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Unknown Speaker Hey man, what's up? Oh nothing much Speaker 1 have you ever heard of like 10 year? Can you pin your pin peg near 10 pin your pin your pin your your like when you do you're making that Unknown Speaker up. It's Pino let's just say Pina Speaker 1 now you want me to respond to you like you pronounce it right Integrys yo P e i GNEURPEIG And in here you are. You are. pin, pin, pin, pin your pin your pin your pin your like pin your like P Unknown Speaker Leakey P I've heard of some lab grown up at Stockton lake you know sometimes Unknown Speaker I had my the boats are starting to get sucked into the Whirlpool as well isn't one Unknown Speaker skier out there it was like this way again, I cannot get over how just not drown a bowl this lake is I love that there's an inside joke here. There weren't things I learned last night Unknown Speaker No, have you heard of like, Speaker 2 obviously not why what do you need me like? What is this like a freaking What is this? A sales call where you need me to affirmatively say yes, yes, Unknown Speaker yes. Yes Speaker 2 are recorded line. I need a verbal yet. What am I the exit row right now? We're learning to verbal. Verbal. Yes. From Speaker 1 you. Can you just talked about here it is. So you'll notice in this map, Brad outlined, like I do, like talking about it's a little south of Lafayette, Louisiana. And so Louisiana. Yes. Just like that, that kind of Louisiana. That's where it is. And it's near the city of Earth, spelled arap era, Louisiana. So this is a lake that's not a huge lake, but it's not a small lake. And it's connected to this canal that you can kind of see in this map that runs out to the ocean and runs all the way to the ocean. Okay, that's an important fact to remember Speaker 2 occur. So this like, I'll write it down. Speaker 1 Yeah, write that down. Don't forget it. This lake was a significant Lake because beneath the lake there's what's known as a salt dome. And so this is a graphic of what a salt dome looks like. Okay, and so basically many feet below the surface like 1000 feet below the surface of the bottom of the lake. There's a dome Speaker 2 have so this is not the lake this is a different salt dome. Yeah, yeah. So in our situation instead of those trees up there if we were to have water Yeah, it's like how deep is the lake? Speaker 1 So the lake is interesting. It's a pretty shallow lake at the deepest point it's 11 feet the average depth is three feet so 11 feet tall and this is a shallow lake but it's pretty long it's it's larger than a pond in terms of surface area no Unknown Speaker diving signs. You can't dive with that. Speaker 1 I guess you can't dive in the the three feet one but its surface depth is 100 or 1100 acres. Is it surface depth so it's not a small lake by any means. You can call upon but it's shallow. It's a shallow surface depth. Surface area that's what I'm okay with this area. Unknown Speaker You said it twice where I was like, Are Unknown Speaker you nervous area because a lot of stuff Unknown Speaker are you saying it's okay, so underneath this 11 foot Lake Unknown Speaker is a salt salt dome. Yeah. Unknown Speaker And as the water touched the salt, no, there's Speaker 1 about 1000 feet of Earth. Okay, salt dome and Unknown Speaker why even talk about the lake. Even on this graph, the lake would barely matter. Speaker 1 Yeah, it's true actually. Here's the significant thing about salt dumps though. So salt domes obviously they're a big area that's full of salt but it's like hard salt. Like it's like rock salt like Speaker 2 arteries to my sodium intake Gray's bro, I think about that sometimes I think about all the McDonald's I used to eat and that's just straight up sodium. Unknown Speaker Yeah, you know, so I got my things wrong. Unknown Speaker I got the salt life sticker on my car. And it'll also be on my death certificate. Speaker 1 They got a Texas Roadhouse. I just got myself to get some salt because there's steaks enough salt. Unknown Speaker See, you see how it makes it weird. I look over at Alex and I was like, What are you talking about? Speaker 2 Are you suggesting let's say on it. The Alex's schedule is clear. We don't gotta get out of here. You're saying that you are going to take the steak knife, and you're gonna gas your arm open, and then let it drip on your steak. They think, Unknown Speaker like, how's everything did you cut into that mix? Speaker 2 Well done. There shouldn't be any blood on that. You shouldn't be read at