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Hey Man, oh, nothing much. I had that one of my back pocket. I was fun has. What's what's up? That's what you say. What's up? What's going on? What's going on, man? Have you ever heard of Lake City quiet pills? Hold on, say it's lower like. No, not stop. Lake City, quiet quiet pills. That's what I thought you said, quiet pills. Yeah, all right, that sounds like a community, in a like a really rich neighborhood called Lake City. All right, and the quiet pills were the MOMS passed to each other to get their kids to go to sleep at night. fittle off right. That's exactly what it is. It's close. It's a neighborhood of parents drugging their kids. It's pretty close. Before we get too far into this, I think we need to lay a couple ground rules for today. There's going to be some quotes I'm going to read where there's curse words, and I just need you, Darren, to have your head on a swift hole to bleep me when I am about to cuss. All you want me to let you go. You want me to go bleep. Yes, we're going to post. No, I want you to just be ready and when you think I'm about to cuss. Just bleep it. I'm sorry, I just I thought I thought you were about to say it. I like this new role. I don't. I think you're bad at reading. Is the problem. Right, so I don't know if you're having trouble reading words or if you need to like give us a cuss. Work, you know, will kill a guy. But this is where we draw the line. I don't drug dry alice is looking at me be like, does cheering believe this? How to deal with your seventy nine year old GRANDPA if you're unfamiliar, if you're not one of the old like me and Tim Mark, things I learned last night. All right, so, Lake City, quiet pills. Okay, this is a reddit mystery. That seems to be fairly true. There's well, we'll let you, will let you, let you decide at the end of this. What do you think? But it begins in two thousand and nine. To be their verdict. Is True, untrue? Yeah, is this a true story or not true? That's what I'm going to call right now. You literally just pulled that out of yeah, just like you reached into your brain with your hand, physically, Yep, and held the cube of Truth Cube with truth. It's been in there the whole time. Yeah, you sometimes I work for the police department. MMM, they call me in on criminals. I talk to him and you know, that's what all I detector tests are. It's just me in a room with a criminal pulling out my truth quelch's goop. I'm like, you're going to maybe pull out my truth cube, Liar. So, so this all begin in two thousand and seven when a guy made a reddit account. I was trying to be ahead of it. A guy made a reddit profile and his user name was religion of peace. Oh No, like was is going already. And this guy was a very eclectic redditor and he became relatively famous in the reddit world as a an old war fat. He said he was seventy nine years old. Okay, which there's some debate on how old he actually is, because sometimes he said he was seventy. But okay, who knows? Either way, maybe he was just saying I'm in my seventy or maybe it's the type of the nine is right next to the zero. Sure. So Anyway, so you seventy nine. But he did talk about serving in World War Two and he used some pretty outdated military jargon, lingo and in his kind and his everyday conversation, he seemed to be very fed up with a lot of the world we're gonna be familiar with, like reddit culture. For this makes sense? No, I mean, I mean, I'll explain anything that we need to understand. Okay, and for those of you don't know, read it is a forum, and so you make users and you put stuff. It's a lot like so any social media kind of sure, but he and he was a part of a lot of a lot of different subred it's. So subredit's are like basically channels or groups, if you will, that you can join or on a topic where, yeah, yeah, and you can join them. A lot of them are public, some of them are private, and so he was actually the monitor moderator of a pretty infamous Reddit, subreddit that had caused a lot of controversy for the platform called Jailbait, which you might be able to guess the type of images that were shared on this subreddit. And he was a moderator and he he talks about how he talked about on Reddit in goodred forums in all about the thread, yeah, Jail Bait, where they're posting pictures. Yes, got it, and and and what he would say, this is so creepy. What he would say is he said, I'm an old man and my policy these days is I like to look at the flowers, but I'll never pick them. So very creepy guy. Right. Yeah, just kind of makes you scarring skin crawl kind of person. Right. Sure. Well, he always talked about like these crazy experiences and war and all this stuff like that, and he became sort of a a famous figure on reddit himself and everybody, I don't want to say looked up to him, or maybe was entertained by him, seem enough that he would say, and he was always telling the stories, he went by religion of peace, but he also called himself my loow, so we think that his name might have been my low. Well, then one day in two thousand and nine he made his last reddit post and it was a typical post for him, complaining about spam on Reddit and saying read it needs to do more to block spammers on the platform. Sure, basically, later that same day a new user account was created and they posted something to the main thread of Reddit. So the red they have a subreaddit called our all and that's goes to everybody on Reddit and he posted it was titled the end of Religion of peace and he says I'm the