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Unknown Speaker Hey man. What's up? Unknown Speaker Have you ever heard of Bobby Dunbar? Unknown Speaker Bobby Dunbar? Unknown Speaker Bobby Dunbar? Speaker 1 Is that? I don't know the characters are king of the hill. Is that their last name? It Speaker 2 does sound like a character in King of the Hill, Bobby. Bobby Dunbar? No, it's not no, no wrong. Bobby Dunbar was an American boy who disappeared at the age of four. Okay, in 1912 is 10 years ago. We're okay. Unknown Speaker We're gonna find him. They could. Speaker 2 Well, they did. Allegedly. Find him. Okay, good story. Let's just dive right in. Okay, well roll the theme song and then we'll come back and we'll tell you about Bobby don't Unknown Speaker roll a theme song like three minutes. Speaker 2 We heard it's like, well, it's like, oh, oh, they did it. Yeah, yeah. Maybe sandwich. It's an advertisement Unknown Speaker in the middle of a commercial. Unknown Speaker But the commercial for that these Unknown Speaker McDonald's now serving. Speaker 2 You know, I like that. Alright, so Bobby Dunbar and his family they went to Swasey Lake and Speaker 1 you don't do the dishes. I'm going to call the police. Well, you see pianos have little strings on the inside, and my fingers are too big. Your school mascot should be eggs. Yeah, if you're around me, I'm super judgy always trying to like see through what you're saying, you know, I didn't kill his parents. You Unknown Speaker did not know they died long before you're born. Unknown Speaker Things I Learned last night. Speaker 2 Lake is a strong term for this lake. It was a swamp. They went to a swamp in Louisiana as what they do down there. Yeah. And they call it the lake day. And while they were at the lake, Bobby just disappeared. They were all swimming, you know, doing their thing. And then they're like, Where's Bobby? Gone? And so they from Louisiana? Where are they from? I think so i think yeah, they're from St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. Okay. Okay. And so he disappears. And they panic. They call the authorities and the authorities launches this massive manhunt to try to find this little boy that He's four years old at the time, right. And so they're, they're going all around the lake, they're on the boats, they're there, they get the spotlights. They are interviewing the townsfolk. They even go as far as to dissect alligators to see if he was in the alligators. And then on day two, they actually started throwing dynamite in a lake hoping that Speaker 1 they did they did that on day one. They were dissecting alligators. Yeah, Speaker 2 because well, they because they're like there could be an alligator alive. Probably. Fine. Okay, but they're just they're just trying to cross all their T's dot all their eyes, cut all their alligators. Okay, that's how that phrase kills, right? Yeah. But yeah, and then they did too. They started throwing dynamite in the lake. Because they're like, Well, Speaker 1 that'll scare him. If he's hiding in there somewhere. Unknown Speaker Oh, sorry. Don't blow me up with your dynamite. Speaker 1 No one's oxen free. So the soy boy bored right now. So bored. I didn't Speaker 2 know when I did that. So throw dynamite in the swamp swamp. Yeah, it honestly sticks. I'm hoping that they were just gonna blow him out of the water and then be I found them. Louisiana 1912 Louisiana thing to do? Yeah, well, there goes. Unknown Speaker Hey, Paul. We're missing a boy down by the swamp. He's excited. I was gonna I know he's gonna be like, Ah, all right, here we go. Unknown Speaker We're gonna get the blows of boy. Unknown Speaker He blew that boy right out of the swamp. Speaker 2 They don't find them. They don't find her. It ends up being this thing where they are like, yeah, he's probably been eaten by some alligators. Sorry. So they go home and they think they lost their son. Eight months later, the Gators. Eight months later. There's a traveling handyman by the name of William Walters. Walking through town. And a police officer season Unknown Speaker was Hey, you look at that four year old boy. Why do you look like that? a four year old boy that went missing. Speaker 1 I'm a grown man. No, you're not you're, you're a child, and you can't sneak past me. Unknown Speaker And so they took him home. And then he sort of pushed his mom into this. Like Jenna pointed her coffee and stuff, it was kind of crazy. Speaker 2 Now, so he's he's in Mississippi, and he's traveling around fixing pianos and organs and random stuff like that, you know, but there's a child with him. And someone sees that child and for whatever reason, like this goes off. That looks like the boy who was missing Speaker 1 in Mississippi. Yeah. Because I mean, it may dismissing Potter's Speaker 2 got around. Yeah, they made decently large news when he went missing originally. I thought I was like that missing boy. And so they call the police. The police come and they