Valiant Thor – The Alien Who Lived in the Pentagon


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Hey Man: what's up, have you ever heard of valiant thor what valiant thor valiant? Yes Thor? Yes Valiant Thor? Yes like for what I don't know, how many times I can co Yeah Yeah I've heard of valiant for that's that college is that was like Valiant Thor Tech. You know, Oh my God. No, no, no you're, gonna, you're, gonna HATE! This episode is in an alien one. Is it an alien one? Okay, you a picture of her. I can tell you by the picture: If he's crazy, I'm telling you right now somewhere approaches me and their argument against nukes involves aliens, I'm I'm not pro duke, but in that situation I'm pretty prone rats. A new book called Matthew, Mark Nuke and do- and it's like a case mixes a male things. Okay, go ahead! So so so there's this guidance valiant thor owes not ly. IN ONE T S A strange craft landed land in in a field outside so dumb. Wait till you hear the story. Okay, all right go ahead, so I'm not going to say anything but O Tis. All you did have fun so landed in this. This field outside Washington, DC and the police were called. They show up on scene and when the craft opened up like the gate opened, they immediately drew the guns. Expecting a funkia craft. Explain the craft is a dis, don't have any information on the craft, they expected the inhabitants to do the same, to draw whatever inter planetary weapons they also had, but they were shocked to find a peaceful man walking out of the cap craft. Okay, let me tell you, let me just go to yeah. Let me tell you from the beginning, okay, so here's the thing this story is ridiculous. It is, it might possibly honestly be the most ridiculous story. I tell you on this show. I don't believe that, and I'm I'm really honest with you. I know you told me at Sigmund spent ten years of his life dissecting eels. So that's a Tory, that's basically, but this ore is made up. That's what you're saying I heard it. I think we all heard that every single one I was like in that one was true as opposed to the crap I'm about to speel. I've got it. I don't really buy it, there's a chance, though, because I don't buy. I don't change, I don't buy the story. I'll tell you there, but there is a chance that I do and the reason for so the reason for that chance is because there is a handful of prominent figures in the US, like high ranking officials in the military and in the government who corroborate the story who they hadn't corroborates a strong word. They haven't said that it's wrong. No, that's that's too weak of a word. They have. They have referenced Valiant Thor in passing as if it was a normal accepted thing, and so they haven't said they haven't gone out and said, or you just out to lunch with one of the generals. You know he's at macallisters, tin and he's just like yeah. I mean that movie just kind of reminds me a lot about this, like valiant thor incident anyway, how's your Tuesday. I've never told you what Hal Thor said to me on my thirty sixth birthday. Well, you know, and there we were it was. It was pretty crazy because I mean, like my this fantasy league right that I did you know it was at a time where JFK wasn't president yet right. So he was in the League and then there was valiant thor and he just got really bad in the league, but JFK won that year and he was like hold on back up. What did you say a you know: JFK wasn't dead. Yet that's what I said you like. No, no. I understand how time works. You know, but you said something about. I understand that it's bere one thousand nine hundred and sixty three sure valiant for yeah. Can you talk so spacecraft opens police surrounded, ready to kill whatever comes out peaceful man, humanoid human human in man, herson human, and he says he says: Hey, I don't mean you guys any harm. I need to talk to your emperor, your where is Josh Wa. Take me to the emperor of the United States. This is I need to talk to your president, but he didn't say it. It was telepathic now you're. Joking, are you serious and the police? Are you serious Tom? Are you joking did he, as you were saying that he said it telepathically shot of the police? For whatever reason I just I like, okay get in the car and they drove him in the DC to the Pentagon and they just pulled up the PEDACO and say hey. This guy needs to touch the president and the Pentagon or the Pedaga like this, isn't where he lives. Suppose for the wrong house yeah. This is the giant Pentagon. This is a dark Pacothi. Is the Pentagon house he's at the white he's the white one? This is the tandarees a lot of white building here, no he's at the White House. I like okay, so they go to the capital building and they're like we talk for the president and they're like like you guys are police officers, you locally, you should know where the White House, how did that guy just say that to me without moving his mouth? You see some kind of good trilloes vitalis tore over here Sky Coss, like only time after people can see with the big eyes and great of puppet right in a very talented Ventura, CIS right and so a million four yeah. He does a dumb voice to yeah you're right instead of doing a normal voice, he decides to do a cartoon. Is She does the alien voice? Ll, I'm relume to foe? Take me till your emperor, you know so they go to the Pentagon. They got the Pentagon