Skinwalker Ranch Part 2 – Aliens, Ghosts and Lies


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Unknown Speaker Hey man, what's up? Unknown Speaker Oh, not much how you doing? I'm alright, I'm gonna happy you're here. Thanks. Have you ever heard? Speaker 1 What are you going to pass the buckets in a second? What was that? I'm happy you're here. Let us know a little bit about you fill out that card Speaker 2 is already a drop in the bucket. There'll be someone pulls up next you in the stoplight is going to pass the bucket over to you roll your window down. What are you talking if you're listening on the podcast? Oh, yeah, the churches do that they know where you are. Speaker 1 I like the idea that someone's listening on a run right now. And someone's gonna pull up next to the stoplight. And that's just for the offering pretty creepy. Speaker 2 I like I like churches that have that like extra touch. You know what it's like? Sure. For the online experience. Speaker 1 It was honked at one of my friends walking the other day. This is real. And she looked like I was like, she's out there walking with her dog. And I was driving to the grocery store. And I did Hmm. I don't think she realized what kind of car I drive. I don't know if she knew was me. Yeah. But then also, later, she tweeted. And she said because she's like a counselor or whatever. And she's she said, Don't honk at people you think are attractive on the side of the road. And I had a messenger it'd be like a first of all, get over yourself. Because I was just Speaker 3 saying that I thought that. I was just saying hi. Second of all, second Speaker 1 of all, I'm gonna hog it. Every person I see walking now. Well, she did a whole like, you know, it could like trigger a trauma response to them. And I'm like, gosh, I do. Listen, there's some stuff that makes me a little. Yeah. We should cut it before we say something canceled. You're right. model trains. No one's No, you don't need the Pentagon permission to do it. Yeah, just tell the audience you don't read. Adult? No, right. I know what you're saying. Okay. You catch aliens with a fax machine. That's what I'm saying. You gotta point $2 million from the government bro. Things I Learned last night Speaker 3 Amen. Have you heard going on? Skinwalker Ranch. Oh my gosh. Unknown Speaker Are you serious? Is there Unknown Speaker a lot more than 100%? Serious? You've done this. Unknown Speaker No, go ahead. Unknown Speaker Yeah, this is a part two. Unknown Speaker We've covered this. Speaker 1 Okay. I was genuinely worried that you did not know that. We did a Skinwalker Ranch episode. I was about to close your eyes for a second. I was like, Oh, he's He's toast. But I was honestly gonna let you do it. And we were gonna release it is whenever we're afraid I am that you'll do when we're old man. And we still do this podcast. Podcasting is so old. So it's God. It's like It's like it's like a TV sets. It's like no one does that anymore. But we're still doing it. And you're like, just bring Speaker 3 the same story every episode every episode. Same topic. So part two, just Speaker 2 a show called it's the same topic. And we just do the same topic every episode. Would it be a good and see what happens by the end? It's like a game of telephone. It's a game a podcast and see where it ends up at the end if this Speaker 1 is really about Skinwalker Ranch I'm excited because the YouTube comments from the first Skinwalker Ranch episode. Do we have an update for real? We do. Speaker 2 So yeah, we covered this before and after do a full episode. Yes. So we've covered this before in March of 2022 Yes, so yeah, we've covered this in March of 2022 If you haven't heard that episode, now's your chance to go here it's a it's a fun episode I listened to it this morning I forgot how good that episode was Unknown Speaker episodes are good yeah but this except for that one now this you know the one Speaker 2 this one we added a bit and this is a new thing I want to do I did this for the glitter monster in the discord I asked our Discord that draw Oh, I saw that I was using for the thumbnail Yeah, and I think I want to do that. The Skinwalker is another good one. It's like hey guys, can Unknown Speaker you draw this? Yeah, I Unknown Speaker like having them draw stuff Speaker 1 or we have some artists in the discord do we do have some people who are not artists but still draw Speaker 2 like that? Well, one of our submissions came from Mickey Mickey Senate from Excel. She drew it in an Excel spreadsheet so Speaker 1 when I was gonna use for the series, if you don't know what we're talking about discord, what's discord Discord is like, on professional slack Discord is like Ayane Yeah, kind of, but Unknown Speaker it's unprofessional. Speaker 1 That's what it is. But yeah, cuz slack is just discordance. slacks, you know, Unknown Speaker that's actually very accurate. Unknown Speaker It's all it is. Unknown Speaker That's what they should brand and I should Speaker 1 do that. But we have our Patreon supporters get access to our Discord where we're we've been messaging and play games and yeah, they're very funny. They're funny. Are they fun? Yeah, Tim Unknown Speaker I don't think that's good. Walker Ridge if you're here for the first time. Unknown Speaker Oh, shoot. Is this from the UFO stuff? Speaker 2 Kind? Kinda. Okay. Technically, yes, sure. So here's the deal. So if you don't know much about Skinwalker Ranch, and you're free to go back to listen to the old episode, long story short, there's a ranch in Utah called Skinwalker Ranch. And it's weird. Yeah. Speaker 1 There's so all the other ranches in Utah where Mormons are kind of like. Speaker 2 So it's had four owners over its history. There's a guy named Kenneth and Kenneth AB the buyers, a guy named Kenneth, his wife, Edith Meyers owned it. The majority of the life of the proper age. Yeah, from 1934 to 1994. No problems everything normal ranch experience, as far as we know, like as as, think about life on ranch. That's the life that they lived in Utah, a Utah ranch. That's what they had. Have you seen there? My dog? Torch. I did it for the 1996 was Terry and Gwen Sherman. And they had a think about a life in a Utah range. That's not what they experienced. Totally different. Yeah. Unknown Speaker They got spooked. Yeah, they Speaker 2 got spooked. They saw aliens, and monsters and werewolves, you name it, Speaker 1 and then went to Home find the old people who owned it before them and the government was like, Who? Speaker 2 Yeah, those people don't exist. In fact, neither does ranch Unknown Speaker never existed. You're in a field right now. Earth Unknown Speaker isn't real. What's Speaker 1 gaslighting? Real bad? Okay, Unknown Speaker there's no such thing as Earth. What are you talking about? Unknown Speaker Unplug yourself, but what? Speaker 2 And so they made this big deal about it being super weird. Yeah. And a real estate millionaire named Robert Bigelow was like, oh, I want it and so he bought it in 1996. Dude, Speaker 1 here's the thing, man. You know, I want to buy a house just to create some lower. Yeah, you know, and then sell it. You know? Just be like, Oh, yeah. Write a book or to someone got murdered here. Yeah. Speaker 2 All the all the water? Yeah. Speaker 1 Honestly. No. Because you know how much I would pay for the watchers house. Unknown Speaker I would pay a lot. Yes. Yeah. I