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Amen, what's up? Have you ever heard of Jean Baptiste John the Baptist? No, you're trying to do you use your Bible degree today, You're just trying to be subtle about it. I like, I like a way of ministry that's like, have you ever heard of Jesus Crystal? John? Oh? No, I guess not. I guess not. He lived to be thirty three. Uh, and then a millennia. You'll never believe this. He came back from the dead. Pretty wild. He came back from the dead. No, Jean Baptiste very different from John the Baptist, but honestly, in some ways kind of similar. Now that I'm saying this out loud, there's some connections which we can draw later in this episode. I can't go to jail. I'm too bad that jail cops that I'm too bad for jail. That's why I'm trying to become friend of the worms. You're trying to get ahead of they can bring me back. I mean, does your wife know about every box you have in your house? Yeah, that's a healthy marriage. Mine doesn't know about half box things. I learned last night. So John Baptiste, he was he was you know what. Actually, no, that's not a comm that's not a current, that's a that's not a nineteen nineties name. We're talking about somebody old. Uh No. Yeah. So he was born in eighteen thirteen in An, Ireland, but by the mid eighteen fifties he was living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Okay, yeah, so he moved around a little bit, which we'll trace his life in a little bit. But in eighteen sixty two something interesting happened. Let me pay the scene. It's January eighteen sixty two, Salt Lake City, Utah. Bring Him Young is out starting Mormonism. Bringing Young is doing what he's out starting Mormon in the eighteen sixties. He didn't he didn't start it. He didn't start it, but he was like very influential. He's starting the university. Yeah, he's a big preacher. Yeah. And so he's doing his thing. The Governor, John Dawson was walking home and two dudes jumped him. Okay, beat the heck out of them. Yeah, and it's the police. Sure, and so the cops they took these guys and they shot him. And the guys that beat the governor, yeah, they killed him. And uh, one of them had a family and they took care of it. They buried him whatever, the whole family. The whole family, like, we'll handle this, We'll bury you guys together. Yeah. The other one, his name was Roni Clawson, and he was kind of a famous like bandit. This is wild West era, right, Wild West era West, So it's the wildst The wild West is literally, I guess I think the wild West. I don't think Utah. Yeah, I mean it's West. It's the snowy wild West. Okay, it's wild wild West winter, wild wild West winter. You squeaking over there? What are you doing? I don't hear it. I think it's you. I'm not hearing it, not anymore. I'm yeah, I wasn't here, though I heard it earlier. I think it was a car. Wow, that's where I thought it was too, But he kept going anyway anyway. So he, uh, Marni Clawson was a bandit and he was kind of an infamous bandit and he was out, you know, jumping governors claws. Sure, yeah, and uh so by this time he doesn't really have any family to speak of. The family that he does have that's still around. It is like, we don't want anything to do with him, and so they couldn't find any family for him. And so a local police officer Henry's love this guy. I love him, he's my son. So Henry Heath was like, I'll be his uncle daddy. Sure. The local police officers said, okay, I'll pay for his burial and i'll and he even bottom a suit so he could be buried in this suit. Sure. It was like a really generous thing to do for a guy who just beat up the governor. And so they buried him and everybody went out the way. I thought it was the end of the story. Well, Mernona's brother came to town because he had heard the news. Sure, his brother was killed, and I mean had touched contact with him in a long time. But he said, hey, I mean my brother. He's my brother. And so he came and he asked for the body to be zu so he could take him back to their families. It goes a plot. This is a rented men's warehouse suit. Is the best you could do for my brother? I know he's a bad guy. He was like, it is three weeks late. I I guarantee that, I guarantee them. It's like I'm gonna have to pay for this. Yeah, I'm gonna have pay for this. No one thought that through. No one thought they're renting a suit and then burying with the dead guy. I mean, how do you tell, hey, we were into that suit. It's not going back. You can go get it. But that would make you make you a pretty a person who robs. That would make you a person who goes to the graveyard, digs and steals the clothses for the dead guy, robs him. Grave robber does. Even in the wild West West, last winter West, even in the winter wonder wild West, people don't like that. People will like it when you dig up their graves. Yeah, so Min's Warehouse was real mad. But then the brother showed up and they're like, hey, good good, you can dig them up. Yeah, and so get super suit bag. So they're there, they dig up there, they're at the graveyard. They're digging up the grave and everybody's watching with baited breath for them to open it up, because men's warehouses