Orgone – The Rocks Inspired by Freudian Theories… It’s Insane


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Hey Man, what's up? Have you ever heard of? I thought you were about to do the Oh oh, yeah, oh, not much. Have ever heard of what? Oh, have you ever heard of Oregon? Oregon or gone? Are you just saying Oregon? Stupid? No, Oregon, O, R G O N E. Orgone organ or gone. Well, here, either here or gone. You know. Also a great joke. All write down, Alex. is that writing? That one? To this day, if you go to the FDA and you say or gone, they shoot you with the spot. We just built microwaves for people. Step into my human wave. You know, one of my biggest fears is one of these cults. Is Right. It's like one of my biggest fears. Things I learned last night. Organ. Man, uh, stop right now. Stop, it's not okay, don't worry. I mean it could be. Or is it like a fantasy thing, like like the sound organ sounds like he trains dragons. You know I'm talking about like that's that's gone, or dragon train. Am I just thinking of? What was the Big Dragon series? Aragon? Aragon, yeah, I think they're making that new a movie. Great, I'll watch it. I guess I'll subscribe to whatever services doing it and I'll watch it because I just so I couldn't remember the title of the book. But you know, what I can't wait for is the movie. You know, I couldn't remember a thing about it. All I know is was a blue dragon on the front. But I was like yeah, I can't wait to watch that film. I can't wait to sit down with a big old bucket of Popcorn Watch that movie. Okay, you know, there's a lot of trails we need to follow here. Let's start from the beginning. Have you ever heard of Wilhelm Reich? Wilhelm Reich, yeah, German, yeah, yeah, okay, Um, I feel like a slight disclaimer is necessary here. Um, Wilhelm Reich was a contemporary of Freud, okay, and so he has some very Freudian theories. So if you're one of those people who listen with your family and you haven't had some conversations, maybe skipped the first few minutes of this Fred. Yeah, yeah, that's the moment in every child's life where their dad sits them down and it's time to learn about saying. What do you talk about? The Freud and the bees and Um, we talked about okay, so, Wilhelm, he's got some Freudian logic. Yeah, and and this this Oregon comes from around like like the oedipus complex kind of stuff. No, but similar and weirdness. Um. So, basically, wilhelm, Wilhelm and Freud never met each other. Um, I picked up his work of looking at eels, but they were psychoanalyzing at the same time. And UH, Freud was a fan of rech Reich was influenced by Freud. So right, came like at the very end of Freud's life, Um, and career, and then started his career early enough to wear Freud. Reich was a fan of Freud. Reich was a fan of Freud, and he was. He was influenced greatly by him. And then Freud. Their careers overlapped just a little bit. So Freud got his books and became a fan of him as well, but they never met a mutual fan, mutual combat. So and actually, if you go to the signal Fred Museum, which is his house, Um, his personal there I be that level of famous where they have to turn my apartment unit into a museum. You know, this is where jared Myers lived, and everyone's like this is it, this is that's at the time one of my friends got in my car, it was like this your car. When I said Yeah, because I love how humble you are. No, that's not a good thing to say, but I'm gonna Start saying that when I go. I love how humble you guys are. It's really good. That's just like. That's like the worst rich person dig pleased walk to someone's home, their home, they have a mortgage payment. I love how humble you guys are. This is great. This is like the perfect size. It's not too big. You know, not too big. It's not too big. You need to start doing that, like start meeting really rich people, and I should have done that to that really rich house I did a couple of weeks ago. I went and did a backyard show, like the kind of family that has a painting of their family. Yeah, you know any he who has that? If you've got a painting of your painting of Yourself, family portraits painted? No, Dude, you should pay more in taxes. So I'm like, you know what I'm talking about. So, like that house, I should have walked in and been like, Oh, so humble. Um, so my apartment is bigger. So Freud was a fan, but they never met. Reik was greatly influenced by him and it shows in the sigma before a museum. What, Oh, Sigmund Freud has all the books that he had released before Sigmund Friday. Look at the back, the last page torn off like academic books. They don't even end in the end. It doesn't even make sense that he left it with all the bodies. It's like it's like a conclusion the psychoanalysis of our tests this and then we're just like what is so uh? Well, Um Right. Had this theory that, Um, there's an energy in the world, Um, that is kind of circuling our atmosphere and it builds up in each of us and that causes all of our uh, stress and anxiety. Any mental issue is caused by this energy getting built up within us. The only way to release that energy is through and so you let that out and then it goes back in the atmosphere and just keeps it circling. Um. And so what year were they doing this? The Nineteen Thirties, Um, and so uh. Because of that belief he started trying to Um, he called it or Goon Orgon, he called it organ Um, and he started trying to find ways to conduct that organ energy. And he said, is