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Hey, man, what's going on? Oh, nothing much. Just introduce the topic. Tim All right, well, I was just trying to but then you interrupted me. This is I'm just summarizing the first two minutes of every episode we do. It's not even close to true. Have you ever heard of got that tattooed on your body forever? Yeah, I did. Is the cool it's just a little bomb. It's like the it's it's actually I think it's the bomb from from Super Mario Brooks. Yeah, so I knew I saw that. Why did you guys it for those Boosa, I think that's what I'm like, what did you that was impulsive tattoo. It was Friday that thirteen. They were thirty bucks and this was one of the ones that I was like hey, now looks cool. We're gonna like put in a explain. You were like doing crooked and a couple weeks. Yeah, it's like he's running down my arm, oh my gosh. Yeah, yeah, well, you already here, folks. I'm back into lives slow decline. Yeah, you were here at the beginning, so congratulations. Congratulations. Yeah, there is an interesting phenomenon yes that I noticed that you and I were talking about you can hear the wind come out of our sales if you listen through the whole catalog. We seem so excited about life at the beginning of our catalog of the podcast, but then as life goes on and we got punched a few times, you can tell like we're just maybe you, I like my life. What are you trying to say? I'm not saying either of US don't like our life. I think we both love our life. We're just realistic now. Yeah, I think. I think we were just bright eyed like Oh yeah, sh out a call Oya. Know, we're the whole. We're dead inside now, for sure. Like I think there was just a period. We were in our early s. The world was our alwayster. We were excited. We barely like had anything go wrong yet. Yeah, and then now it's like, Oh, like we realize my right was three hundred dollars. Of course, I was so happy, you know. I mean, what are you talking about? Now we have like now you know what it is. It's now we sound responsible. That's what it is. I don't think it's that we sound sad or that life is over. I just think it sounds like we're adults. I think there's a genuine thing that happens in your early s. You you go through college or whatever you do in your early s, everybody kind of has this figuring out phase and then you kind of go into real adulthood life, and then when you step into that, there's like this, there's this this twinkle in your eye and you like exciting because you all these dreams about what it's going to be like, and then you experience it and you're like this is harder than anybody's. Yeah, gonna be yeah, and then at what point does wife demoralize you so much and tear you down and just beat the heck? Yeah, that you just impulsively get cartoon characters tattooed on here. Well, point is that? What? Wow, small gradual port is that? What? What pathetic? Point? What pathetic? Well, you know, man, I've been thinking lately. Roll the title sequence. All right. Have you ever heard of sound art? Hold on, just cut this part. We're doing the theme song. Still. Actually put this over the five, somebody. This is the Woll it things I learned last night. I have you ever heard of Count de Saint Germain? What say it again, Count de Saint Germain, or account of St Germain Day is a vampire. Yeah, well, this is a vampire. Technically, is a person people think is a vampire. Yeah, yeah, that's actually well, I want to say they think this versus. What is it? A vampire? Well, I mean sort of. Some people, some people act like he is. I want to say he's a vampire, like he's not, technically, like there's no such thing as vampires. But what Aliens Real? Yeah, what an idiot to believe in vampires. That's so ridiculous. But this is why aliens don't talk to us. It's what we believe in, stupid things like vampires. So here's the thing. He's not a vampire count for some say vampire. He does some pretty vampy things, sampy things, I don't know, bro, that's Super Vaby. That's pretty vampy. Yeah, I don't look at me ors. That's pretty vampy of you, dude, and I can't really the last time I saw my reflection. Dude, I would. I was some friends to pizza hut the other night and I was like, you guys like the little garlic butter stuff and I guy was like aren't you garlic? And I was like that's that's baby of you. That's so vamped. There's a guy who was like man, if you take that piece of wooden over there and stab it in my heart, I'd probably die. That's pretty vampy. Yeah, yeah, I'm glad that you mentioned that. You would die from that, because it's exactly what I was thinking. You're doing. I saw the steaking. Were here, thanks for the war. They also yeah, he just calls me, he calls it a piece of wood. Yeah, that piece of wooden steak. Yeah, yeah, that's wild that we kill people with steaks. And they were like, yeah, because he died, that means he was a vampire empire. Yeah, if, if he was a human, he would have you would have just also died. You would have been less dead. He would have died a little Joe Count of where St Germain, St Germain saying kin. Yeah, so this is an interesting guy. He was a real named Jordan. I'M gonna be honest with you, I don't know. We don't have a real name. We don't have a real name for him. There's a lot of that's pretty vampy too. You. Yeah, that it's very vampy. There's a lot of just mystique around this guy. He's a real guy. We have historical record of him actually living. Okay, he's estimated to have been born in one thousand six hundred and ninety one, oh whereabouts. Fish where their guy, and then he died, theoretically, if there allegedly. Allegedly he died in one thousand seve hundred and eighty four, when he's like ninety. Yeah, so pretty long fruitful life, even for vampire. But here's the thing. So his life, he's he did a few things, he dabbled. He was kind of one of those renaissance man's, if you were man's got it, and the son's men sounded weird. This is the man's room. Excuse me, Miss can you play me to the man's okay, so he did a few things, okay, including alchemy. He was pretty involved in obviously mixing chemicals together and he's pretty involved in Alchemy. Tell me about that new guy you've been seeing? Yeah, he's