Speaker 3 mean, how much can you pay? $637,000 $657.06 157 cents. Okay, why did you say okay? Yes, yes. Yeah, Speaker 1 but I'm saying if I had a ranch, yes. If I bought a ranch, yes. Yes. You know, I'd make it like a podcast. Jaron buys a ranch. Aaron Bought a Zoo. And it's on Unknown Speaker its audit. And he built a fort the garage and no Unknown Speaker one. I bought a zoo and no one knew. Unknown Speaker Oh my god, Jared. Speaker 1 Speaking of zoos, my Did you know that? My my I told you what my cousins who owned like a zoo Tiger. Yeah, like tigers. Unknown Speaker Not a zoo. But like, Tiger King Zoo. Speaker 1 Yeah, one of those fake zoos. But they had to get like the Ohio came and took all their animals after that guy who lives in the next county over from them let out all of his animals. Yeah. Yeah. And then Ohio was like, Huh. Anyway, we were in Ohio. And we drove past the property. And I forgot that it's just in a neighborhood. Like, it's just like, I was like, Yeah, it's like, way out in the country. You know, there's a big field on their side. But like, there is no neighborhood. And like, you know how when you're a kid, and you're like, this place is huge. Because you're a kid. Yeah. You're an adult. That's just a lot. It's a it's, it's a house. It's like a double lot like they got two agents heard their yard into a zoo. And I forgot they did that. Speaker 2 And it's like, a garage sale. They got signs on all the streetlights Speaker 1 this way and they sell tigers. You know, I'm talking about. They were very kind to their animals. Yeah, Unknown Speaker they had masking tape on their paws. $3. Speaker 1 Yeah, it was like peeling off. I tried to haggle. I was like, Come on, go out. Six hours. 57 cents, you know, anyway. Okay, so Robert Bigelow, there's a property in Utah. And there's some sketchy stuff that they claimed happened, but the old people never experienced it all people never experienced it. And then these periods when this rich guy was like, I want it because of the weird stuff. Yes. And so he that's what I was trying to say. Speaker 2 Yeah. So he founds the knids, which is the National Institute for Discovery Science. And the idea was I'm gonna hire a bunch of paranormal people to investigate this Speaker 1 not yours use the lids store that just sells small Hey, cool hat Speaker 1 this episode sucks. If you found this podcast and you have no idea what's going on, they call back. Speaker 2 Okay, Robert Bigelow, he buys it starts the NIDS for a couple of years, nothing really happens. And then it's kind of Speaker 1 like dang it. They made it up to sell me this house. Speaker 2 Well, it's really quiet. And he's, he's publicly saying like, yeah, we're not really seeing anything happening there. And then a few years later, and I think 2004 a book releases called Skin walk. Unknown Speaker I think I don't remember where Speaker 1 you came. That first episode was so confident and you just called Unknown Speaker I know. Speaker 2 I know the name of the SEC. Oh, hunt for the Skinwalker okay. I was gonna call it the second we could Speaker 1 do as a skin. We could do like a, we could do a podcast on skin. We're trying to figure out a true crime podcast. Yeah. Speaker 2 Hunt for this podcast comes out. And it is a full book of the craziest stories you've ever heard. Yeah, werewolves and dinosaur beavers, and UFOs. And ghosts and portals and skinwalkers is just insanity. And it's like, wow, I thought a couple years ago, nothing was happening. And then the knids mysteriously gets shut down a couple years after that. And by who? By them by the NIDS. Okay, they realized skinwalkers they came up with their cookies. Like, hey, we know I mean, Unknown Speaker like the government didn't shut them down. Unknown Speaker Okay, allegedly. So they get shut down. And then in 2016 Unknown Speaker So I was trying to do what you do with your nose over here. Blowing into the microphone the whole Speaker 2 time. It's my T stick. What was it? So in 2016 router bigla sells it to Brandon fugal. Google is like Unknown Speaker there's a lot of stuff happening here. He's Speaker 2 another real estate millionaire. Who's just building a bunch of stuff in Utah. Yeah. And, but he is a lifelong Mormon. And he's not as I mean, he's interested in the paranormal, paranormal stuff, definitely into sci fi and things like that. But for him, the bigger part of the goal is if he can prove that there's paranormal activity happening there, then it proves the existence of God because if there's demons, then there's got to be a god. So that's kind of his angle. He immediately has motivation. Yeah, he made it goes and trademarks Skinwalker Ranch as a media brand, and then they release the Skinwalker Ranch TV show on History Channel right and follow the whole story. We covered this in our last episode, and we basically were like this is a stupid idea except for all the alien stuff the alien stuff super legitimate but all the rest of it is super stupid. Yeah. Unknown Speaker Yeah. Except for the part about God. Unknown Speaker So there's Stephen Green Street. Speaker 1 Okay, sounds like a young adult author. Kinda. He's 44 years tell the audience you don't read a middle aged adult? No, he will write I know what you're saying. Okay. Okay, whatever Unknown Speaker it's called a joke. Speaker 1 was a good one, buddy. Thanks. So he is a jerk logical leave one star reviews right there. He's a journalist for The New York Post. Joking around too much. I'm sorry comedy podcast. I like more seriously Speaker 1 in my eyes right now. Okay. Do you drink it wrong? A little bit. I'm so worried. What did you just say? Unknown Speaker I feel the caffeine. Unknown Speaker You know, he's a journalist for who the New York Speaker 2 Post. Okay. And he has for a long time at a series on on YouTube on the YouTubes called basement office. Okay. And this series he brought on the lease Elizondo. That's the only name that comes to mind. A bunch of UFO people. All right, to talk about UFOs and aliens and things like sure big fan of UFOs and Unknown Speaker aliens was the aliens guy, you know, talking about Speaker 2 oh, the guy from Ancient Aliens. Yeah, last name. Okay. I just know he's been a big proponent of aliens and stuff. So he digs into remember the big UFO report in like 2018 with the Tick Tack UFO and all that stuff? Unknown Speaker Yes. Speaker 2 A big part of that was Louise Elizondo, which I'll show you a picture of him actually, I think, Okay, let me grab a picture so you can jog your memory on him. A lot of people call him Lou. Speaker 1 I don't know who he is. I'm gonna tell you right now. I don't know who he is. I Speaker 2 guarantee you're gonna recognize him. I won't guarantee it. You guarantee I'll recognize guarantee. You're gonna recognize him. You're you I could not be more confident that you're gonna recognize this guy. Hold on. Let me get a recognizable picture of him Speaker 3 really selling it. Oh, nine that doesn't look anything like I wanted. You wouldn't recognize. That doesn't look anything like. Unknown Speaker Let me get someone who looks like someone Unknown Speaker stop stop right now Unknown Speaker Oh, not that one Unknown Speaker I just had that in my first center. trifle. Speaker 1 Oh, ever since he offered me those tickets aware jam. I do recognize this guy. Yeah, he was the basis of skillet. Unknown Speaker That's actually I think