Did A Time Traveler Really Tell The Future on an Early 2000s Forum?


Episode Transcription

Hey, welcome to this episode. This week, we're talking about John Teeter, a man who was on a forum in the early two thousands claiming to be a time traveler, had a bunch of evidence and all this stuff, and so we learned about all the things he did in his time travel. We talked about the theory of time travel a little bit. And this is a comedy podcast where we're here to kind of joke around and laugh and then also just learn useless information. So welcome to things I learned last night. If you've not seen us before, I'm sure this will be your last time. Thanks for hanging out. If you have seen us before and you like it, share it with somebody, tell us somebody about our show. It really helps us a lot. So let's get into this episode. Hey man, what's going on? Have you ever heard of John Teeter? John Teter t tour Teeter Teeter t spelled Teter Teeter totter t I t o r t I t o R. I'm a t I t o r John Teeter. How far down the web page is it? Because this whole time you're talking, you're just heard John Teeter. It's a it's a nervous thing, a never ending Google pagon. It's never ending Google. Yeah, I'm just I've tried to see all the options. Okay, it was John Teeter, John Teeter. Okay, hold on, this is important before we get into this. On the way in today, I passed a car at all. I can't tell you how much I don't want to hear this story. Okay, So on the way in to day, I passed a car that had a sticker that I'm pretty sure is a one of one. Like I'm pretty sure they made it on their cricket and stuck it down their car. And this guy, this guy was like, I mean, he was a soccer dad by all intents and purposes, not a minivan. It was like a not a soccer dad. Well, I mean that kid, that kid's a sport thing. But he was like a team sport. He was wearing like I didn't couldn't see his legs because it's car, but I because of car, I bet he was wearing like plaid slacks and like a polo his legs because of car, but were plaids slacks I don't know, but I'm sure plaid slacks. And then he had a polo on and like like a cassio like like I wore, but like with the calculator on it, I couldn't see his wrist that well, but I'm assumed. But anyways, and glasses, big glass like the big glasses, like the trendy pastor glasses. And then single sticker. This is like an old suv, like a nineties suv. It's an old suv. Single sticker, bottom left corner of the car. The Gatorade logo and black Gatoraide logo and black and then over the logo the lightning bowl. Yeah, the lightning bolt. And then over the logo was the text that just said Gatorade should be thicker. It's not this funny. It's not, I mean, and it's kind of when you think you never thought about that. So you saw that sticker and now you're kind of like, damn, it should be. It is pretty thin. You wanted to come with one of those thick milkshake straws, you know, That's what I think. After a good game, I want to crack open a cold Gatorade. I'm just freaking and get maybe an ounce out of there because so thick. I think You're done with this, don't grab it don't grab it like it's things should be thicker. I think you should not. Crazy one, holy cow. All right, here we go. Let's talk about John Teters. It's got to be an inside joke from something. I'm sure there's a podcast out there that has a bit that's like gatorade should be thick? Yeah? Probably, I mean it did? It looked homemade. It looked like a homemade sticker. It didn't look like that. It was like a job shipping company made No. No, our stickers look like they came from a job shipping company. Oh you're saying it was cut out? Yeah, yeah, it came from a cricket. I'm pretty sade should be thicker. Well, that's a movement that I could get behind all these lids trying to thin up our gatorade? Quench your thirst? How much supposed to get quenched with such a food and drink? I love it so much? Okay, John Teeter, this is a guy, all right. The first time I saw a bodybuilder too, I called the police. I said, here is very shot man. It's dangerous. How good this guy looks. That's what I want to say about it was supposed to send this episode of five people the hat Ma things I learned last night. John Teeter is a guy that got famous in the two thousand and two thousand and one on the internet forums. Okay, specifically on the on Art Bell's post to post blog or forum. You know that Art Bell had a radio and AM radio station called Coast to Coast Radio. Yeah, and he had a blot or a forum called Post to Post, very clever, Post to Coast Post, Post to Post respect out it don't respect his his radio show though. His radio show is the hot garbage. And most of the stuff on the forums conspiracy. Yeah, it's conspiracy theory stuff. And uh, he's on AM radio. Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. Have you ever listened to AM radio? Why is it? Alic? Can you explain this to me real quick? Yeah? Why is it like that? The government the rothschilds. That's exactly what it's like, Alex, Can you explain why it does that? It's a really long explain. We got good. This is a podcast that's kind of the thing. I mean, it's all about how they're amplified. So so, yeah, is it? Well? Wavelength? I loved the pause when he considered it. When Alex was like, I mean it's kind of I'm sorry to do that. Give me, give me the like two sentence like Sparkann's version, I won't say anything. You're good. Yeah, I don't trust it. Okay, I really need to know. I really want to know what is it. I'll drink water so that you can talk. And it's just basically related. You spread that water on me. You spent that water on me. Okay, quick bole, he's coughing. Yeah. AM radio is built on a lower frequency band than FM radio, Okay, and it just has a smaller bandwidth that you're able to send audio in, so it kind of is wavelengths. Yeah, okay. Interesting. I mean you had to have known as soon as I sipped the water that I was gonna do that. Yeah, but I expect you to do it on the floor like I do. No. Would you know what would happen if I spit on you like that? I'll be mad. I'd be really mad. That's a good I don't believe in germs. Okay, So John Teeter showed up on the blogs. Are on the forums? Do you need to take a breather? Oh? I just I think it went on my lungs. Okay, that's good. For you. Is it on your computer? Probably, that's fine. I can't read so John Teeter he he showed up on the post to post forums. Okay, there's no easy way to say this. I'll rip it off like a band aid. Does he say