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Hey, man, what's going on? Oh, what are you wanna talking about? Have you ever heard of the to mom shoot? CASE TO MOM shoot? Yeah, case, what about this? Have you ever heard of the Summerton man, the Summerton Man? Yeah, to mom shoot, that's a name. No, Oh, it's the name of the case, the to mom shoot, case to mom shoot. Is it one word? No, it's two words. To Mom, to mom, to mom from shoot. And it was a case. Yeah, post postage from Summerton, the Summerton Mayn the Summerton man. That sounds like it's gonna be an alien thing, but let's do it. Gosh, I wish it's not. Man, this has nothing to do with actually, you know what, there could be summarians. If I wanted there to be, I could make it happen. That's exactly how all the stories worked. If you want it, you can make you want it, you get that place. Yes, so let's get into it. Yeah, let's start from the beginning of the story. Yeah, I'm trying to figure out who this guy is so I can marry his actual grange. I think this guy did it. Okay, this guy didn't. I think this guy did it. A pretty mobster thing. To leave with a dead body, and so he started digging and do some research, literally figuratively. Okay, well, to mom, should I look further into this things I learned last night. Let's start in the middle. Let's start in the middle and see where we end up. Okay. So the manager of one of the railroad stations in Adelaide called the police that they found a briefcase. Thank you for going with that bit. That was really good, but you gave away a little bit too much there. There's a briefcase. There is a briefcase. We'll get to that. We'll make it okay. Correct. On December first nineteen, at Summerton Park Beach, which is a beach in Adelaide, Australia. Um, someone, I don't know why I'm laughing at this, someone found a dead guy. Wow, it was yeah, I mean, he's dead either way, but that doesn't make it fine. We mean, I don't why are you giggling? Well, because I was gonna in my head, in my God, he died, like what are you freaking? Well, in my head what I was gonna do was what I was gonna do was ill be like on the beach. They found this and I was going to throw the picture of him like clearly, like in it, like on like a bed, like a dead table. A second, hold on a second. This is a well dressed man, he is. I think I saw an article about this. Really, I didn't read the article. Interesting, I never knew. I just get the picture. This is get that our first screen. There guys dead. Yeah. Well, the reason I laughed at because I was gonna throw this on stage or on screen and like clearly, like on the table. He's clearly on the table at the police station. Okay, and so that's why I was laughing because I was like they didn't find out on the beach. Dude, people who listen to this already think you're a bad person, like you don't going to try to work your way out of it. Okay, great, okay, so that guy was dead. So there's a couple of horseback und suit, like not a suit, yeah, yeah, yeah, but a button up shirt in a tie. Yeah. So's on the beach. There's a lot of peculiarities about this. The people that found finally figured it out horseback riding and then they're they're just trotting along the beach and they see this guy laying up against some rocks on the beach, and so they went over and they're like, Oh, this guy fell asleep on the beach and he's wearing a suit. That's a little strange. And so they went over, they started shaking his legs a little bit to try to wake him up and they're like, oh, he's not gonna wake up. So then they called the police and they were like, we just found down here where just riding our horses. So, are you laughing? No, that was the horse, the horse neighing. Are you laughing? So they called the police and they're like, Hey, there's a guy down here who's very well dressed. Yes, the police come. I think we found Joseph a bank and I don't like the way he looks. Is that which is why you don't like the way? If it was, you'd like the way it was. True anyways. Um, so the police got there at the beginning their investigation, uh, and what they found was interesting. This is in Australia, this is December. One. Yeah, what do they find when they show up? Well, one, Um, he had very little on him for clothes. Well, yeah, so he had the very little items, personal items. He didn't have a wallet, he didn't have any. I D he had a lit cigarette. That I mean it wasn't let anymore. It burnt out, burnt out cigarettes. Did they estimate how long they thought he had been there? Yeah, they think he died overnight at this point. Um and so, uh, and then a week old. No, it wasn't like he'd been to can um so. Burnt out cigarette. Uh, I can't reme if it was a lighter, our matches, something to light the cigarette with. Firework. Gotta light it quick, click before did she? You're using a very. You gotta light the firework. He's got a lighter to light that dad GUMMIC. Was it so hard? They should really make a way to do the straight to the cigarette. Okay, you're trying to light it with a punk, with a Punk, uh. So. Uh. What's strange is, other than that, he has no personal effects except for I folded up piece of paper and that piece of paper has printed on it, not written, printed, the phrase to mom shoot, and no one knows what that means. T A N A N S H U D shoot. Okay, to mom shoot. Um. The police have no idea what that means. Um. Another peculiar thing is, uh, he's wearing this full suit, but nothing has a tag on it. All the tags have been cut out and so like there's evidence that there was tax. Okay, somebody got rid of them, whether it was this manner somebody else. Okay, and there's no clear and that's suspicious. Yeah, somebody. Dude, I don't like having tags in my shirts. That's fair, but do you have tags cut out of literally all