Tycho Brahe – The Bizarre Life and Death of an Astronomer


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Hey man, hello, we're starting. Oh is that why you wouldn't come to the door. Yeah, we're shooting. I know I'm running. You can hurry up, man, we've been waiting for you. How was your flight? I set my drink down outside the back door, and I left it my big old water I had. Oh, don't get it. No, is it just sitting on the street downstairs? Oh? I was gonna say. I thought you meant like it was like a water bottle. What was she looking at? I knew you were playing in that sense. Yeah, last week we actually recording right now. Yeah, we're we set up a shotgun and everything to catch you, and like there's a camera back there, back behind the screen. We got you right when you walked in. Okay, I was doing a bit man, Yeah, me too. That was now is about that? But yeah, we're back to our small table. Okay, all right, run the episode. Then wats have you ever heard of it? No? I haven't. Let's go all right song. Sorry, I didn't know. I didn't know. I didn't have time to settle in. Hey have you ever heard of a tycho brah? Let's say it again, Brahi, Tycho Brahi, Tycho Brahi tycho Brahi it Well, I guess it's a person, so it is. It is a he not it's you're right, all right, that's on you, dude. Oh things I learned last night. I hate the door too? Or was it black? No, that was the color of the door when we got it. Oh, I don't remember anything about this room. I don't. I don't know. Man, we've got we've got some decord coming along. It's I'm pretty excited. I don't even time to like, I just came from the airport. Yeah, I was it. I was your flight. I don't have time to do anything, all right, No, yeah, we're shooting right now. We're going. I like I like this. I don't know if we've commented on this yet in an episode, but I do like this space because, uh, because we can't even see Alexas Like, yeah, we comment on it. We commented on it. Yeah, we did a whole bit about how he's in this closet. Shut the door. I'm happy. Can you skip from your little app? You unlocked the door? Did you hear me knocking? Yeah? I did, Okay I did, And then you were like you were like pressure cord, he's stuck out there did. No, I don't know what That's what I'm saying downstairs and figure out how you from your app? Can you set the thermist down a little colder in here? This hot? Yeah? Yeah, I don't know why you wore that because I was on a flight. Is super comfy? Is the flight? Was the fight? Cold? You planes usually are. They're either freezing cold or boiling hot zero in between. What do you want the temperature up? I don't know. It set to three degrees fair night. I don't think it's working. All right, thank you. This is what we need a PA for. Alex. Would you go set the thermist? I'm joking, all right, we got new lights and new stuff. Can't go on with the episode Taekwondo. Tie Co Brahi Brahi, Tycho Brahi. Tayco Brahi, Tycho Brahi. Yeah. So Tackle Brahi. He was a scientist in the late fifteen hundreds known for astronomy. Okay, and I should note astronomy, not astrology, but maybe a little astrologists astrologic astrologic. Here's I'll just show you. Here's uh, here's our guy, Tackle Brahi. That's what he looks like. Here's another depiction of him. Okay, pretty similar, and then, uh, really defined mustache? Is that? Here's him with his nose. Is it his actual nose, like mummified nose. No, it's like a bust. It's like a bust. It's a bust of his nose. It's a nose bust. It's a nose bust. Yeah, that's an option. Yeah, you can't if you're just if you're poor, you can't do the whole head. You can do any part of you if you're whatever you want. Really, let me just get a cheek. You can do that. I can get one cheek made as a bust. That's what you're saying. Yeah, you want one cheek, you put that. I do want, But if I want, no, that's too expense. Let's talk about Tycho. Okay, so Tycho. Hey, uh, I ran my my speakers through my back and I here we go. That'll work. Tycho. He was born in fifteen forty six December fourteen, fifteen forty six, to parents who were royal airs. Kind of we been keeping the calendar that long, you know, December fourteenth, fifteen. Whatever. Yeah, just time keeps going, you know, It's just we've been keeping the calendar for so long. It is kind of peculiar if you think about it, that it's like someone wrote all this down, yeah, or or at least like described it enough where we could guess. You know, what do you mean, like if they didn't write down particularly no what happened? Oh that's what I'm saying. Yeah, Like like his birth certificate, Like I guess they'd had CAD birth certificates back then, did they have? See, I don't know how we know this, Like how do we know when his birthday was? Are there archaeological records of That's what I'm saying. The calendar's important. It's so long ago. He is an important guy, so it makes sense that we would know from him he's important. He's very important. Actually, I can tell by the character the second character, like the the drawing you drew, you drew show him, this looks like an important person. This is this is yeah, because he's he's got to be a person in power because the they're making fun of him. Oh you know, unless that's like unless he's like I really like this, this is exactly what I look like style, you know what I'm saying, Like it's a character. Yeah, yeah, Well, I mean I've got caricatures of me. Yeah, oh what a theme park? Do they get empower when you sit down on a theme park and you pay that person to draw a character of you. Yes, you have so much power over that person's privilege. You know that is something that you have the time to go to a theme park. Here's here. This is true. If you go to a theme park and you sit down and you get the character drawing twenty, you're willing to spend forty five minutes getting drawn by a dude. Yeah all right. Uh, and I'm saying it's a great drug. And in my theme park experience, because we were not like well off like you, I guess yeah, was, we don't have time to do that. We have to maximize our experience of this theme par because we've paid a lot of