he's like a government official? Close? Okay. He says he is a from the future. He's from the year twenty thirty six, and he's here on a specific mission for the the I don't feel like twenty thirty six is far enough. The seventeen or one hundred and seventy seventh Time Travel Division of the US government that says, tempest tempest eatax rerum, it's supposed to be rerun. They it's a typo. No, it's it basically means time devours all. Okay, yep, so that's cool. That's actually kind of freaking hardy sick. But yeah, so he was, Well, I'm saying twenty thirty six doesn't feel far enough in the future for you to be like, I'm from the future. That's like I came back thirty three years. Well, he went back farther. He made a pit stop in the two thousands, and I'll explain the story of why he did well let's see that. Let's just explain the story of his life. So John Teeter, according to we have hundreds of posts that he made in this forum that was kind of over two thousand and two thousand and one, and so through those two years he was on a mission. And what he did in his in his leisure time was he went on the post to post forums and posted about the future and talked tos. Yeah, that was his time traveling. Yeah, that was when yeah, yeah, exactly. And so he told us. What I'm saying is so many of these things, like you're on a forum, right, and someone's like, eh, no, one just goes yeah, I don't think this is what he would do. Yeah, he wouldn't come to this obscure forum. Well, there is an explanation for why that we will get into. So well, there had to be someone someone was like, why are you here? Yeah, So he was born in the nineties, John Teeter, he's he's one of us, a millennial, just like us. And in two thousand he's he time travels back. So he's from twenty thirty six. Oh, he's claiming he's born in the night. Yeah. So this is his story. We're going to follow his story based on the story we got from a series of posts. We'll put it together into a unified story, sure, and then we'll we'll uh, you know, talk about it. Well, you was he born one of us, Okay, he's a millennial. He was born in the early nineties. And then in y two k happens. That was a big deal, and it led to a bunch of issues in the world. And he claimed that there was Waco type events happening every weekend, and that kind of spiraled into this Civil War in the United States where the United States government became what everyone's afraid the tyrannical topped out. Yeah, you know, sure, So this war erupted. And when he was a child, it's like two thousand and four. So he's like, I don't know, eight nine, ten, something like that. The army came through his neighborhood. I was like knocking on everybody's doors and like taking people away. And so him and his family they grabbed their go bags and they go. They left. They left, and they went to Florida because that was one of the safe havens for the people, was Florida, and they became sure, they joined a farming community started farming, farming in Florida. Yeah, Florida farm. And he spent his youth in Florida during the Civil War farming and like kind of learning. Great, you know, this typical upbringing. Sure, And and then in twenty fifteen, Russia they said, hey, the United States is weak. Now now's their chance, and so they nuked the most likely of target, Jackson, Mississippi. Yeah. Well, because in this timeline, Bruno Mars still exists in the way that he does, right, Yeah, yeah, his song it's like Jackson. So you're saying that that was he was a Soviet spy and that was a target list that he was that that's exactly what. Yeah. No, I'm glad you're right into that. A lot of people aren't smart enough, but you're a smart boy. And then and then of course then they started nuke and stuff that made a little bit more sense, like New York, DCLA, all the stuff that like people sometimes because I live there, Yeah, sometimes when I'm just like on my back porch or like making some food in the kitchen, I go these can remember the last few seconds alive. You know, Los Angeles is a pretty unlikely nuclear target, is it more? Where our nukes are. Yeah, they so most most like professional defense people will agree that what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is not likely to happen again because that was a war crime, right, and the I don't remember what generals. I don't know which general it was. It might have been LeMay, It might have been Curtis LeMay. But one of them told uh other officials in the military. He was like, he's like, there's a really active military based military targets. There weren't, and there wasn't. So it was like it was based on a lie. And whether that was he was accurate or it was like false information he got is that's why they hit population centers. Most most documentary that the idea, Yeah, that the idea is not to hit population centers, is to hit the nuclear targets and to disable nuclear armaments, not to destroy everyone. That is, assuming that the person pulling the trigger is not a psychopath though. Yeah, but that's the thing, is that anybody who's willing to pull the nuclear trigger is a psychopath. Yeah, so yeah, there's there is a potential of that, I guess, yeah, but it's historically the higher likelihood is like Montana is getting nuked than La. That's why I don't want to live there. Why do you want to live in La? Least likelihood of getting hit by a nuke? Yeah, Montana is a higher nuclear threat, higher higher risk of my car getting broken into. But those are the sacrifices I make. I think they did say that Kansas City is like fifth or sixth on the list because of the stealth bombers. Really m hmm, Yeah, there's there's like a list of like here's what they would hit first and the like witch missiles in the where a black white men, what air first place is white men? Yeah, whitmen. Yeah. Yeah, that's where we housed our stealth bombers, and so Kansas City would be an early target. That's what I want you to think. I'm pretty close. Honestly, I might evaporate. I mean I could potentially be in the evaporation range, which that's what I think where cooking it could be it. Yeah, yeah, you don't want to be in the non evaporation because like there's no because in like the movies, like people are like, oh, we see him coming, now you don't you don't? Yeah, yeah, yeah it happens. You have no idea. Yeah, that's what the story of the guy who survived both of them. Yeah. Yeah, it was just all of a sudden, he's flipping through the air. Anyways, So now that we have