Black Knight Satellite – The UFO Orbiting Earth for 13,000 Years


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Unknown Speaker 0:00 Hey man, what? What's up? Hey, man, thank you. Tim Stone 0:08 Have you ever heard of the Black Knight satellite? Speaker 1 0:13 No, no. Black Knight satellite? Yeah. Yes. They mentioned it in The Fairly OddParents theme song. gray goo Sokolova was Black Knight satellite Unknown Speaker 0:30 Yeah, that was pretty good right there. Tim Stone 0:32 I'm pretty impressed at how well that fits. No, it's not from that from something entirely different. Honestly. It could be in there. Sure, Speaker 1 0:38 but it isn't there. I don't think that's where I know from I think it's Grey Goose Tim Stone 0:42 is what you're thinking of. Unknown Speaker 0:44 No, Greg Tim Stone 0:45 is not a goose is in it. Grey Unknown Speaker 0:48 Goose is not. Tim Stone 0:52 I said that as an adult. I'm like, why was that it there? Speaker 1 0:55 Gray moose. Right. Green mousse. Green mousse Java juice. Shoot. I can't think of it's not Grey Goose. The Grey Goose is mentioned in Royals by Yeah, but by that girl from the ring. Tim Stone 1:12 I don't care about that. Oh, okay. Here it is. Here it is. OB tooth rubber goose green is guava juice. Unknown Speaker 1:19 Black Knight satellite. Tim Stone 1:21 It's close. giant snake birthday cake. large fries. chocolate shake. It's interesting. Cake. Unknown Speaker 1:26 Birth. Birthday cake. Tim Stone 1:28 giant snake birthday cake large Unknown Speaker 1:30 Black Knight satellite. Tim Stone 1:32 It's interesting to me. Because this is there's not another verse in the song. That is even remotely close Speaker 1 1:39 goes it goes. giant snake birthday cake. Black Knight satellite, we didn't start the fire. It's all the same. I Tim Stone 1:48 just respect that. This was very clearly he needed another verse. And was just like, Ah, Speaker 1 1:54 well, yeah, I mean, the whole song was that the fairies can make anything appear. Tim Stone 2:00 Oh, I guess that's true. And so he's giving him so he's like, Speaker 1 2:03 trying to make birthday cake. Large fry chocolate shake, Tim Stone 2:06 but but the first line obtuse? Why does he What is What does he mean getting an obtuse triangle? Like what is the Speaker 1 2:13 rest of its obtuse? Robert Q's obtuse? Roger goose? Tim Stone 2:18 No. Obtuse comma. Robert. That's a separate thing. Unknown Speaker 2:21 No, no, it shouldn't be but it is. What does it rubber use? A large rubber tooth does Tim Stone 2:28 not mean large. Urban Dictionary Speaker 1 2:34 how would you go Urban Dictionary? Why do you need to see what the kids say? What it is? Tim Stone 2:42 Oh, interesting. Unknown Speaker 2:44 What is Urban Dictionary say that it Tim Stone 2:46 is a lot I just didn't know what dictionary. So obtuse what I was thinking of is Speaker 1 2:51 the obtuse angle but yeah, the angle which is the what angle Tim is Tim Stone 2:55 between 90 and 180 which would be a Speaker 1 3:00 would you categorize that as like a large angle? I mean, I guess it's a wide angle there's a right angle. Yeah, and there's a cute Unknown Speaker 3:07 Yes. An Unknown Speaker 3:09 obtuse angle and then obtuse I Tim Stone 3:11 guess it's a wide angle you're right. I guess it's a wider angle but I that I've never heard someone use it that way. Anyways, the other one is once you are is annoyingly insensitive and slow to understand Unknown Speaker 3:26 just really wanted to take that shot today or Tim Stone 3:28 yeah, you're really coming off like an obtuse rubber goose right now Unknown Speaker 3:36 all right. Tim Stone 3:42 Got to point it out. Okay, let me tell you a weird question. No, I will not let you What is the theme song? It should have no I got a weird question for you Do it now. Use rubber goose green mousse cake large fries shot but shake by that time. I love that all fit perfectly Speaker 1 4:14 blurred last night. It's a show that gives you a fright. It's things I learned last night by the Unknown Speaker 4:23 things I learned last night Tim Stone 4:33 I don't think I'd make it as a cartoon person Speaker 1 4:43 Okay, so the Black Knight satellite. Tim Stone 4:47 Oh no. So this is my mind. What is it? What's up when you meet someone new and like your house for the first time? Speaker 1 4:55 We're both married. So it's not No not like that? No, like we know just like Make someone new just like a regular person you meet somebody new Tim Stone 5:03 obviously not a woman just a regular person Unknown Speaker 5:29 Okay, so I don't think you had to say it like that though. Speaker 1 5:39 You make a new friend. Yeah. You go to their house for the first time. Okay. Tim Stone 5:45 Do you look through other stuff I feel like I'm feeling like it's like a bad thing that you should Speaker 1 6:01 do. Did you sue my house 100% Tim Stone 6:05 I snooped your apartment I snooped your apartment in Springfield I snooped your dorm room, I stopped your parents house and I'm just like, What? Are these cabinets? Speaker 1 6:15 Okay, so I think there's levels of snooping that I would like to clarify so if you go to someone's house yeah bathroom fair game whatever you want to lock in the door people don't care how long you're in there. Yeah, they care Tim Stone 6:36 there's a point Speaker 1 6:38 where they start to care Yeah, they go there for a minute