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Hey, this is Things Out Than Last Night, a comedy podcast where we laugh a lot and learn just a little bit. And this episode we're talking about Marilyn Hartman. She's a woman who managed, over the course of like fifteen years to sneak on to a whole lot of commercial flights. Don't know how she did it. It's a pretty incredible story and had a lot of fun with it. All right, it's getting the episode. Hey man, Amen, Hey, what's up. Have you ever heard of Marilyn Hartman. Marilyn Hartman? Yeah, yes, yeah, I don't know. I feel like you're gonna start talking. I'm like, oh, yeah, uh here, I'm going to bury the lead on Marilyn Hartman a little cool, So I think it's more fun that way, at least for me. Marilyn Hartman was born in nineteen fifty one or fifty two in a year after that, at least at the latest, at the earliest nighteteen fifty one, at the latest two thousand and one, I don't know, okay, I mean I probably closer to fifty five at the latest, nineteen fifty five, of the latest fifty one of the early fifty five of the latest. We don't know exactly. She won't tell us Okay. We can't get her to say okay, Marylands up. Yeah. We have no idea how she's doing it. Though. Some TSA agents are really nice. Sometimes I bake them muffins and they let me through. Yeah, I mean, you know it's gonna SASA agents. They yell you get out of your back. So my uncle was in jail all the time, and then he got released during COVID COD during COVID COVID things I learned last night. And so Maryland. On August fourth, nineteen or oh sorry, August fourth, twenty fourteen, uh Hartman was on a flight from uh San Jose International Airport to Los Angeles International Airport. Sure, and when she landed and I'm not exactly sure. Yeah, well yeah, her and the rest of the passengers on the plane landed. Yeah. Uh. Somehow the flight attendants noticed she was on board without a ticket. And I don't know if at the end when everyone was getting off the card everybody shows your tickets on the way out, Like, I don't know how this happened. But at the end of the flight they were like, you don't have a ticket, do you, And she was like, I did think that when we did. We took the train right, yeah, track, yeah, the rail call actual train, the railroad, the road of rail. Uh, the you don't have to keep okay, thank you? Yeah, god, I was stuck. No. We took the train and you know, we were on it and halfway to the destination. Then they were running through the car being like, tickets plays, We're gonna scan the tickets, yeah you know. And I was like, the first train on the way out to where we were going didn't check our tickets at all. Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, the didn't check our tickets at all. And I told Reagan, I was like, I get this photoshop a ticket, you know, on this train next time? Yeah, yeah what and this when they scanned We used to do that. But it's like also like you're already on the train. Yeah, what are you gonna do about it. They're gonna pull over, They're going to let you out right there on the side. They do that because the next stop. Yeah yeah. In Denver we had the light rail and we wrote it all the time, but we always rolle the light rail. You could just if you only got to go between those two stops, you could do that for free. Indefinitely. Well, eventually, like you get you do get charged if you do it, if you're a repeat offender, like they take notes. I think the first couple of times is a warning eventually, but you eventually you will get charged for that. It's like it's like misdemeanor trespassing. But I did. I did have a lot of friends who would just roll the dice because you didn't. Not every ride would there be someone to check, right, But when they did check, it stressed me out. I always bought a ticket, but every time they checked, I got so you were your friend. None of them about tickets. And they go through and they've all got you know, they're all like, oh yeah, let's get out of here. And you're like, I'm going to stay. I'm going to stay. No, no, I'm going to stand to the man you looked so cool. Yeah, I want to stay right, like okay, And they're like they bail down, they try to hide, they get caught, they get killed on the train, and then the person just goes in and it scans your QR code. Yeah yeah, but they're all kicked off by now. Yeah, they're all gone. So you're just carrying. Oh god, and I got beaped, and then they train anywhere in Denver if we if we left Parker, we took the train, okay, because the train was at park Meadows Mall, and we took that anywhere in Denver if we were leaving part anyways, but uh yeah, and we would they would get on the next ride and roll the dice again, and then they'd meet up with me and I'd be like, yeah, I told them off. I said I don't need I said, you work for me. So twenty fourteen is super late for someone to be able to be on a flight without a ticket. Without a ticket, yeah, very odd. So the flight attendants called security and like, hey, this lady was on this fight. She doesn't have This lady Colon was on this flight and she doesn't have a ticket, And so they arrested her. They charged her with trespassing okay, and they were like, yeah, you're not supposed to do that. And she's like, oh, sorry, I didn't know. It might be I didn't know. I didn't know. I came through airport