person who provided religion of peace the space for that old guy's image host, which we'll talk about in a second. He said Milow died today. He was seventy nine years old. He died at his desk. Looking at your site, my low was a mean old bleep. Sorry, I really didn't think we're going to port a post. I didn't think you were serious. Mean and honor e. He looked. He looked me up with my first GIG when I got out of the army. I didn't feel like or I didn't like finding him like this. He said, my low, milow, don't have any living relatives and no real friends and other than his landlady and a few people where he worked, he didn't talk to anyone about much of anything. Me He just tolerated. As I said, he was mean. I think he used that as a shield to keep people away from him. My little thought God was some kind of game thought up by some lazy sons of Bleep Pirl who didn't want to work every day. So he's going into the fire Monday without a service, just like he wanted, and I'm planning to dump his ashes in the woods and Pennsylvania, where he was born. So, while I can't put them right there because there's all there now, that would suck o, the one place that you're like, please scatter my ashes in this beautiful scenery, and it's like, well, it's kind of miniums now, great pop. So when me and your grandma went on a road trip, we pulled off the road and there was this beautiful lakeside area and it's like it's a resort. Now. I can still scatter your ashes there, but it's going to get vacuumed up. Please don't scatter me in like a Hilton Conference Room. You know, it's where he was wanted to be. It's then he says. He says, I gave the girl next door his raggedy old cat and most of his books, his computers and elect you to want it. Please take this. He's like, all right, raggedy old cat, and then he said his computers and his electronic Oh beep, sorry, I know you're bad at reading. Is the problem, right? So I don't know if you're having a trouble reading words. Or if you need to, like give us a cuss word. You know, this is getting difficult because you don't realize how dumb you are. You know, are you? Sometimes you'll be like is this a Cuz I don't want to believe it. It was like I'm just having trouble over here. Just can't read all. I went to private school, you know. He said he tagged for the disabled vets at the Va. All the rest of the stuff is for the Salvation Army all those years and everything he owned fits at the trunk of my car. I don't know what else to say. I'll miss some miserable beep. Thanks. And so that was the easier named two six and so everyone was like, oh mylow died. That's kind of sad, but also, like amy, he was a mean person and he was constantly raging on this platform and clearly moderating a pretty nefarious side of the site. So but anyways, darn, he's gone. You know old man. Well, there's a couple things in this message that are important, though. He talked a little bit of out the old guy's image host. So one thing, that one thing that milow, or religion at piece, was constantly promoting on Reddit was a site that he ran called Lake City quiet pillscom. And on that website what was peculiar is if you landed on link city quiet pillscom, it was a blank page. There's nothing there. But if you followed one of the links he gave you, as like Lake City quiet pillscom, Wi archives, this, this big thread, then you would land on the home page and the home page was titled that Old Guy's image host and on there. It was an image host for an appropriate images. Okay, and so what we're talking about? Legal Images? Most likely? It's not most likely. In in the expectation for most people originally was that it was set up this way to kind of hide the image host. Sure you couldn't get there without the unique being specific link. Yeah. Well, after he died, so people started doing some digging on him because they were curious. They said that this all seems a little strange. They a lot of people had questions about him, his age and the stories he told. He said he was on the beaches of Normandy on D Day, which, if his age was right, if any of the suddy night, he would have been fourteen. Yeah, which is not impossible. There were some people who enlisted at a really young age during World War Two, but weren't on the beaches of Normandy. Probably. Well, probably, because that was very much like a frontlines, like we're sending our grunts to that, because I knew a lot of people were just going to get off on right the storming. So maybe, but it's it. It is unlikely that this guy at fourteen was doing that. Sure it. So a lot of people had questions about him. So they started researching and doing some digging, trying to figure out, okay, what other side was religion piece on? What else can we piece together from this story? And here's where things start to get really interesting. So yeah, because so far, just so we're we're at so far? If the story ended here, an old guy who's really creepy online stories, pictures that are most likely illegal pictures, dies. He's pretty active on read it, he dies and somebody has let the community of read it know that this guy's gone. That's where we are so far. Yes, yes, but a lot of people started looking into that user, religion piece, and also the two six, and so they started finding other accounts with too six in the name on other forum sites all across the web. And one that was really the that was used a few times with a similar username was a US name angel to six, on a website called Fark, which is another very not great website, okay, with a forum. And on FARC he had this user name leap. Sir, I was a little late on that one. Yeah, the username angel to six, and then his his little description for his username underneath it on his profile was dispensing lake, city, quiet pills, to Lousy, oh beep, in need of permanent rest since one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight. You need of permanent rest and need a permanent rest since one thousand nine hundred sixty eight. So this guy to six seems to be I mean he mentioned that he provided the space to host that. Old Guys have a chose, which was called the city clot quiet pills. Okay, but the same day that religion of peace disappeared, to six appeared, and too six was tied to another. Well, at these posts. A look word before that post on Reddit. Yes, okay, the dispensing lekes a quiet pills one. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like our show, make sure to leave a podcast review in whatever platform you use or if you're on Youtube, drop a comment if you want to listen to another episode. My favorite right now is Jose Cancaco. It's this guy in the MLB who really brought steroids mainstream for the sport and did a lot of other just absolutely insane stuff, and there might be a little bit of aliens in it. So check that episode out. It's one of my favorites, but thanks for being here. Okay. And he had also was found on a bunch of other random sites like Yahoo answers, answering questions on like arts and crafts. I think about those people sometimes. I think about the people that were answering Cora Questions Yahoo answers. Yeah, and there were people who were just taking that stuff too seriously, you know. Yeah, I'm curious. One of the things that is most curious to me is people who worked for Cha Cha, like how did they text? Yeah, that text thing, like how do they have any time? They was googling it. Yeah, but they only made like seven sense a text message, right and yeah, and then the peak, like they had to be getting tons of question how how much were they making pretext message? We know, I don't know how much was if you're unfamiliar if you're not one of the olds like me and Tim Mark, because apparently that's a thing now. Before googles on our phone, whenever we were in whenever we were young lads, young children, you data was very primitive on our phones, and so if you had a question like how many people live in Mount Vernon, Missouri, you would text Cha, Cha, which was two four, two four two, two four two, yeah, two four two two for two, yeah, and you would text that number and ask your question and then it would call editor, you know, variant amount of time, sometimes immediately, sometimes hours later. You would get a response, which means it's somebody. Yeah, multiple somebodies. Hopefully wasn't just one person. That's pretty bombers. So they had back in two thousand and eight, they had thirtyzero real human beings that were answering those crownies, fake ones. Why did you say it like that? Fortyzero real human beings, called them beyond seen million fake people. They call them guides, and they paid them three cents per answer. Three cents. So how much do you have to if it's three cents per answer, you got to answer thirty of them? Make a dollar? Yeah, right, so then you got to answer how many per hour. You got to answer three hundred of those per hour to make tens. Why would you do this? I don't know, man. I mean that was two thousand eight money. How many coutimes that was? How many do you think you could answer in an hour? I mean, let's try. How many people? Let's time you. Let's a start timer somewhere, starry. Timer Ready. How long is the drafts necks? Six feet. Okay, how many people live in Mounte Missouri? Forty five hundred. When was basketball invented? One Thousand Eight hundred and ninety one. When was the photo? Freeme invented a D fifty. How many? Or what's the WHO's the first president? On Video? You gotts say. One is a minute. Is it a minute? We passed a minute. I didn't start a timer. Oh Great, I thought how ext it. He said sixty seconds. I was a minute. So you can answer five in a minute, but imagine doing that for an hour. What's I mean? I have a guess, though. That's what that was. A that was right there. That was a dollar fifty, but that's it. They're coming. Yeah, but there's only thirtyzero people and this thing was everywhere. That's true. Everybody was constantly so, I mean, I remember we would just sit down for hours and just chat to our lash. So I'm saying you could just be mean. I'm and you've taught giants and if you're able to copy paste their message to yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you know, I don't know, man. I don't know, man. It's crazy. The Google does that. It's crazy that Google has thirty is about, doesn't your Google? Man. So I don't know how we got off on that, but whatever. Oh, yeah, who answers? So this to six character? Yeah, so he's on Yahoo answering questions about arts and crafts and DIY projects also. Okay, which makes sense. Yeah. So anyways, so there's these Internet sluice that are digging through the web trying to find traces of religion, a piece and of two six. And what's peculiar is there's a lot of areas where they seem to cross pass. These accounts are relatively unique account names and they seem to be on the same forums. So wherever to six is budget to pieces and vice versa. And so they're starting to put together this thread that they're pretty closely connected. Sure, if not, maybe the same person. I ever tell you about one of them. The message I got