the clothes that you're wearing? I don't have tags on my car. That's how much I don't like them. I hate tags. ITCHY, I won't put it. Yeah, get those tags off my license plate. So, uh, no tags any of US goes. Not even his tie, all the tags cut off. So we'll put that in the might be suspicious. If you're trying to make a suspicious column, that's fair. I mean him being dead on the beach suspicious. Right, typed just two words on the paper, paper, yeah, might be suspicious. This was before the home printers computer suspicious. Getting something printed wasn't easy. Um Uh. So then they started going around and asking locals that lived along this area if they saw anything weird last night. Okay, and so they brought a lot of the locals to bye bye to the police. Just don't your brain. Got A lot of locals to the police station to see if they could get an I d look at the body. Yeah, they're like a line of people who were like, I want to see that body. Police. You know this guy, angry dude in his bathrobe with a cup of coffees, like can't you read? The signy points no bodies allowed. So they call up a bunch of the locals and they come in to look at the body and no one knows who he is. But some people are like, Oh, I did see that guy last night. He was walking along the road next to the beach Um and he just seemed odd, Um and so like like he was doing. I was looking at his clothes. I was like he didn't have any tags clothes, and they're like how do you know that? For AB outside? Oh that my power. I can sense tag. Yeah, Hey, how did you make that shirt if you didn't craft like get a tag to craft it out? I started with the TAG. So Um they they're like yeah, we saw him walking down the street in that suit and whatever, and we're like, oh, that's peculiar that this dude's like walking along this beach road in a suit, like most people down here are going to the beach or coming back from the beach. Um, and he's wearing a full suit. So it's a weird place for him to be walking around, unless he was going to the beach, which not dressed for it. Was He wearing shoes? I've never heard a question asked. I don't know. I assume I've never heard that question asked. Nobody in any any of it. If he's wearing a full suit, I didn't know if he was down there bare foot at the beach. Yeah, there was no description of what wards on his feet, so I assume he's wearing shoes his feet. But one of the witnesses was like, yeah, we saw him just walking along the beach and we're like, oh, that's kind of odd. Um. And then they were like at one point he could kind of like lifted his arm up like it was bothering him and he's like trying to like stretch it and like pop it into place or something like that. And then they were like and then he put his arm down and he just kind of froze and they're like and he just sat there like blank stare for a long time, like longer than normal amount of time to just stop. And so, like they said, he like stretched a little bit and then he just froze, completely emotionless, completely emotional less, and then he kept walking, like he just he's like his player logged out for a second. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, and then he just kept going. You had to keep on with the episode. Great, are you logging out? Cool, sweet, excited about that. UH So. Uh. Some other UH locals who witnessed him. They said that they had seen him walking along the beach smoking that cigarette and they thought it was odd because, again, he's wearing a full suit and they're like, what are you doing? I was bretting a bit to me. And so it's fine. So the police, like, I guess, they invited a bunch of people to look at him. Uh, no one knew who he was. They asked for reports. I hate the police in and look at this guy. Hey, will you come look at this guy? What was odd? There's there was no clear signs of how he died, like there wasn't all there was he wounds, bruising, like, no signs of a struggle. Um. And so the police send this guy off to get autop seed and they were just like, well, let's just wait until a missing person's report comes in, because someone nearby probably is going to be like hey, this guy's gone. Um. And that never happened. Uh. And so then they started checking missing person's report around Australia and none that matched this guy's description ever came up. And then they spread it out to every English speech and speaking country. Uh, and no matching missing person's report came up ah for this guy. So then this this started to get a little peculiar. There was no evidence that anybody noticed that this guy was gone. Um. Meanwhile they get this autopsied and the report comes back Um. And what was interesting was there was signs. There's this guy had eaten a really gross sandwich at one point, so there are signs of poisoning. He had a bunch of organs that were that had shut down, Um, and so it was clear signs of poisoning, but there was no poison in its system. And so what had to happened is there are non traceable poisons out there that nefarious people will use because it can't be traced and they like when they interact the body, they have the effect on all your Organsas shut you down. But then there's a chemical reaction that transitions it into just natural chemicals that are in the body. And so when an autopsy is when an autopsy's done. Yeah, it's just not traceable. Yeah, you can't tell what's in there. And so, Um, so this was not this was not the Mike Molloy crew. Um, this was a group. This was someone who had the means and the know how of how to poison someone. It look have no one know what happened. And so now the police are like, okay, well, this is strange. Um, there's no connection to this guy anywhere and he was poisoned, but we have no way of tracing it. And so they they're like this is a big mystery and it's