there a way we can capture this energy from the atmosphere to where, Um, just in your regular day you could pick up an or going accumulator. You're like, I'm a little stress, I'M gonna pick up a conductor and let that conduct that energy and let that stress out of me. But it's not like. You know what I'm saying. Do you know what he's saying now? He's trying to take that sexual component out of it to where you could grab these little little accumulators and it lets your stress out. So there's an energy, yeah, in everything, every in the world. Yeah, and it's also in us. Yeah, but the only way to get it out of us, because it has to get out of us for some reason, because if you have too much of it it makes you stressed and or depressed in any condition. You need you need a release of some kind. And he's saying he's trying to make conductors so that way you can just grab onto that conductor and it would release it, instead of what he thinks is the normal way, instead of dancing. So he built this, uh, he built these, a couple devices the Oregon. What was his theory that would would release that energy. Well, he did a lot of research and he came up with these devices. So what he came up with was he said he believed that metal could conduct it, but it would it would only travel through organic material. So metal would attract it, um, but I couldn't harness it. Organic material could harness it. Attached it to an orange. Just put a nail in some oranges during a lightning storm. Oregon come here, you know. So he built, uh, a couple of things, uh one uh, and I don't know why, Um, but I guess. There he had this theory that clouds trapped it above the clouds. And so if you had I mean, why do you think any of this we're trying to justify where like yeah, for some reason he thought it was above the clouds, like okay, and you're like that was the weird part that he thought. Yeah, everything else, everything else completely normal, but this is like the one weird thing where it's like trapped above the clouds or whatever. And so he made these, uh he called them cloud busters, which picture picture the like anti aircraft cannons, but it was it was a box and that box was a bunch of metal and organic material and then like copper pipes, like big copper pipes that he would just point up at the sky and he claimed you point that up at the sky and it breaks up the clouds, and so that way the energy can come through. Does he does the does the does he shoot the little things inside into the sky, or he just sits there and points it and it sends the energy up and breaks up the clouds? Cloud busters, we should first of all figure out time travel right, and then if we can do that, then we can go back and pretend to be scientists. So let's be scientists, figure out of time travel right, and then go back in time and take because you can just say stuff. He's like, Oh yeah, yeah, I made this thing. It's literally just a box with some crumbled up paper inside. It's like it's like like a like a cardboard box crumbled up paper and then a toilet paper roll star, like yeah, see, so the crumble up paper, the way it works is that it creates a lot of energy in there and then it shoots out this toilet paper roll pipe into you see how the clouds are moving. I did that. Yeah, it's because of this. Yeah, did you see the sun rose this morning. Yeah, this, because this box, because this box here, like you just say stuff. So it's some idiot would be like yes, yes, yes, how much money do you need me to let me fund your research. So the other thing he made was orgone accumulators, and what these were were picture those like Saunas that you can buy at Costco. Um, yeah, the personal one where you get into it and it's like a little tent. Yeah, Oh, it's not a tent, it's like a wooden a wooden sauna, but you can buy it at Costco's like a little like it looks like an outhouse. Um, what I'm always thinking of the personal sunas. Have you seen? I'm not seeing tent based. Look up personal sauna real quick. You've got to see the pictures for this, because it looks like, you know, it just it looks like a Halloween costume, to be honest with you. Have you seen it where it's like a little easy? I'm talking about that's a real thing someone pays money for. That's a that's a purchase. That's like I got a family portrait. You know I'm talking about. That's a stupid purchase. There's a hundred dollars yeah, to just put her out and then your head is out of it and your body is just in a sauna. I got one at home. But yes, Bro, it's just it's like we took the snuggies right and we're like this is the next level snuggie. This is a introducing the sauna snugy. Right. This is terrified. Can you imagine walking into a room and not knowing? Why? Where do you put that glass when you're done drinking out of it? There's no table next to her. That's the sweat. You put it at the Sun's disgusting, doesn't it looks like the worst? Doesn't it look like she's like, yeah, it's Halloween, I'm being that girl from Willie Walker. It doesn't look like absolutely absurd? Yeah, I've never heard of this. This is not what I was thinking. I was thinking of like the actual like Saunas that you put one of the pieces from the board game. Sorry, you know, just she's hopping around. It looks so stupid. It looks you're thinking of like an actual wooden full Sana thing. Yes, yes, like one of these, the like like an actual wooden sna. Where did the picture go? Oh, it's like an actual wooden sauna that you