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Unknown Speaker Hey man ah job hats sorry I thought you asked about my hat. Oh, sorry. Thank you too. What's up? Happy Fourth of July. Hey Happy Fourth of July. How do you celebrate by teaching you how do you celebrate Fourth of July 4 of July are we hanging on Fourth of July? Speaker 1 We could usually here's what happens usually we go do something with Breeze family. Okay. They they usually throw like a big thing in someone's backyard and if a bunch of fireworks Yeah, but that's not always on like actual Fourth of July. And so if it's not on an actual Fourth of July then allows him to Thomas's invite us out to the lake. Oh, nice. Yeah. Which you should come I think we invited you last year and you didn't come? Speaker 2 Yeah, all of our family was in for Fourth of July like so. Like we did that as like our usually go see family for Fourth of July. It seems like they're trying to make that the tradition. They're trying to make foliage because it's mid summer. And we did that because my mom's sister was a teacher. And so Thanksgiving and Christmas, you know, wholesale anyway, and everyone's you know, Minnesota, Ohio, the whole the whole fam comes down. So I don't know what's going to happen this Fourth of July. I guess I'll find out today. Our friend group debated on who in our group has the highest IQs and no one disagreed about who was number one. And Tim is pretty mad about that. Is that what you want? Is that what you want to say? That's what you want on the internet. Here's what I don't like sometimes the out of context close to the beginning are pretty things I learned last night Speaker 2 hey, man, so yeah, what's up? What are you gonna teach me? Speaker 1 Have you ever heard of John Chicky? Donohue? Speaker 2 Is Chicky. A nickname or is Chicky Donahue with a last name. Speaker 1 Donna. He was last name Chicky as a nickname, so we could Well honestly, I'm just gonna call it Chicky Chicky Donahue. Unknown Speaker No. Speaker 1 Let me ask you this. Well, actually, I'll just show you some pictures. Do you recognize this man? Unknown Speaker This is tricky. This guy was in my dream. Speaker 1 This is Chicky daata. You okay, he's standing on a boat. Listening. Pictures. Last Name Donahue. And you're probably pretty close. And the pictures in like the late 60s early 70s. He's wearing like a plaid. Yeah, I don't know what kind of little hat that is. Yeah, it's it's kind of like a cross between a chef's hat and taxi drivers hat. Speaker 2 Yeah, it's got a little poop on top. Yeah, it's a little goofy. He's got a shirt tucked in. And I'm glad this isn't the style anymore. Because honestly, you know, he doesn't got the body for it. He's got he's a thin guy. Speaker 1 But yeah, he's got a he's got a little flat tire there. Yeah, spare tire the spare tire tires by tires. The word Yeah. And then he's got a mustache, a very 70s mustache. Very 70s. There's Speaker 2 sort of strange Bob where all the weight goes to square roots, hips or something. Yeah, yeah, that's what it is. To need Krabby Patties? Yeah. That's what his body looks like right now. Speaker 1 Which is I saw this on, on tick tock the other day. Speaker 2 Shame anybody? It's okay. I mean, look, look at you know, we've done how many of us 170 something and I've never commented on yours. You know, so I'm not trying to shame anybody. And I could have I could have brought up Speaker 1 here's, anyways, here's Chicky Donahue now, as an oldest Speaker 2 guy, I love him. I don't know where he is. He looks Yeah, he looks at your church. Like it looks like he looks like Santa. But he can't grow beard. You know, say like he's a Speaker 1 here's another picture of him as an old guy. Please don't tell him. It's like terrible. He kind of looks like the villain from holes in this one. Yeah, Speaker 2 but that actor who is? What's his name? I don't know. He's super cute. Like he's super cute. Banani though. Oh, well. That actor is I thought that you were like he looks at that and I was like, oh, because he's like these need like the he's a national treasure. Isn't he like Nick cages dad or something? Oh, National Treasure national Speaker 1 treasure. I thought you said he's a national national treasure. I was like why? Speaker 2 What's his name? dadgummit. Anyway, he doesn't now he does like videos where he's talking to the camera and he's just like, you know our country used to be great. Unknown Speaker I can see that foreign you're like Unknown Speaker wow, I can see that for the for the reptilian was. This guy was a prison guard. No, that Speaker 1 guy. Oh, the movie? Oh, yeah. Here's a picture of Tiki Donahue as an old man with Zac Efron. Unknown Speaker Going on. What is what are we talking about? Unknown Speaker What are we talking about? Speaker 1 Is overshadowing. Okay, so tricky Donohue I'll tell you about you know, Unknown Speaker speed to body shaming. Speaker 2 Did you see when Zac Efron's Netflix series came out and people were like, Oh, I love him with a dad bod. That's exactly what my response was. People were going crazy. Like, look, Google Zac Efron. We Unknown Speaker know I've seen the show. I watched the Google Zac Efron, Unknown Speaker dad. Speaker 1 He did not have a dad rod. Zac, Zac Efron, biceps. That's exactly what Unknown Speaker is that? Are you tired? Oh, man. What's the measurement on his biceps? Unknown Speaker I don't know. I could Google that. Oh, man. Speaker 2 So no, but as I'm saying is like he was he did not have a dad bod. Do you just Unknown Speaker have to? Do we need to go get a license to get this picture on screen? Speaker 2 No, I was trying to his there was a there anyway. He didn't have a dad bought in that Netflix series. He did not know. Yeah, he's still like he's still ripped. He's just not dehydrated. He's just not toned. Yeah, yeah. Which like, which What movie is sick is what it is. You're sick. You cannot live like that for more than like, a week and a half. Unknown Speaker Yeah. Yeah, that's, that's an unhealthy state. Yes. Unknown Speaker So anyway, interesting. That's just what I Unknown Speaker thought DadBod Speaker 2 people were going crazy. Like I love his dad bod. And you're like, you have not met a dad. Speaker 1 Okay, so to get down to you. Okay. To get down to who was I don't like Speaker 2 how excited you are. Just want to put that out there right now. Not a fan of the excitement in your face. I'm trying to think of all this AQa from movies that have come out lately. Unknown Speaker I don't think you've heard of this. Unknown Speaker Okay. Chicky Chicky. Unknown Speaker Chicky Chicky DadBod. Speaker 2 Oh, yeah, I do remember that specific. We watch. Unknown Speaker So, to get out of you, Speaker 2 dad, Bob allottee, or whatever it's