it hit the news, it started cycling throughout Australia and it was kind of like the big story of the day. Uh. And so they enlisted the public's health and what they said is they said, hey, we're looking for a couple of things. We need to know. Does anyone recognize the guy? They put that that picture of him in the paper. Um, does anybody recognize this? It's crazy. We just just put pictures of dead people in newspapers. Yeah, I mean we don't do that anymore. Yeah, I guess that's true. There's I mean it's not. This is a graphic dead guy, though, like he's not dead, but it's like this, like for all intents and purposes he's just I don't know. He's like when your uncle pretends to be dead. That's what he looks like. What he's like. I mean that's what he looks like. Often does your uncle pretend to be dead? Just I don't like looking at this, you know, like when when it all comes out and you're messing with each other and then he's just like you killed me. You know, that's what he looks like. Okay, this is a weird example. You could have said just anybody pretend to be dead, but you went that is like uncle. That's uncle level, you know, not anybody dead. This is uncle. That's uncle dead. Yeah, I like to you to be my uncle, dad, uncle dead, is my wrestler name. So so they enlist the publics help. They said, we need a few things. Do you recognize this guy? Here's a picture this dead guy. Do you recognize them? And then they said we need a few other things. We're pretty sure he's from out of town. Um. So has anybody noticed any misplaced baggage or unaccounted for baggage anywhere? Just anywhere? Um. So there's that, because it's probably his. Yeah. And then third they were like there was a torn scrap of paper that said to mom shoot in his pocket. Does anybody know what that means or what the other half says? Yeah, what it's from? We think it's from a book. Does anybody recognize that phrase from sub buck? Um? So, uh, luckily they got bites on two out of three of those things. Nobody knew who he was by looking at him. So that one, that car got taken off the table. But uh, the one of the UH directors of the railroad station in town called the police and said, hey, we gotta misplaced luggage over here. Yes, I kept waiting to and so the police came and they was that briefcase. It shows that that luggage and they opened it up, but it was the typical thing you expect in the luggage from someone who's taping iphone and toylet trees and stuff like that. What was strange was all the clothes missing tax so put it in the only suspicious if you think a suspicious column. Here's what's here's what else is interesting. Um, so they that they're going on that that they go, yes, this guy's suitcase. Well, here's a couple of here's a couple of pictures of him dead in the suitcase. How did they do it? You know, it's the pictures of him from the paper they cut. They cut him out, snuck him into the briefcase in the travel right now. I like it? No. So, uh, the suitcase or the clothes in the suitcase? What else was interesting about it was, uh, they were made. There was multiple clothing items in here that were made from a specific kind of threading that wasn't available in Australia. It was only available in the United States at the time. So they went and they checked and that was the same kind of thread that the man at the beach was wearing. And so they're like, this is a pretty decent connection. The tigs are cut out the same kind of thread. A missing bag from a guy. We're pretty sure it's from out of town. This guy's American. Yeah, he's case clothes. We don't care anymore. That's how it works. That's how it works. American goes missing in the other countries. They go, yeah, stupid Americans, bubb he got lost in another kind oh yeah, let Um. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like our show, make sure to leave a podcast review in whatever platform you use or, if you're on Youtube, drop a comment if you want to listen to another episode. My favorite right now is Jose Canseco. Uh. It's this guy in the MLB who really steroids mainstream for the sport and did a lot of other just absolutely insane stuff. And there might be a little bit of aliens in it. So check that episode out. It's one of my favorites. But thanks for being here. So, but other than that, there wasn't a lot of uh good leads, except for Um, there was a couple uh items in there. The his, one of the ties and like a little canvas bag that had a label on it that said t keen Um and so like. That is a name, probably okay, uh so again. Yeah, I was a detective school and uh that gives me the knowledge to know that he is probably an abbreviated first name. keene might be a last name. You know. Yeah, no, don't worry, I'm here now. We can solve this crime. So they started calling around for a t keen. Um, couldn't find one. Not In Australia, not in Great Britain, not in the United States, not freaking there's no tkeing anywhere. Uh. And so the police kind of concluded that they think t keen was white rabbit. Whoever did this, they left that name in there without yeah, it was a poison somebody, you know make it look like. Well, it's harder to do that now, but yeah, you try to trick the police and get him off your trail a little bit. And that was what they thought the t keen thing was. Um, which t keen? When you see that t keen it's it feels like, did you ever play crash bandicoot? We were talking about this in the discord the other day. What where'd that come from? Have you ever played crash bandicoot? Really, I think so, but not enough to be like I played craft bandicoot. T keen sounds like one of like would be the name of one of the characters. And crash bandicoot we're talking about in the disccord made me think of a speaking the discord, this was recommended by daily man, who's