interview him and ask them all these questions about Speaker 1 the police is 1912 Yeah, they did. They said Unknown Speaker police and then Speaker 1 that's police is fire. And oh, is ambulance. Unknown Speaker And it's clown clowns. That used to be first. And police is a little too similar. You need a good police officer up and this guy shows up and he makes some aluminum animal gun Unknown Speaker was really just he just does one and it shoots Unknown Speaker real bone. This is actually more helpful than the police crazy. Speaker 2 I can't believe that works. How did you do that? Speaker 1 Sometimes you're like, Hey, I didn't want you here and they go they don't You don't know their release company? Do you know? Yeah, you gotta be like Unknown Speaker fall into this Unknown Speaker you know? It's 1912 Yeah, Speaker 2 it was a different time. A lot of people don't remember that. We all collective so Speaker 1 they call the police. They go, hey, the police interview this guy and the two children walk in. And they pull someone I missing? Speaker 2 The ask the man, where'd you get this kid? Hey, yeah. What's your name? I made him. I made him loose piano parts. Speaker 1 Used to be my puppet. And then he ran into some talking donkey kid or something like that. Anyway, he got swallowed by a whale. He went through some magical journey crazy. Found a cricket. Yeah. And now is a real boy. Speaker 2 It's driving me insane. He won't let me kill the cricket. I keep asking him. So he's like, Yeah, my name is William Walters. I'm a traveling piano fixer. And he goes on and says, Is your piano broken? And then they're like, No, we don't want it. We don't care about this part of your story. Who's the boy? And he's like, Oh, that's Bruce. And like, Bruce, who? Speaker 1 Well, you see pianos have little strings on the inside, and my fingers are too big. So I occasionally have to contract out a five year old child get his old little nubby campaigns in their fingers down Speaker 2 there. Yeah, to get the strings it luckily there's no minimum wage yet so I don't want to even say the word minimum wage so that way you don't think Unknown Speaker think of it as an idea. It's not even an idea yet. Unknown Speaker Give you the ideas of Mr. Law. Speaker 1 Minimum wage. That's up there with that socialism stuff. Unknown Speaker Have you ever been there's a swamp I think you should Unknown Speaker check. You're about to go missing in the swamp. Unknown Speaker Bruce is gonna swim ahead of you pull you down. Speaker 1 I don't know man. I was just out in the swamp one day eat my cheesecake and this little boy or rose from the water Speaker 2 at the swamp, and there's this police officer who rolled in and started walking to the swamp for a swim and that was swamp swim. chordify I see this little boy look like a Bruce I don't know. Just full sprint. Honestly, very fast. Probably 22 miles an hour top of the water. And I don't asked not even four years old. Just kidding. Just Brian gets to a certain point in the swamp. Not even I and then just dives. And then I see the police officer just go under. Few minutes later, the boy sprouts out of the water. Speaker 1 Like you're seeing a discovery show where they film those sharks out so you don't know what that is? Yeah. Are you a time traveler? Speaker 1 Hey, thanks checking out this episode. If you liked this one or You don't like this one. There's so many other ones. Alright, if you're halfway through this one and you're like, I hate this, I want to go check out the Richmond TV vigilante. It's an episode we did a while ago. It's a little bit of a shorter one. But one morning in Richmond, Virginia, he's people wake up with just TVs on their front porch, no idea where they came from, until one person check their ring doorbell footage and got a decent surprise. So Richmond TV vigilante is a great episode. If you're gonna go check that out later. But for now, back to this one. Speaker 1 Okay, so he's got this kid. He's got this Bruce. Bruce. Bruce. Bruce. Boy, Speaker 2 my Bruce. No. Bruce Anderson is the name. She or he is the child of a family friend that he took with him on his journey for some reason. And Unknown Speaker sure, not a family friend. Yeah, it's Speaker 2 a family and friends kid. And they were like, That's suspicious, but we can't prove anything. And it's like, well, you can just go on your way. And then they follow them around for a while watching them. And they catch them one day weapon, the kid. And like, that's grounds for us to arrest you. And so they arrest the kid. All right. Speaker 1 Well, what you did was very bad. And you got spanking by your family friend. Also, you're going to jail. That's like, that's what parents do. And if you don't do these dishes, I'm going to call the police. Unknown Speaker What are the police gonna do? Speaker 1 They're gonna push. Whether a skier straight this Bruce kid. Unknown Speaker I think you think you're Bobby. So Unknown Speaker tell me interrogating