Yeah, now you're saying that you Snoop gas your bedroom I don't even go in people's master bedrooms. Yeah, Tim Stone 6:50 typically I won't now Tim Stone 6:59 know when I was young I would I learned Speaker 1 7:05 the way you're saying stuff is so bad when I was younger I do. Yeah. I now that I'm older I don't go in master bedrooms anymore. Tim Stone 7:15 Yeah. Unknown Speaker 7:18 But when I was a kid, there was just some curiosity Tim Stone 7:20 that I can't like I'm like What do you got those chores man Unknown Speaker 7:25 you don't hear Speaker 1 7:28 you don't hear that at all. What do you got in those drawers? And you Unknown Speaker 7:40 know weird thing I've just gotten them Tim Stone 7:43 there like it's not a weird thing about it though. Like I'm not gonna do anything Tim Stone 8:00 I know it's I know people aren't like it's problematic. I know. I know that. Drawers is paying I know that Speaker 1 8:10 problematic to go around being like what you got in them drawers? Sure. Tim Stone 8:21 Like I'm just curious Speaker 1 8:25 just curiosity. We're not stupid anymore. Tim Stone 8:31 I know what you say I go you ever do that? Tim Stone 8:46 Oh my gosh. I saw knives before like in droves. Unknown Speaker 8:55 about things that aren't the black Speaker 1 9:00 I only want you to talk about the Black Knight satellite. I don't want to hear anything else from you right now. Tim Stone 9:07 So Black Knight satellite is we'll start with a picture of it. Here's the Black Knight satellite theoretically I Unknown Speaker 9:13 told you what I found in my grandma's drawers Tim Stone 9:27 No, I don't remember that. Okay, Unknown Speaker 9:28 there was a lot of drug paraphernalia. Tim Stone 9:35 See, sometimes it's good to know Yeah. Black Knights and the Black Knight satellite This is it. This is a photograph of it from the space station. I hold on this was during the construction of Space Station. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 9:51 What is this like? Is this like a or do people own this? Tim Stone 9:59 Are you asking This is an alien thing. Yeah, it might be an alien thing. Unknown Speaker 10:02 Okay? Do people own the whatever Tim Stone 10:04 we're doing? Nobody owns this forever. No, Speaker 1 10:07 no, no, it looks like if you took a leather jacket off of the hanger, and it just held it by the collar of the jacket, and you're just like that's straight up the bat. That's a great. That's a great visualization, what this thing looks like that is a ribbon. Just put that on a blue background, because you know, they're in space. I don't think they went. And so Tim Stone 10:34 you know, here's another angle of it. That one's a little grainy a praying mantis, another photo scheme. And then here's another angle of it from the History Channel. That's Unknown Speaker 10:48 okay. So Tim Stone 10:51 here's, here's the concept, this satellite, this this photograph. And really all these photographs were taken at one time, they're just different moments along its flight path was taken from a spacewalk during the construction of the International Space Station, which they were assembling up in space. Sure, and then got his DSLR out, took a photo of the satellite as it floated by this image has since been declassified, but a good description of what it is hasn't been given to us and so it's become known as the Black Light satellite. Okay, UFO lore. And oh, Speaker 1 11:29 shoot, dude. What the UFO people are gonna find this and we did a whole thing about how you're, you're doing it in green? Unknown Speaker 11:40 Dang it, dude. Unknown Speaker 11:42 How's it every time? Tim Stone 11:45 Every episode, bro, it's, Speaker 1 11:46 you know, that's gonna happen. You know what the topic is? Yeah, Tim Stone 11:50 maybe this is like a self conscious. Maybe some conscious self sabotage. Speaker 1 11:55 Maybe you do this? Maybe I do. Because it's like some kind of punishment you like the negative comments that we get on YouTube? Tim Stone 12:01 I do like it. Yeah, see people? I'm not gonna lie. I don't know. I see people like online that talk about like negative comments like bothering them. And I've never like weekends, we'd get some Speaker 1 12:14 yet and they're usually pointed at me, man. I know. There's UFO ones are like if the guy on the right would shut up. The guy that left trying to tell the story and the guy that rice was making jokes all the time. I can't imagine that that doesn't bother you. That's crazy. No shade. You can just read that you go I read that letter brush right off my shoulder. I was like, Man, these people are my friends and my fans. I can't believe that people don't like the things people say about them on the internet. Tim Stone 12:42 That's thrown me two more of those are definitely directed at you. Yeah. I've never had a problem with it. It doesn't bother me. But I definitely do have like a for Speaker 1 12:51 now. You didn't like that. Have you been like that same pick a Tim account that existed? Tim Stone 12:55 No, I I didn't have any issues with that. You didn't like it like that? I didn't know who it was. Yeah, but I didn't mind and you were like, What the frick is this? Yeah, I wanted to know, I was the mystery of it. I was like, I was like, I don't need to know. Yeah, Unknown Speaker 13:09 it was a fun little mystery. I was like, He's gonna get caught anytime. Tim Stone 