Christopher Thomas Knight – Revealing the Hidden North Pond Hermit


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Tim Stone 0:00 Hey man, what's up? Have you heard of Christopher Thomas Knight? Jaron Myers 0:05 Christopher Thomas Knight? Is this Chris angels legal name? Which would be very funny if you did that. Tim Stone 0:14 I could see that and now I'm inspired. Jaron Myers 0:17 Christopher Thomas night. No, Tim Stone 0:21 this is a fun one. Jaron Myers 0:22 CTK C T Tim Stone 0:24 K Yes, this is a fun one. This was recommended by one of our patrons Mickey. And I think you're gonna like this one a lot. Let's uh, but I don't want to a lot of times like I'll start the story like at the beginning of the story. I don't want to do that this Jaron Myers 0:38 time. Let's start at the start right at the end there was a murder Unknown Speaker 0:46 I'm just putting on my wiener me. Jaron Myers 0:49 The worst thing I've ever heard you say, wait till you see that on a trail cam. Tim Stone 0:53 And he said, Well, he said I have a radio. So he's like, I know who the Kardashians are. Here's Jaron Myers 0:57 salted soy beans are one of the rich people eat crap, dude. I beat the crap out of that eight things I learned last night Tim Stone 1:17 so here's how here's Okay, so there's a woman, an unnamed woman. We don't know her name. Let's call her. Let's call her Sue. Okay. It was it like a winter, early 2000s. She has a vacation home in Central Maine. Like a cabin in the woods. And she's having family out from out of state they're going to stay in the cabin and they're going to have a great weekend together. And so earlier that week, she decides to drive up to the cabin to go into the house and kind of get things prepped. Jaron Myers 1:50 I've seen this horror movie Tim Stone 1:52 it's not a horror movie. How does it end? Let's see your prediction. See what actually goes on the cat madlib Jaron Myers 1:57 goes over the cabin? Yeah, right during the week. Yeah it's a named scary movies always start with like the best house you've ever seen. They literally ruin your dreams of like living in like a good remote location. Yeah, just like oh my gosh, man. All this nature around and then nightfalls and you don't see anything? Like four feet past your house. Tim Stone 2:19 Yep. I hate that's like the stalker episode. Dave. Jaron Myers 2:21 Yes. Yeah, so Anyway, she's out there. This cabin goes up in that cabin. And in the middle of the night you just hear Unknown Speaker 2:31 or is Jaron Myers 2:33 that a door? It's like, do you think it is? Like what's scary? Is he goes out a door. And then you and your Oh, the raccoons are pretty crazy out there. You know, but that's that's another scary movie trope is that it's always like some some noise outside. Yeah, and and it's like freakin just, it's something else. It's like a raccoon. Yeah, yeah. Tim Stone 3:01 Put the killer put a raccoon in the trash to throw Jaron Myers 3:04 the brilliance of this serial killer. Speaker 2 3:07 They call him the raccoon killer. Do they? But it's weird because he doesn't kill the raccoons. Yeah, it's pretty Jaron Myers 3:17 confusing. He really wants to clarify that. But he only clarifies it to his victims Unknown Speaker 3:22 who he didn't kill. He's like, he's like, I don't kill raccoons. Jaron Myers 3:24 I don't kill raccoons. I kill people. Frickin. Tim Stone 3:28 But what's crazy about it is he's also a raccoon. Jaron Myers 3:30 But he kills him with a raccoon. And that's like, what is also a little the world's sharpest. It's a taxidermy rack. Unknown Speaker 3:41 Like a fan. Jaron Myers 3:44 Yeah, it's a lot of fears. A little strange. But anyway, so she's got this cabin in the woods. Tim Stone 3:50 Yeah. And so she's having family out and she Jaron Myers 3:53 survives the week. Tim Stone 3:57 She's having family out. So she says I'm gonna drive up on like Thursday night. I'm gonna get everything ready. So she goes to the store, she picks up a bunch of groceries, stalks up the fridge, and is getting ready for this thing leaves that evening goes home. And then Saturday, they come back out Saturday afternoon, they get there. And she opens up the fridge. The fridge is empty. And she opens it and closes it and still empty closes it opens it still empty closes it three times. And her husband. Her husband notices she's doing this and she's like, he's like, That's peculiar. That's weird. I'm doing that quickly goes to the junk drawer and starts checking the flashlights. Jaron Myers 4:38 He pulls it open, close. Close there. It turns out they've all just got weird OCD. Tim Stone 4:48 He opens up the junk drawer and started checking the flashlights. All of them have no batteries. So they got to the shed. The propane tanks are gone. And why did Jaron Myers 4:56 you say like that? Little pain isn't how you say You know it's propane. Unknown Speaker 5:01 That's exactly what I say. No. Tim Stone 5:06 Say it. Don't not you Alex, you say it. Jaron Myers 5:08 You said propane. That's exactly like it's a French desert. Propane. The propane? Yeah, it's a wine of the propane. Unknown Speaker 5:22 Propane paired with some dark chuck a lot. Jaron Myers 5:24 You've lived in the Midwest long enough. You gotta you gotta do propane, Speaker 2 5:27 propane propane just watch the king of the hill. Tim Stone 5:32 Anyways, so then they Jaron Myers 5:34 they're empty. Tim Stone 5:35 Yeah so this Jaron Myers 5:36 is just like our Airbnb experience paid a lot of money for that Airbnb showed up and nothing freaking work were their fingernails in the hot tub because that's mine. There Tim Stone 5:45 was a raccoon in the vents too. Jaron Myers 5:47 There was a dead animal event and we talked about our Airbnb. Oh my gosh, for our wedding. We got there and there's a bad smell. Yeah. And we called them and they were like, yeah, sometimes animals die. Like, yeah, we said what she said, I can't control where they die like she's on the phone with this with this, Airbnb. I'd be like, I don't think you put it there. Yeah, not letting me know that it's there. I'm just asking if you could get rid of this is where I think Oh, dude, when the past can drag, the pest control guy showed up. And the smell wasn't there. I was gonna burn the house. And he had his full face in the vent and was just like, Tim Stone 6:29 I don't smell anything. Jaron Myers 6:29 And then I got I was like, Come on, man. Yeah. I got down there. And I was like the vent was empty. Well, much like the flash, I opened the vent. I open the vent, close the vent, open the vent, I closed the fan. So, okay. Tim Stone 6:50 They go around, they notice all this stuff is missing. And then they come back to the house and they're standing there kind of in bewilderment. And then they lock eyes, and they look at each other. And in unison and unison. They say Christopher Thomas night. They say the North pond hermit was here. And as they say that they turned around and they noticed written on the wall and blood. It says that exact phrase. That part didn't happen. The Jaron Myers 7:15 North pond hermit Tim Stone 7:17 taunt hermit was here. So here's the here's the deal. from about 1986 to 2013, there was a community in Central Maine North pond around the north pond is what it's called. Here's a picture of it for your reference. It's a pretty, Jaron Myers 7:38 there's a little north pond