secure. How did you get through security without a ticket. There's some questions here, how did you get on the jet. So she gets it, she gets trespassed, gets the charge is a smaller airport. Yeah, yeah, I guess you could say allegedly all just factual there's a factually smaller allegedly a smaller airport. Yeah, And so she gets she gets trespassed and then let go, you know. And that was August fourth, twenty fourteen. Right February twenty fifteen, Hartman flies from Minnesota to Jacksonville, Florida, again with a ticket. She was arrested in Jacksonville, not at the airport. She got out of the airport, and she took the airport shuttle to a nearby hotel and tried to check into the hotel and for someone else's name, and that's when they were like, you're not this person. And so the hotel calls the police, okay, and they're like, how did you get here? We know you got we know you were somewhere else, and she was like, She's like, oh yeah, that's how. That's how space and time and people were. I was, in fact somewhere else before I was here. Good observation police. And so so she pleads guilty to trespassing and serves less than a year in jail. In jail for trespassing. What well she went. I think she went to jail for trespassing and for impersonating somebody else to try to get into that hotel. Crime. The crime I heard it is not on this article I'm reading. I heard it in another video or what do they call it? They said a tempted defrauding of a in clerk is the charge attempted to frauding of an inn clerk, which is a really we can just replay real slow him making that up in his head. Attempt defrauding. It sounds real, though, doesn't it an inn clerk? It sounds of a clerk at the inn. There's no more fraud at the end. You can sleep in the barn. Okay, So she says, less than in Florida. Yeah, in Florida. Less than a year in jail though not a long time. And then they ship her off to a mental facility in Chicago, where she's from. Okay, And so she goes to this mental facility whatever. As far as we know, she's there for three years. And on January fourteenth, twenty eighteen, she does the same thing, sneaks on to a British Air always flight from Chicago. O'Hair to London Heathrow. And when she lands in London and they were doing the like you know, customs thing, they're like, hey, can we see your passport? Mat, I just forgot it in your plane. She's like, she's like, oh, I don't have a passport. And then they were like straight up like it's better than I guess, and they're like all right, and they're like, okay, do you have your boarding pass? And she's like, oh, I don't have a boarding pass and they're like how did you get on the plane. She's like, I just got on and they're like, okay, you're gonna go back, and so they put her back on the return flight and they called Chicago O'Hair and they're like, hey, we got a lady named Marylyn, a lady like Marilyn Hartman. Yeah, and they're like yeah, that's the one. And uh, they're like, we're shipping her back to you. That's the name, that's the name, that's that that's the name. The name. Yeah, that's how you pronounce it. Thank you. I'm glad you noticed that. And she had actually, coincidentally, right before this this trip to London, had attempted to take a flight from Chicago O'Hare to Connecticut. But she got denied and so she stayed the night at Chicago O'Hare and then got on this flight the next day. They were like, you're not on this flight? Yeah, she was like not bad. Oh sorry, I'm wrong, Gate. What does this person look like? We have a picture of her? Yeah, we got a picture of her. This is uh Marylyn, very very inconspicuous, you know, like just looks like any any grandmother, not any grandma. She looks like she definitely looks at the grandma. Another picture of her. Oh sorry, wrong, still away? What is that? This is another picture of her? See she looks crazier in that one for sure. Maybe is one of my eyes sitting lower than the other one? If you touch your head like that, yeah, till your head so this eyes lower than Yeah? It does? I mean, I guess maybe just a touch, just a little touch. I bet if you got a good hit and a good a good yeah, push it up. Or you could probably mew if you start musing. I bet if you start mewing, you could fix that. You know what I heard? What's that? I heard that middle schoolers are starting to mew to get away from doing stuff, like to get away from having to talk to adults, and so like if an adult asks a middle schooler question, but I can't, I'm ewing. That's made up. Just I'm mewing out. Sorry, look smacking. You can't. You can't. Oh yeah, uh, you're not on this flight. Sorry I was looks maxing my bad. So are you gonna get to the other stowaway? Is there a reason you clicked that picture? Or no? Oh no that was okay? Still so sure, Yeah, but that's not what she's doing. She's literally just waltzing onto the flight, right, so they they yeah, so she gets back to doing this too, any of them. She's just wandering the airport, which, first of all, how did you get into the airport? I don't know. Yeah, and then she's wandering around and like I go to Connecticut today, Yeah, yeah, pretty much. So she so Chicago gets her back. Yeah, and Chicago's like, all right, we're gonna give you the police, and the police are like, yeah, it's probation for you. So she got eighteen months probation and mental health counseling, and she