and, as the story goes the Pentagon as this yeah, this is all made up. You can say whatever you want and it'll be just as true as what actually happened. They seem to be ready for him like they were in a go, was like. We heard the message to yeah. They said yeah, we know he's here and they take him to the Pentagon into the Pentagon, to an elevator to the mile underground yeah to the Pentagram Chamber of the Pentagon. Now that's that Er that the elevator takes a do a wrestling ring in the middle. That's the Pentagon. You know it's just like free, so this at the pen I mean that's: What's at the middle of the Pentagon, is the freaking alien fight club right because, like all the stuff they're getting you know, yeah originally the USC was going to have a Pentagon, but the Pentagon was like hey. We've got that train surly on go to go on if you'd like. We are Pentagon, TM, sorry about that, so they they take them down to the basement. Where there's a subway that goes to the White House secret subway, nobody knows about it, except for the people who know about vally, thor yeah, there's a subway and also a subway. There's a secret subway we're going to take you to the secret subway. Oh really, does it take us somewhere. You ever been to a subway before yeah you're Goin to get a spicy Italian. There Wal get yeah, I secret some way and like it's just it looks like a dingy old place and then someone goes and like all the stuff. What's over and like this employ this like sixteen year old kid walks out is like. Do you want a footer? A six inch, Oh, no sorry, we're out of Italian names and she a honey ote. I understood, and then I I don't know what's in the Pentagon, so you gets Onin the sun of the pentagons. Listening to this and they go. Oh, my God, the you guys have figured out that we have an a week and ilses a proud sponsor of elw right and our podcasts. So they take him to the White House and he gets the White House and at the White House they were like yeah. Let's go talk to the president and so the where's, the subway station in the White House where's that pull up to the basement right where the White House, as basement so a but I'm saying like. Where did the stars come up at you know the basement? No one's hearing like the ISBA train, yeah, they tell them it's the Wifi, it's like! Oh, that's, just a WII super loud yeah, really mine's, quiet yeah ours is ours, is yeah sounds like a train. I don't know when you got top secret info running through that Wifi. You know it's just pretty. It's like fiber, but yeah, and it's like really I mean your wife- is one yeah, the wifies loud. Let it go, stop asking not the Wiffin, you stove, if you as to the I in an I'm, pushing you in front of the Times what tracks the wife I tried. Don't you know how you want to go, see the basement. That's a really great! It's not white! I mean composed the rest of the house like we've painted it. You know pretty surprising. If you want to see it, yeah I'll show you I'll show you so sorry. Let me ask a different way: Do you want to see the basement? Hey, really exciting news October thirtieth and Kansas City Missouri, we were doing a tilling live show. Please get tickets there available right now until and we're going to have special guests, a live episode, Q and a bunch of stuff tim right now is researching. If we can get a monster truck there you're going to love it. If you were anywhere near Kansas City or you're able to get there, we want to see you there. So please go to the website. I am by those tickets because the spots are limited, so let's hang out and just keep making some amazing magic stuff together, fit off huh, so he gets to the president's office, the Oval Office, if you will, and the president talks to him and is very interested and everything else to say so long very short, basically valiant thor is saying: Hey new, so dane the were calm valiant thor. Can we call him V T or something? Well, they actually call a vow. So we can talk out. Here's something. Let me tell you this. Let me tell you this when I picked this topic, I was like. Oh, this is really interesting and I started researching it. I was like man, this is a crazy story and I kin to it the more I was like. I don't buy this, but I really want you to hear it. So so you know bow so val tells the president that nukes are bad. Not just this. This John F Kennedy or is this? No, it's Eisenhower is an Harrer before okay, because this is what year in the early s like early, is okay for fifty. No Yeah S Jakie and come into sixty one, that's right yeah, so so he val tells the president he says is Enho Yeah. He says hey eyes it as like. Please call the eyes an hour. Please call me Hower, please don't say that ever again, all right is holy, so I hate that an alien form comes to earth and they immediately get comfortable with it. They're. Just like Yeah Raro, where I, your secret, subway Atoica, you can eat. I tell Yo what is an take you, the press, but prays so he's dill dies in Hower all about how nukes are dangerous and like they're, not just bad for humanity but they're bad for the entire Yuse from the future. At this point is, are we saying no he's an alien? I know, but I'm saying is: He is an alien from the few. No okay, so he's saying he's saying that news are dangerous, not just for humanity, but there they would have ramifications for the entire