right next to it. Tim Stone 7:40 I do respect that. There's a little just punt. And here's the here's a here's a satellite image that I took from Google Maps. It's Jaron Myers 7:50 a little warm with the red around it Yeah, so it's like Central lawn Southwestern Tim Stone 7:54 ish main. Not like this isn't North Main, like abandoned North Main Jaron Myers 8:02 soon abandoned domains. Yeah, North Main where you talk about fate is like a band and domain. This is the part where people are still there. Unknown Speaker 8:11 You know what I mean? Jaron Myers 8:15 Okay, but Tim Stone 8:16 in that community for 27 years, people would find they would come in their house and they would find that their groceries, their groceries were missing, but nothing of like, nothing of particular value is mostly groceries, things like batteries, propane tanks, sometimes tarps just like what you call supplies. supplies were missing. But there was no sign of force injury. Do Jaron Myers 8:42 you think they had those tubs for gasoline? Unknown Speaker 8:47 Say it again. Because only Yeah, yeah, I Tim Stone 8:50 think you're i That's exactly right Jaron Myers 8:52 tubs in the garage. Yeah, because only your sole legal. And it's like it's empty to Yeah, yeah, Tim Stone 8:58 they would. Yes. It was like someone to drank it straight out of the console. Daisy knows how much you can't drink Jaron Myers 9:08 go solely in that you can consume Speaker 2 9:09 gasoline sounds like like a weird, Jaron Myers 9:13 like a like a marinara dish. Tim Stone 9:16 It sounds like it sounds like a group of Americans who went to Italy and opened up at the Italian restaurant. They're like hello Unknown Speaker 9:27 and everyone's like SEC gasoline. Jaron Myers 9:32 Every day we joke about ideas that are actually pretty good. This spaghetti Unknown Speaker 9:35 tastes kind of Fumi Tim Stone 9:50 Oh my gosh. Jaron Myers 9:52 Oh, good. Tim Stone 9:53 Okay, so for 27 years, supplies would go missing please. Yeah, stuff will just disappear. What is interesting is there's no sign of forced entry, no broken windows, no footprint, nothing like that you can identify that someone was ever actually there and even the doors were locked, like they would come in and the doors would be locked. And they, they would go outside and like they couldn't find any footprints. Footprints. We can talk about that eventually. And so it was a very peculiar thing. They what? Go through the garage door now and go Jaron Myers 10:25 to my friend's house got broken into really they opened by my friend I mean Shama Murena, a man who apparently left his cars unlocked all the time, and someone just reached in the car, open the garage door, and stole a lot of stuff from the garage. Tim Stone 10:42 Oh my gosh, Shama. Jaron Myers 10:44 I had like a home security Tim Stone 10:46 101. Yeah, yeah, I had a lot of friends growing up who would just leave their garage doors open? Yeah, like people would just come in there. And just now, we used Jaron Myers 10:54 to do that until that one kid for the neighborhood was like kind of your ex box. Tim Stone 10:59 And I all the time. Oh, man. I made me so mad. Don't even get me started. Jaron Myers 11:02 Can I have your export? No. Yeah. That was bold, though. I mean, I almost want to give it to him just because he asked. We Tim Stone 11:09 had like, if you're listening we had like a man cave set up in our garage. We've said Jaron Myers 11:13 it before. But yeah, it was we have have we told this story. I thought so. That's held again, who cares? Tim Stone 11:18 And I was I was in there playing Xbox One day and a kid just boldly probably what eight nine? Yeah, a neighborhood child. Yeah. rode his bike into our garage like full speed road into our garage and like skin into the garage Jaron Myers 11:31 of the driveway with little black mark and everything. We did get a tennis ball and scrub it up. Tim Stone 11:35 Yeah. And I'm sitting there playing playing Xbox. And he doesn't like exchange pleasantries. doesn't ask my name doesn't do anything. For his Yeah, just says, Hey, can I have your Xbox? And I was a full blown adult at this time. Like I was what? 23? Yeah. 22. Like the boldness and it's like, Jaron Myers 11:55 I mean, he had a gun Jaron Myers 12:01 was like, guy that. Jaron Myers 12:04 I appreciate you're still asking. Unknown Speaker 12:07 know Jaron Myers 12:13 His voice was super deep. It's so good. I have that. You're like, Ah, I guess Unknown Speaker 12:19 it was actually just Jaron Myers 12:22 2017 and that was an Xbox 360 It wasn't? Tim Stone 12:27 God. Yeah, yeah. But I took a bullet for that Xbox. I got to keep it. Jaron Myers 12:32 I beat the crap out of that eight year old. I beat the crap out of that eight year old in the interim. So he so Tim Stone 12:46 people, it became this local legend that there was a North pond hermit crab that was sneaking in people's houses. Okay. No one knew who this guy was. I don't know why they labeled him as a hermit. I think it was because he was stealing supplies or like, there's gotta be someone just living in somewhere, stealing all of our stuff. And this started in the 80s. And so people for a while. Yeah, people couldn't pinpoint who he was. And then in the early 2000s, when like home security cameras started becoming more popular. A lot of the people in the town started up these whoa, Jaron Myers 13:23 guys, someone's breaking into our home. With a full television on, they're taking all our groceries. Tim Stone 13:38 And he doesn't seem concerned about the Jaron Myers 13:40 TV. He's a hermit at the Tim Stone 13:42 hermit. I mean, that is hermit crab behavior to put TVs on your head, and to find a better one, the HP hermit and so this mystery just kind of grew and grew. They started setting up these these security cameras in their homes. What was interesting, though, is in the early 2000s, when security cameras were like I call them security cameras were new. There wasn't any like, Well, I mean, there was but the majority of it wasn't much since it was just constantly recording. And so their file storage would fill up really quickly. Well, you Jaron Myers 14:18 know how? You know, my family's story was security cameras. No. So my mom worked at Subway. Yeah. And that's what the subway security system was recorded on a VHS right. And so, you know, it's just as black and white video and she has to take the VHS if something happens she's got to rewind to do all that stuff. Right? Well, she started state and my dad and I'm three years old at the time my dad is watching me one night at the house and is looking for a fun little movie to watch. And he's looking through these VHS is and and one of the VHS is it's written Charles subway. What the heck and he puts it in and it is security camera footage of my dad walking into subway. That My mom had taken to show her friends who this mystery guy was. And so she has taken it's labeled Charles subway and she's showing all of her friends. This guy that comes in and is like, I'm gonna marry this guy. And then he finds out months into a relationship with her that she's been stalking him through VHS. That's Tim Stone 15:20 through VHS. That's incredible. Honestly, we laugh at it. It's no different than Facebook stalking. But it feels way worse. Because if there's a fear, yeah, Jaron Myers 15:30 I guess it's really not different