called. Speaker 1 Dad, Bob Bob. Okay. Okay, so ticky tacky was a dude who lived in upper Manhattan. In the I mean, his whole life, but specifically in the early 60s, during the Vietnam War. And I don't know if you know a lot about history, but let me tell you, in case you didn't know. Unknown Speaker Oh, wait. Unknown Speaker Did I send you the trailer for this movie? Unknown Speaker I don't think so. Because Unknown Speaker I don't know the story. Speaker 1 This was a patron recommendation, but I'm gonna be honest, I don't remember who recommended it. And I have seen the trailer Speaker 2 All I know is that Zac Efron accidentally ends up in the middle of the Vietnam War, is that it's probably this one. That's what I'm saying. Probably. That's what I thought I sent it to you. And I was like, I'm not going to find out about this. But because any movie lately that just says based on true events, I just send it to you. And I go, I want to know what this tells me about it. It was good. And then we can love some of it was Zac Efron in it. That's why I say a Jurassic Park. I don't know what happened. But I was like, I want to know, they remade it. They. I mean, it's gotta Unknown Speaker be a true story. Speaker 2 It says based on true basis. So okay, go ahead with the story that okay, Speaker 1 chicken Donahue. I was live in the Vietnam War. And in case you didn't know, the Vietnam War was not popular. A lot of people protested. Unknown Speaker Yeah. What years were the Vietnam War? Listener? I know, but Speaker 1 just for the people who don't know, I think it was 58 to 64. Let me double check that. I thought it was after that. Let me double check. Let me double check. Make sure I'm right on that. Vietnam War was oh, whoa. 55 to 75. Speaker 2 Yeah, I was gonna say again, that was the entire 60s. Speaker 1 Shoot. Okay. Yeah, so 55 to 75. As a very unpopular war, a lot of people back at the States didn't think we should be there. And so that was protested pretty much the entire length of the war. And obviously, there was a split, some people thought that we should be some people thought that they shouldn't. Speaker 2 That was actually a really interesting was that in Christian domains book about the Vietnam War split, was expected to be well, it was interesting, remember the split of because the people who got sent off to war war because we didn't like do a huge draft for that there was there wasn't, but it wasn't like the scale that like World War was. And so the people who were good The draft people who can get out of drafts have money. Yeah, and have, you know, resources and lawyers and reasons to get out of drafts or whatever. And so it was predominantly blue collar kids going off to Vietnam. Yeah. And then the rich kids were at home protesting that. And so it became a consciousness division between all the rich kids are here protesting Well, my son's out fighting the stupid war. Yeah. You know. And so he became a clashing point for patriotism. Yeah, yeah. Anyway, it's just I remember reading that it Unknown Speaker was that that sounds like a point in our book that I don't remember. Speaker 2 Well, I think it's just the difference between maybe the way my brain processes information and the way that your brain process our friend, okay, terrible thing to us. And I think they haven't recovered. They might have done this on purpose. They might they're trying to drive a wedge between they might be what's frustrating is, oh, so here's the question, and we're just gonna put it out there. And by the time that you hear this, we'll probably have resolved this with professional testing, and counseling. But our friend group debated on who in our group has the highest IQs. And no one disagreed about who was number one. And Tim's pretty mad about that. What's frustrating Speaker 1 is we've had this conversation before. And I've always come out on number one who, the four of us conversation and, and then you come around, and all of a sudden, everyone, there's a new number one in town. And Speaker 2 I don't like it. When did you have this conversation? Was I included in the ranking during this conversation I included? Speaker 1 It was just it was another time we're hanging out and different time. It was another time we're hanging out and it came up. I think Bernie, again, was trying to drive a wedge between everyone or Unknown Speaker she does like to do that. That's the reason why I have a solid wife. It's like, Hey, what's your Unknown Speaker internal jealousy thing going on? Who Unknown Speaker all of you think is the dumbest here? Yeah, Unknown Speaker you're gonna have a really tough dynamic with your children. Unknown Speaker Yeah, we're gonna ask them that every month. Anyway. Unknown Speaker Stan, according if we just look Unknown Speaker at this past month, who here is the dumbest? Speaker 2 So anyway, so Vietnam war is going on? Speaker 1 Yes. What's going on? It's deeply unpopular, very unpopular. At one night in November, Speaker 2 because America did not have a recipe there. It was. We can get into Unknown Speaker reason. But it wasn't. Unknown Speaker Yeah, so Unknown Speaker it's November, we had Unknown Speaker a reason to be in Iraq as well, you know, and that's Speaker 1 it's November, they're in Manhattan. And Tiki is at a local bar. Sure. It was a bar called O'Malley's the doc Fiddler's doc Fiddler's club. Plus, Doc Fiddler's pub. Sure. And it's the bartender there who's running? who's manning the show? He's a former Marine. Everybody there calls him the colonel. Yeah, he was never a colonel. But everyone calls him that. I'd Speaker 2 love to enlist. Yeah, just to have a cool just to get called Sarge. You know, Unknown Speaker we can make that your Speaker 2 shower, just just just to get the you know, saying. Oh, Unknown Speaker I don't know wedding. A wedding? Let me rewind a little bit. I didn't put that. But on a wedding like RSVP. Unknown Speaker Oh, yeah. Did you present the doctor or whatever? No, I Speaker 1 put judge said it has a drop down menu for all your prefixes. Unknown Speaker Our judges Unknown Speaker you feel that value? What do they do? Unknown Speaker They just what's the line? Unknown Speaker They're glorified kidnappers. Speaker 2 The military? I guess both. Okay, so he's a colonel. He's the garden but he's not a colonel running the ship. Speaker 1 I think he was like the highest he ever got was private first class, but everyone called him a colonel. Is that Speaker 2 just like you just really want to bring this guy down? Like, is it relevant? The highest regard was private first class. I mean, he only got out of high school because the military was like, Yeah, you're graduated to come in with your Yeah, he was kind of dumb. His IQ pretty low. Yeah. Unknown Speaker He's