universe, and so we need to stop having them, and so he's telling is an hower. You need to get together with the other world leaders and create this sort of pact to stop it with the nuclear bombs and never do them again or have them at all because they're dangerous, and so then, in the middle of this conversation, this is one of my most favorite parts of the story. In the middle of the conversation, the Vice President Nixon locks in the room, yeah and Nixon greeds valiant thor like an old friend, and it's like a case. Nix is an alien he's, one of them and they just kind of chop it up for a minute. He walks in and knows his name. Yeah he's a loss of Littahs vs for V, guys Nixon a godly, I'm in now, wow wow, it's about val and Nixon, a Iseno er put together a plan, I to brief the rest of the world about the dangers of nuclear bombs Nisan. How is very thankful for vall's work, so eisenhower sets up an apartment for him in the Pentagon and pauses he'll stick around until like sixty three or something like that he's like he, a all Ha. Why that your? Well, I don't know well, I guess I'll, hang around till November of one thousand nine hundred and sixty three, I was a pick in random date. Let's say the twenty second yeah and at which point I need to just the right. So so you so he vow becomes like almost like a diplomat to the United States from space to like its uses, perfect time, and we haven't named our next emperor, yet we're actually in the gap between our emperors yeah, so so now of your tow and then the rest of his team who their names are Don Jill and Tanya. His Group of humanoid human looking alien well he's vow, which is short for valiant for right, yeah, and so the other ones are donant thor, Jillian thor and Tanya. That's as gray for yeah, Jillian so over time. Well, then, Gin and Isy hower right. They fall into love right. But it's like oh he's, Mary he's got a first lady he's gonna, so so valuator is described as a handsome tall white male about six feet. Tall looks strikingly human except for his six fingers claims on each hand or just one of them let it is good. Six O one it now he's got six umble hands is an extra cut. He moves his hands on the quick. He can't really tell she's always on him all the pictures are borry he's always moving his hands around every. He like why you ove or an so much he's like oh no reason, yeah, it's just a thing. I do makes me more memorable honestly, and this is the only picture you've seen of Nixon's hands and if you count them, it's a good point. There's six one chain, ah so value thor, creates this like pact between his aliens, becs and the US to say: Hey we're not going to do bombs anymore. Do other countries have alien stories, yeah, yeah, okay, a yeah I said now. If, like you know, aliens were choosing the United States. No, no, they choose everybody. Well I mean, but God chose the United States. That's what the Mormon said. Please he's here's the way the aliens work they're smart. They say they come to every country and they say you're the best couch in the world. We need your help, don't tell the other ones, don't tell everybody else. It's everyone else, you're the best. They came to Emperor Norton to and said that they said you're. The best don't tell anybody else, you're the protector of Mexico Yeah. You need to keep Mexico safe, and so at the same time they were also saying to Napoleon you need to take over Mexico. Basically, what they're trying to do they're trying to pit us against each other right pretty crazy, so that works with the US for a few years. But every time is a how ar supposedly going to come out with this information to stop nukes like he wasn't going to come out and be Hay, an alien told me: We can't nuke each other, obviously, but he was going to come to the rest of the countries in the world and convinced them that nukes were dangerous and we can't do him anymore. The FBI or the CIA or the defense would come to him and say like block him essentially from doing that, and so he was getting red taped out of making this announcement, and so tow thou knew this isn't going to work through the government. Somebody else influential is going to have to break this news to the world to stir public opinion, so he goes yeah so he finds. I know where it's going to go ahead, rider and Christian evangelist, Frank Strangest. Oh, I thought I was going to be like a Hollywood producer or something no. No. He goes to an evangelist. Obviously and frank strangers is an interesting guy because he he has a degree in business and a degree, and I don't know something something. He sounds like an Jusos who would run a circus in like nine tens. You know just to us the strangest things you've seen you know and it's like a whole. It does sound like that Barnam and Bailey situation, but he was a devout Christian, and so he left his career. While he was a private investiator and then he left his career also as a pean bow was like we're, also Christians, and so so so that was like hey, you know how Jesus is coming back. Did it I told you you needed to say it. You know I was just telepathic Wat yeah tell about that. We communicate it to him now. So this this evangelist was. He wrote a book, Here's hers where he wrote a book about the Bible and specifically the story in Zekiel, where there's a vision of an alien or not an alien, a vision of an angel