13:13 Yeah. Yeah, that's how criminals feel. You know? Yeah. Speaker 1 13:22 Hey, thanks for listening to this episode. If you like our show, please leave a review. Leave a comment if you're watching on YouTube and go check out other episodes. Here's one of them. I hate the Lonnie Zamora incident. You know me just not a big fan of the alien episodes. But if that's your jam, that's out there. So go check that out just for fun episode. I think you'd like it. I hated it. So anyway, back to this episode. Tim Stone 13:50 Anyways, the Black Knight satellite it all started with Nikola Tesla. Unknown Speaker 13:56 Okay. Tim Stone 13:58 It really does. The story goes back to Nikola Tesla. He was in 1899, conducting some experiments with radio signals. He wanted to see what radios did. And so he was playing around with the signals and stuff like that. Kinda pretty accurate, actually. And he received what? Something that nobody knew about yet, including him until he received a signal that he said okay, either this is from this radio signal came from the upper atmosphere, it came from outer space. And he was shocked to have received this obviously, because no radio signals could exist without human hands, manipulating them and so receive a radio signal from space. And so he reported this and the scientific community at this time, the scientific community had issues with Nikola Tesla. They were like he's a little crazy. Yeah. But every once in a while he says stuff that like should pay attention to what he says right? But like we don't like him, Speaker 1 14:58 and why didn't they like him? Do you know your About because he was crazy. Oh, there's like he's a weird guy. Tim Stone 15:02 Yeah, he had some theories about. So without going too far into it, he had some kind of, like the vibrations like, you know, there's people who are like the vibrations of the universe, you can connect to the vibrations of the universe, and I'll tell you everything about everything. He was kind of one of those guys. And so he he believed if you could connect to those vibrations, you could understand everything. He's one of those guys so you could also Yeah, but he also thought that you could get energy from it. And so he was trying to like that Tesla he would have Speaker 1 15:30 like dreads and be living in a van. Yeah, in this world right now. Yeah. Tim Stone 15:34 Well, I don't know because big spoons with his mind I don't know if he would be doing that because he was he was at least smart enough to figure out how to get funding so he got people his projects you could build he had the tesla coil in Colorado Springs. And he was building these these like, really intuitive energy sources that were working and I think that was the bigger thing is he was kind of challenging the status quo and threatening Yeah, established energy industry. But it was also kind of cuckoo at the same time, it was very much a bad sign Sure. Anyways, years later, we will realize we would figure out the radio signals that he was capturing were pulsars. You know what those are? Yeah, yeah. Which I just a note for the astronomical community. Renamed pulsars and the pulse stars Speaker 1 16:32 pay now these are polar stars. We used to call them pulsars. Hey, now now there are polar stars that we can't do anymore. Vegas Tim Stone 16:48 is not such as a love. Speaker 1 16:53 Okay. I made a joke about Lord earlier with her royal song and I called her the girl from the ring and you just didn't even I said it's a song with the girl for the ring. And you just Tim Stone 17:11 ah Tim Stone 17:17 I like that. I totally missed that. So anyways, so a lot of people are like, oh, yeah, these were pulsars that he was sure. Maybe not. Will come maybe Speaker 1 17:28 what channel wasn't on 100.5 93.3 He just dials in because hey, we're back with the K love pledge drive. It's going on for a millennium. You can just donate whenever you can just go ahead and open your little open your little wiggly phone and call up there. And Tim Stone 17:53 you're saying this is the aliens Caleb? Yeah, this is not earth Caleb traveling time. No, I thought it was alien. K I'm traveling Caleb. Yeah, this is Alien. Caleb. Yikes. Unknown Speaker 18:05 Positive encouraging. Definitely real Tim Stone 18:08 positive, encouraging Beaubourg? Tim Stone 18:19 Maybe pulsars, maybe something else? I'll tell you in a minute. It's okay. Spoiler pilot Black Knight satellite. And then there was a guy named Juergen halls. He was an amateur radio operator, who was experimenting with radio signals as well. Yeah. And noticed he could get radio signals to echo back at him if he shot them into the atmosphere. But what was interesting is you would expect that if you were echoing off of something, it would be obvious like intervals like that was bouncing back at something the same interval, but they were random. And so he was thinking these are getting repeated back to me not being echoed back to me. Sure. And so something's hearing this and they're sending the same tone back they're like mimicking me. It's like when you knock on a wall and your neighbor knocks on the wall back or the hat man. Speaker 1 19:10 They go chicken Unknown Speaker 19:21 meatballs. Okay, Tim Stone 19:23 cool. Well, Sam marinara. Oh my gosh, Ivan. Okay. So this is this is something that is a real scientific phenomena. Sure. He discovered