that was what he did before. Speaker 2 Now so Lisa has no idea who this guy is not recognizing No. Do you watch TV? Yeah, Unknown Speaker I don't watch the same TV that you watch on Fox Unknown Speaker News before? Unknown Speaker What is he any news? He's Unknown Speaker been all over anyways. Unknown Speaker So watch the news. Yeah, let Unknown Speaker me get let me get Speaker 1 stopped don't what? What are you doing getting a picture of him on the news? Unknown Speaker No, I'm just getting a picture of him that you would. Unknown Speaker Okay. Speaker 3 Do you guarantee this one as well? No, Speaker 1 apparently not. Apparently, it looks like this guy looks like in I managed this in a good way. Like he looks like a guy who's been a youth pastor for 30 years. Yeah, yeah. You know, I'm saying Yeah, he does, actually. And like, it's rare to find those guys. Sometimes I'll do shows. And like, I'll go to a church and the youth pastors again, been doing this for about two decades when the youth has like no aspirations to like, because a lot of people treat youth ministry like a ladder. Yeah, yes. Step toward a different position. Yeah. And I love it when I run into somebody who's like, oh, no, I love students. And you're like, oh my gosh, yeah. Yeah. And aliens like, Well, where are you finding something else? Are we going to keep talking about I was just waiting Speaker 2 for you to finish your thing. Okay, go ahead. You ready? Sure. Okay. Speaker 1 Hey, thanks for being part of this episode. If you want to help us do more of this, you wanna help us grow our show. One of the easiest and best ways to do that is to join our Patreon. It's a way for you financially support the show, and you get a lot in return, you get access to our Discord channel, you get bonus content that comes out, you get exclusive merchandise, and like live zoom Hangouts, where we're both just hanging out eating pizza, just getting to know each other. The biggest thing is, is we want to know you more as an individual and as a friend. So thanks for supporting our show. If you don't support us financially, we're not pressed about it. We're not like mad, but I'll find you. So text Tillandsia 66866 To keep yourself from being found. All right, because if you don't I want you Speaker 2 so this is at the podium is Chris Mellon. Speaker 1 I'm gonna know any of these guys. And then I know Slenderman in the middle Speaker 2 Yeah, that's a couple defense contractors in the middle of them is how put off you might remember him from the remote viewing episode. He's the guy. Speaker 1 This is the guy speaking. Yeah. Is I believe, could tell me if I'm wrong. I think he's in the President's show at Disneyland, you know, talking about is that am I wrong? But he looks like he would be one of the robots. Speaker 2 Now that's Christopher Mellon, who used to be deputy assistant secretary of the defense for intelligence just on Speaker 1 body language. Can we just go off body language? Go off of it? Okay, so guys speaking we've got closest VR together. Okay. He's a big old nerd dude. Unknown Speaker He's a animatronic. Yeah, that's Speaker 1 what I'm saying. He's not his legs do not move. That Speaker 2 does not real I realized I couldn't say half of that quote after I Speaker 1 started. Oh, I just started to go as you started to not real. The airplane late. I Unknown Speaker did. I did that that Speaker 1 person is not real sure. Second guy's dad super rich. Yeah. He's not but his dad is rich. Like that's, you know, close. Guys, Lou Lou is like the bad boy of this conference. Yeah, Louis just like, yeah, I believe in aliens. And I'd love to cage fight. One guy next to him straight up is like a vampire. And when he speaks, it's like, all yod believe in aliens. And then the guy next to him is his handler. Yeah, he's like, he's like, what do they call that a familiar? And then the guy on the end is just a billionaire who bought his way onto the panel? You know, I'm talking about Yeah, the guy in the middle freaks me out. Scares. He's Unknown Speaker very scary. You should be scared of him. Speaker 2 I am to know Okay, so you are close, actually. So the first is Chris Mellon. So he was the Deputy Secretary of Defense under the Clinton administration makes sense. We'll skip back for a second then Louis sounds and Elizondo we know him. And then the next guy you're right is for forever. No, I'm pretty sure that when Steve justice and then how put off you might remember him from our remote viewing episode. He's the bend spoons guy and see things on on Mars. Okay, but he was an actual government contractor. Yeah. And electrical engineer and then the last guy I'm pretty sure is Chris miser. All government ties first miser government contractor worked with. I don't think so. I'm not a super rich guy. They I worked with I think skunk works, but don't quote me on that. I'm not much. Speaker 1 I hate to be like a 997 millionaire. You don't sound like you're just so close. I mean, I Speaker 2 would just call myself a billionaire at that point. Yeah, well, okay. I mean, at my point where I'm at now, billionaire. Yeah, I'm a billionaire. No one's gonna check. Unknown Speaker According to the internet, I'm worth like a lot. Unknown Speaker Yeah, yeah, it's true. Those are always like, way off. Unknown Speaker Super underreported. And then Unknown Speaker I don't know if you know this, the guy on the left, the one that dad's rich. Yeah, that's Tom DeLonge. From blink 182. Is it really? Unknown Speaker Okay? Yes, I'm being serious. Speaker 2 This is Tom DeLonge is company to the stars. Media is his company that he started. And he put together this team of all star. Unknown Speaker He's an adult contractors. Speaker 2 I know. It's so interesting seeing him in here being super professional, because if you watch them in any of his shows, he's not. Unknown Speaker But he's so intently listening. Speaker 2 Yeah, he's serious. In this same in this same press conference. This was the first press conference that they did with it. When they said you're fine. You know what it Speaker 1 is about the vampire guy? What it said everyone else is looking at the guy speaking. He's nine. He's just not. That's what it is. He's also someone else's like, Oh, yeah. And he's just Unknown Speaker there's someone in the crowd is like, is he looking at me? Unknown Speaker Everyone's crossed. Versus like, I think he's staring right at me, right? Why is he doing that? His eyes have that effect. You know? Speaker 1 That's what I'm saying. Wherever you're sitting in the room. It looks like he's looking at you. Man. Spooky guy, man. Yeah, Unknown Speaker not pictured in the shot is the queen hanging Unknown Speaker upside down from the rafters empty chairs. Speaker 2 Now in this in this press conference, this was the first time we saw the tic tac video. They leaked it, which was before it was declassified. The government was really mad about that. And then a year later, they're like, Fine, that's ours. Tom also in this video, he was like, he's like we're building our own UFO. haven't seen that yet. But Speaker 1 we're building our own UFO. Yeah, that was one thing that he said our companies do building something and we can identify it. We means you're building a revenue. Oh, Isabel, you know what it is missionary? Identify. It's a flying object Speaker 2 using the technology that they've uncovered. I guess this? Sure. So