number six. Speaker 2 He argued that he was near the top. We just got to see the guy carry water. Why are you bringing this guy? Speaker 1 He runs the bar. So he's running the bar and outside. This is Vietnam War era right outside is a protest protesting the war. That's all like the Colonel's in there. He's washing his glasses, and he's talking to Chicky. Donohue, and he's like, he's like, he's like, man, look at all these commies out here, protesting the war. Because like, he's like, he's like, someone's gonna do something about this. He's like, he's like, he's like, he's like, our soldiers are out there. They're overseas. They're fighting for freedom. That's all I'm saying. And ain't nobody supporting them. Everyone's back here Speaker 2 doing this. And that was the resentment at the blue collar class. Exactly. Yes. Yeah, exactly. Speaker 1 And Chicky and this guy are in like a flywheel like rubbing each other up. Right? So yeah, yeah. Yeah, he's gonna do something for them. No, no, no, no, no. It's a tricky. Tricky, it's like, yeah, someone should buy him a beer. He's like, he's like, Speaker 2 oh, yeah, dude, who really gets the worst free beers all his friends outside. He's like, Yeah, we should buy a beers. You know, what we should also do? We should give them $100. And, and, and this is important, you know, and like, Let's pay off all their debt. And, you know, we just did all these nice things for them. Tell the hottest girl in the bar, go kiss him on the lips. Unknown Speaker He wasn't talking about the people outside. He was talking about the Speaker 2 guy down. Don't write that down. I usually don't like sometimes the out of context close to the beginning are pretty well. Speaker 1 Okay, though he wasn't talking about the people. He wasn't talking about the protesters. He was talking about soldiers. He said someone needs to fire soldiers a beer. So they know. Okay, there's people back home. Support them. Sure. And the carnal is like Yeah, yeah. Someone needs to go by those guys appear. They need to know. They need to understand that they're important everyone. And Tiki was like, yeah, and then the conversation you noticed kind of fizzled. The night goes on. Then Speaker 2 he goes, Hey, guys, your plane ticket to Vietnam. You're gonna go buy him some beers. He goes, Speaker 1 Oh, and it goes back and he goes back the next day. And he comes in there. And the mom of one of his childhood friends who's serving in Vietnam, is there at the bar. And the colonel is like, hey, Chucky, is like check it out. He's like, he's like, I got Tom's mom here. I told them, you're going out there. You're gonna visit him. You're gonna check on him. Make sure he's okay. And Chicky was like, what? Unknown Speaker Oh, no. Speaker 2 It's mom was like, would you take this blanket from his childhood, please? Speaker 1 Is a Chicky. Chicky was like, Yeah, I did say I was gonna do that. I'll find he was a trade merchant. And so he was a sailor. He sailed out to Vietnam to do deliveries. He'd been a couple times. And so he just was like, Yeah, have you been? I'm going to do that? No. No. My Twitter bio is Speaker 2 such a hard left turn indicative of a low IQ. That's me. I'm breaking the fourth wall. I Unknown Speaker said, whatever. The middle thing. Sorry, Speaker 2 trying to explain it to you. Go ahead. What is your Twitter? Speaker 1 My Twitter bio is just I've never been to Italy. And Unknown Speaker are you hoping to just one day change it? Speaker 1 No. I think it's a really funny thing. Like someone's like, Hey, tell me about yourself. I've never been Speaker 2 on my Facebook bio. This is real on my Facebook page. Because on Facebook pages, it's different. It's not prominent. Yeah, it doesn't matter. They changed it every once in a while and every once awhile my bio will pop up and I forgot that years ago. years ago I wrote knows someone who knows Nellies uncle who was one of the early Nelly Oh like the rapper Nelly. Yeah, as the good Nellie Bly Nelly is from St. Louis. Yeah. And so one of the Starbucks baristas was like, Yeah, I'm actually like, kind of friends was his uncle. And I was like, I know someone who knows now his uncle. Anyway, that's so dumb. Hey, thanks checking out this episode. If you liked this one. Or if you don't like this one. There's so many other ones. Alright, if you're halfway through this one, and you're like, I hate this. I want to go check out the Richmond TV vigilante. It's an episode we did a while ago. It's a little bit of a shorter one. But one morning in Richmond, Virginia. He's people wake up with just TVs on their front porch. No idea where they came from until one person check their ring doorbell footage and got a decent surprise. So Richmond TV vigilante is a great episode. If you're gonna go check that out later. But for now, back to this one Unknown Speaker so yeah, so tricky. I've Speaker 2 been to Italy. Have you know, dinner thing so, Speaker 1 so tiki, tiki is like oh, I'll do it. I'll do it because I don't know how I'm gonna do it. But I'll do it. Speaker 2 Just on like a I guess I'll go like How old is he at this point? Speaker 1 I mean, you saw him in that picture. I don't know how old he was at the time, I would guess. I don't know. 30 Unknown Speaker Okay. 30 years old. Unknown Speaker Yeah, probably. How old? Do you think that guy is? Speaker 2 35 And actually, I don't want to ages this guy. Speaker 1 This guy was He was born in 41. This happened in November of 67. So he was 26 Unknown Speaker this keeps happening. This has happened to me like six times this just Speaker 2 keeps happening to us where we go Frick do that. That. Unknown Speaker Do we? Good? We look fine. We look fine. Unknown Speaker Yeah, we don't look like I Speaker 2 was talking about doll hole or a hands on the hips. Speaker 1 That is one thing though. We have the mustache. Yeah, I thought about this a lot. I've thought about this a lot. Like a lot. The reason this looks old to us is because these people still dress like this. And that is that is weighted Speaker 2 to us. Do you think we're still gonna dress like this when we're like, I'm curious. Speaker 1 Like when we get old like is our style like there's skinny jeans gonna make people think of 75 year olds. Like look at that old Unknown Speaker dude and skinny jeans were women's pants. Speaker 1 is skinny jean. No one wears jeans anymore. Man and his his oily beard. Speaker 2 No one covers their knees anymore, man. Let those knees breathe. The science is clear. No one wears Unknown Speaker clothes anymore, man. Look at that old guy. And as Speaker 2 you joke, but that might that might be where our society goes. So he's 26 years old. This what I'm saying is not on a whim. But like, kind of it's almost a barbette honestly, yeah. Where it's just