just really into alchemy. You know, I love humbly is. I've never seen him check himself out in the mirror. He's got this like Cowlick, right, so he's like hair sticks up in the middle, but he just never knows and he has this really weird lisp. But I dude, that's one thing people don't talk about. Vampires got to be ugly as heck me because they can't see themselves. They can't they can't put themselves together. They have really wow, I didn't even think about that. That's how you know. Next time you see an I say you see someone that you're like that some vampy stuff. Man, bro Anytime I see someone with something in their teeth, like I'm hey, you got a little piece of human flesh and your teeth they hey, I have something to tell you, but any just stay really far away from my neck Clo tell it. Yeah, you got something in your your you know, you should have seen that in the mirror. Man. Well, back up man, who? WHOA so he was interested in Alchemy and pretty renown, renowned for it. Renowned, yeah, now and well, I mean if there's no hast tense of renowned. Renowned, renowned. Yeah, pretty renowned for it. He and he would travel around and do his little alcocos. I don't know what that is. He was traveling. Yeah, he was traveling the world. He well, Europe do an alchemy and people were amazed at the stuff he did. He was also involved in the arts and he's actually a pretty accomplished composer. He has, oh, let's see everything. I would know. Six published Sonatas. You know he wrote Paparazzi. Yeah, Pop Papa, yes, his yeah, a lot of people don't know that was a cover. You look at the yeah, you look at the credits for that word. He is. He's the guy from what's that show with the Oh, Yeay, the show with the rapper. Yeah, yeah, exactly. It was talking about. He's the guy that's always like yeah, it's like in the background riding everyone stuff, but you know that's really that guy though, right, yeah, I know he really does that. That's why I was referencing him. Okay, anyways, so six Sonatas, eight Violin Solos and then for English songs, which is a fairly another genre. Oh, yeah, it's an English song. Gott a music to you, right, oh, English, English, it's English, you wouldn't get it. wors song. Yeah, and then like, Gosh, like forty Italian Arias. I think I'm saying that. I don't know. Are you? Yeah, I don't know. If there's any. You would know. I don't know. I mean, I don't know what's I don't recognize anymore in here. Op for the made that's made for love and me. What the made that's made for love and me. Made that's made for love and me. This a Lovin with an apostrophe. Loves like and that's that. Guy's like love and three centuries ahead of his time if he's put an apostrophe on love it. Here's my favorite one, op seven. It's called when he saw my Fanni's face. What are you looking in at me, like just looking at Alex as we look at you, trying to figure out what op means. It's opera. Okay, I don't like the way you said it. It's opera. That's an English opera. anyways. Yeah, so he he wrote a ton of music and he was very talented, sure, and he played a lot of music as well. It was an accomplished violinist, but this is one of this is not what he's famous for. No, he was also a scientist. Knew a lot about just like I don't know how the universe worked. He's also he's a scientist. Me, I knew a lot of stuff. He could that. You could ask him things. Do you know it. I mean it's really good, really stuff. Yeah, about the university stuff. Yeah, you would ask him and he knows it. Yep, he's like, I know that, that's something I now. So he was also a polly map. He was just very intelligent and he knew all how to do a lot of stuff. He had a lot of different skills, but he's famous for he has. There's kind of a legend that surrounds this sure, I assumed. Yeah, I think. I think here's what happened. He would travel from town to town and he would show up to these high courts of like all the the realty in that area. Yeah, so he just walks into the case of the king, to some big ball and everybody there would be like dressed to the nines, like in all their linens and whatever the rich people look like back then. Yep, and they'd be doing their thing and he come in and just like rags, and so you would stand out like a sore thumb. The thing is, people would eventually begin to gravitate to towards him because he was so intelligent and seems good at science. He had he had like that that gift where he could just kind of what are they called the gift of Gab, where he could just kind of talk and Schmooze people, and so I don't. Okay, you don't belong and then he started talking to him and be like tell me more stuff, and like you belong here, and you go, it's just a made made fool of him. You they were like yeah, like so you look at yeah, they're like. They're like hey, you don't ball along here, and he's like do any of US belong here? WHOA? Yeah, Dude, that guy at a party who's so it's so annoying. Do we ready to somebody and that you're just like, like, how's your day going? He's like, well, I don't even live by days anymore, you know, I just live in the moment, and this moment was pretty good. And you're like, I want to burn the house down and leave you in it. You know, I love you. Enjoy that moment. Yeah, well, you're gonna have some rough moments ahead. My friend, last time I ran to work guy like that at a party, I just like I said, you're that's vampy. That's a pretty vampy thing to say. Well, yeah, he was pretty vampy because because people would just gravitate towards them and he tell him about Alchemy, your science or music things. He was into all these things. He was good at like a lot of people do at parties. But here's the thing, here's another thing that's really straining of the party. Playing a violin, but he's got like a speaker next to him. It's actually playing the violin. You see these people outside a target? First of all, that's what you know. If you see somebody outside of like a rass or a target or a Walmart and they got a violin and that violin is playing along with music, they are not playing that violin all right, and you should call him on it. You should walk up and say, I'll give you a hundred dollars cash. Yeah, I'll give you a hundred hours