all, and I can't get you anything else. Unknown Speaker And you're like, oh, there's no salt and pepper, please. It's okay. I Unknown Speaker brought my own. I do want some pepper. Unknown Speaker Cut your hand like it's one of those rituals. Unknown Speaker I have fresh ground pepper and fresh cut salt. I'm so imagine that. Why did you so weird? What are you doing? What are you talking about? You slit your own throat. What are you talking about? Like you're just like, Speaker 3 it tastes better? Yeah. blooded by steak. Don't worry, I got Unknown Speaker so there's a salt dome. Unknown Speaker Like it's a bunch of salt, but it's hard salt. It's rock salt. But it's still salt. In the thing about salt domes so Speaker 2 that that salt dome, right there is a solid piece of salt is what you're saying? Speaker 1 Yeah, yeah, it's solid, solid salt. Okay. The thing about salt domes, it's significant is nine times out of 10. If there's a salt dome, there's also an oil deposit around it. So you'll notice to see the gas graph. There's some gas and oils near sugar, salt, and there's also green bricks. That's where we get green breaks. theorising green bricks. That's near soft down. But oil means money. And so in the 80s 1990. Okay. On November 20 1980, Texaco had contracted an oil rig, from like a local oil company could begin looking for oil in the salt mine. Unknown Speaker How do they assign the salt though? Speaker 1 That's a good question. Oh, no, there's, there's a we have a repository a little Speaker 2 like a little salt detector. And there's some old guy out there looking for salt on the beach. P. It's Speaker 1 everybody who's got a big salt content in their blood. They go they cut themselves. I'm magnetized toward it. You walk up all day. I'm like there must be a salt dome over here. Is there a salt? Anyway? I don't know how they know. But we do have like record of where these are. There's a lot in the Gulf area. Yeah, all of them are mined for oil. Sure. And so I don't know how they found out about it, but they knew that this was here. And so they they said hey, let's go let's go try to see if there's more on there. And so because this isn't a lake they had to bring an actual oil rig out on this lake and this is a big fish lake but it's not a big lake you know? And so like can you imagine like like, Unknown Speaker you can stay goes up to your knees Speaker 1 and can you imagine like this is like this is right next to a town I'm gonna take a screenshot of the map this is this was a like a campground D like like there's a campground right next to it. There's a town right by its contain your Dell Cambray pen your finger. And so like entrepreneur, paying your Yeah, this gives you a good idea of how big the lake is to like your size the town. Yeah. And they just put an oil rig out in the middle of it. Unknown Speaker Oh, Rip Van Winkle gardens. Okay, yeah, that's Speaker 1 what that is. I heard of that. So the, they bring this oil rig out there. And they bring their barges into this lake to set up the oil rig, they set up the oil rig and they start doing the testings to try to see if they can find some oil down there. And this was November, what I say 20th Yeah, November 20 1980. They they're digging at several different levels trying to find this this oil deposit that they think is there and they're about 1500 feet into the earth looking for oil when the drill gets stuck and which is a fairly common thing and these are these are expert oil drillers sir. So they start trying to unstick this thing there's spent about two hours trying to unstick this drill. And then I hear too loud pops. Unknown Speaker This is the earth drill now. Speaker 1 They're too loud pops and the oil rig starts to tilt. And so they all evacuate the oil rig Speaker 2 so it doesn't doesn't fall over in the 11 foot deep water. Again I cannot get over how just not drown double this lake is I'm like, Unknown Speaker Well, that's one of the most significant things in Speaker 2 Mount Vernon, Missouri had a depth of 13 feet in the diving area, deeper than the deepest part of this. I hate this. It took a boat on that. Well, you Speaker 1 did. There's plenty of people who took boats out. They had barges out on us because they brought this thing they brought this. Okay, all right. So they decoupled the barges and they loaded in the barges and they left the rig and they you know, Unknown Speaker that's the legs rig now. Unknown Speaker Yeah, they took the they took the Unknown Speaker what is it the leaning oil rig? Is that what they got out there now? Speaker 1 So they got it their ships and because of this lake, I mean, this lake is a decent sized Lake. Sure, but it's not huge. So like they really just rotated though the barges and then they were about bland and they all unloaded. And they watched as something very peculiar happened. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like it, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any future episodes. Speaking of future episodes, we have a ton of past episodes. We have a back catalogue of well over 100 episodes. So check those out. My current favorite is Nelly Bly, she was a journalist from the early 1900s, who totally changed the industry, especially for women in the industry. Super cool story, but also kind of crazy. Some of the things that she did, we had a lot of fun on that episode. So check that out. Don't forget to subscribe, but ultimately just thanks for being here Speaker 1 the oil rig instead of just tipping over and stopping sunk all the way. And they were confused because this is an 11 foot deep lake is sunk, like the whole thing got swallowed by the lake. Maybe the entire oil rig sunk in to the lake so they're on land Unknown Speaker this is starting to sound a little drown a bull. Speaker 1 They're on land beginning to become pretty concerned about what's going on here. Because they were pretty confident that this is an 11 foot deep lake and that is a 170 foot tall oil rig that has now sunk all the way into the lake. Meanwhile, so they're on the shore they're watching this happen very peculiar scenario. Don't can't understand that either. Either. This is a telescopic oil rig where it's like folding in on itself or their rows or they just missed a zero on the lake. Yeah, something strange is happening here right. Meanwhile, a few 1000 feet below Unknown Speaker where they cave in one of the below their Speaker 1 feet. Is the diamond crystal salt company's salt mine. Yeah, they caved in. So there was a mine that was mining the lake and this went down 1000s of feet below ground where they were mining the salt and they had shafts because so this Unknown Speaker tower is is what is the salt mine? Or is this the oil, Speaker 1 the lake and the oil rig in the lake? Okay, and so there's people mining salt in the salt line. Miners, if you will, adult adult miners will adult miners mining some salt, and they begin to notice there's some water flowing through the mind. And so one of the foreman and the mind sounds the alarms and is like we probably should leave this is not normal. We are in a salt mine that is below a lake. And so they they sound the alarm, they start moving back to an elevator shaft. So on the far end of this graphic, you'll see this big shaft that goes all the way up to Jefferson Island, which is not an island. They call it Jefferson Island. It's up in Azure Speaker 2 where the air shaft and the left side are like the long shadow. Foreign Okay, Speaker 1 at that end of the mind, there's there's an elevator. There's about 50 Miners working in there at the time. And they start heading towards this elevator to evacuate. The problem was this elevator was only only eight people could fit in the elevator. It's pretty slow. You're at 1000 feet. Yeah underground. So people start loading in they start they start filling up meanwhile the foreman is driving his his golf cart around I don't think there's a golf cart. It was a sure mining cart. But golf Dory Tim Speaker 2 oh my god picture golf cart. Here's the thing. Get to an exciting part of the story. Like something that matters. He always just goes to a golf cart. It's like a It's like one of those like you put like big wheels on a golf cart. It's like forever which is mine as well. be like an RC car. Because like, you're like, What are you? And then when he gets to like boring parts of the story, he's just like going on through. And I try to make a dumb joke to maybe lighten up a little bit. And he's like, Yeah, we're still talking about this boring crap. And then it's like, oh, there's 50 Miners whose lives are in danger. And there's only eight people who could fit on an elevator at the time. Now they're on a tie Unknown Speaker lift kit of golf cart. He's just driving around. It's got a little Don't tread on me flag, you know? Unknown Speaker And he's asked if anyone wants to play golf. Unknown Speaker Are you stupid with the story everyone's Speaker 1 like, I don't wanna play golf. Can you give me a ride and so yeah, he's picking up he's finding all the people who didn't know that the