him. Speaker 2 So they take they take Bruce William to jail Oh, for whipping the kid. Unknown Speaker And they take Bruce where Unknown Speaker and they take Bruce and they Unknown Speaker family and they go here. Speaker 2 ruse they said, they said Who's that man? And versus like, Oh, he's a child. He's like, he's like, I don't know who he is. And then he's like, Well, why are you with him? He's like, he's like, Well, he took me from my mom a while ago. And they're like, Well, what's your name? And he's like, ah, like, is it Bobby? And he was like, yeah, it's Bobby. And so then they Speaker 1 could use it. Is it? Is it dragon? Like? Yeah, I Unknown Speaker like that one. Unknown Speaker My name is Dragon. My name is Dragon. Speaker 2 And so they took him back to Louisiana to the mother of Barbie, Miss Dunbar? And they said, Hey, is this Bobby? And it's been eight months. And she's like, I don't think so maybe maybe it's him. Like she wasn't like confident white. And they were like, he looks kind of a lot like Bobby to us. And they were and she was like I'm not sure. And so they're like, we'll take them back to the station. Once you get some rest. We'll give you another chance with them tomorrow. And so the next day, they come back and they're like, like, why don't you give him a bath, see if he has the same scars. And so she turned 12 So she doesn't afterwards. She's like, Yeah, he did have the same scars. This is my son. This is Bobby. And like, we found good work, everybody. We saved the day the kid is alive. We got him. And meanwhile, Williams now got a kidnapping charge on it. Yeah, kidnapping Bobby. And he's like, I ain't kidnapper. That's my family friend. Yeah, word gets back to Bruce Anderson was the boys. A legend name? And so we're where it gets back to the Anderson family. And they understand they're like, Oh, well, we should probably go get Bruce. And so Julie Anderson, who lives in North Carolina takes the journey out to Speaker 1 Julie Anderson who lives in North Carolina. Why did you do that? Julie you're talking back here. Okay, normal podcasts are and then you go Julianne Unknown Speaker North turn like I looked at Alex to make sure that I wasn't insane on that. And Alex, here's Speaker 1 a look. It's like telling the back of the mind. Julie Anderson pulled further. Further away. Are you gonna keep going? Speaker 2 So Julie? So Julie Anderson from North Carolina, makes a trip out to Louisiana to be like, Speaker 1 Hey, don't be trippin back in 1912 What do they send me your internet? No, Speaker 2 we never trip differently. Sure pic has not changed in a long time. Okay, I don't know if she took a car or she didn't take a train Speaker 1 train probably that makes waves that makes a lot. Well, it Unknown Speaker took a train, takes a trip out, Unknown Speaker she loves trains to Speaker 2 take the trip out to Louisiana. And when she gets there, the police she's like, she's like my son Bruce is here, my son versus with you and you gave him to some random lady. Unknown Speaker No, no, it was Bobby. Unknown Speaker Ed. She was like, she's like, can I see? So now Speaker 1 the police are our Ponzi scheme and these kids do they gotta take a kid from a different family. To give it to that one. They got a different family. Give it to that one. And this never ends so they never kept until you find twins. I guess. Speaker 2 We need some twit. Somebody flying his twins. quick throw more dynamite at the lake. I'm sure there's another one down there. Unknown Speaker Okay. I don't want to swamp twin. Sorry. Unknown Speaker I'm just there a point where nevermind. Speaker 1 No. Go on. So the police she's like, Hey, that's my son. Yeah, the Speaker 2 police are like the police are like okay, we're gonna go get Bobby. Yeah. And then we're gonna get a handful of other boys. And we're gonna do like a line Oh line. And if you can identify which ones do I would have Speaker 1 done? Here's what I wouldn't if I was police sheriff. Right. I would have said all right, Miss Anderson. You would not have that side. You could not have that side. Put the boy in the middle and see who he chooses. Lassie, Lassie. No, it's Shiloh? Shiloh. Unknown Speaker Yeah. leboff Speaker 1 I hate everything about you. Sanderson was like, let's cut the baby in half. Got the boy in half, I'll take up. Speaker 2 So they they get the lineup of kids. Okay. And then, while they're in line, she points to Bruce. And she says is that the boy that you guys thought was mine. And that response made the police very skeptical. And they were like, like, Wait, so you don't know which one is your son? And here's the thing where who said that? Miss Anderson? Julie Anderson. Okay. Bruce's mom. Yes. And so, here's here's the thing, you have to recognize that a corner is what sucks Speaker 1 is that this kid just doesn't have a recognizable face. You know? Yeah, yeah, that's true. There's a bland, old normal kid Speaker 2 of blade kid, not even his mom or his other mom