that fun discussion, so the nukes hit and in the story, what happens is the Russia will It's like, hey, you guys are weak, get them all your week. We're gonna hit you with a bunch of nukes. Yeah, Jackson, Mississippi. Yeah, Kansas City's on the list. And so then of course the United States retaliates. It's like a tour. It's like a they have a tour poster. It's like it's like, here's the cities we're coming to. Can we make a shirt? No, no, we can't. Nuclear Winter nineteen sixty eight, like y, it's like the top targets. Nuclear Winter Tour nineteen sixty eight featuring Soviet Russia holds the war criminals accountable if you in, yeah, but the you in it's everybody else who survived the war. It's all the other countries that it's all the countries that won. They go and they try the war criminals, but we're we're the bad guys. Yeah, so we have to lose a war, yeah, okay, and then they'll and then they try you yeah yeah, it's yeah. You lose a war, you go to jail. It's kind of the way war works. Anyways. All of us are just well the general the people at the top go to jail. Everybody else gets assimilated into society, their society, and whatever that society looks like. You might be a who knows, you might be working on their labor camps. If they're a labor camp society. They're not a labor camp society, then you might be working at their burger king. Who knows. You just get assimilated to whatever assimilate means in that Okay. Anyways, back to John Teeter. John Teeter, the war breaks out right, the United super response they send the nukes to and then every other country in the world that has nukes is like, oh, we want to do this too, and so they start nuke also. Yeah, and just all of a sudden, for like forty eight hours, just the world just gets erupted to this nuclear catastrophe. Okay, he survives, uh yeah, three hundred million people die, He's not one of them, which I feel like for an all out nuclear war, is a pretty low number. Yeah, you would think they're potentially Yeah, yeah, you would think it'd be higher. If it's like the whole world is getting in on it, it would definitely like yeah, we're we're all throwing our absolutely, But he did say three hundred died documentary say, if the nuclear war broke out, I don't remember what number was. It was hot, it was like, I mean, it would be three hundred million who got struck immediately. I mean that that's what he's saying. Three hundred million people died overnight, and then you would have all the people who would die like as a result, it would be like literally half the population of the radiation and then starvation after and then yeah, and then people killing each other because there's a lack of resources. Yeah, it's anyways, So there will still be podcasting, just so you know, if a nuclear war breaks out and like we go to like a fallout type world, we're still going to be on the surface just doing this. Yeah, but and you'll have to come live, like we won't be able to there will be no internet. Well, there'll be a radio. It's a different wavelength, that's have you ever heard of John Peter, Oh, yeah, yesterday and also when I was a child. Before we get too far into this, I want to tell you about this degress, just saying about how thin gatorade is. I wish it was thick, like my catorade, Like I like my milkshakes. I like them thick. It's like it's like we have like this is a new It's like, yeah, it's a tim we have. We have a tim. We have space t a visit from space ten in a long time. This kid's partially full, so it doesn't look as well. But I I see from it looks like you guys are in a nuclear winter. Yeah. So anyway, this episode is brought to you by Burt H. That's Burner h E l p o dot UK. Nuclear Winner. Got you feeling down? Absurd? Got nuclear season depression. Look a lot of us feel sad lately because the world's gone. So the nuclear winter happens, right, did you watch your wife evaporate in front of your eyes? Hey, if you've been watching for a minute and you like this show, a great way to help out is by becoming a Patreon supporters. Our patrons get a ton of perks for their support. They get ad free episodes, a week early, they get a discord with our host and producers. We do monthly hangouts. We do there's a way to get birthday messages on your birthday. There's a lot of great perse But more than anything, you just helped make sure that this show continues to happen forever. We never want to stop. We're gonna keep doing this forever. If we have enough patron supporters, we can put our brains in those little vats and like have AI pretend it to us and so like, we can keep doing it long after we die. But that only happens if you support us on Patreon. So we appreciate your support. Thanks for your help. If you don't want to support, that's totally fine. Thanks for being here. We really appreciate you watching the show. The Nuclear Winner happens, but CERN is still serning of course, sure, and they happen in twenty twelve. Right before the Nuclear Winner, they had they did the Mantela effect thing. Have you heard that theory? Oh so in twenty twelve, the CERN turned on their laboratory and they successfully like basically made their mini Big Bang. They're like, we figured out how it happened. We can do it and okay, there's been conspiracy theories ever since that they oh that they broke that we're in a different time, we're in a different Yeah, we're in an alternate universe because of what they did, right, and that's why there's Mendela effects. Okay, because we're now in a different universe where everything's slightly different. Yeah, and so that's the that's the story CERN started setting and they figured out through that research the Mendela fucting happened, and then they were like, oh, hey, I think we figured out time, and so that led to a lot of research. Nuclear war happens. They continue that research, and then in twenty thirty something, early twenty thirties, get this Ge. General Electric takes that research and invents the world's first time machine. Okay, and GE says, this is useful. You just got to get in, reach out, hit spin cycle, hit thirty five minutes, and then close the door. Yeah, and then you can move through time. Your motion's sick, careful, And so the way this works is essentially the time machine is this little black box, unmarked, very inconspicuous. Well, no, I was going to say more like urban chic, like like MacBook. You know, like just unmarked like very And the way it works is you set your your dates. You have to set