like, we want to see ye, And he's like, I want my brother back. And when they dig it up, they open up the grave, they find something peculiar. He's not in there. There's there's a cloth, and there's a guy sitting there here. Why do you look for him? It's like were you guys, were you sitting in this in this coffin the whole time? Why do you look for him here? I'll return the suit, let me get I'll get it pressed. You probably don't want a three day grave suit. No. What what they found was John Baptist's body, but he was laying face down. John Baptiste. Oh, sorry, nor Clawson, Sorry we're talking about John Baptiste, but we're not talking about him yet. They find Marnoni Claws in his body, face down, naked, and Men's Warehouse is now mad. We had nothing to do with this. We don't know what we take. We don't take the returns this seriously, we're not that crazy about this. So he's naked, face down. Yeah, and so the brother, needless to say, it was like, what the heck? Guys, like, this was really rude. I know, like he was a criminal, but this was really rude. This is so disrespectful. And Henry the officer was like, hey, I swear I bought a suit. I bought a suit. We put him in the suit, we barren him face down. We were respectful, we did all. I bought him a suit. We barren him face down. Listen, I mean we respect him. But he still shot the governor. The governor beat up the governor for it. But I shot him, punched the governor. Here, I punched Governor Mike Parson. I walked straight up to him. I just isn't true that you can take three punches to the gut. So yeah, so they the police were like, okay, this is weird. We should look into this a little bit. Sure, we should see if we can figure out what's going on. Where's his suit? So they get the warehouse very so they go to the local grave tender. What's that grave? So it's a guy man. He tends to the graves. And so what that means is he it looks after him. He's in a graveyard. He looks out every day and he goes, ah, still dead, still dead. That's his main job. That's a very important make sure none of them zombie. He's got two jobs. And when they do the interview, they go, can you make sure none of them rise from the dead too? Don't flirt with the widows? Okay, bad taste doesn't look good for the cemetery and we don't. We don't like it when you do that. Yeah, that's They go to the cemetery owner's job and they go, was he rolling in his grave? He's, I don't know, I can't see him. We didn't put portholes, telling my boss we need to put below grounds, we need to put those little those little things that you get, you know, those things when you're a kid. Don't ask me, ask the worms. They know he's he's a lonely guy. He's a grape tender. He talks to the Yeah, he talks to the talked to the worms the other day. The worms. That's a whole different thing. It's one thing for him to bring it up to be like, you know, the worms say this. It's a whole other thing to walk in on a man talking to a worm and he's just holding it at eye level. Well, I mean, you know, handed hold down here can see it. It's a very tender, two handed, two handed grip and are kind of very floppy that worm. No, he keeps, he keeps telling that. He was telling the owners. You know those things that when in grade school you look at him and then like and you look up over the wall. Yeah, apparently the periscope. Yeah, he said, let's do one that goes down into their grace periscope. Whoa do you remember that app? You remember the periscope app? It was like the original TikTok live or I g yea yea yeah yah yeah, yeah, yeah, that's so sad, but yeah, that's what it was. It was periscope, but it was like right next to yours, your gravestone, and I went down so you can look at him. Yeah, still there. I actually do want to install that in mind. But then I want here's what I want, all right, I'd like, what's this here for? I want a pretty big grave and uh, I want one of those little portholes in it. I want like, I don't want a grave. I'm buried in the ground. I want one of those like chambers. Yeah right, and then you're going to prop me up in there like this, and then right in front of my face is the porthole. So if you just look you in the eyes straight up, like looking back at him, that's give me a bronze nose too. Yeah. So they went to the local gravetender, who was Jean Baptiste. Oh, so he's here, that's that's the job story. So now he's he's the grave tender, okay, And they get there. They get to his house and his wife is there. He's married. Oh, but he's not there. He's out working. He's out working the grave. See him when they dug up the grave. His wife is like, where is he? Right now? Where is John? He's tending the graves's trip. I like to go fishing, you know. I hate the sound of the screams. I'm sorry, what did you say? No luck today? Talking to the worms? Man, I'd like a worm. I'd like a word with that word. So, so she's not he's he's not here. Yeah, She's like, he's not here. Why do you look for her here? This story has a lot of parallels. So they say she was I've never heard of her husband. I've never heard of about him, never heard of the guy who also lives here is your husband, I've never heard him. A lot