can tell. Speaker 1 No one knows who you are. Have we met before Speaker 2 is that I said, Well, here's the thing for Ms. Anderson, at least. She, William Walters took him Yeah, 15 months ago, and at four years old, changed a lot in 15 months. And so like, Unknown Speaker Well, why did my did Mr. Walters TAKE Speaker 2 THE BAIT? Well, he's a family friend. And he was like, he's like, he should come with me and learn to be a man now. Here's the thing with Miss Anderson that kind of doubled over for her and became a bigger issue. She didn't have a great reputation. She had. This was her third child. She lost one of her children had already died. And then there was another child that she lost like a custody battle for. And so she's not she doesn't have a great reputation. Speaker 1 And then she goes, Is Unknown Speaker that the one that you think is mine? Unknown Speaker And that I think is mine too? Yeah, Speaker 2 I think it's that one. So they gave her a closer look as well. The next day, they're like, why don't you give them a bath. We'll see what you think. And, and she wants to saw his scars once. Once she saw his scars. She was like, she's like, this is my son. And they're like, well, dang, the bathroom test worked for both. Unknown Speaker Maybe this isn't a good method. Speaker 2 So now there's an issue. Do Whitewater Speaker 1 is crazy. It's the same dude. Like gremlins. Speaker 2 Here's the thing though. These boys did look a lot like here's, here's an article from well, I'll show you this one first. Here's a picture of the two of them. I could tell them apart. Bobby's on the left is on the route. Don't tell me which ones which. But here's the thing, right again. Maybe Bobby's awesome. Maybe they're both Bobby maybe one of them's not Bobby. Did you look similar? Speaker 1 No, they don't. They do look similar. They both look like the precious moments kid. Speaker 2 I see how you could see these kids. I see how you could see this kid go underwater in a lake. And then see the kid on the right eight months later and be like, I think that's that kid. Speaker 1 They both look like Haley Joel Osment it secondhand, like Unknown Speaker it's actually very accurate. Now, this Speaker 1 is more of him in sixth sense, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. Unknown Speaker This is this is an article from the time which I don't know if Speaker 1 all those pictures they chose. They look very different. Yeah. Speaker 2 I mean, I could see if you saw these kids eight months apart. Your Speaker 1 pictures of the same boy are these Same colleague Dunbar before he died. Oh before he disappeared Speaker 2 Hey, thanks again for watching this episode. If you're enjoying it and you're enjoying chillin, you've been around for a little bit, I want to invite you to be a part of our Patreon we have a Patreon that has early access to all of our episodes ad free content, both audio and video. We have a discord with our hosts and producers. That's a ton of fun getting to hang out with all of our patrons in there. We also do once a month now we do these live streams with our patrons. We hang out we get to know each other we eat pizza. It's a blast along with a bunch of other benefits like a merch discounts message on your birthday like fun stuff. It's definitely worth it. We're having a blast with our patrons. But if that doesn't sound like something for you, that guy here just getting the we love you. Thanks for checking out Dylan podcast. How do they how do they get it though? I realized I forgot to put a CTA in mind. Oh Daddy we're doing Yeah, Speaker 1 they can text Tillandsia 66866 Thanks Jared Unknown Speaker so so now the police have a real connection Speaker 1 analysis and newspapers right about how long is this process? Speaker 2 Well, this has been going on for months because she because they get the kid that kid comes over this Bobby is now or Bruce is now going by Bobby because when the Dunbar's got him back it was a big deal they here's the a kid that's been dead for eight months is back with them. And so they threw this big party they got on a pony and a bicycle. They're they're doing the whole Unknown Speaker Pharaoh Bobby on all its feet and everything. Unknown Speaker On the kids feet. Now on Speaker 1 the on the Promenade pony. Oh, Woody from Speaker 2 after the bath. They lift his foot up and they write Bobby on his foot just so Unknown Speaker he doesn't forget. Speaker 2 Bobby, hold on, I gotta take my shoe off you Bob. backwards again. Yeah. And so he's going by Bobby now. He's responding to Bobby Sure. And he calls his mother Mom. He calls his father father because his sister's Unknown Speaker brother and sister. He says interestingly enough, Speaker 2 though, when he first met them he didn't call her mom. He didn't act like he knew his siblings. And his siblings acted like they didn't recognize him either. Speaker 1 Do kids can always tell the kids are like what the heck is that? Bobby? Unknown Speaker That's