money to be here, okay, And so we brought our own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that we're gonna eat in line. No one eats any of the park food because it's way too expensive. And then if you go to the bathroom, we also have a separate backpack for that. We don't waste any time. So so what you're saying is when people say check your privilege. Yes, you check your sack of caricatures and see how many you gotten where you got up? Yes, Wow, dang, I'm pretty privileged. Then. Yeah, I know I've got a lot of caricatures of me? What about? What do you talk about? Why do you have a lot of characters of you? That's something my parents liked, all right, whenever we would go to fairs, Think did I put a couple of things? But yeah, I ran out of time. This is giving very Uh hey, we're under construction. Twenty year old kid in his first apartment. We're under construction here, We're still this was just kind of stuff. It's got a girlfriend, so he starts to decorate a little bit. But you don't have a lot of money or stuff, so it just kind of looks like it's just, oh, look I got this Obomba action figure. I'll put that up. Yeah. My great aunt gave me this vacuum lamp. By the way, did you see I learned how to turn on the light bro Oh, I didn't know we did that, neither did I. Where are our extenders? They're somewhere that would solve this problem. I think they're actually in that drawer back. I thought that when I sat down. Yeah, well I thought when we put this up, when you're set it all up, you got here and you were like, oh, shoot, he's outside, he's outside, he's outside. I got to do a bit right now. Well, honestly, we're closer to it now, And so I was like, I don't know if we need him. Turns out that was wrong. We can add it anyways. So tackle bra Brahi is bra He it feels like bra kind of get rid of your picture. Oh yeah, you're right, he's kind of. He's kind of a person of power. He was born into a noble line, and so his parents were Addie and Beattie brought Brah Brahi. Beatty's a good fifteen hundred names, and he needs to make a comeback. Beatie. You want to bring that back? Yeah, yeah, name your kid. I don't honestly, I'm not sure if beat is how you pronounce that. They but they were they were a part of the like noble royal court and what country is this? Uh? I can't wait to see how this goes. And so like they were they were noble people, right, not like noble, but like nobles. Sure you know what I'm trying to say, and so they were relatively well off, but not like not like insane, like you know, like it was like it was like, you guys are doing well, but you're not doing like I think it was like lower upper class if that makes sense. Okay, I don't know if I know, in middle class you make those decisions, but I don't know if an upper class it's lower. Oh, they make those distinctions for sure. I was actually just talking to uh to uh our neighbor drove into the airport this morning. Yeah, and she was talking about how sometimes her boss will say stuff that she goes, oh, you have money, and you don't realize you have more money than all of us do. And so because I we just got back from our vacation, and the whole time of that vacation, I was like, this is pretty nice, but I'm also seeing a lot of you know a lot of uh, what's this part of your body right like between your shoulders, like right here where your next spine. So yeah, just like top of the spine, a lot of spine tats for a resort, And I go, oh, this isn't where rich people hang out, you know. I was like, we're in our twenties. And we can afford to be here. Yeah, and there's like a lot of you know, people in their forties and fifties who are there. And I go, see, you're not rich, you're but they're they're at the resort. Yeah, but we can afford to be there. Okay, you know it's like a cruise. Yeah, you kind of better than a cruise. That's what I'm saying. Yeah, yeah, we're this resort was better than the cruise. Uh. And the cruse is all fine, I performed whatever, that's all right. No, I'm saying there's but there's also like she was, like my neighbor was saying, She's like, there's I've heard of these clubs and I said, oh have you. Uh, these clubs are like the billionaires hang out, and they only want to hang out with each other. So yeah, they don't want to be around the poores. But when they said the poors they made millionaires, you know, saying when billionaires are more people, they mean millionaires people, dude, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah that's and I don't think of you pups. This guy was born into Was he born into a resort family? Guy? I think he was born into a resort fan cruise ship. It's not cruci is definitely above road trip families. Yes, yes, yes, that's down there. Yes he's he's above cruise ship. He's in he's in resort family, right, he's in. He's not all inclusive resort fan. Sure, that's where he is. Wow, he's so he's doing well stuff, he's doing well, right, I mean he's an infant, he's not doing anything, but his family is doing well. And but here's the thing. He's not contributed at all. Here's the thing. His uncle, his father's brother, goes by the name Jorgan. That's his birth name. Does the name he was given the way he goes by it, Jorgan? Uh? He was. He was upper upper class. He was the one percent. In fact, he actually owned one percent of Denmark, like actually Festing own thirty percent, So pretty wild up. It was a little Yeah, it's different, but he was. He was. Did you see that this is a total But we did an episode about black Rock. Yeah, but did you see the legislation that's proposed. What that would outlaw companies from owning single, single family homes? Interesting? Or it being part of investment portfolios? Interesting? Interesting? Investment portfolios is interesting? We could talk. We can talk about this. I have thoughts that is interesting. No, okay, so Jorgan, his uncle Jorgan was one percent it will past, but incredibly wealthy, sure, an ancient billionaire. And then I don't even know if we can call own. He doesn't even the cruise ship. The cruise ship is too poor from he's got a cruise ship in