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Hey Man, what's up? Have you ever heard of the man from Tarad? What have you ever heard of the man from Tarid? Where is Tarid? The man from Tari, the man how spill? Tara, Tarad, T a. You are Ed. Tarid. Okay, country of origin? D I don't know. What about John Zagaris? Have you ever heard? Oh Yeah, Zegris, John, John Zegris, John says, Zaga, John, Allan, Couchar, Zegriss, I know. The only Zegriss I know is the guy who really wanted to see Jesus, but he was really short, and so was John. Zegriss. Was a we little man and a wee little man, was he? You know the song? Yeah, yeah, he got still study telling me he was from Tarid. Yeah, the man from Tarid. I mean I think we just about covered it. We're good. Okay, God, spy stuff. I hate when we do an episode where it starts at spy and that's so far the most logical answer. That's not a real county. You're a liar, like cutting people's fingers off in the back room. Things I learned last no, okay, so the man from tared. It's a story that is interesting. It's got a lot of it's there's a lot of stories. It is old as time. There's a lot. Was A man. It's old. That's about the s. The S. It was the S S. He wasn't. I was thinking this a second ago before we were recording. Yeah, about like, because I was going to post that clip of just friends and I was going to put the parentheses two thousand and five, you know. And now there's movies that have the same title of as movies that were the like the S. right. Yeah, yeah, and one day your grandkid is going to be like, Oh, this movie just friends just came out. That will just friends, quanteous and five, and look, well, that was fifty years ago, grandpa. Yeah, yeah, we're going to be old. Yeah, you know. Yeah, they make you feel weird. That time happens. I'm more it's less that time happens more that all of a sudden I'll be sixty seven and I can't control other people anymore. I can't stop them. I had so much a billity I had I could control anybody. I can't believe you said that about that lady. You could beat her up. That's hilarious. And if this is your first time listening to our podcast. You don't need any context for that. That's exactly yeah, I'm pretty sure I could beat up a sixty seven year old lady. Yeah, put that in the ex that's one of those intro clips. I'm pretty sure I could be the US sixty seven year old lady who felt tenzero feet from an airplane that got struck by lighting. All right, well, that's not going to fit the Intro, so we have to say faster. No, Oh, so the man from the man from time. So it's one thousand nine hundred and fifty. It's a crazy story. There's a lot of theories that we're going to get to, but first we have to tell the story. So here's the story. It's an early s the man arrives in the Tokyo. It was just a fun while you're looking at up. It was a fun inner monolog that just played out where you're like there's a lot of theories. Where going to get to him, but first way to tell a story. So here's the story. And it was you helping your brain structure a podcast episode. That was me just like here's the theory, putting out the story. First here been around somebody who's tells bad stories. Yeah, oh my Gosh, man, it is torture. It was the Tokyo Hanada airport. Okay, he landed there and early next s he as happens when you get off of a national flight into another nation, they check your passport. Okay, and the customs officials were a little confused when they saw his passport because his passport was listed as him being from a country called tarred, which they had never heard of before. But they figured, yeah, plenty country to your name on all the countries. I bet she can't. Yeah, I can try it. I can name the one that matters. Yeah, which what it's the heaven you know, I am not as a member of society of her I am part of one kingdom. Yeah, yeah, there you go. That's a good good. Okay. So they they check the country Tarret, and they're like, we've never heard of this, and he's like we who me Google it? What do you mean? Yeah, they have Google yet. And so they're like, what do you mean you've never heard of tart he's a come from Tart I've for it's a thousand year old nation, like we've been in the planet forever, thousand years, and a thousand years is forever, and so they kind of had this little argument and they're like, well, here we've got an atlas. Show US where it is. Yeah, why don't you point it out on a map? And so he looks at it for a second and he goes, HMM, do a different map. Yeah, because this, this is a map of earth. Is this an alien thing? I it's doubt would be. I mean here is that we uni show someone? Oh, yeah, so they point at the map and he points right where this little circle is, which is the country of Andorra. Right, I ain't know. Dora was a place many principalities, about a countries. Is Tiny little country. Yeah, the so if you look really, really closely with a Dno are you can see the borders wrapping around it. Wow, this is this country, smaller than Rhode Island. It's a tiny little it's press. I mean it's pot am, right between Spain and France. Yep, Yep. So very, very small little country on the player of too. It's smaller than