not Bobby Bobby got eight by the crocodile. The crocodile told me Speaker 1 in a dream. What do you think the crocodile told you crocodile told me two things in my dream one i A Bobby to your school mascot should be eggs. Unknown Speaker Eggs, and you should try to get him to Unknown Speaker launch campaign. This is your life purpose campaign. Unknown Speaker But also this good your house is not Bobby. Bobby but more. If you just if you forget any of Speaker 1 this paper, not Bobby's boat. Now, Bobby. Speaker 2 I'll have another go eggs. You have to forget about one of these papers. Forget about the bobby paper. Important thing okay. Most important. All right, continue. Speaker 1 Geez. My dream I killed Bobby's parents Unknown Speaker recurring treat all right. So if you're not hold on, if you've not listened to previous episodes, Unknown Speaker as parents you did not know they died long before you were born. Speaker 1 That's my alibi. I was born too late. Unknown Speaker Let's far too late to Speaker 1 shoot dude, I would have I would have if I was alive. Speaker 2 But alas, not Alas, I was not yet. So bummer. So this court case begins sure because now this is this has become a web of problems. Yeah, it's one family who's like our dead sons alive. Unknown Speaker Moms are shown. Speaker 2 There's one family who's like he's like our son's alive and now he's with us again. And then there's another family that's like our son. You took them state and gave us Walton family and then there's Walter who's Speaker 1 any of these people? Yeah, he's been accused of kidnapping because Walter maintain that it's a Anderson's. Speaker 2 Yes, yes, he does. He's like, that's there. Yeah, sounds like that's that yeah, that's the one and so they this court case commences and the they see all the evidence, they see the kid. They have some character references for the Anderson's come out and they're able to A corroborate that that was the kid that even had some of the families that Walters worked for. Before Bobby disappeared to come forward and say, Yeah, we saw Bruce was with them when before Bobby disappeared. Okay, so like that lines up that story. But there was already the stories circulating in the media and had gotten so big that Lesley Anderson was not a good mother. And yeah, had lost these other kids. And it was this big thing. And she didn't know who her son was. She had no idea that the jury was convinced from the start that it was not Bruce. And it was actually Bobby. So at the end of the she didn't get a fair trial. Yeah, at the end of the trial, they ruled that this was actually Bobby Dunbar and not Bruce Anderson. And they legally changed his name and close the case. Walter served a sentence for kidnapping. And Leslie had to go home without her son. Okay, and that was the end of the story. For 90 years. Bobby lived, Bruce. Bobby Bruiser, Bobby lived the rest of his life as Bobby Dunbar Okay, here he is, like, a few years later, not that far, much farther. It's the one that looks like Bruce or Bobby. I don't know. Sure. Speaker 1 His dad is JFK. And there's a mobster in the background. Unknown Speaker But he wasn't they were they took the picture. Speaker 1 Okay, there was no boy when they took the picture. When they look at the picture. There he is Speaker 2 that oh, that's pretty anyways, so Bobby lives the rest of his life as Speaker 1 Yeah, dies as Bobby Dunbar's, Bobby Speaker 2 Dunbar, and one of His granddaughter's Margaret Dunbar cut right. In 2004. Was like 23. And me. Oh, no, and was going through all the storage for Unknown Speaker yeah, here was going through me. Speaker 2 So I don't know if it was like, 23 of me, but it was like that answer? Sure. Sure. Sure. Um, so she's going through all the stories, she's looking at all the family trees and stuff like that. And she's telling them doesn't matter. They're hearing all the stories, she's always heard the story of the time, Bobby disappeared for like, eight months, and they just happen to find them again, and all that stuff. And so she starts digging back into the story. So she's reading the newspaper articles, she's reading all this stuff, like firsthand accounts instead of yes, that was passed down by by sure and became family legend. And so she's reading through all these accounts, she's she is kind of going in as like, like hopes of being like, Okay, I'm gonna prove that Bobby. My grandfather really is Bobby. Sure, not Bruce. And as she's going through all these documents, she starts to realize, Oh, I think that my grandfather is not Bobby. I think he was Bruce. I don't think any of us are done bars. And so she goes, and she tracks down. Another grandson. I don't know why she doesn't do it. But she gets another grandson to do the DNA test. Kai, who is a blood relative of Bobby Dunbar and gets one of their cousins who was the grandson of Bobby Dunbar's brother to do DNA tests, and they were not matches and they were not blood related. And so all of a sudden, 90 