no, I think the best one I've seen this for Nesquik. And it was in the DC subway. And as you're going through the tunnel, they did it as a as a flip picture. Oh, that's one frame at a time you're going to the subway. And is that I was like, I was like, dang. That's great. Unknown Speaker 32:20 That is very cool. I like that. Anyway, yeah, that's really cool. I like that a lot. Unknown Speaker 32:28 And then at the end of the flip picture, he was given Nesquik to a police officer. And then it kept going. And I mean, the sequence got weird, but he ended up like on the ground. And the police officer was standing over him and then it cuts to the police officer who's on now leaning, it was a law. He's like now leaning in. Wake up. Whoa, that it just kept going. Cop seven, nine Central on TV. Shops Unknown Speaker 33:09 used to watch cops. Were usually watching cops and we watch the TV, we would chant. We were holy cow. Unknown Speaker 33:25 We would watch the live PD in Springfield in our own Unknown Speaker 33:28 town. And we'd be like, let's go find it. And drive it. Go do it. Oh my gosh. Unknown Speaker 33:38 So another theory is that. And this was like one of the other leading theories sure is that only a couple people actually jumped at this man. The rest of them saw this man somewhere and then drag it up. Yes. And that's and so it was never suggested a dream. Yeah, to begin with. Another one is that um, Unknown Speaker 34:02 well, but also is that you could have a dream of a generic man. And someone could show you a picture. And you can go I yeah, I mean, because again, it's fuzzy picture in your dream. Unknown Speaker 34:12 That's the that's the other theory is that because it's hard for you to remember your dreams actually areas specifically that if you get seen this picture, you'd be like, well, you know what, I think I have seen that guy Unknown Speaker 34:23 can't recall dreams. Like, I'll wake up and be like, your dream. I'm thinking about that later today. And then later, I just go, oh, I had a dream I was gonna tell you about but I can't remember a single detail by the Unknown Speaker 34:35 end of those people who like returning all their dreams when they first wake up. Yeah, yeah, I thought about doing that before but I'm also like, why Unknown Speaker 34:41 though? Yeah, but I just prefer to like, you know, make money and like, have a job and do the people who do that stuff are the people who have time to do that. Get Ready With Me on tick tock videos, you know? It's like all right, well, Unknown Speaker 34:57 last night I dreamed Unknown Speaker 34:59 of Like there was this man just have kids you can have a personality at least you know it's you know the moms and it's like thank God you got kids you got something to do Unknown Speaker 35:17 but that's what here's some dads golf because they don't got a personality. Yeah. Or like the guys that are like buffed out at that. Yeah, Unknown Speaker 35:25 yeah. Well, their personality, their personality number one thing Unknown Speaker 35:30 before that they had to float through these weird horoscope phase and wake up in your dreams phase. Yeah, that's I'm saying you know, one, find me a person who is consistently journaled their dreams for like 50 years. Find me that person, you know, and I guarantee I guarantee they live in a weird cottage. Okay, and they drink this gross tea that they make from the garden. And they've convinced themselves that you try it. It tastes tastes terrible. Unknown Speaker 36:00 It's awful. Unknown Speaker 36:02 Yeah, how do you make this Oh, was doing that for more parts? Unknown Speaker 36:04 Mud? Two parts of lemon? Unknown Speaker 36:06 Yeah, it actually is really revolutionized my fun there. It came into the dream once you know what else Regan? No. Unknown Speaker 36:22 I can't tell you a regular change my life Unknown Speaker 36:23 is my life this year. Oh my gosh. Okay. Here's the six theory. And this one is a little hoo, ha. Okay. So this theory is that you know, like remote viewing more Unknown Speaker 36:36 than God. Then it's like, that's God. Yeah. Like, this one's out there. Unknown Speaker 36:41 Yeah. So you remember the remote viewing episode? Yeah. So this theory is that there was a guy who had mastered this form of meditation where he could lean into people's dreams from afar, like remote viewing, but into your dream, kind of like Inception. Sure. But it wasn't like, hey, let's dream together. It was, hey, I'm going to infiltrate your dreams and scare the heck out of you. Sure to wake up? And yeah, so that was, that's not theory. There's no real science behind that. I think it was just some community members. Unknown Speaker 37:14 There's a god if there's a guy who gets in your dreams, get into our dreams, or like my theories, no limits, just theorize you can just think so yeah, this is Unknown Speaker 37:24 what I think it is. In 2010, we