put in like a closet in your basement, but it's only really big enough for you. Yeah, maybe you could squeeze another person in there. In my apartment I put on my personal sauna and then I'd go sit in my wood sauna, double sauna, sauna squared, is what I called it. So, so like one of those is like a little little wooden like an outhouse. That was a good that was a good description. Um. But inside of it, what he did is the walls are lined with metal and then organic insulation. Metal, organic, over and over and over again, it's insulation from Your House, but made of, I don't know, organs. Yeah, rats, I don't know. It's some kind of organic inslation. Yeah, honestly, it was probably for like, honestly, most likely for Um. But yeah, so it was alternating all and organic stuff and he believed that he could capture yeah, then he lined the inside of the walls with metal this energy. Yeah, and his idea was now it's going to conduct the energy and you could sit in that little room, close the door. It's gonna shoot that energy into you, release the energy, Um, and that will distress you and release your anxiety and he started practicing this and he was just built microwaves for people. Step into my human wave. Um, no, it was a megawave. So, uh, he started practicing and like he was. He was in Vienna, Austria, Um, and he had people who came with symptoms and his treatment would be, why don't you step in that room for like an hour? Um, you're anxious, you have a closet for that. I got a closet for that. Stress. I got another closet for stress. Um. Uh. So here's the weird thing about this, and I don't know, we've already said some weird things. I don't know if it's the weird thing about this. That's a weird thing about this part of it. Part of me is like wow, that's very odd that they did this, but then part of me, knowing all of this, it's like yeah, that makes sense that they should have done this. The F D a read his books and they were like no, we don't like that, and so so they like banned that treatment in the US and they collected up sixty his books that were in circulation and they burned up, which is the only time I've heard of the FDA ever burning books. I don't know the FDA would be the one that did it. Who would have thought? We've been keeping an eye out of like the politicians and the you know, the fascists or whatever. Secretly the Federal Department of Agriculture only got to get this off the streets. Dude, this book's caused me a lot of stress and it's giving me ideas of how to fix it. But I don't want to do those. There's there's a guy there trying to all books and he's lighting the fireworks like firewar, turning the book. But this also comes from like the same time of people who did those little belt workout machines, right. They just thought if you jiggled the fat enough it would go before that. But yeah, same concepts that. Yes, yeah, yeah, yeah, people were dumb for a long time. Well, wait to hear about people are still stupid. But yeah, well, wait till you find out about twitter. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like this podcast you wanted more of it, please leave a review. That's super helpful to let others know who are searching for a podcast. And if you're new around here, we've been doing this for several years and there's plenty of episodes to check out. One of my personal favorites is agent Garbo, is a guy who went to the government during World War Two and was like hey, let me be a double agent and they were like no, and then he was like well, I'm gonna and so he kind of went off on his own did the thing. It's also got some crazy details about world war two, about how the US use inflatable tanks to trick Germany, all kinds of fun stuff, but if you want to go check that out, you can. Thank you so much for listening to this podcast. So in the nineties, so he he practiced for a little while and then he died. And when Freudian psychology fell out of favor, he went with it and everybody else was like, Oh yeah, that's weird. Um, we're gonna stop doing that. Um. And in the US that never really happened because the FDA burned all the books, but everywhere else kind of followed suit shortly after Um when everything changed, and till the nineties. And in the nineties the US government released a report. Um I was like, Hey, we burned all those books, Hey, you guys are that a huge fire. But when we burned a those book. There wasn't those books. We burned the graphic novel Aragon. Not a graphic novel. It's graphic in m dude, somebody in the FDA office they heard the announcement they were making that a movie and they went what what? We burned the Aragon. I thought you said something else. I thought you said the forbidden word. To this day, if you go to the FDA and you say Orgon, they shoot you with a spot. What did you say? You're dead. Jump and they're FDA desks. They're stupid little cubicles and they're just typing agriculture whatever they and someone says Orgon and then pull a pitch a mini pitchfork, a retractable pitchfork, out of their desk right and they go kill that guy. My Selfie, stick kill that guy. I do like the idea of a retractable can we make this? If people are selling personal sawness, we can absolutely make retractable pitchforks. Dude, oh my gosh, that's incredible. Yeah, who we call for that? We need to work on that. Take a note to take it out of the episodes and steals our idea. Jerry, look at the TV. They stole my idea. That is such a deep it's such a deep