Kenny Veach – One Man’s Disappearance in an Area 51 Cave


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Do you want to be buried? Or what's your deal? I've never really put a lot of thought into it. When I was a pastor, I would have said, yes, do you want me to elaborate on that? No, what's the topic? Just start the episode with. When I was a pastor, I would have said, yes, that sounds very sketchy out of context. Sorry, man, Have you ever heard of Kenny Veach? Uh? Yes, Chad's dad that Chad. Chad does sound like his dad would be Kenny, but he goes by Kenneth. But he calls Chad calls him Kenny because he's trying to be disrespect trying to be buddy buddy with his dad. You were trying to Kenny? Yeah, they punch you. You ever tell you? Do you ever call your dad Tim? What? Did you ever call your dad Tim one time? Just make him mad? Uh? I don't think called my dad Charles once? Yeah, I go, I bet your dad loved that. Yeah? Uh yeah. I don't think I've ever done shot me in the chest? Do people who to meet you good to meet you? What's your name? You'll never know? Insowing yourself way. I'm tired of meeting people. I am kind of at this time in my life where if someone goes, hey, man, I'm Nathan. What's your name? I'll it does not matter. I don't really, We're never going to see each other again. I'm good knowing you. Last cat I got out died. That is a power move, though, when you meet someone just to go no, no, no, to meet someone and say hey, I'm I'm Tim, but you can call me Dad. That seems and said no, but you have to call me dad. But you have to call me dad. Oh, you have to call me. That's worse I did. But you need to call me Dad, Dad's it's a power move. I don't think so at all. It might be a prison move. These new lights make you look really sick, but really no, I just all right, go on. Kenny Beach. Kenny Beach is he's a guy who was a big hiker. And yes, I have heard of Kenny Beach. You look at me like that because you know exactly where I'm looking at you like this. I think it's the Yeah, it's the Cave, the Dutchman episode, the Flying Dutchman. Yeah, yeah, okay, please mind. I want to tell you you're gonna love this one. What is it aliens, and we did a whole Kenny veach bit at the beginning, a whole little veach a name bit at the beginning. Yeah, and it's aliens. I mean it could be we need an alien. We need a different theme song for our alien episodes. So we need to make a version of our theme song that sounds more like you. You know, can you can you recause that's something you can do, not super easily. That's not what I asked you. But I say, you know, I'm not saying can you do it by the time this episode comes out. I'm saying, can you make that a project of yours over the next like year or so. But this episode, this episode doesn't come out until the end of January. So you got do you got time? We can't see. Yes, we will expect that on our desks by Friday, freaking We can't afford to lose. The turnover at our company is pretty rough right now. We're people left. The toxic culture is not They called me Jared and I shot him in the chest. I told you to call me Dad Roll our Space theme song. It's lie on YouTube about you? On YouTube? You can just say whatever you want. Yeah, YouTube sometimes will drop a fact check in the comments on our videos. On ours, we're the only ones that do that, dude, And everyone's like, oh, okay, this is more interesting than all this stuff everybody else is lying about. Tell us more things I learned last night. We can honestly just choose a different one, you know, it doesn't have to be the same one the same if there's a way like remix it in or something. Yeah, I think you just put up one of those guys that does the soundtracks for cheerleader competition routines. You know how they always mashing up stuff. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, mixing them together. Yeah, but it's really just those three songs. We did a silent disco recently, yeah, and who's we, you know. And so we were at the silent disco and there's two DJs, and so you've got two channels on the headphones, right, and so uh, you get like it you flip to red and your headphones turn red and that corresponds with the red DJ. Yeah, flipping the blue obviously. Right. So what I was thinking about was that these two DJs are on stage and they're looking out of this room and they can't hear anything but right, because you know. I mean they're listening to their mix. Yeah, but they have to watch, yeah, as everyone decides which one they're going to choose because like it's a good mix. And then all of a sudden, the people in the red start having a really good time and the people in the blue are like, that's about And so suddenly everyone switches the Red and the guy the DJ and blue just watches all the headphones turn around, changed colors, and you realize, oh, I picked a battle one. Huh, you know what I'm saying. But also the blue guy was doing the was DJing and he kept I hate DJ sometimes because he kept not doing the beat drop. Oh, he kept switching it. No, you just switch. It just kept it was like zoom zoom, zoom, zom zoom, boom doom boom boom boom, doom doom doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom, doom doom doom boom boom doom doom, doom, broom doom, doom, doom, doom doom do. I looked at it, I was like