alarm was going off like cuz there's Unknown Speaker a Deaf people or what? Well, there's Speaker 1 there's parts of the mind where that dog far enough but they haven't installed them the fresh mine area for sure. And so he was finding all these people who maybe didn't it didn't be here at or weren't aware that the alarm was going off. And so he's going around trying to find all these people. Meanwhile, up at the surface, the oil diggers Yeah. Unknown Speaker riggers Speaker 1 the oil drillers the oil people. The oil oil man Oil Man the oily boy oily boy the boys were watching their rig had completely sunk and a a quarter mile wide Whirlpool had formed in the center of this lake. Speaker 2 Oh, it's all draining into the mind right? Yeah, yeah. Speaker 1 And it's becoming so intense that it's spreading out to the edges so Unknown Speaker that's what's underneath the Bellagio fountain it's just a salt mine is like bubbled up yeah, that's Speaker 2 that's a guy with a golf cart just down there doing donuts and it's like it makes the water go you know it's him and halfway down there Unknown Speaker and if it's never enough, he's like, Hey, can Speaker 2 you go jog it's not how we how he got that job. Not so how he's obviously he got the job is celebrity Yeah, how I made this form. I got the job because he was actually one of the case people on Speaker 1 on dealer Nadella. Yeah. And he had experience. Yeah. He's he did it at Davis. Crazy. Unknown Speaker So Speaker 1 the Whirlpool is getting so big that it's now like running up against the coast of the lake. And it's ripping parts of the coast Unknown Speaker where all the water is just Yeah, yeah. Speaker 1 And it's like ripping parts of the coast and pulling entire buildings on the coast. Whirlpool and so these people are backing up because how strong what I mean if you think about it, like you remember Unknown Speaker was here where this goes? Unknown Speaker Remember you're a kid Unknown Speaker i i love that there's an inside joke. That we're not gonna Unknown Speaker blow you remember when you're a good Unknown Speaker story. This is something relatable Speaker 3 remember, when you were a kid, and you were building your train town. And Speaker 1 you needed a lake in your train town. You built your train town. raft over the bathtub with some Lincoln Logs and you put it over the bathtub. Yeah. And then you fill it up with water. So yeah, your lake and your train is going around and your mom sees you and she's like you can't put a train and electric train in the bathtub. You're gonna fry yourself Unknown Speaker you're like the risks I take as a city builder Yeah, it's Unknown Speaker talk to OSHA like what am I supposed to do mom? Yeah, my time to do my job. You know, I love Deal or No Deal. Do this. Speaker 1 Just like wherever you learned. Okay, so she pulls the plug, and then Whirlpool form it does pull out pulls the buildings from your town down the drain in your town. Unknown Speaker You turn a drain tell Speaker 1 your mom you said that was my home I've been building that home I've been saving up for it for 30 years. I haven't even insured it yet. I don't Unknown Speaker trade town more like Unknown Speaker Welcome to drain Speaker 2 Oh wow. All right. So yeah, so start credo is not gonna fix that by the way. Like you got to Lincoln Logs and I train in there. It's it's called Speaker 1 you gotta call a plumber. It's good thing Her house was was insured because yeah, backed up the sewer line Speaker 2 or that plumber stole her book. Tim had some plumbing work done in his house and that guy destroyed one of the bushes in his front yard. Speaker 1 I came in didn't mention it. I came home didn't say a word came home and one of my bushes was just God. Yeah, I was like, I think this guy just stole one of my bushes. It wasn't even like it was it'd be Speaker 2 a really fun calling card as a plumber to go fix someone's sink and then just take a yellow bush. You can you know, just because you can get away with Unknown Speaker it. Pretty sure my plumbers stole my bush. Unknown Speaker Yeah, you're you're playing a game a clue cable. Yeah. Well, your mailman and your plumber. Anyway. Unknown Speaker Have you seen any wheesh lately with what's Unknown Speaker going on his house is on his bed. Already bushes. Unknown Speaker What is jabs? jabs? Speaker 1 That's one of the jabs. Jeb Bush. Oh, gosh. Okay. Speaker 2 Hey, it's me again, thanks for being here for this episode. If you like what we're doing, it does cost us money to do this. And so just think