cash if you can play a B flat scale. You just walk up and just put your hand on the strings and do it. If you still hear do it. Yeah, yeah, he just he would walk up to these castles with his violin. Make a whole Youtube series on that of me your fake volume, like fake violinists. Yeah, it's called the unvamped UN. Yeah, he would. He walk up these castles, he throw rocks, at the windows and then he'd hold his violin above his head and then play this song that he he's say anything and anythinking. I he's riding on a cow. That's the law more back then. Right. So he's riding on a cow, writing gotta just holding up the now. So people were just gravitating towards them and listening to all the stuff he would tell. He tell these fantastic tails, but one of the more interesting parts about him is he's wearing these like peasant rags, sure, but all over him, all over these rags and his shoes and like in his hat, are just real diamonds just sewn into his clothes, like he but dazzled his rags what with real, authentic diamonds, like legitimate, and people are like, Oh hey, look at all those diamonds that guy has on that really awful shirt. So He's wearing what are those jeans called? I don't know. I think the girl from your high school they're like randstone Gyeah, and she would always be like you're dumb. You know that girls talks like that, and she was right up. She rose at the puffy jacket, to the puppy jacket with the with the fur around the hood is at Rock Revival Maybe, Oh, I don't even know right, but it's always got a weird smud the brain on the back pocket. Yeah, you know, it's like it's like bells out of the bottom log or something. Yeah, you're telling me those were vampires. The whole time there was a something stupid like Carissa. No, no, it's always a Carissa or a crystal Megan. Crystal Megan Meg in the vampire make it. But it's got that weird silent agent it, you know, talking about M J and Dude, if that's your name, I think you're vampire. I think you're that's great, vampy. Go to everybody you graduated with that fits that description. Yeah, I'll just send him a message and back here are you have? Hey, I don't know where to no, like hey, how's it going, or how you just hey, are you going to try to into it, like the way the es central oils people do with the like hey, girly, you know, and they try to be like hey, I haven't seen or like someone who's like will for us. Girls do that to girls and they try to Locom into like MLM's. Yeah, guys do that. Two guys that they try to like bring them into their like financial portfolios or whatever. Like. Yeah, D does work for a financial planning police. Would love to help you set up your investments. Yeah, it's like, yeah, I know, I would love to unfriend this whole thing immediately. And so, but anyway, not know you anymore and they always reach out and they're like hey, man, really like I just love following along what you're doing these days. Anyway. Have you talked about investing? anyways? Yeah, I've got some investment opportunities for you. So he's great idea for smokeless cigarettes. So this guy. So He's where? But dazzled rags? Yeah, ryanstone rags, and remember that. We'll get back to rhinestone vamp. Well, remember the Ryan Stones, because we're going to come back to that in a second. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. We love our listeners a lot and one way that you can let us know you're here is by leaving a podcast review. Maybe that's a five star thing in the apple podcast at. Maybe you listen on spotify or if you're watching on youtube, leave a comment. We do read all the comments and reviews. We just love knowing what you think about this show. Also, if you haven't yet, go check out some of our other episodes. My current favorite is the identical strangers episode. It's three brothers were triplets who were separated at birth, unbeknowns to them or their parents, as part of a really weird experiment. So there's a lot of really fun stuff we talked about in an episode, but thank you for checking this out. Now back to this one. But he's chiling around from the kingdom to kingdom and making befriendly a disco ball walking right look at like a really raggy disco ball, Disco Day and over here and he's rolling in and he's meeting all these people, making all these he's important friends. Oh shoot, is that where the whole thing like we're vampires are sparkly? Is that where this comes from? Today is ruin the end of this because, like that's interesting. I don't know the whole thing about how I don't know. I was that just a twilight thing, or is that like a vampire? I don't know why I ask Alex has if you would knew. I guess I assume that Alex would know about twilight. But like in twilight their skin is sparkling yes, that a twilight folklore, or is that like a vampire folklore? Vampires outside, that's whilight, have sparkling skin due to there that time prophety Myers being like, you know what, two thousand and eight middle schoolers would love just some spark coli skin due to the crystalline properties of their cells. When a vampires exposed to sunlight, their body will spark. I hate you're reading. This is if it's from a medical journal. What the heck is that? Due to the whatever of their cells? I hate the your reading is. It's like a legitimate source. Everything I can find is just talking about twilight. That was from the twilight wiki. Yeah, I know, if that was like a thing that you know, I don't know. Maybe it came from this guy. Anyway, go ahead. Yeah, and so he somewhere on the along the way, net Voltaire Oh who obviously is a very famous everything. He did everything, and he's super famous for just ripping other thinkers to shreds, yeah, and acting like they're really dumb. But with the count of St Germain, can imagine how he would do in the current thought leader area. I would love to watch Gary V and Voltaire go at it. You know, v Versus V and I would just love twhich me. So, I mean, like, you know, he just gotta like picture you, Bob, getting sure you, the person you love the most, getting shot in the face and then voltaire being all like, Whoa, I don't know how he's spoken. Wha, you know, boo him say anything stands about. His head plays a speaker would anyway. So