of parallels. So they say, well, yeah, so if he's at work, he wouldn't mind if we looked around, right, And this is before warrants and before do you have a warmant for that? Excuse me that you say it's a matter of fact, dude like slitherers out of his pocket. He says, we can do whatever we want. I think you're holding him against your will. All right, So they look around and they noticed something strained in his house, a bunch of boxes of clothes. The clothes smell like dead people. What do dead people smell like? Ask the worms? Okay, No, they look at the clothes and the like, these are clearly decayed clothes, like they're decaying because they were on a decayed Okay, so we're poor. Don't come in here. Don't go to my home looking for my husband and then start insulting our taste. Your clothes are clearly belonging on dead people. Okay, that was rude. Yeah, they're rude. I type of my neighbor, my new neighbor in La. No, my cat got out, duck got out on things. No, I love my other neighbors. This is the neighbor right behind us. My cat got out on things, yeah, which in Missouri not a big deal. You know, in California, coyotes and stuff, and so I was like, oh, that's bad. We have coyotes here. Yeah, but they're not around my house. You know, we see him at night where I'm at now, do you really? Yeah's cool? Yeah, And I talked to him. They're mean, they're bullies. So anyway, Uh so I'm looking heru at our apartment for my cat and obviously very frantic. I'm very pale, you know, I look scared. I look like I've lost my animal. Yeah. My neighbor's walking her dog back into her place. She goes, can I help you because I'm like kind of close to where her not in her space at all. Yeah, I'm just kind of close to where she lives. Yeah, and she just kind of help you. And I was like, oh, I'm sorry. My my cacking out. He's white and gray, fluffy like if you find him, like if you see him like, and she just goes. Last cat that got out died and walked inside. So what happened to your cat? I found him? Is she the killer? She and kill my cat? Did she kill the other cat? As punched my cat and I shot her? Uh? She walked straight up to him. That's the kid. No, but I'm gonna set her up. Punch that cat. That's the governor, that's the government. Hold on, you just named my next cat. I'll tell you that that's freaking hilarious. That's the governor. We've got, We've got Dougmlet, Lady Jim, and I the governor. Where's that little hat? That's very funny. Yeah. So so they say, hey, you're clearly still in the clothes. John's got some explain it to do. So they rush back to the cemetery. But they get there, they find Jean and here's an artist rendition. I don't know if this is exactly what was happening, but this is he had a little he had a whole temple set up for all the worms, and he was in there doing worm Church and they were all there there, throw together, right, and he's reading from the Worm of God, and the cops showed up. When they showed up, all the worms came and they just engulfed his body and he became this worm man, just completely wrapped up in worm is right there. This is an artist of what was happening. I don't know if this is what's happening. Yeah, he was doing his job. He's making sure the dead stayed dead. Which one is he he's a guy falling over and they're saying he's fighting a zombie. No, this is this is they find him digging up another grave. Oh, and they were like, hey, there was only one grave that's supposed to dug up today and it wasn't this one. And he's like whoops. It was like oh that, And so they they arrest him and Officer Heath he had this is a grave robber story. Yeah, I made a dumb grave robber joke in the last episode. Yeah you did. This whole episode is a great rubber episode. Oh wow, that's kind of what he does are talking is that he I mean, I'll let Tim explain the full story, but the gist of it is that he goes, you'll get it, digs up the grave and robs it. So the the officer Heath his daughter had passed away earlier this year, and he freaked out and like tackled the guy because he thought you robbed my daughter's grape. He's like, oh, I didn't rob her. I swear I promising her. She's the only one I left alone. I love her too. She's still alive. I only dig him up with they're dead. Yeah, I wait till I stop here. In though, that one needs a couple more days. And so, long story short, they took him in and they started an investigation. They looked through all of his box boxes at home, and they realized he's been stealing. He had dug up over three hundred graves wow, and stole goods, shoes, clothes, trinkets, necklaces, whatever. But for why, Well, he wasn't sun and he wasn't wearing them. He just liked to have them. He had him in boxes at his home and his wife didn't know about him. How big is his home then, I mean big enough for him to hide some boxes in it? So I guess to be that big, That's what I'm saying. I mean, does your wife know about every box you have in your house? Yeah? Yeah, that's a healthy marriage. Mine doesn't know about half the boxes. I mean, we got the warm box, we got the dead guy box, just the old guy, that guy. So they're like, okay, yeah, you dug up a bunch of Christs, like three