about that. You know, that's it. I'm kidding. We have Patreon supporters. And it really helps us to make this show possible. Honestly, we're so grateful for everyone who listens to the show. But there's, there's people who want to make more of it happen and so they financially support the show. And you get a lot back for it. You get our private discord where we chat every day we're hanging out and just getting to bond and hang out. We also do live zoom Hangouts for our Patreon supporters. You get exclusive merch, it's a good time, there's a lot there's a lot in it for you. And it's a lot enough for us because we get to know you better. You know, you're not just a number and a stat board or whatever. But you know, you're our friends and we appreciate you a lot. So consider doing that. If not, then you can listen to this dumb little ad, because that's how we're gonna get money from you. We're gonna leech from you either way. We're gonna get paid. We're in this for the cold hard cash baby. Anyway, here's an ad. How do Speaker 1 they how do they get it though? I realized I forgot to put a CTA in mind. Oh, dang, we're doing Yeah, Speaker 2 they can text Tillandsia 66866 Thanks, Jared Speaker 2 so this I mean, so this thing is like destroying the coastline Speaker 1 of this like ripping apart the coastline and like you've got this massive whirlpool in the middle that is gonna leave Unknown Speaker a huge hole. Yeah. You got oil rig is just Speaker 1 flipping and rolling. Yeah, ripping things apart. The bolts aren't getting the bolts are starting to get sucked into the Whirlpool as well. Yeah, it's it's one Unknown Speaker skier out there. Unknown Speaker It was like, you gotta suck it up. This way. Unknown Speaker Yeah, so back underground. Unknown Speaker We haven't seen him since so. Unknown Speaker You could still hear him screaming. Speaker 3 Oh, bro, I can't believe this wave man. Wild dude. You get this on tape. Speaker 2 He's Louise. Yeah, so be like, the GAO logo or whatever that is like whatever. Unknown Speaker Roi does Raven. Give her Unknown Speaker All right. So it drains into the salt mine. Speaker 1 Meanwhile, yeah. Meanwhile, on the salt mine, Everybody's rushing, trying to get out of there. And finally the last group of miners makes it to the elevator to go up. And the water is waist deep. Yeah. And so they get out and they ride the elevator up to find that the lake is over half empty. And they're like what happened here? Unknown Speaker And the drilling company is also like Unknown Speaker hear oh my gosh, who did? Just like what is going on? Speaker 2 We have no idea. We're gonna get to the we're gonna I don't want to say to the bottom of that sounds instead sounds like we're jinxing it. But we're gonna but we are. We're gonna find out. We're gonna Unknown Speaker we're gonna we're gonna dig deep. We're gonna Speaker 1 we're gonna discovery has too many holes. We're gonna go all we're gonna go down every layer. Yep. Yeah. Look through every tunnel and overturn every rock. You figure out what happened here. It was probably Speaker 2 some people's life mission is different stuff. This is mine. Unknown Speaker This is yeah, we're going to know Unknown Speaker right after our lunch break Speaker 1 so by the end of the day, yeah, the entire lake drained and there's just a massive crater in the ground with a big hole in the middle of it. And the shoreline was radically three pictures of this. Yeah, we the the shoreline was radically changed from Unknown Speaker a shoreline. Yeah, from Speaker 1 things ripping into it. So here's the bottom of the lake as for the ad, so it's a little strange looking, Unknown Speaker still higher quality than a lot of the images you use. Speaker 1 And let me see. So I'm fine. We have a lot. Back to the graph. The one I put that I've got this one here. Here is this is during the training. Kind of early on in the training process, somebody's got their helicopter picture of Unknown Speaker the of the world. Speaker 1 You can you can't really make out the world in this. I mean, you kinda can. Unknown Speaker Oh, you can see that it's definitely circling. Speaker 1 Yeah, definitely see the objects. Yeah. And you see that those are the barges that all those gets sucked into the? Yeah. So I think there was 13 barges on because those weren't in the image. Yeah. And those, I think, I think it was nine of them were total losses. A couple of them ended up resurfacing after the event. What is significant is if you look at the the original map, well here, let me