Voltaire talking about count of Saint Germain. He actually had really great things to say about him. He's he said he was super smarty, called him the wonder man. Well, he knew a little bit about everything, or like that, and he also said, he said, he is a man who does not die and who also knows everything, which sounds like sarcasm to me. Interesting that you would bring that up. You know that he doesn't die. Yeah, it's that's an interesting tidbit to where they yeah, so maybe that, maybe that was a good point to talk about a little bit of the timeline of count of Saint Germaine. Traditional wisdom says that this guy was a, how do you say it? A con man, right, because he would go into places and he would act super intelligent and tell all this stuff and be confident and then people would love him and he get in their inner circles of important people. As far as we can tell, it doesn't seem like he was selling anything. There's not. Yeah, I don't. I can't find any record of him going around and selling stuff. But he was that. He was. He saw it himself. Yeah, he was getting into these circles, setting fishes of being part of the circles, producing his sonatas and stuff. So maybe it was helpful to get into those groups. But he had friends with literal kings and Queens. Where his friends? Those were the people he wrote rolled with, and he wasn't one of them, right, but he got to be around him. So here's The ethology about Saint Germaine. The timeline goes back to about six hundred BC, when the count claims that he received the staff of Moses from his great grandson time of Cyrus. And we have alon hold on. What did you just say? This guy claims? Yeah, so the count of Saint Germain, yeah, claims that in six hundred BC. Yeah, he receives a staff of Moses. Yeah, who's he claiming this too? Well, he got it from Moses great grandsons. But but he's claim he's just, I don't know, toelln somebody like that that stayed in the family for that long. The staff of Moses, you know, I like that. This was just like, yeah, that's my great GRANDPA's stick. Yeah, it's like in the corner of their house. Yeah, that's the stick that my grandpa says that he like turned into a snake and, you know, like open Oh Shan up with or something, I don't know, I don't know. That's right, and read it. Yeah, I mixed my coffee with it. Yeah, I with a staff the little tiny cup and just you have to fullbody move. You can't do your arms, you gotta like full torso just it's like it's like almost as wide as the cup. It's like literally, like what it's really harks every time I put my staff into a coffee, saying spilled coffee don't cover spreads. Yeah, that's how he's put the sea he talked, you know, is bigger than it him. Yeah. So then and then in like three NBC as a missionary in England. And then if this is stuff that he's claimed or people have claimed about him, that's what's murky, okay, is it feels like what happened is this guy told a lot of really fantastic stories about himself and everybody in Europe bought it, and then it was just like yeah, everyone was like yeah, he did. All these people don't know. Why would he say if it wasn't true? Yeah, why would someone like this guy invented lying? Yeah, that was actually what he's known for. That was the first time anybody lied here. Like he fought it. Yeah, he discovered it as a scientist. He's like, yeah, he's very smart. He's like, wait, I can just say things, I could just say anything. So the mythology grew around him and it's honestly tough to figure out. Is these are these stories he told? Where is this everybody else who met him embellishing upon the story of the myth of the count of in three hundred BC, he did what according he was a missionary in England, okay, and then the story goes dark until about one thousandre hundred a D, so like sixteen hundred years there. Yeah, where he lived in the Tower of London under King Edwards Rule for about twenty years. So that's cool. And then the fifteen hundreds he spent time studying chemistry under Francis, the first of France, at some point during those years. That's a point. And then in the s he did all a lot of forts little one thousand six hundred and ninety one. Huh. Yeah, overachiever. Yeah, and then he meant some important people and then in one thousand ninety five seventeen hundred was living in Venice. So that was now he's alive, and then he was arrested and taken to Vienna. And anyways, there's a lot of rest of for why. Probably we just found out that you lied, sir. That's a crime. And so he kind of lived this life side Ward. He's going all over the place, meeting a lot of people and everyone's amazed by shuting the stories tells, the things he does, and then his alchemy career begins to blossom and he begins to talk about how do you make more career out of that? Or I don't know. You go to the Chamber of Commerce, right and you open up and alchemy to regulated business. Obviously you open up the alchemy shop and then you scam all your neighbors and to buying your chemicals school. So one of the things in Alchemy in that era that was super popular was this mythological item called the philosopher's stone. Have you ever heard of it? It's in Harry Potter. You probably heard of it from Harry Potter. Okay, and the concept of the philosopher's stone. Historian said it was my great grandfather's stone. Is Your great grandfather a philosopher? Know, he was Moses his brother and they you know, where the poem you know, when they were kids, they used to hit their the neighborhood kids. Moses us his stick and his brother used the stones and the kids started chanting sticks and stones. They breke our bones, the words will never hurt, you know. And then their third brother said you show my pass and it was a whole thing. Words heard him, you know. Yeah, that's interesting. No, Joe, no, the philosopher's stone, the philosopher's done. So the philosopher's stone was this mythological item that all that alchemists were like, we need, because what it did is it had some unique property that allowed you to term any material. Yeah, I did, of course, into gold. Yeah, obviously, and so you could just kind of rub this stone on it and then it'd be gold. I guess was the idea. Okay. Well, he claimed