Louise Elizondo ends up becoming kind of the de facto face of this company. Even though it's Tom's company. Tom was busy being a rock star, which he quit his band. I mean, he still had angels and airwaves and but he was like writing kids novels or something. I don't know. He wants He's Unknown Speaker not a kid though. Unknown Speaker Right kids novels as a grown adult. So Speaker 2 Musa was kind of the de facto face of his company. Okay. And he goes on this press tour. Yeah, talking about UFOs. And he is making pretty strong claims that the the things that they've looked at are evidence that there's something else out there, that's not a nonhuman origin. Okay? This leads to the Pentagon putting together a special committee, eventually becoming a whole new program, multimillion dollar program to investigate these unidentified flying objects. Okay. And that's still in operation to this day, as a result of what this group did was tell us onto his background. A little bit about him. He was in the military, he was in counterintelligence guy went on to the Pentagon, and was the director of a program called a tip the advanced aerospace threat Identification Program. And he headed up this program, the whole purpose this program, it was a Unknown Speaker um, I guess. I'm trying to think of the right word a secret, it was a secret program. Unknown Speaker Okay, I wasn't gonna say secret, but that Speaker 2 I was like, I'll just say secret is a secret program in the Pentagon to look at all of these cases of UFOs and be like, it's actually alien or it's just like a balloon or something, you know? Okay. And that was his job. And so he's coming forward as like a whistleblower now talking about all this stuff. And income Stephen green St. Stephen green shoots talking about all this stuff. Over the past few years, we've had all these explosive like, here's this video. Here's this video. Here's the stuff. Here's this guy in the military who's talking about what he's seen or whatever. Sure. So Stephen Green Street started digging into this a little bit, and he discovers something's awry with this story. It all okay, so Luis Elizondo, he was the head Unknown Speaker of St. Louis CK. I was like, How is Speaker 2 ck you know how Jason Bourne is an FBI agent. Speaker 2 Okay, stand up. Comics is the same thing. No one suspects the funny guy. Speaker 2 So a tip Yeah. Was the program that super secret Luis Elizondo was heading up. He was the program director. And he claimed that they had $20 million with the funding, founded in 2007. Speaker 1 He claims all this, yes. When documents approve this Unknown Speaker kind kinda Speaker 1 like any, I guess anybody really could just be like, I did some serious work for the government. Okay, so the government isn't gonna be like, oh, Speaker 2 so Well, look, this is where we're heading. So in 2017, he leaves in three years later, he joins are now in 2017, he leaves to join to the stars Academy, and starts becoming the face of Alien Disclosure, basically. Okay. And in that process, everyone was like, this is the former director of a tipped a super secret program at the Pentagon. We have record of him working at the Pentagon, we have a record of him working in counter intelligence, and being a very high ranking officer in the DOD. However, we can't find anything about at it. And the story that's told is that it's because it's a super secret program. Sure. It's releasing the information about a Tim specifically, Unknown Speaker but also he does make it up. Speaker 2 So Stephen Green Street does some digging in Oh, along with a handful of other journalists outside of his specific like in his network, but not for the New York Post. Other journalists he's kind of worked with. And so he starts doing some digging, and he finds that he was a part of a tip but the the reporting on a tip was very misleading, especially in those early days where the abbreviation a tip was correct. But a lot of people were messing up what a tip stood for. And so there was advanced aerospace threat Identification Program. Advanced aeronautical threat Identification Program, okay. Advanced airborne threat Identification Program. So the advanced aerial threat Identification Program. So all these different versions were that A was different. And so people were submitting these FOIA requests from the government, and it'd be like, that doesn't exist. Because everybody was getting it wrong. Sure. But nobody knew that at the time. Everyone's just like, the government's denying that this is real. And it's they weren't denying they were just like, yeah, what you asked us for doesn't exist. Instead of being like, Oh, hey, here's the thing you're asking. There's like, that's not real, which is pretty convenient. Speaker 1 I'm saying like, if I'm the records department, and someone puts in now that my job you know, saying like, that's not my job. Speaker 2 You look at it. Look through your files and you see it you're like it says that I Speaker 1 did a gig. And I got a check that was made out to Jason Myers. Yeah. With my or spelled incorrectly. Yeah. and Bank of America would not deposit it, because neither name matched. Yeah. Yeah. They're like this isn't you? Like, it is me though. You know me? Speaker 2 Yeah. Yeah. And I constantly deposit checks that are not even close to my name. Unknown Speaker I just find them Unknown Speaker fine checks. Speaker 2 They say if you find a $20 bill on the street, it's yours. If you find a $2 million check on the street, it's yours doesn't matter Speaker 1 at the store. And, and I got backed over my bicycle. And I was like, Hey, mister, you got to pay for that. And he wrote me a check. but forgot to fill out the amount of part because he was like, in a rush or something. Yeah, he was a busy man. And I went home, and I put in $1 million. Unknown Speaker And they cash that. Yeah. And they said, okay, Speaker 1 and I bought it at the grocery store. And I had an inappropriate relationship with a woman who should not have been anywhere near 13 year old kid in that movie. Speaker 2 So long story short, after a giant rabbit trail of trying to track down this eight tip program. Yeah, what they discovered is that a tip was never in its name. A tip wasn't a nickname that it got. And the reason it got the name is because Senator Harry Reid was heading up this a tip program. He was the person in Senate that said, let's do this. And so he realized that there was some I don't want to say sketchy things that were happening, but things that the government probably would be like, stop giving money to this. And so he was like, we need to kind of get shadowy here. And so he made another name for it, called the advanced aerospace threat Identification Program, a tip and started calling it that and had everybody in the program start calling it that, to kind of keep it a little hidden Speaker 1 once we made a shadow company, basically, to keep getting funding from the government. Speaker 2 Sort of it came out he made I mean, it was still it was still ginamit we made the zba it kinda but it wasn't there was nothing on paper, there was no paperwork. So there's no paper trail, okay, it was just in every document in every document talking about it. He would call it a tip. Speaker 1 Yeah, it's like, kids from my school, his name was biscuit. Like there's no paperwork that says the name is business. Yeah, but everyone knows him. But