than like showing someone's Instagram and like scrolling back, here's their ex, you know, like, Tim Stone 15:35 it's that Speaker 2 15:36 guy. Yeah. Also social media is something that they've volunteered voluntarily Jaron Myers 15:41 put out. Yeah, but why wouldn't a public true Tim Stone 15:47 smile, you're on camera. So like he did no. Well, so Jaron Myers 15:51 he was a regular A and for a long time, she just because he never knew his name. So he's irregular. And she never knew his name. And she just called him my future husband. Yeah. And so he'd come in every day get Tim Stone 16:02 some waking. Unknown Speaker 16:06 It's my subway cake. Jaron Myers 16:08 This is true, too, though, is that so her coworkers were all Joe can be the Hey, your future husband came in, and then none of them ever knew his name. Yeah. And then there's a ticket giveaway, some kind of competition or something to a country concert. And she's the manager. She gives two free tickets anyway. So she sees them entering for it. And she's like, Hey, you know, I've got those tickets if you want to go, you know, that's how she got her in. Well, in the meantime, her one of her older co workers had had like a heart attack or something was in the hospital. Tim Stone 16:38 So she let me give her a VHS if you're gonna look at Jaron Myers 16:45 the IMDb Rating is crazy. Rotten Tomatoes says Certified Fresh. It says no, so she shows up to the hospital with us. Yeah. And the buyer had a second heart attack to be like, Oh, my God, you know, so that's hilarious. Yeah, now they're getting they're not. They're not my brother got married this weekend. Tim Stone 17:16 i Yeah, that's right. I was there. Yeah, Jaron Myers 17:19 I was I brought it up. He gave no indication. This whole month that he's going to be there. Do you know what happened? No, no. So my brother tells me this. We're on so many side tangents right now. Well, whatever. I don't care. My brother. We're it's his wedding week. Right? We're at this big Airbnb. He did the same thing that we did. Got the Airbnb leading up to the wedding and we got to get pizza the first night and he just I don't know where it's just like, man, our officiant backed out. And I was like, Oh, really? He's like, Yeah, so I had to hire some guy in Branson to do it. Sounds like random Branson, some Branson officiant and I was talking about I was like, I can, I'm ordained and he's like, Yeah, but only even my best man. So I was like, Tim could have done it. And he goes, it's probably too late to ask him. I was like, okay, whatever. So we get to the wedding. And then I see Tim's name on the table stuff. And so I was like, Tim Berry were invited to this. Not like, I guess, you know, like, Okay, sure. Keynes's says inviting my friend's wedding. I like that. It's so so I look up Tim's location. He's there. And I was like, You didn't tell me we're coming to this wedding. And he's like, oh, yeah, I just wasted no, we're gonna make it or whatever. And I'm even telling Bri I'm telling Bree that the officiant has backed out. I was like the officiant Panko. They just hired some random and she's like, Oh, really? That's pretty crazy. Well, so then we're lining up, and I go to walk down the aisle in my dress. But Tim's freaking officiating their wedding? And has known about this for months. Yeah, Tim Stone 18:56 we planted the night of your wedding. It's so immediately after you Jaron Myers 19:00 said the kingdom has it wouldn't be pretty funny if Tim married both of us. Tim Stone 19:04 I did it was pretty fun, did it? It was it was so stressful because I don't think I don't think we did a good job with planning our, our side story for you. Jaron Myers 19:15 You know, I don't know why. He said I never questioned it. I never even I just assumed Tim Stone 19:20 you would have been like who's officiating rehearsal. Jaron Myers 19:23 The person who was officiating was not there. Yeah. And I was like, I would have thought you would have sniffed it out. I was like, Is your officiant not here? Like usually they're here for the rehearsal part. Yeah. Yeah. And he's acknowledged they couldn't make it tonight. And I was like, Okay, I don't know. Interesting, Tim Stone 19:38 but I pulled it I pulled in the parking lot. And you guys were taking pictures. I wondered Jaron Myers 19:42 why you were in a minute black suit and bray was you're putting on a whole tie. I was like, do for my brother's wedding like Tim Stone 19:48 and I was. I was struggling with that tie. Because I was surfing barbecue, bro. You made a joke about it. You're like, Have you ever tied a tie before? But I was so stressed because I was like, I was like, he knows he knows what's happening right now and I'm trying to tie this tie and act cool, but I'm like he knows he knows. I'm like I'm giving it away right now. Jaron Myers 20:04 I did not know. And I couldn't get that. Her best Easter outfit Jaron Myers 20:13 Oh, now you're back on topic Jaron Myers 20:21 good. Yeah. Tim Stone 20:23 I saw, I saw you and I drove right past to try to like pull into the parking lot to where you couldn't see us. Jaron Myers 20:29 And you would stand there look, and I went, No, I look at your car. And I was like, What are they doing? And then I honestly figured you were changing. So I was like, I'm gonna give him some space. I walked back inside. Yeah. And then I was like, This is too much time. Tim Stone 20:44 Yeah, I was like, we just need to camp out here. Jaron Myers 20:49 You're like, Oh, hey. Oh, hey, what's up, man? Oh, I had no idea. The whole time was crazy. You guys pull it off as great and impressive. And you married him speaking? Tim Stone 21:01 I did. We're married now. Congrats. Hey, thanks for watching this episode of things I learned last night. If you're enjoying this, let me recommend one of my favorites. Emperor Norton. It's this dude who just decided he was the emperor of the United States. No one agreed. But some people did agree. It was weird. You should check it out as a lot of fun. But other than that, thanks for being here. Tim Stone 21:33 Speaking of pulling it off, so they got these cameras. And because they were early cameras with us, people would have to go and they would have to pull out the VHS and erase it. If it like check to see if they got any footage of him in there and erase it and then put it back in. So not a lot of footage was captured in these early years. Right. A Jaron Myers 21:55 time where people were VHS recording their shows. That's like how you Tim Stone 21:59 Yeah, TiVo? Tivo came out. Jaron Myers 22:01 That's how you DVR stuff. Tim Stone 22:03 Yeah. DVR. Interesting. That's an interesting time. That was I still DVR stuff sometimes just for like, I don't ever watch it. It's just no I don't I don't ever plan on going back and watching it. It's just for like, a habit. Yeah, it's the experience of like, let me go set that recording. Yeah. It there's something about it's quaint. Yeah. In 2007 they caught the first footage of the North pond hermit going through. It was like a local community center. Okay. Jaron Myers 22:35 Oh, no. 2012 the black and white footage just makes it spooky. As it is. Yeah. So 2012 Tim Stone 22:41 This was actually 2012 I was off on the date. Yeah, by like a lot. Jaron Myers 22:45 That's all right. Going through the community center. So just a normal dude. Tim Stone 22:50 