was banned from being on any airport property without a valid ticket in her name. That was like her sentence. All of us are baying from on airport property without a ticket. That's already the lass. You're already not allowed to be in the gate area without a ticket. That's not like the police didn't have to do that. Yeah, that's already the rules. Yeah yeah, yeah. So that's why I like it. I like airports because there's a barrier of so October eleventh, twenty nineteen. I wish that the top floors of the hotels I stay had a security that you had to go through. Hey, thanks again for watching this episode. If you're enjoying it, and you're enjoying tillan you've been around for a little bit, I want to invite you to be a part of our patreon. We have a patreon that has early access to all of our episodes ad free content, both audio and video. We have a discord with our host and producers. That's a ton of fun getting to hang out with all of our patrons in there. We also do once a month now we do these live streams with our patrons. We hang out, we get to know each other, we eat pizza. It's a blast. Along with a bunch of other benefits like a Merch Discount's message on your birthday like fun stuff. It's definitely worth it. We're having a blast with our patrons. But if that doesn't sound like something for you, they get the heck out of here. Just kidding, No, we love you. Thanks for checking out Dylan podcast. How do they get it? Though? I realized I forgot to put a CTA in mind. Oh day you were doing it. Yeah, they can text Tillan to six six eight sixty six. Thanks Jared. On October eighteenth. October eleventh, twenty nineteen. Still on probation. It hasn't quite been eighteen months, so she's at the tailing of her probation. But still on her probation. She was arrested while trying to get through security without a boarding pass or any identification again at Chicago O'Hare, and so you'd think they would just have pictures of her on the wall. Well they did. This has gotten to the point at this point, it is now twenty nineteen. At this point, it got to the point where, especially in Chicago. A lot of TSA agents around the country knew her at this point, but especially in Chicago, we have and I'm not kidding when I tell you this, we can look it up later. But we have like recorded documentation of radio calls of the TSA being like, hey, I got a Maryland siding at Gate D or whatever, you know, because that was how often she was on the flights and how much they like they all knew who she was. And so by this point we do know she was walking. When she would try to get into the airport, she would put her hair in front of her face and like walk with her face down from them. Then what go through security? Yeah, they still sometimes want to notice, and so well, you mean they wouldn't notice she's got to go through the metal detector. Still she just waits on the line and skips on through. Yeah, so she So she after this event on October eleventh where she didn't get through, I'm thinking about the Chicago security layout at Ohair I guess sure. Yeah, so she it was typically O'Hare, sometimes midway, but typically O'Hair, and both of them knew her, and both of them we have radio conversations with them being like half sighted Maryland at whatever gate or at security or whatever your first name base was of the TSA. So she yeah, uh, but but yeah, we got the TSA agent and he's like, hey, I got a Maryland siding at this gate. And you can hear another TSA agent say wait really, because like it was just it was an exciting thing for them to catch Maryland. Yeah, and then they would all leave their posts to go see Maryland, and so many people just through it through security. I want to get her. I want to be the one to get her. Let me go. They're trying to race. They're racing each other to see who can tackle Maryland. Imagine just one hundred DSA agents running through Chicago like home alone, trying to get there Maryland, Maryland. So she was detained for this and she stayed in Cook County Jail until twenty twenty, where when she was released from jail as part of an initiative to prevent the transmission of COVID nineteen and twenty twenty. So my uncle was actually part of that as well. Really, so my uncle was in jail all the time and then he got released during COVID coat during COVID COVID, she just made out a garbage twenty COVID COVID. That's pretty dumb COVID. Anyway, he was released during COVID. Uh and his like sentence is done. It's like, hey, man, COVID's happening. Yeah, you don't got to come back here. You're Scott free. Get out of here. Yeah you know your service is done U. And then two weeks later he stole someone's truck and went back to It's like, dude, you were out, that was it? Oh my gosh. So I write him every day? What I write him letters every day? I go, ha, we wanted you there. We stole the truck. So so she gets put into transitional housing okay, and where she has like an ankle monitor and stuff like that. So she on one March okay, okay one, okay, COVID COVID one, the COVID COVID one. She rips off her ankle monitor. Yeah, and she gets caught in the bus line at Chicago, hair like she literally gets off the mother like not even let like the bus drivers all nowhere too. The bus driver's like, I got a Maryland. She gets off the bus and Tessa's they're waiting for her and they're like, all