he showed up one day, it was like I'm biscuit. And we were like, all right. Unknown Speaker If that's what you want to be called, Unknown Speaker he ran real fast one time we call him biz quick for a week. Fast kid, Speaker 2 the real name of the program was the advanced aerospace weapon systems app application program, or aos app, Unknown Speaker or SAS. Speaker 2 app. So this program is interesting because this program was founded in 2007. And in 2008, they put out a request for proposals for defense contractors to earn $22 million to investigate. Specifically, this is what the document Unknown Speaker defense contractors, how do we get into that Speaker 2 lie? They put out a request for bids to research weapons systems that our adversaries have, and predict where they will be in 40 years. Technologically. That was okay. I searched it, I see it as a contract. So they put out this request for bids in 2008. Weirdly, this request for bid comes out in 2008. But in 2007, Robert Bigelow's company, Bigelow, aerospace wins that request for bid a year before it comes out. So something sketchy here is happening already. Unknown Speaker What do you mean they win the bid? So Speaker 2 typically, the request for bid comes out, all the companies are like, here's what we'll do, here's how much of a cost and then they award it to one of the companies. Sure, a year before the request for bid even comes out. Speaker 1 The government rewards it to Bigelow Yeah. before it ever and then in 2008. They're like, Speaker 2 they're like, here's a request for bids. And then they're like quietly like, we already give this to somebody. Yeah, yeah. Bigelow was a campaign funder for Harry Reid. They were close. They're tight. They was always been tight. So it's pretty clear that Bigelow was like, Hey, I got a cool idea. I need $22 million. And Senator Reid was like, sweet, you got it. And then a year later, he was like, shoot, I just gave 22 Lidar is this guy for no reason. And so he puts out this request for bid. And then let it sit for a minute and pulls it back to kind of have a paper trail of like, oh, yeah, we gave it to this guy. He want bows a year later, he gives them $22 million. Okay. And that's where it needs comes from. And so knids began studying Skinwalker Ranch. And it's really point $2 million from the government. Yes, dang. And so we got to Unknown Speaker start being corrupt. Unknown Speaker Like I corrupt knowledge that, but that was a great line. Thank Unknown Speaker you snuck it in there. It was good. Speaker 2 And so Robert Bigelow takes that $22 million. And he hires a team of wacky voodoo scientists. Yeah. Unknown Speaker Sure. LinkedIn. Well, Speaker 1 I am a aerospace engineer. Yeah, I am a neurosurgeon. Yeah, I'm a wacky kind of guy. Okay, well take. Speaker 2 But yeah, all the scientists were it was how put off the guy who did the remote viewing in the 70s. It was UFO research. Speaker 1 Tom DeLonge. Blink 182. It's not the kind of group that instills confidence. You know? Speaker 2 Yeah, yeah. And so they start studying Skinwalker Ranch, and they're finding nothing. But there's a report from a security guard that he had hired, and the security guard did an interview with Steven Green Street. And he said, the culture was really rough. And he said that nothing was happening at the ranch. And everybody knew nothing was happening at the ranch. But every day we had to fax reports of what happened at the ranch that day to Bigelow Bigelow lived in Nevada, so wasn't even on site facts. Speaker 3 That's what affects is he wasn't finishing the email with facts, nothing. Facts. That's my new signature big facts. Speaker 2 Now, he was often in Nevada and so every day he's getting these reports that nothing's happening at the ranch. And he's getting real mad. He's getting Speaker 1 tearing the paper out of the fax machine. Well, years this 2007 They got an email too late faxes. It's a way to catch aliens with a fax machine. That's what I'm saying. You got $1.2 million from the government bro. Invent slack or something? At least discord You don't gotta make it professional. You know? Unknown Speaker You're right, you're right. But yeah, he's Speaker 2 got these facts says every day sure that say a big hello. Nothing's happening. And he's getting really upset. Yeah. And people started to feel like their jobs are on the line. And so people started just lying and just making stuff up and faxing it off and being like, we saw Donald beaver today. And he'd be like, Good job, guys. You found it you found something new like we saw a wormhole open up and a bunch of interdimensional creatures started crawling out of it. It was crazy. We Speaker 1 saw Dinah Weaver today. Delivered that. How was work today? Uh, you know, I don't know. I was like, 15 minutes late. Traffic was ridiculous, dude. And like my lunch. I had microwaved it. But you know, when the microwave in the middle is still kind of cold. So frustrating. So Dinobot. Backup. Oh, and that was bad. What could have caused that we live in the middle of nowhere? Yes. Skinwalker. Ranch. So because Speaker 2 everybody started out as lying. Yeah, they're trying to keep their jobs. Yeah. And then one of the, Speaker 1 you know, that's what our team does as well. They lie to us to keep tabs. There's one team member who's supporting us like $1,000 a month on Patreon just to make us believe we have Billy supporters. Speaker 2 Yeah. And he made like 20 different accounts. Speaker 1 Yeah, no, he already had those accounts already watches on YouTube. So it boosts our views. Speaker 2 You know, yeah, that's, I mean, I think you're Unknown Speaker and you're a jerk to him every week Unknown Speaker our work culture is terrible because of you. Yeah. Unknown Speaker Well, it's because we don't have slack. We're faxing. Unknown Speaker Teams not getting them. A fax machine, your fax machine. It'll be like a restaurant Unknown Speaker go to the store. Buy tomatoes. We're not gonna have enough for this. All we serve is just to make the best restaurant that just wasn't very good. Ketchup. You want a raw tomato. We will do anything with it. We'll add the right to the cow. Yeah, can I get three raw to me? Why Unknown Speaker tomatoes? Is that Celsius hidden your eyes? What's going on? eyeballs, man. All right. Restaurant. Wouldn't we just be alright? The farmers market. So we're like we're like sabotaging other tomato booths Speaker 3 we're the only tomato guys in town. Okay. Hey, we do one of the tomatoes. You know that right? No, Unknown Speaker no, we're the tomato, tomatoes. If you want to make Unknown Speaker those, two of Speaker 2 us Yeah. And our names are both made Unknown Speaker out on paper, Speaker 2 paper legally we'll never be able to find that. But as far as you're concerned and as far as anyone's concerned, it's made a lot of people think we're in NATO, but we're not related. We're not related to NATO. So Speaker 1 I'm angry at how much time I've wasted Okay, so I'm angry listening back to this later on. Right now Unknown Speaker you're in your car on your commute, driving to another. Unknown Speaker The red light just stuck a bucket out and Unknown Speaker get that book and I like gar get that out of my face. Hey, thanks for checking Speaker 2 out this episode. If you liked this, we've got a lot of great ones. Let me recommend a recent one hitch bot. Basically some Canadian scientists said