your coordinates too, because you have to account for orbit and where you're going to move in space, space and time. Yeah, you have to calculate both of those things. And then the two ends of the boxes create small black holes and then they suck you through time, those black holes and space to the location. Yeah, and then it brings you back to the spot where you need to be. Typically, what people will do when they chility time is they will acquire a vehicle from that time frame so that way they look like they fit in that time. So if you're going to the nineties, you would get like a ninety one hot Odyssey because you're like, I want to look like I belong and you sit it in your Honda and then you push it and it suck you in your Honda too. Oh you take your car with you? Yeah, maybe take belongings. Yeah, you can take whatever. Like there's like a field that it creates, and so it brings everything within that field with you. And so you got to be kind of aware of your surroundings. Like if you're if the coyote walks by you which, by the way, I saw coyote at the airport where you're like pulling in the airport. I saw now in the airport, lock waves and coyotes. I was like, oh, hey, everyone's been talking about emotion in l a coyote and uh, Carol, Carol, he'll bite you. He's just super protective of my emotions. I'm pretty sure he's got rabies. Oh I'm not pretty sure. I'm I'm made sure. I'm just welcome to the VET. Why are you here today? I gave my coyote rabies? No, no, no, no, oh. I was wondering if you have. I just want to know if this coyote has any rabies. And they test them and it's no, and you're like, okay, right in front of the vat is that a crime to give an animal intentionally give an animal rabies? Yeah, but if it's your pet out statute implementations. So what do you mean you saw? Why Why did you say I saw a coyote at the airport in l in l A. Yeah, yeah, that makes yeah, yeah, they've got them. Yeah. It was. It was interesting because because there was obviously there's two of them running around our drive right there, there's coyotes out here, and there's coyotes back home in Denver, there are way more coyotes. It was it was weird seeing it. I think it was weird because it was also six am and so there's nobody out yet. But it was also weird because it's like the Bourbank Airport is like a densely populated area. It's weird to see them and that they're in context. Yeah, like the whole thing. It's very odd. And people in the next door app will talk about them as if they are gang members, and they'll be like, I just saw some coyotes. You know, everyone locked your doors. I just love some coyotes checking door it off, That's what I'm saying. I saw pulling doormatoes and cars and something like. They're crazy. We didn't do it go around at the when I was doing my pallet size and stuff because we were getting ready to land here in Kansas City and there was a coyote chilling in the middle of the runway, deer in the headlights. Look, you know, that's what I was like, all right, we'll go on. I guess we'll try it again. You know that's crazy. Yeah, normally out here and even in Indiana Jones that coyote, you know what I'm saying, normally out here and endever you see him in like green spaces, like on the edges of town. Well there's the city green space. Yeah, I guess that's true. Well there's green space. There's just no like you know, edge of town. Yeah, Like the homes go into the mountains and all of a sudden you're like, oh we're in the wilders now, yeah, yeh yeah. Yeah. Anyways, and there's a lot of try to eat, yeah, let's try yeah, and a lot of a lot of people's pets get hit by cars. Yeah. They and the coyotes are like thank you. Yeah, yeah they probably they are probably living as far as like coyotes are concerned, like the best life any coyotes ever lived. I've made sure they are. Like they're like catching coyotes and giving them like Gucci sweaters. So do you how many syringes of rabies do you have? Okay, the coyote population and outside in the Denver area was really really high. So are coyotes Like they didn't have there was a supplying demand issue there. They didn't have enough to eat. Oh yeah, so they were starved. They were tiny, like very thin and like scrawny that it was an actual issue. I talked about it around. Well, yeah, out here, there's not very many coyotes, said. The first time I saw one out here, I called animal control and I said, there is a giant kyote. It is I think, I literally said. I was like, this coyote is jacked. You need to get somebody out here like this. And they were like freaking swall sure cut yeah, because I've never seen a coyote that healthy before. The first time I saw a bodybuilder too, I called the police. I said, here, he is very shacked. Man, it's dangerous. How good this guy looks? Okay, that's what I want people to say about me, Alex's write that down. I just I can feel it. I want people to say it about me, so bad, sood that guy looks? Oh enough about You're out of context, by the way. I know, it's dangerous. How good looking that guy is? So so johny Okay, Actually give a couple of coyotes back, and that's what I'm saying. How big is the field? I don't know how big the field? Yeah, I don't know if we have that information, but it creates a field large enough to bring nineteen ninety one hot honestly sure back in time. So he enlists in the military to join their time travel division, and he's like, he's like, I want to help, and I don't really know what's going on in the world at this time, because like there was a civil war, but then there was a nuclear war, right, and so I don't know if like things changed after that or if they're still just disjointed but also leveled. Yeah, and at this point, the nuclear war was twenty one years ago, so it's like there's probably like a rebuild society that's like starting to form. Like it's like, I don't know, I mean maybe it's like a fallout world. I don't know, Like I don't know what the situation is, right, But the government still exists, and he joins the military. General Electric still exists, uh, and he starts training for time travel. Okay, and in time travel, he said, the majority of time travel training, like you learn how the box works, you learn how all this stuff happens and stuff like that, and you learn about like how to do missions and things like that, But the biggest thing that they teach you is how to meet yourself because I think it's like psychologically like a tough thing to do. Yeah, and especially