kind of going. I was like, oh, here comes, here comes and then it kept going and I just eventually switched to this bro that is that is a very obnoxious thing to do. And thenoom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom. That was the That was the drop. Honestly pretty hard drop though, is pretty lost my mind. You just saw me in there in this silent disco kicked out, dude, Yeah, they banned me. Like Kenny Beach is searching for aliens in the desert, right, he stumbles across a cave that shaped like an m Here's what I know about Kenny Beach. He's missing. Yeah, this is all I know. Yeah, You're in a good spot. All I know is a tweet I saw is when I brought it up. Yeah, is that he's he's a YouTuber. He found a cave that he was like, this is mysterious and then has not been seen since. Yeah, this is this is close. You're on the right track. So, uh, Kenny, Kenny Beach, he was a few things. He had a job, he had had a stable career his life, but he hated working for the man. Yeah, and so he he had an idea which I'm actually the snag a screenshot of this idea real quick, Okay, this screenshot is from his I think it's from his new This is from his YouTube channel, I believe, And this was his Shark Tank subscription subscription submission, submission, submission. This was a shark Take subs So here's the thing. He quit his job, he started the business and then he made something. Yeah, he made a submission to Shark Tank. Here's his product. It's a toilet paper holder that was a little bit easier to switch the toilet paper. Is this him? This is him, This is him demoing it for his submission to shark Him. He set this in a Shark tank and was like, look how great this product is. And it's it's a little bit easier to switch your toilet paper, Like just a little bit easier. This is really funny. I was just talking last night to my neighbor about Shark Tank. Same neighbor I was talking to this morning. We were we were at the back talking about Shark Tank. No, No, I don't talk to her. She's like, she's like, you know, the last person every time I see her. Every time I see her, I stare her down and I look at her dog and I go no. We were talking about how you could, you know, think you invented something great and then go on Shark Tank and they're like and this just like this, and you'd be like, no, I've never heard of that. Tell me more about that. That's crazy, that's kind of WHI Yeah, that would be embarrassing. Yeah, and they would one hundred percent bring you on, Like they'd be like, yeah, bring this guy on for sure. Yeah, he thinks he invented the French horn. Yeah, get this guy in here. This guy. Okay, so it's kind of it looks like it's like a trumpet, but it's like really curvy, super stretchy and curvy. Hey, but for real, do you think we could get you on the show for that, for like inventing the French and do a whole pitch with the sharks. They didn't like it. They didn't like they said. They told me, was that as I'm too young and if they give it to me now, then what will I work for? You know? So, so can't quit his job to start pursuing to do this. What's it called, uh, quirky new improved T be holder. It's just called quirky. It's called quirky proof T be holder. I don't think he's named it yet. Okay, but he quit his job to pursue this quit his job, well, equit his job to pursue business. He hasn't like he he doesn't sit around. That's exactly what he's doing. That's exactly. So here's here's another one. Let me hold on. There's an ad. They all toilet paper. I'm gonna be honest with you. I'm not one hundred percent sure what this one is for it is. I think it's just a light. I think here's a I think the idea is this is like a night light. It's the Glowar Bear. And it looks like a popcorn tin. Yeah with a if you told like a third grader to make a polar bear out of clay stuck on the top. And I think that's a switch on the back. I think it glows. And he made a shark take submission video for this. We should just watch his videos. Yeah, we can watch it in the after the fiddle? OK. Yeah, and so that can you put a video on the TV. I'm not sure. I've never tried it. We can figure that out. After this. We showed videos on the other TV, did we know live? We drug them over? Yeah? Sure yea. Anyways, so the Glowar bear is this other invention. So he had a handful of these inventions. Toilet paper bass, not ailet paper base. But mostly I like that this guy is just thinking about it while he's in the bathroom, just like kind of invins him. This is not easy enough. It's kind of dark in here. It'd be nice if there was a polar bear. He's in the basket of the dark. He's just in the dark. Well, he has a kind of chop in here. Man, it'd be great if I had a polar bear like a glower. I think it was a bunch of bad ideas. He's got a bunch of a bad ideas. He's trying to start businesses and they're not really going anywhere. But he has this hobby of hiking. Big hiker, big hiper guy. He lives in Vegas, and so he goes out in the desert and he hikes, and he bragged often, and his YouTube channels mostly his hiking videos. He would hike and whatever vlog his hike sure and occasionally showcase a new invention for shark tank. Sure that guys, I'm out on a hike today, so I show you this new product that created. Uh, it's a sponge with a smiley face on it, and it's