what if we made a robot that hitchhiked across the country you think it can make it SPOILER ALERT it's a fun episode. I like it a lot. You can need to check it out. One of my favorite recent jokes is in there. So check that one out but if not, thanks for being here Unknown Speaker so one of the program directors isn't as cold Kelleher, another one of the Voodoo wacky scientists man. Speaker 1 Yeah, I'm a wacky guy. I don't know Dr. Wacky. Unknown Speaker You get to last you got to surgery. You're sitting there the scrubs or whatever they give you back. Speaker 2 Like they do where they like roll the wheels in. And then they sit like with the thing in front of the back in front of them. Yeah, man. It's me. And he doesn't one of the elbow arm shakes. Because he's gloved up. He's scrubbed up so he does want to sleep. Well, not a lot of bodies slip. He does one of those. Like, I can't shake your hand but I can elbow tap you like we all did in COVID. And he's like, Hey, I'm a wacky guy. Unknown Speaker Dr. Wacky All right. You recording Unknown Speaker so called Kelleher? Speaker 2 I don't know if he was an actual like on site director or if he was a remote director kind of like Bigelow was Yeah. That he goes to George Knapp. Do you know who George Knapp is? George Knapp is the reporter who broke the Bob Lazar story, okay, and so he and he ever since Bob Lazar has been a huge alien reporter guy, sure. They co author a book. And it's that book hunt for the Skinwalker show science confronts the unexplained on a remote ranch in Utah could have left the last part off, but it made it sound more smart. Okay, and so it's this 300 page book of stories of things that they've seen at the ranch, but no evidence, no pictures, no proof that they talked about all this data that they got and they don't present. I know beaver. There's no work cited. There's nothing in this book of substance other than just interesting stories. They put that book out. And a guy at the Pentagon reads it. Speaker 1 I hate that there's people who work in the Department of Defense then they make sure our country safe and in his free time not even his free time probably on the clock is reading about Skinwalker Ranch. If you're a government employee listening to this episode, I don't care what level of government ploy maybe you're the president. Yeah. Joey or maybe you're you drive a city bus all right, all the way down. Whatever level of government employee you are. Quit doing this. We're Unknown Speaker not for you. Be a professional. Listen to boring podcasts. Yeah. We're not a new source. We are a new source or more of a content bug. Speaker 2 You notice are you doing some Jeremy Jeremy lucky ASCII. I think that's how you say his name. Sure. Jerry McCaskey, he reads the book and he's like, Oh, this is we need to look more into this works with Harry reading, he becomes the director of OSS app. And he starts leading the research and they go hard and a Skinwalker Ranch, trying to figure out what's going on a year after he takes out the rain. The rains uses Skinwalker Speaker 1 Ranch, just so you know. And I would love it. If they did a music festival. I Unknown Speaker didn't rocker. Good idea. Unknown Speaker That's a good idea. Speaker 2 That's what the trademark is for is media stuff. Yeah. So that are set up already for it. So a year later, the Harry Reid is sudden around this a tip stuff. He's like, he's like, Okay, this is getting a little crazy. I need to get special make this a special access program. So you have to have the highest level clearance to be a part of this. For a lot of reasons. One of which being this is getting really weird. I don't want anyone digging in our affairs. Sure. Unless I can kind Unknown Speaker of control who's Yeah. Speaker 2 And so he applies for a special access program, and it's denied. And when he goes to that SAP process that that means and it gets a dime, it goes out to the whole pentagon, I think that's something that they do where if like you start a project at the Pentagon, and it fails, they said Speaker 1 hello, Pentagon team. We just wanted to inform you that someone in the bill tried to keep some secrets. Well, we'll have you know that that's not allowed here. Unless we say so. Signed by the Pentagon. Facts. Speaker 2 Enter, you're about to send 230,000 recipients are you sure you want to do that? And everyone sees it, enter, enter. Speaker 1 The contents of this email are confidential and Speaker 3 do not tell anyone except for the 230,000 people on the street. at the Pentagon is Speaker 1 230,000. Are you been in the Pentagon? No. Unknown Speaker Oh, the subway. Unknown Speaker I have been to the Pentagon. Unknown Speaker Inside they do tours. No, they don't. Yes, they Unknown Speaker do insecure. They do. Look, look at our cool thing. Unknown Speaker My grandma took me she loves this country. She took me. Yeah, we did a tour. Speaker 2 Okay. So now the whole Pentagon knows about offset and a tip. And the whole Pentagon was like, why are we spending taxpayer dollars on this? And they were like, also, we can't let anybody know about this. Because they were like, This is ridiculous. Yeah. So they shut the program down. They lock it up. Couple years later, McCaskey retires couple years after that Harry Reid dies Unknown Speaker is old age it had nothing to do with the Pentagon. Speaker 1 Oh, is that what you were you were trying to find something? I thought you were just pausing for dramatic effect for some reason. I was like yeah, he died. You want to see picture you went? He went he died Okay, Unknown Speaker so So Speaker 2 this program gets shelved, and it's gone. Meanwhile, Louise Elizondo is working at the Pentagon and he reads the email he gets he's on the blockchain with everybody see and how much it flopped. And he's like email Unknown Speaker just Louise Speaker 3 DICOM they couldn't get no I said go. They gotta get go. They couldn't they couldn't even get cob. It's just org Unknown Speaker Please, is it available? Speaker 1 Might you say that? Is it available? Why do you say that like a church puppet puppet ministry was really big 2006 baby Moses do Speaker 2 next available? Pentagon dot law is that sounds like that shouldn't be but it's expensive. All the Pentagon, Speaker 1 Pentagon dot music. Think about putting out an album. Speaker 2 What about pentagon? that's a thing. Okay, so we saw his on a few years later, it gets shut down and he was like, remember that thing that broke? That didn't work out for anybody. We're only Unknown Speaker It's a payment subscription where you get to see all this. Speaker 3 You get an email. Whenever someone doesn't get a special access program. You're added to the list. Subscribe to our mailing list. Unknown Speaker I mean, I guess it is Because of content, you know? Unknown Speaker So they, he's like, he's like, Speaker 1 we got an ancient start one. And only fans. Yeah. Because they, they want us to Hey, they've been asking us, they want us to do Unknown Speaker just like that other YouTube All right. So they Speaker 2 we saw zondo is like remember that thing a tip that got shut down. He's like wouldn't be cool if I did that. And so he gets permission his boss to in his free time. Head up a new eighth tip, but it's not an official program, right? It's a hey, if I am here at the office and like there's nothing to do can I look at alien pictures model Speaker 1 trains? No