hundred, three hundred, big deal. Are you gonna give you my Christmas gift today? By the way, talking about I mean like I don't think we're going to see each other before Christmas. Christmas gift, Well, you're not coming out to l A now, No, Yeah, as you promised did you bring a Christmas as I promised? You were like, we're definitely coming out. Well that was definitely the plan. Uh huh, definitely. I have you and I have different definitions of the word definitely. Well, it was definitely at the time. At the time it was definite no, no, no, but definite means things happened follows changed. Tentative. It was the word you're looking for, no, no, because it wasn't tentative at the time. When I said definitely, it was a definite. Were your flight's booked, they were picked. That's tentative. So they I've got to pick up your Christmas gift. Yeah, I'm gonna ship Crazy Heart up by my whole apartment. I know, just the one. I know, just the one. I saw him burying a couple of months ago. I was gonna love that. I love that guy, gonna love that BUCkies hoodie. I got buried in BUCkies hoodie. Yeah. I want my I want my my funeral sponsored my I want my casket to look like a NASCAR dude. Yeah. Yeah, I'm still getting paid. I mean, you guys can be sad I'm getting paid. Yeah, I'm getting paid while I'm getting laid the rest, so they making money during I'm gonna make money while I eternally sleep. So I die one day, right, don't talk about it. Sucks totally. Hopefully my hopefy by the time we're talking about maybe dying. Yeah, that's why I'm trying to trying to get ahead of he can bring me back. I live on as the word man. So in that picture show he's robbing the grave, but the guy in the grave is fighting back. Yeah, that's not real. I don't think. I don't think that ever. As far as we know, he never Yeah. So the police are trying to figure out what to do with him because they don't have anything in the loat of books about what do you do when a guy steals three hundred stuff from caves? Three hundred stuff? Yeah, we know if he stills two hundred stuff, but three hundred stuff too much stuff. So U they're going back and forth trying to figure out how they should deal with it. And then this is where Brigham Young gets involved in the story. And Bringham Young is uh preaching uh, and he says he says, you know what I think. He says, I think hanging or shooting John Baptis East would not do anybody any good. He said, I think what we need to do is we need to exile him, and we need to leave him as a vagabond on the earth. And that was part of the sermon. I don't know what point he was going to or where. That illustration was much like our souls are vagabonds. Yeah, but there's no way back for him. And one of the cops was there that day and he was like, that's an interesting idea. Actually like that now that you say that, Like, I kind of like that. And so what they did is they took him and they said, hey, we think that what you did was so bad. We can't put you in jail. We can't kill you because you're too bad for that, too bad for death. Yeah, you're too bad for us to kind of cool. Oh, I'm I can't go to jail. I'm too bad. Yeah, who said that? Too bad for the cops? The cops that up too bad for jail, so they just go none. We've actually convinced the whole town to never talk to you again. He just has to be got to live in the town. That Actually, that's that will drive you freaking insane. That would be like, you're just we should do that to somebody, but do it in like el have you ever come to a live show of Tillan. Don't talk to Alex. Just just don't do it. Don't. Here's the thing. Most people don't know what he looks like. It's just Abigail, right. We made her close her eyes who time we opened them and posts and then he wore one of those uh, one of those bald knobur masks from sort of our city is over there in the corner. Just what is that? That's Alex, that's Jet get back on the table is sitting there and do it sound stuff. We don't let him do that. We don't let sound stuff sound stuff. Sure, okay, so they what do they end up? That is a great punishment if you do convince the whole town is not talked. Yeah, that's crazy. No. They branded his forehead with a brand that said branded for robbing the Dead Holy, which it wasn't a brand. It was actually a tattoo. They said that, but they said branded, I should say, sure so branded for robbing the dead. And then they took him out. There was a punishment that people did. These tattooed people's foreheads. Well, that was part of the punishment. That was only step one of the punishment, okay. Said two of the punishment is they took him by boat out to Fremont Island in Salt Lake. Okay, I'm showing you a picture of it, just to Fremont I. And so this is just like a deserted island in the middle of Salt Lake. Yeah, I see that. And the good thing about this this island. So he's supposed to like starve to death out there. No, no, because on the island is the island is owned by a farming family called the Miller's. That was okay, yeah, and they last name. I don't know why, You're like, yeah, okay. So they had cows, all their cattle was on this island. He's going to kill them. And they had a they had a