the sky. They had that figured out back then too, and then we lost it, and then we lost it in the stupid No Jorgan. So Jorgan, for whatever reason, one day was like, man, this kid, I wish he was mine, and so he kidnapped him. So he kidnapped Kidnappeddicho. Oh man, I love my nephew. I love my nephew. Gosh, my nephew's awesome. I love my nephew. You're my son, now, my son. I love my son. And he's contruded to my wealth. What a psycho, dude. This is his brother's kid. Yeah, and so I'm so jealous of your brother here steel his kids, which is crazy because you're the one my high school girlfriend and my firstborn. So Audi, Audi and Beattie are like, hey, you kidnapped our son, and then they're like you kidnapped our kid. But then but then they think about it, they're like, what is it? He's for a second, he's one percent, We're we're lower upper class. What are we gonna do about it? We're is that? No, it was more of like, hey, like, honestly, kids can have a better life. I don't know if it was even that. I think it was more, hey, right now we're on inclusive resort, honest without a kid. Got that kid out. No, like we're a different level. No, because they jumped into it pretty quick and they were like, I don't know if this is for us, and Jurgen was like, I think it's for me, and then they were likely does sound like actually, like now that you say that, like that does sound kind of great. I don't know if it was. I don't know. I don't know, but that's what it seems like. Yeah, that's what a lot of kids are doing these days, letting their uncles kiddennapp them. Oh no, I was saying that, what's the kid gonna do? No, yeah, so he gets a lot of people are letting family members raise their kids so they can go buy tattoos and stuff. Oh yeah, hey it's me again. Thanks for being here for this episode. If you like what we're doing, it does cost us money to do this, and so just think about that. You know, that's it. I'm kidding. No, we have Patreon supporters and it really helps us to make this show possible. Honestly, we're so grateful for everyone who listens to the show. But there's people who want to make more of it happen, and so they financial support the show, and then you get a lot back for it. You get our private discord where we chat every day. We're hanging out and just getting to bond and hang out. We also do live zoom hangouts for a Patreon supporters, you get exclusive merch. It's a good time. There's a lot in it for you and and it's a lot in it for us because we get to know you better. You know, you're not just a number and a stat board or whatever, but you know you're our friends and we appreciate you a lot. So consider doing that. If not, then you can listen to this dumb little ad because that's how we're gonna get money from you. We're gonna leach from you. Either way, we're gonna get paid. We're in this for the cold hard cash. Baby. Anyway, here's an ad. How do they how do they get it? Though? I realized I forgot to put a C T A in mind. Oh yeah, they can text tillan to six six eight sixty six. Thanks Jared. So he starts living with his uncle dad and duncle duncle duncle Yorgan So uncle Daddy Jorgan and then starts raising him and he's like, you're gonna be a lawyer. Lawyers are rich, and so he sends him to law school to be an artist. And he's like that too bad. That's too bad, and so he starts learning law. He's going to law school and all the stuff in Denmark. Yeah, but why is in law school? One day he looks up at the stars and he's like, those are really cool. I love him. I love those stars. And kidnapped the sun. We're going to steal the sun, and space was like, I mean, honestly, like we kind of like that. Without it, I think we could be we could be cruise ship people. Wow, life would be so much better without this stupid son up here in space. Would you let me take your kid? Would I let you take my kid? Yeah? It depends on the kid, all right, let's be honest, like you can't really control what they end up? How long do you have a child before you go? This is not for me, like, you know, like because I remember when I first got my cat. There was a couple of weeks there I was like, I don't like this cat. I think I got to get him out of here. But now statistically it's around six or seven right now. I die for that cat. But that's what I'm saying is how long? How long until? How long until a kid grows on you? You know? Yeah, I've heard it's supposed to be immediately with like evolution and like a like a parent parent respond, But I don't believe that sometimes it might not be. Yeah, not not in the last not in god, six thousand years. Have I ever heard a story? So he he attended law school. Tim doesn't like that joke. He did in law school, all right, and he saw the stars and he was memorized by them. I'll never forget those stars, know me, dude. So he these stars have memorized my heart. So he he he starts kind of like secretively studying the stars. Uncle. He's so mad, dude, He's like, you're studying law? Uh, huh uh huh uh huh. The law is down here, dude, put your back down. What do you do? Tell me a law? Give me, give me any law. Say one law gives them. I was gonna say law of gravity. And so he starts kind of secretively study and Newton laws. Yet I don't think so when did laws? When did Newton do his lass? Sixteen eighty seven, So now like a whole hundred something years before, dude, that's what he He casually just ripped it off too. He's like the law of gravity was like his gravity. They shut up and start start talking about shut up and arrest somebody what you used to do before the cops. That's also what the beginning of every Cops episode in the nineties was, arrest somebody. You ever watched Cops where he runs it's aggressive, like I can't believe they did that stuff, you know. Yeah, So he's so he's studying sure law, but also studying astronomy in his free time as like a hobby. Right, that's fine. Well, Urgan one day was walking down uh a the road another road next to the river, and he sees, you're not gonna believe this. Rolling down the river a body, and as it gets closer, he realizes it is the Danish King Frederick the