right, Marilyn, come on. And so before she even gets in the door, like this is like her like addiction. It kind of seems like it. It's like it's like, how far can I get no hair without getting okay? And so she gets put back into transitional housing. And on March third, twenty twenty two, she pled guilty in Cook County Court to felony trespassing and escape from electronic monitoring since to two years in prison, two years and eighteen month in prison, and she but she got to like the time that she previously spent in custody got to go towards that, So does she just get out? She spent like eight months in prison as all she's spent in there, and they had dropped all their other charges that she had, and she says that she's just happy to move on with her life at this point. And as far as we know, I don't believe you, Marylyn. As far as we know, this hasn't happened again. But when all this happened, she finally agreed to her first news interview. And on this news interview, we asked some pointed questions. I shouldn't say we we did think we create her, We should interview her. We might be able to. She hasn't done anything other than that news interview, but is like Marilyn the jet it's probably MARILYNH at Delta dot com. She's an operative, she's a secret shopper trying to figure out you know what I'm saying. TSA is sending people through just to see yeah, yeah, just to see what could happen. So she says, yeah, there's all these cases she got caught for. What is this one, two, three, four, five cases she got caught for. She's like, I did this about thirty times. And they're like, when did you start? She said two thousand and two, and she said her first flight was too really and she just one day just she didn't have a ticket and she just walked into Chicago O'Hare and got on a flight. And they were like, can you walk us through how you're doing this, because as far as we all know, airport security is pretty tight, and she was like, it's not well. She said the first time, she said, she walked into the airport and she noticed a TSA agent carrying a box walking through security, and the guy like just let him through, and so she just followed closely behind him and acted like she was with him, and they just let her follow and she was like, She's like, I think it's because I just looked kind of inconspicuous. She's like, nobody thinks anything of me, and so she's like, I was able to just follow him right through security, and then I was there, and then she said, and then when it came time to poort, I just kind of grouped in with a family and acted like I was with them and was able to just walk right past the gate agent and got on the flight and rode there and did the same thing on the way back, and it worked. And so then I was curious if I could do it again. You couldn't get through customs. Yeah, that's very curious. Yeah, they're not just okay, Customs is a very different story. I don't know how that worked. She didn't detail that. Yeah, they're not letting you through. But the so the guy started asking some more questions and started asking about her mental health, because that was part of the claim that they made in court, was that she was mentally unwell. And the claim that they made was that she what happens if you get on a fully like every Southwest father go on is full these days, Every single seat is taken. Yeah, that's true. Well, there was there was a case that they caught her because she sat in someone's seat and then the person who had the ticket for that seat was like, that's my sight. And then they were like who are you and she was like, I don't have a ticket. She was like, that's supposed to be see myself out. I'll just go. Can you open the door for me? Oh, we don't have to. The bolts are loose, that's okay. I could ride underneath, I could ride with the bags. I'm okay with that. Honestly a better plan. So she So the guy in the interview starts asking questions because he's like, he's like, there's all this these claims of mental health, like that you have your defense was you have depression and uh uh PTSD and so he's like, he's like, how where does that come into all this? And she said she says, oh, that's why I'm doing this. And he's like, can you tell us a little bit more about that? And she says, my name is not My name was never Marilyn Hartman. I was born Marylyn Stall. And she said, I grew up in like an abusive home. I wasn't really a great upbringing. And she said, and then I saw something and uh, a local law enforcement agent, and I got kind of into a a long legal issue, and I became kind of an informant against them and some of their corrupt practices that they had. And so I was put into witness protection and my name was changed to Marilyn Hartman. Uh. And he was like, okay, and now you're on TV. You know how this works, right, telling everybody about this? Yeah? And he and she si Amon witness protection. I jarenmer witness. I named Jaren Myers, but Myers was spelled amy e y. This is a different Buyers. Now, my name is Paul Rudd, the actor, Paul Rudd. Kamma the actor. The actor is one word. That's my last name. Yeah, you comma between your first and last name. I go, the actor. Comma, Paul Rudd. There you go, dot com dot com. Great, now we gotta get that too. Comma full word, Comma, Comma full word. COVID, COVID dot com. So they so she says, she says, because of that, I have