Yeah, it looks like it just super normal dude. And then after this, they start capturing him on footage a lot. Because around this is when people started getting security cameras that could save to the cloud. Sure you and they had motion sensor, so you could record 24/7 They started to figure it out. There was some patterns. Okay, he would show up primarily on overcast evenings. And he would show up primarily at homes at vacation homes, where people weren't at their vacation home. Such as the overcast matter. It does. And we can get to that in a second. logic Jaron Myers 23:23 to the moon. Unknown Speaker 23:24 He was he was AWARE. AWARE. Tim Stone 23:27 Well, yeah. If the moon's out and he comes in your house, you'll notice he's very hairy. Unknown Speaker 23:34 There is signs of Whoa. Unknown Speaker 23:38 Am I ever X Box? Unknown Speaker 23:41 I guess. Yeah. If you ask. You're Jaron Myers 23:43 a seven foot monster. You can ask anything you want. Tim Stone 23:47 What do you want? You want the Xbox deal? He plays a lot of Call of Duty that Jaron Myers 23:53 the black ops not even like a new one. He's still trying to play online. No one plays, plays it was just him. Yeah. And one other guy Unknown Speaker 24:01 gets real mad. Tim Stone 24:09 So they start catching them on on more and more footage. Okay. And they they pick up these patterns. And eventually, because by this time, this has been going on for 20 plus years. Yeah. And so the local police department Jaron Myers 24:22 he's like, it looks like he's like in his probably 50s 60s And Tim Stone 24:25 he's an older man. Yeah. And so the local police department and that's Jaron Myers 24:29 great because like we're not even 30 Yet, you know, I guess it's good to remember that you didn't start that until he was like in his 30s Yeah, maybe early 40s You know Yeah, yeah. So there's a whole second life we can live. Speaker 2 24:43 We can go be hermits if we want. We can dominate Jaron Myers 24:48 the frickin whole community abandoned part of Maine Speaker 2 24:54 Hello, abandoned domain. It's me. Your new hermit Hello. Jaron Myers 24:58 We have Have I am the emperor of this place. Tim Stone 25:05 I mean, you probably could. And I am Jaron Myers 25:07 the main guy. main Speaker 2 25:09 man of Maine. I'm the main main man. Yeah. Jaron Myers 25:18 So he grow my hair out my main. You know, I was gonna Tim Stone 25:23 make that joke, but I was like, Okay, we could leave it. And then so the local police department they call the Department of Homeland Security and they're like, Hey, we're getting burglarized like crazy up here. Jaron Myers 25:36 They call the Homeland Security and Department of they call a pentagon. Hey, guys, we don't really know what to do with this. We're gonna go call the local police. Okay, we're the pusher. Okay. Sure. Tim Stone 25:52 Yeah, we talked to them and they said they don't care. Speaker 3 25:55 They said they don't like they were. They were alright. Is it? Tim Stone 25:59 Oh, find somewhere else to go but eat him up. Jaron Myers 26:03 We don't care. We don't Tim Stone 26:05 care. So the department Homeland Security was like, Okay, we'll send you a care package. And Jaron Myers 26:11 they sent you post about us. Use the hashtag gifted. Make sure Unknown Speaker 26:17 you open up with hashtag add, Jaron Myers 26:18 you know, there you go. Tim Stone 26:19 Hashtag add things to the Department of Homeland Security for sponsoring this post. Jaron Myers 26:28 unbox this package from Homeland Security with me. We've been having some recent strings of burglaries. Get Ready With Me Get Ready With Me to capture the local Jaron Myers 26:44 I like this. Unknown Speaker 26:47 So they can Jaron Myers 26:50 do that video for that lady. Yeah. Tim Stone 26:54 That's a good that's a good bit. I like it. You need to write a note for that real quick. Save it in your phone. Do a voicemail. Jaron Myers 27:00 That's exactly what I was doing. Dang it, Tim. Tim Stone 27:02 I do voice memos. Whenever I have book ideas. We can listen to one of the after the fiddle. Jaron Myers 27:07 Get Ready With Me to capture that lady. It's a video that I'm you know, the Homeland Security sent me a box and unboxing video. All right. Let's see. I recorded one this morning. What do I got here? People have thought I was 30 Since I was in the seventh grade. When I was a youth pastor. I got in trouble for flirting with the college girls and a camp but I was they were older than I was. Took that in the shower. Tim Stone 27:46 So they get this package. They open it up. And they're surprised to find that it's a bunch of smoke detectors. Like what are we going to do with all these smoke detectors to call up the Homeland Security and Jaron Myers 27:55 set them on fire? Oh, you're gonna torch the for sure. We watched the footage. Tim Stone 28:03 And they're like they're like idiots. Those are the smoke detectors with cameras. They're hidden cameras set them up in everybody's house who's getting burglarized their motion sensors they will start capturing say the footage the camera will alert you and they're like you thought you wanted us to help Jaron Myers 28:19 sorry, hold your hand and explain this to you. So they set up this is smoke detectors and pins What am I gonna write notes their cameras their camera wear them in the meeting? Tim Stone 28:32 What am I supposed to do with this bomb? Jaron Myers 28:35 This very sophisticated Speaker 2 28:37 it's such a sophisticated like it's so good. I don't know what to do with Bombay I have the Bombay petroleum consoling please Tim Stone 28:57 so they started setting up all these these choke detectors in people's houses. Yeah. And one of them trips. This is in 2013 And so the police they rushed this house and they find Jaron Myers 29:10 this guy oh my gosh. creepier than he was in the first one Christopher Thomas night also he could out read those cops Yeah, Unknown Speaker 29:21 well this is this is this is made between Tim Stone 29:23 court. So this isn't like the actual day he got caught there. Oh, we have no pictures of when he got caught. All right. So this is him going to court. I don't think those I'm gonna Jaron Myers 29:32 send a link to those that police department say I'm going to send them our job headstock guys had is way too small for his head. And he needs to know but he isn't gonna live like that. You know? Yeah, he looks like a Unabomber guy. You know? He Tim Stone 29:46 does. He does. So they obviously they take them back to the police station. They start interviewing him. And he's like, Jaron Myers 29:54 Yeah, I've been stealing. He confesses Tim Stone 29:56 to well over 1000 burglaries Holy Cow over the course of 27 years. And he leads them to his camp. So he has a camp in the middle of the woods. We have pictures of it. Yes, we do. He has a camp deep in the middle of the woods. And it's interesting listening to the description of this camp from the police officers that he escorted up there. Because they said that this camp is in a part of the woods that they called the GRC. GRC up there. It's pretty darn good. Careful. They said the deer don't even go there. They said because it's too thick it like it's too dense to get through. Okay, so he's in a clearing is where he set up his camp. But they said to get through it. There's not game trails, there's not actual trails, like you're