recommended a lot of stuff for us. He's yeah, he's hitting a true hero supporter. So Um, but anyways, uh, the other thing that came up from them reaching out to the public was that note and some guy came forward and was like, you're not gonna believe this. I think this guy did it. Okay, this guy did I think this guy did it. You're not gonna believe this. I touched a spaceship and there was where I could describe as a download and I just typed out and just said to mom, shoot over and over and over again. Uh So, so, yeah, so, are you gonna log back in or am I just gonna have to keep powering through right now? Great, just back. Okay, what happened? What happened? I was downloaded. Happened? No, what happened was this guy called the police and he was like, he was like, I met this guy named t keen last night and I killed him. Yeah, I believe this. I killed the guy on the beach. Guy On the beach. He looked familiar and I woke up and I was like a little hungover, right, and then I was just remembering my drunken night and I went, oh no, I think I killed that the guy. Uh No, so he said, in the night of the murder, or whatever happened on the night of the death. Um, he said he he lives right by the beach and so he parked on the street and he left his back window down by mistake. He said he woke up in the morning and somebody had tossed a book in the backseat of his car and he opened up that book and the last page of the book was torn, torn in half, and they took it down to the police station and then lined up with that torn piece to mom shoot what the book was. And that's why I think he did it, because I was like, how did this? I just end up in a random to it in my car and you know, yeah, Um, what was the book? The book want to get away with it. The book was a book called H Ruby Yacht by Omar. Yeah, it does actually, Um, and so yeah, it's a he was a purchase. Honestly, a pretty mobster thing to leave with a dead body. It's just the the riddler the end, it's just that you're you're super villain. Call sign is just what do you call yourself? A bookworm? He's level the ends. He just carries that book he's got like no, he's got differs. Yeah, Dude, and you go home in his bookshelf and that's how that's that's his momentum from killing people. Is like yeah, he pulls it out and he goes AH, yeah, the Hobbit. Yeah, he's like, yeah, I killed t keen and like the end is ripped up. Honestly, we're writing a movie right now. Yeah, that could be pretty that's a pretty good kill. Pretty Cool at movie C I S Um. And so this. When the police saw this, yeah, their conclusion was this guy tell the truth. Their conclusion was the guy committed suicide and that was his suicide note. That was the way of him saying this is the end to mom shoot. Um. Uh. But that that leaves some questions, because he shot up in town with a suitcase full of stuff that he just left at the railroad station. The rail station, the train station. There we go, the train station. Uh, and then he poisoned himself with an untraceable poison. Um. Yeah, well, but that's also the assumption that it was poison. I mean, there's other things that could cause all those organs to fail, like just the autopsy report that I hated. The autopsy. He said, I'm confident this was a poison, but I cannot you know, the guy who did the autops rust him. That's another movie. And autopsy and autopsis corner like autopsis better in autopsis autopsis. HMM. In autopsys, who kills people to get to do the autopsy? What about a guy who doesn't understand the difference between autopsy and optometry? And so he goes to optometry school thinking and he's like, dude, we're spending so much time on the eyeballs. I thought he's closed him like when, what do you Wad to learn about the rest of the body? It spends four years in autometry school, it doesn't figure it out. I was like that idea, oh gosh. So Um, they label it uh a suicide and they kind of closed the book, right. They literally they closed be out, which, by the way, was from uh first or no eleventh century Persia, so it's an old book. Um. So another detective, though, was like, I think we should look a little closer into this, and so he choose. He checked the book to mom, shoot to mom. Should I look further into this? Yes, and so he grabbed the book and he notices that on the back cover. There are indentations. So he traces the indentations on the back cover and there's it's a bunch of letters. It's a string of letters all the way down, like someone had a paper written and labor adding on the back Um. But those letters do the thing where you put the paper over and then you just like do that. That's true detective work, though. That's pretty cool. That's pretty cool, and it just says be sure to drink like that, dude. Okay, get away from these advertisements. A book for the first century. Okay, so he traces it, but it doesn't spell out anything. There's they tracted to every known language and they're like this doesn't spell anything. So like this must be letter. Who is this? He's been killing, he's been doing this, uh. It's so like this must be a cipher. And so they started trying to decode they think that the book was used to some kind of code, and so there's something where you're clippingto the pages and okay, and so that's why they had on the back cover. He was going through and then writing down those codes. Sure, and then once they solved it, he tore that page to go do the kill or the hit or whatever it was. What was what else was very peculiar is they flipped the book over. The front cover also had indentations to ask the front cover. The front cover was a phone number, and so they look up this phone number and it belonged to a local woman. Hold on the me. That's what it says in the phone book. They didn't have names in the forties, just