Second, and Jurgen says, my king, and he jumps in the river and rescues King Frederick from this river. And so what had happened was Frederick had a good night last night, was out and fell down the river in the morning, and you're gonna happened upon him. You're in the morning, finds him in the river and says he is one of us. Now raise him as an Egyptian, right And years later, years later, him and Tycho they used to do chariot racist yea, yeah, yea, yeah, anyway, go ahead. So yeah, he rescued King Frederick from the river, and it was like this huge deal, right because obviously this guy's already a big deal, but then he saves the king. Huge deal. I don't know, pretty convenient. The conspiracy theorists in me goes hate push him in that river, says King Frederick was drunk enough, and then he remember what was happening. He didn't even fall in the river. History is written by the victory. Just dumped a bucket of water on him and was like I said, and he's like, oh my god, there's not even a river in the whole country. I filled the river and everyone's like what river? They got really drunk, got really what and then left him outside and they were like, he's gonna freeze to death. We know what we're doing. Yeah, yeah, yeah, and then they made him eat some nails. He's really rude. So he uh, he rescued the king, That's what I was saying that you get what I'm saying. He definitely push him in the river. Well, I don't know, because the way the story ends this is just the king goes, hey, I didn't want to be rescue uses the river. So the way the story ends is he uh gets a fever and he dies because the king no organ uncle daddy, uncle father. Oh, he gets a fever from jumping in the river. From jumping in the river, he gets a fever and he dies, and so that ends up killing it Blackfir. I don't know if I don't know if it was intentional. I think he was genuinely same. He meant to catch a fever. Well, I mean I guess, yeah, I guess he could have done it and been like oh yeah and then been like, shoot, I got sick. That's cad. That's what I'm saying. That's karma. So uncle father dies and uh tycho is the heir, and so he inherits And how old is he now? He's like sixteen, so he inherits everything. Geez, he is just stupid rich. I think about that. How Patrick Mahomes has an insane amount of money. Yeah, and now other professional athletes have had contracts that size, yeah, bigger, but like he's like he's younger than you and me. Yeah, yeah, that's a little insane. Could you imagine? Yeah? I could I do all the time. I think about it. That awakened night, the fact that I am not in the billionaire weird club that they've got, but I am, in fact a road trip person. Yeah I am. I'm someone that they don't recognize as human. Wow. But I think about it every day. Yeah, when I'm looking at the stars. So what's he doing? So he says, he says, I'm going to buy this star? Well, he says money, it's only fifty bucks. Alike, could you believe crazy bought it for my cat? See? He says, forget this lot of stuff. He says, I'm not going to study law anymore. Yeah, Now what I'm going to do instead, because I'm gonna do space stuff. But they don't. I don't think they realize it's space yet. I'm gonna do sky stuff, nighttime sky stuff. Okay, When do they know the Earth's round? I mean, I think they knew the Earth was round already. When did they know the Earth is not the center of the universe. I think they knew already. When do they know? I mean, I don't know. I don't I guess I don't know how the past works. I don't know they knew what they didn't know? Yeah, I mean they knew a lot of stuff at this point. I'll tell you. They knew there was a lot of stars out there, and they had tracked the stars. There wasn't like great telescopes to envision all this stuff yet, so like they could only see so much. Okay, you really could only see stuff with the naked eye. But they had tracked a bunch of paths of stars and figured out where they were moving, and that they do move, and that it's not us that's moving, it's the stars that are moving. Like they knew that for sure. I know they knew that for sure. Because of some of his discoveries everything else. I don't know what they knew. Sure, But so he starts studying that, and he starts studying a couple other things that were like kind of interesting to him. So he went to this university and so he started studying medicine and alchemy and you know, just some random other side interests. Sure, and he's at a party one night. He's now college agent alchemy essentially just like what we would do is like pharmacy. Yeah it's pharmacy. Yeah, alchemy is pharmacy, right, but it's a little more mystical. Yeah, you it's it's pharmacy with black robes instead of white robes. Sure, similar, it's a little witchcraft. It's a little witchcrafty. It's not. It's not not anymore than now itways, So he's in university and he's he's studying. Him and a bunch of friends to a party one night and he starts arguing with this guy about who's the better mathematician, because at the time that was like who's that was like who's the highest, who can bench more. He's like, he's like I can know a lot of math, and he's like, I know more math, And so they are arguing about it, going back and forth for a while, and they can you impress a girl or what? I don't know. I'm I'm who knows. Probably maybe I don't know. And this fight escalates. They both end up in the river. Well it escually, it's the point where they say, let's have a duel. I love it with swords, that's what they have. Yes, no guns yet. When when do people find out about guns? I think they discovered up in like seventeen something, I don't know, sixteen something. They're close, they're soon, they're they're coming, probably after this duel. He goes, man, that would have been greater if if I had a shooting sword, If I had a sword that I could He's like, he's like, think about shooting stars, But if I could do that from a hand, So he invented it. No, So they had this sword duel and he lost, and part of losing meant that in the sword duel, his opponent, the other mathematician, who probably not as good as a