car also for my other idea. Get in here, but also a stuffed animal. It faults. Oh my gosh. Okay, that was a deep cut. I like that. So, uh, in the nineties, the military releases this report and it was this. It was a hypothetical study where they basically were like, what if it was possible for us, UH, in battle, to control the weather and so we could say, Hey, we're fighting these guys over that, or what if we struck him with lightning like and just added another weapon to our Arsenal? And it was incredibly hypothetical. Um, and it talked about like already doing that kind of, you know, not on purpose, but they're doing it. Is the same thing. What was that episode we talked about where when you're in the government, you just kind of make stuff up, like or your your science hypothesizer, hypothesizer. Yeah, it just makes stuff up. You can just say stuff, and this is exactly what it was. He was just theorizing. But we could, I thought, we can control clouds. Yeah, we if we could, because imagine the damage you could do if you could form a tornado yeah, yeah, or even even just like the edge you could give yourself if, in combat, you could just make it rain over where your enemy is like, and then you can see clearly and it's not raining, but for them, they're in like this trreential downport. You have an edge, and so I think that was why wouldn't you just tornado him? Why are you trying to make war more difficult, like you're gonna wear your new hand to hand combat, but some of them are wet. We're talking about well, no, you're enemy slippery now. Hello, they're stuck in the mud down there. Why don't you just Hurricane Um? You know I'm talking about like strike up a lightning, dude, like tsunami your enemy? Why did you go with what if it what if they were just you're going to be slippery now that's what I'm sorry. I'm sorry, cap he's so slipper. Sorry, it's it's sprinkling out here. Sorry, Captain, I just don't perform my best on rainy days. That's what the paper was saying. The paper wasn't saying we'RE gonna hurricane people out and more. They were saying we're gonna make it a little more cloudy, we're gonna make it rain, we're gonna control some stuff to make their, the enemy's, experience a little bit more difficult, to give us a tactical edge. That's what, yeah, they were like. They weren't like, yeah, we're gonna make a tornado. Happens. Scientists just making stupid ideas. Make them good, you know, like they're just come with a stupid idea, with a stupid idea. You know there's a so they released this paper and that's exactly what everyone said. That's stupid. Uh, it's not gonna work, except for some people. Uh, some people read that and they said this explains everything good and so, uh, this is where Kim trails came from. Uh, the conspiracy of Kem trails came from this paper. A bunch of people read that and they're like, Oh, did you know my pilot? Because I want, because I want to be a Kim trail guy. I got an email from a guy at Kem trails dot com and I was like that seems like a good career path because, like, for that theory to exist, there's pilots out there. Yeah, that's their job. Um, yeah, if you don't know, I'm surprised. But basically the idea is there's a conspiracy theory that every time you look up in the sky and there's a plane flying over and it's leading that exhaust plume behind it, that there's chemicals in that that are making you dumb. Um, that's and the government's paying for it. And if you didn't notice, it's doing it's Um. Yeah, and so this theory was like, oh, that's that's like the slow leak of them saying they're doing this. Um. And so as that theory erupted, the people who believed in it were looking for solutions and they found Bill Holm, Reich great and his cloudbusters. And so these people started building their cloudbusters like the same specs that he talked about, which was hard to do because all the books were on fire in the US. Yeah, yeah, Material Um. And so people started building these cloudbusters around their homes and they were like the chem trails they fly over, but then like over our house, it's just clear skies. There's no chem trails over our house, very clear circle. It's just circling their house. Yeah, they don't come here, they don't. Yeah, they tryum circling, but the Kim field so it had been a long time. They had dug up Wilhelm Reich's works and they started building these cloud busters again. Um, and a lot of people started using them. I say a lot of people, but like a lot of conspiracy theorists started using them. Well, they would build them and they would just leave them on their deck or something and pointed at the sky and can you find a picture of a cloudbuster? Yeah, give me a minute. It looks a lot like a David Busters. They actually are David Busters. There a front. I'm Dave. Here are my busters, here are my busters. Um, yeah, they look pretty. I mean like if it's on your WHO's cloud buster you're looking at? Okay, because I'm sure, yeah, I'm sure there's some D I y ones. Well, the majority of them are d I y cloud busters. Um, so this is like your typical cloudbuster. That a D I Y or. I think someone sending out instructions. Here's how to make one. Yeah, this is the tip pickle cloudbuster. It's a copper pipe sticking out of this box that has all your metal and stuff inside of it. is so dumb and it's just open at the top and it's busting your clouds and you can look. Look how the person takes the picture to look at the shadow right. This is