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Hey, welcome to the Things I Learned last night. This is a comedy podcast where we laugh a lot and learn a little. I hate us. This is terrible. Uh. Today we're talking about the Cursey time slip. Yeah, and uh, you know we get into the theories of time travel. So pretty worth it. It's great. Yeah, and speaking of travel, I'll be in Canada this week, so if you're in Alberta, not the big cities, but the small places Brooks, Alberta and Tabor, Alberta this week. I would love to see it at a show, come hang out for my show as you can go to Paul Rudtheactor dot com. All the info for that is in the description of this episode or you know, clickable somewhere around here. So thanks for being here. Let's get into the episodes. Amen, same outfits, three episodes in a row. Baby, I never changed. We're like cartoon characters. Yeah, it's like those guys did have other clothes, and it's like, well, the artists just will never know. The artists can't draw that many outfits. It's a lot of work to come up with. Yeah, that's what I liked about the show. I watched Gravity Falls. Yeah, that cartoon. Yeah, and uh, Mabel had a different sweater almost every episode. They changed. Wow, that's a lot of work, I know, change every day. I mean she wore a sweater every episode. Yeah, it was just but it was a different color and she had like a different design on the front. Interesting. Okay, so bored just loud, like, dude, when I yawned when you're talking, you see me, I close my mouth and I do the thing where I go and I do it a lot in our episodes, and I never just brazenly yawned like that. All right, let's roll the theme songs when you get this over with. I guess what is going on right now? I teck. That's the endurance of an eagle scout. You know. I got my Duran's badge for being the crab at A four fifteen. They were really bad at the show. Now these days. Things I learned last night. All right, what's the topic. Have you ever heard of the Cursey time slip? The Cursey time slip? Yeah, no, sweet Cursey, the Curtsey ties lip. Okay, So Cursey is a town. Cursey is Suffolk. You know where stuff Folk is? Yes? Where England? Hey, you're right, Yeah, Suffolk didn't. I just hated the where. I'm so mad that you would do that. Yeah, I know where it is and you go really where prove it? That's so rude. Okay, this is Cursey. Here's another shot at Cursey. Here's another shot of Cursey. It's just like, it's a cute little town. I feel your brother showed me a picture that's gonna really mess us up here. They're like, they're like they're all postcards. Yeah, yeah, it's such a a really cute little English town, small in the country. So I would move here, I think, would you? We were talking about this last night. I would move to England. I think. I don't know if I could if we did Batty here, I don't know if I could do English culture. Have you seen what they eat? I know i'd still eat I still eat Norman food. So it's nineteen fifty seven. It looks like that, but a little different because nineteen fifty seven. So it's like black and white and uh. There is a group of British boys. They're fifteen years old and they're Royal Navy cadets. I think Rozzy but for the rotc maybe Yeah, No one calls it Rozzi. Everybody calls it Roches Rozzi for Royal Navy, and so they are, which the boy Scouts are just ROTC for ROTC you know I'm talking about. Yeah, you do the boy Scout Alex talk about. And then it's like pre military for the pre it's like pre pre military, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, and then you joined the pre military and then you join Yeah, it's kind of like lifeguards lifeguards. Lifeguards are pre pre med and pre med is met. I would follow that track if lifeguards are like pre paramedic. You know, can you imagine, hold on, imagine this with me. Can you imagine a scenario where lifeguards were pre pre med and pre med was pre med. You had to serve as a lifeguard first, well, but you have to serve as lifeguard, but the uniform never changed. And so it's like you got the you got the sunscreen, and you have to have a six pack ads, and you've got the red red shorts and you're running down the hospital slow with the device. Someone someone's coding out over here, and you're I like those idea lifeguards that become doctors and think that they're still supposed to be super hot in the hospital. They are still supposed to be hot. It sucks whatever, Like an overweight doctor is like, you should work out more. You should work out more. Take your advice, bro. Yeah, that's a good point. It's like you never want to get a haircut from the barber with the best haircut in the Yeah you know, yeah, because he's not Yeah that means he didn't do it. So these kids, they're pre military and they are doing their training exercises that are act sure military camp or something somewhere, and they're doing training exercises. The exercise they get is they are their their leader, their troop leader is going to drive them out. Speaking at troop leaders, I bought girl scout cookies the other day, Uh huh, this is the most condescending thing I've ever seen in my life. Went to Walmart, walked