like, Hey, man. Well, and also you're pressured by Tom's mom. Speaker 1 The curtilage I love the Kirtle left that night. And he taught me over here. Let's remember this picture real quick. Yeah, the criminals the bartender. Yeah. Chicky is Speaker 2 a patron left called Tom's mom. Yeah. And he's like, You got to think like, he's like, Hey, Unknown Speaker he's the sober minded one. Mama Unknown Speaker Tama. You got to come down here tomorrow. Speaker 1 He's like tomorrow, come out to the check up here in the afternoon. I got a I got a special surprise. Unknown Speaker He's going Speaker 1 it's a tricky, tricky is like, Ah, I guess I'll figure it out. So he went back to the trade union. And he was like, Hey, do we got any ships doing any deliveries out to Vietnam anytime soon? I'm like, Well, what do you know? We got one leaving in two weeks. You want to be a part of that job mission? I don't know. What are they call that in the Speaker 2 mission? What are they trade? What are they doing? What's his job? It's Speaker 1 just a merchant ship. And so he there's just got a bunch of containers out there. He's a merchant. He's a trade merchant. What does that even Speaker 2 mean? I don't know. He writes sounds like a job from the 1300s I don't Speaker 1 know he maybe he loads the crates onto the boats and then gets there and loads them off. And then Unknown Speaker he's an Amazon driver from the 60s Speaker 1 Yeah, for the ocean for over the ocean. Okay. Yeah. But anyway, so he gets a trip to Vietnam over Speaker 2 the ocean and through the waves to Vietnam we go. Speaker 1 So he lands his job from it was a ship that was traveling from New York to Unknown Speaker Vietnam just say Vietnam. We are in Speaker 1 Vietnam, but I want to the city is you know, Nan and that's not a joke. It's que Wanda city. It's okay, it's qu I space n h o n. I think it's just q naught. Okay, it's my guess. But anyways, so that's where he's docking. And he he he came with a burlap sack with keep T loose cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon Unknown Speaker and loose cannons Speaker 2 we know how many soldiers are over there because he's just like I've got a bag of beers. What is this? What is a loaded up Brahms? Bring a bag of beers Speaker 1 he's not looking for he's not going to give beers to all the owners for Tom's Unknown Speaker mom's design for Speaker 1 for specific soldiers. I Speaker 2 mean to even have Lately, I've been making little stupid jokes and a wink after Speaker 1 he's been. He's been. He's looking for for specific people who are from his area in Manhattan, his neighborhood, you're busy. He knows them all. So he's, he's looking for a Tom Collins. Okay. He was a member of the 127 Military Police Company. And then he's looking for Kevin Nick loon. Rick Dugan, who I don't know what company they're a part of. And Bobby Papas also don't know what's he Speaker 2 just landing and being like, Hey, I got a list of names. And I've got a special delivery for them. That's the Speaker 1 thing. He doesn't really have a plan. He knows he knows how he's going to try to trick the military. And so what he's gonna do is he's like, he's like, I'm going to do my merchanting and then I'm gonna go find the US outpost in that city. And I'm be like, Hey, I'm looking for my brother Tom. He serves. Our mom just died. I'm coming to let him know that news. And might be Unknown Speaker a surprise surprise Speaker 2 Please don't ruin what's in the bag? So what's in the bag? Her ashes? It's those things when you're looking at a burlap sack. Be here's in it, kinda. There's just can't you see the cans? In the burlap sack. Speaker 1 Well, that's why I wasn't gonna go Ash is I was gonna go confetti poppers. Unknown Speaker We really Speaker 1 did not like her. No. So he he lands. He finds this outpost and he sees one of the military police guys with the patch on his shoulder that says 127 He's like, That's Tom's. That's Tom's outfit. And so he says Hey, is that I know Tom Collins, Tom Collins. He is He is a military policeman with you guys. So he's one of you. Okay. And he told me Unknown Speaker he's with you guys. Speaker 1 He tells him the sob story. With his little burlap sack of beers dressed in his weird hat and his Unknown Speaker Amiga. Will you tell your dad Unknown Speaker everyone else Unknown Speaker so Unknown Speaker sorry about your mom and your brother and your Unknown Speaker brother. Sorry we haven't sent the letter yet. Unknown Speaker It's on my desk. I was meant to send it yesterday. Unknown Speaker But you know procrastination Speaker 2 I'm just so unorganized I'm so sorry and lately forgot Speaker 1 Yeah. Um so he tells him the sob story in the military police guy believes them great. He's like cool let me go show you where Tom's quarters are Unknown Speaker what's your name Flom Unknown Speaker Phil, Phil Collins Speaker 2 doo doo anyway, this is so stupid Unknown Speaker monster Unknown Speaker I Unknown Speaker hate this Unknown Speaker mom's dad. No know Speaker 1 the police guy shows up to Dad's quarters. And he walks in the room and Tom like double takes and he's like, What are you doing here? Because like their childhood Speaker 1 and the military police officer leaves. He's like, he's like, I'll give you guys a moment. And he's burlap sack, lays it on the bed and opens it up and it's just 18 Pabst Blue ribbons because you get four of these. And he's like, I came here to have a beer with you. And he was like, what? And so I told him about the whole meeting with Speaker 2 the colonel. made me do it. Anyway. I don't have any better to do. So they drink all the beer. Anything going on? Yeah, I'm a kind of war right now. Oh, about that. Date and It like, he's just trying to compare life problems. Yeah. Speaker 1 No. Yeah. So the two of them they they drink all the beers. Wow. And then they went and they found some of Tom's buddies. And they went out on the town and Nam and they went to like some guys were celebrating believe a police guy was like, weird grieving. Unknown Speaker I love music Speaker 1 so they're going out on the town, right? There's nothing there. I don't know. Clubs. Sure. They're well get in VIP, you know? You know the thing. It's kind of hard not to get seated at VIP when you and your 12 your closest buddies walk in with him. sixteens. Speaker 2 Yeah. So there's hardly anyone out there, isn't it? Is that what you want? Is that what you want to say? That's what you want on the internet. Unknown Speaker Yeah, that's fine. It's it'll be out of context. You want special Unknown Speaker treatment at a restaurant? Or huge guns Speaker 2 the audio listeners, Zac Efron's bicep on screen. Very funny. Very funny. What do you think that measurement is? We should Google that. We should