a person who does the whole like thing. But apparently some people also have built some pretty insane cloudbusters like this one. This is the same picture, Jim. Sorry, no way, that's not a cloudbuster. For the audio listener, it looks like a it looks. Did you ever see the show? Oh Man, what was that show called? Where they're junkyard wars? Is a show? Ye, Yep, it looks like a junkyard wars, like military cannon. You know what I'm saying? Like, yeah, it looks rough. It's huge, though. This thing's gotta be like ten feet tall. And then the it's like at an angle, like it looks like a Turret Y. Yeah, it looks like it's designed to be pointed. Like you see a cloud in this guy and you turned the wheel. Let me turn my codbuster up at that. Come trip, you know, like uh so, anyways, so this has been going on for a minute then. Yeah, that was in the nineties, Um, and so for about a decade, a couple, a little over a decade, decade and maybe two decades, this has been going on where people have been building their cloudbusters until something pretty significant came out recently actually, Um, and that was five Um. Hate that. Yeah, I don't know if you remember when five g came out, but conspiracy theorists are freaked out about it. Um. They thought that it was covid yeah, they thought that it was killing all of us and making a dumber, just like the chump trails, and making a sick and all this stuff. Um. And around this time was when it's always interesting to me that the dumbest people are worried about how dumb people are, you know, like you're making you dumber, and you're like, do you hear the words you're saying? You're an idiot, like you're the government did this. I'm worried that you standing too close to your cloud buster has made you dumber. Um. So they this led to the adaptation of Oregon pucks, Um Pucks, pucks, and so what these people figured out was they could take some like metal shavings and a bunch of organic resin and layer them and squished them down in like a press and then keep doing that over and over again, get like a hundred layers and then put that into like a cupcake Pan, Um, and bake them and then it would bake into this, literally like a hockey pucks, ape of these Oregon and then just leave it on your dashboard in your car, put in your shoe this. Uh, these people are known as Oregon Gifters, and so what they do is they cover their own home with them. They've got them all over their home, they got them in their cars, they carry we have the Amazon one back there, just the echo is a or gone puck. It actually looks kind of like one. Um, that's a conspiracy theory. and Oh, shoot, are all those people gonna find this episode? Yeah, and then they're gonna be like all the because they think they're so smart, and they'll comment like three am idiots. Yeah, it'll be great. I'm very looking forward to it, um, but anyways, I can't. I'm gonna Kim Trail Your House. Dude. I want to license, dude, I want to be that's gonna be how we reply to all of those Kim till your house. You know, there's only six people in the world left that do the plane writing stuff in the world time, full time, anyway, time. That's crazy. I don't know if there's part time people, but people in the world I was looking it up. I was like, well, how much you know? Could I become one of those pilots? You gotta be really good. Yeah, that sounds hard, but I do want to write Kim trail about someone's house. You've been Kim trail. That's so many letters, but you write out Kim trail like there's no someone will be like there's no denying it. Yeah, I saw Kim trail about my house. I know because they wrote Kim trail with the Kim trail. So what these organ gifters do is they, and I kid you not, they just go around their town and they just throw the puck's places, and so they're like drive in the big or they're just around town talking about town is safe behind a bench. Yeah, that's the idea, and they're creating their organ field around their town. Um, and people will throw them in the ocean. Like the restaurants, right, and they're sitting there with a secret knowledge that they've saved the town, right, and they get some bad service and there's like these ungrateful yeah, they don't know how many pucks I have put in this restaurant. They don't know the links that I've or gone to protect this down. So now they figured out how to do them in pucks. That's yes, they started making them in pucks. What do they think about five g? How do they think that's involved? That's a little irrational. UH, because Wilhelm his point was that the these Oregon things, they're conductors, and so it's pulling the energy in and then it pulls it into your body, which you can then release. And so the logic here is if there is some sort of negative electro magnetic field, that's what least by these five g towers, then your pucks are attracting it. Um, it's not repulsive, it's attracting Um. But in their heads it's like a force field and it's protecting them from and so they'll throw them specifically at the tower, like cell phone towers. Like they'll throw them like, honestly, after after this, like let's go out to that cell tower, Um, what is that thirty nine big one, and let's just go look. I bet we might find it some pucks just around the fence. I bet we will. Let's try it. Let's just try it. If if you got a cell tower in your house, go check for pucks and post them. Tag Us if you find any, because I bet there are some. I think. I think the better place you can