it. This amateur discovered it and then science was like, Hey, let's look at that Unknown Speaker 19:37 science. Look, we discovered that science Tim Stone 19:38 was like That was alright. Yeah. Speaker 1 19:39 Okay. All right. I thought of that. First. Tim Stone 19:43 They named it long delayed echoes, or LDS. But here's what's interesting about it. They said you can send a radio signal signal anticipates and at random intervals that we can't trace down a pattern. It'll send it'll echo back, the same tone We'll get echoed back. But we have no idea why. Because it bounces off something. Yeah, so there's theories about why it happens. But we still have no idea what's going on. There's an Speaker 1 20:09 alien up there. There's just 20 is just the aliens like, fine like the guy. He's got to keep putting in the numbers cuz he's like, I don't know what's gonna happen if I don't? Yeah, yeah. All right. Quigley's are saved again. Tim Stone 20:30 We saved the quickly. Don't do that. The long delayed echoes, we don't know what those are. So sure, maybe Black Knight satellite. This is this will all come together in a minute. I've got to lay a lot of these Sure. Unknown Speaker 20:49 It'll come again. Sorry, I'll get to in bits. Okay. So Tim Stone 20:52 in 1954, there was an former Navy pilot, who went to newspapers and said, hey, the Air Force has been tracking these two satellites that have been orbiting Earth. We've been tracking them, we don't know where they're from, or who's they are. What's interesting, is we know now that nobody's successfully launched a satellite into orbit until 1957. So this is three years before any human hands got a satellite in space. Sputnik one was the first one. Okay. And so at the time, everybody was panicking. And they were like, Oh, the Soviets got a satellite up. They did it. And they've got it orbiting, and they beat us to it. And that's, he told newspapers and Speaker 3 21:30 the Soviets were like, we thought you did that you did. And then the aliens forget Unknown Speaker 21:36 some dude in Florida like I did it. Tim Stone 21:42 Space guy, just slingshot, slingshot. Yeah, it's pretty surprising how far you can get little stuff to go really far crazy. If it's long enough, they could go so far. Just gotta put a big enough rocket on it. Yeah, Unknown Speaker 21:57 you got to put an obtuse rocket. Tim Stone 22:02 Just such an annoying rocket, Unknown Speaker 22:03 would you keep going? We got a lot of groundwork. So Tim Stone 22:05 he spoke. He he's talking about this group in the government. Okay, after this whole event happened. And he called them the silence group. He was like, he's like, there's a group within the government that doesn't want you to know about these satellites. And he's like, they're not our satellites. Okay, not made by human hands. And they want to keep it silent. That's why they're called the Science Group. Okay, and so kind of honestly, like, the men and black. Sure, similar concept, you know. And then there was a guy named Duncan Lunan, who was a science fiction writer. And stay with me for a second he's a science fiction Oh is one of these guys is a science fiction writer who there was this, his Unknown Speaker 22:52 whole job is to make stuff up. That's like the job description Tim Stone 22:57 they would be they would be Speaker 1 23:00 Sergeant Winslow versus the Black Knights Tim Stone 23:09 in space, you tend not to just do what you'd call the try to steal Unknown Speaker 23:24 come with this fall. Tim Stone 23:26 So Duncan, there was a signal that was a relatively famous signal in the 70s that we received from space. Most likely a pulsar, but he took this signal and he studied it for years. Sure. And he solved it and transliterated into English. And said this is a map of the boaties star system which is a distant star system. And so the signal the tones were coordinates identifying the star system and he said they're trying to tell us that they come from this star system. What Yeah, which is interesting. Unknown Speaker 24:13 So we got the booties Tim Stone 24:18 here's what's interesting. We'll dive down this rabbit hole for a split second Sure. I wanted to cover this in an episode but I haven't had a reason until now. The bowtie system is a galaxy Alright, it's not a galaxy it's a star system within the boat is void. Okay is the largest void that we know about in like the observable so Speaker 1 24:41 those stars are in the middle. Yes, of this void of this Tim Stone 24:45 void. Well, what what what's interesting is is most most like subsections of space that you can kind of estimate like just the normal density of gas galaxies, like how many star systems you could expect to see in an area of space. This is an area that is nearly 330 million light years in dynamic diameter. There's a massive section of space. In a space this large, we would typically expect there to be roughly 2000 galaxies in this section of space. But obviously looking at it, you don't see that many. They estimate there's only 60 that sit within this void. Obviously, very strange, because you look around this, like the rest of the galaxy doesn't have sections of space that are this just open with nothing in it. They say that if Earth, our our star system was in the center of bodies void, we wouldn't know that there was another galaxy that existed until 1988. Because