to have figured out the the properties of the philosopher stone. He didn't really claim to have the philosopher stone. He's figured out how it worked, how it worked, and so he could turn anything to gold or anything. And so he would turned tin into diamonds. And so he's like, I got all this foil for my sandwiches, I'm turning you out diamonds. That's what they use. And he'd stuck it to his clothes because he's like, look at all the coold diamonds I got. So that's wrong, you're telling me from all the diamonds on his clothes is just crumpled up tin. This man's walking over with tattered clothes and Tinfoil, these time oil, and look at my diamond. He's just walking in saying things like, you know, the government's letting tigers out of the Tigers are going to be our new rulers, and people are like, this guy's saying some crazy stuff, but we have to believe him because no one's ever said anything untrue before. He's like they're going to make a tiger, that there's ruling over all of us. Is going to be that the tiger king, and so one chow the tiger kings are coming and wow, as time proven true, you know. And so he crumpling like he's just figured out to make foil. You make it a little dimly. have diamonds that US doing a quick trick with. I mean feodically clear. He made diamonds. He made diamonds. Speaking of quick tracks, there was the trick that he pulled once where I wasn't going to tell this story, but now we are. He there, I don't know, happen upon a dead dog somewhere, and so he brought it back to life and the dog jumped up, ran in a circle, embarked at everyone and then fell over dead. And someone was like, I'm not write that down, and so we've got a record of that apparently happening. Interesting, which to me is like, I mean, if you're gonna heal a dog, he lies right after kill a dog twice. Yeah, it's like it's like that wasn't helpful, like what you just did. I'm not impressed, like I'm a little an look at what I can do. It's inhumane. It's pet abuse, is aren't you impressed? HMMMMMM. So, yeah, so there's anyways there's a couple things like that, as a couple things like that. So he he he met, he was meeting all these people, okay, traveling to all these different places and doing all these amazing things. Well, one day he's at this court in England and there was a duchess there who was very excited to see that he entered because she was like, wow, he looks just like someone. I dog just died. This is perfect. I've not always prayed for just twenty more seconds with my dog. My dog just died and I am really low on diamonds but I've got a lot of foil dogs and diamonds LLC. So she was excited to see him because he looked very familiar. He looked like someone she knew many years ago. She's an elderly Duchess. Oh. So she came up to him and was saying how he looked a lot like this other man that she had known many mini moons in the past. Okay, and he said, Darling, that was me and yeah, he recounted all the events of the night that they met and the experiences that they had together and she was blown away that he remembered and she said, how do you still look like you did. What's your sad day? Then she said you must be ninety years old, and he said, which is a famous quote from him, he said, ma'am, I'm very old, and then he just walked away. That's right, twitter bio. Maybe I'm very old, very I can't wait. What ain't you allowed to start saying themself? You know, yeah, I'm very old. I love old people. I love old people who say stuff like that. Now they know or they're just like, I'm old, very old, like raise great grandma. Every time we go over there, is just like well, yeah, I'm probably not going to wake up tomorrow. You're like what, you're fine, you're fine, you don't be yeah, that's you're write your name on some stuff. That's so. It's like, we're that's so sad. So, yeah, so, and here's the thing. It wasn't just voltaire who had things to say about him. Sure Moses also this, all the step all the staff. Yeah, we found staff. He signed it. Now, Cassinova said, of and he said he's an extraordinary man, and he would say in an easy, assured manner that he was three hundred years old. He would just talk about being ma'am. Good three hundred years old. And then here's what he said. He knew the secret of the universal medicine and he possessed a mastery over nature and he could melt diamonds. All this, he said as a rest rival to him, I don't know, alcohol. He knew the secret of the universal medicine. Then that sound like you all about beer, but that sounds like someone who's just like is a cocktail server who's just like, Yep, I learned the secret of universal medicine. You know what a little yes thing's called shakers. They's called Shakers. I think so. I don't know what they're called with their little sure, sure you know? Yeah, so, yeah. And then there was catherine the great of Russia. M apparently, allegedly, he was a part of a conspiracy that put her on the throne, and so apparently he was involved in the whole what you was at? Who that put her in power? In one Thousan, seve hundred and sixty two, so this is during his life. Yeah. And then in one thousand seventeen and seventy four, this is a little eerie, he met Louis the what is that fourteen in France, and he told them. He said, Hey, there's gonna be a revolution fifteen years just be careful. And then fifteen years from them, you know, well, yours is super famous. Revolution one, seventeen, seventy four, wow. And so he predicted it. And so I leted some people to think he's a time traveler. That event, and also the fact that he's like forty every year. Yeah, so that seems sketchy. It's sketchy that you we celebrate your forty birthday last year and you'd still says forty on your cake this yeah, but then every suburban white mom would be a vampire yard because they're all still twenty nine. You know, only twenty nine. That's my twenty nine. Again. Hey, don't say that unless you freaking mean it. Okay, don't lie. Don't lie any right now. And so then then he lived the rest of his life in Hamburg, Germany, where he became friends with Prince Charles, and I was a guest in their castle and the ones where the one that's still alive, Prince John's. That's pretty vampy, but it's a pretty vappy