find it. You might find it in your hometown. I think those are the places where you're pretty much guaranteed to find let's play into this prejudice. Why do you think that? Oh, because those are the people who believe this. There was that was fun. That was fun to see you come after my small a town like that. Yeah, yeah, do you disagree? No, I don't say it out loud. I don't go around and be like I got any organ books. Sul Listen to the podcast where I call you an idiot. Uh, so, um. And they've there's people who have like started making them look different, like pyramids and like putting like, uh, the top of it. The pyramids just like clear resident and they'll put like a dragon in there, crystal and like. So it looks pretty and you put it on your desk and you know it's like an item. Um, but it's it's at all the organ. Yeah, it's keeping all the it's. Well, it's it's getting the organ gone. That's what they think. That's the idea. You gotta get the Organ Out, and that's what these do. Um, anyways. So here's what's interesting about this. Um, they're a hard person, right. The US still thinks that this stuff is garbage. Um, and they've they burn every book that comes out. The government, the FDA, gets a book off the shelf. I'm in it. Every time a new Oregon book comes out. They see the book, they go they throw it in. They got a pizza oven in the office that they throw it by fire pizza oven. Part of the way. Didn't even look just someone's like, AH, my Supreme Dude, just look next time free throw. I had a pizza in there. At the third pizza this week, you threw a bad book on. Yeah, now you gotta, you gotta Literature Pizza. Hey, thanks again for listening to this episode. If you like our show, make sure you follow us on social at tilling podcast or subscribe anywhere where you're listening to right now, whether that's Youtube, spotify or apple podcast, whatever it is. And if you want more, we do have a patreon you can support us on. In there you get all sorts of parks like add free episodes, early access to our content and even a discord with our hosts and producers. So We'd love for you to check that out. All you gotta do is text till into six, six, six, six. That's till into six, six, six, six. But thanks again for checking US out anyways. So the U S still has a policy against this right, Um, and there are some Um, like universities in the US that have looked at it, um, but very few outside the US. On the other hand, there are a lot of pretty notable institutions that have done some research into this Oregon stuff. Um. And Uh, let's take a look at it. So first first, prager university. It's a good joke, Alex. why are you write that down and leave that in? That's a good Um, okay. So Uh, also a great joke. Don't write it down, Alexeieve that one. Okay. So Um. Uh. They've done experiments with the three forms, the cloudbusters, the accumulator box and the PUCKX. Um. We'll start from WHO has again, prayer you. Some institutions all over the world, major institutions. Yeah, all over the world have done uh these can name any of them? Respectable institutions where that Wendy's has done some Wendy's has done some research um on these things. So we'll start with the cloudbusters. Um. Uh. The research on these has come back very inconclusive because, uh, sometimes when you point these cloudbusters at the sky, clouds will dissipate, sometimes they won't. Sometimes when you point nothing at the sky, clouds will dissipate, sometimes they won't. And so yeah, so the scientists are like, we can't say for sure that these have any effect on the clouds, but the pretty that is the scientific answer. They're pretty confident, though, that they have no effect. Uh Yeah, so the clibusters. I appreciate science for being like. I mean, we can't say for sure. No, yeah, but it's pretty clear that doesn't. The pucks. This is an interesting one. Um. Uh, and I actually watched Um. This isn't a common experiment that they'll do. Um, and a lot of the gifters will do this experiment to like prove that they work. Um. Uh. So what happens is, apparently if you have these pucks in your home, then you get stillag tights in your freezer of ICICLES, but they're not icicles going down, they're going up. Those are slag Mites. Oh, I got backwards. Okay, stlag Mites, Um, but, as I just did the fantastic caverns tour. So that's why? I know it was a time. I really like that whole family. Fantastic caverns really is fantastic. It's like legitimately, it's prettimately. I thought I bought a Hoodie. Did you really? Yeah, I thought it'd be really funny to have a fantastic caverns already. I'll wear it next time. I love that. So in a cave staag my forms with a stag tight drips on it because above it, and then it forms a column eventually, Um. And so with ICICLES, the same sort of concept can happen. When nicicle trips enough, it forms US still like my icycle. Eventually they form on iced column. But what's strange is in these freezers it's there's no icicle above, they're just it's just ice climbing upwards Um, which is very hot. And so some experiments have been done to try to understand what's causing this. Okay, it only happens in people's pombs, puck puck palaces for the welcome to her. So what they did is they got some of these pucks and they got some regular old hockey pucks. Um, I think. What do they think? That the water was psychologic like we're gonna do a placebo effect on the on the ice. I think. I think vice news actually did this as well. Um, and