PTSD from that whole experience. Okay, And she says, my let me do it. My other diagnosis that wasn't listed in the court filing. She said, I have She says, I have witness protection fighter flight syndrome. Uh all right, And so she says, so at specific moments where uh, I feel the stress of what I know, she says, I feel an urge to her flight. And so she says, for me, that's always flight. I'm not a fight, I'm a flight. And you know that that's not literal, right, You know that the fighter flight response is not like a flight means like running away from the issue, avoiding moving. It doesn't mean literally boarding an aircraft. And so she says, so I board a flight and get as far away from the stimulus as I possibly can. And so that's what she she claims she was because of being a whistleblower on whatever she knew about whatever agent she was exposing. She would get that stress that would boil up and she would have to drop everything and go get on a flight. And so she would go to the airport and get in the airport, and they said, well, how are you getting through security, because it certainly it can't be this. You're just following a guy with a box every time, or like hiding your face with some hair thing. She says. She says, oh, well, this is part of my protection. They know that this is a response that I have, and so this goes all the way to the top. Obama is opening some doors to for me, and there are TSA agents who who know, and they see me come in and they let me through. They guide me through security, and they allow me to get on that flight. They clear me to board the plane. And because Obama said that I can, but there are other TSA agents who disagree with this system, and that's why I'm getting arrested all of a sudden. Yeah, hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like this and you want more of our show, We've got plenty of other episodes's. One of my favorites is Action Park, a super sketchy theme park that was basically overrun by teenagers and they just made the rules. It was in New Jersey. It was a wild story. But we did a whole episode about it and I think you'd like it. So when you're done with this one, go check out that episode. But for now, back to this one. Yeah, oh, Obama said she could go through. She said, Obama said, I hate that guy, not my president. You're going to jail, Lady, Lady Colin, I understand. Thanks, So she's just lying. We have no idea, Yeah, we have no idea how she's doing it. Though some TSA agents are really nice. Sometimes I bake them muffins and they let me through agents. They yell you get the laptop out of your back. I swear, if you walk up to the if you talk through the thing and you're pulling your laptop out, if it's if they see it's still in the bag at all, but get it out of the bag, and you're like, it's literally doing that. I'm in the middle of doing doing it right now. They would taste you if they could, if they had taste, if they wish, they fast, And you're telling me. Some of them are kind harder enough to be like, come on, come on, Marylyn. No, it's Marylyn. She can go through. Yeah. I don't understand how she's doing it because her story that's not real. Her story sounds insane. They let me go on the plane. Her story sounds insane. But I'm gonna be honest, it's more believable than she's just sneaking through TSA, Like there's no way she's just like keeping her head low and slithering through TSA. It's more believable, then some of them let me do it. I think it's I think it's more believable that some people that can do it. The one thing I will say is, lately, and this doesn't explain her this going back to two thousand and two, but lately I have noticed that TSA agents don't always need your boarding pass anymore. I don't know what the difference is there. They used to your ID and your boarding pass. Now they just need your ID, right, because your ID is linked to your boarding pass. So when you put your ID in pulling up your name and that's pulling up the list of names in flight see, then then that doesn't make sense either, because because my thought was, if they're not always pulling boarding passes, then they're just looking ID. She can get through that, No, because they're not. If your name, your name doesn't match the flight registry, then you can't get through. Yeah, that's crazy. So yeah, I don't know how she's doing it to me. And now they've got digital ID. Yeah, you go the picture and it takes a picture of your face and it matches it to your I D that's already in the system. Which are you serious? Gosh, that makes me so mad. I was just thinking the other day, and I got unnecessarily really angry at this because again, now traffic cams are going to do that for sure, like they're gonna be able to be like, oh, there's there's fire miners, there's Timson. I don't care about that. What bothers me is that I had to go fill out a form yes to get my passport, to put my name and address. I'm not going to fill out one long time. You know where I am, you know where to find me. Literally all of this. I don't need to give this to you. You have all this information. I don't need to give you my birth certificate. I don't need to give you. You know, my name originally, have you changed and the witness production program changed my name, which feels weird. It feels very weird, mey. Once in a while, I think about it that