that is described as a wheel within a wheel, a wheel, turning within a wheel, and so he says this has got to be aliens is his theory of Frank Strangers. Why? Because he's like he's like if you live, if you listen the wheel within a wheel, it's kind of like a UF, it kind of looks like a flong saucer. If you imagine in your head that way, if you imagine a flying saucer, it kind of looks like one. You know, I give you really like it. You think flying saucer and you think that thing might be a flying saucer. Then, when you think about it, it's looks the same. That adds up to me yeah, so so he so what vow is a Impuni, the Pentagon yeah that okay o your phone get close to it, so this guy's on tour, promoting his new book and he's at some church and talking about his book trying to sell his books and afterwards, at his little book stand people are buying books at a lady comes to him and says I have something you'd like to see, and so I asked her words after believes. She tells him that she's in the FBI- and she says, come with me, and so she takes him to the Pentagon and walks him into vows apartment, Yeah Homo. We a knock first, he might be watching TV. I vow wow. I have a guest here. Yeah. Do you clean up today? Is it Frankoyse him a moment? Yeah all right vow? This is Frank: Sturgis, a totally sane person who you say surges. What did I say turges you said sturges its strangest Turgis, okay, stranger strangers! This is frank strangest who is a totally normal guy, and I was in a inrushing. You vow a totally normal guy. All right see all later yeah yeah that's pretty fit. I was is in his apartment, yet so tousin his apartment. He walks me in em and he says Frank. Of course frank. I called you here, Frankie Body and so just getting immediately comfortable with everybody. So he proceeds to tell frank that he read his book and he's like he's like you're pretty close, and so he tells him the real truth that he wrote his book. When I mean he probably ordered her Amazon, read it in a port or something you know what I just thinking the other day. What do people do in airports before Wifi? What the same thing they did everywhere else before. Why fie what you talk about? No, but I mean like I mean you go somewhere else without why I you just wait a couple minutes whatever, but I mean especially before Wifi people who show the airport like four hours early, and you don't have you no wife, I. What are you doing? You didn't watch in Flax, so you read, it are you reading the books at the new stand like? Is that what people did in the airports they talk to each other like? What did they do they get food? I don't know. I think why, if I changed to chas a millennial tries to figure out what life before technology was. We talk about yeah, they talked to each other. They read books, they were the newspaper a lot las yeah. That's probably what happened he read. He probably bought it. They sat there a marvel over the fact that they were going to fly in a plane by the clouds and they were like. This is crazy. The technology can do this. They appreciated the world around them, they got to know their neighbors and the people that they knew and loved and cared for, and now we're just so sucked into our phones that we don't even hear the LAN waning al around us they're trying to get they're, calling us by name they're, saying there in same room: Hey, hey, hey and you're, just like man. I wonder what people did before this. You know. Probably Talk to Ali, I don't know freaking encountered aliens. So just frank does frank: You says: Hey you're, pretty close, let me tell you the truth. I says my name is Valia. Thor I go by VAL VAL says: I'm from the plant of Venus shut. It's what Your Bible calls the Morning Star and he says we're in in in race. That is part of a Galactic Federation that has been watching over the lesser races and the universe. We're always a orace intelligent ones. Yeah we're pretty dumb and your governments have access to nuclear bombs that stand to threat, not only your race but all the rest of us and so we're trying to stop them without like coming in and making a scene. You know we're trying to do it like quiet, you know, but your government keep locking eyes and her as an have been trying, but your government keeps blocking them, and so I need somebody who is kind of primed to believe the story to go break it to the world and frank is like I I'll be your willing vessel. Have you ear till in podcast March? That's right. We have a merged store, full of Tillington, teas, hoodies, mugs and so much more. We also make new designs for every single episode, but those are only available for a limited time, so get them, while they're hot text till into six six, eight six six to get your till in March today, so tall tell do tell frank, not tells frank. Even he's look he's like he's a look cause. She amity is Pretty Pretty Pretty close to the truth. He's the thing, though, the angels areas profits there. All as Jesus is an alien and God's pretty unhappy with humanity. I'll tell you that God must be an alien, then I mean maybe he doesn't say explicitly like whether or not gods an alien but he's his guy's. Pretty unhappy. He's kind of annoyed like a fed up with us, but he wants to give us another chance to try to write the ship. It's like you need to stop nukes an so. I just gets this Christian writer the task