out, and the scouts was actually probably pre pre military more than boy Scouts are. These guys are learning how to tiny not its. Girl scouts are learning strategy, yeah they are actually, Yeah, they're learning how to stop a target and get them to do whatever they want. Yeah. So I'm walking out of out of Walmart and I see the girls hot cookies and I'm like I could go for some thin Min's. And so I went over and I bought some thin Min's and I paid in cash, and uh, they were like, hey, card Old, we don't do that anymore. We need to be able to track you. You're trying to get you into the database. Uh No, I paid in cash with a twenty and I think it was like six bucks or something like that. I can't remember the exact price. Yeah, but these girl scouts, like sometimes you get girl scouts that are like a five dollars bill, but these girl scouts were fourteen, Like, these were the older girl scouts. I don't girl scouts the laouts. It's not mam scouts, Alex, what is that because it's Eagle Scouts for boys. Do they have a new name for girl scouts? No? No, no, okay, you know that Eagle Scout is not based on age, right, Well, you graduated into it assaulting to our Eagle Scout. But do they do they have for girl scouts? Girl scouts? What are they? No? Because they have what are their ranks? Do you know the ranks? No? Idea? Yeah, I guess they don't associate with each other. Yeah, they're not allowed to. Well anyways, they're they're older, they're like fourteen. So I hand her the twenty and she goes and the troop leader, sitting in her camping chair yeah, is like, okay, you're gonna do twenty takeaway six? What is your change, dude? And like kids are kids are so because of COVID they cannot do well, here's what happened. Here's what happened next, she says, and the girl doesn't answer her because she's clearly like, shut up. You can see it on our face. She's like, shut your stupid mouth, like I can see it on her face. Ok. And she knows the answer. Yeah. And the leader, the trip leader, goes fourteen and she's like, I know, en hands me my change. And I was like, oh that's what was so rough. Okay, you're gonna take twenty minus six. Well the worst is she didn't say minus, she said takeaway, and that me was like, oh oh yeah. It's kind of like the only people worse than the cheerleaders are the cheerleading coaches. You know what I'm saying, Like, you realize that as an adult when you see who the coaches are, you go, oh this all makes sense now, I get it. Yeah, these girls have crippling anxiety because of you, because you're the problem. Okay, so the curses why I can't wait to coach Little League baseball? Sign up for my league this summer. If you want your kid to be just severely messed up, every every kid, I will never yell at them, that's my commitment. But I don't have to yell at them to really mess up their brain. Here's the thing. If if your kid doesn't get trauma from somewhere else, it's gonna be from you. Yeah, that's that's my parent's Just make sure you surround your kids with people who are so much worse than you that by the time the kids like I need someone safe, you're their only option. That's parenting one or one that's so messed up. So these is like, here's your mission, all right, there's a town on the other side of this would okay, Cursey, here's a compass. Find it. And then he pushes them out of the jeep and try to play in the middle of the woods and tied up. Good luck, losers. And so this group of kids, this is real. Find it. Yeah. I think there's four of them in the group, and they're just marching through the woods. They're singing songs and they're trying to find their way to Cursey, and they're they're out here all afternoon. What year is this company? Nineteen fifty seven? Right, yeah, it makes sense, And so they got their compass. They're compassing around looking for is nineteen forty three the height of the war. So we go along through the woods, jumping on stuff. I Ho hi to Cursey, we will go. We don't know where our troop leader is. High ho hi ho twenty takeaway six and you're left with fourteen. Oh no, I know, oh you know. So they're ruching through the woods. Ninety boy scouts sell. We always did like a gets some gravy breakfast fundraiser thing interesting outside the sucks. Hey morning grocery biscuits are brave, big sign, not even burning. It's seven brave. Hey, thanks again for watching this episode. If you're enjoying it, and you're enjoying Tilling, you've been around for a little bit. I want to invite you to be a part of our patreon. We have a patreon that has early access to all of our episodes ad free content, both audio and video. We have a discord with our host and producers. That's a ton of fun getting to hang out with all of our patrons in there. We also do once a month now we do these live streams with our patrons. We hang out, we get to know each other, we eat pizza. It's a blast, along with a bunch of other benefits like merch discounts, message on your birthday, like fun stuff. It's definitely worth it. We're having a blast with our patrons. But if that doesn't sound like something for you, they get the heck out of here. Just kidding, No, we love you. Thanks for