warrier countries, smaller than Rhode Island. Okay, tin no country. But he points right there and he says yeah, there it is tar ed and he's like wait, what the heck is in and Dora? And now this man is just as confused as the people that are there with him. The theories. Time Traveler? Well, maybe. Sorry, I want to get ahead of you. So that's a time trouvel joke. Those are time trouble joke. That was it. Didn't get it. Yeah, I know. Yeah, I missed it. I looked at all the cameras hoping that they would get it. Yeah, the game is didn't get either. They didn't rege. Oh Man, freaking idiots. So the time travel joke. So that was another one. That's funny. I'm on my a game today. I'm not entertained. Okay. So they, the Tokyo officials, were like, here's the deal. This guy is trying to tell us he's from a country that doesn't it doesn't exist, and he's pretty confident that exists. And so they're like, how can we verify who this guy is? He's pretty common, he's pretty she's very adamant. Bad. It's real. Yeah, and so they're trying to figure out where the plane come from that he got off of the sky. I mean, like, what flight was he on? I'm not sure on that actually, probably Andra I don't know this guy came from, and I know that our flight just came from a place called tower read and he's saying he's from towred or whatever, like one of this is the pronunciation. Their mess up on. That place Dosn't exist. Yeah, it's not real. No, yeah, he actually landed from an unidentified plane. They're like, we don't know what that plane is. No, you're messing no, yeah, yeah, the plate landed but got off. He got off with them and they they're trying to figure out a way that they can identify this guy. Sure, because he's what's peculiar about this people fake passports all the time. How many fingers did he have? Twenty. People think passports all the time, but they were convinced by this passport. They thought it was. This is real, this is a legitimate passport, and also had stamps from all over the world, like legitimate. He's been other places, yeah, including Japan. He has stamps from Tokyo, the same airport, multiple times in this passport. And so these people are really confused because they're like, how is he okay? If he faked this, he shouldn't be able to have gotten this many stamps in his passport, like someone somewhere along the line should have been like that's not a real country, you're a liar. Oh, I mean, okay, sort of somewhere along the line should have been rude to this man. You're a liar. I don't like the way you said it. To have you're a conspher in a lie. Is that what you do? You go your lier, the long slow poke with the flick at the end. See the water flick off your water bottle? Yeah, I did see it. So they were like what are we going to do? Have no way of verifying this. We can't confirm, I mean we can confirm that this country doesn't exist, but this passport is convincing. So they start asking like well, what are you gonna do here? Is Like I'm here on business, I'm here seeing the same cloud of seen multiple times before. I'm staying in this hotel. And they were like okay, we're going to look that up, and so he's like, I don't think you should. They might not remember me. I've only better like twice, you know, so that I not remember that. You should do that. Why? Because I am a liar. I don't think you should do that. So they call they call the business you're supposed to have a meeting with and they're like, you know, we never heard of the guy. And then they call the hotel and the hotels like, we don't have a reservation for the guy. And then so now the man from torred what's his name? Man From Turret, we don't have a name for him. Don't have a name. Okay. So now he's getting really Frustrat at it because he's like, he's like I I've met those people multiple occasions, like how do they not remember me? Like I've got this booking confirmed, like I called them last night to verify, like I've got a booking at that hotel. I've clearly have a passport. There's the stamps. I've been here before and this is never been a problem. And so he's getting visibly frustrated right and the officials are like we we don't know what to do in this situation. For All we know, you could be a spy or some scammer or whatever, like, who knows who you are, or a liar. We deal pretty harshly with liars here at the way. Don't or like liars. So you got to go through TSA and a lot of ty contests there. Are you telling the truth? You guys? Just one suspicious guy. Did you fly here? Yeah, they always do that, like look with their eyes, with so. So, after question him for a while, they realize they weren't get anywhere. So they said, hey, we're going to get some higher up officials. Yeah, I took them talk to you and say if they can give the bottom of this, because we don't know what to do. But they said we can't just let you just go Rom Tokyo because, like we said, we don't know who you are, right, you could be a bad guy. And so they put they put them up in the hotel, the airport hotel, and they put two armed guards at its door. Oh San, they're like, we don't want like, if this is a real legit thing, we don't want him go anywhere. happening. Yeah, so