of stopping nuclear bombs from being a thing, and so frank goes. He read a New Book writes I called Matthew Mark Nuke and Jo. The Christian ar the Christian Alien Argument Against News, the Christian Alien I'm telling you right now. Someone approaches me and their argument against Nukes Involves Aliens, I'm I'm not pro duke, but in that situation, I'm pretty pro. No, you know I'm like Im. He best argument. You have against it. His aliens told us not to. I think we should. You know, because that feels like aliens being like. You know what you guys shouldn't have guns you shouldn't and would be like: Oh yeah, we should get rid of those and then they just come here, wipe us all out. Yeah Yeah I mean it's pretty fair, so val just said: Hey. I need to help people turn towards God. An you. Just got the new thing and I don't know whatever like write a book or I don't know so they went to so vow. That and frank write, a book together, but Franks, the only one who gets credit on the book, because you know the alien thing, it's kind of hard to get profits, yeah you're, not a Siyou or have a tax code. It's yeah he applied for an in and they said what do you put your address as the Pentagon apartment or five, like you know like and a God sweet? What's the Pentagon's address? Is it just Pentagon? Do you can you just put on an envelope Pentagon and then they know how to get it there I mean they know where it is. Let me see the Pentagon address. I feel bad for the mail room at the White House, because all of us wrote letters to them like the third grade yeah. This is not worth it. I'll say that it I mean honestly, looking at these addresses, it looks like it's literally just the Pinto sweet number first and then the Pentagon Washington DC. Was it cup like if you stroll up the yeah school through. These are all the different secretaries. You can mail to. It looks like it's the Secretary One Thousand Defense Pentagon, Washington. I think it literally is. I think it literally. Is You just right, petty frinds Pentagon? So it's whatever, I think it a Igor staff, Pentagon, sweet department and then Penrod I to gone address. That's what I knew. What do you think I didn't Google Pentagon addres? What do you think that Google Address Washinin DC real? How do you get there? What road is this? I don't know man, that's interesting, the PEDAGA s not on a road, it's just the Panti, that's pretty crazy, you're right about the Pentagon, not even address you're right about the subway. If you are right about the Pentagon Pentagon, that's the same were like okay hold on now they've, given out our mailing address. Okay, I think we got to shut this podcast, a yeah, which is why our address is just podcast, Kansas City Missouri. If you'd like to manage anything, if you just put podcast, could we try to apply for that? As our address like? Can we apply, we make podcast road or what we talking about? No, can we just contact the government, the government and be hey? Can you just me now? I know my guy who could help us call the US PS and just be like hey. This is my address now it's kind of like like phone numbers where you can get those vanity phone numbers. Yes, Hello. Can I talk to the emperor place? I know I got. I know a guy. No, I know a guy hoping up. Yeah Hey, I know you're busy doing the whole apple bees thing right now, but could you like just throw away not a little favor for yes, Sir Yeah? No, I'm sorry, Sir Yeah Yeah! No, I understand thank you. What do you say? He said he knew I said Frisco earlier, so all of our earnings this month are gone. I gone a Bummer, so so Ebi just I he writes the book Frank Strangers Franks. She just writes the book and here's we obviously have to buy. The book is, how can you buy non Namozine, still yeah, it's for sale. It was a rings in our bio, some of noral. For me. So here's a thing his book is like one of the only real sources you can find this story. Obviously he made it up. It all signs point to him, making it up. Here's the thing, though it's I it's like you, your whole episode on like Fro, you heard about the ar one thousand nine hundred and eighty four. So this is creep book, the only source that all this stuff actually a pin, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four right all. There's everyone. Anyone else, history, they're like no, I didn't have en, but this book you know, tells the story. I guess you know Isy Howers Gone Eyes, good old eyes, the walk around, but even got eyes on eyes, yeah. So He's here's a couple things: okay, here's a couple things with this, though ridiculous story, lots of evidence that frank strange as make it made it up right, right and lots of just like stedyin alien trips in it, like he walks out of space ships as that come in peace and says, take me to your leader and then he's got problems with nukes claims to be Jesus sort of like claims to it's kind of combining all the alien stories together, yeah, it's kind of putting it all together. But here's a couple interesting things: There's a photo of him! No there's not there's a photo of an we go and here's the thing that gets confirmed is the leaders in the military es or prominent people say yeah, that's valiant! For they don't say who he was or what he did, but they say yeah, that's rotor! You want to see it yeah, obviously yer right- and this was at one of iano speeches and