from a guy like maybe like a year and a half ago, who was just like hey, this is a random, weird question, but was your user name Blah Blah Blah on this forum? And I was like, Yep, because he and I when we were in high school, Middle School. Yeah, I don't know, I used to work, because I my first job was a computer repair shop. Yep, and I used to do online support on some computer forums and also website for I'm showing you that form I was a part of. Yeah, people would just be like how do I do this in this website building thing? Yeah, he and I would just answer, but we were like fourteen and he is messaging. was like your name is very unique and there's only one other one that I've known, and he went by this on this forum. I'm not saying because I want people to find me. Yeah, that's fine, pretty weird. That is Super Spook Ay. Well, I know he wasn't doing it to be weird. He just came across one of my, you know, very viral videos. Yeah, that's fair. So they were they were on the same forms. Is what I just mean. Like, yeah, I remember that time of my life where I was on forums a lot and we were on several different of the same ones. Yeah, yeah, because your friend would invite you. Yeah, that's true. But where this went from like a kind of well, this becomes really interesting is when people started looking at the source code of like city quiet pills. Oh, and and if you look anywhere on like city quiet pillscom, you're going to find a very normal mid two thousands website source code, except if you went to that main page, that was blank. Now in the main page, if you don't, if you're not familiar with htm now or any cuding language for that matter, they're these things called comments where you can throw comments into code. Just I took I just took the screenshot from Amazon. And so these green text with that start with that the carrot and the exclamation point. That's a comment. And what that is is that's not visible on the front end of the site. No one's going to see what this is. It's for the developers to be able to add comments to explain what they're doing to somebody else who's going to common work on this code. And so these are explaining what these different features that they're adding and what they are doing below that. And the idea is when you're working on very complex things with lots of different people, you're basically is leaving notes of like here's what this section is you leaving a paper trail. Well, on Leacy, quiet pills. On the main page there were these comments that were crazy. So here's the first one that was found. Okay, nothing on there except for this comment. It says immediate need. Eight to ten Chinese, Korean, fluent Korean dialect, accent, details after contract, twelve week half pay sequester on refusal to ground types. Fluent Farsi, Arabic, French, no papers, no problem. Need formed group. Eight to ten, single OP delivery Bonus, gentlemen's agreement, insurance. Immediate need. What? But in this code it says, okay, multiple easy leading for people who speak those languages. That's what it sounds like, because it did, because it's fluent Koreanan dialect, accent. Okay, details after contact. So yeah, there's something very interesting going. Then single ob delivery bonus, and this is just hidden in the code. Yeah, so people have started logging onto the wayback machine, which is a site where you can look at all interesting yeah, if you don't know, you can pull that up and you can look up any website and you can see what it used to look like and it's constantly screenshotting the Internet, and so you can go back, pick a random you can view the code that way. Yeah, you can be the source. Did to that. And so they're going back and there's all these posts on this page. We'll pop up and they appear to be like job postings, and so they're saying like hey, we're looking to hire someone to do this. But there's a bunch of code words. There's phrases like CCW or w slash W and people have tried to interpret a lot of these codes. And so what a lot of people think is CCW stands for concealed carry weapons permit. A lot of people think ww stands for wet work or wants and warrants. What both of them? Wet Work is a common used term, at least in murderles. But for yea murder, murder, and then wants and warrants is basically like don't get caught. Got It. I thought you were saying that what works is a is a common lingo in murder, you know, in murder. No, that means murder. That means murder. It means you'RE gonna get your hands wet. And then so they, these predators, these Internet sluice, went back and they found July seventeen, two thousand and nine, which was that date? That to six posted that milow had died. Okay or religion a piece, I died. And they found a post that said on the source code of lacy quiet pills. It said, I'm sorry to tell you that milow died yesterday. He was quiet and calm, not like we all figured. I gave that fat mangy cat of his the girl, the little girl next door. No, services are nothing, you know, milow. I'm taking his ashes back to where his farm was, close to it anyway. There's a mall where his place was. So host a few for the hoist, a few for the old man. Remember what he said? Keep with the man who's got your back. And that was it. And that was in the in the source code, on the day he died, in the source code, on the day, that same time that he posts that Reddit Post. To six post that Reddit Post, a post that, I mean, it looks like it's written by the same person. Sure sounds very similar on lacy quiet pills in the source code. A few