literally like crawling through bushes the whole way through to get in there. And then he found a clearing deep within these bushes and set up a camp. This is actually on private property. And he had been living here for 27 years. And no one knew. Jaron Myers 31:03 You you thought of that joke way earlier. He's got like, he's got trash cans. Yeah, in this picture. You see spray paints weird stuff on like, why does he spray paint this stuff? Like who's that? Well, wait till you see my art. Tim Stone 31:20 Okay, these clotheslines had been set up for so long that the tree has been around around them. Yeah, yeah. And I still have grown into the tree. Yeah, they're grown into the tree. And they're actually higher than here initially set them up. Like you notice those are pretty high clotheslines, because the trees grown. That's why not crazy. And so here's here's the story of what happened. They were like, they're like, What? How did you get here? Is this show? I think so. Jaron Myers 31:45 So he's up there and like, yeah, yeah. Tim Stone 31:50 I mean, it's like Central Maine. So here's, here's what happened. Hey, in January 1986. He had he, he was in his early 20s. And he grew up in an interesting home. He grew up in Massachusetts, and a lower middle class family. And their family was strange to say the least, they would for fun study thermodynamics. As a family, they'd be like a tonight's activity is thermodynamics. And they were just get some library books and learn about thermodynamics. And they built to a greenhouse in their backyard. And they discovered that if you buried gallons of water, then it stayed a good temperature longer. And so they buried 1000 gallons of water in their backyard to get it away. So they could keep their greenhouse watered without having to use tap water. So they could save money in the winter. Which seems like a very nominal savings. Yeah. Jaron Myers 32:49 I spent. I spent 30 days in a row, burying 1002 gallons of water. And not even big tubs like Speaker 2 32:59 individual gallons. They're actually quarts, so I could save Jaron Myers 33:03 $13. And there's like no one else. Like no one else. Tim Stone 33:12 There's a picture of him in high school. He was he was a kid that didn't really get along with anybody that have any kids friends. And after high school, he moved to Florida for a little bit where he worked at a mechanic shop, and then saved up to buy himself a Subaru. And he drove that Subaru hatchback from Florida to Maine until he just got tired of driving. And then he got out of his car. And he set his keys in his center console. And he walked into the woods until he found that spot. January 1986. This is a crazy person and he stayed there for 27 years worth of the cargo. I I'm assuming at some point someone found it and was like, well tow that I guess. I don't know. He has no idea what happened in the car. What's really interesting about this, okay, none of his friends. None of his family ever filed the missing persons report. They were just like, yeah, he's gone now. Yeah, he it's been 20 years. We haven't Jaron Myers 34:09 moved to Maine. Well, I mean, by that time, like you don't know that someone's not doing something. You know, if someone says Am I'm leaving town, I'm gonna go make a new life. You just go. Alright, I'll never see you again. Tim Stone 34:19 Well, no, this is the 86 like you would probably expect your son would call you at least once. Jaron Myers 34:26 I don't like to if someone goes like, hey, you know, I'm moving to like, I mean, why? If you're a person who's like, I'm just gonna drive it that feels like there's some conflict or something happened that made you want to flee that life. You know, that's Tim Stone 34:39 what it seems like. And so that's what's interesting is they interviewed him. And he's like, No, I was just bored one day. Yeah, they're like, there's three reasons typically that people do this. You're on the run. It's religious reasons. They go out to like meditate and pursue religion. And it was like panic attack Jaron Myers 34:52 about the development of the world and they're very afraid of new technology and they just want to become a recluse. Yeah, or you got warrants? Tim Stone 35:01 Yeah, yeah. Or you're like running from something like hiding from something or someone or like, yeah, yeah. And they asked him about that he was not a religious person, he was an atheist. And so they're like, well, that's not why he was there. They asked him like, if how he felt about society. He said, he doesn't really have a problem with it. He just wanted to be I Jaron Myers 35:17 don't know how to turn out. Tim Stone 35:20 And then they asked him if he was he wasn't. So all those three main reasons you wouldn't typically, like find someone to do this. It wasn't him. Okay, ask them. They're like, so why did you do that? And he's like, I just don't know. I just did. And Jaron Myers 35:33 oh, okay. Tim Stone 35:36 So he didn't have a good motive for doing it. And the police never got a good motive out of him for why he did it. Sure. So they started asking him about his experience, like how it was, and he was like, well, he said, the first few months I was up there, like I started out by like, foraging and like getting food from plants and like, trying to kill him. He didn't kill him. Kill. Yeah. And he said, but that sucked. And so he had no way. He had a moral dilemma, because he didn't believe in stealing, like he didn't want to steal. But he also was like, This is great. And so he decided, I'll start some light burglary, I'll just take food. And I'll just take supplies when I need to survive. And I'll only take it from vacation homes. So those people are rich, you know, whatever, who cares? They have a second home. So he would sneak in and take only what he needed. Jaron Myers 36:29 Get it, brother. I'm with you. Tim Stone 36:33 And then take it back to his camp and survive in the camp. What's interesting if you watch him, it's Jaron Myers 36:40 I don't think I could be a homeless person. Okay, I thought about this. Yeah. Like it, you know, because people give. We've never made it home for a restaurant without giving our leftovers to somebody. Yeah. But I was like, Man, I don't like beans. You know, like if someone gave me a Chipotle burrito, and they're like, Hey, I caught you this I'd be like thanks. And they would leave Tim Stone 37:07 Yeah. Star it'll follow them to their car and throw it on Jaron Myers 37:19 there this has happened before. Where it happened to Reagan. She tried to give like a like a granola bar. Yeah. To a guy in Los Angeles. He literally took it and he went oats and honey Unknown Speaker 37:38 you don't get to be picky. Yeah, how much cholesterol Jaron Myers 37:44 doing dude? I couldn't do that. Tim Stone 37:46 Trying to get my macros bro. Jaron Myers 37:49 McDonald's, come on. You're like okay, sorry. Just trying to give you calories man. Tim Stone 37:56 So, he Jaron Myers 37:58 I couldn't eat roadkill. I couldn't do that. But honestly, it's if I break it rich ever been to a rich person's home? Yeah. Tim Stone 38:06 almondmilk college we stayed at that rich person's home when we were on tour. And I Jaron Myers 38:10 gotta say that we can say my ex girlfriends. We don't gotta be like, we don't gotta be like, ooh, caller was there that rich person's Yeah, my ex. Unknown Speaker 