we won't have instruments that could perceive them. That's how giant this void is. Okay, it's absolutely bonkers. And so this is significant. Because if this signal is true, that their highlight whatever this signal was coming from an alien race, I was saying they were from this star system. Sure. Theoretically, that could explain. Bodie is void of why this is here? Because we don't know exactly. There's some pretty good theories. And I could tell you those in a second. But one of the theories is Dyson spheres. And if that's a Dyson spheres, vacuum. Now remember that episode, we talked about him? Not that vacuum? Unknown Speaker 26:36 Like who did it cover the vacuum? And speaking of the vacuum? One of our sponsors? Yes. Yeah. We talked about it in the Tim Stone 26:45 if you haven't heard the episode, there is a theoretical technology that is yes, that civilizations could create to harness energy from stars. And it's like a sphere that wraps in the garbage of scale. The Carter set sail. Yeah. Yeah. And so the Dyson Sphere wraps around the star and sucks the energy from the star, which would dim the star because it's sucking in insurance. And so if there was an alien race, that was Speaker 1 27:12 figured out how to harness the power of their stars, yeah, then they Tim Stone 27:16 would inevitably spread outwards. And just continue to build these Dyson spheres around stars, which is interesting, because you can kind of see the edges are dim, like they're not, it's like they're sucking the energy out of the stars, they haven't completely stamped them out yet. So it's an interesting concept, if that is what is actually happening there. Speaker 4 27:40 Hey, thanks for being part of this episode. If you want to help us do more of this, you wanna help us grow our show. One of the easiest and best ways to do that is to join our Patreon. It's a way for you to financially support the show, and you get a lot in return, you get access to our Discord channel, you get bonus content that comes out, you get exclusive merchandise, and like live zoom Hangouts, where we're both just hanging out eatin pizza, just getting to know each other. The biggest thing is, is we want to know you more as an individual and as a friend. So thanks for supporting our show. If you don't support us financially, we're not pressed about it. We're not like mad, but I'll find you. So text Tillandsia 66866 To keep yourself from being found. All right, because if you don't, I want you Tim Stone 28:27 The leading theory by most scientists right now about what happened to the boat is void is that it's kind of like if you like, pour some soap all over your countertop, never do this. Unknown Speaker 28:41 And it's gets to my friend's house. You know, used to buy soap Tim Stone 28:50 This guy needs just needs to get real free. Speaker 1 28:53 I met someone knew vitamin or invited him over to our house. And then he took our Dawn dish soap. And then just for a long time, it was like, I'm doing a booty Boyd. And you're like, Oh, it's a booty void. Tim Stone 29:14 Then, you know, when he was done, he said, Hey, look. We were like, No, Unknown Speaker 29:20 that's okay. He Tim Stone 29:22 made us come out there. And he showed us that gouter was just covered in DOD two Unknown Speaker 29:29 stars go damn Tim Stone 29:31 it. But the explanation is that if he pours himself at a counter, you kind of have those bubbles. Yeah. And if those bubbles come together, they merge. And so they said over millions of years, there were a bunch of voids and they've all just sort of merged together to create interesting, really big void. Speaker 1 29:47 So there's some kind of pressure or pocket. Yeah, this Tim Stone 29:51 and what's, what's interesting is you can't really see them super well. There's some dead ones that kind of start to move through the middle. There's kind of like almost like a lie. And then so the idea is that those are the bubbles kind of merging together still forcing those out. So, or aliens are taking the energy from the stars sure Speaker 1 30:09 why it is probably the second one? Yeah, it's probably that's Tim Stone 30:12 the most likely possibility. The reason why these are all connected, because people say, the theories are saying that the explanation for all these signals is it's coming from the Black Knight satellite. And sure, that's where we're hearing these radio signals from this is watching us over watching over us. And it's been here for a long time. And the reason why we know it's been here for a long time is because of that. That guy who translated it, translated it and it said, it's been here for 13,000 years. Geez. And the reason why he knows that is because the this map, the star map, this is the Unknown Speaker 30:48 science fiction writer, right? Yes. Tim Stone 30:52 So the star map, the star map, one of the planets on it is out of position when it should be. And so he went back in time, like, Unknown Speaker 31:01 he didn't go back in time, one of his characters, one of his characters went back in time through the record, Tim Stone 31:07 because obviously, like throughout time, stars move based on the wobble of the earth. And so he went Speaker 1 31:12 through based on the wobble, yeah, while baby wobble baby wobble baby Tim Stone 31:16 started the wrong spot. So the end went back to the record and where that planet lied