got the answer. Right now. Yeah, in 2010, we got the answer. Well, maybe, maybe, in 2010, is what happened. There was a guy who got a job for a company called I don't remember what the company is called. But basically, they were an art agency, okay. And he wrote a blog post on that our agency's website, and he said that he was the founder of this And he said that it was a guerilla marketing stunt. And that he created this whole backstory, and this website, to market a movie that was supposed to launch where this man was going to be, it was like a horror movie. And this man was gonna be the bad guy that was infiltrating people's dreams. And this was his marketing campaign for it. But the movie ended up running out of funding, hey, ever happened to I don't hate that. Very cool. Very cool. What is interesting is that blog post was up for a couple months before it got ticket down. And then this guy, a like, became public that he owned that website, and unfortunately, ended up finding it and was like, Yeah, this guy owns his website. And he also owns a website called gorilla, gorilla, not gorilla, gorilla., something like that. Unknown Speaker 39:03 That's not a buy. Don't sell that. I'll tell you what. Unknown Speaker 39:07 What's interesting is they took that blog post down, Vice found this guy and Vice News did an article on it. And he in the interview, acted like it was real. And this was two years after that blog post after he came out and said it was all a guerilla marketing tactic, vise to the article and vice and in the interview, he said that he had the dream. And he told his like, so the story is different now. He told his psychiatrist about it, the psychiatrists wrote it and started for he made the posts. Now the interview happened after the post is like two or three years after the post, Unknown Speaker 39:38 vice. The interview was post post. Unknown Speaker 39:42 The interview was post book blog post, yeah, post post, post, post, yes. Post post, pre Post Malone. Post post post, it was post post but pre Post Malone, but post, post serial. Got it and post post offices. Unknown Speaker 39:58 Sure. Wow, if you really think about it. We're living in a post office era, aren't we? Unknown Speaker 40:11 Wasn't that funny, but hey, I'll take Unknown Speaker 40:15 it a lot. Yeah, no vice, Unknown Speaker 40:18 but he pretended like it was real. He did this whole thing. He said it was real. He did this whole interview Unknown Speaker 40:22 acting like it was a true story. And the interviewer Kay, Vice puts out the article on another blog post. Now a bunch of people come and they're like, Hey, this guy wrote a blog post a while ago, and said it wasn't true. And so then Vice took it back and put out an update and said, Hey, turns out that article he put out wasn't true. And everyone's like, I don't understand what's happening here. Like why is he acting like this is real all of a sudden when he already said he wasn't it wasn't real. And then no one's found him since? Yeah, and there hasn't been like he's not on that company's website as an employee. He doesn't have like a social media presence. So there's this was in 2016 when vise did the article so there's these ideas that may be somebody bought the rights that movie and was going to try to resurrect it right that happened yet sure. Or, This man got to vise this man got to the guy who made the guerrilla marketing sighs names and Andrei Nadella he's Italian marketer. This man might have got to them and said Hey, stop. You gotta stop this. Unknown Speaker 41:26 What do you mean this man got to them. Unknown Speaker 41:28 This man came to them in a dream Stop. Unknown Speaker 41:30 What are you talking about right now to stop it? No, I do like that marketing tactics Unknown Speaker 41:40 he's like, I'm real. Geez, dude. What a first of all brilliant market that out here. brilliant marketing scheme. One that they tried to do this but it kind of fell flat was for that Jake Gyllenhaal movie? What he just did look it up the one you got to be on the phone. Because I was in LA when that when this happened? So what's a call to guilty? Yes, look up the guilty skywriter the guilty movie skywriter we're gonna end up with a different episode. But the the? Because like, do you see what I'm talking about? It's got a phone number across the sky. That's cool. So put that on the screen if you can. I was in LA and I look up and this plane has written a phone number. I mean, so many letters like huge message and across giant like that's impressive. That's like multiple planes, I think. Yeah. Across the Sky in LA. That's says, listen carefully. 507. saver, which is such a weird thing. Listen carefully. 