big of him. Be Queens, do you think the Queens of empire? And she's pretty old maybe I may'am. I'm pretty old and so and that's where, according to local records, where he died on February twenty seventh, one thousand, seventeendred and eighty four. But the the legend of of do we know cause or death? Or did they bury I don't know, death. Yeah, they buried him, I think. I don't know. The according I see is, according to records, he died there. Let's say that you don't age right. Let's say that this is how you look for the rest of your life, but your wife does. Yeah, at what age you go? This doesn't look appropriate anymore. We have to is that a point where you're like, we can't going, we have to part. Yeah, I know we're both eighty, but you look at but you know and I don't, and I look forty and I'm getting tired of the I don't know, slander. May Way people look at me. Mayham, you sorry, what are youse are hey, what dod you start calling your wife Mayham? Will you please do that? She's so mad. Yeah, but like just like see how long it takes for her, like I bet the first time I said it she'd be like what I think I said yes, dear once and she's like, don't talk to me like that, that's fretting, weird. Oh Really? Yeah, because she was like she's like a she feels don't have like she's like that raids. Huh, you guys don't have romance. I think she's a film mygree's like that feels like a weird, like submissive hub husband. It's gross. And Yeah, you're also, you were clearly obviously are, the big man protector type. So that's what's that's what drew her to you. was what she heard. Just rugged my massy. Yeah, that's exactly what it I said. I told her. I said, Ma'am, I'm very rugged, Mayam, and she believes me. Still does. Mayam, you got any chocolate milk? Hey, thanks again for listening to this episode. If you like our show, make sure you follow us on social at till in podcast or subscribe anywhere where you're listening to right now, whether that's Youtube, spotify or apple podcast, whatever it is. And if you want more, we do have a patreon you can support us on. In there you get all sort to perks, like ad free episodes, early access to our content and even a discord with our hosts and producers, so we'd love for you to check that out. All you got to do is text till into six, six, eight hundred and sixty six. That's till in two, six, six, eight hundred sixty six, but thanks again for checking us out. Here's where things get interesting. Oh, after this, he's dead and normally allegedlie. Normally, at this point in the story it'd be over. But, as you know, he's very old and it seems like he just continued, because records of things involving him continue to be in the books. And this is where questions start to arise, because if you look at the story of this guy's life up until he died, you would say this guy was a guy who was pretty good at art and was relatively smart, but probably just moves a lot of people and was a bit of a con man. Yeah, I'm lied about a bunch of stuff, had a big personality, kind of skated his way through life. Yeah, yeah, and made a lot of really powerful friends. Sure. Well, what happens after this is either he created such a persona that the mythology carried on to a point where everybody had to continue talking about okay, or he's still he lived forever. Those are the two options. People, a lot of people, lied, or he's still alive. So in one thousand seven hundred and eighty five, what would this be? A year after his death? Anton Mesmer, a pie like the the first hypnotist, like the big guy who was like I can hit this, cool, the first guy who like I can do and then I don't know, guy to do the way, what do you say to me? I knew. Excuse me, I know this talks. Is mesmerize these guys. I will do whatever he says if I can understand it. He just out and said he's like. He's like, yeah, I'm counts of Saman Germaine, I'm the Count of saying to me, Oh, but which, if you're a person a year after the death, are you after the death? Which is the thing? If you're a person who is period doing hypnotism for a career, I think it's fairly likely, especially in this day and age where you're going to make up something like that to make you sound more credible. So this one of me, sure, branchsing not super interesting. Right. Here's one that's interesting to me. George Washington. George W Bush, here's one that's interesting to me. In seventeen, eighty five, again, a year after his death, the freemasons have a record that show that St Germain was a rep at a convention that they help. Yeah, it make sense. Seventeen, but that's the best the freemasons. I feel like that's a lot more believable to me than you. Trust Mason's over hypnotis where do we draw the line? I think it's far more believable that this guy was a freemason then he that's for that that I was lying. freemasons been around. We should do an episode about them. Yeah, that's a good idea. For a long time, longer than this. And then in the eighteen one joy in the s seem, Margie Jermaine, apparently took on another identity, and so there were these memoirs. This is if ties is forty years post alleged death. Post alleged death. Yes, okay, there was a buybe a guy by the name of Albert Van Damn who wrote about meeting a guy who had a striking resemblance to the count of St Germain, who went by the name of major fraser, which sounds like you're making that name up. Major Fraser, Major Fraser. What's your what's your name? Major Free? Sure, okay, I will believe you, because that's what people do. Yeah, lying is still so new, I feel like it could trust. A lot of people most of the time, still make up ups, are still sorder they have. So here's a quote from that guy, Albert Vandam. He said he called himself major fraser, lived alone and never alluded to his family. Moreover, he was lavish with money, though the source of his fortune remained a mystery to everyone. He promised a marvelous or he possessed a marvelous knowledge of all the countries in Europe at all time periods, and his memory was absolutely incredible. And, curiously enough, he often gave his hearers to understand that he acquired his learning elsewhere. Then from books. Where your Thos Uf, you will never find out. It wasn't books. Where'd