in the system would be 13,000 years in the past. To the wall. These stars aren't where they go. There's a big old hole in space. That works. Hey, that. So this thing got, it's all up here. This thick guy Unknown Speaker 31:53 you hear this stuff that I go. That's okay. No, that one can stay or a different time. Tim Stone 31:59 So, so people are proponents of shaping Unknown Speaker 32:02 your beard. Tim Stone 32:04 I've always shaved my beard. Yeah, but you've been doing a good job Speaker 1 32:07 lately. You've been better at shaping and a little bit shaving whatever's on the cheeks here. Yeah. And then shaping it. It's just looks even Tim Stone 32:17 good. Just bringing it bringing it down a little bit. Good. Thank you. Speaker 1 32:21 The Black Knight satellite was needed for the other rest of it to grow in right there. Tim Stone 32:25 Now let's do this for you to cut out the rest of it. Anyway, the Black Knight satellite the people the performance of the Black Knight satellite say okay, this thing came here 13,000 years ago to monitor us and it's been watching us sending signals back to monitor in space sending signals back to the bodies void, just kind of watching us and what they're doing. Who knows? There's actually some interesting theories. Could be science could be military use cases. My favorite is we are basically like, this is their animal planet. Yeah, we're their reality TV. Unknown Speaker 33:01 Here his two creatures Tim Stone 33:04 just like that. Unknown Speaker 33:06 Recording what they call podcast Tim Stone 33:09 getting ready for the morning commute. So the this has been here for 30 Unknown Speaker 33:15 seconds because the Earth is only 6000 years old. A long time. And then one day I was like whoa Tim Stone 33:23 what is that? You guys aren't gonna believe this? Speaker 1 33:27 Can you imagine if aliens do come to earth pig and they get in touch with Ken Ham Yeah, I'm saying like that's Tim Stone 33:36 they they land on the White House lawn and the President is like you should talk to President Speaker 1 33:41 all the time is an idiot who goes You should talk to Dr. Ken Ham. And then they're forced to go talk to because you here's what happens is they're gonna believe the first story they're told. Yeah, all right. Yeah. And the first story they told is this is the real Ark. We found it we've turned to this museum. Yeah. Crazy. And Tim Stone 34:05 here's all the animals in it and then the satellite has been been watching over us for years and people have been allegedly citing this thing Sure. Both from the ground and from space ever since Unknown Speaker 34:16 I wake up in the middle of night and it's in my room Tim Stone 34:21 and it's telling me it's subway satellite, like like a landmass? Okay, here's the thing. So this is there's a lot of people who really really believe in the Black Knight satellite. This is a legitimate alien outpost or satellite that's watching us and reporting back to the moon is void. But here's the deal. This has this image has been declassified by NASA. They've declassified all of these images. What the black man satellite people just kind of brush over is the explanation that's come with these images. Unknown Speaker 34:55 Yeah, Tim Stone 34:57 she's what so these This is I think, a recreational Oh, that's Unknown Speaker 35:02 definitely not a real one. Tim Stone 35:04 This was a series of photographs that was taken during the construction, or the assembly of the space station. And what this was was a thermal blanket that was removed from some covering on a piece that they were assembling. And it just kind of started floating out into space. Okay, which is why it's kind of flipping around. And then every shot you see it, it looks totally different. And then this one looks Unknown Speaker 35:30 like fabric. So I was kind of right. You were Tim Stone 35:33 Yeah. But it's a thermal blanket. So somewhat reflective. Speaker 1 35:37 Well, what are we keeping the space station warm? Well, you got to keep the, you got to keep it covered like a Corvette and a carport. Now, well, you Tim Stone 35:44 got to keep the parts covered, because it's cold in space. You got to keep them covered. You got to keep them protected from the sun into the eyes, go out and get your glass on him until you get your gloss glossiness on. Yeah, so this was just this. This was just a thermal blanket that was dropped in space and it took a picture of NASA declassified it and when I was like NASA declassified an alien spaceship. That's Speaker 1 36:07 what I'm saying is that frickin just because it's classified all of a sudden, it's like all you're hiding this liquid now that we're there. Yeah, Tim Stone 36:13 it's classified because you can't talk. You can't, can't talk about blankets and talk about blank. The public kid is not ready to hear about this blanket. That's what the owner of the Snuggie said until he came out with it until he got a patent. And it was at the Speaker 1 36:26 public. And I'll tell you what, I saw the first commercial and my dad lost his job idea, Chris. It's a blanket with articles Tim Stone 36:41 is right. The public wasn't ready for that. They weren't ready for that kind of knowledge. And what's what's more interesting is that when this came out, this whole backstory was created, right? That connected Nikola Tesla and the youth that other UFO researcher