because you're do you have to talk to your not always, but you can, okay. Uh. And he explains it. He said, it's it's a very odd experience because when you're time traveling, like you're, you can't you can't time travel in your timeline. It's not possible to time travel in your timeline. So every time you're time traveling, you're you're going to a different alternate universe and time traveling within that timeline. And so you that's how you meet yourself because you're not technically meeting yourself, you're meeting alternate reality you and when you're time traveling, and so when you're meeting alternate reality, it's all say, whatever you're meeting. When you're meeting alternate reality you, it's slightly different than you, but it's like still you like it's like you can see in one reality. You really let yourself go. Yeah, you're like, oh, you're slightly your voice is like half an octave higher, and you're like, anyway, I'm like, why are you talking like that? Why are you talking like that? What? I like that? Okay, its like a jarring experience to meet yourself in the alternate reality because there's something different about it, it's slightly different, and it's also just like psychologically hard to talk to yourself when it's actually like not talking to yourself, you know what I'm saying. Maybe, but also like does it is there guaranteed there's a difference with you, Like you're the difference in that universe. That's pretty self centered. Yeah, because you're from a different universe. It's not self centered, it's it's you are the main character in the story at that point because you came from a different universe into the universe you don't belong in, right, right, So it's not saying that, like you know, if you meet yourself, why would ether you have anything different about them? The different timelines doesn't necessarily mean every there's there's small details of every single person and every little thing that's it literally could just be like coyotes can talk in that one. I mean, I guess, I guess sure theoretically not even like you go, you go what I'm saying, because like if you go to a different timeline, Yeah, the only thing that makes it like this is a different timeline is there is one small thing that is different. Yeah, and that could be. I mean, I guess it's possible. Technically speaking, you're rolling the dice on everything that exists, exactly more likely than not, the majority of things are slightly different. There is a chance you land in a universe where the majority of things are similar and there's like one or two things that are the same universe. You're married to a different person. Yeah, that would be charring. They had to train for that. Okay. Anyways, so he does this training and then he gets his assignment, and so the assignment interesting assignment. Sure, so go to two thousand in two thousand and one, well close ish, maybe I don't know. So here's the thing. He gets sent back in time because he needed to go to meet his grandfather in the eighties and the point of this mission. Oh no, he was sent back to nineteen seventy five and he was supposed to get an IBM fifty one hundred computer. Have you seen these? No? Oops, IBM fifty one hundred, yes, basically one of the first personal computers. If you don't know what they look like. Picture of box that someone that a kid made look like a computer. It's it's got a giant, really fat keyboard, a disc tray that's not a disc tray, it's probably a floppy disc tray. And then a screen that is just like unusably small. Yeah, just calculators so impractically like why is this here small? And then some random switches. This computer. He was sent to go get this computer because there was they were facing the Eunix year twenty thirty eight problem. Have you heard of this? You facing the Unix year twenty thirty eight problem. You've heard of that, right? You know what I'm talking about. It's facing the Monks of Santa Barbara's twenty seventy five problem. You know I'm talking about. So the Unix twenty thirty thirty eight problem is a problem. So there is y two K. You remember why two k? Right? Y two k? If you don't know what that was? For some reason, was when computers measured everything from the two digit number system. So ninety eight, ninety nine, two thousand was a problem because then it was going to flip to double zeros. Everyone thought the computers were not going to know what to do with that. They were going to freak out. It's going to mess up with our data and everything was going to come crashing down. We were going to fall back into the Bronze age was what everyone was afraid of. Yeah, computers were absolutely fine with it. They were like, hey, we're smarter than you, idiots, That's what they said. Yeah, thing happened. But in his world, in his timeline, something did happen. It was a problem in his timeline, and so in his timeline they were That was the one difference. That was the one difference that also he is also the nuclear war and everything else came for a civil war waterfly effect. Yeah, yeah, you're right, you're right, you're right. Also, he has red hairs, she said, sucking in there. There is a similar problem coming up in a few years called the year twenty thirty eight problem. This is a thing that exists. This is a real thing, Okay. And so in nineteen seventy four, I think nineteen seventy, they invented Unix time. I shouldn't say they created Unix time. And Unix time was essentially we're going to count time from this point whatever, nineteen seventy something January nineteen seventy in milliseconds. And that was obviously going to be a lot of milliseconds. And that's they said, this is how computers will know what time it is. Look at this, they'll say the number is three hundred million, as like, okay, so it's two thousand and one, like whatever, whatever year that would be. Sure it would convert that. Well, they're a and I can't remember what level processing system, but let's say thirty two bit for big sure for conversation. Thirty two bit processing system can only process so many integers in a number, and once you hit I think it's six billion or sixty billions something like that, it can't process even one more digit, and so that would break your timecode. So essentially the same problem in January twenty thirty eight. There's no possible more time, like a computer can't add any more time to this system. And so what they needed is they needed to upgrade all the systems. But the problem was humanity is