just a little you know, Hi, I'm Kenny. You have to call me scrub daddy. You have to, but you're my uncle. Sorry, uncle scrub Daddy, Uncle scrub daddy. Okay, so what hell? Okay. So he's out hiking. So he's out hiking. He's hiking all the time. So he regularly bragged on his on his hiking vlogs that he was a guy who would go hiking. This is him holding worm. It's a big word. No. He would regularly brag that he didn't bring provisions with him. He's like, he's there, I just bring like a candy bar and like a single bottle of water and I go on this like candy bar. That's what he would say. And he would brag that he's like he's like, I don't need that much stuff. He's like, he's like, we're fine. And he would go solo hikes in the desert in Nevada. Yeah, and people were like it that's your responsible ability. Yeah, They're like yeah, okay, And so he got he developed his reputation in the hiking community for being an irresponsible hiker. Okay. But he was also a fan of aliens and all that stuff and all that stuff. Yeah, anything conspiracy. He was a fan of that, okay, and he made a lot of trips out to like Area fifty one, you know, Area fifty one, gazing, you know what I'm talking about. No, they like sit outside the fence and see if you see anything. Oh is that what they do? Yeah, that's what some people do. They like go camp out by the fence and they're like, we'll take theirs out there. Yeah. They sit in the coolers and like anything cool gonna happen. Honestly, it does sound like a good time, kind of a good time. It does sound should we do that? I mean I'm not saying well, I mean yeah I would do that. It'd be good content. You should come out to Why don't you come out like let's say December? Yeah right, Oh no, I gotta take my brother orthopedic surgeon. Is that why you? What happened here? Did your brother really break his arm? Yeah? Carry karaoke night, Yeah, he had a karaoke accident. Wait, what happened? He broke his arm? He tripped going in, fell on the curb. You're so serious? Yeah, he broke his he broke his arm right here to the curb. He was walking into a karaoke place in Port. I don't know, I don't know which one, well, Westport, yeah, off and just your brother's a Westport kind of guy. His his friend group goes Westport off key. Yeah, they go there in Pond and Pine the two places that m P makes sense, Yeah it does. But yeah, it is just clean break straight through. Wow, his shoulder right up. It was his uh humorous wow right right right before the socket. Yeah sucks a lot. Yeah, he's he's in a sling right now. But it looks like they're going to cast him up. He doesn't have to have surgery, jeez, but they're gonna past him up. And yeah, freaking sucks. That was a bad one. But yeah, he does have appointment on the twenty seventh that I got taken to. Is that why you can't go? That's not why I can't go, but that's part of But now now that's part of why I can't go. Now now I haven't obligation. I have an obligation to go on top of my brother. Anyways, family are your first friends. Friends are your second family. So Kenny Beach was also an alien guy. He a big family. Be clear, he was a human guy. We believed that you're right, You're right, You're right. I gotta be sure. And so he would spend time on alien blogs and commenting on the forums and and YouTube videos. And there's a particular video, a Stephen Greer video. We've talked about Greer before. You know who Greer is? Yeah, isn't he a pastor? No? So Stephen Greer. This guy. We're gonna show a picture of him real quick, because I do think this is important and I want to I want to highlight this for a second. Okay, I know I've said this before, but I'm gonna say it again. If you see this guy saying anything, don't pay attention to it. He's a liar here he is. This guy is full of it. Whatever. If you we hear of talking, stop we talked. I mean, we've brought him up loosely. I've never a pinch up for I don't know. This is from some I don't know. I just found this on Google images. But he just yoked. I will say he's jacked, but he's full of it. He's a former doctor. Okay, he's a former doctor. He was like a like a physician doctor h but he retired and he does lie for real though I'm not even kidding, like he is full of it. He just makes these YouTube videos, him and his wife, and they're all about disclosure and they're like finding all these documents and talking about aliens and they just lie. And it's it's and it's it's so obvious. It's so obvious to me, but a lot of people just really believe everything he has to say because what he'll do, he'll do. He'll say, he'll he'll bring up some famous like general or something who's dead and be like yeah, and he told me in confidence. And so it's like you can't verify any of these facts, but he brings he name drops all these people constantly and like says these documents, but he can't reproduce the documents, he can't show you the evidence, and he just has all these like just really okay there there, it's very clearly he's lying. But as so many people are just eating out the Palm's hands and buying off his merch it's it's just me crazy. But anyways, let me lie for a second. So he's watching the Stephen Greer video okay, and in that video I don't even remember there for some reason, he's lying on YouTube about something. Okays, you on YouTube, you