they lock them in there and then the guards stay posted there all night and then the next morning the officials arrived at the airport and they went up to the room for questioning. They got there and he was Gore. was rolled away. The door was off the hedges and upside down three feet and like what did someone roll this door away? Why do you look for the man from tour it here. His clothes are just like laying on the bed. He is not here. Wait, so he's not in the room. He's not in the room and neither are any of his documents. The passport's not there. He's not there, none of the evidence. you go out the window. Happened? The windows sealed chat and they had guards, like they had guards at the door. But they mean, this is the airport hotel. It's not like you can just jump out of window and everyone would be like, that's okay, it's normal. Like most hotels, if you jump out of window, people like hey, that's a really peculiar thing. You see in the we're you know, depends, you know, super eight are like again, yeah, I mean most people leave out of the window and super eight gas through the Doorston't open. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like our show, make sure to leave a podcast review in whatever platform you use, or, if you're on Youtube, drop a comment if you want to listen to another episode. My favorite right now is Jose Cant Sayco. It's this guy in the MLB who really brought steroids mainstream for the sport and did a lot of other just absolutely insane stuff, and there might be a little bit of aliens in it. So check that episode out. It's one of my favorites, but thanks for being here. So it became this massive urban legend where people were like, what happened with the man from Tourret, like was the story here? Yes, happened, because it's a peculiar event. And then he disappears in it makes it even more because right, all right, so there's a few theories. So let's take a look in theories three. Number One. He's a spy, obviously. Yeah. So, so the idea here is that was he bribe the door guys, know, to get out? I don't know. So. So the idea here is that some nation built this fake country, passport and everything, and we're sending them around the world to do spy stuff. So go do spy stuff. Yeah, we'll give you some. WHIS my job description. I don't know, spy stuff. Look around, just look. You know that. You remember that those book I literally was about to make an eye by joke. I literally was about to make like here, training curriculum is just these books. Yeah, yeah, tell us. Everywhere where you see I don't know, a Spool of yarn, Dude, and I'm telling you what, as a kid, I I know I was annoying, all right, because my parents had those in the car. Yeah, which meant that. Now I'm an adult and I know that that means. They were like, why don't you look at your book? Yeah's your book man, trying to find some stuff. Yeah, look for I don't know anything. And I was like why, and they're like, I just begging. You need to look. I think it's like. I think what's going on here is it's a guy who got a job with the FBI and his mom is like, why don't you let your little brother come to work with you? And he's like here, we'll make up a passport instead of just to look for some spools. If you are all right, you you have to the key to good lies, to convince yourself. Yeah, you have to have to believe that TOR it is real. Yeah, they waterboarded them until he's from stre it. I'm they're tasting it at the same time. You know, I FBI's pretty wild. They're pretty crazy. What's Crazier, too, is that it wasn't the FBI, you're wrong. It was the FDA. The FDA is water boarding them and chasing him. What the FDA was like the FBI, but like a darker like they oh dude, like, but they're we his guys of like, yeah, we're just trying to protect the cow. So here's what I'm saying. I want to do several TV shows, but one of them is definitely going to be like the health inspectors. All right, but they are real in his job. Yeah, very yeah, that would be pretty great, like cutting people's fingers off in the back room. This is a very snittor. You'RE gonna have to clean this up right after this has to clean this up. Yeah, there's like a really dark mofia tire. Yeah, so, yeah, so the idea this guy was traveling around spy and on stuff. Yeah, and that's how he's gotten all the the stamps in his past. But sure, right, it's. It also has the know how of how to get out of this hotel room. Yeah, it's, but it's peculiar. Yeah, probably was was. He's probably hiding in the walls. I don't know if you've seen those story. This is real. I don't know if you've seen the stories of like the hotel rooms or behind the mirror. Yeah, yeah, having, yeah, he's like the watchers. Have you found what's in the walls yet? Found was in the woman feeds for it, man from Tor it ridiculous. Yeah, and and what's peculiar about this is one. Why did every country just let him in with a fake passport? Sure some of them should have. Maybele should have noticed. Somebody should have called him out earlier. Yeah, it's she should have been in any should have gotten into Tokyo multiple times. Like this is strange. But if he was a spy, I mean theoretically they be able