38:18 And literally I couldn't find anything to eat so I thought Jaron Myers 38:24 we just ate cookies dude because all their food sucked all their food was like freakin like here's here's salted soy beans are one of the rich people eat crap dude. Some crackers with 15 calories. I don't want that. Unknown Speaker 38:43 I need more calories. Speaker 2 38:44 Me Ritz crackers. Give me the real stuff. Give me the goods margarita mix the hard stuff. Tim Stone 38:58 He what was interesting is he exhibited some things that seemed like he was trained for this. And I'll tell you, I'll tell you why. Jaron Myers 39:08 Here his siblings? Tim Stone 39:10 I actually don't know. I haven't. Yeah, think about that. Jaron Myers 39:13 They're in the woods, or in some other ones. So I'm saying do you think is do you think his parents were like his parents? Hey, Tim Stone 39:19 in January 1986, they got all the four siblings together and they said it's your time. Now we see who can make the time Jaron Myers 39:26 when the four siblings live together a piece. And then the Fire Nation attacked. Tim Stone 39:32 This was this was the way they said whoever survives the longest gets the inheritance. How will we know? We'll see. That's how good your instincts are. Yeah, you'll know. Jaron Myers 39:45 And he's like, freak, I know he's out there. Hey, thanks for being part of this episode. If you want to help us do more of this, you want to help us grow our show. One of the easiest and best ways to do that is to join our Patreon It's a way for you to financially support the show. And you get a lot in return, you get access to our Discord channel, you get bonus content that comes out, you get exclusive merchandise and like live zoom hangouts where we're both just hanging out eating pizza, just getting to know each other. The biggest thing is, is we want to know you more as an individual and as a friend. So thanks for supporting our show. If you don't support us financially, we're not pressed about it. We're not like mad, but I'll find you. So text tilam to 66866, to keep yourself from being found. All right, because if you don't I want you. Tim Stone 40:37 That's like when, when Tony and Michelle laughed, and they said, when we said, Jaron Myers 40:42 Yeah, we were like, are you guys gonna open another Chinese restaurant? And Tony just goes, you'll know. Tim Stone 40:50 We had a favorite Chinese restaurant in Springfield, and the owners, they got deported. So they just shut the store down. Is that what happened? Well, they didn't technically, they know that they couldn't renew their green card. They wouldn't let them renew their green card. So they essentially, the building owner Jaron Myers 41:05 wouldn't make the updates to the building that needed to happen. And they didn't have the money to do it. Interesting. And so because that new players came in, and they remodeled the whole thing. Yeah. Because there was a lot of updates that had to Tim Stone 41:18 had needed to happen. I didn't know that. I thought it was I heard that they had to leave. Yeah, it was Jaron Myers 41:24 also someone racist. Who told you that? It could have been probably Tim Stone 41:29 part of this. I do. Remember they said they were going back to Australia. Jaron Myers 41:32 I won't say we're going to Australia, but yeah. What? Why did they go to Australia? That's Tim Stone 41:38 where they're from? That's not where they're Jaron Myers 41:39 from? Yeah, Tim Stone 41:40 that's what Tony said. Tony said they were from Australia. They're not from Australia. Yes, they are. 100% 100% they were. They might not be originally from Australia. That's where they were before here. Jaron Myers 41:52 Don't they have a daughter? Yes. And she lives in Australia. Yes. So they're going to with their daughter in Australia. Tim Stone 41:58 They've lived in Australia before that, though. Sure. Anyways, well, they're Jaron Myers 42:02 not clear. They're definitely not from Australia. Speaker 2 42:07 I they could be. They could be No, put them in a box. Speaker 3 42:13 It was very cryptic. We, we talked. We were like, Tim Stone 42:17 we'd like He's like, he's like, we'll be back. He's like, we'll be back. And we're like, Tony, we asked him for his number. We said, Can I have your number so you can let us know when you're back or something like that. He literally Jaron Myers 42:26 was like, you'll know. Unknown Speaker 42:27 It was the last thing he ever said Jaron Myers 42:30 is, you know, his sister owns we could ask his sister. She owns the cashew station on Camp. Battlefield. Tim Stone 42:36 That's what I thought happened. I thought we went and talked to her. And she told us Oh, yeah, they they couldn't get their green cards for needed and they had to Jaron Myers 42:44 be there. We did ask, we need to go. So our favorite restaurant was chopsticks. And me and my best friend. Were sitting here talking about chopsticks. And they told us they were going to open something new eventually. And I was just like, Do you know anything about that? Speaker 3 43:02 No, I can ask for you really quick though. That would be awesome. No, they are not as far as I know. Okay. Jaron Myers 43:12 Dang. Okay. Did they did they move to like Australia? That's what we're trying to figure out the rumors that we heard trust earlier. All right, well, we're big fans. So in some capacity lessons that we miss. Speaker 4 43:26 Karaoke chicken and beef. We do make that here. Okay. Are you forever No, we did not. Unknown Speaker 43:37 Okay. All right. Jaron Myers 43:41 Well, thank you so much that that helped us a lot. Yeah Unknown Speaker 43:49 that's incredible. They did Tim Stone 43:54 I vindicated Tim Stone 44:02 okay. So he exhibited like someone who was trained Unknown Speaker 44:20 bro, this episode is off though. Jaron Myers 44:26 It's very in the weeds, if you will. Geez, man. Tim Stone 44:32 So yeah, he exhibited traits, like someone who was trained. Okay. So one of the things that they found out right away is that he picked the locks to the houses that he broke into. And he when he left, he picked them back locked. So he would go back out and he would pick them into being locked. Like reverse pick, you know, I'm saying, Oh, okay. Yeah. So he would lock up with his lock bits. That's nice. And so early on in the early 80s. You could tell like, there was like scratches stuff all over the locks because he was rusty grayed out it Yeah. And then he got pretty good and so no one could even tell like there was tampering, and he would pick his way into the locks. There was one sighting of him that they brought up. Someone cited him in the 90s. Jaron Myers 45:15 And he's like, Yeah, I'm pretty blurry in that picture, though. Unknown Speaker 45:20 Nobody better pictures of me. Jaron Myers 45:22 I mean, like, they put that out there. They're like, we found them. And I was like, did they? And then there was like a whole team that came out from Discovery Channel, and they were like, they were like, I don't think they're looking for me. Speaker 3 45:35 I grabbed back a couple of times. But yeah, that really spoke to me. Jaron Myers 45:41 There was town meetings. Speaker 2 45:43 Yeah, I think they, nevermind. Unknown Speaker 45:48 They, so that was the sign of Jaron Myers 45:50 never going out when the moon's out again. Tim Stone 45:56 There's a sighting of the 90s. They