way. You should think about your lizard being in a witness production program at your house. We had to re home this cat because this cat saw too much. Every time I walk by that lizard, I'm like, I know what you saw. I know what you saw. I know what you saw, and it's just like the lizard do that to you. Yeah, if your lizard only, if only, how do you make your lizard man? If I pick her up? Yeah, or if you interact with their anyway. She's very solidary. I mean most will your lizard bite you. My lizard doesn't really mind me anymore. When I when we first got her, like, she would turn black and hiss at pretty much anything we did. Now she doesn't mind me so much. Like I can pick her up here. She doesn't care, doesn't Why do you have this thing? Then? Do you tell me I didn't didn't breathe want it? Yeah? Yeah, Sorry, I'm not trying to bring up a fight on the podcast, but she doesn't listen. I'm trying to start a fight between you and me. Why do you have this thing? I don't have an answer for you, but yeah, I'm going to let it loose to my apartment, just let the cats chase it around. No, we would make sure they couldn't get her. It would be fun to watch. She's fast. She's fast. Sometimes I can't get her and she goes all through the house. Yeah. Yeah, they breathe fire. Yeah, I didn't know the hissed anyway. Yeah, that's how I get through scary when they do your license. I don't know you could go on through. Clearly you've got PTSD, which is why we would allow you on this flight. Clearly you're trying to Clearly you're pretty messed up. So we know you've had a bad childhood and you've seen some stuff. You wish it, and in this state of mind, we think that's best to let you through TSA and onto this commercial flight. Welcome Maryland. Well, so, TSA was interviewed about this, take a middle seat. TSA was interviewed about this and the TSA agent that they interviewed. I don't know how high ranking this TSA agent was. They just said TSA agent, So I don't know, Like, yeah, if they were like head of TSA or just a TSA a TSA agent, if said I bet, I imagine if they were the head of TSA, it would say head of TSA. Yeah. I think the head of TSA's title is TSA god, TSA god. I think it's ts administrator administrator. That's interesting though we don't know the administrator the TSA is. Yes, we do look it up, lookers in charge of the TSA. What if you just don't know it off the top of your head. That doesn't mean we don't know who it is, only some kind of freaking secret dude, isn't it to make sure that bald guy isn't it? Look at him. It's he bald, he's got here. His name is David P. Pokowski. That sounds fake. What if he's leading like a shadow government and he's the one pulling all the strings. Anyways, it wasn't him. I can tell you it wasn't him. But I don't know how. This might have been his number two guy, or it could have been his number sixty, he said. And so what he said, he said, the job of the TSA is to make sure that no forbidden items make it onto an aircraft. Is not our job to make sure that people getting all the people He's like, it's not our job to make sure that people who don't have tickets don't get on the aircraft. That makes the airlines bring it. Yeah, And so a lot of the airlines were interviewed, and a lot of most of the airlines, not all of them, but most the airlines said, we are committed to a safe travel experience. We're committed to a safe travel experience. They're on the airline the airplane kitchen a little, the coffee kitchenette. Yeah, yeah, this is the kitchenette where I hope, where I pray psychos bad. So the A it was like, was like we we were doing everything we're supposed to do right. She never brought anything dangerous on a flight, and true the airlines were like, we're doing everything right except for sometimes we let her on the flight. We can't be my bad okay, like we know who's one time we let her fly it? She said she was the pilot we're supposed to do. Can I fly this plane as a trauma response? Please? Sure thing. You can't deny me. It's over. You can't deny me it's trauma. Those are the rules. Can I emotional support fly this plane please? It's my emotional supports. Oh yeah, I'm having a real big flare up of anxiety right now. Which pilot this aircraft to fly this plane? Yeah, it'll problem. I'll say that when I fly tomorrow morning, five in the morning. I'm sure the pilot will be up for jokes that I'll show up and I go, I need to fly this plane. I need to be the one. I need to fly this I need it. I need it, and Obama said I can't. Obama said I could. Obama told me to tell you. I get to fly this plane. I have this on Nikky Haley's authority, and I'm allowed to fly this plane. And they're like the airlines, we know about her. We have systems in place to prevent this, but I don't. We don't know how it's happening. Sometimes it happens, honestly. Let's let's be real, though, Let's let's play this out. Who knows how she gets through TSA. I don't know how it's happening. That's insane, that's insane. I've got to believe there's an inside man. That's the only way. Okay, let's just play it. She gets through TSA and she gets to the gate. Let's be real, Like, you're a gate agent. There's an old woman who just slithers past you. Like, do you get paid enough to care? Yeah? You do. Actually, wait, it's not only this money issue. It is a safety of the aircraft issue. But you