to figure out the freaking apples. Trusted people. It is true. It is true, especially if you were just confident, like yeah, people would just believe you. Dude, people have always been dumb and and back then to you can google it. So, like you knew you couldn't easily verify things. You knew there's a lot of countries. You're there, chicken, a hundred passports from this flight. You see and he goes, yeah, it's there on the map. It's between Spain and France. Yeah, you know. Okay, M Yeah, you've never you can't google it. Yeah, I've never been there. You just just the guy I guess. I don't know. So, yeah, so, and I'm airport security was way laxer then. So maybe, and maybe they paid off the guards or maybe they snuck in through the window and figure out a way to steal it, right. Know, it's like they could have found a way. They so one option is that he's a spy. One options he's. The other option is that he has a time traveler. Yeah, I knew that was an option. Yeah, so the idea is he's had there, most likely from and then he gets in the room and he's like, well, this isn't gonna work for me. Yeah, I need to try. You think he's from the future, from the past, most likely, the future? Most likely. You're right. You're right. That was a stupid question. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I was a stupid question. Be Very strange for him to be like a medieval night and him to just walk in the airport and be like here's my passport. Yeah, I probably would be dressed like a medieval night though. Yeah, but, like, I mean, if he gets up, my understand you figure out time travel. Which direction are you going? I mean, it depends what I want to figure out. I feel like you're going to go a few times, like I'd probably got the future because I'd be curious things. See You, I'm saying, yeah, and then, but then I probably also go the past because I'd be curious about some things. Well, but I'm saying back and forth. There's no country called tour it now. No, and there hasn't been in the past. So never be the future. Yeah, so it's got to be the future. So you came from the future at least a thousand viously, obviously, thousand years. Obviously, because he said that the count she's been around for a thousand years. So it's got to be at least at that. Are we going to start? He might, that was what he came back to do. You came back to start his country. So I mean to believe this theory, you got to believe in time travel, which a pretty big lead today. I mean, there's a lot of reasons to try to debunk this one, but we're going to start with the obvious. Yeah, yeah, I believe in time travel. Time travel, we don't know yet. We just don't know. Can't prove it. Well, okay, we need to make a pact right now that, if time travel exists, sometime in our lifetime. Yeah, then we need to come back Monday may nine at for forty PM. Okay, and so that way we know, hey, time travel is not real. Time travel doesn't exist. It could happen. Never, never, in our lifetime. NOPE, it won't happen that. We're not going to talk about anyone. We're we're done noting. Move on it. Will never talk the other theory. The other theory is that he is an alien. I saw your eyes. I'm just really sweaty over here. I know I'm really nervous. I saw your eyes be like he is anyway. All right. So obviously that's a theory. Yeah, obviously he's got to be an alien. Most likely scenario here is aliens. Yeah, flew in on his little spaceship and Tarad to the airport. Yeah, you think the space ships are landing and international airports? Yeah, they fluid. They flew in over old on. Wait, what are they getting? A touch and go? Yeah, they flew over Tokyo Hanetta airport. And what is that? What's their symbol? I have no idea. What is it? H D. They flew over H D. they're like hd tower. This is this is alien hd tower. This is alien, eight niner. What do you say? Like yeah, requesting, requesting permission to land gate six B, Full Stop, and they're like yeah, yeah, aliens, Permission Grant. Yeah, aliens. Yeah, coming in the left back. So they landed and got out and then one of them stayed. What's his name? Val flew to Washington DC, and then he came and he was like, I need to speak to your president. Oh, okay, so you're saying that from space they land in Tokyo. Yeah, and then from there they just first the rest of the world. Yeah, just one guy got hung up because his documents weren't accurate. Yeah, because, well, they had passports, but it was from Mars, tards from God, and they were like the humans are not smart. Just tell him it's not tell him it's a nurse. Looks on Earth televisit Earth country, and they were like the believe it, they're not smart. We've done this before. And he's yeah, I've done this a hundred times. But this one guy was like wow, he's smarter than that. They caught him in a lie because he is an alien. He's an alien. He knows. He said that's from Mars. I'm thinking you a liar and an alien it and I am a time traveler. We're not allowed to talk about that anymore. So here's the whole thing. I'm like, why are the runs? We don't know the name of the thing. This feels like an urban legend. The the alien is far fetched ally, but do we have any evidence