mathematician but a better sword fighter, sliced him across the face and give him a nice little scar and his and his brow, and also cut off his nose. Oh, that's why his nose bus. That's that's the nose bus. That's that was his nose. But it wasn't a nose, you know, as a prosthetic. So he had a bronze nose he made and he glued it on his face every couple of weeks. Well that's not in the painting. Yeah, yeah, so it is in this painting. He looks like the burger king king. So he had he had a variety of noses. He cut off his nose. Yeah, so he had a variety of noses. He had a bronze nose. Into the interesting stuff about these people, because for so long he just rambled about Uncle Daddy's and then all of a sudden, you go, bronze. No, I'm sorry, what was that. Yeah, so he didn't have a nose. He had this bronze nose. Okay, he he had an assortment. Actually he regularly wore the bronze was He's got different different noses for different outfits. That makes sense. He had a silver, he had a gold for the special occasions. Sure, he had a wooden one. He had all these different stupid little wooden nose noses for different You need different noses for different things. You know, you go to like a cobbler who makes the noses. I don't know, he's the one percent. He's got a nose guy. He's got a nose guy. I got my nose done. I've got a nose guy who does all my nose stuff. And then I've got a nose guy who just knows a lot of stuff. I just he's very good mathematician. This is like a northern yeah accent for some reason, I get what you're saying. He just knows a lot of stuff. He just knows things. I so in that painting, then, yeah, is this before the duel or did they just paint him with a human nose? I don't know if this was before the duel or if they did him justice. I could not tell you. I don't I don't want to answer that question. Sure, but yeah, so he he uh, he lived his life noseless. Oh cool. It sounds like you're at the end of the episode right now. So no, this is just the beginning. He's living noseless. He now knows a lot about space and stars and science and things like that. Who cares he Actually he does discover a lot of important stuff. I wonder do you think the sun shines off his gold nose, like into his eyes? You know, it's kind of be if it's bright enough. Yeah, probably like a bright day outside. Yeah yeah maybe he maybe he like has a Matt finish on it. Oh yeah, I mean I think I would figure he would figure did he did he create a trend? Did other people do this? Would it become like grills because you got to cut the nose off to do it? I mean I guess other people could have. I mean we probably would know, Like we probably would around this time see a lot of people with little nose things if that was a thing. I think that if I was rich and I had some kind of face deformity, I would pay people to a trend. Yeah. So that way you don't feel weird about it. That way, it just looks like I'm trendy and not and not messed up. Yeah, yeah, that's anyway, that's a that's you know, you can feel comfortable in your skin. But so he he's he's a big figure in science. He discovers a bunch of stuff about space and recalculated a lot of positioning stars and the routes, and it was hugely influential right, Yeah, he actually trained Uh Johannes Kepler. Who you know? Oh yeah, if you know the name Kepler. Yeah, Johanna's fabrics Kepler, Joe Ann's, Joeann's. Hello is this fabric? Excuse me, jos Oh no, I'm looking for Johanna fabric. Bad. Sorry, so dumb. That's a bad joke. They don't call me dumb. Okay, sorry, so stupid. So he he called me four times today. He's a big deal in science, right, who cares. He goes into the woods one day. He leaves the house and he's like, he's like, bye, everybody, I'm going to the woods. Okay. He comes back from the woods after hours out there with I kid you not a full grown elk that he has somehow like domesticated. And he brings this elk. He's like, he's killing elk. You're saying, he's like a leash. Yeah, what's the pet handed in elk? And so he walks back into his house and this elk just lives at home with him and like a dog like will lay in the living room, lives so annoying. Whenever I'm like in bed, right, I get in bed, and my elk runs in and just jumps my chest. It's really frustrating. When I'm sleeping in the my elk is sleeping on the other end of like on the floor, but on the other end of the bed. And then it gets up and his horn gets caught in the sheets and it rips all the sheets up. How big of a house do you have to have for an elk to comfortably live there. I'm glad you asked this. So he had built goods, so that's pretty elky. Remember King Frederick the second Yeah, he said, he said, your uncle father saved my life. And also have I've always really liked you're you're my son. Now No, but he did say, he did say, he said, whatever you want, you can have. He said, I know you already that's kind of already your life because you know you're one percent. But he's like, but now you're point one percent. Now you look down on the one percent, saying, if I knew it was going to bring me those riches, I would push a king in the river. I'll push King Charles in the river. I'll do it. I want to our record right now, most people that I would push King Charles into the river and I might save him if a better I could get this house I try to sell, I'll push it a king in the river. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like this and you want more of our show, We've got plenty of other episode It's one of my favorites. Is Action Park, a super sketchy theme park that was basically overrun by teenagers and they just made the rules. It was in New Jersey. It was a wild story. But we did a whole episode about it, and I think you'd like it. So when you're done with this one, go check out that episode. But for now, back to this one. So he gave him this house and he said, he said, he said, I'll build whatever you want. So he actually got an island. He built him this island, and here's a skypew of it. So this is an artificial island with walls around it. And then in the middle of his house he's got all these gardens. But then on the corners, you see those two towers. Those are his science facilities. And then the other corners got too in the world was this Do we have this on a map? This doesn't exist still? I don't think so. I don't think it still exists. I don't know if we have an island. I know it exists, right, I know it's in Denmark. I mean maybe would in the island. Still, well, that's palace. This is crazy. Castle of Urania is what it's called castle. Did he discover uranium? He did, know he did it? Uh, okay, here's this. Uh, let's see all of the pictures. Oh, here we go. Hey what it's a subway. Now, didn't work. That's a little island. Oh there, you gotta get to it by boat, and it's just a gigantic subway. All right. I'm gonna be honest with you. I swear everything I've looked at said that this was an island. But I think it's just a land island. Oh yeah, Oh and this looks way smaller, so now I'm very confused. Oh but that's definitely it though. That's the same layout for sure. Go back to your other picture. Yeah, that's it. Yeah, which is interesting though, because this looks very small. Well, I mean, I mean it's it's next to the church. That's well, no, those houses right there, those houses are pretty small, pretty like normal size houses. So I mean, like probably, you know, go back to their picture that that was in the center. I mean, when you really look at it, it's only a three story building though, yeah, you know, and I guess if you look across like it's like, I mean you got one, two, three windows across the main section and then those I mean, it's very very decadent and fancy. But this is massive for the time. That's true, for the time. This is this is Yeah, it's like a like you know, the two thousand and four Ford f one fifty huge two one fifty compared to a good point. You know, that's a good point. It is kind of like if if mister Beast was then this would be the top of the tap ten video. Yeah, I stayed in this hotel, stay in here for and this was how much time is he putting into these videos? How long is he doing those? Is that person to survive in a grocery store for like he's got them happening all at once. There's like he's got like twelve kids trapped in grocery store on the right now, and like three of them don't survive. You can't put that video, you can't put that one out. And he just pays the family. Yeah, yeah, he just pushes the family in the river, one by one. It's for a video. I'll pay you. I love the stars. I'm a big fan of stars. Here's another view of this, but it's a little bit more stylized. But he's got all his science instruments. You can see he's got stuff to look at space around there, and I don't know he does. That's a real thing. It still exists, Yeah, it's it is much less impressive. Honestly, definitely not it was. I swear it was not. Maybe maybe honestly, maybe it dried up. Maybe it wasn't a very deep island, like maybe this was. Maybe they like you think so, because I say, you can see how it's like raised there, like yeah, maybe there's a damn nearby. Maybe they just had a different definition of island. That's also isle of land. Yeah, honestly, that could be water. Yeah, I mean, if your eyes don't work, yeah, I mean, if you're dumb. So anyways, so he builds his big, big palace, and him and him and his elk. He builds a moderately sized palace. Honestly, as far as palace standards go, I would say that's an all exclusive resort. You're right, you're honestly that might be a cruise because even for the time, like like you've seen some of those castles, those ancient castles, I haven't. Oh well here's one for you. What is this? This is I know with his golden nose, but also if he was also merged with his pet elk, yeah weird. So anyways, so him and elk became a big deal in the town. Everybody loved Tycho and his elk, and he would go into town and the elk would trot along his carriage. Next time and then his elk murdered three people close one day. They go to a party and this elk, this elk went to every party with him, and the elk developed a taste for beer, and so at the party, the elk would out drink everybody shut because it's an elk and it can drink a lot more So, at one of these parties, this elk, I kid you not, got blitzed and tripped and fell down a staircase and died and it and it broke Tycho like this was like his favorite thing in the world, like he loved you're saying this elk. I'm sorry, this elk, this elk, I'm not even the elk is not an allegory for something. It's not like, no, this is a literal elk that he got there with. So this elk is drinking at the parties, getting drunk with all the patrons, yes, and then falls down the stairs. It falls down the stairs and dies. So this elk is drinking beer, yes, all right, top top shelf. I mean probably probably the locker behind the shelf. So top shelf. Yeah, alcohol, yeah, okay. Yeah. So you say elk on top shelf and then hate this. Yeah, yeah, elk on the top shelf. Everybody else was bottom shelf. Yeah. And if you touch them, if you touch them, you die. If you touch it, that's a different thing. We should write a book for next year for parents. Yeah, because Elf on the Shelf is a fun idea. Yeah, it's a great idea on like December third, but like by December eighteenth, parents are stressed, dude, huh because they've run out of ideas. Yes, yes, yeah, So we write a book with ideas. Yeah, yeah, and just every year we put out our new Elf on the shelf ideas. Interesting. I think I like where you're going with this. Yeah, I've also discovered something while you were while I was not the into what you were saying. Just now, Okay, look, this is an island. It just is further away from the island. So here's what I think. Here's what I think actually happened. I think he got the whole island, and I think they this is just hills of the island that was his house. I think that's what is going on here. Yeah, you just could not handle being wrong. I couldn't. I had to figure out a way I was still right. Wow, So there we go. I think who knows, or maybe the water level recededse I mean, look at the foundation of his house. I mean, can you zoom in at all or not on this screen? No, I don't