you know that? One Month? You what, haven't picked up a book in years, you know. Well, they didn't help. We're listen to podcasts. Yeah, not books. And then he said many of the time he has told me, with a strange smile, that he was certain he had known Nero and he had spoken with Dante and so on, and so he's like, he's like this guy was just confident that he had been around forever and knew everything, not from books. But was he in the military? There's ways major, or was he saying his first name was major? I think it was his first name. I'm not my name is major. And then he just disappeared without a trace. Nobody knows where he went. So That's interesting. And then in one thousand eight hundred and eighty some someone, the s the theosophical society, which was led by Mystic Helena Blavatsky, which is just you pronouncing names, held up Blah Vat's key. So I got you. Know, you sound like is a a person who's hired to be the announcer, like Adua Coach Pitch Baseball game. You know, it's like children. It's not even a real sport, all right, and you're just like next it's Helena bloody, and you're like, what are you doing? That's an interesting what a weird thing, my guy, in interesting point that you've raised about the way I speak about names, the way I speak about names. Oh that's how interesting of you to bring up the way I speak about names. That was a Vampi sentence bro so the Hellta, don't that be to me about the way I speak about names. Sir Okay, Helena Blovatsky. She was a mystic. She was a part of the what it's called the the Theeo, what I said a second I got this theosophic goal society, theosophicals, and she it seems like she was rolling in the same circles that our friends, our recupboard and Oh, what was that other dejack Parson's, Jack Parsons, and the other tea many guy, alice for kralist or Kroldi. Yeah, it seems like she wrote them. I hope that no one ever associates he with that. You know what's that? I don't no one can ever be like, what's the Demoni Guy? We knew? Oh yeah, Jaron, yeah, yeah, like I was just real de yeah, there's a podcast. I don't know how to years from them. It's like, well, there's a really demoni guy in that area named Jar Myers, you know, like a weird so she she if if they were alive like sixty years earlier, he would they would have been it. She would have hearn that circle like those are the people she bowed with, which she claims. Well, she appears in the S is almost a hundred years post death. Yeah, and she claims that he was so alive and working towards the spiritual development of the West, and there was even claim to be a genuine photo taken of the two of them together, which we can take a quick peak at. I'm here's a picture of count of Saint Germain. He looks like every person that was alive in the seventeen hundreds, just like I imagine were from the seventeen hundreds. You nailed it. It's got that like white wig hair and, I don't know, pointy nose and then weird coat, just a weird coat. Yeah, so that's him. Here's here's how the Nablatsky, Blovatsky and him, she's in the middle, is very great. She look like that. He's like a little tem because she's demon. They dude. Yeah, Madam Bolvadski. Yeah, and master's Kuthumi and St Jo and then St Germain on the right, which here's the thing on the right of that picture is supposed to be Sing Germain, and I'm going to be honest, I don't see that a lot of people act like he looks a lot like that guy, but I'm looking at it and I don't feel like he looks a lot like that guy. I guess say there which if he's a time traveler, he could come and some lie faceleft. Okay, so she's in a you know when you go to like a roadside attraction, they got that giant rocking chair, you sit in it, you take that picture and small Furd of this chair. That's her, but real right. Yeah, yeah, and he looks like, look at those boots he's wearing. Yeah, he looks like the hero at Medieval Times. I mean he's definitely got a beard in this picture, which he doesn't in the other one, so that could be a little to see eating. And also this picture is very love reds. Yeah, because it was like a very early photograph. The other guy's got a mullet on the other side. Yeah, we're yeah, he was ahead of his time. He's wearing Santo's coat. The Guy on the actually is yeah, honestly, honestly, here's an interesting thing about this photo. In the middle we have Madamserroni from Yep, and then we've got Santa on the left. But early, like sailor when he was like twenty one. This is a young Saint Nuke right, and then in the middle is Jesus. That's Jesus in the Middle and then St Germaine on the Right. This is a very prolific squad we got right here. I was gonna say, Oh, Soma Bon lock, who you said? Jesus. It's like that's so SAMA black. Look at him a different good know that's jared letto playing Osama lad that he can't tell me that's wrong, he can't tell her that's wrong. But his eyes, that's jared letto playing Osamabon Laden. That is the most accurate thing I've ever heard. Is The eyebrowsters. So it's the eye structure. But yeah, so, looking at this, I'm like, I don't see how that's Saint Germain. Like I just a lot mean. I know this is a wig and I know the other guy has a beer, but the facial structure to me is very different, even though the resolvator. So she grew your I'm mocking you to your face up. Yeah, that's the rugged masculinity. That pretty lost is your ability to push through it. versity. Yeah, no one's gonna make fun of me. Yeah, those only those two did not look alike at all. It unless he just went through. Well, but it's been a hundred years, you know. It looks like he's keeping up with the styles. is in that first picture he looks like a seventeen hundreds guy. Yeah, and the second big, sure, he looks like an eight hunds guy. One quick way vampires always get caught is that they always look the way that they used to. They look tampy. you see a seventeen hundreds or guy, now I'm gonna drive a steak through his heart. Yeah, you know, it's actually happened a couple times. I was you know, it was you look like he lived like three hundred years ago. I'M gonna kill you, I'm gonna end your life. Yeah, and yeah, I did that to another guy who was wearing that Santa coat. turned out ruined