of this other than just like Oh, the man from Turret? We'll get there. Last, last theory. What do you leave a clip on tie behind? We talk about we'll get there. To two our theories. Okay, there. So the other theory is that he is an interdimensional traveler who flipped into our dimension from another dimension. So how on his fight and in in this is. This is Stephen Hawkins, Tad Stephen Hawkins. Miss Stephen Hawking saw this and was like I know what happened here. Now Stephen Hawking has a theory that there's many worlds. We talked a little sure about it and every worlds just slightly different from each other. I'm saying I hate when we do an episode where it's starts at spy and that's so far the most logical answer. Hey, thank you again for listening to this episode. Making sure that you don't miss one in the future. Go ahead and subscribe to this podcast, whether that be on apple podcast, spotify, Youtube. You'll get it alert when we drop a new episode. And if you want more, if you want something a week early, you want to be part of our discord, more access to us as creators, you can support this show on patreon. Helps us go a long way. Nothing that we're doing is possible without our patreon supporters. If you want more information about that, please text tilling to six, six, eight hundred and sixty six. Thank you so much for being here. So something happening? Is there? Yeah, he blipped into the only one another in plane. Imagine that, though. Yeah, well, he probably didn't notice. He's probably fine on his plane, falls asleep, wakes up and the passenger next to him different as I I mean that must have I'm saying that. Imagine a three the passenger next to him, you sitting there watching up hers also. So he's asleep, like so did you just yeah, I was late. I was late to the fight. I didn't make it to the gate and time. What? Okay, all right. So, yeah, and then he blipped in, landed and he was confused that no one knew at tar was because in his universe. Tarts real on this whe's from and he's traveled a lot. He doesn't know that. He bled everything down to the flight path. Is the same. Yeah, because in the many worlds theories at everything exists, everything that compossibly sains, every scenari that con possibly exist exists with the one possible variation, because there's infinite worlds, and so every world has every possible scenario in it that could be the exactly same but one details different. Okay, is the theory. So he blipped and then had this whole encounter and then while he was when he went to back to sleep in the hotel room, he poked back, woke up and he was and then he walks out and there's no guards and he goes to his business meeting. He's like that was a weird dream. And then so he's still stays in the same hotel in this multi universe. Yeah, I mean the universe is the same, okay, it's just slightly different the home. Only difference is Tart isn't there and he blips in there. And okay, actually and Dora. Not a lot of people leave that theory. A lot of people want to believe that theory. But okay, there's not a good reason to believe that. Yeah, what's the last one? Here's the thing. I don't like it. I don't like right now that anything that you start with. Here's the thing. I want out, I want to fiddle it off and I want to be done with the episode. Here's what we needed. We need to many time. You're leading back and I'm like, what's the last one? You Go, okay, here's the thing. We need to make a pact that if interdimensional travel ever becomes a thing where that we will, will come to this moment and every possible universe right May, may night, at for forty six eight shot cut. The shot cut the show. interdimensional travel is not real, not real, and that theory is a farce. Could never happened. There's no way, not a chance at all. I can't. We're never going to talk about intern dimensional shovel again. What's the last theory? The last thing is that is made up, that this is just a big old lie, whole stories. That's true last year. Is the one you thought the whole time. And Yeah, you really ruin the ending there, Jarem, because you were life. This is no way, this is real. And it's like Hey, I'm trying to say we'll get to that. No. So here's what happened. Everybody, I mean this was an urban legend since the S. it's been around for a long time, right, and everybody had their opinions on what the truth was. There's the people who thought he was a spy, right, because the people who thought he was it was a fake story. It was all made out, right. And there's the people that thought it was aliens and then there's the people who thought it was two things that we don't talk about anymore. It's so for years. It's just kind of stayed this way, okay, and the only reference that we knew of where this ever, like the evidence of this story, Hmm, ever existed was from a book which was a like collection of stories from an author named Colin Wilson and John Grant. Well, I'm wondering, like if there's like police reports or activity of the of the we don't have any of that, right. I'm that. And so we all we have as this book that came out and eighty one from a like a short story book, and in the stories in there, and