weeks later, another post popped up in the source code. It said, for those who have asked, I bricked Milo's iron key the same day. All as well, if you don't know what those terms being, iron key is like a underground slang term, basically for a USB like flash drive. Oh, and brick means you you killed the data, so you wiped all the data from it, so that way no one can get any access to what's in there. Okay. So everybody started to say, well, there's something weird. God. So we were checking it every day at this point. Yeah, and they were starting to see trying to see what's in our source code. I've been sneaking this stuffing. Now you got my head spinning. Nigo, check, make sure. Yeah, what's we gotta go clean it before this episode. What is you go to our source code of their stuff that you didn't put in there? Oh Gosh, I'd be so smoothed. I mean it's possible, it can happen. Well, what do you mean it can happen? Who can do it? I mean, if somebody can get find a backdoor on your site, they can do anything. To your site, and so if someone can manage to find a backdoor, they could do stuff like this and add stuff to your source code and make it like an illegal job posting site without you ever noting, knowing. Unless you're check, which I just checked in, there's nothing there. Where you checked your myerscom which one and ere? All right. So it became clear that that religion piece and to six are up to some sketchy stuff, sure, or at least trying to make people think they're up to sketchy stuff. That's probably more accurate. Well, here's the deal. A lot of people were like, okay, well, what's the deal? Because the website, if you go on on the actual side of the website, was called that old guy's image host. It never said Lake City quiet pills anywhere. Yeah, domain name was like Lake City quiet pills. So people looked it up and we're trying to figure out what's up with that name. What does that even mean? Well, in Lake City, Iowa, there's an ammunition plant called our an Ol in winchester ammunition plant, which is the biggest ammunition plant in the nation. That supplies the US government with ammunition. And so connecting the DOTS Lake City. Quiet pills are bullets, and so dispensing bullets to lousy old beeps since one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight means this guy's shooting people. This is that's what you got in this as trying to say. Yeah, so, basically what it came down to is all these Internet suits think that what's going on here is this is a job posting forum for a ring of assassins who are referencing this. Side just escalates so fast. You know, you know. So, is this the craziest part? And actually it's not. Now, so I want to run a know tim called me the other night and was like this is crazy thing, I'm looking into. I don't know if we can do it because it involves some things that are in are inappropriate. Yeah, yeah, I wasn't sure if we could talk about this because the nature of that old guy's image host. Sure, shop it is, because it is messed up. Yeah, we can, but I'm saying we can say it's wrong and then move on, right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we can. It's not it's the bad person not as much central to the story. No, no, no, it's if it's true that this is an assassin ring, yeah, well, he listened to this. So nove before teen, two thousand and nine. What is this like? Few months after religion of peace, or Milo, died? Yeah, a new post came into the source code. Hey, thank you again for listening to this episode. Making sure that you don't miss one in the future, go ahead and subscribe to this podcast, whether that be on apple podcast, spotify, Youtube. You'll get it alert when we drop a new episode. And if you want more, if you want something a week early, you want to be part of our discord, more access to us as creators, you can support this show on patreon. Helps us go a long way. Nothing that we're doing is possible without our patreon supporters. If you want more information about that, please text tilling to six, six, eight hundred and sixty six. Thank you so much for being here. So people are still checking this every day? Well, I think at this point people are going back in the way back machine. Like I think people saw that post, they started doing some digging. After they figured out La city quiet pills stood for bullets, after they figured out that, yeah, they were on all these other forms, they eventually found this source code and they were going backwards. Sure. Well, neverber fourteen, two thousand nine, presumably to six. Posted in the source code he said Milos will, mileos will cleared probate, surprise. This is really tough to read because the spelling and grammage horrible. Surprise is spelled sire pr Ze. So that's why I'm stopping so much to O case says surprise. Milow was loaded. Email shade. If we sent you out between two thousand and five and two thousand and nine, shade will have checks cut for you. Amount is by how many times, not by pay total, a small shares, three to four thousand, and then a few months later, amount of times we sent you out. Yeah, okay. A few months later he posted we're having a birthday party for the old man on the nineteen. Party starts. Listen to this. Party starts a FI hundred at the usual send your RSPP to shade. Fy I were booking a room for three days for anyone coming out to the area and overnight for the locals. COME HOIST ONE UP FOR DUTCH MILO. And then they go on to list all these details which I'm actually going to pull up. I believe it's I thought you were