we should look it up. So they're out partying or VIP and Speaker 1 they're having a good time. And while he's at this club, there's another group of Vietnam VIPs I guess they're not veterans, yet the Vietnam soldiers, but therefore the US American soldiers. Okay, and so they're there in the in the club, and he notices that they're wearing the same patch of the next two guys on his on his list. Kevin and Kevin mcloon and Rick Duggan, Unknown Speaker basic. Hey, I'm their brother. Speaker 1 So he does the same thing. He goes up to them at the bar. And he said, Hey, he said, Hey, I'm looking for. For Rick Duggan. He chooses just one of them. He said, I'm looking for Rick, Doug and his brother, our mother passed away. I'm trying to find him. Can you get me to him? And he said, Oh, yeah, he's way up on the north end of Vietnam. He's like, look, we're going up there in the morning. He's like, if you could be at the tarmac at 800 hours tomorrow, we'll give you a lift. And he's like, deal. And so the next morning, he wakes up doesn't have any more beer. And he hitches a ride Unknown Speaker what's good, you can't bring that amount of fluid on a plane. Speaker 1 He shows up, he hits his stride up to this area called Shau Valley. Okay, and this was an interesting spot in 67. So he just leaves Unknown Speaker Tom. Yeah, he's Speaker 1 like he's like, Hey, we got your drink. Got your I got Speaker 2 my life mission is done. Good luck with whatever you're doing. Yeah. I Unknown Speaker hope you have a good one. Unknown Speaker I don't know what any of this but I'm glad you're here. But yeah, Speaker 1 I mean, I hope it's all good for you. So he goes, he goes to the shop out in the shop Valley at the time was the Northern Front of the war. So they hadn't explored this northern end of Vietnam yet. Right. So there was kind of this this I don't want to say like Northern offensive but it kind of was they were like pushing through the jungle and setting up little outposts here and there as they made it through. And it was very uncharted territory. I mean, if the Vietnam War there was tunnels and there's bombs and there was hidden stuff like it was, it was Unknown Speaker tough tunnels through bombs. Oh my. Speaker 1 It was tough to move through the jungle. Before it was like Target so it was a very dangerous side of Vietnam. Sure. Chicky lands in there's no Speaker 2 real going out and going to the VIP section. Yeah, that's not going to be this Speaker 1 part of the trip. And so Chicky Chicky lands in the town and he goes to like a convenience store and picks up a new case of beer because he used it on the first person. It's like, picks up some more beers. Some local stuff i This time I guess. And Speaker 2 red ribbon it's not our best but it's but it's their second best sure what what's the order? You know a lot about red ribbons, don't you? What's the order Speaker 1 shot? I never understood the point of that. Like, why are ribbons? Why is the best ribbon blue? When everything else? It's gold? I don't I don't I don't understand that like that. Why they did that? Speaker 2 I don't know. Maybe you can do an episode on one of those Google stuff. Speaker 1 What am I going to do when Google dies? had GB t. So he he lands and he goes to the military outposts. He tells them the sob story. Sure. And the guy was like, the guy kind of looks at him and he's and there's no there's a documentary where Chicky was like, I don't know what it was about this guy. But I felt like he knew I was lying. And I felt like I could trust him. So I just was like, here's the truth. He's like, he's like, I'm just, I'm just out here trying to have a beer with these guys. And the guy was like, that's cool. And Anthony got you radios. Unknown Speaker Okay. Well, it's Unknown Speaker okay. It's a radio is up to them Speaker 2 now. Hey, man. No, no, I'm not. Sorry. I think you have the wrong idea. I'm just trying to have a beer with the pilot on the plane. Let me on the plane. I'm just gonna Oh, yeah, no, I don't really have an appointment or reason to be here. I'm just here to have a beer with Joby. I just feel like a lot of people aren't supporting him. I just feel like I care about you know, and like, sure I disagree with a lot. But like, I just want to have a beard. I just wanna Speaker 1 I just want to show him that we support. What kind of beer did you bring? Unknown Speaker Perhaps red? Speaker 1 I didn't know that a second. Pass pass one the Blue Ribbon once. years ago. Yeah. And they haven't let it Speaker 2 they really wrote they rode with it, too. They quit making anything else. Or like, is it? Is it? Speaker 1 Is there a blue ribbon? We got it once. That's like if we still talked about how our Kansas City's best local podcast. Unknown Speaker When did we win that? Unknown Speaker 2021. Speaker 2 Oh, that's still recent enough. Who won it last year? Speaker 1 I don't know. We have where we haven't been on the list the past two years. I've checked each time. Speaker 2 Yeah, but right now, it's like a you enter yourself. Speaker 1 I don't know who introduced we didn't interrupt someone did. Yeah, we should enter ourselves next time. Okay, shouldn't ourselves every time because we're gonna shoot when Speaker 2 we could also just, we're a media company till in blue ribbon. We as I said, we could just make up an award and give it to ourselves. So most awards are Yeah, that's what I'm trying to say. Speaker 1 Okay, so they called Rec. Sure. Rick Duggan, on the radio, and they said, Hey, we need you to come back to base boomers do Yeah. And he was like, he was nervous about it. Because now he's gonna have to travel 500 meters, which isn't that long. a minefield, but through a minefield in the jungle. Yeah. And it's tough terrain. And so he's like, he's like, I gotta, I gotta take this trip alone, to take this trip alone through all this tough terrain. Unknown Speaker How bad is it though? And if he doesn't make it through, you know, if you're like, honestly, whatever, you're coming up, Unknown Speaker and you're like, all the moms are there waiting. Speaker 2 Yeah, he would have been fine if it wasn't for you and your stupid red ribbon. So he makes a lot of blue ribbon beer. He makes it through their mind. He makes it through Speaker 1 the minefield, he gets back to camp and he's like, he's like, he's like, Sorry, guys. What did you shoot for? And he's like, he's like, why'd you call me back? And the sergeant. Speaker 2 Then here comes chickie around the corner is like, hey, and he goes, he goes, who's this guy? doesn't recognize it's been a law of war. Okay. Yeah. She he's like, you're so funny. Unknown Speaker You're so funny. Speaker 1 No, yeah, he shows back up. He's like, Sarge, what would Why did you call me back in? And he's like, Oh, I