woman. You know, writes weren't the same back then. You know, oh my Gosh, oh, Hey, I wanna, I want to show you this. Actually, Hey, I want unrelated, not even like. This is the code that they traced on the on the back cover. Um, and they're like, he crossed stuff out too. Um, so it looks like he was working on it. Like interesting. So, uh, yeah, very strange. Okay, okay, anyways, Um, uh. But yeah, so then that phone number was traced back to a Jessica Thompson who lived in New South Wales, Um, which was where this happened. She lived like five minutes from where this happened. Um, and uh, she was a nurse in the military. Uh, that served in the war. Um, and so this is the World War Two or the emo one. Yeah, I starved in the war. People are just like thank you for your certain wait, were we gonna make the great em war veteran hats? I think we were forgot about that. We got that all right, okay. And so they called her and they said, hey, you know anythink about this? And then she's like no, like your number was in the book, and she was like what book? The phone book? No, I know they do that. Uh Not. So they asked her come down. They're like you want to look at this? You want? Well, she comes on your white gloves. So she comes down to the police station to look at the dead body and what was interesting is the corner gave a report saying that her response was very odd because, remember, she was a nurse military Um World War Two. Yeah, and she's seeing probably much more gruesome dead bodies in this and he said that when she walked in the room, Um, she was fine, like totally like pretty friendly, normal, whatever, and then they pulled back the blanket or whatever to reveal the main's face and she said that her countenance totally changed and it was like she had seen a ghost, Um, and she looked down refused to look at them, and they're like do you know this man and he and she was like no, I do not know this man. And then they're like are you sure that you don't know who this is? She's like no, I I have no idea who that is. I've never seen that. And she's like can can I leave now? And she and they were like insisting, trying to be like do you know? And she's like no, no idea who that is. Um, okay, and they're like all right, they'll see you later. Goodbye. And she goes to mom. Shoot, what did you just say? I said I hope tomorrow is good. Um. So she goes home. She is she connected to the guy with that called in for the book? No, no, well, not. Yeah, I should say. I don't know. I don't know. Maybe she is. Maybe she threw in the back seat. Oh No. So at this point the police are out of ideas. They followed everything that they have, um, and they just said, you know what, we're pretty sure this guy committed suicide. Um, and they buried him in a grave that said the unknown man. Um. But what they did was because they were like, who knows if some more evidence were to come up, and so they embalmed the body, they took a cast of his whole body and kept that at the police station. Filled it. And you want to see something, they filled it, made a statue of him, right, and it put it in the town square. Now it's called the Summerton man and the statues terrified. It looks way scarier. You walk by the uncle dead. You know it's it's it's not great. They did this big cast and I've kept at the police station, and then they about like the cast of that guy. Yeah, just in case some more evidence came forward and they had to. It's huge. That's a big cast to just have the police station where I'm saying, I guess they had the back closet somewhere where they kept all the other dead casts. That's a big thing, okay. Uh. And then, uh, they embombed the body and they buried him in a shallow grave under dry dirt, so that way if they needed to dig him up he was involved, they could dig him up and they couldn't continue the investigation. The police were just like, I'm pretty sure he killed himself, but we don't know for sure. Um, end of story. Can you earn my tumbstone? Put the one man, the unknown man. It's kind of a cool thing to have col pretty cool, Um, and so it became this thing to put the end in some it's Um. So, uh, this became kind of like a folk legend around Australia and then eventually it started to spread outside of Australia and everybody had their theories, from the general's generally accepted theory of suicide to a drunken night that went too far, and he had alcohol poisoning too. We're all living in a second life. His owner locked out, you know, he feed him like a neo pet and then died. The most common theory, though, is that he was a spy, Um, which he checks out. He cut out all of his tags. Um. Why would that? You keep going to that. Why would spies and to do that? So no one could identify them? The tags of whatever, the brand of the shirt you're wearing. Yeah, they tell you what size shirt you wear and they also say Canada, US, whatever like, wherever it was sold, so people could track you at least a little bit. What information do you have on your shirt tag? Don't wash this this way. I don't have a tag. Played The twilight zone over the I don't have a tag. Might be suspicious. That might be suspicious, but then he's got this the book and the code and the coming into town. No one knows who he is. The suspicious death. Um, that lady who was like no, no, I don't know who he is. Yeah, Um, and so the theory is that she was another spy. Oh, she did the killing because they were like enemies, because she did have a military background, Um, in the war. Yeah, and she lived nearby. Uh. So she threw the book in the car, Killed The guy, left the note while she deciphered the code, found her mark, left her phone number on the book. That's what I'm saying. Like, what was the why is she writing out her own phone number? It's a brandy number. She just left