that's all we've got of any. Are the other stories and it made up. I don't know. Actually, I don't know. I don't answer that. That would have been a good thing to look up, for this would have been if you just the story from a fiction book. Now, here's some thing. Okay, here's the thing. So, so you're gonna believe this? I have a story to tell. You may tell it. Yeah, tell me. So, there's a little girl. Yeah, she's riding her bike to a grandma's house. Right, well, she's your grandma's house. I thought she was walking. Have you heard the story? I'm pretty sure. Well, I don't. I'm not allowed to say why. I know. If you don't have the context of our jokes, then that sounds real rough. That sounds like you have a restraining order against the child or that you're not supposed to be in this neighborhood. It's like, I'm not about to say wow, I don't. I know that. She Sho she rides a bike, as you walked everywhere. It doesn't even following some girl around. So, anyways, girls riding a bike goes to a grandma's house. Right, our grandma sounds real gargoy that day, just real, like hey, you know, you sound real cord, you sound real rough. A's just, you know, I fell out of a plane or whatever, and so, you know, she's like, well, what big ears you have now I don't know if it is true. The theories are all over the place, but you know, one of the theories is that the the grandma was a witch. Really, yeah, yeah, what's the other one? It's that a wolf. Two theories. Well, that's all made up. That, yeah, it's all made up. Well, here's the deal. So I most people were like, yeah, it's made up for years. Right, it hits the Internet, the Internet, the Internet comes out, and then it hit the Internet and then it does one what you gave the time. Why? Events there? Yeah, it's the Internet visit. The Internet comes down, because so the Internet lose. They when they got to the Internet, it, you know, took off again. The story took off, people started to love it and then some reditors, they started doing their digging. Yeah, and they ended up solving the mystery. So here's the solution. What? Here's the solution? Pretty serious. I'm serious. Yeah, they solved it. So here's what happened. There's two stories that got blended together. Calm. There was a story from one thousand nine hundred and sixty of a one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine, October nine fifty Nin nine man by the name of John Allen Couchar Zegars, which I remember. I brought that Guy Yup. That's right, we're got saying. Well, I asked if you if what was his name was, and I knew you had said one. Yeah, but then you were at we're how a name, and I was like well, okay, but you said it's so confident that I was like all right, yeah. So this guy, he entered a man with his wife and then three months later he was arrested by the police. Say This is a rest? Huh? He was arrested by the police. By the police because he was trying to cash two hundred thousand dollar or two hundred thousand yen check and a one hundred and forty white fiftyzero. She started over. She's what he was trying to cash? A bunch of checks. Okay, and they were like wait, these are these checks come from a bank that does not exist, and he was a good does and they're like Noah, doesn't. And he was bank of tour it and he was like yeah, I can point it to it on the map and they were like go ahead, yeah, does it matter? That's a basking robins. And so they took am for questioning and they realize he has just a bunch of just fake documents, fake checks, fake passports, all this fake stuff that he had been using to travel the world with. And so he came up with this fake bank from this land singer. Yeah, yeah, Taminara set Tam in our set, which is an actual province in Algeria. Okay, right here, province in Algeria. He said he lived north of the Sahara and was part of the country called Tar Rag, with a g Tar Regg. And so he made up this bank and he was traveling with these fake checks and these fake passports and just kind of seeing the world for free. Sure, and they caught him and he ended up serving a year of jail time for that and it was interesting news. It got published in news around the world. How much she all time? Would you do travel the world for free? I'm he only got a hear. That's why I'm saying he was really adamant about not going to jail, because when he was in court on his day of his sensing, when they read all his sense. He spit out a piece of broken glass that he had hidden in his mouth and attempted to slid his wrists, but but the guards caught him well, for he was able to do it, which is very interesting to me that nobody noticed at all during that day that he has broken glass in his mouth. Like all right, how was a defended? Please, no, littlefull, sir. What's in your mouth? You know who. I've got a bunch of marbles in my mouth, like the disturbed guy. MM, I'm just waiting for you to tell me I'm not guilty. The disturbed guy. Yeah, disturbed the band. Yeah, I heard that. Know that, the guy from disturbed in the band. I don't know if it's true, but the myth, the mythology around him, was that the way he managed to successfully do that raw sound was he put a bunch of marbles in