can just say whatever you want. Yeah. YouTube sometimes will drop a fact check in the comments on our videos. On ours, we're the only ones that do that, dude, But that's the libs. But they in the comments on one of his videos. I don't know what the video is about, but in the comments, this rabbit trail happened in the commoners and they're all commenting back and forth, right, and Kenny jumps in it because they're talking about crazy things they've seen that area fifty one, right, and he says, he says, hey, this is nothing. You guys don't even know what compared to about. See you guys, we're all telling tales, telling lies. There is nothing to think about it. Alien conspiracy people are like the fishermen of the days, you know where like the fishermen are always you're telling tales. Yeah, that's true. Lying, that's true. Yeah, because you see something but it's like it was a shooting star. But you're like, but it's were't interesting. He was a mermaid. Yeah, you might be onto something, because that's what I do with all my aliens just embellish. Yeah. Yeah, I don't even remember the last time I lied. Really, I don't know. I can't think about I lied to you today about what you'll find out. Okay, Now, so he jumps in there, and he jumps in the competence. He's like, he's like, oh, this is nothing to what I've experienced. Yeah, and he says, he says, I was out hiking near area fifty one, sure, and I happened upon a cave and the opening of the cave was shaped like a capital limb. And that cave. Uh, here's the thing, here's here's here's the thing about me. I am a cave guy. If I see a cave, I go in. If I see a cave, I'm going to go. And I'm gonna go in a cave. Doesn't matter, it doesn't matter where I am. I'm a cave got see gy cave guy. Came go in a cave, and I'm gonna explore that cave. I'm gonna tell you everything there isn't it Okay, Usually it's nothing but rocks and bears. But but he said this cave was different. He said, this cave I couldn't even enter. As I got closer, I was just overcome with fear. And he said, and I could feel this like a vibrating hum, like a low hum, and like vibrations that were like shaking my body and making me almost nauseous. And he said, I couldn't enter it. I walked, I left, I turned away, and he said, I've never had this experience before my life. And I still think about this cave all the time. I caught the m cave before I fall asleep. Yeah, I just yeah, huh yeah. And so everybody in the comments was there. He's dropped that casually. He says, I'm a cave guy. Okay, I wish I wish those people would find it stuff. You know, have you read in our comment stately? Yeah, it's all like freaking, It's all stuff. It's like you know, valiant Thor told my ma this and whatever. Yeah, but is sane enough. It's not. It comes. Let's do a common episode because there are some there are a lot of multi cup paragraph comments that are like this. We'll do a common episode. I hide all of them. We got him, so he he says, Okay, we're going, We're going. All right, He says, all this stuff, and everyone's like, oh, okay, sure this is more interesting than all this stuff everybody else is lying about. Tell us more. This becomes like an Internet mystery. Everyone in the comments, all those Stephen Career writes, are like, oh, we need to know more about this M cave. Yeah, So a whole reddit subreddit gets made and everybody starts digging in trying to figure out where this M cave is. They know it's somewhere in Nevada near area fifty one, and so they're like scouring maps online trying to get back to the source. They found this guy on this guy's YouTube and they're commenting on his YouTube subscribing. He ends up getting like sixty eight thousand subscribers because everyone's trying to figure out this m cave and every video. Honestly, the the inventions aren't bad. It's a pretty good idea, just like, let's be honest, like don't you want this in your home sales? Skyride And so he uh starts making video he's making He's getting all these views, but all the comments are tell us about the can cave. They're just in cave. In all calves in cave. I mean, if there's one thing YouTube comments are, it's pretty direct on what they want cave. And so he makes a video and where he talks a little bit more about the M Cave and uh, I don't know if this was from that video, this is from one of his hiking videos. Sure were. He talked a little bit more about the mkave and he says, he says, if you guys wanted that bad, I'll go back out, I'll see if I can find it. And everyone was like, yes, that's exactly the exactly, Please God to the cave. And so he makes this video where he goes out and in the video he says he says, I brought my pistol, I brought my candy bar, and I got my water. We're hiking into the desert. We're going to find the M Cave. And it's this whole log of him wandering around the desert trying to find the M Cave and he doesn't find it. He can't find it, and at the end of it still uploads it. This video kind of sucks. I know that couldn't find I tried. I tried. I just had to get content I had for you to I had to the algorithm. I had to feed the algorithm. I had nothing else to do, and so he, uh, he has this whole video of him going around the desert and at the end he's like, I really thought it was gonna be easy to find this. He's