see this one. There's this canal that's running from it, that goes out to the ocean. Unknown Speaker And wondering the whole ocean. Speaker 1 Well, what was interesting is the force from that Whirlpool was so strong, that for the first time in history, it reversed the course of that canal. And that canal was then running northward. And over the next 40 hours a full week that formed the largest waterfall in Louisiana history temporarily. Were right on the edge of the lake. And so that waterfall started filling backfilling and over the course of the next week, it refilled the whole lake. The thing is nature's Speaker 2 crazy nature's like, it's like it's like if you think of the Earth as a whole the earth of the person and there's this little mosquito drill and some oil out and it just goes no or that it's like it's just like Speaker 1 refilling refills that spot yeah kinda clunkers. So what's what's interesting is a couple things a couple of significant things were were going on here one when they dug you can kind of see in this graphic, they dug and they they dug into the salt mine yeah, and they busted through the salt mine so water started flowing into the mine itself. Yes. When that happened, it caused the water the moisture caused the rock salt to soften into salt salt and collapse to the dome. And so the dome began to collapse in on itself and get moisturized into like saltwater because it got wet. And so this whole thing filled with that water and when the lake when the water from the ocean filled in it started filling that first and so filled became this saltwater Aqua for so now saltwater so yeah another saltwater under there because it mix with a lot of saltwater but also it's from the ocean. So it's also saltwater. Unknown Speaker So that like is saltwater. Speaker 1 Yeah, so that lake refilled and became a saltwater like Musiah freshwater lake refilled with saltwater from the ocean. From that backfilling is now a saltwater lake here's the significant thing when they when they dug that hole that drill was only a few inches wide right but the force of when they broke it and then everything started collapsing in on itself. It it got wide Well yeah. So now swollen barges Yeah, so now that deepest point in that lake is 200 feet deep. It's the deepest lake in the state of Louisiana because of this incident it Unknown Speaker considered a manmade lake Speaker 1 that's actually a good question. I don't know what they consider it. I mean it was there naturally. There are still portions of it that are only three feet deep. But there's this drop off in the middle. So Speaker 2 what do you do if your assault minor though, you know, and now like what do you know like if this I guess we shouldn't say if this place flooded? Because that's happened. Now while we've been here, you haven't 70 years ago? Yeah, 80 years ago. Speaker 1 I mean, you you cleaned it up and you move on? I guess here's a shot of the canal it looks like a road but there is there's part of the in the canal is refilling you see all that water rushing in. Wow. And so yeah, this this took about a week. What's significant is it refilled some areas where the the shore It used to be like it filled up further and deeper. And so now to this day, there's this chimney in the middle of the lake with a fireplace that nobody's bothered to move. It's just, it's kind of like a local landmark. Unknown Speaker They go decorated at Christmas time. Speaker 1 They stood out there, they probably could walk, it's probably two feet deep. And walk out there and hang some Unknown Speaker swim out there. Someone still tries it though. Just like Unknown Speaker guys, it's so shallow. Unknown Speaker It's just them crawling and dragging their legs. Speaker 1 But yeah, it and the ecosystem and Allegra radically changed because it was a freshwater lake. Now it's a saltwater lake. And so the type of fish that are in there is different. The type of plants like underground plants, underwater plants that were going in there are different. Everything about it has drastically changed from the lake. It originally was also 200 feet deep. And there's there's a bunch of barges and stuff at the bottom. After this happened, they were like, huh, that was weird. You guys want to try to explain what you did there. The government said that that was a quote from the government. The comment was like, Unknown Speaker well, Rick was like, God did it. Speaker 3 I'm pretty sure that was Jesus. It was a warning. God said Unknown Speaker God said Don't drill. Speaker 1 I'd said