one's know why you don't need the Pentagon's permission to do it. You know, it's a he's like he's but you can. Speaker 2 It's like if it really what it was is like, Hey, is it cool? If I look at pictures of aliens and his boss is like, I don't care. That's really what it was. Okay, and he was like, it's a tip and Speaker 1 eat nice. So he gets off the call off the phone line, no. Seals Unknown Speaker so he calls up all his friends around the Pentagon. And he's like, Hey, Unknown Speaker what do you Pentagon's Internet security is like, Speaker 2 good question. Broad pretty good. Pretty good. I would assume they got Unknown Speaker a VPN stream, Hulu there. Yeah. Speaker 2 They got a special government Hulu. Oh, do they? It's like Hulu like you know people who like watch Hulu out of like Great Britain or something so they get different shows. Unknown Speaker You should see what they have on the Pentagon. Speaker 1 Where to sign up where to where to finally break and buy and get Netflix because the password stuff? Oh, really? For sharing? Yeah, Speaker 2 barely use Netflix. I want to cancel it Bri watch this a lot anyways, so he called me. Unknown Speaker Oh, that's so weird. Speaker 1 You should just do what's good for you. That's what I've learned. And you should just cancel it. And then when she brings it up, she'll be like, I was watching them, but I don't use it. Speaker 2 I've never I don't even know what it's like when I've never my wife Speaker 1 used all of our high V fuel saver points to fill up her car. Because she was like, Oh, my car gets worse gas mileage. And I was like, but I bought the groceries. Those are my points to see. That's the thing. It's our now that's what she said. And I said, well, our implies that I would also use them Speaker 2 as friends at the Pentagon. And he's like, Hey, my dad said that we could have a sleepover. Oh, wait, he's it actually, my boss said we could look at alien pictures of you want to come to my office this afternoon? Or come over and look at aliens. And so they started looking into aliens sure, in their free time on like their lunch break. Yeah. And because they're in counter-intelligence, they do have access to stuff that the average person doesn't have access to and they see stuff the average person doesn't see. And but it's not an official program. And it has zero funding. And they're, it's arguable that they probably shouldn't be spending their time on the clock doing like, it's, it's the sort of thing where it's like, if you got, I don't really care, like if you got time, whatever, who cares. But you shouldn't be spending his working hours doing this. He does that for a few years, and then quits the Pentagon to join to the stars and talks about all this stuff that he's seen. So this web, this storyline is built on the back of a guy who's claiming to be a part of this organization that he's barely a part of. Okay, I mean, he's a part of the Pentagon. He wasn't involved in the Asheville offset, where the eight tip name came from, he just adopted that name for his little club, his little after club. He was barely involved in the original asset program. There's one reference of him in the book, which is him like telling a story of like war stories. I had like dinner at the ranch. Okay, invited him over and they're like, you know, stuff and then it ends. And he was like, do I do I know stuff? So he came in told stories about that and his psychic abilities and stuff like that. So that's the only reference of him in the book. What okay, they go they leak this this thing. And he joins to the stars he becomes whatever he like people Unknown Speaker like that in the Pentagon though. He's a guy have psychic abilities. I'm a psychic. In that one, he was like, Dude, that feels like one of those questions. It should be in the interview. You know? Hey, question. Two questions. Unknown Speaker Do you think you're a psychic? Speaker 1 We're watching Big Brother right now. No, I'm a psych and there's a contestant who got removed from Big Brother for doing the one thing that you can't like that you absolutely cannot do on TV. Unknown Speaker Yeah. Well in general. Speaker 1 Oh yeah. But like dumb, yeah, yeah. And he works at the Pentagon now. He left Big Brother and they were like, we want that guy. But that's what I'm saying like the worst of the works at the Pentagon. And he's like, yeah, one I believe in aliens pretty fiercely. Yeah. And to almost like, and you're like, yay. The second part like, I would believe in aliens. If it wasn't for how crazy the people who believe in aliens are. Unknown Speaker Yeah, yeah, that's fair. That's fair. Speaker 1 If there was one person who I respected who believed in Aliens, I might consider it Speaker 1 So Connor, he's sort of like slow pan in on his face when I say that as good. I like that. Speaker 2 So in the all the stuff comes out, which goes on to tell the story of his involvement with a tip. And James Caskey. German McCaskey is like, Excuse me? No, you're not. And so he calls calm, tell her and George Knapp who wrote that first book, and they were like, Let's run a book. Unknown Speaker Okay, he's retired and not put him in. Speaker 2 And so they wrote a book to set the record straight, basically, to be like, everything he's talking about is not what we were doing. He had his own little club, we had an actual government program. And here's what we did. And it was him throwing shade at Louisa was unsure, like what he's claiming is not sure, maybe he'd looked at some pictures. In this free time. We studied stuff, the government pulled our funding because they didn't think it was worth taxpayer dollars. But we did some real stuff. Okay, so I put this book out. And they The New York Times, the author of The New York Times article, she sees this, this book, she reads the book, she saw the articles and they she gets access to that initial leak video, that video. And when she gets that video, she is like a big UFO person, like a real big fan of the whole UFO story. And she recognizes that the whole Skinwalker Ranch storyline does not help what she wants to do. She wants the public and particularly the government to start taking UFO seriously. And so she says we need to trim all the Skinwalker Ranch stuff out of the story. We need this to just be this UFO video. Because otherwise, that does not accomplish our goal. Speaker 1 So she's trying to appeal to me. She is she's like all this stuff is what makes us look wacky, like, Speaker 2 wacky? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. And so. And there's, I guess, two sides of this argument. Like, if your goal is to do that, then she made a good decision. But she's a journalist. And so she should be telling the story, how it is, and not leaving stuff out of the story. Because the real the reality of that story, there was an interesting UFO video that we can't explain. But also the Unknown Speaker company that just be the story. Speaker 2 But there's a very important part of the story where, where the government spent $22 million investigating werewolves on the some ranch in Utah. And but those are Unknown Speaker separate stories. I Speaker 2 think they're overlap. There's Yeah, but just because they overlap doesn't mean you can't just tell one of them. Ah, I mean, I, I see what I see what you mean. And I would agree, I would agree. But I think understanding that all of this started, because there was a billionaire who bought or a millionaire, not a billionaire. A millionaire who bought some land and was like, oh, it's spooky. And convinced a guy that he's got on a string for his campaign budget to invest a bunch of money into it, which that's a story. Yeah. And out of this program, came this video of like, oh, this is the UFO story, then that goes into the public eye. And that's a separate story that leads the Pentagon to spend a lot more money investigating this UFO stuff. When it came from something sketchy to begin with. i It's they are isolated swords, and they can stand alone. But I think it's important to understand where this part of the story came from. Okay, because otherwise we wouldn't have this part of the story. And because there's something really sketchy and weird that happened here. And so Leslie Kane, that's this. That's the girl who wrote the article. Yeah, she kind of massaged it. To keep the part she wanted the public to hear in the story and silenced the Skinwalker Ranch storyline. The reality of it is is Louise Elizondo, the guy who's kind of the the linchpin of the authority, and the storyline wasn't connected to the real a tip program. The related program was Ghost Hunters international, national Okay, got Unknown Speaker stutters Unknown Speaker international national Speaker 2 all that to say, you should still believe in aliens. Unknown Speaker This is where you're trying to land. Unknown Speaker What I'm trying to say is Speaker 1 are you trying to say anything? You're just so passionate about how she had to tell them what I'm what I'm trying to say. Oops Unknown Speaker I'm just as scared. Unknown Speaker This group of people Speaker 2 with the exception of maybe Christopher Mellon, who's the guy who's standing at the podium right now, Unknown Speaker based on the beast, questionable, alien, dude, Unknown Speaker I don't know. I love Tom DeLonge is Unknown Speaker one of my favorite musicians but not credible. Unknown Speaker I don't know. Yeah, I don't know if we should trust what they're saying. Speaker 1 Oh, it's interesting. What do you what do you what do you do a whole episode? Just to be like you were right here. Speaker 2 I'm not saying you're saying. It feels like I'm not saying you're right. Because we never covered this story. Okay. Speaker 1 Well, we should have it was part of it. Well, we didn't know we didn't know. The work that Steven Greenstreet Speaker 2 to connect the dots. The the tic tac video and the stuff that came from those videos is probably pretty legitimate. Showing the work that's being done with it now is probably pretty legitimate. Okay, but a lot of what's happening right now is built on a foundation of Skinwalker Ranch, and that's something that we should be like, Huh, that's weird. That's all I'm saying is the foundation of this stuff is weird. Okay, so there's a Steven Greenstreet did like a nine part series on this. It's a really interesting, it's worth watching. I'm going to show you a clip for it from that in the middle because I just need you to see it. Unknown Speaker Do you have time for this stuff? What? When do you watch these nine part series? Speaker 2 Well, it's been he's been releasing it for a year. So I've been watching them as they've been coming out. And I'm just now competing, Unknown Speaker like three years ago to the moon. Speaker 2 I remember calling you when he put out the first one. And I was like, This guy's making a pretty convincing case on all this stuff. Oh, and then I was like, as I I'll put it in an episode, and it's taken a year for him to finish the series. So it's been a year since I've told you. But it's, I don't know. The moral of the story is, it's important to look at the source of a story and say, should I trust them? And if you are looking at us and say I trust them? That's perfect. We are the most trustworthy source you could look to yeah, Speaker 1 this episode is Tim just going we did an episode on Skinwalker Ranch and honestly, we should just disregard all that. Well. We Unknown Speaker actually said it was garbage in that episode. Yeah, we Speaker 1 said it was the sky sounds that way and you're a loser. I did tell you I said it was bad because you were like Yeah, well no, I really stopped recording. He was like he was like, I believe I believe the whole story that was said that to save face, but I really believe all Walker ranch. Well, anyways, Unknown Speaker it's an interesting story. Watch Stephen green. She's reporting on it. Sure. I know beavers aren't real. No, but is it fiddler? Speaker 1 Things on last night is a production of space Tim media produced by Christian Taylor audio is edited by Alex Garnett video by Connor Betts social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic design by Caleb Goldberg. Our hosts are Jaron Meyers and Tim stone please follow us on social media at tellen podcast that's T IO in podcast leave a review, comment, subscribe, wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on our last night. Transcribed by

Have you ever heard of Skinwalker Ranch? It’s a place shrouded in mystery in the Uinta Basin of Utah. But what if I told you that this enigmatic location became the center of an astonishing expose, thanks to the investigative efforts of Steven Greenstreet and The New York Post? In this blog post, we will delve into the secrets of Skinwalker Ranch, uncover the fascinating discoveries made by Steven Greenstreet, and shed light on using taxpayers’ dollars to investigate paranormal activities.

The Enigma of Skinwalker Ranch

Skinwalker Ranch has long been a hotbed of paranormal activity. Stories of strange creatures, unidentified flying objects, and eerie occurrences have surrounded this remote property for decades. It was once a hub for scientific research, where experts tried to uncover the truth behind these bizarre phenomena. However, most of this work was conducted behind closed doors, out of the public eye.

The Phenomena at Skinwalker Ranch

One of the critical aspects of Greenstreet’s investigation was the collection of eyewitness accounts from individuals who had experienced strange and unexplained events at Skinwalker Ranch. These accounts included sightings of bizarre creatures, mysterious lights in the sky, and unexplained livestock disappearances, all of which were made up to meet the demands of the ranch’s owners.

Scientific Skepticism and Curiosity

While Steven Greenstreet’s investigation brought attention to Skinwalker Ranch, it also highlighted the skepticism of the scientific community. Many scientists dismissed claims of paranormal activity as unproven and unsubstantiated, urging for more rigorous research.

The Future of Skinwalker Ranch Research

As a result of Steven Greenstreet’s exposé, Skinwalker Ranch became a symbol of the need for transparency in scientific research and funding. The debate over using taxpayer dollars for paranormal investigations prompted discussions about allocating resources in the pursuit of the unknown.


Skinwalker Ranch, once a place cloaked in secrecy and mystery, has been brought into the public eye through the diligent investigative efforts of Steven Greenstreet and The New York Post. His exposé revealed the misuse of taxpayer dollars for paranormal investigations, sparking a nationwide conversation about scientific research priorities.

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