like, I swear this was like right around here. Sure, I couldn't find it. I don't know where it went. I'm sorry. And so the comments are like it's okay, no, no, no, no, it's fine, but keep looking. Yeah, pretty much they're like like it's okay, but you should try again, Like you should keep trying, and he does. He was like in the comments, just like I don't know whatever, you know, like just kind of like trucking it off. And everyone's like, but you should keep looking. And now by now a lot of other people have started going, like a lot of other videos that start popping up with people were trying to find the Yeah, and uh then one day he says, okay, fine, I'll go back. And so he says, I'm going back tomorrow. I'm gonna go I'm gonna find it. I'm gonna bring my gear, my candy bar, my gun, my cameraun. It's the same candy bar eating the candy bar, right it's not like the same milky Way, Milky Way. It's my trusty, the milky Way that I bring with me on the moldy it's it's a moldy way. Uh. And so he goes out into the into the wilderness. The next day. When I was in middle school, I got a candy bar from the snack machine, peeled it open and it was moldy straight up. Yeah. I took the teacher and I was like, snag machines got moldy. Excuse me, what did you say that the snack machine has a moldy candy bar? And she went, I'm sorry. And I was like, can I get my sixty five cents back from somebody? And she went no. And that was like the first time I ever experienced like bad customer service. Yeah, well, do you think that that's not her? I know it's not her school, But she's a freaking teacher. You could give me sixty five cents. No, she's not. She's a teacher. She can find someone to give me sixty five cents. She can make my parents give me. She can get twelve teachers together give me sixty five cents. She no fun works. Yeah, she give me sixty five cents, local student sixty five cents. You can give me sixty five cents by going to the link in our bio where you can donate sixty five cents. Because in middle school, I got a moldy milky Way, I got a moldy Way candy bar, and I'm still pretty upset about it. Yeah, that's rough. Donate sixty five cents today, straight up? Do that? Actually me? Before I forget go turn the donate button back on. I turned it off because I was like, we don't need this. We do need it now, we do. We didn't. We didn't for a while. I'm trying to make our link tree a little bit more pointed, but I guess i'll make it unpointed again on points sixty five give us a loose link tree where you can donate. Lenk tree is. So this is five cents a day, all right? What is that per month? Sixty five cents a day. It's like fifteen bucks, yeah, seventeen dollars, probably seventeen dollars and forty cents. Okay, all right, So what is sixty five times thirty one? It's twenty dollars and fifteen cents. Yeah, that's easy. You could do that sixty five cents a day, for just sixty five cents a day, for just one moldy milky way, for one moldy way a day, you can change Jan's life and missus Taylor, if you ever hear this, you could have just given me sixty five since you I don't know who I hate more her or my neighbor. So anyways, anyway, he takes this milky way out of the pressure of the YouTube comments, is like, sure, I will face my greatest fee. I will go into the desert and try to find the kid. And he actually says in the comments he says, he says, I'll go in this time. Ah. So he goes out on the hike. Day goes by nothing, two days go by nothing, three days go by nothing, four days go by nothing. Come to find out, he disappeared. Ah. And so after he didn't come back that night, his girlfriend file of missing person's report said, hey, he was going hiking in this area. And they're like, does he have any provisions? And he said no. They're like that was really he prides himself and in his ability to just you know, and they're like, well, I mean, look how able. He was a lot of calories. They're kind of mean about it. I mean, it seems like he's pretty I mean, I would tell you right now. Last boyfriend that went missing, Yeah, can you tell us what's his YouTube history? Like? Oh oh, Stephen Greer, he believes a lot of lies. Your boyfriend's a liar. Your boyfriend's kind of dumb. He's kind of but he's out of the picture, right like you. No one knows where he is right now. I mean, like but like you have no idea where he is right That must be pretty hard for you, so hard you want to go get some coffee and talk about it to you geez inappropriate missing person's detective, So they set out a search party. They know pretty much exactly what it is because he's he's done this whole other vlog where he's looking for it, so they know exactly where he's at. So they said, on a search party. This is the following day from his first hike, and the search party pretty quickly finds a mine shaft and at the opening of his mind shaft on a rock sits his cell phone by itself, no clothing, no milky way, nothing, just looks like it's purposely placed. It didn't fall out. Yeah, and it's not damaged. It is set on the rock. And so they searched the mine, like my life, what my life is set on the rock. So they go they searched the mine intentionally, not damaged, didn't fall there, intentionally said, intentionally placed on the rock. Okay, yeah, don't do that with your christ the