just like humanity has always been, and they just never upgraded them. Sure, and that now the problems like becoming like a hey, we've only got a couple months to figure this out. Okay. Luckily, this computer manufactured by IBM in nineteen seventy five had a special debugging software that most computers aren't manufactured with that can debug this system and change it, and so they needed to change it. The problem was all of them were destroyed in the nuclear war. Luckily, they have time travels, so they can go like time travel back in time to go get one of these, okay, to fix the problem, to use the DBUG software fix the problem, then the save the world. Okay, so he can sit back to nineteen seventy five to get one of these because he's the one who's selected because his dad or his grandpa, his grandpa bought one at release and so he so they were like, hey, we know your grandpa bought one of these. We actually have those kind of records. Those records survived the nuclear war. Was a receipt for a purchase in nineteen seventy four that we know your granddad, Grandpappy in Jackson, Mississippi. He went by corn Pop and he had an IBM computer. Yes, yeah, and we want you to go. We want you to go get it from him. We want you to go steal a man that you won't recognize because you have red hair. And when you show, you're gonna show up. He's forty six, your forty six, it's not like you're my grandpa. He'll shoot you on the spot again. Mississippis bas Mississippi and good luck, good luck. Hey, thanks for being here for this episode of Thanks A Last Night. If you want to help us grow our show, the easiest way to do that is to share it. Send this link to somebody, be like, hey, this is a fun podcast I listened to. I would love it if you would listen to it with me, because that's probably how you found the show. Someone you know shared it with you and you were like, this is pretty good, and so it helps us a lot, and it makes it so that we can keep doing this and make episodes until one of us DIESIM, but please share it and I will still be here after he's long gone. So he goes back in time. He meets his grandpa. He does like a meet cute with him at an Applebee's. He's like reaching for a napkin. He's like sorry, He's like, excuse me. We look a lot alike, don't we. Man, If I had red hair, I would think I was you. I have your eyes. I literally, yeah, literally, I saved him. If you die, we cut out your eyes and we cremated the recipe, but we've got your eyes on a jar. You watch over him, it's like, look, it's your eyes. Some stranger with red hair comes up to you and says, I cut your eyes in a jar for the future. Okay, just do the episode. So he meets him, and he meets him out in public, builds a relationship, builds some trust with him, Yeah, gets him to invite him over to his house, and then like, does like the big reveal, tells him reveal. Yeah, he does the big reveal. Oh, I would just tell his house. Yeah, So he does the big computer. They're kind of hard to take. He does the big reveal. He tells him what's up, and he's like, so, Grandpa, I need your IBM And Grandpa says, what pry it from my cold dead hands. Grandpa says, hold on. So you're telling me you're from the future. You're from the future, and when you leave, you're gonna go back to your timeline. But we're in different timelines. He said, yes. He's like, don't you know what happens in two thousand? Well, he says, he says, because you are in this timeline, your actions influence our timeline though, correct, he said, yes, but like our rules were supposed to be very we're very strict on what we're allowed to do and influence, like we're not supposed to influence a new timeline. And he says, but would it be possible that if you had interactions with specific people then you could change the events in this timeline And he says, I suppose yes, that is possible for me to do. And he says, okay, I'll make you a deal. He says, grandson, Graham, baby John. He says, if you go to the future, when you go back to the future, if you make a pit stop in the year two thousand, meet yourself, meet your father. And he's like, He's like, just and interact with them. He said, see them, and please talk to them and do whatever you need to do to change reality so that way our timeline doesn't have to face the civil war and the nuclear war and the terrible things that happened in your timeline. And he says, I'll visit them. And he says, but I can't promise that I'm going to do anything, like it's a very It's so he told his grandpa about the new clear Wars all that. Yeah, he told him everything he told the whole story, and he's like, I want to make sure that you don't have to suffer that. You know, we could make some changes now. No, but he says, he says, he says, if you go two thousand two k, you can influence that. And he says, I'm not going to influence anything, but I'll go visit them and I can warn them or whatever. Yeah, And so he goes to the year two thousand, makes the pit stop on the way back. He's got the computer with him, makes the pit stop on the way back, and when he gets there, he meets his dad and he meets himself as a child, and he said, your hair is not red. And they he builds a relationship with them and he realizes he's like, he's like, man, I do have to kill them in my timeline to be dominant and for me to have become a time traveler, I have to let them die. Yeah, And so he says, he says, I want I need to prevent the calamity, the coming calamity. Oh. Only after he's met himself, Yeah, because he go, now, I have compassion in my now that I see that this affects me, that I see it affects me personally, kind of okay. He joins the forum and he says, I'm gonna spill the beans and hopefully telling everybody the reality dad that it affected. I'm going to do everything I can to stop these tragedies. Www dot post to post dot org. I'm sure it's a org. I don't know today is I'm not from here. What day is it? Come on, dad, Monday? He's yeah, he's like forty five June eighth, two thousand, that was what it was. June two thousand was a Monday. Yeah, yeah, you sure, yeah, Thursday in my timeline. What is this to her state? You're saying we don't have that where I'm at. Whatever. So he's like, I'm gonna go post on an obscure blog. That's what I'm saying, Like, what, okay? Yeah, yeah, So he he does it is like I actually work at the White House. You could tell the President, no, no, I need to do this. George wouldn't get it. So he does the war w w w w ST's for War War War George