saying, okay, Okoko Ka. So this is what this is one of the posting. So this is you can see that immediate need. One up there at the top for English French private security on Cruise. Yeah, must be bondable. Immediate need. Twelve as a Spanish speaking no papers required and robbers kept. So there's there's a bunch of postings here right. Well, here's another one. Oh my gosh, and in here I'm trying to find the spot I saw this earlier. Hotel rooms. Yeah, we go. Thirty eight rooms in the Marriott on forty six. Shade has the key cards for locals. Pick up at the party. Give your travel name to the desk and that's it. No ID needed, since we're covering the bill. Keep the room service under five hundred. Okay, the phones there are not secure. Bus from the hotel leaves, which is spelled leafs. Yeah, at one thousand, three hundred and thirty. Car Service vouchers for return ship when you're ready to crash. Don't Dui. And these are these are broken down by date as well. Here. Yeah, and so you see it's going upwards. Here's the final for the party. Hotel rooms. Forty eightzero dollars. Yeah, okay, so listen to this. So this party, the date and time of this party, coincides exactly with the date and time of the assassination of Muhammad all Moba, who which was a an officer, a Hamas officer, who was killed in his hotel room and Dubai and on January nineteen, two thousand and ten. And in the video what happens is you see he leaves his hotel, he goes shopping. Bus Pulls Up, a few individuals come into the hotel and then they go up to where his room is. They somehow enter his room. All of them are covering their head, so you can't like identify them. Go into the hotel room. And then Muhammad comes back, goes up to his room and then those individuals leave his room and he's later found dead in his room. Same Day, same time. And then how many people? There's a few individuals. Sure that it wasn't like a it seems like it was the same number or whatever. So the theory is that this birthday party was code for an actual hit that they were hiring for. And then you started reading. They had the they had the total bill for the party, which doesn't sound like a bill for a party. It says here's here's the final for the party. Hotel rooms. Forty eight thousand three hundred limo, six thousand bus, five hundred, sixty barbell eighteen thousand food, eight thousand dancers, eight thousand miscellaneous tips, Fifty miscellanes expenses, twenty eight hundred med supplies, one hundred and eighty fat Tommy and stew are okay, to total ninety four thousand dollars. You all did Dutch mylo proud. Thanks. Okay, even in the craziest of circumstances, this size of a party is. It's a lot, sure, and to have it happened at the same time and to have at least some similar like we know that a bus pulls up and drop off a few people, okay, know that where there others in the hotel that we're booking rooms. And when you look at the the original post it's peculiar the way they listed it, because they were saying they were saying don't or the the phone lines are not secure, right, use your travel name at the desk, don't Dui. These are a lot of things that are kind of strange things to tell a bunch of adults that are so on the night teeth. On January nineteen, someone is assassinated. Yeah, and that's the same day of this party. Party starts at. Party starts at one thousand five hundred, as at the usual so in your RSVP, the shade. Okay. And so the theory is that this pretty high profile assassination. You think this is in Dubai? Yeah, was pulled by them. Yeah, and so the theory is that they're using a lot of code here because they don't sure under the understand what's happening. So I I don't know what that breaks down to show that it's actually Dubai. But in theory what happened here was they pulled one of the most high profile hits and some people on anked it back to them. Here's what's really interesting. The credit cards use on a block of rooms purchased in the hotel that night were registered under account from a city in hold on. Let me double check this make sure I give the right one. I can't find the exact name of the city, but it was one town over from the Lake City Ammunition Plant in Iowa and Iwa so a lot of use at the hotel in Dubai. Yeah, at the time of this assassination. Okay, for how many rooms? I don't know. I don't know how many rooms. I don't have that EXAC. I'm saying that if they're booking, we got thirty eight rooms, yeah, in the Marriott. Yeah, on forty six. Yeah, which, I'm my guess is third numbers for you, sa Marriott even are probably code. Okay, yeah, that's my guess. Sure, but I don't know. So after this happens, the the site gets encrypted. So these MESOS messed up with. These people are, if they are assassins. I do like that. They're passionate about anti drunk driving, though. You know, don't do Ui with like five exclamation points. Well, the there is that that that's also a code. Dealis also some other cooke were for something. Yeah. Well, my theory is a Dui is code for driving under the influence. You got MOMS against drunk driving. You got a add which is assassins against rung drive. Will kill a guy. But this is where we draw the line. Don't drug dry. Yeah, so the this was a very publicized assassination. They never found who did it. Sure traded it. And when these redditors started saying that they think it was the Lake City quiepills people. Yeah, all of a sudden the source code became encrypted. So you can still go on and access it, but it was not written like that. It was encrypted. Yeah, I was