think so at least because that's clearly the foundation of the house. Yeah. Yeah, that's really fascinating. Interesting. So he is the elk dies and it was a tragic thing for him because he was close to this elk. Oh. Yeah, And so he started looking to fill the void. And so he's going into the woods every night looking for another elk. Can't find one, but lo and behold in town, there was a local jester that kind of looked like an elf or an elk, kind of like an elk, and he was like, you'll do you? I want you, I want to pet you close. So it was this, It was a It was a guy named Jep and Jep. Jep, Yeah, j e p p jeppiece, Yes, stoo piece Jepe. He was a local. He was a local jester. He was also a dwarf. And he took him in uh and he said, you're now my jester, and so he paid him. Sure, he's not a barbarian, but he ah. Jeff became the elk in his life, and Jep followed him everywhere. Jep told him jokes and he'd be like, he'd be like, oh, we're having a good time, make an elk noise, and Jeff to be like, He's like, that's not that's not even close. He made him wear antlers. All right, good morning, it's time to ride around our island. He's just right handlers. You could carry me around his island. Yeah, okay, third of his size. And so Jep genuinely, I don't know if we don't have any account of what Jeff thinks, but Tycho Tycho and multiple writings of his said that Jep was his best friend. Okay, but we do know Jeff is like, I'm just paid to be here. We do know that he didn't treat Jep great. Okay. For example, he pulled pranks on him all the time, just great practical jokes. Which is best friend stuff, right and the jokes. I mean, it depends on the practical joke. I guess I don't have any record of his prance. I just know he pulled pranks on him all the time. I also know that he he he made him eat under the table. I'm sorry, he said, the table is for me. The elk used to eat under the tables, so you need to to the elks eat under the table. How big is the table? You understand what I'm saying, Like, I don't know if they ALKI under the table. I made that part of all, but he did. He did make Jeff eat under the table, so okay, like a great friend. But he was he said he was his best friend. But you know, sure there's one of those friends where it's like we're really good friends, but honestly, like, hey, will we go to Hawaiian Bros. Later? Yeah, I want you to eat under the table and don't acknowledge it. Once we having a normal conversation. Yeah, and he's sitting under the table. Just yeah, there's a lot of cops there. They'll arrest me for that. I bet they'll think of high We'll see. Yeah, it'll be rough. We'll find out, maybe you'll get taste. You might be onto something here. So Tyco's life continues to be really weird, and he discovers a few more things, has a couple more successes, you know whatever. It's once he discovered sigence stuff like he figures out where the stars move and how they move, he charts them, and sure, he discovers a bunch of stuff. It's really not who cares, he doesn't. He does discover a lot of really important in just in all the weird stuff in his in his life. No, he discovered a lot of stuff about stars in motion and the moon and the way that all that stuff worked together, right, And he trained Kepler, and Kepler was hugely influential. He was also really influential. But Kepler was hugely influential, you know. But Kepler and him had a problem because Tycho wouldn't share his notes, Like he was very secretive about his stuff, and Kepler was like, it's really good as science, like, we got to be able to work on this stuff together, right, And he was like, no, it's my stuff. And he was like, he's like, but we need it. We got to work together. He's like, but noah, it's my stuff. Mind. Well, one day Tycho just ups and up and dies and everybody was like, how old? Let me check how long had rich people live back then? So he was he was fifty four, not seven hundred years. He was fifty four, which I think that I think we were about normal life spans at this point, right, this was a little young. No, we weren't. We were not you were rich, Oh sure, I mean yeah, the pores not even close. But he fifty four was pretty young for a kind of his status. Uh. And it was it was like a surprise, right, it came out of nowhere, and so everybody, I mean, he got drunk stairs. Everybody immediately looked to Kepler and was like, hey, we know you guys have been arguing about some stuff lately, and you want to see his notes, like he did you kill him? And so they were like, Kepler, did you slip him some mercury in his drink? And everyone and he was like no, no, I didn't do that, so they started investigating him, and it turns out he didn't. They didn't figure that out, but okay, they they suspected foul play for decades until everyone was dead and no one cared about it anymore. Yeah, until twenty ten. Twenty ten, they exoomed his body because some people were like, we want to know, we want to see that nose, We want to know what happened. Yes, that that was his nose that they dug up. Oh that was his fake nose. It wasn't a bus yeah, no, that was that was his actual nose that he wore. This is they dug it out. So okay, imagine you don't know. You're just a grave robber. Yeah right, you're just a great rubber. Yeah, you don't know any history. Yeah yeah yeah, yeah, you're digging up graves, just out here doing you're a robber. Yeah, that's what you do, you rob graves. Yes, you're a grave robber. Yes, yeah, thanks, You go to graves, you dig them up, take all the valuables. Problem. So you okay, so he's a great rubber. You dig up this guy's grave. You see a skeleton, yes, and just a full like just what is that made out of This is bronze. It's five hundred years old, so it just looks like stone at this point, honestly, but it's bronze. It's rooky stuff. Yeah that uh you think, Man, this guy's nose survived. That's a magic nose keeping this nose? Should I eat it? What do I do with the What do you do with the magic binding? That's right? So what you do? Okay? So so so they say they exsume his body. Everybody, everybody thought up until twenty ten, they're