no more drilling here. Yeah. He said, he said, That's what I hit the covenant I want you to find out. He told me he gave me a dream. And he said the salt miners are about to find the Ark of the Covenant. I want you to drain the lake. And so Unknown Speaker I know it's gonna be hard for you to believe that's crazy. Unknown Speaker I know. It sounds crazy. But I got these golden goggles like, Don't you Unknown Speaker believe it text for friends? God's Not Dead? Speaker 1 Yeah, so they went to court. And everyone was like, it's the salt mines fault. It's the it's the drillers fault. What it came down to is they looked at all the evidence, and they said that there's a lot of things at play here. One, there wasn't really any good maps of the salt mine that were publicly available. Sure. The, to the Texaco to the Texaco contracted company that was sure. And so they use, they use what they had to try to map where this the salt mine was, to make sure that they weren't going to dig into that. And they were off the the map was off of where it said they were going to be. On top of that the engineer, they were accurate, according to the map that they had. No, on top of that, the engineers math was wrong. And so they were off, according to that map as well. Great. So the map itself was off to begin with, and then they were also off because their math was also wrong. And and then there was the Fluke accident of this thing getting stuck and popping the the salt mine, so the depth of the salt dome was they were wrong on that as well. So there's a lot of things were a lot of different surveyors, yeah, made mistakes, and they all came together, those mistakes all came together to create a bigger issue. So they basically were like, like, no one's really at fault here. But they were like, but Texaco since you're the biggest company involved, we think you owe everybody money. And so Texaco settled outside of court, and they gave diamond the diamond crystal company. Let me see through Unknown Speaker Moe's Southwest Speaker 1 welcome mouth they gave him to Texaco gas station gift cards here guys. You can't use it on gas though. You can use them on like like burrito next and stuff. No, they gave him they gave him $32 million to the diamond crystal salt mine coat because it's all ended up having to close that's not to say yeah, your job is there their minds done so yeah. And they gave 12 point 8 million to the botanical garden that you saw on the map because they were right on the shore and rip the garden to shreds and so we take out 12 point 8 million million dollars and then there was a bunch of other smaller settlements of people who had homes in the area Speaker 2 yeah that person's chimney on the thing house get taken care of or Speaker 1 well I mean the chimney still there. But they they got a settlement for the ordeal like Speaker 2 we're gonna give you what's the cost of your house is about you know, $302,000 or we're gonna give you 300 Yeah, because you still have a chimney Speaker 1 you still have and the chimney from what I hear chimneys are the value of the home if you can go grab that actually, you should you should salvage that walk out there and get it Yeah, yeah, it's not that deep trust us and Unknown Speaker my home like salvage title. So Unknown Speaker and so they paid out overage Unknown Speaker deed, Speaker 1 salvage deed. So I paid out a little bit to all the people who were in the area like to add property in the area event, but miraculously, nobody was injured in the whole ordeal. Unknown Speaker So whatever that one surfer Speaker 3 except for Yeah. Hey, girl Bolga are Carter Gerber cupboard. Speaker 1 So yeah, massive destruction. The lake is now 200 feet deep the deepest in the state of Louisiana because someone did the math wrong. And there's also just a bunch of junk at the bottom of the lake. Yeah, and dirt rocks and trees and barges and barges. If you if you if you're doing something where you're bringing a barge to a lake this big Speaker 2 and you're just a barge 13 bars Yeah, Speaker 1 like you 13 Like there's not enough room for all these barges that your maps already looks like the bathtub when you were a kid. There's too many barges. There's not enough room for all these barges. You got to get one of these barges. honestly most of these barges out here you can have one barge and this lake how many times you gotta say bars say one parsley barges barges. Yeah, you can have this many barges barge like because otherwise someone's gonna barge in. Oh my gosh. No more barges Speaker 