a lot of high rinking government officials. Just say Yep, that's it, and this is outside the book. People have asked them lanes how that's down the door, which is strange because valiant thor is not a traditional given name and it looks like just a normal guy. I mean it could be a picture of anyone, but the fact that there is, I mean there's about a dozen government officials who have said yeah, that's val thor, but where's Tanya. I don't know what time it is. I don't know on photos of Don Jill Yeah, there's no photos of his team. Okay. So that's the only picture we have them. That's the only foe we have of him where's. He speaking in the picture. It's a got a vent. I don't know yeahs is in how speaking at some event and also eisenhaurs great granddaughter now is like campaigning around the world. Like travels the world, telling the value thor story. No, she does not yes, shut because she says it's true. What's her e says, let me show see a picture of her. I get her name is Laura. Let me look at Laura. If her name was Jill, I was going to flip my mind. Yeah she travels the got a picture of her yeah politic. I can tell you by the picture: If she's, crazy or not, you know exactly what I taking about to yeah call rasy o this one. You chose the good one too. I tried to hide the back. I don't know how well you can see this, but that is not a sane person, so she travels the world campaigning that it's a true story. Well, this was better holy crap. Let me see, I don't look along we'll put it on there, so she travels the world campaigning for you o. She claims that her father or her great grandfather now signed the rito truth. PODCAST is one that she was episode. She she was on. That's a believable title discussing the journey towards full disclosure. So she s e. She says that her great grandfather's side, the treaty with the aliens I so is an had it, the actual president and the line the far Romo material for some of the stuff that she's on. How do I go back? You See, I'm saying, like I mean like I took that picture in a dark, closet, bigger question season. One Laura is and Howard, the great granddaughter of President is an Howard talks about M J, twelve basis on Mars and an extreme secret space program. What's that face that's the face of Oh, I can of by that Dr Dream and Laura is a Har, metaphysical soul couple on far out radio COM, the more you search, this person is at say the Marysas person far out radiocomedians the more you look, these things up, the faster it becomes just like ridiculous. It is it is. I mean they are a couple. This is her and him together. That's what they look like we're going to send all these pictures to condorier like we don't need to judge her well, I am not judging anybody. I'm saying that you want me to base reality off of that person, absolutely not he's what his I'm saying you because I mean for the audio experiences. Okay, she looks like you know. Imagine the basically, the mom from Princess Diaries right that, like painting in the loft kind of like frizzy hair, like crazy oils person like her eyes, are always just full and wide and she's married to a guy who dresses like a pirate. You understand, like the Bay Dana the fluffy white shirt. Like a that's, I mean and you're saying that this is a reliable like you're, not saying it, but people are like this is a reliable source for information, and I'm saying no well, her great grandfather's present lies in how Er yeah so she's reliable. I really hope that my great grandkid is not a crazy person, yeah yeah, so that's that is rough anyway. She claims that her family has signed a treaty with the aliens. Obviously well they've got a bunch of NDA as well yeah. You know I supposed to talk about it, but she is that's why they made her. Look Crazy, that's photoshop! All that stuff is well. She got a lawyer, assign it in new Venus Right. So it's an envy NDA, oh my gosh, so I don't know I mean I'm going. To be honest, I wanted to find your feet. The tries one I beat you down on it. I was like you know. This is not real he's the thing I didn't believe it. I wanted to believe this menser story when I've heard the like. I heard the like plot line that I was like. Oh that's really interesting. That sounds cool, but the more I dug into it. The more. I was just like this guy this. This author just made this up this author totally just made this up took a bunch of alien, srubs and just kind of ran with a frame strangers. Look like I don't know, I'm willing to bet. He looked a lot like bowl, for he was his he's, he's one of the probably the the nail in the coffin, though for it. While I look up for Estranges, I, the story of valiant thor is almost exactly the same as the story. The plot line from at a movie called the day that Earth stood still, which came out only six years before he released his book. Oh yeah, so I know is it aliens or plagiarism? You know. Oh yeah, this guy looks like freaking Giero from from what we do in the shadows. No, he does trit looks like Germo does, oh no, so I don't know. Is He an alien enthusiast or a vampire? No, you decide, I guess once you vote in our discord. Let us know your thoughts. So anyways a metal band was started in two thousand and one in honor of valiant thor called valiant thor. I so the members are igitur demos or storm Thor Elden, thor and valiant himself. Is that what is called