didn't call you that guy did and there's Tiki Donahue. And he was like, What are you doing here? is like, well, I can have a beer with you and Kevin. Kevin's up at the camp. And he's like, he's like, Well, alright. Okay. He's like, bring your case. He's like, we're going. And so he leads him to this minefield. Meanwhile, chicky through a minefield. Yeah, he leads them back to their camp. Okay, and so Chicky is still wearing his regular clothes, blue jeans and his Yeah, is weird chef hat thing. Total sore thumb and this combat scenario. It gets up to the camp, and they make it spoiler, spoiler, they made it and they had beers. While they were out there. They were like they're like, Yeah, we probably shouldn't like have you out here just like dressing like your dressing. It's like give them a jacket, at least. So it can fit in but he's got his little white khakis on still. Yeah. And all of them are out there and they had some some canned food that they give the soldiers and he got to eat that and he said it wasn't good. And he stayed the night with him. And it was a night that he talks about everything. Unknown Speaker Purina two is what they were eating out there. And it was basically theory to to baby and goodbye fresh Speaker 1 Hey, thanks again for watching this episode. If you're enjoying it and you're enjoying chillin, you've been around for a little bit, I want to invite you to be a part of our Patreon, we have a Patreon that has early access to all of our episodes ad free content, both audio and video. We have a discord with our hosts and producers. That's a ton of fun getting to hang out with all of our patrons in there. We also do once a month now we do these live streams with our patrons. We hang out we get to know each other we eat pizza. It's a blast, along with a bunch of other benefits like a merch discounts message on your birthday like fun stuff. It's definitely worth it. We're having a blast with our patrons. But if that doesn't sound like something for you, that guy here just kidding. No, we love you. Thanks for checking out Dylan podcast. How do they how do they get it though? I realized I forgot to put a CTA in mind. Oh, dang, we're doing Yeah, Speaker 2 they can text Tillandsia 66866. Thanks, Jared. Speaker 1 So, so he spends the night with them. Yeah. And this is a very different experience than the last guy he shared a beer with. Okay, now they're drinking beer, but they're also in war in the jungle, like, actually in war now. Like they're in the jungle. They've got tents set up. As Speaker 2 you guys go out into town, and they're like, No, we blew up. Oh, okay. Unknown Speaker There's no word out. Unknown Speaker Yeah, we don't do that out here. Speaker 1 And so he's like, he's like, he got a tour of the camp. He's like, here's the camp. Here's our ambush perimeter. And a couple of nights a couple of times over the night. Like, they did get ambushed. And there was a firefight and he said Chicky in his documentary, he's like, he's like, that's the moment when I was like, I think I'm gonna stay here. This I don't know if I should be here, Speaker 2 you know? So all the soldiers felt that way. They were like, I didn't have to do this. I wouldn't be here. Why am I here? That's 100% you know, break man, Speaker 1 I'd say stays the night with them. And it was a stressful night, a very tense, tense combat night. But he makes it through the night. Morning. Spent all the beers again, all the perhaps red ribbon. And then he gets escorted back to camp rides the plane back down to Q anon. And on that trip, somehow he found word that Bobby Papas, which sounds like a fake but that Bobby Bobby Papa sounds Unknown Speaker like like a pizza joint in Chicago. Speaker 1 I can see that I was gonna say sounds like a character from Backyard Baseball. Speaker 2 Oh, yeah. True. Bobby Pappas. Now, what are the what are the voice actor in Backyard Baseball sound like? Speaker 1 I mean, they sound like little children. No, of playing, Bobby. Speaker 2 Sure. You know, that guy came back from Vietnam, and opened an Italian restaurant. And like, did very well, very, very well. He's the hero of his small town. Yep. Yep. Which was he employs all the high schoolers. This was Manhattan. That's where it was a small town boy. Unknown Speaker Just a small town guy. Unknown Speaker from Manhattan, you know, Unknown Speaker the biggest the biggest town? Unknown Speaker The big one. But I'm a small town. Speaker 1 I relate to small town life. You know, dirt roads? Yeah, my hats. Sue I am. Speaker 2 I've never I have an Italian restaurant. But I've never been to Italy. Just a little fun thing about me. Would you describe yourself in a sentence on urban Italy. Speaker 1 So he gets down there. And he manages to get a lift up to the camp outside of Saigon, sure to see Bobby papas. And, again, found some beer, they have their beers, whatever. They're hanging out. And he asked him how things were going up on the Northern Front. And Chicky he was like, he didn't know the answer the question, but they're just hanging out. They're having some beers. And so he's just like, said something. And so what he told him and he said, Ah, that was just to get to the negotiation table. He's like, we're on the tail end of this thing. They're figuring it out right now. Oh, no, it's 67 there. It goes until 75. Yeah, they're not close to figuring it out. And so he Unknown Speaker he, he takes that back back. Speaker 1 And so Chicky whatever they did the thing the next day he gets a ride back down to Saigon. So he can catch the return trip of his ship was finally unloaded. How long was this trip took a long time for them to unload this thing because he wasn't there. Unknown Speaker They were like one guy is pushing all these things. Speaker 1 They all say T lift. They all lifted. He's just so lifted. He's got like Speaker 2 that. He's got that belt, you know? And he's out here. It's been two weeks and he's just ripped Unknown Speaker his biceps you will never Unknown Speaker got back and everybody talks about his dad bought though. Speaker 2 Oh my gosh. People are so ruthless, man. Leave that up the rest of the time. I'm just Speaker 2 Okay, so how long was this trip? Duration of this whole thing? At this point, a few weeks, Speaker 1 like three weeks probably at this point, like I've been there for a little bit. Well, when he's getting he gets back into Saigon, he's getting ready to load into the return ship. And then the sky lights up back over at the MO depot where Bobby's at Oh no. And they got raided and they actually ended up overtaking the does this ammo supply shop wasn't a shop Speaker 2 Yeah. Trailer it was just a little setup in like a Walmart parking lot. And they they've got a little trailer they converted it into a