checking out Tilling Podcasts. How do they How do they get it? Though? I realized I forgot to put a ct A in mind. Oh yeah, they can text Tilling the six six eight sixty six, Thanks Jared. So they're they're marching through the woods. They're out all afternoon and then they hear it the church bells tolling, and so they're like, we must be close. They're following the sound of the church bells. Yeah, it's autumn, all right, it's an important detail. Okay, They're following the sound of the church bell and then they see they see that spire over the over the hills, the big the big church spire that. Yeah. They're like, there it is, we found it. And so they start running in. They're like, our triop leader's got to be there. He's going to be excited to see we complete the mission. They walk in, We're gonna make it truly is one hundred years old, no, they they as they come down the hill into Cursey. Uh, they they go into like a clear like with a valley. So now they can't see the tower anymore. The tower pops out of you because they go through this valley and they notice as they're walking through this valley the leaves are changing colors. So they're going from like the autumn orange to green. Like that's interesting. I guess fall hasn't hit this town yet. It's very strange, okay. And then they noticed that the clock stopped tolling, the bells stopped ringing, but it wasn't like it was complete because you know how at the end, it's like they didn't get that. They didn't get that, and so it just yes, just like that, just like that, that's exactly right in the middle of the do it just stopped. And so they're like, that's weird. The bell stopped ringing. They come into town and as they round up the next hill, they noticed that they don't see the bell tower anymore. They're like, where'd the bell tower go? Maybe it's just out of you. Maybe like maybe it's it's got a still be there, we just can't see it. But it looks like a ghost town, like a lot of the buildings were still there, like the thatched roof houses and all that stuff were still there, but they couldn't see the tower. And then it looked at the town with abandoned. So they run into the town looking for the trip leader, like we succeeded the mission. We got to get our badge right. Can't find him, can't find anybody, and so they start peeking through windows and opening doors, like trying to surprise, whoa royal davy? Can I stay here? So they're peeking through windows, and they said they peeped through one window and they look through there and they noticed there's a girl ring on the bed. And they peeked through another window and it's a boy sleeping with a dog at his feet. And they picked in their parents window and they killed both their parents, and then they just zoomed out and they woke up in the woods with a shadowy figure who said it's finished. It's finished. Yeah, that's actually exactly what I was about to say. That's Jared's nightmare. In case it's a reoccurring nightmare I had, I haven't had it in like ten years. Now. Yeah, you're going to tonight. Thanks for that. On the plane. You're gonna have it on the plane because you wake up. He's going to be standing like hands to the soda and then LEAs put your seat in the upright position. That's terrifying. We're beginning our descent now, crazy you the hat man said that to you. So they're appearing through this window, yeah, of what they thought was a house. And as they pay through the window, they notice there's cobwebs everywhere, and in the middle of the room there are three like pig carcasses that are like decayed and like covered in flies and larvae and things like that. Okay, and it's like greenish, like gang Greenie, you know, and that's very weird. And then they noticed, oh, hey, we don't feel so hot, like we feel kind of nauseous, like really dizzy, and so they're like, let's get out of here. This place is weird. We're going to head back and see if we can find the cheap Okay, So they go back into the woods, and as they get further into the woods, they start feeling a little bit better. They notice that the leaves start changing back to the autumn like orangish brownish colors that you get from leaves. And then they hear the bell pick back up. Yeah, don't like they missed no time. They walked right back into the moment where the belt was finishing. Okay, so they go back. They tell the troop leader and the troop leader they watched for six weeks trying to find them. They ended up finding the troop leader. They walk back, they find the camp. They tell the troop leader. The troop leader says, you guys are insanzy. Yeah. He's like, he's like, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard anybody say. Yeah, And he said, you also failed your mission, and so I'm gonna beat the crab the fifties. You gotta do, got a T shirt. You gotta be tougher than that one. You make the other three watch because it's four of them. You gotta go to beat the crab of him. One at a time, but at a time they all got to watch it. You can't be Yeah, and because he's you know, you're tired by the last one. You're so tired. But that's the endurance of an eagle scout. Yeah, you know, I got my Durrance badge