said, Hey, so in the 90s, some Hunter said that they saw someone walking across the street. But that kind of fits your profile. And they said, but they were walking backwards. Full speed. And they're like, was that you? And he's like, oh, yeah, that's me. He's like, I walk backwards everywhere I go. Unknown Speaker 46:19 They were like, well, why? Unknown Speaker 46:25 Because it's funny. Jaron Myers 46:30 Oh, why did they work backwards? Oh yeah, they just do that in Australia. They work backwards. Unknown Speaker 46:39 Yeah, it's kind of like driving on the left side of the road. I walk backwards. Jaron Myers 46:43 That's the same thing to say. So the reason the the more you the more questions you get answered us go. Speaker 3 46:50 Oh, I understand now. Now I get it. Oh, man. Jaron Myers 46:55 We should just release him. Wait. This guy buddy. Slowly backs away from the jail. That's the thing. He's like I'm so he's like, Can I walk backwards? Can I please like, can Tim Stone 47:11 you please turn around? Jaron Myers 47:16 Well, that's freaking weird. Now. He's not walking. Paradise song. Tim Stone 47:20 The important thing is they clarified he's not walking slowly. He's not like moonwalking. He is full speed walking backwards. Like, let's do Jaron Myers 47:30 that in this footage too. Because imagine, oh my gosh. Imagine you rewind your VHS, right. You're like, something's happened. Something's Afoot. And you rewind it. And you just see some of you just see your front door open and you go the other way stuck and rewind. Like what is happening? And he's just across your house. What did he say? Why? Tim Stone 47:58 Yeah, so the reason for that is he said in case I left footprints, people would think I was going the other way. Would they? Well, if your your toes are facing that direction, and you're going that direction, Jaron Myers 48:15 I know this guy's got a weird gait, I guess. Okay. Tim Stone 48:22 So yeah, he walked backwards everywhere I went, but then he started learning to do overcast the reason why he would do overcast is because it would rain and it wash away its footprints and so the evidence would be gone that he was there. Oh, man. Yeah. So Jaron Myers 48:35 you know what else got washed away Tim Stone 48:42 your Jesus walked backwards in every town. He went to Jaron Myers 48:48 those footprints in the sand. That's where I was walking now. Tim Stone 48:54 Don't go that way. Nothing happened to that direction. Nothing happened over there. Do you don't need to worry about it. I walk Jaron Myers 48:59 as far as the east is from the west. Go east. This is too many Bible jokes. I'm sorry YouTube commenter who's upset about the number of Bible jokes we make. So, Tim Stone 49:13 um, and then he never lit a campfire, because he didn't want the smoke to attract sure he came. But here's the thing he is in Maine, is that through winters? The propane was for cooking. He did not use any source like a fire for heat. Instead what he would do is in the winters when it will get down to sub zero temperatures, he would wake up in the middle of night and he would walk to keep his body heat up. And he would just walk around his camp Jaron Myers 49:46 backwards so that way he'd be able to Tim Stone 49:49 take taken lapse. Yeah, I found out that the thermodynamics Jaron Myers 49:53 worked better. Wait till you see that on the trail cam. I don't know what's worse the Skinwalker or if it's just freaking Tim Stone 50:05 you think that supernatural if you see it, like you don't see that and think that that's a normal human, you think that's a ghost or a demon or something in subzero temperatures walking backwards in the, in the woods. Okay, but he did it, he survived, he would fatten himself up every fall so he can make it to the winter. And so it's interesting, especially towards the end when they started capturing more footage of him. In the fall, he was really really chunky in the in the spring, he was very skinny. Because he would fatten himself up to make it through the winter. Jaron Myers 50:37 Like a bear, bear. So Tim Stone 50:40 pretty good survival instincts. Seems like he was trained. Jaron Myers 50:44 That's what I'm doing to. Tim Stone 50:47 Oh, I'm just prepping for the winter. I'm just putting on my winter meat. Jaron Myers 50:53 It's the worst thing I've ever heard you say? Putting on my winter meat. That's gross. Tim Stone 51:01 So yeah, so they, they arrested him. They, they interviewed him and they he took them, they took them to trial. And it was a six month on trial. So he's in jail through that whole trial cheese. And we heard a lot of cases 1000 cases of burglary and a ton of cases of trespassing, especially on the property that yeah, lived on. They said that there was several 100 Perhaps even 1000 propane tanks around his camp that he's never been exposed video. Yeah, he just threw him who it would be empty. Just throw up. And so like, it's really interesting. I can't find an actual picture this I saw on a documentary, a quick shot panning out there be free and it is insane. It looks insane. It's literally 1000s of propane tanks just like peeking out of the dirt. Like because the ground has just grown around. And like it's just tanks as far as the eye can see. It's bonkers. Wow, I'm really Jaron Myers 51:57 turned into promain Unknown Speaker 52:01 Welcome to pro may Jaron Myers 52:03 not I'll say like that. Sorry. promain. Tim Stone 52:06 You know, I heard that there was a big outbreak with romaine lettuce. Jaron Myers 52:11 I want to end this. So Tim Stone 52:13 they went to this log trial. And the public was divided on him. Some people will Jaron Myers 52:20 remember like he's just fiver was just let them any like entirely got something wrong with because there were some people Tim Stone 52:23 who were started putting signs on their front door that said, Please don't break in. Just tell us what you need them. We'll leave it on the doorstep. Yeah. And so like, there are some people that he was kind of like a folk hero, honestly, in the community, but then some people hate it. Like some people felt very violated. Because I mean, it is he's stealing from you so and he's walking backwards. And so during his testimony, he was asked, he said, he said how much contact have you had with the outside world? And he said, Well, I have a radio. So he's like, I know who the Kardashians are. And they have pity on him Jaron Myers 52:59 with the Kardashians or even famous on the radio, Tim Stone 53:03 it's crazy that this man did not have contact with another human for 27 years and still knew who they are. But no, he didn't say there was one he's like, Jaron Myers 53:13 they're actually the main reason I didn't come down. I thought about coming down in like 2012. But then I heard about who Kanye and Kim were, I was like, I'm gonna stay Tim Stone 53:22 I'm gonna stay out here. He said there was there was two instances in the course of the 27 years where he spoke to someone. One of them he was on a trail and he passed another hiker, and they just said, Hi. And he was like, Hi. Unknown Speaker 53:38 And they're like, Hi. Tim Stone 53:48 And then there was a fisherman who was fishing at the pond and so on. And he said, please leave me alone. And the guy said, no problem. The Hermit said that. No. He said to the fishermen, he said, please leave me alone. And fishermen said