and LTE is and all this other stuff that was not connected to Unknown Speaker 37:03 Nikola Yordan and Dunkin. Tim Stone 37:07 Yes, actually. Dunkin guapo Speaker 1 37:13 Well, I remember you're going because like, that's a name that should make a comeback. I don't. I'm Jared, this is my wife, Reagan. This is our beautiful kids. We've got New Orleans. Tim Stone 37:23 It's like it's a combination of your two names your Torrington, Unknown Speaker 37:27 Brittany and your Oregon. Tim Stone 37:31 Everyone would literally think that you were just trying to put your names Speaker 1 37:34 a bit lately, where I because I do about the kids name stuff. So I just been asking like, Are there any millennial parents in here and people go who I know your kids got stupid names. Everyone was like, Oh, no. What are they? Your kids have stupid names. And every mom goes, Oh, and then I go, I'll decide what are your kids names? And this girl? This lady goes, well, my eldest Kyle. And I said, Oh, I said, Okay, that's a normal name. But the worst he's not going to be at any old cause. And she goes, he's gonna die young. And I was like, No, you don't get to say. And then she goes, Yeah, my second is Frank. What was it? Kylie? No, it was like Asher. Oh, yeah. And I was like, you know? Tim Stone 38:27 I think that's just cool, because you can shorten it to ash and that is stupid. Okay. Unknown Speaker 38:33 Well, your name your kid Asher stone. Tim Stone 38:35 I don't think ash or stone flows? Well, Unknown Speaker 38:38 I don't think so either. I don't think any name flows. Well. You shouldn't have kids. Tim Stone 38:45 Thanks, appreciate that. Unknown Speaker 38:47 Stone doesn't flow. Well. That's why she hasn't changed her. She's just at the heart tell you Tim Stone 38:56 legally. Okay, but Duncan, here's the interesting thing. Duncan Lunan. The guy who translated the signal, Speaker 1 39:01 did it. He's a science fiction writer. Well, one. He's Tim Stone 39:05 a science fiction writer. But two, he didn't translate the signal. He's just doing the fictional art. So he translated a signal. Oh, he translated a signal and came out and wrote about it translate this signal. And it was like in the 90s or something. Everyone was like, this guy figured it out. And everyone's like, crazy. Couple years later, he's like, Yeah, I made that up. And then fiction. Yeah. And then Speaker 1 39:25 he's like, Guys, it's literally in my, you know, I was a young adult writer then. And now I've grown up. I realized that you guys didn't realize that was fiction. That Tim Stone 39:36 was fiction. That was fake. That's not real. He he the Black Knight satellite. People pick that up. And oh, he's talking about the Black Knight satellite. And he's like, I never said that. And he's like, also, is it also the one that I was translating was like a signal that came from near the moon. And this was coming from near Earth orbit, the Black Knight satellites. It was like it's not the same thing. And it's like been very vocal. He's got a blog. been very vocal on his blog or check about the fact what's his blog called? It is called Speaker 1 40:11 Black Knight satellite get it? I'm pretty Black Knight satellite get it right 100 Gig right call one 800 Dig right. Tim Stone 40:29 Yeah, he's he's like I never I never said it was that and he's like, You guys just decided it was that and so this is just the whole Black Knight satellite story is this hodgepodge of ideas that got mixed together and blended together to be like, Oh, that's the thing. It's not a thing. And here's the whole moral of the story. Here's why I'm bringing this whole thing up. Sure. Aliens are really helpful. Speaker 1 40:48 And when you make these stories where you're crying wolf Yeah, then people aren't going to believe us that we Tim Stone 40:54 when we do things like the Skinwalker Ranch we do things like Black Knight satellite. It makes you look crazy. There's legitimate stuff out there. We don't have to go. Yeah, all these wires to this weird connection. So Speaker 1 41:07 you're trying to you're trying to appeal to the alien audience to say stop rational. Yeah, Tim Stone 41:15 I waited until the end of this episode where none of them made it to the No, it just bothers me man. It bothers me that we have something that is as legitimate as aliens are. That is so publicly illegitimate because of crap like this. It drives me It drives me nuts. It drives me nuts. Just like math. And all these people who stuck to it this pivot there's a lot of people give bath a bath me. Speaker 1 41:44 As an interviewer, what I've learned is that if you just let your guests talk, if you just sit there silently, they'll say some insane stuff. Because aliens are real. And like a lot of people give them a bad rap dude. Just like common core math. Speaker 1 42:09 This derail is so fast at the end, let's get it back on track and get us into the federal office. What do you Tim Stone 42:24 think last night is a production of space Tim medium produced by Christian Taylor audio by Alex Garnett video by Connor Betts. Our graphics and our logo by Caleb Goldberg and our social media is run by Caleb Walker. Our hosts are Jeremiah and Tim stone. Follow us on your favorite social media platform at Taillon podcast is Ti LL and podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I learned last night. Transcribed by