years after the fact, they found out that this whole line that people that were using the name Dunbar were not Dunbar's. Oh, actually Anderson's and the fair amount of the Andersons found out that Bruce Yeah, was actually a kidnapped by the state essentially, and given to some random other family. Okay, and William Walters served this prison sentence for kidnapping. Yeah, when he didn't kidnap the kid. He was. Well, I mean, Jury's out on if he can shoot. I don't know, that's weird. But he took the kid and it created this huge mess for their family, because a lot of family got mad at her. Because they were like, I wonder like, just wonder stuff be. Interesting. Yeah. They were just like, yeah, it's in the past. It's, I mean, it is like 100 years old at this point. But it like fractured their family and like fractured the relationship with her. Especially and the people who did the tests. Because they I don't know, they were mad about it. Was Speaker 1 that according to her though, yeah. Yeah. But I mean, like, when people were like, oh, yeah, my family doesn't talk to me anymore. You're like, okay, just from that one sentence. I can tell what I can see. You know, they wouldn't if anybody's like, My family doesn't talk to me be like, Okay. Now if you say we don't talk to him anymore. I go, Ah, you're in the right. Yeah. I assume you don't like if you go I don't talk to him anymore. That's, that's actually I'm just now thinking this but that's a good theory right there. That's an end Just think if someone says My family doesn't talk to me anymore, I go, Ooh, you were wrong did something. Yeah. But as you go, yeah, we don't we don't really talk too much anymore. You go, oh, you set healthy boundaries, good for you. Speaker 2 But that could be though, like, I mean, there's people who are like we Speaker 1 don't say if you're the troublemaker in your family, just switch your verbiage, right? You know, like, just start saying, yeah, don't talk to him and say Speaker 2 that, yeah. If you're around Jaron, depending on who you're around, yeah, Speaker 1 if you're around me, I'm super judgy. Always trying to like, see through what you're saying, you know, I don't believe that. I didn't believe there. Dunbar's for a second. Speaker 2 Yeah. So to this day, we don't know what actually happened with Bobby Dunbar. Okay. Most people are like, yeah, you probably got alligator. Oh, wow. But we do know Bruce. Speaker 1 Sweet justice is if we're in Orlando, and you get alligator, man. Speaker 2 Hey, guys, go to you from Orlando. Unknown Speaker I just bought you live streaming. Speaker 2 I'm going to you from Orlando. We should call it out. Gator. You're gonna Unknown Speaker survive. Speaker 2 Yeah, yeah, I'm in the back of the clown car. I call him for help. I didn't know we still Unknown Speaker do in Orlando. Florida shot. Yeah, Florida dude. They got him they got Speaker 2 him. So So Bruce. Bruce lived his whole life his Bobby and took it to his grave had really had no idea. I didn't have to go through the crisis. Figuring out what everyone else in the family did. And for some reason, it bothered them a lot. And that's the story of Bobby Dunbar. Well, Bruce Anderson, sure. But the family of Unknown Speaker So did they get a DNA test from the Andersons? Unknown Speaker Yeah, yeah. Well, they Unknown Speaker confirmed that he Speaker 2 Well, I don't know if they got a DNA test. Was there any living relatives they got a DNA test from the Dunbar's and from the dawn Speaker 1 of Dunbar's Yeah, one of them that's I'm saying, if they could prove that he wasn't Anderson, though, because he may not have been that kid. He may have just been a random kid. Maybe we need to test them again. Hey, I know this was a big deal. I've got a question. Yeah, and this is gonna seem like it's off the wall but this you know how big were his calves? What is Cat Oh, Unknown Speaker what do you mean by that? I don't know how big his calves were Unknown Speaker they fit in this motel that we have at the police station. Unknown Speaker Let me see the cats What's that from? Oh, you remember that's bro Speaker 1 Are you serious? Oh, do you know what that's from? To mom should do? Speaker 2 Oh, yeah. To mom should it's a great Speaker 1 episode. And Tim, whatever did I just think that you don't care about the show? Speaker 2 Oh, whoa, whoa. I don't want you to think that I don't care about this. Speaker 1 Or that reference? Anything. I've made a couple of references and you didn't get them. What are you Let's eat you in the bath Speaker 2 things are there last night is a production of space Tim medium produced by Christian Taylor audio by hours Garnett video by Connor Betts our graphics and our logo by Caleb Goldberg and our social media is run by Caleb Walker. Our hosts are Jeremiah and Tim stone. Follow us on your favorite social media platform at Taillon podcast is Ti LL and podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I learned last night. Transcribed by