solid rock. Guys, he is sinking. I can't do it all laughing. Shoot all other ground is so hard, dude, M stupid. So they searched the they searched the minds. They can't find him. Yeah, they continue to search. They search all over the place. They've got his phone. They've got his phone. That's it. Belongings No, their belongings. Uh. And they search the desert. They can't find any sign of him anywhere. They can't find clothing, they can't find the sign of a struggle, they can't find blood, they can't find anything. Come up empty, so the news says. So the news is like, we don't know where he is. And then you tube gets hold of this and the YouTubers are the YouTube fans look for the cave like he's a casualty, but we still want They're like, he got to the cave and this exploded it like it was a big deal. And now it's a huge deal because everyone's like, oh, they got him, like he found it and they got them. And it's not clear who they is. There's a few theories. It's either the government. He walked in the cave. That's what them stands for. Nancy. Nancy's Nancy, but she spells the she spells it wrong. It's yeah, Nancy Pelosi, Okay, but she still pronounces it Nancy. It's real mad. If you pronounce it wrong, it's Nancy. But you can call me Nancy, all right, just change it? Can I can? I call you? Changed my name to Dad? I'm Dad? I am dead? Oh uh yeah, who's dad? Yours? Who's Dad? Me? I'm Dad? I'm Dad? No, who's Dad? You're not kidding me? Me me Dad? My Dad? He's on second. I think you just also legally changed your middle name to father. Oh Dad, and then my last name's Son. Here you go anyway. I mean it costs the same to change any amount of your name. He's not wrong. My name is Father, Son, Holy Spirit, so you can call me the Trinity, which is also my other casting, here's the governor and so so you know, Desk's sister was named Trinity. Yeah, I don't know that, but you do. Now interesting, So I don't think you call her Desk now eight years Oh my god, it's been eight years, six years. Okay. Anyways, Yeah, so the Internet figures is or the Internet's like, okay, so it's it's out of the government, the government. He got in and the cave is a government cave. It's it's an Area fifty one cave, or or it's an alien cave. Yeah, because aliens have caves on Earth, you know, and so the aliens got yeah with the rest of us, Yeah, you gotta. They have to have secrets. Sure, all right, So the so the Internet is like, we're gonna find this, We're gonna find this in cave. We're going to liberate him. We're going to free him. So they can start the search and a bunch of YouTube take the trip out and they start searching, and they find a bunch of stuff that they think is maybe the cave. Sure, the leading theory is this cave, which is weird because it's got this red line outlining. Okay, and you can't tell from this picture, but it's sealed with rocks, and so it's like it's indented a little bit, and there's a bunch of rocks that are blocking it. Looks intentional though, the rocks, Oh, the rocks in front of it. Yeah. Yeah, so those rocks in front of it are definitely intentional. But like in the end, there's rocks that are blocking it inside. So it's completely sealed, like there's no air you can get through, you can't stick your finger through. It's like a bunch of rocks got stacked up and blocked the whole way in on purpose. Yeah it looks I mean, there's no way it accidentally happened. Uh. Yeah, So this is a little sketchy. He sealed in there. He sealed himself in there. He's in there. You think he sealed himself in there. That's an interesting theory. Possibly you think he would in there. I think he ate the moldy candy bar and went a little nuts, got turned around. He thought he's inside the cave. This is a real theory. Put this on YouTube, Okay, Will he's in the cave, he thinks, because he's looking at the cave interest to them. He thinks that's the cave. That makes sense, and he goes, I can't let them know that the cave. So he seals the cave, but he's inside, seals himself in the cave. Now, hold on. This scene is an interesting movie plot that we could do. Not necessarily the cave, but the idea that they get flipped and they end up sealing their faces. Oh, interesting, whole characters. Is Dad, but he's got a list, so it's pronounced Dad is pronounced. What say it again, prono, list doesn't That's what I thought you said when Jared, I have a list, so it's pronounced jar TH's clarifying. I guess it doesn't change at all. It's so dumb. Oh that's funny, dude, it's gonna listen. It doesn't change it at all. So the these YouTubers find some caves that they maybe could be it, and they're making these studios. They think it's that one. Here's the thing, though, they don't get the home. They don't get the vibrations, they don't get the the nausea, they don't get the stress, you know, And that's the cave. The cave is the stress. It's not a cave without the fear. It's so some theories maybe we should maybe we should drill in just a touch. Let's drill through this cave a little bit. Okay, sure, that was pretty good until you broke it. Like the drill was good. Crashing sound was not great. That was the drill breaking. Oh, the drill broke because it's too two sealed. Okay, So you think Nancy is going to let you in that cave? That easy? No, no, mo, Mo. Her name