the verizon store. Had to remember it. I can't forget that. Now I got to solve this code. And she lived five minutes. Wait, so you think they tapped her because she's a local spy? Yeah, that's that's why it works like Uber where they're just like we gotta Hit, let's find the closest spy. The algorithm identifies WHO's closest. He's a spy. Didn't needed to kill someone or listen to someone kill this guy for six dollars, thirty nine cents, except searge pricing, searche pricing. Um. So another theory, though, was that they were lovers and that's where I was going. Um, and he had traveled to come see her. They had gotten to some sort of disagreements. He's like, I kind of I don't like the way they feel. I made those shirts for you. I started with the tag and I made a shirt and you just ripped the tag right out. You ripped my heart out, Thomas Keene. So let's go get some drinks. Okay, okay, weird. Sorry, suspicious only if you're trying to be suspicious. Shirt. So, uh, it gave to town and he on that book. I don't know if he was trying to write out a love note, but that's what's post poisonous. Right there, Leah Ba Q, See to Tim Sam s God, uh, sign here, sign, signed wed. Hey, are you Thomas? Are you here? Thomas Thomas? Give me that book. Throwing this in someone's car. This isn't ours, that was theirs. We just took that book. I'M gonna lay down on the beach here. Take the cigarette and fire words. So it's potential. I'm two poisoned for this. Hey, thank you again for listening to this episode. Making sure that you don't miss one in the future, head and subscribe to this podcast, whether that be on apple podcasts, spotify youtube. You'll get an alert when we drop a new episode. And if you want more, if you want something a week early, you want to be part of our discord, more access to us as creators, you can support this show on patreon. It helps us go a long way. Nothing that we're doing is possible without our patreon supporters. If you want more information about that, please text tilling to six six eight, six six. Thank you so much for being here. So he came to see this girl and she was not interested, so not interested that she killed him, or so not interested that he killed himself. Or the fake phone number? That fake number happens to belong to a spy who then killed him. Yeah, you know, yeah, what an unlucky uh so, anyways, so, uh, those are kind of the leading theories. Uh today, though. UH, actually, two days ago, something interesting happened. Um, okay, on July there's a guided by the name of Derek Abbott Um, who is a professor at the University of the Adelaide Um, who has been obsessed with this for decades. Um, healthy. Uh, let's tell Derek Abbott story for a second. Um. So, Derek Abbott, Um, he's dead. Here's a picture of me. Uh. So He's a professor and he was like, I think we could solve this, um. And so he started digging and doing some research, literally figuratively. Well, we'll get there figuratively. Literally. Uh so he started doing some research and his thought was if we could identify the family tree, then maybe we could identify who did um and figure out what happened to him, if we know who made the body. Well, Um, he went and he asked the police. He said, Hey, remember when you took a cast of that dead guy like sixty years ago? Could I have it? And they were like okay. Uh so he took it and on the third floor red tape on it. That's so he took it and the cast inside the cast. Lo and behold, some hairs had stuck to the cast. And so he took it inside. Some DNA research on it. Um, that was mostly threw it into ancestry dot com. Yeah, it was mostly inconclusive. But in doing that, uh, he had a couple of ideas, because we had the identity of that woman who had the phone number, and so he was able to have find out that that woman with the phone number, Um, was pregnant at the time. Oh and and she was dating a guy that she later married. Um. But it was not his child, that child that was born. His name was Robin, and a significant detail about Robin is robin grew up to become a professional ballet dancer. Something that was very strange about the body on the beach was that he had extremely muscular calves. People often remarked. This is something that's very interesting about it, was that he died in his ankles just I mean it looked like he'd spent his whole wife on his toes. You know. Witness, a witness said I saw him just bounding down the street. Should hold on, I think move it to suspicious mostly, but also we were involved right the way you just that is a ballet move right. I don't know. I think that's a ballet thing. Um. So what they said was, uh, they often remarked the size of his calves, how muscular. People were just talking about his calves. Yeah, a lot of people saw this on my tombstone. Be Unknown Man. Remarkable calves. I know that we filmed this show there was a table and you can't see my calves, but I'm gonna be real with you. They're great. I was a baseball catcher growing up. My legs are awesome. He also was described as having petite feet. That you're telling me you didn't bring that up earlier. When I said Hey, well, I wanted the big reveal, was like hey, it's pretty his feet were petite, petite. So, uh UH. Everybody, especially the police, everybody was talking about everybody especially. Did you see the calves on that cast? And we got back there look at her calf cast. So the police, we're like, we're pretty sure this guy was a ballet. I've been working on my calves lately and every once in a while I sneak back to that room, opened up that cast and put my calf in there to see if it's like sized up or not. You know, that's calf goals. So the police are like, this guy's a ballet. Answer. That was the conclusion that they made. But all the way back then, all the way back then, the police