shed with like provisions. So imagine you've got a private island, right, and one day some dude out in the back of your yard talking to your worms, and you're like, hey, what are you doing, bro? And he looks at you and on his forehead it's brainded for robbing the dead and he's just ducking to a worm. Excuse me, and he just goes That's where I like it. You gotta move your tongue a lot. Is the world I've ever seen. He will lead us wide? Were why why tongues are wider than words? But they're about the same. Why same length but a different width? The height, same height? Leg different wide wor no? No? The police showed up at his door, at the door of the Miller family. You open up the door, this police and they're there with the guy branded for Robin Graves. Hey, we're leaving in the back yard. Said can we leave this guy in your island? And they're like why? I feel like it's pretty I mean it's on his forehead. What do you mean? Why? Why do I have to explain this to you? Were the police? You have to say yes to me? Police? You his grave robber. I don't understand what you don't understand. He went to the cemetery. You island owner. I don't know. I leave, He stays, yeah, So there's so the family what they protect you're dead. So they the family. What they did is they left their cattle there, and their cattle grazed on that island. They would come every three weeks check on the cattle. Chill on the island for a little bit and come home. Sure, And so they had a little shed with some basic provisions and then obviously there's cattle and stuff on the island, I guess, and they were like, yeah, you can live here forever now, and so they just boat them out to the island, leave them there, and then they boted away, and another pre hands that the miller's now every three weeks are just gonna check on John Baptiste. Also they're gonna check on their cattle and also check That's kind of annoying that the police are just showed me like, hey, would you take care of this guy his grave robbery. You don't have to take care of him, just make sure he's there, you know, and not like whatever Robin Graves. We don't think there's graves on this island, but you never know. He'll find them. There are due and the guy happens to be a serial killer, and he's like always gonna uh huh, no, it's totally cool if they stay here. Hey, you can stay on my island. There's no graves there. Coveras the Miller's killed three hundred people and they go, we don't know what to do with someone who killed three hundred people. Hey, do you have a do you have an island? You killed every person he robbed? Oh? Interesting, does that mean it was okay for him to rob them? We don't know what to do with this. Two rights, two wrongs, two deaths. So they leave them on this island. The miller's come out three weeks later, checking on, he's fine, whatever, and so they go home. What's eating their cows? The provisions? Maybe some grass, who knows, some grass that's called for desperate measures? I don't know. Maybe he's fishing a little bit. Who knows he's not fishing. He can't out of respect for the worms, and so uh. But then another three weeks, okay, another three weeks. Three weeks go by, sure, and the miller's come back and they find one of their cows was slaughtered. Yeah, obviously cutt into strips, and they're like, who did what's it? One of the cows there covered in blood? And then the shed was complete. What are you do it? Drink my drink? This shed was completely dismantled, and Jean Baptiste was nowhere to be found. He made a boat. So yeah, so, as a legend has it, he took the shed and he built a boat and he boted his way back to land. And this started this massive multi state manhunt to try to find Jean Baptiste. And everyone was like, what does he look like? And they were like, look, look for his forehead, the forehead, you'll recognize him. You got a wanted poster or anything. Uh no, no wanted posters. But they started looking for him and nobody ever tracked him down. He lived the rest of his life as a free man, allegedly there is and then in twenty ten they exhumed his body. You know, in twenty ten they found him. Now the legend, there's two sides of this story, okay. Option One legend has it that he made it to Montana and became a miner in Montana and lived the rest of his days as a miner in Montana and a dog a miner. He didn't go there and pretend to be eight years old. Oh yeah, he was a miner mining you know. You know what I'm saying. The other version of the legend is that he never made it across the lake it started, and he drowned in the lake and his ghost haunts Fremont Island to this day oo. And so if you go to Fremont Island and you hear the sound of worms, it's Jean Baptiste worman about Fremont Island. What we do know for sure about him, and I guess we can talk for a second about how he got here because he was born in Ireland sure, and we don't know from the point when he was born in Ireland in eighteen thirteen until eighteen fifty five, where there's a gray area. We don't know exactly what happened here a good portion of his life, but we do know in eighteen fifty five he left Australia and went to emigrated to the US. So he made it to He arrived in