will immediately lose your job if you let that happen. Yeah, there's no no, but yeah, I a depressing. Nine years ago, the FA is like, hey, you can't do this. Yeah, I know that, but they're under the drisation of the FAA. But does your job matter enough? I'm saying, I don't know why the FAA hasn't shot this lady down. Scramble the warriors. You know she's in this flight. We did a grounded no no, no, not the flight, shoot her physically herself down. I don't know the car. I don't know how the bus pick up there. Yeah, but she was too quick. She's too fast for us. The FAA does move very slow. That is actually, that's one of their big things, one of the things they're good at. Yeah. So I don't know. I don't know how she's doing it. She told us and her story is insane, But the reality of the situation, I can't think of another way she's doing it without somebody letting her through. Like, there's no way, she's just sweet talking her way through TSA. There's no way. So I've got it. I'm saying, how did she do it? Well, yeah, in Chicago maybe, but by the time that she flew from San Jose to Los Angeles, Yeah, yeah, San, I mean she's flown San Jose, Lon Santas, Minnesota's I mean, there's no security internationally. Yeah, yeah, there's still security over there. Yeah, it's a different TSA. Yeah, so mama has got no say what happens in the Italian FAA. That's right, what is it a different fa We have the TSA, they have the mob. You can't find. The only thing you can brief is live grenades. It's all we allow. You know, it was in your bag. Yeah, it wasn't until you win through the mob. You're at Rome International Airport. We're all family or you're dead. How early do you think in the in the mayor mayoral process, do you think that they record those airport things? Because every airport you go to first Hey, first day, for sure, you think it's first day. Yeah, because because if you pay close, they're too excited. They haven't they haven't made Hey, you just want yeah, get over here. Yeah, say welcome to the airport. Hi, I'm Mayor Quentin Lucas. Welcome to the Kansas City International Airport. Yeah, whether you're visiting or your home, enjoy some good barbecue and small talk with the enterprise car rental agent. Okay, you're talking too much, mister mayor that you got to go do whatever else you're supposed to do. This was a very quick thing, all right. Sorry, sorry, sorry sorry, And that's all in the recording man to be a t SA celebrity. Is there anything else that she's done that we know of? No, all we know is she witnessed. She said she's done it, since she says she's done with that. She says she's left that life bed and she's she's done with it, allegedly because I promise, I promise, I'm never doing it again. But she's really good at it. However she's doing it, she's really good at it. So it saved me a lot of money. Yeah, if if, as long as she doesn't go to a hair because that's where they know her, Yeah, I think she could still be doing it. I'm going to commit her face and memory, and I'm gonna look forward in every flight, you're gonna see it, just another lady that looks vaguely like her and be like, hey, did you pay for this flight? Hi? Show your ticket? What's your name? What's your name? Even better to just just to be like, I know what you saw. Oh, I don't freak her out. Obama told me you can't be here fit off. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode if you liked it. We have a past episode about a guy named Michael Fagan who's snuck into Buckingham Palace more than once and it is insane. It's a boker story, honestly. We have one of my favorite bits of all time in the middle of that episode, so definitely check that out if you haven't already. And hey, if you're not a patroon, now's a great time to become one. Ad free episodes but a week before they release access to a discord lots of really really cool stuff and we really really appreciate all of our patrons for their support, so if you love the show, you can support that way, but if not, thanks for checking out this episode and we'll see you next time. On Things I Learned Last Night,

This episode of the Things I Learned Last Night podcast covers the incredible story of Marilyn Hartman, a woman who repeatedly was able to sneak onto commercial airline flights without a ticket starting in 2002. She was first caught in 2014 on a flight from San Jose to LAX but claims she successfully snuck onto around 30 flights before getting caught. After being caught, she continued finding ways to bypass airport security and sneak onto flights, getting caught multiple more times over the years. She was even able to fly from Chicago to London in 2018 before being sent back.

Her methods seemed to involve blending in with other passengers and taking advantage of lapses in TSA and gate agent diligence. She claims it was due to trauma and feeling an urge to “flight” instead of “fight,” but she also seems to enjoy the challenge. After her final arrest in 2020, she claimed to be done with her airplane-hopping days.

Things I Learned Last Night is an educational comedy podcast where best friends Jaron Myers and Tim Stone talk about random topics and have fun all along the way. If you like learning and laughing a lot while you do, you’ll love TILLN. Watch or listen to this episode right now!




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