were like, this guy's a ballet. Answer. And so when Abbott traced that girl who was pregnant and my son became grew up to become a professional ballet dancer. Abbott was like, well, that's pretty significant. So he went to track down that woman, but she had since died. So she went to track down Robin, but he had also since died. But Luckily, Um, he was a professional ballet answer so a lot of people knew about him. So he followed around his paper train. Sure, uh, and he found a woman that the guy had danced with a lot Um, that he ended up in a relationship with and it danced a little bit together. Danced with a lot, you know. You you dance enough with a with a Gal, and then all of a sudden you've got two kids in a house payment, you know, and it started with a little dance, started with just a little ballet. That's why those eighth grade dances, they're very like the chaperones, like yeah, I think, yeah, exactly. You want to have a car pay with them. So he said that to me, made three dance. You WANTA have a car pay with her. Really made me think through some things. You know, how much is a car payment? Well, I don't know how much, and at that time sounds like whoa every month. No Way. Yeah, yeah, definitely not. Um. So, uh. They had been dancing together for a while, but they were young and they were just coming up, so they did not have a lot money yet and they had a child who they gave up for adopting. It dancing the children. So they had this this child and they gave her up for adoption. Um and UH. That girl ended up going and tracking down her mom and, when she was an adult, tracked down her mom, connected with her mom and they began doing ballet together. Um Abbott tracked down that that woman, the mom of the woman who had the relationship with Robin before Robin died. Um Abbot tracks her down and also started doing ballet with her. You gotta get you gotta established report like H and she was like you have great calfs, thank you, thank you. Would you with them? Would you like to dance? Uh So, uh. But the MOM wanted nothing to do with him. Um, she was like very aggressive trying to get him to leave. But the daughter, I think her name was Rachel, if I remember right. Um, she was like, I think we should hear him out, and so she went behind her mom's back and was like hey, let's meet up let's go grab dinner and we can talk through this, because she had never heard of any of this. So Derek tells her about the whole case and basically it's like yeah, basically, Derek is like, I think this guy might be your grandfather. If we can put you in the cast and see if your calves match up, we need to match your cat. You are the missing link. And so they have this dinner and then he kind of doesn't reveal where. He's like, I think it's you, um or I think it's your Grandpa, uh. And she's like okay, well, what do you need for? I mean he's like I need your DNA. Uh. And so she agrees and he takes some of her hair um in the middle of the restaurant. Thank you. So you can't cut her hair here. I'm plucking you only these. Dude, need to plug m you can pull. Okay, sorry, I logged out there. So, uh, here's the here's the best part of the Abbot Story. They were not related to DNA. showed if they weren't even quotes. The best part of the Abbot story is the next day he proposed her and think I'm married and they had kids. Is that Real, shut up, that's real. You can't dance with anybody. No Way. One dinner together, she says Yes to a DNA test and he's like. He's like, well, you said Yes to one question. I have another. No, yeah, yeah, they got married. So basically, now let's look at this for a different perspectives, though. All right, let's look at this from her mom's perspective. He shows up and he's like, Hey, I'm trying to track down who I think might be Robbin's Dad, and she goes no, I want nothing to do with you, and he's like, I want to marry your daughter. I just picture her coming home after that dinner. She's like, Hey, I got dinner with that Derek Guy. He asked for my d N A and she's like and also, my hand is marriage. He asked her a hair from my head and my hand in marriage. That's something. I'm married and they kind of they bonded over the trying to track down her dead GRANDPA every morning, every night before his kids go to bed, he goes, let me tell you about your great grandfather, allegedly. Well, they actually I watched the documentary for all three of them. Ballet Dancers, calves were huge. Dude. Your kid has adult calves. A scrawny little kid with massive calves, dude, I mean huge calves. Right now, they wobble. It's weird. Feet are so petite, right. Can't even hold him up right to that guy. That's bonkers. That's that's also a breach of boundaries with his with his whole life, right. You can't marry into the story you're trying to figure out. So, uh, yeah, I watched the documentary. They have this playroom with the kids. The kids are coloring in the playroom, right, and they point over to this wall and there's this painting and they're like that's our grandma and they talk about it a little bit and then they turned up point the other wall and they're like that's the man on the beach. He might be our GRANDPA, and it's a painting of like what they think he looked like a live Oh, I thought it was the picture. It's the dead uncle picture. That might be our grand that might be our GRANDPA. They put a stocking out from a Christmas you know. They photoshopp him in at all the fan pictures because she's adopted. She's really not even like yeah, yeah, yeah, so did they? Are they genetically connected or no? Uh So, as of two days ago he came forward to say I'm married her and I'm convinced. We need to back this story up a little bit. You think? Do you think I would leave my wife and two kids to marry this girl if I wasn't sure? Hold