no problem. Jaron Myers 54:04 If you didn't say anything, I wasn't going to Speaker 3 54:06 Yeah, honestly, the fact that you asked me to leave you alone makes me want to not leave you alone. Curious. It seems like you're doing something wrong Jaron Myers 54:12 there. I was in the bathroom the other day. The next day, the urinal. Hey, can we not talk? Unknown Speaker 54:19 I wasn't planning on it. I Jaron Myers 54:20 didn't know. I wasn't gonna say Unknown Speaker 54:21 was it? Yeah, Jaron Myers 54:22 we're here. Yeah. Tim Stone 54:24 You started the conversation, even though it was an opener Jaron Myers 54:27 Christopher Thomas night. Tim Stone 54:30 What if I just walked backwards out of this bathroom? How far away? Do Jaron Myers 54:34 you think I could stand for this thing? Please leave me alone. No problem. Tim Stone 54:42 So 27 years. That was the only contact he had with other humans. That's like eight words. Please leave me alone. Not five words. Five words. One hand with the words alright. In and 27 years. bonkers, Jaron Myers 54:57 you know he's talking to the trees out there. Oh, 100% Tim Stone 55:00 Yeah, he was bargaining with them. He's like, he's like you guys need this quick wrong. I can almost not reach my clotheslines anymore, guys. Jaron Myers 55:05 This isn't a fun game. Unknown Speaker 55:11 I keep telling the trees to stop taking Jaron Myers 55:12 like the trees away and monkey in the middle with me. I'm sorry, what? Trees, way monkey in the middle with me. And I never get to be Unknown Speaker 55:22 in the trees. The trees think we're still monkeys. Jaron Myers 55:25 The trees are mean to me. Okay. Tim Stone 55:31 The other day I was walking out of my cap, the tree came up behind me and it's pulled my backpack straps real tight. It's in Jaron Myers 55:40 the woods, little turtle. And I was like, artists do that backwards. Tim Stone 55:51 So the jury, the jury, I don't know if it was because they felt bad for him or if they just didn't think his crimes were that bad. But they sent him sentenced him to seven months. And he had already served six. So he served one more month after the court and then he got rehabilitated into society. He had court mandated mandated therapy he had a day for I think was three Jaron Myers 56:14 years that got him an apartment. He slept in the carport. Tim Stone 56:18 Yeah, he moved into a small town in Maine. And he works as a mechanic there and he's still there mechanic thing. And he's still walks backwards. Jaron Myers 56:31 I don't want people to know where I'm going. Unknown Speaker 56:32 I don't want anyone to know where I go. Here's Tim Stone 56:38 I think I want to read a quote to you from the police officer who arrested him, okay, because it will just listen to this. Listen to this quote. It says it says as the officer couldn't help but be amazed at the way he moved through the forest. He described him as moving like a cat silently with agility, grace and dexterity. I am pretty sure there's a scene in a documentary where one of the officers who arrested him, they he captivated all the officers that arrested them. One of the officers, female cop, that's an important note. She She went as far as to choose describing how impressed she was with him and his survival capabilities. Okay. And then she talked about how after he got arrested, there's a few times where she visited him in jail. And she was like, I don't know. She paused her story in the middle of her story, and said and I need to say like we had a professional relationship. Like I only spoke to him if I had a reason to be speaking to them. And I was like, that Unknown Speaker 57:40 is very sad. Unknown Speaker 57:43 The facts Yeah, that you Jaron Myers 57:44 were just I do need to say it's true professional. Tim Stone 57:48 You're talking about how impressive he was. I Jaron Myers 57:51 mean, his legs just shoot, too and the eye contact the whole time as he ran away. Speaker 2 58:02 Just strictly professional, strictly professional relationships. Tim Stone 58:09 But he was amazing. He was Jaron Myers 58:11 he stole more than just some food. He's stolen my heart it was Tim Stone 58:21 very suspect very suspect, huh. And I think that that might have something to do with his short sentence. I don't know. I'm just conjecture here. Oh, okay. Anyways, so that's that's the North pond Herman Christopher Thomas Knight. Most impressive people who lived in the woods for 27 years. Jaron Myers 58:37 That's crazy. Fall deaf. What that's a fiddle off backwards. Tim Stone 58:48 Things either last night is a production of space Tim medium produced by Christian Taylor audio by Alex Garnett video by Connor bets, our graphics and our logo by Caleb Goldberg and our social media is run by Caleb Walker. Our hosts are Jeremiah and Tim stone. Follow us on your favorite social media platform at tilam podcast is Ti LL and podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I learned last night. Transcribed by

In the heart of the Maine wilderness, a tale unfolded that captured the imagination of many—the story of Christopher Thomas Knight, famously known as the North Pond Hermit. Knight’s journey into solitude and survival has left a lasting mark on the annals of unconventional living.

The Vanishing Act: Christopher Thomas Knight’s Disappearance

In 1986, Christopher Thomas Knight disappeared into the dense woods, leaving society behind. For 27 years, he lived undetected in the wilderness near North Pond, relying on instinct and resourcefulness to survive. The legend of the North Pond Hermit grew, with his elusive presence puzzling locals and law enforcement alike.

The Silent Observer: Christopher Thomas Knight’s Daily Life

Knight’s routine was a symphony of simplicity. He moved silently through the forest, relying on stealth and camouflage to avoid detection. His shelter, cleverly hidden, became a testament to human adaptability. With minimal resources, he thrived, sustaining himself on stolen provisions from nearby cabins and the bounties of the forest.

The Capture: Christopher Thomas Knight’s Return to Society

In 2013, the North Pond Hermit’s reign of solitude ended. Caught while burglarizing a camp, Knight was finally brought back into civilization. His arrest sparked both fascination and bewilderment as the world sought to understand the motives behind his decades-long isolation.

Reflections on the North Pond Hermit: A Modern-Day Thoreau?

Christopher Thomas Knight’s story invites reflection on the essence of solitude and the human spirit. Some see parallels with Henry David Thoreau, the transcendentalist who sought a simple life in Walden. Knight’s journey, however, raises questions about the limits of solitude and the impact of modern society on the individual’s quest for a different kind of freedom.

Conclusion: Christopher Thomas Knight’s Legacy

The North Pond Hermit, Christopher Thomas Knight, remains an enigma—a modern-day recluse who ventured beyond the fringes of societal norms. His story challenges our perceptions of solitude, survival, and the human connection to nature. As we delve into the mystery of Knight’s life, we are reminded that sometimes, the most intriguing stories are found in the quiet corners of the world, where one man’s journey becomes a captivating tale of resilience and solitude.

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