is Nancy, but she got a lisp. She got a list that turns her ends into m's Mamsie. It's not a real list, but that lists work. So the that's mile. So the thing, Yeah, there is a theory that one of two things. There is a directed energy weapons. Have you heard of this? D e W's directed energy weapons. It's it's the idea. It's kind of like remember in the nineties those trash can guns are just I was just thinking that you pulled up. Yeah, that's the concept. That's the concept, but just bigger, but bigger and constant. And so the idea is they can basically push down waves that stuff hard enough, heavy enough, fast enough that it has an effect. And so the and they use it as a tyrant to keep people away from their stuff. Yeah, and so the idea is that this cave was an access point to some underground Have you heard of a dumb mm hmmm uh, not like a dumb, but I'm talking to one right now. I'm not saying have you heard of a dumb, but a dumb? Yeah. Yeah. So dumb stands for deep underground military base. The idea, it's like Nord or dad As those are dumbs. And so the idea is that there's a dumb in area. Every mattress firm, every mattress firm is a dumb. Hey, excuse me, is this a dump? Did you say dump? With a list? Matters Firm and Aspen Dentals they pop up in weird locations. Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, there was one of those back home. It was a place that had a best spy sized parking lot. Yeah. The only shot though, was a shop called Long Goose Designs. Yeah, and it was open for thirteen years and the parking lot was always empty. Here's the thing about Master's Firm and Aspen Dental. I see them together all the time. Yeah, like they're always together. Yeah, it's because they're friends, That's what I mean. Why it's kind of like CVS and Walgreens, though not at all. Are you joking? Because mattress firm that does mattresses, most of them aren't firm aspendal that does teeth teeth, tree teeth, similar shape. Yeah, okay, I'm saying those are nowhere near each other, but for some reason they end up together, like KFC and Pizza Hut. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, there might be like a none of the table, like they're grouped together, you know, That's what I'm saying. Yeah, it could be a front. Though you could be right. There wasn't there this thing online about the mattress firm. Hold on mattress firm him Aspen. Mattress firm is absolutely just a normal business. And we do not know mattress firm. There's nothing we like. I freaking love mattress firm, big fan, and I'm a mattress firm guy. A t Y says, you heard that right? Have you heard that? Yeah? You don't know how to spell mattress? Did you spelled with two t's mattresses? Now a spell with two t's? Is it one t? My dumb right now? Hold on wait it is? Yeah, God freaking dang it m A T T yes. What did you say? Did you say M A T T R E S S Yes, it's two s S. It's two ss. I literally just looked it up. It's two s's. Yes, it's two s's. Shut up and get out of here. M A D D r f I ruy. Alright, so where do you get your teeth done? Stupid? Okay? All right, all right? How do you spell as A S P E and uh? ESPN? We're going deep, guys. No, okay, so you know the head of a ESPN told me in confidence that's how you always lie. Okay. So, so the idea is they think it's a directed energy weapon to keep them away from the underground, away from the doctor, and because he got too close a second time, they were like, we're gonna kill you or take you or do some tests on you or something like that. Same concept is also theorized, but with aliens. Instead of a government base, it's an alien base under there, and so the aliens we're like, okay, we're gonna take you now too, and we're gonna do some tests and we're going to tell you now too. It's interesting. The the sound effecting, though, is a good way to think about it is like those mouse things that you plug into your house. Same concept, Sure, because you hear it and you get really stressed out and you leave. You like the way this sounds concept or worship music. I like the way this sounds. I'm gonna leave. What are you saying? Ohso you're saying, Okay, there's a demonic mice in this house. If I if only I had Wow, that's what I call bridge. Oh, that's what I call the worship. And it's like, ah, I gotta get out, getting get out of here. It's key change. So anyway, all these bridges. Yeah, so the the internet thinks that he got abducted by aliens or the government or both or both. The there is saw the evidence that he was not killed by like a mountain lion or a coyote or anything like that, because that we were found, we would have found remains or some evidence of a November twenty fourteen. Okay, yeah, so I found him. But what we do know is a few months after nobody found him, and YouTube is now a mouk with videos about him and the story and everything like that. Yeah, so his girlfriend got access to his YouTube, sure and left the comment and was like, hey, guys, I don't mean to spoil all of this for you, but I do think you all need to know because you're all going out and searching for him and risking your life. And he made it all up. He lied about all this. He's still fine, right I am. He's like gaslights all of YouTube to the contract now, she says, she said, uh, she said sadly. Uh. I think that the explanation to this