Christmas at the Battlefield Mall. So, Oh, interesting. Well, he looked like he's from the eighteen hundred. So I had to take them out. So and in one thousand nine hundred and seventy two, shut up. In one thousand nine hundred and seventy two he walks in the White House and Richard Nixon goes the vampy. Oh my Gosh, yeah, I wish, but it could be present themselves valiant or prevent presents himself as well. I'll tell you what he also did. Yeah, is he joined a NASCAR race. I made off with the Simi. So a guy by the name of Richard Chan Free, okay, he went on TV and France and he claimed that he was this guy, the count of Saint Germain. Yeah, and he why is? Why are we letting that GUY ON TV? You know, I'm saying, like why? It's the same thing that happened when Emperor Norton declared he was the emperor. Why is? I walked into the TV studio and said, Hey, I'm the count of St Germain and they were like no, you're not. And he's like you want to see me turn this ten into gold? And they're like someone turned the cameras on, let's roll it. Do we have the footage of that or I could picture from him it. Maybe I can see if I can find some. I don't have it, but but yeah, so he allegedly, on French television, brought a camp stove and lit some tin on fire and turned it to gold on TV and everyone was amazed. And you don't have the video of that and show me? No, I didn't think to confind it, to be honest with you. I read it. I was like, well, that's pretty good. That's crazy that that exists a video somewhere. That's wild. If only there was a way for us to confirm the we'll look for it in the after the fiddle. Okay, that would have been a thorough thing for me to do in preparation for this episode, but you didn't. Yeah, we need research assistance if you're interested. Actually, you know, we don't need research assistance. We just need the man who knows all history from the all time, if you're a vampire that goes by the name of Richard Our wait, no count of Saint Germain. Honestly, he apparently might be listening to this and apparently, yeah, well, he is a he is a patron supporter. He pays us in diamonds every mood. Yeah, we get them in the mail, hard mail. Later this claim was presumed to be false, which I mean, you probably don't have to say later there it. People probably just presumed, yeah, that's false. They realize a light that's right up it's guys. At this point, lies have been around for at least we were. We know what we don't want to make them ups are now. We've got a word for makeup ups now. But and it was, it was such a it was such a big thing that, like all throughout history, the seventy two the last time we have like a reference to him. But all throughout history, in countries all over the world, they are written records from relatively reliable sources, sure that they had an encounter with Saint Germain or someone who who wrote the description, description of someone who have been alive for a very long time. But we're also saying that a picture of this guy looks like every guy who's been alive in the seventeen it is also accurate. It's pretty broad to be like that could be that, could be that guy. Yeah, because there was no photographs and there's that was the only that's the only painting we see see alive before photographs. was he around before video for video? Shut up. So, but it was, it was such a big deal and so many people knew about this story, that Napoleon in the S S Napoleon Bonaparte, not Napoleon dynamite. Yeah, polly boat of art in the S had formed a coalition to track down St Germain and he had searched far and wide, or at least had some of his people search far and wide for St Germain, and had a lot of records. And allegedly that right when they were about to find or write around, about to crack the code, crack the case of St Germain, right the records cut of fire. There's a guy who stood in front of the fire and said, I passue you another reference to an unreleased episode. I love it, but yeah, so, I don't know, man. Here's the thing, here's here's what we know. St Germain was a real guy who did some real stuff that was relatively important. Sure that at least important enough for him to get some really rich and powerful friends, that he lied to a lot and convinced them he was more important than he was, and then after that, most likely, the legend of his life lived on and people started seeing him everywhere. Yeah, that or he's a time traveler or a vampire or an alien. One of those could be idiot, could be any of those. Another another property of the philosopher's stone, allegedly, is that if you access this and you were to liquefy the juices from the philosopher's stone and consume them, you'd live forever. That's the so if he had the philosopher's stone that was turning on, had to be a vampire to live forever. I mean, I guess not. Huh. I thought that was a vampire thing. I thought that was exclusively vampy. Yeah, exclusively vampy. Well, you know. Yeah, but anyways, one of the things he's most known for out of everything he's done, yeah, is there was holding a fiddle above his head. We said, Dear Satan, Dear Satan, if you let me live forever, I won't fiddle you off. Things are the last night is a production of space tim medium, produced by Christian Taylor, audio by Alice Garnett, video by Connor Bets, our graphics and our logo by Caleb a Goldberg, and our social media is run by Kaylei boker. Our host are Jeremyers and Tim Stone. Fall us on your favorite social media platform at Tillin. PODCAST is till and podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things out. Then, last night

Since the first humans took their first breath, we have been trying to subvert the forces of death. But, to date, no one has successfully unlocked the keys to eternal life. At least, no one has publicly discovered the key to endless life. Legends of fantastic figures that found the secret have captivated people for longer than we’ve been writing. The Count of St Germain is one such mythic figure. This historical figure has long been the subject of stories of everlasting life. For hundreds of years, people have claimed to have encountered the man who, on paper, died 238 years ago.

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