for beating the crabut four fifteen year old kids. May we're really bad at the show now these days ridiculous, all right, I keep going. So the the eagle scout, the troop leader is like, hey, like, you guys didn't complete your mission right and you came up with this stupid story to be like, oh, we found it, but it was like weird, yeah, and come on. So they they do this whole thing. They tell they tell the stories, nobody, nobody's believing them, and then they just go on with their life for about fifty years. In the nineties, there is a guy who is writing a paranormal book. Sure, one of the boys finds out about them, and you should know about our the big town. We found the big down. So he flies from Australia. He now lives in Australia back to England to tell you the story of the country too. I've never lived anywhere near that place again. So he flies back to England to tell him that I would live in Australia except for like the with my feet, I like, just stretch my feet out the same time you did, and then we make contact and I was like, oh, this is weird. So I just I just coverhanded my whole right, Sorry, I would live in Australia except for like all the monsters. Yeah, that's you're going from what weird plays to a weirder place, like straight up like the Yeah, yeah, that's a that's a tough move. So he goes back to meet this novelist. I guess sure. I don't know if his novelce he's writing fan fiction. I guess is maybe the Better Horse. Yeah, I don't know. If you could call him nonfiction. It's probably not nonfiction. It's fiction light, maybe fiction light, Okay, embellishment. So he's writing, he's writing about this stuff, and he tells him the story, and the guy's like that that'd be an interesting movie. You know when the movie starts, you know, they always like inspired by true events or whatever. It just says embellished events. That's a little bit more truthful. Yeah, yeah, we're being honest here. So this writer is like, this is an interesting story. I'm gonna see if I can corroborate some of this. So he calls the other witnesses yea, and most of the like, yeah he saw that, but he ate a bunch of mushrooms longer in the forest. He's the reason we didn't complete that issues. He's the reason I'm not a boy boy Scout anymore. We weren't even boy Scouts. But he's the reason only one of us became a man scout. Why did they not do? Why? Eagle scout? Why? Alex? Are you? Do you consider yourself like you're an eagle Scout? Right? Like you're you would go, I'm an eagle Scout? Yeah? Do you ever like does anybody ever like graduate? Like is that a thing where it's like I'm the Eagle Scouts the highest? And so you're are you still involved with the boy Scouts? Now? Could you if you wanted to? I mean I assume I could like volunteer to help a troop or something, but I've not looked into it. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode of Things Old last night. If you like our show and you want more of it, we have plenty of other episodes. One that I enjoyed was jose Kinseako, you know, the baseball player from like the nineties and stuff. But also it's kind of an alien episode spoiler alert, so go check that out. Thanks for being here, thanks for listening, Thanks for watching. And now back to this episode. He's checking out all these people. He's trying to get their stories and their stories online up like they're telling a very consistent story. So then he goes to start to dig into Cursey a little bit and he discovers that that house, that the specific house that they were talking about. He takes that guy with him, they go and he's like, yeah, this is the house and it was just someone's house. It wasn't a butcher shop. But he goes back through the history, the annals of history, and he finds that in the thirteen hundreds it was a butcher shop, okay, And it lasted as a butcher shop till the early nineteenth century and then it was converted into just a home. And so he does some more digging and finds that that church was being built just before the plague, but it wasn't completed yet okay, And so his theory is that the boys slipped through time right into week, right after the plague. Months. Yeah, right after the plague. And it was abandoned because every the plague hit this town and everyone's like, we gotta get out of here. And that's why the meat was still hanging in the shop and the town looked abandoned because everybody who survived got out, got out of dodge, and they were feeling sick because they were getting hit, they were getting the plague. They were catching the plague, got it. And that's the that's the slip. Here's the thing, this theory. They told her story in the fifties. But there's a guy, I don't know if you've heard of him, by the name of Albert Einstein who's got theory on time. Yeah, he's got a he's got a thing called the block universe. And this is this is something that's been expanded upon today. So the idea is that time. Here's the best way we can describe this time. This is a probably a code word. You and I what's the code word? If this were to happen to me. I think it's one of those if this were to happen to you, it's one of those scenarios where it's just