W. Bush. So I was talking about websites, George world Ward. So he uh, he you know, does his He does this form thing for and then sometime in two thousand and one, he's like, all right, it's time that I go back to my time. I'll see you guys later, and so he leaves. He's like, itels a good time for me to get out of here. So he leaves. He goes back to there's nothing else might stop. I have done it all, I have fixed the world. It's time in two thousand and one for me to leave. So long, suckers, you're on your own. I mean, he prevented the nuclear disaster in the Civil war. I mean, you give and take. I can't prevent everything. So he leaves, but his he did have. So he told all his stories of the war and the stuff that never all this stuff that never happened, but he was trying to prevent this stuff from happening. So it makes sense that that stuff, okay, happened. But he did talk about some stuff in there that did still happen. A couple of the most noteworthy things was the mad cow disease outbreak in the early two thousands. Predicted that and like even said it was going to be in the early two thousands, which was interesting. He also said that starting in the late two thousands and into the early twenty tens. Media is getting to change forever, and he says there's not going to be media houses that run everything. Anyone is going to be able to create their own music, videos, audio and put it out for the world to have access to. Over the course of the twenty tens, we're going to see that even through nuclear war, we still got Spotify. Well in his timeline, I guess that that didn't happen. I don't really understand the ik, but yeah, Spotify and TikTok. He was basically alluding towards Spotify and TikTok and YouTube and stuff like that. Sure in the early in two thousands, and that's accurate. Those are the only things that are are accurate that he predicted. There's a couple of other things, but they're all small. You could I mean, it's just like Einstein. Yeah. Yeah, so a lot of people, there's no way to go back in the past and be like, hey, guys, look out for nine to eleven. Without that, you then becoming the main suspect. Yeah. Everyone's like, yeah, how did he know? Yeah? I was just thinking about that. There's some pretty notable events that you could just be like this is going to happen. I guess you could predict like Katrina, Yeah, that this guy got blamed for. That's what I'm saying, Like, there's really no way to warn the people in the past without it it seeming like you did it. And I mean, if it's if the butterfly effects. Actually that would be my defense in court if I ever actually do something, I'd be like, this's my time travel was rying. I know, I knew it was. I was going to steal all their body future and by doing that, you probably would end up with an insanity plea oh and get off scot free. No. So a lot of people really believe this in the early two thousands because people were young and impressionable, especially the audience of Coast to Coast AM and Post to Post. What about the hosts of Coast to Coast, Oh, big fan of this stuff. Our bell you could used to be able to fax stuff to his radio show and he would read it. Okay, is that a faxt or is that air? It's a little both. He's killing the bird. That's a pigeon carrier that came to him. We're am radio. We don't have to raise and yeah, he was he read some of his posts on air because he was he was he loved the idea and whether he loved it or not, this guy was an Alex Jones type guy. I mean not Alex Jones because he wasn't as like understandings what but just like, yeah, he knows what's working. We got a time traveler in are four. We actually have a time traveler on a discord. And if you want to see all that stuff, you have to be a Patreons, you know, because he's predicted some stuff, he said, some stuff that's happened. Yeah. Yeah, he predicted you moving to la Yeah, he told me. He told us that in January. He was like, I predicted that long time ago. Yeah yeah, And we were like, wow, I can't believe you knew that was he said. But he said, I don't think he knows what you're is. He's like, guys, in two thousand and eight, the financial collapses comment, we were like, yeah, buddy, he said, yeah, you better build up that emergency fund while you can. Yeah. So a lot of people bought it, Okay, some people didn't, And to this day it's kind of surprising. You look around the internet. There's a lot of people who still believe it and and YouTube videos and stuff and acting like this was like a real time traveler and he saved us from a nuclear war in a civil war from what he did, and act like he's like some kind of hero and whether and it's it's it's tough with these these things because it's like, yeah, it's like are you just making content because you know it's gonna work, yeah, or like do you genuinely believe this stuff? But also it's like, you know, I can't prove he didn't save us from a nuclear war. Yeah, yeah, there's no way to know for sure. But anyways, in twenty eighteen, a dude bout the name of Joseph Mattiney. He created an alternate reality game called Ong's hat O n g Ok, which is an early like the Internet game. Okay, he came out and was like, yeah, me and my friends made that up because we wanted to see if we could create an Internet myth and if it could catch on. So we made it up and the character was like loosely based on John Connor from the Terminator, And so they said, if you if you read the post, like you can kind of see the like fingerprints of John Connor in there. And you can also tell if you read different posts which one of us was posting it, because the like tone changes a little bit, and like the storyline is a little different depending on who's who's making the posts. He said, So it was it was all just kind of a he said. It wasn't a prank, but it was like a It was like a study. It was like to run that guy work for the CIA. Yeah, but it turns out there that guy's a time traveler, that guy's from the future. But I've done that once past we have. I was there, we had time travel in the past. No, I'm saying I was in the nineties. I was there. Oh yeah you're yeah, yeah, we are all from the past. Technically, it's what I was getting at. Now. I created one of those, not to this level, but one of those email forward chains where it was like, if you don't send this to five people, you're gonna get yeah, you say. I can't remember exactly what it was, something like demonic. It was like, if you don't send this, you're gonna be haunted