Have you ever heard of the Black Knight Satellite? It’s a mysterious object orbiting Earth, surrounded by countless conspiracy theories. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the enigma of the Black Knight Satellite and explore the various conspiracy theories surrounding it.

What is the Black Knight Satellite?

The Black Knight Satellite is an enigmatic object in orbit around Earth. Discovered by Nikola Tesla in 1899, it has captured the imaginations of conspiracy theorists for decades. The satellite is said to be a 13,000-year-old alien spacecraft, leading to countless speculations about its origins and purpose.

The Conspiracy Theories

1. Alien Technology

One popular conspiracy theory suggests that the Black Knight Satellite is an extraterrestrial spacecraft sent by advanced alien civilizations to monitor Earth. Believers argue it’s equipped with highly advanced technology, possibly observing our planet for centuries.

2. Secret Government Project

Another theory proposes that the Black Knight Satellite is a top-secret government project, possibly related to space-based weaponry or surveillance. According to this theory, governments have kept it hidden from the public for decades.

3. Ancient Origins

Some conspiracy theorists claim that the Black Knight Satellite is a relic from an ancient and advanced human civilization that predates recorded history. They believe this advanced society could have had technology far beyond our current understanding.

The Evidence

Supporters of these theories often point to mysterious radio signals and photographs as evidence of the Black Knight Satellite’s existence. They argue that these signals and images suggest the presence of an artificial object in orbit beyond the scope of known human technology.

Debunking the Theories

Skeptics argue that the Black Knight Satellite is merely space debris or defunct satellites and that the conspiracy theories are baseless. They assert that many claims lack scientific evidence and are fueled by imagination rather than facts.


The Black Knight Satellite remains a compelling mystery that continues to capture the fascination of conspiracy theorists. Whether it’s an alien probe, a secret government project, or an ancient relic, one thing is sure: the Black Knight Satellite is a topic that will keep us wondering for years to come. While the conspiracy theories surrounding it are intriguing, it’s essential to approach them with a critical and rational perspective. Until concrete evidence emerges, the true nature of the Black Knight Satellite will remain shrouded in mystery.

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Black Knight Satellite – Wikipedia

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