like, you know, if I do get abducted by aliens and I'm trying to tell you, that would be the best. I honestly be wild, all right, but I would be trying to tell people and obviously they're not gonna believe me because it's stupid. Yeah, it's a dumb idea and lyle, but I would be like, Tim, Yeah, what's their code word? Like, no, it's it's if you say the benefits if. But I would have to be like, how do you how do you pronounce? Tell me how you say it? Say it? How about our co word? Is? What's the co word? You know what I'm saying? Like, Tim, what's the code word for? Like? If this is serious? And then I'm like, oh, hey, this is serious guys. You know because I would it would happen to me. I would end up back in time. You'd be the one that would happen to That's true. It wouldn't be me. You want it to I want it too bad. It would happen to me, And then I'd be like, what the heck what is going on right now? He is this the play? Why? Hey, you guys need a mask up something bad souppening six feet six feet that's four years ago like today. Yeah, oh oh, today's the seventh that stresses me out. Okay, maybe that's why we're feeling so sad. Maybe that is, yeah, because your body does remember time slipping. If we walk outside of this building and it's COVID, I know exactly what to do. I know exactly what you put me for four years in the past. I know exactly what Amazon that's hilarious now. So the the concept is that time is a big block and what's happening is you can picture time here. Well, I'll give you this next graphic. So this is one that kind of gives the three kind of theories of this. So there's presentism or also known as naoism, where all that exists is what's happening right now. It's the present that's the only thing that actually exists. And so the way that this has been described is you imagine a piece of paper and there's a kid drawing what's happening on that piece of paper, and that's nowism. They've got that one piece of paper. Possiblism or the tree model is there's a stack of papers and the kids drawing a piece of paper and after every moment, stacks onto that the next moment of the drawing, and so you've got to stack up all the papers, and everything that's ever happened is in the stack. The current moment is the top paper on that stack, and they're just added. All this still exists. Yeah, all of that exists because it's been drawn and it's just on the stack of papers. Well that's how time works. Yeah. Yeah. Eternalism, or also known as the block universe, is all of these pages are stacked on top of each other, and you're in the middle, and you're somewhere wherever you're at, whatever you're experiencing in it, but all of it exists on top of each other concurrently at one moment, and it already exists, and all of it already exists, all of it's been determined, all of it is there. And this is this is Einstein's theory here that we're wherever we're at on that page, but all the other pages are currently existing at once. Sure, So what the theory is is that if this is true and these pages are here, theoretically there is a way for you to move between pages. If everything's happening all at once. You could slide between pages into different moments in time. Sun travel. The probably the biggest problem with this theory is space because time is moving, but space is moving too. Where quorkscrewing through the universe at millions of miles an hour all the time, right, And so if you slipped back in time, you the Earth's not there at that point in time. Yeah, it's terrifying. Yeah. So if you slipped back in time, you're in the middle of your yeah, yeah, somewhere else. So that is some questions there. So you're you would have to be jumping space and time for that to work, which is interesting. It's a flat earth and we're not moving at all. Sure that's another I could that makes us work a little bit better. Yeah, ye, sense is flat, So there's there's that speaking of flat earth. All of this is stupid. Einstein believes this, Yeah, say it, say it. I think Einstein was kind of dumb. I think he figured out one or two things and it was like that was really smart, dude, that was really smart to you. But everything else it was like throwing darts at a board and he's hitting the wall, you know, and then we praise him when he accidentally hit a bulls eye. Once We're like, that's pretty good, that was pretty good. He's like the professional darts actually everything he says, the bulls eye and objectively not. Yeah, back the camera up a little bit, show the rest of the wall, the wall. We can see there's two darts that hit the bull's eye, but there's seven thousand darts of the wall. That's what I'm saying. Yeah, that's I mean, I guess that's possible. Was like just watching where that was a bit where the guy was throwing darts and he's talking and then he finally he goes yes and it pans out he had one on the dark board on the wall. That was a good bit. Darts is simultaneously. Darts is simultaneously. What if a dart went through the past. What if someone you use this room as a dart room and this wall and this was the dart board, and all of a sudden they just should we hang a dartboard right here? Yeah, put a dart in the wall. And that's just our decoration, singular one decoration. Get rid of everything else. We a black wall and a dark missed not even so we gotta throw like a couple yeah, because we'll accidentally hit the board. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, we're really good at darts. It's gonna be hard for us to miss. All right, we can do that for that. That's kind of a cool, like, that's a cool thing. Yeah, let's put on the wall. Can you make custom? Is there a custom? Is there a vista print for dartboards? I'm sure, yeah, let's make one. Okay. Cool. Anyways, So Einstein's theory of the time block theory makes it possible that what these kids said could could have happened could have happened as long as they jump space and time. Yeah, they would have to jump space in time, which is where things get difficult, which I think in his graphic here it doesn't count for that. Yeah, there's space. Space is one block on that and all space is stacked up, and then you're here and now is that little spot on that where you're at here now is moving like this? Yeah, it's moving all over that page, And so you could maybe maybe the pages are spinning too, Maybe the pages are spinning. So every once in a while those lines, I mean, it's fun if I mean, if everything's possible, sure, yeah, I mean, I'm just saying there's a way you expect. I want to just use our imaginations. It's kind of fun to just think of a way this could work out. But here's the thing, here's what we know for sure. Though sure there is all around the globe, there are people who are sighting things in our skies that are typically ascribed to be aliens, but they're most likely us from the future coming back to get our DNA, and we're stuck in the skies. What are you talking about siding things in the sky. They're UFOs, we think we're saying, Oh, those are aliens. They're humans from the future who create devices that can time travel. So they're going back to the pages to come get our DNA because they are having problems having babies, so they need DNA, and so they're DNA so that way they can keep the human rights going forward. So that's what's happening. So because we know that's happening, I woke up, I sat down. I paid a lot of money for his podcast to exist, and you're gonna waste mine and the Watcher's time. All hail the watch uh to talk about how aliens are time travelers. Aliens are not aliens, though they're humans. They're human time travelers from the future. Okay, yeah, and they accidentally they accidentally time traveled these kids too, That's what I'm saying. How do they do they stumble? Was the location? Yeah, they went through a portal? Theory, there was like a portal. Yeah, there's a tear in the paid. Okay, there's a tear in the page, and they slipped the page. It is the whole story. No one knows exactly how this happened. Kids could have lied. Who knows. They do hold this shoe. They're old dudes now and they're like, yeah, one time this happened, and people some people believe them, some people don't. I figured out what are like code word is? What's our code laid off? Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you liked it, We've got another one, the Rendell Shim Forest. It's another group of British people who found some crazy stuff in the forest. Maybe it was these kids when they grew up. They've had a weird life. So if you like the paranormal, you like forests and British people, then you might like that episode too, The Rendal Ship Forest. But hey, I want to take a second to think our patrons. This show is not possible without them. If you want to become a patron, you can see next week's episode right now by doing that, and then you get a ton of other parts. That's super cool, but hey, if not taste for being here, excepting or expecting enemy

In this episode of the Things I Learned Last Night Podcast, Tim and Jaron talk about the alleged Kersey Time Slip incident, where a group of British teenage boys in 1957 got lost while on a training exercise in the woods and stumbled upon what seemed to be a ghost town version of the village Kersey. The town appeared abandoned, the church bell tower was missing, and the boys looked through the windows of some buildings and saw disturbing things like decaying pig carcasses.

Feeling ill, the boys quickly left and seemed to return back to their normal time when they heard the church bells ringing again. The story wasn’t taken seriously at the time, but years later, one of the boys told his account to an author researching paranormal events. The author corroborated some of the details and theorized the boys may have briefly traveled back to the 14th century during the time of the plague, which would explain the abandoned town and their sickness. The incident has been used to support ideas around time travel and Einstein’s block universe theory, which states that the past, present, and future all exist concurrently.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning and laughing a lot while you do, you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




Kersey Time Slip – Smithsonian Magazine

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