his throat and the marbles would slide up against each other and then he would spit them out after he recorded that, and that's how he made that sound. I don't know if it's true story, but you don't know it. You know things you really you don't know. I don't know if it's true story. Yeah, but let's make a bat for April, throw marvels on our throat all. Right, then we have to go back to the studio on me like at four hundred and fifty six. The marvels help us do that. You can do anything with wow. So he gets convicted and he goes to prison. Right, right. So that story was taken. Okay, there's another story, very similar story, where a guy and the nineteen s was a spy and he was traveling on a fake passport because he's this by, because he's a spot, because it's fine. Yes, and this fake passport was ended up being his downfall. And so the the Japanese government caught that it was a fake passport and then they caught the spy that way. Sure. And so they kind of took the two stories together. Where is the disappearing the hotel room come from? But it is. They made that part up to make the story interesting, or interesting her, you know what I meant. So, yeah, tell interesting her stories. So they said the guys wasn't the names John Grant and con Wilson. They were writing this book. They knew about this urban legend. They said, Hey, let's take that urban legend, let's embellish it a little bit and then we'll sell a lot of copies of our book that way. And they did that and it worked and they made a decment of money. And then a bunch of people in the Internet thought that time travel and inter dimensional travel was real, which it absolutely is not, one hundred percent not real. You're not over iterate that enough. You got to be an idiot to believe that's to be just such a young guy to see the worst cognitive ability person. You've got to be so just on interesting. I can't believe you got to be interesting. Was You believe that made? That's so uninteresting of you. It's most other interesting. Is An uninteresting person thing to say. What an insult, though, you know. Wow, so you're uninteresting right now, coming off real and interesting. Yeah, so they figured it out. It was. It was two stories that kind of got blended together. In the way they found it was because they found the newspaper reports. They ended up chasing those newspaper reports back to the court case. And what's interesting is do is Internet's wild this, this case the John Zegris case. We actually have documents from the UK where there was a big diplomatic meeting where they were arguing about it because they believed, after this event, that passports weren't legitimate and because, yeah, they were too easy to fake. Right, and so there's a big back for the ended up saying, yeah, it's fine and let's keep them. Yeah, but if we fix this, how would our agents get across? How would we fake it? You know, that is legitimately, though. That's like, that is straight up. Probably it's probably redacted in there. That's why, I mean, I think that's why they don't do things easier. It's anything like taxes. It's difficult because WHO's making money on it? Yeah, that's the conspiracy theory person in my head. Yeah, you know, I think that the government is actually doing it. The government is doing nothing. The government's doing nothing, not involved. Our they passports are sure really good of doing stuff, and so our taxes. We I want to pay more. If I could pay more taxes, I would. Sometimes I throw in an extra tip the government. Yeah, could you guys, you guys, except tips here. Yeah, Hey, just here you go, sir. This is the other little extra for you. It'll spit it all one place there, the United States. So all right, well, they figured about then. Yeah, they saw that the man from tard is just lie. Maybe the read at people can help us find our fiddle off music. Things are then, last night. is a production of space tim media, produced by Christian Taylor, audio by Alice Garnett, video by Connor Bets, our graphics and our logo by Caleb Goldberg and our social media is run by Caleb Walker. Our host are Jeremyers and Tim Stone. Fall us on your favorite social media platform at Tillin. Podcast is Tillo and podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I doned last night

On a hot summer day in 1954, a man arrived at Tokyo Haneda Airport. Since the man came on an international flight, he was required to show his passport to be stamped. Upon viewing the man’s passport, officials were shocked to find the country that issued the passport was called Taured, a country that does not exist. The man was shocked when he attempted to show the location of his country on a map because the location that he called home was not Taured on this map. As quickly as the confusion began, the man from Taured disappeared. Now we’re left to decipher the situation. Was this just a hoax, or did the Japanese TSA come face to face with an inter-dimensional traveler?

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning and laughing a lot while you do, you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




Man from Taured – Snopes

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