Honolulu in April of eighteen fifty five, and then later that same year he arrived in San Francisco, and he stayed in California for a few years in San Francisco before traveling to Salt Lake City. What people theorize is that the reason he was in Australia because his favorite Chinese restaurants there. It was like, I gotta track it down. Another reason he was in Australia is because at that time Australia was a prison Island, and so he in Ireland had committed some crimes that they shipped him off to Australia for oh maybe robbed some graves and got shipped to Australia, did his time, and then hitched a ride on a boat to the US, got a job as a grave robber, a grave tender, and went back to his roots. Experience in graveyards, ah tons, so much, so much experience. Let me tell you about this one guy. I mean very I can spot a grave robber miles away. I know exactly. Oh yeah, what do they do? Most of them have brands on their forehead. Yeah it's pretty easy. It's pretty easy. I don't know why they do that, but yeah, I mean, so he this is John Baptiste. I don't know if this is like a famous thing in salt Lake. Everything I've read has acted like this was like a famous Salt Lake legend. Okay, but so maybe bring it up next time you're there. See if anybody knows like John Baptiste, John the Baptist. No they don't. Oh you're right, they don't have the same anyway out there. I do know from the tour I did. Yeah, this actually explains a lot, Yeah, because I was, you know, we're out rough housing. I don't know, we were playing football outside and I got tackled. I fell over and my ear laid and straight on the ground and from when I assume are the worms now, yeah, I heard. Hey, thanks for making it to the end of this video. If you like this and you want more episodes, there's more somewhere around here, and also clips from the show. But make sure you subscribe. Please do that. That really helps us. It makes us feel good. We look at the number and we go, oh my gosh, there's more people who like us. And it also just make sure that you don't miss episodes in the future because we put these out every single week and there's so many in the past, so many old episodes you can go watch and you know, there's an entire season of episodes that we didn't have a video for, so you can go listen to those if you'd like to as well. Thanks for being here. We'll see you again next week. On Things I Learned Last Night. That's this podcast, right, that's this one. Yeah, that's the one. Things A Last Night, that's the one. All right, you're free to go. Great.

In 1862, a man named Jean Baptiste worked as a grave tender in Salt Lake City, Utah. His job was to look after the graves in the local cemetery. Unbeknownst to the townspeople, Jean had a secret hobby – he enjoyed digging up graves and robbing the corpses. When the police eventually caught on to his morbid habit, they were shocked to discover that he had exhumed over 300 graves, stealing clothes, shoes, and valuables from the dead.

Jean’s grave robbing ways first came to light after a notorious outlaw named Marnoni Clawson was killed for assaulting the governor. Clawson was buried in a rented suit purchased by the police, but when his brother came to claim the body, the grave was empty except for the naked corpse. Suspicion quickly turned to Jean Baptiste, the caretaker. A search of Jean’s home uncovered boxes of decaying clothes that reeked of death.

The police arrested Jean and he confessed to robbing over 300 graves over the years. The townspeople were unsure how to punish such an egregious crime. The local religious leader Brigham Young suggested they exile Jean and leave him as a “vagabond on the earth.” Taking inspiration from this idea, the police branded Jean’s forehead with the words “Branded for robbing the dead” and transported him to a deserted island in the Great Salt Lake called Fremont Island.

Jean was left on the island with a herd of cattle and some basic provisions. The cattle belonged to a family called the Millers who owned the island and would come check on their herd every few weeks. When the Millers returned three weeks later, they were horrified to find one of their cows slaughtered and the provisions shed dismantled. Jean Baptiste was nowhere to be found – he had apparently constructed a makeshift raft and escaped back to the mainland.

Jean’s daring escape sparked a massive manhunt across several states, but the grave robber was never captured. According to legend, he either made it to Montana and lived out his days as a miner, or he drowned in the Great Salt Lake and his ghost still haunts Fremont Island. The truth about his fate remains a mystery to this day.

Records show that Jean was born in Ireland in 1813 and spent time in Australia before emigrating to the United States. Some believe he may have been exiled to Australia for crimes in his youth before continuing his larcenous ways in America. Though Jean Baptiste’s ultimate fate is unknown, his gruesome exploits left an indelible mark on Salt Lake City history.

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Jean Baptiste – Salt Lake Magazine

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