wondering if, because they're to six, person can probably obviously see that these threads are starting about the source code, for sure, for sure, and it's like, and then the redditor started trying to decrypt it and they were posting about it and then they double crypt lets. So they encrypted it and then encrypted the encryption, and so it was. It became the sort of thing where it's like you're never going to figure out what the said. A few days later, Lake City quiepills got taken down. So sorry, just gone. Yeah, so it's pretty highly likely that they just moved this somewhere else, sure, but the the whole scenario seems like there's one of two things going on. M This is an assassin ring that had a that we're trying to hide in plain sight. They were using something that they said, Hey, this is a weird website that most people are going to try to ask this, but even if they do, like, we're in this other subset of the site where, yeah, most people aren't going to access it and we can hide all of our stuff here. And they were a part of this big, high profile assassination. Some people caught them and then they went into further into high your hiding. Yeah, the other possibility is that this was some big hoax to generate some traffic to La city quiposcom for the that old guy's immage host. Okay, because if you look back on religion pieces posts early in the process, he began developing this in like two thousand and one and he's posting on FARC all the time talking about this project and took him years to accomplish it. Sure, put it live and he really wanted it to grow, but it only ever got about a thousand users, which is a lot. But the issue with that theory is that him devising this weird yeah, this whole theory hopes stuff. It's pretty far fetch it's kind of like the watcher thing, like it's a really far fetched way to try to drum up some in a few more users on your website. Yeah, some activity on your website, and even those, those users aren't using your website for what you built it for. And but the lynchpin in that is that the eventually they took the site down, and so if this was being used to drum up traffic, then more traffic we've been good. Yeah, then they would have let it grow and leave it up, but they took it down when more people started looking at it interesting. So at the end of the day, we don't know exactly what's going on with Lake City quiet pills. It does kind of seem like this was some weird dark underground like assassin's ring. There has been a lot of people who have roses looking straight at me. When I looked over, Alex was like Alex is looking at me. Be like does cheering believe this? And Genal looked over and now was just like please don't. He's giving me those eyes where he's like, come on, talk some sense in here's talk some sense, do it, try it. Yeah, they're not assassins to him. I think there's it's just idiot teenagers who figure out how to write an html. And they were like, you know, soon day we're going to be the subject of a podcast. There listen to this and they're going to giggle. All right, they're like. They're like, you know what, some day someone's going to move into this house and they're going to be finishing the base, but they're going to open up the water check house. Source Code. Yeah, maybe that's that's possible. Yeah, that's possible. We've encrypted our source code. Here's was interesting. Since all this blew up, a group, another group of Internet sluice, have followed the paper trail and done like all that stuff that the catfish does, yeah, to track down the ownership of all these domains. Right, and they what's interesting is Lake City quiet pills was purchased from a domain house called Crystal Lakes, which is not a thing, at least not anymore, and not a domain host anymore. Right. But if you go back in the way back when she seen it was a a landing page where they did do domain hosting. Okay, but also in the footer of this landing page it was political rants from a guy named Milow, and so it seems like my low bought this domain from himself and from a crystal lakesite that he would have run, run himself, and he used to put all his political rants before he found read it. I love that somewhere out there there was just some guy who was like the Internet's knew I could build a website. I must use this to yell. Well, here's the thing is, it was a business website, like he was. It was literally would look on it was a normal business website selling where sites. He's just got very hot. Here's my political yeah, it's good of my website, Jer Mars Kam was got my tour dates, merchandise and the very bob was a little leg that just as rance. You can click that and I just go off, man, I don't even hold back. You know, I don't even use punctuation. As far as we down. Here's my safe place to yell. All caps, no punctuation. Here's what's interesting about this, though, is on crystal lakes you can check domain verification and it actually belongs to a guy named Mike, and the the accounts tied to two six also belong to a guy named Mike, and so these sleuths seemed to have tied together. It's a mic, I think, w something at like Gmail, something like that. So they seem to have tied together, that there's some guy named Mike who's playing the role of religion of peace and also playing the role of two six and maybe piecing together this assass and ring or maybe making it all up. The probably biggest point of maybe the none of this is real, is to sit the this this email address has an account on good reads. Hey, and I'm good reads. There's a bunch