sort of thing. Sure, because I thought I thought it was like, it's more believable if it's that. And then if it's like I'm gonna get your money, like I'm a prince or something, I want to find you. Yeah, send this to five people going to get you people, I'm gonna so it's supposed to send this episode of five people that's going to get you. That should absolutely be our marketing kits for this to five people, or you're gonna see the hat. I love that a lot, actually, but yeah, it got back to me, and I remember that was one of the proudest moments of my life. When I was like eleven, I was like, well, I said, it is, and he texted it back. Later it was months later. I emailed it to a bunch of I emailed it to a bunch of people and probably from my own email, Bruce Willis at MSN dot it's a nervous George W. Bush at yahoo dot com. Now his email was wartime is here George Bush, George war Bush at hotmail dot com. Uh so, yeah, so and it got back to me and I was I was friends with George Bush on a I m anyway, this was this was the time of the Internet when people believe stuff like that, though like, well, I should believe that's what I'm saying. People are like, yeah, my pin pal is this, and you're like, okay. That was a time when though, like you would see on social people would share those posts. It'd share this to five people or see yeah, you know. And I don't know if his people believed it or if it was just everyone was a child that we knew at the time. I never forwarded any of those text things. I forwarded them because I forwarded them. And here's why, I'll tell you why. Because I was like, I was like, this isn't real. But I was like, but what if I was like, I'll say, I know this is wrong, but there's a chance. But just in case, nine times out of ten this is a lie, but this could be one of the one times out of ten. So I'm not gonna and look how your life turned out perfect. It's because I always forwarded it. Be perfect. So if you want your life to turn out perfect, send this to five friends. My life's falling apart. It's because he never said this to five friends. All right. Anyways, that's the sort of John Teeter, Oh, the time traveler whose story is most likely false, but potentially maybe there could be a chance we're in an alternate timeline and that's why you got none of that work just in case. Yeah, there's a chance, there's a chance that this is a true story. Anyways, I feel like there's a word we say here, but I think I'm from an alternate time where I don't know what it is. Oh, puddle of mud? Is that you can we get their rights to a puddle of mud song to put their that that costs I don't know. Hey, thanks for being here for that whole episode. If you enjoyed that topic of time travel. We recently did another episode called the Cursey Time Slip as a group of like young royal scouts who were, you know, following their orders of going to a different town. They were doing this training stuff and then halfway to another town, they were like, wait a minute, something seems off. And they claim that they went all the way back a couple hundred years in time and then came back and there was like some kind of overlap of a time portal kind of thing. And so we again talk about the theories of time travel. We bring up Einstein's legitimate theories of time travel. It's a great episode. You'll like it a lot if you have watched all the other episodes. You're like, I've already seen that one and I've seen all the other ones. Well, you haven't seen next week's and that's because it's on Patreon right now. So if you want to join us on Patreon, it's a way to help our show grow and you get bonus content like next week's episode right now, so we'll see you next week. On Things I Learned last Night,

In the early 2000s, a man named John Titor appeared on internet forums, claiming to be a time traveler from 2036. Throughout several posts in 2000 and 2001, Titor shared the elaborate story of how he was sent back in time on a mission to retrieve an old IBM computer that contained special debugging software needed to avert a technological crisis in the future.

Titor said he was born in an alternate reality in the late 20th century. Still, he grew up in a United States that had descended into civil war after the Y2K computer bug caused widespread technological failures in 2000. As a child, his family fled to join a farming community in Florida to escape the fighting. In the 2010s, Russia took advantage of America’s weakness by launching nuclear strikes against several significant cities, prompting the U.S. to retaliate and triggering an all-out nuclear war that killed 300 million people.

In the aftermath of this catastrophe, remnants of the U.S. government continued operating and eventually developed time travel technology in conjunction with General Electric. Titor enlisted in the military’s time travel division and was trained for missions involving meeting alternate versions of oneself in different timelines. For his first assignment, he returned to 1975 to retrieve an old IBM 5100 personal computer from his grandfather, which contained debugging software needed in 2036 to address the impending “Unix Year 2038” computer bug.

After retrieving the computer, Titor made a detour to the year 2000 to meet his father and childhood self. His grandfather had urged him to try changing the timeline to avert the coming wars and chaos. Although conflicted, after meeting his family, Titor decided to take action. He began posting details online about the future calamities to alter the course of history.

Titor made several accurate predictions, including the coming of mad cow disease in the early 2000s and the rise of user-generated content platforms like YouTube in the late 2000s. However, in 2018, a man named Joseph Matheny revealed that he and some friends fabricated the entire John Titor persona as an alternate reality game. The story is loosely based on the character of John Connor from Terminator, and different friends take turns writing the posts in Titor’s voice. Nonetheless, many people continue to believe that Titor was real. His warnings about worldwide destruction and nuclear war resonated with the apocalyptic fears of the early internet era. While unprovable, some maintain that Titor did come from an alternate timeline where he prevented the catastrophes he described. His legend is one of the internet’s most captivating tales of time travel and attempts to alter the future.

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