so, uh, oh. So, like, yeah, you were talking about like reals. So they got sometl they were like Act Institute. No, uh. So the they got a cup of water and, uh, they put a puck on top of the water and they put it in the freezer. They got a cup of water and they put a hockey puck on it and put it in the freezer, and then they different freezer just wat normal water. Sure, Um. And so all these were in separate freezers, right. Uh. What's interesting is the water that was stuck a loan in the freezer. Uh, just blocks of ice, the water with the hockey puck on it, Um, block of ice, the water with the the Puck puck on it, the Oregon puck block of ice at the top, but like a pillar of ice in the middle, and the rest of it was normal water, which is very odd. And so they continue this experiment and it would repeat. So then they started to try different positionings of the pucks. And if you put a if you put the puck above it, what's strange that would happen is you would get a spiral Um icicle in the cup of water up to that little puck of water at the top Um. But you could repeat a similar effect with the hockey puck. I messed this at the hockey puck. When it was stamped on top did get the block of ice with the pillar, but when it was on top of you didn't get the spiral. You couldn't get the spiral with the hockey puck. So it was very strange. Okay, the conclusion that the scientists came to is there is some sort of electromagnetic field manipulation happening from these, but the idea that there's a physiological effect because of that is at best circumstantial. Um. But there is some sort of field manipulation happening in some small range from these organ pucks which they're pumped full of metal Um. So most likely there's some kind of magnetism in there that would affect the world around it. So that's the idea there. The third one, and this is arguably the most interesting, is the accumulator, the Sauna Um. What they did was pretty simple. They built a sauna, a normal one, and then they built an accumulator sauna and they shoved, shoved people in there, no volunteers, and then they took about. They said WHO's strikes? Seven volunteers and one in volunteer, and they put him in there. They said, we'll let you out in two years. You guys gotta Make Your Own Oxygen. So that was always sided. And what happened? So the people, the people who are in the regular one, like just almost Sanna one, spirals, they turned into tornadoes. What happened to? Uh? What happened to Keith? Yeah, Keith Got Tornado Erica. Yeah, some scientists turned him into Tornado. I Hate Tornado. So here's what's strange. So the people in the normal SUNA, um, they had a negative experience. Um for all of them. They covered them in like heart rate monitors, brain scan monitors, like blood pressure sleeves. They were reading that. They didn't like it. Yeah, and all these people, and they gave testimonies too, but they it was a negative experience. Their blood pressure rose, they their heart rate rose, uh, their brain right rose, and so they all got stressed. Uh, most of them uh had feelings of Claustrophobia. Most of them felt very lonely. Reported feeling lonely. A lot of them. Uh, it was just an uncomfortable experience. Right. The people in the other ones, uh, they had an experience where, uh, they had a decline in stress levels, their heart rate lowered, their breathing slowed Um, and they reported that they had a sense of calm. And then they felt a tingling sensation. Um, and a lot of them. Some of them said takling sensations, others said they felt something that they couldn't describe, Um, but it was some kind of sensation. And so again it seems like there is some sort of that whole description. Yeah, what is it? Thursday night at youth camp. I just I was breathing really slowly and I felt my heart beating very when I opened my eyes, there she was and I felt like God was telling me that's the one. That's Summerton man's granddaughter. Go to her, go to her, and so I went to it and I asked for her DNA. So what were you saying? We need to line the walls of our office in metal and organic between. Here's the thing, uh, there's some evidence that these are manipulating electronic fields around them. How widely is unclear, and if that's having any real physiological effect on people is most likely circumstantial. Um. But everybody who was in that accumulator did physiologically distress. Their breathing slow, their heart rate slowed and they all reported feeling calm, where the people in the same size room that was not packed with that stuff in the wall got's more stressed, very hot. Um. Okay. But all the at this point, all the research is still technically inconclusive. Um, which brings me to a good pivot point to talk about the Oregon Warriors. Um. Okay, uh man, I don't like whatever. So there's this Uh. It's been described as a cult. Um. There's a group of people who believe that God has chosen them to bring Oregon into the world to save us all, Um, from the apocalypse. Um, and it's the Oregon that will help us survive the apocalypse, Um, which is, you know, one of my biggest years is one of these cults. Is Right. It's like one of my biggest fears, and that will all have to be begging them for help. Give me your other God, you made fun of me that podcast. YOU LISTEN TO OUR PODCAST? Never Mind, I think die happy knowing that people in the real world listen to our podcast, just so you know. Listener. No, what are you trying to say when you're stop