507 Unknown Speaker 42:55 say that's very impressive to write that much with Oh, I Unknown Speaker 42:58 know. That's what I'm saying. I feel like it had to be multiple planes or something. I don't know how the AC that's above LA. I was there that day. And I called the numbers. I was like, What the heck is this? And it was and now the movie trailer had not come out yet. And the voicemail that it leads you to? Like they were trying to make this a viral moment for sure. Yeah, the voicemail it'll lead you to did not mention anything about about the movie or anything. You could hear basically, it was a scene of their call. That was like plus in a line DREW Okay. And she's like, help or whatever. And it was like a very intense 911 call. Yeah, you know, and then it just Unknown Speaker 43:38 could you talk with Jake Gyllenhaal? Unknown Speaker 43:40 I couldn't. But as soon as I hit that, Jake, you know, the problem they had was when you Googled it, it immediately came up with a guilty. Yeah. And I think had they waited maybe just a day or two. It wouldn't. I didn't share it. You know? Yeah, I listened to it. I googled it. And found out as a movie promo didn't tweet about it. Yeah. You know that what they wanted was for me to be like, you might know what this is. Yeah. You know. Yeah. But that was an interesting. Interesting, and I heard the movie sucked. So I didn't watch it. Unknown Speaker 44:19 That is really clever. I like that. And that's impressive to write that much with Yeah, whatever. Yeah, so Unknown Speaker 44:27 but do imagine that you're just driving in LA and you look up and you see save her in the sky like Unknown Speaker 44:31 what you're like, Wait, excuse me. Yeah, that's that's Unknown Speaker 44:36 a weird couple minutes there. Unknown Speaker 44:39 Well, I'll call that number. Unknown Speaker 44:41 I said, y'all saver y'all safer. Unknown Speaker 44:42 I'll save I'm the hero. Unknown Speaker 44:44 I'm the one person in LA seeing this right now. Unknown Speaker 44:46 I'm the only versus la brave enough to call is Unknown Speaker 44:50 over who was the comedian that hired this guy writer. And they wrote, here's the Google comedian hires skywriter I forget what exactly they wrote but it's worth it Unknown Speaker 45:12 they wrote like don't know how to land. Unknown Speaker 45:15 Yeah, how do I land? How do I land? Yeah, that's funny. That's really Unknown Speaker 45:26 Kurt Brown Hall, Bronner, Carlson 6800. Unknown Speaker 45:31 It's like that's pretty funny. Unknown Speaker 45:36 That's so funny that like God set have a stake in sky right but he can't figure Unknown Speaker 45:42 out how do I lay it so funny. But I remember I was listening to comedy podcasts. There was another comedian who was who was like I gotta get out of here soon. I'm actually going to a rooftop party for my friend who hired a skywriter above LA and it was that incident. Pretty funny. Anyway, Unknown Speaker 46:03 anyways, yeah, so if you ever see this man in your dreams Unknown Speaker 46:08 Well, I mean, think about how you found this episode. You know, honestly, so we freaking got you. Unknown Speaker 46:15 Honestly though, like, I think now that if you watch this episode, there's a pretty good chance that this man is going to be dreams now. So I don't know what to say about that Unknown Speaker 46:28 when you end Connor Can you end the video? Like when we say the fiddle off Can you just put his face like in or put our face that's fine like that one I just felt my whole body go pale. Get that out of here. I don't want to look is mouth I don't want to look at it. Unknown Speaker 46:58 Kind of screen for this one too. He's a little bolder and this one this one Unknown Speaker 47:07 fiddle off dude. Let's get Unknown Speaker 47:15 things done last night is a production of space Tim medium produced by Christian Taylor audio by ours Garnett video by Connor Betts our graphics and our logo by Caleb Goldberg and our social media is run by Caleb Walker. Our hosts are Jeremiah and Tim stone. Follow us on your favorite social media platform at tilam podcast is Ti LL and podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I learned last night.

In 2008 a psychologist reported that a client repeatedly saw a man in his dreams. After releasing a composite sketch of the man, it became clear that the experience was not unique to this client. Many people around the world reported seeing the same man in their dreams. In response to the reports from witnesses, a website was created to tell the story and locate other experiencers. By 2009 over 2,000 individuals claimed to have dreamt of this man before. As a result, the infamous character became known simply as This Man. There have been numerous attempts to explain the phenomena. Check out this episode of Things I Learned Last Night to learn the theories and the eventual conclusion to the story of the elusive dream figure.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning and laughing a lot while you do, you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




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