Imagine going on a family vacation and suddenly finding yourself in the middle of a real-life mystery. That’s exactly what happened to the Dunbar family in 1912. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the fascinating and perplexing story of Bobby Dunbar’s disappearance and the search that followed.

The Disappearance

On August 23, 1912, the Dunbar family was enjoying a camping trip near a Louisiana lake. Bobby Dunbar, an adorable four-year-old boy, was playing near the shore. Suddenly, he vanished without a trace. His family was frantic, fearing the worst.

The Search Begins

The disappearance of Bobby Dunbar set off a massive search effort. The local community, law enforcement, and volunteers scoured the area for any sign of the missing boy. Newspapers across the country reported on the case, and it became a national sensation.

The Discovery

Eight months later, a breakthrough came. A boy fitting Bobby’s description was found in Mississippi in the care of a man named William Walters. Walters claimed that the boy was Bruce Anderson, the son of a family friend. Despite some doubts, the Dunbar family believed this child was their long-lost Bobby.

The Legal Battle

A legal battle ensued between the Dunbar and Anderson families, each claiming the boy as their own. The case eventually went to court, where it was decided that the child in question was indeed Bobby Dunbar, and he was returned to the Dunbar family.

Unsolved Mysteries

The story might seem like a happy ending, but questions lingered for decades. Some doubted the court’s decision, and as time passed, different theories emerged. In 2004, DNA testing finally revealed the truth. The boy found with William Walters was not Bobby Dunbar; he was Bruce Anderson.

The Real Bobby Dunbar

So, what happened to the real Bobby Dunbar? Sadly, his fate remains a mystery. The case of Bobby Dunbar is a haunting tale of a boy lost in the Louisiana woods, a mistaken identity that lasted for decades, and the enduring mystery of what really happened to the real Bobby.


The Bobby Dunbar case is a true story that continues to captivate and puzzle people to this day. It’s a reminder that even in the most baffling mysteries, the truth can eventually be revealed, no matter how much time has passed. The story of Bobby Dunbar is a lesson in the power of perseverance and the importance of seeking the truth, no matter where it may lead.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning and laughing a lot while you do, you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




Bobby Dunbar – Wikipedia

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