me out, because Tim said you're taking this. No one in real life listens to our what I said? You asked me. You said, are you surprised how many people asked killing questions in your instagram post? And I said no, because my real friends don't care about me. You heard it there, folks, you're not as real friends. Keep digging, Dude said. No, keep digging the people I really go. They don't care about me. You didn't ask me a question in my instagram story. My wife didn't ask me a question in my instagram story, my dad didn't ask me. No one asked me, because you know the questions I've got. Yeah, those hit my inbox. Are you okay? Yeah, I'm digging back. Grazy, it seems like you're doing mentally fine right now. We didn't cut that out. Don't cut it. You cut it out. We can't have them. He didn't touch the pen, Dag Alex, cut it out. CUT It out. I'M gonna go back to post. I'M gonna no one's gonna hear it. I'M gonna cut it out. It's fine. Okay, you remember too. You're right. So you're Goden warriors. Um, they're like a cult where they it started by this woman named Sherry shriner. First of all, anybody who had introduced himself, I'm Sherry Shriner, I'd be like yeah, no, I'm not really interested in learning anything from my circus clown, so I'm gonna go um and as far as I can tell, this is like an Internet, only called like everyone. They organized on facebook and then she started like a radio show. She started like a radio show. It was a podcast, but she called her radio show. Um, we're a radio show. Yeah, we're a radio show. And she was on Patriot and I don't know, I checked today. She hasn't posted her she hasn't posted anything since Um and so I don't think it's active. But right now they only have five patrons. She only has five patrons. I've got a feeling that at one point it was because she has thirty thousand youtube subscribers. Um and, uh, yeah, her video views were like in the hundreds of thousands, but she hasn't posted anything since seventeen. Well, uh, so she ascended pretty crazy, just sorr spiraling up into the sky. So a little while before that, she came forward claiming that she had a vision from God that she was the granddaughter of King David. Yes, wait, she's been looking for her. Did you see me? An email? Emails the actor. So she came forward and doesn't twelve. What do you mean she came forward? Do you mean she just posted this on she came forward to she said God gave me. Well, she here's the thing. If you go to a website, she says that the meat. She's been blacklisted from the media. They don't want anyone to know about dude, I called K interview. Um, no, but she says that her whole life she's had these visions and stuff like that, and then eventually God revealed to her that she is the granddaughter of David and she was chosen to bring the Oregon pucks into the world to save us all from, uh, the apocalypse, to save the survivors, the chosen survivors, from the apocalypse. Here's the issue with Sherry Schreiner. Um, as with many cults, Um, when you question them, things go south. Um. And there are a handful of people connected to Sherry Schreiner who are dead now, Um, because they disagreed Um. And Sherry has not get ben convicted in any of this. Um, but people in her circle, like who are in her cult, have and yeah, Um, and it's uh, it's not. It seems a lot like Sherry has driven people to do the killing, but the people who do them seemed to be as. It seems like they don't even recall what happened. Hue Crime podcast. What are we talking about? Well, so she directed these people to kill the people, allegedly. Maybe maybe nothing's been tied back. Scientists say it's not. Just said. It seems like so, but we don't know. So the people who did the killing, they don't recall doing the killing, or they don't recall they either don't recall Tom the killing or they think it was an accident or they're so loyal that they won't say anything. Maybe Um, people within the call who disagreed or just people, people who I think they were all in the cult. I think they were all in the cull Um. Here's what I'll say. It's a wild story and it's very large. Maybe we should just make it apart two because we're, I'm realized, a lot of time. Yeah, yeah, yeah, maybe we should just make it a part two, separate part two on that. Yeah, do that. We'll come back to this. I don't like how cool you just got. How you yeah, yeah, let's uh, let's talk about all this murder next time. Next time I'm tilling murder. Things on the last night is a production of space tim media, produced by Christian Taylor. Audio is edited by Alice Garnett, video by Connor Bets. Social media is run by Caleb Walker and graphic designed by Caleb Goldberg, our host, or Jaron Meyers and Tim Stone. Please follow us on social media at tilling podcast. THAT'S T I L O in podcast. Leave a review comment, subscribe wherever you are. Thank you for listening to things on the last night.

There are people across the entire world who are dropping little pucks of metal and organic material around cities and wilderness. What exactly are these pucks? They call them Orgone, and their history is quite strange. It began in the 1930s with psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich who admired Sigmund Freud. We know exactly where this is going, to a weird place. It grew into building boxes called Energy Accumulators, tubes called Cloud Busters, and Orgone Pucks. Each variation is equally bizarre.

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