of books about arts and crafts, old on, all right, because he really answers a lot of yahoo answers about yeah, now there's a bunch of books about old Warren, how to deal with your seventy nine year old GRANDPA, how to understand what you're seventy dollar old GRANDPA sets translating as several SCRIPTA on encrypted the language. It was seventy nine year old old war books, all war might beginning star. I swear I'm saying it's like if he's lying about a bunch of so, for example, there was a guy from my high school who was very you know, every small town apparently just has a pathological liar. I didn't know every small and everyone has a lot of Peth oh yeah, but I mean like every small town has one. Yeah, they there lie there their local liar. Yeah, and ours told us all these fantastic stories of crossing the ocean into Africa and he had a shark tooth necklace and he got it from a real shark, you know, like just all these crazy things. Yeah, but one of the things he always said was that he's an assassin. Yeah, and so I would imagine if there's somebody who spends their day online making up all these fantastic war stories, yeah, they probably are making up the idea of an assassin ring as well. Maybe, maybe, and probably the most, but they would broadcast that. That's the only thing that that's the only thing that holds you back from it. is like, if he's making that up, he would have broadcasted that. The fact that it was hidden. Yeah, it is very odd to do something like this so underground because so few people are going to engage with it, right, unless you're also creating the accounts that like found it. Yeah, that is possible, I suppose. But also on his good read reads account was a bunch of books about assassins, one literally tild titled Wet Work. So some people think that this is just a guy who's writing books on how to assassin people. I think their novels like a novel story about like a love story about an assassin and assassiny. That's where I wanted at all. In love with the person they're supposed assassinate. There's putting books out there called how to kill people or I don't know if I did it. That was a good joke. That was yeah, so we're not believe I didn't, though we could this part. I'm more afraid of OJ Simpson that I have this ring of assassins. Well, I don't know, maybe Olja's one of them. Go to his website, check his source code. Oh, yeah, no, don't actually do that, I say it anyway. So, I mean, here's the thing. I already said it was true. So it's got to be kind of yeah, you pulled it out here, brain you. Yeah, it's I don't know, like, is that all there is about it? There's some things that make it seem like it's probably assassin fake. But the the timing of that big high profile assassination, the connection of the credit cards. Yeah, it's pretty peculiar that that's a coincidence. Is it possible that it is? Sure, sure, but is it possible that this was the group that pulled that off? Sure, well, if you check our source code. Yeah, and big bold letters of the top, it just says that leapt on. Things are done. Last night is a production of space tim media produced by Christian Taylor, audio by Alice Garnett, video by Connor Bets, our graphics and our logo by Caleb Goldberg and our social media is run by Caleb Walker. Our host are Jeremyers and Tim Stone. Fall us on your favorite social media platform at Tillin podcast is till and podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I've learned last night

Since the start of the internet, forums have been a strange place. Something about allowing people anonymity brings out the worst in humanity. The effect was in full display for Reddit user Religion of Peace. Known for running one of the most nefarious and controversial subreddits in the platform’s history, the user garnered an almost mythic status during his time on Reddit. Many users had encountered one of Religion of Peace, often referred to as Milo, and one of his infamous rants. However, the story became much more interesting after Milo died. A series of internet sleuthing led to the possible uncovering of an underground assassin ring hidden in plain sight.

The Story of Lake City Quiet Pills

After the Reddit user Religion of Peace passed away, a group of internet sleuths got to work. It seemed like only moments had passed before they uncovered bizarre links to an underground assassin’s ring. The website that Milo was constantly advertising on Reddit, Lake City Quiet Pills, had hidden messages locked away within the site’s source code. The hidden messages appeared to be job postings for what many theorize were hits.

The research culminated in the discovery of a possible connection to the high-profile assassination of Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh. The claims have never been substantiated, but many links to the hit can be found in the Lake City Quiet Pills case.


It can be very easy to leap to grand conclusions when it comes to internet mysteries like this one. A wide array of evidence points towards Lake City Quiet Pills being a job posting site for assassins. However, these claims can’t be proved. If not more likely, it is possible that the mystery is some elaborate hoax. Find out more about the mystery and decide for yourself by listening to this episode of Things I Learned Last Night.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning and laughing a lot while you do, you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




Lake City Quiet Pills – Unresolved

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