ammo. Unknown Speaker They had it was a tent and it had American flags all over them. Speaker 2 You see them in your town. ammo supply stores. Like if you go there they give you like rockets included. If you buy the big package items, they'll throw in a couple rockets you Speaker 1 bought you bought a bunch of ammo, some rockets. Like hey, you want to take some pop snaps Speaker 2 on me. You know, snappers scare the enemy. Speaker 1 Have you noticed prank videos where people take take take their spouses shoes and tape all those pop snaps like the pop dragon snaps on the bottom of their shoes. And then just lay them back down. And so then Speaker 2 the internet does fake pranks. Like cops. They go to school with the wife is like yeah, it's kids YouTube, and it gets like freakin 14 billion views. And they make so much freaking money. Yeah, I'm not resentful about it at all. You know how you feel about being second place for the IQ stuff for our stuff. That's how I feel about those YouTubers. Work a quarter of as hard as Yeah, and I go Frick a man. Speaker 1 Yeah, if you're here this here's what we need you to do. If you're listening. We need you to buy two dozen cell phones and just play our show nonstop. 24 Speaker 2 cell phone 24 cell phone Great. Here's the thumbnail for this week's video. Ready? You gotta do it too. Speaker 1 Yeah. Hold on, let me move this great, and it's gonna say we told all our followers to buy two dozen cell phones. Watch this non stop. Speaker 2 Here's what happened. I built an ammo shop in our garage and no one knew until we got Speaker 1 Chickies like I gotta go back to Bobby. I gotta go make sure Bobby's all right and Speaker 2 so shaky gonna do so he hit like, don't forget though, what's he gonna do? He sees a big explosion this guy and he's like I Schicchi need to go see if Bobby an actual soldier is fine. Speaker 1 So you hitchhikes up to the to the ammo supply shop boys. Unknown Speaker And it gets there the ammo outlet and Speaker 1 Bobby just grills him. He's like, You shouldn't be here. He's like, you gotta get out of here. You told me you told me that this was almost over. He told me that we found out that this will come over to you. And she was like Sorry, I was just making conversation like I know how to answer it. How's the weather? I don't know how to answer. How's the war? Unknown Speaker Okay. Unknown Speaker Bobby was okay. But they did lose the depot. I think that's the word ammo depot is Unknown Speaker we lost the depot by my house. Let's put these on a tough that's Ford. Oh, sorry. You can do it. We might help this more doing we go out. Right from your community layer. Unknown Speaker Sound on DON'T WAIT WHAT DO YOU last Office Depot buy my house there's more like a Unknown Speaker range office depot's music is traditional Speaker 2 state using outdated technology we got better staplers and staples. Speaker 1 Oh, what's the what's the what's the? Oh gosh, hold on. Give Speaker 2 it a go. You don't have two seconds Speaker 2 oh no, it's green metal. Green Man. What? The green he's not listening to Kelly Hopkinsville encounter episode is that episode. Yeah, I know. I know what our episodes are. As part of having a big brain. I took a Red Bull today. We bring it up naturally. And I am pretty good at that. But you could use promo code Tim 10 I know it's pretty difficult Tim Tim. Speaker 1 know Mikey, Mikey, on on YouTube mentioned that he likes energy drink, Tim. Mikey. And so. Unknown Speaker So I I drink. I drink. Speaker 1 Celsius. We didn't have any so I drink a Red Bull instead. That's great. Unknown Speaker So Bobby's ticked. Speaker 1 Yeah, Bobby Bobby's mad at him. And says like he gotta get out of here. He's sweet. He hitchhiked back down to Saigon. He's Unknown Speaker like, Well, I was I was just going to make sure you're I'm fine. Unknown Speaker Everybody's like, you should be here. Pay. This Unknown Speaker is a time for beer buddies. Yeah, this isn't like Speaker 1 this isn't like your friend works at Pizza Hut and you want to go in and stop him Speaker 2 on the shift. Yeah, appropriate to let me know when you're under 10 I got some beers that I just came over to surprise you at work? Speaker 1 Yeah. Which is also like, it's like, you're Speaker 2 good you can you do to come back from the jungle real quick. And Rick works his way through a Vietnam minefields comes back and he's like, what was the emergency? And so there's no emergency. But this guy's here and it's someone dresses a giant heart. And it's one of those cigarettes. Hey, Rick, what you're gonna do? What you're gonna do My heart beats for you. This is from Susan. And she wants you to know even though you're a war and you're saving the world, you've already saved her world. And then I gotta get shot. Because he's he's literally a giant red target. So the singer grant I'm in big they had hazard pay they got paid a lot more Unknown Speaker didn't make a lot more in Vietnam. Speaker 2 Vietnam they got paid whatever. via cash is right you got paid pops red ribbon. Yeah, you gotta convert that into US Dollars Speaker 1 nowadays a super rare they only make them anymore. So if you could sell after market Speaker 2 value, or watch out because pap CEO. He's like a whole Spider Man's gonna play hard. put you out of business. Yeah, he's gonna crush you like the swan. Perhaps outlaw. Anyway. Speaker 1 Anyways, so Tiki goes back to Saigon. Speaker 2 You know, a regular pap cyst. And the boats. God Unknown Speaker the boat left without them. They Unknown Speaker were Oh, yeah, that guy was Unknown Speaker that he can stay. He's like, at least said, Look, you gotta go. Speaker 2 He doesn't even look good. It's just his back. He's got scrawny arms. But his back is freaking shredded, bro. He's like friggin like. He can he could pop his own back just with his muscles. Yeah, but his arms are just like, Unknown Speaker little like noodles like yours. Yeah. We should measure up our biceps. Okay, so tricky. Speaker 2 Here's a big press. No, it was a call back to seven years ago and our friendship. I do. Yeah. Eight years ago. Friendship. Yeah. What did I say to you? 10 years ago in our friendship. It was 10 years ago. Yeah, Unknown Speaker that actually was Yeah. Wow. Was Raj right. Speaker 2 Yeah. You made it you made it was a one time you made a fat joke to me. And I was like, I can outlive you easy. Let's do it. Yeah. And I got really depressed in Speaker 1 my face. You were like, Yeah, I didn't know how to respond. I didn't know you that well. Speaker 2 Yeah. Yeah, and I was like, don't. I'm really insecure. Unknown Speaker Yeah. I didn't know you well enough to stab you like that. Speaker 2 Yeah, now we know each other well enough that you can literally stab me. Unknown Speaker Fun little joke with