valiant himself yeah? That's his legal name, he changed it. A joke. People do that and valiant literally came to start the spell band. He came back and he said: Hey you guys, hey you guys. I got this great genre. Music. That's really blown up right now. I just think this is the answer of the world. No nukes and mash pits no necks and more metal, and so one of my favorite parts about it is the band our first show is in the Pentagon. Everybody in the band has names that there was a don Thora Jill Thoris, so they all based on name off of the war. It strangest was one of the guys, then there's a guy professor night wall. How big is this bad? This is an orchestra. Well, those are past members, so people have Rota Yeah. Someone goes for a while they're like Oh, no, you guys take this way too seriously. Really like. Oh, this isn't a joke. Yeah you tell me Laura is an howers are tour manager. This is going to be a nice. It's going to be rough yeah, so they they had a song in eas, skate back in the day and then they been on. They were on fantasy factory and guitar. Three, so Nolan Thor big deal. I guess I don't know man. I really wanted to believe this story. I didn't, I knew you were going to hate it. So that's the only reason I told you right. So that's value thor. Maybe who knows he could be up there watching over US yeah I mean the you know, because you got vow Ye Isy Howe, yeah, Nicky, Nicks, Yep and they're to sup there they're all aliens yeah. You know those six fingers on each hand really gives the ability to fit loff. Give just a little Etlingen last night is a production of space. Tim Media produced by Christian Taylor. Audio is edited by Alice. Garnett video by CONARE social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic designed by Caleb Goldberg, our host or Jaren Myers and Tim Stone. Please follow us on social media at Tillin, podcast, that's till in podcast. Leave a review comment subscribe wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on the last night. I

Valiant Thor is the subject of a truly unbelievable story. We mean it. Tim doesn’t even buy this one. Here’s the story. Valiant Thor, or Val as his friends called him, was a humanoid alien living in an apartment inside the Pentagon. Val had a tight-knit relationship with President Eisenhower and was passionate about ending the possibility of nuclear war. Like many Aliens who have come to earth, Val had a goal for humanity, and he used the existing power structures to see it through. Thanks to his human-like appearance, Val was thought to be nothing more than an advisor to Eisenhower. Crazy story, but it does have a shred of believability because many high-ranking government officials speak of him as if he really was there. This is a story that would be revolutionary if it were true. This is the story of Valiant Thor.

A Visitor at the Pentagon

On March 16, 1957, a strange craft landed in a farmer’s field in Alexandria, Virginia. Local police arrived on the scene with guns drawn, expecting the worst. They were surprised to find what appeared to be an unarmed man stepping out of the craft. They were even more surprised when the man asked to speak with the President telepathically. It must have convinced them, so they immediately took him to the pentagon. Over the next few days, the visitor would receive his meeting with the President and a fully furnished apartment deep within the pentagon.

valiant thor (right) at an Eisenhower speech
valiant thor (right) at an Eisenhower speech
The Mission of Valiant Thor

According to Valiant Thor, he was sent here by a galactic council to convince humanity to shy away from their use of nuclear weapons. Val, and his group of alien assistants, hailed from the nearby planet of Venus. These aliens were humanoid in appearance with the single discrepancy of six fingers on each hand.

Val convinced President Eisenhower to create a council against the use of nuclear weapons. However, the committee was repeatedly blocked by members of the CIA and DOD. When it became clear that the office of the President could not deliver the results for which he came, Val turned to evangelist Frank Stranges.

Aliens and the Faith

Stranges had long been a proponent of aliens and fascinated with the evidence for alien interactions with humanity in the Bible. He had just written a book about an angelic encounter in the book of Ezekiel when he met Valiant Thor. Val taught Stranges about the validity of some theories and about what God thought of humanity. Quickly Frank Stranges was campaigning for Val. It appeared that since the alien couldn’t use Eisenhower for his purposes, he would choose to use an author instead.


It truly is an exciting story. Unfortunately, a story might be all it is. The critical resource for this story is the book written by Frank Stranges. Even though some government officials have referenced Valiant Thor in passing, there is no evidence that the claims made in Stranges’s book are legitimate. Regardless, it’s a fun story with a few other twists and turns. To hear more of it, check out this episode of Things I Learned Last Night.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning, and laughing a whole lot while you do, then you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




Valiant Thor – Fact or Fiction

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