on this. So he here's here's an important part of the story. Um, this happened like a decade ago. Okay, okay, and he got her hair and they've been testing it, but it's been inconclusive and they've been testing it. Take that and she's like, honey, I'm running out of hair. She looks like the doll from rugrats. Why does your head look like that? My husband's doing research, husband's trying to find my dead GRANDPA and all the kids go. I'll let you so. Uh So, he for about a decade has been trying to get the Australian government to dig up the body because he wanted because these have been inconclusive, the DNA tests. We could get a tooth. If we could get a tooth or something, we could get really good DNA for sure. So you've been trying and trying, but the Australian government is like, Bro you're a weird man. We're not going to do that. We're not going to do that. And then a new attorney general steps in. My first action was, attorney general, do you have that man dig up all the Ted there's still alive guys, like he's just crazy. He's like dig them all up, get him out of the ground right, put them all out. And this guy is like, this guy is crazy, but this is a good opportunity for me. Let me get my hands on that dead guy. That specific uh. So this attorney general was like yeah, that sounds like a great call, and so they took up the body, but they were like the police have to handle this, and so they sent it to the corner to do some DNA testing. This was in twenty nineteen. At the end of Twenty nineteen, which, as you remember, happened, sidelined everything for a little while. UH, they can't do DNA to you? I don't know. They sidelined the project for a little bit, but they just went back to it. Um, and the police are still working on it. But Um, I guess two days ago, I guess Derek Abbott has not stopped working on it. He doesn't have the body, so I don't know what he's getting. I guess. Um. And so he's come forward to the Australian CNN, Um, and he's said that he's identified the Summerton man as a Carl Charles Webb Um, who was an electrical engineer and an instrument maker born in Melbourne in nineteen o five, Um. And he says he's still researching his connection to everything and what happened to him, but he's confident that that's who that is. And so CNN went to the police and we're like can you know? Yeah, they were like, well, we can't comment on this at this point in our investigation. So Abbott is pretty confident of who it is, which sure would be no relation to his wife. Well, maybe, maybe, I guess maybe, Um, it's not. I think it's not. Maybe I shouldn't say he want to be. He's like, yeah, I'm trying to figure out who this guy is so I can marry his actual grade. I'm looking for his granddaugh I've been he's got really tiny caps and he's like he's like, I don't want to carry that gene though. Um. So he's confident that is this Carl Charles Webb, Um, but there's not uh the police haven't uh confirmed to that and he hasn't identified like the storyline yet. He's just come forward to say I've got I've got an I d okay. So, and that was two days ago. So this is a developing story. Um, so keep your TVs tuned to tilling dot TV. Uh, don't do that, because we're going to report it to you first, all of your capitlated news. So, yeah, that's uh, that's a summer to man. It's a it's an unsolved mystery. We still don't know. Um, the documentaries are weird to go. I'm going to dedicate my life to this. I mean, if you're derek the you're looking for your wife. I just know that that man's granddaughter is my soul mate. There's a scene in the documentary where they will walking along the beach together and they like sat down on a rock together and like right there, that's where he died. And then that's real. Yeah, and then he was like, he was like it's like, you know, if it weren't for that, we never would have if they were grand possible murder. Yeah, that's what I used to say whatever. I used to meet girls at funerals. Do you know that? I used to pick them up at funerals, you know, just go hang out. Be Like Sad, isn't it? Yeah, but it wasn't for that, we wouldn't be meeting right now. You know, it was a great pickup line. No, no, do you know who that guy's granddaughter? You know that guy's granddaughter? The idea of BIOS have any words? Yeah, which you use grand so, anyway, that's the summer to man crazy story. Um, no real conclusion. uh, but maybe soon. Maybe soon we'll know. I personally so you. You would say that this is the to mom shoot of the episode. Yeah, I want to say my theory, though. I personally I think that he probably off things. And then last night is a production of space tim medium, produced by Christian Taylor, audio by Alice Garnett, video by counter Betts, our graphic center logo by Kleb but Goldberg, and our social media is run by Kayla Walker. Our host are Jarre Meyers and Tim Stone. Follow us on your favorite social media platform at tilling PODCAST IS T I L L and podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I have thened last night

On December 1, 1948, a body turned up on the beach in Adelaide, Australia. After nearly 72 years, no one has even come close to solving this case. Yet, when it comes to who the man was, mysteries abound. Despite investigation after investigation, no confirmation was ever found. What was found, however, was numerous strange details. Yet, somehow, the story continues to unfold. Today one thorough investigator has successfully petitioned the Australian government to exhume the body to solve the Tamam Shud Case. While law enforcement has yet to confirm or deny any claims, this private investigator claims he has found the body’s identity.

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Tamam Shud Case – Wikipedia

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