you. Unknown Speaker Anyway, the boats gone. Now he's in Vietnam. Speaker 1 Yeah. So long story short, he ends up stuck in Vietnam, which is the sequel to the movie that he made about this whole thing stuck in Vietnam. But yeah, he's stuck there for four months. Unknown Speaker Four months. Does he go back to Bobby Pappas? Speaker 1 No, he while he stayed on the dock is yeah, he stayed. He stayed in like one of the military camps, the American military camps. They just kind of looked out for him. Unknown Speaker He's like, Hey, guys. Speaker 1 My mom died. So I thought I'd come. He's Speaker 2 just telling every person to your My mom died. And so I was just here to tell you that. Could I stay with you tonight. Speaker 1 And so he because he missed missed it. He had to wait a little while to get a passport and a visa through the US Consulate in Vietnam. So he can leave like a normal civilian would leave. And he finally got all that sorted out, got a flight. And the day his fight. The day of his flight out of Saigon, that Tet offensive began, which was a massive, massive thing that was involved, Saigon. And so the flights got grounded, and he couldn't leave. Yeah, long story short, eventually, he was able to become an oiler on a merchant ship. And so he was just applying for jobs. He's like, I guess it's in my life now. And he happened to apply for a job where he could go back to New York on a boat Speaker 2 and immediately quits. Where do you see yourself? Like, do you do you want to work for this company for like, five years? Yeah, I want to I really want to work my way. Yeah, I Unknown Speaker just I really believe in first trip. Unknown Speaker They landed in New York. And he's like, I quit. I Speaker 1 wasn't even docked yet. Yeah. And then they're like, I want to go we don't let quitters. Speaker 2 Yeah, he jumps off the boat mid sea. In the hot seat, you shouldn't say Speaker 2 he looks over and he's like Solly. I have bad news about your mom. Unknown Speaker So he finally arrives Speaker 2 in your mind this time? Just move it again. Thank you. So he arrives Speaker 1 in New York on April Fool's Day. 1968. Unknown Speaker When did he leave? Unknown Speaker mid November, mid November? Unknown Speaker In the month, a month? Speaker 1 Exactly. And he goes back and he tells the colonel Hey, I did it. And the colonel gets everyone's moms to show up with so you can tell them. Hey, you're all good. And your kids are all good. And so for Bobby, he's a little mad. Bobby's pretty mad at me. But it was a huge success. And a few years later, Speaker 2 we're off on beer tours now. They're like, Yeah, whatever. What are their war? Do you want to go? We like that, do it again or go to what? Speaker 1 And so in 1970, he bought the pub dock Fiddler's and managed it for a few years, and then ended up selling it again. And then he became a trade unionist. And then, let's see, let me make sure I get this year right. In 2022 biographical comedy film starring Zac Efron, called the greatest beer Ron ever came out. And Zac Efron was his character. And he, you know, just did what Donahue did in the movie. It's on apple plus, so you can watch that story as well. You can watch dad Bob Zak, walk through the jungle in Vietnam. And his little his little when he called that plaid shirt. Yeah. Huh. And what's crazy about this is in this poster, they did a really good job like showing what it was actually like because they did flyover and over Speaker 2 again, giant fabs calves. Red Ribbon, red ribbon. Speaker 1 Wow. Yeah, so that's the story. You can watch that now. I think Speaker 2 we're not sponsored You don't gotta you don't say don't watch that movie. Unknown Speaker Don't watch that. Meanwhile, we Speaker 2 can't say don't we that's that mean? That mean? That feels like we're responsible, like competitive. You can watch that movie. If you have the ability to watch watch Jurassic Park. What you should watch is the true story of Chris Pratt upbringing in Jurassic Park. That's how he was made. Speaker 1 That's how he was. Chris Pratt, is Adam, and they brought him back for Jurassic Park. Tell them yet they haven't told him Unknown Speaker until he does. didn't know until one of his childhood friends doesn't even know Speaker 1 I brought Adam back to my car garage and no Unknown Speaker one knew Unknown Speaker I made a dinosaur it's like smash that like but like he smashed my house Unknown Speaker fetal position in his blood car garage. Speaker 2 Dinosaur Adam Adams fetal position in his garage in the back of his Prius Adams got plenty of room he doesn't have to be crammed fetal position but the dinosaur is crammed in there dinosaurs pushed it I really needed this video to take off so I haven't come for a bigger house I really didn't think this one through I grew a dinosaur faster than I thought I was chasing fame and you know, I really outpaced myself on Florida dinosaur dude. Anyway, this is out of hand. Never drink an energy drink again. Speaker 1 Mikey wants me to sell this for you Mikey Speaker 2 great your blue bull Red Bull couldn't afford the name brand while we're getting sponsored by the knockoff brands do that Unknown Speaker we got some work to do then. All right. Unknown Speaker Dr. Thunder that's what I'm saying. That's what Unknown Speaker we do it's really funny yeah all right. Well Unknown Speaker we got let's get to work all right. Speaker 2 Oh off then or whatever I'm gonna knock off fiddle would be your mouth Speaker 3 died I'm here to drink you through the pain Speaker 2 in Vietnam to do goo Oh, you were gonna say grocery oh sorry. Speaker 2 Things on last night is a production of space. Tim media produced by Christian Taylor audio is edited by Alex Garnett video by Connor Betts social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic design by Caleb Goldberg. Our hosts are Jaron Meyers and Tim stone please follow us on social media at tellen podcasts that's T IO in podcast leave a review, comment, subscribe, wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on my site. Transcribed by

Chickie Donohue’s Vietnam Beer Run, fueled by his unwavering dedication and Pabst Blue Ribbon, brought moments of joy and unity to American soldiers during the Vietnam War. His act of sharing beer reminded them that they were not alone in their struggles. Chickie’s legacy teaches us the power of compassion and unity, showing that small acts of kindness can have a lasting impact on those in need, even in the face of adversity. Remember Chickie Donohue’s remarkable story and strive to spread joy and unity.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning and laughing a lot while you do, you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




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