is a lot more innocent. Isn't the right word. I don't know what she said. She said, ever since he left his job and try to start this business and it wasn't successful, he's incurred a lot of debt and he's very been very vocal about being very depressed. And he left for this hike. He did not take his camera. He did take his firearm. And he always talked about how when he was in high school, his father took his own life and he said, if if I were ever to do that, he would always say, He's like, I would never do that anywhere near anyone. I would do that where no one could ever find me, because he like found his dad and it like scarred him. Got it. And so she says, it's pretty clear that he went out there to take his life that day, while they never found it. She's like, I believe that's what's what happened here, but no one and you do believe her. So they're still out there looking for him. How it works. Yeah, So unfortunately a sad uh ending to that story. Probably. So anyways, the moral of the story is, if you're gonna go into the desert, yeah, he might have stealed himself in there. He might have stilled it. Yeah yeah yeah uh. And you're gonna go out there, yeah, take a mold away, take a mouldie at least two, at least too, at leastways be yeah, be prepared. And I found a cave once, did you? This is acred true story? Yeah? I did find a cave in Missouri cave state. You know that it's not the cave state, but there's caves in this state. He's a cave state. No, it's not. What's the cave state? Google it? What is the cave state? There's a lot of caves here, I will say, yep, fiddle off. Hey, thanks for making it to the end of this video. If you like this and you want more episodes, there's more somewhere around here, and also clips from the show. But make sure you subscribe. Please do that. That really helps us. It makes us feel good. We look at the number and we go, oh my gosh, there's more people who like us. And it also just make sure that you don't miss episodes in the future, because we put these out every single week and there's so many in the past, so many old episodes you can go watch and you know, there's an entire seat episodes that we didn't have video for, so you can go listen to those if you'd like to as well. Thanks for being here. We'll see you again next week on Things I Learned last Night. That's this podcast, right, that's this one. Yeah, that's the one. Thanks last night, that's the one. All right, you're free to go. Great.

Kenny Veach was a YouTuber and hiking enthusiast living in Nevada. He regularly posted videos showcasing his latest inventions and documenting his solo hikes in the desert near Area 51. Veach took pride in bringing only the bare essentials on these hikes – usually just a candy bar, bottle of water, and a handgun.

In 2014, Veach posted a comment on another YouTuber’s video claiming he had discovered a cave near Area 51 shaped like the letter M. He described feeling overcome with fear as he approached the cave, detecting strange vibrations and humming noises emanating from within. Intrigued readers pressed Veach for more details about this “M Cave.”

Sensing an opportunity, Veach made a video announcing he would attempt to relocate and explore this bizarre cave. He embarked into the desert with his usual sparse provisions. When Veach failed to return after several days, his girlfriend reported him missing.

Search crews discovered Veach’s cell phone sitting undamaged on a rock near the mouth of an abandoned mine shaft. But there was no sign of Veach himself or any struggle. YouTubers theorized the M Cave must be a secret military or alien base. Perhaps Veach stumbled onto something he shouldn’t have and was captured or killed. Some even believed the cave emitted directed energy weapons that could incapacitate trespassers.

Amateur investigators scoured the desert looking for possible M Cave locations. The leading theory focused on a sealed, rock-covered cave entrance. But when the YouTubers approached, they felt no strange vibrations like Veach described. The M Cave’s secrets remained hidden.

Months later, Veach’s girlfriend posted a comment revealing the likely truth behind his disappearance. She explained Veach had been struggling with severe depression and debt since quitting his job. On the day of his final hike, he left behind his camera but brought the handgun. She believes he went into the desert to take his own life in an isolated location, like his father had when Veach was younger.

While this seems to be the probable explanation, Veach’s fate remains officially undetermined. Conspiracy theorists dismiss his girlfriend’s story and continue the search for the elusive M Cave. They are convinced it hides either a military base or an alien colony – both intent on keeping their presence hidden through misdirection and subterfuge.

Veach’s story highlights the lure of unsolved mysteries and the human tendency to reject simpler explanations in favor of sensational conspiracies. The desert can be an unforgiving place for the underprepared, but the most dangerous elements are often within ourselves. Perhaps the real M Cave is the one we construct in our own minds.

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Kenny Veach – Nevada Magazine

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