2 to this day there's a barge at the bottom Yeah, you would also at the bottom what's at the bottom a very tall Russia marching straight across the bottom short phase Nellie and she's going straight for that skier. Yeah, she's trying to catch him who is still world poor. She's just he knows how deep this all mine is. Yeah, he's like he's like I'm gonna get to the bottom. Whatever he says Speaker 2 things on last night is a production of space. Tim media produced by Christian Taylor audio is edited by Alex Garnett video by Connor Betts social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic design by Caleb Goldberg. Our hosts are Jaron Meyers and Tim stone please follow us on social media at tilam podcast that's T IO in podcast leave a review, comment, subscribe, wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on the last night Transcribed by

Lake Peigneur is a beautiful body of water in southern Louisiana known for its recreational activities and natural beauty. However, in November 1980, a bizarre and unprecedented event occurred that changed the landscape and the lives of the people in the area. In this article, we will explore the story of Lake Peigneur and the mystery surrounding its draining.

The Draining Begins

Lake Peigneur’s beauty and peacefulness were abruptly interrupted on November 20, 1980. Something strange began that day, and it all started with a drilling operation. A company called Diamond Crystal Salt was flooded when a Texaco-contracted oil rig caused a disaster while drilling an oil well near the lake. The drill bit broke through the roof of a nearby salt mine, causing a massive whirlpool to form on the lake’s surface. Boats anchored in the lake were pulled down into the vortex, and the water began to drain rapidly, leaving a muddy and debris-filled landscape.

The Aftermath

The chaos and confusion that followed the draining of Lake Peigneur were overwhelming. Workers in the salt mine had to be rescued, and boats caught in the whirlpool were salvaged. The event’s environmental impact was significant, with wildlife being killed or displaced and property being destroyed. The cleanup efforts that followed were extensive. The salt mine was shut down, and efforts were made to restore the lake to its original state. Unfortunately, it took years for the ecosystem to recover, and some species were lost forever.

The Legacy

The draining of Lake Peigneur remains a topic of fascination for many people. The event was unprecedented, and the images of boats being sucked into the vortex are unforgettable. Many theories have been put forth about what caused the drilling operation to go wrong, including the possibility of sabotage or supernatural intervention. Regardless of the cause, the draining of Lake Peigneur serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of human intervention in natural environments. Furthermore, it is a reminder that we must be mindful of the impact our actions have on the world around us.

The Impact on the Community

The impact of the event on the local community was significant. The loss of tourism revenue and the psychological toll of witnessing such a catastrophic event left a lasting impression. Many people in the area remember the draining of Lake Peigneur and how it affected their lives. Some people were scared, and others were saddened by losing the lake’s beauty and recreational opportunities.

The Significance of the Event

The draining of Lake Peigneur is a significant event because it reminds us of the importance of taking care of our environment. Human activities can have unintended consequences that can impact our natural surroundings. Therefore, we must be mindful of our actions and take steps to protect our planet. The draining of Lake Peigneur also highlights the resilience of nature. Despite the environmental damage caused by the event, the ecosystem eventually recovered, and the lake returned to its former glory.


In conclusion, the story of Lake Peigneur and its draining is fascinating. It is a tale of human error, environmental disaster, and the resilience of nature. The event significantly impacted the local community and serves as a reminder of the importance of taking care of our environment. It is a story that will continue to captivate people for years to come, and it is one that we should all remember. Lake Peigneur is a reminder that we must be mindful of our actions impact on the world around us and take steps to protect our planet for future generations.

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