like, somebody killed him, somebody oft them. So for four hundred something years, we can just we can still tell. Well, and I'm gonna be honest with you, I don't know how they figured this out. Is made up? I don't know. I don't know how they figured this out. But they were able to determine after assuming his body, that he had died from the ghost of his elk, he had died from a bladder infection. And the way I said, okay, I don't rather what they did and what they figured was he was at a party with the king, and tradition said that when you're at anything with the king, you don't stand up before the king, and they're at the party, and the King want to stand up, but he had been drinking a lot and he really had to pee, and so he sat there and he held it and he held it and he held it until he gave himself an infection, and then a couple of weeks later he died, not realizing he was dying from the inside, probably uncomfortable, but not realizing he was. Yeah, and he was dying from the inside. That's pretty creamy. What are you going to do. I'm doing what you're doing. I'm not whispering. You're like, I'm not even close to whispering, and realized this is the true crime segment. Okay, we'll put some music behind it. Okay, cool, but there's no crime. It was just him trying not to pete and embarrass himself. King. That kind of sucks. And so that's a pretty fifteen hundred ways to die fifteen hundred, sixteen o three. At this time, it was pretty sixteen hundred's way to die. Yeah. Yeah, So like fifty years before Newton's third law, yeah or second or first any of them? Eighty law? How long before his new his fig Newtons is I think that was pretty early, so it's probably only like twenty years that that came quick. His figs, he's like, I need to come up with a way to put these in some sort of creative bar. He's like six stupid. So anyways, so yeah, this is that's that's type of bra he had. Uh, Brahi. I think it's Brahi. I really do think it's Brahi. He had a weird nose, a weird elk, a weird best friend that he wasn't very nice to you, and then he died because he had to pee. Well. I also contributed to the science we don't want to tell. Yeah, but there's all that stuff. He figured out some space stuff. You know, we know about some space stuff. He did discover the first nebula, and he was the first person to discover that there were stars that were like further away. Okay, he's like, he's like, to see those stars are stars that are further He was the first one to figure that out. Okay. Yeah, so that's a big deal. He did that with no nos. So if you're listening to this and you're missing a couple of fingers, just look to the stars. If you're listening to this and you're alone inside your bed and it's dark at night and there's a man in your doorway. Enough, it's just my fata obri looking for Have you seen my notes? You gotta go fiddle them off. Hey, thanks for making it to the end of this video. If you like this and you want more episodes, there's more somewhere around here, and also clips from the show. But make sure you subscribe. Please do that. That really helps us. It makes us feel good. We look at the number and we go, oh my gosh, there's more people who like us. And it also just make sure that you don't miss episodes in the future because we put these out every single week and there's so many in the past, so many old episodes you can go watch, and you know, there's an entire season of episodes that we didn't have video for, so you can go listen to those if you'd like to as well. Thanks for being here. We'll see you again next week. On Things I Learned last Night. That's this podcast, right, that's this one. Yeah, that's the one. Thanks on the last night. That's the one. All right, you're free to go. Great

The sixteenth century Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe lived an eccentric life filled with drama, intrigue, and tragedy. Born into a noble family in 1546, Brahe was kidnapped as a child by his wealthy uncle Jørgen Brahe, who wanted him as his heir. Jørgen made Tycho study law, but the young man’s true passion was astronomy. He began secretly studying the stars, fascinated by their movements and patterns.

While at university, Brahe got into an argument about who was the better mathematician and ended up dueling another student. He lost the duel, resulting in his nose being cut off. For the rest of his life, Brahe wore a variety of prosthetic noses made of precious metals. He became known for his shiny golden nose.

After Jørgen’s death, Brahe inherited his fortune and built an elaborate castle with two observatories he called Uraniborg on the island of Hven. There, along with his pet elk, Brahe studied the heavens, making extremely detailed observations and advanced astronomical instruments.

Brahe made many important discoveries, including the first accurate measurements of planetary positions and the first observations of a supernova. He also discovered that comets travel beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, disproving Aristotle’s theory that they were atmospheric phenomena.

Brahe took on assistants like the famous Johannes Kepler, but was very secretive about his astronomical data. After the elk died from drinking too much beer and falling down the stairs at a party, Brahe essentially replaced him with his court jester Jepp, a dwarf he dressed in antlers and made eat under the table.

In 1601, Brahe attended a banquet with the king. Too polite to get up and relieve himself, he held his urine until his bladder became infected, which led to his painful death 11 days later at the age of 54. For centuries people suspected he was poisoned, but forensic evidence proved the cause was urosepsis.

Brahe lived an eccentric life filled with wealth, drama, and tragedy. Despite his bizarre proclivities, he made major contributions to astronomy that helped pave the way for scientists like Kepler and Newton. Brahe proved that even a man with a golden nose can reach for the stars.

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Tycho Brahe – Wikipedia

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