The Bronze Age Collapse – The Apocalypse That Actually Happened


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Hey Man, hey man, have you ever heard of the late Bronze Age collapse? The what? The late Bronze Age collapse? Yeah, Bronze Age collapse. Yeah, yeah, when he was alive, it's a really great time. But the late Bronze Age collapse. Um, what a good fellow. You're just saying. There's a dude named Bronze Age class and he's died. He's late. Yeah, the late Bronze Age collapse. I mean, okay, I see where you're going with that. Sure, no, that's wrong. Um, all right, I don't know. Some of these jokes are good and some of them are just real, real bad. Should we do a smart so you're saying there are people who living on the ocean and the water just slowly went down and all of a sudden their heads was out of the water. I'll give you a hundred hollars cash right now if you can tell you what it's staying for. You and I could single handedly win the civil war if we went back in time with current weapons. Things I learned last night. It's the late Bronze Age collapse. Here's the thing about this. Let's speaking of here's the thing. Here's the thing. Hold on I need to pull up a review. Oh, extermine, that podcast review. That was like, I'll support on patreon. Tim Limits, here's the thing to three times. So you already said it twice, so I swear, don't say it again. Don't don't even read it. That'll count. Here's the thing. I'm not gonna stop saying. Here's the thing. Now that person to support US patreon. I gotta be honest, the fact that you bought it up has made me want to say in very more so. Anyways, UM, Kelsey, here's the start over. I don't care about this person. Here's the thing goes. I personally became a patron in your place, so that way I can continue to say here's the thing, and now I'm saying paying the five dollars, paying the five dollars, you have the freedom as that want. anyways. Uh So, yeah, the late Bronze Age collapse. Uh, all right, so this is uh a long time ago. There was a thing called the bronze age. H and so it was period in history that was pretty strange because it was pretty successful. UMP with bronze. Everything was bronze. Not really really okay. I mean they made a lot of like weapons, and stuff out of bronze. I think I don't know a lot about the bronze age. I just know about it falling apart. But, like, what I do know is there was this region in the Mediterranean Sea, like around the not in the Medran, around the Mediterranean, where there was a bunch of these nations that were, Um, just ridiculously successful nations, Um, who were very advanced, especially compared to, uh, the world following the collapse Um. So, for example, uh, there was Egypt. Egypt was a part of there. They had airplanes. Then, no, but Egypt, they these all these nations they had. Are you? Are you? Do you subscribe to the theory that Egypt was more technologically advanced than we are? I don't know if I would say I subscribe. I say I see a possible world, but I don't think I see enough to believe it. But I could see it. What I what I would say I could see? What I think is more likely is that it was something before Egypt that was more technologically advanced and they just they're kind of the remnant that like their quote unquote, stages, had like passed down knowledge to be able to do some stuff that everyone else in the world couldn't do because the people before them were smarter than them. But they all died in the ice age or the flood or something, I don't know. Okay, so we're talking about that. What? What time period were talking about? So this is a twelve hundred, between twelve hundred and eleven. It's a pretty narrow window there. Yeah, they know exactly when this happened. Um, so the Bronze Age was from three thousand BC E T B C E. UH, and I'll give you a hundred hours cash right now if you can tell you what it stands for before common era. Yes, what do you think it means? Before Christ, incarnate? Not even how you spelling cards. They didn't know back then. They hadn't come up with the letter I yet. What was? What was? Isn't it? Before Christ and after death? Is What people kept saying it was. That's what they said it was. That was that wasn't right then. You know. I mean before Christ, yes, but after death is not correct either. What is afterd what is what is after death? Do you know? Where are you going? Are you worried about what's after death? Better help DOC. So, so there there was the Egyptians. Yeah, the Assyrians, the hittights, the Macedonians, which were increased. I should probably say whether these people are they the Egypts were in Egypt, the tights were in hit tight. The Syrians were in serious no, okay, so the hit tights were in an area called Anatolia, which is just Turkey. Um, the Assyrians were next to that, like to the right of that, and the Macedonians were in Greece. There Cyprus, which was on the island of Cyprus. Uh. Then there was the Levant, which is like a collection of smaller states. Yeah, that's so cool. That sounds like a really hit bar. Sounds it does. Welcome to the Levant. It's like yeah, yeah, yeah, it's a cocktail bar. Yeah, it does. Um. And that was like a collection of a bunch of smaller, uh, like cities and states in the Mesopotamian era. Um. And then there was Egypt, Um, and then a couple of smaller other players, but those are, you know, Egypt famous for their big bass pros. Okay, uh so they each of these nations was honestly pretty this this whole civilization here was very advanced, especially for the air of time that they ran. They all had writing they all had arts and crafts. They all had um, decent like infrastructure, so like rhads, Um, some rudimentary, like water works, Um, and then they had decent architecture, Um, and they had some they were technological advanced in terms of like warfare. Well, the arbitrator was left over from a previous yeah, society. It was the Tartarians. Short, they had they were technolog that they were pretty technologically advanced compared to everything else. Honestly, up until the classical era, historians would say this was the best era of humanistry to live in, the classic because it was so advanced and there was so much Um, quote unquote, luxury and a decent level of people. What do you think they would say that the current best time to live in is what? The Future? Here and now? The Future Future? Yeah, right now it's kind of bad. We're pretty far away. We don't go back to you know, it's like it's like when you break up with a girl for a little while but you still want to get together in the future, but like right now is on the right time, you know, and it's like I'm immature and she's dumb, you know, and so you're like you're like ships in the night. Yeah, it's like the timing wasn't right. UH So. But then she starts dating some other dude right, like going on like now, like like not like like a real relationship, not like like a good like you know it's not gonna work out, but it's just like they're you know, and they go out and they go get ice cream together and you're just at home play an Xbox in your garage, you know, and you're like, AH, man, I really wish that that I didn't mess that up. You know, you just yearn for what you had, you know. And UH, like living in a limbo, is what I'm saying. They're kind of like a well, historians would say we're living in limbo. We're living in limbo where. They're like, we don't want, like we're too far past where that would be a good life. Yeah, but we're not yet to the good life. Yeah, yeah, we're in the in between. And they were not. They were in a great time to be alive. For what? For when they were uh, and one of the most significant things about the society is it was a globalized society. Um, and I put that in quotes because they didn't understand how the world was yet, but they were connected with the other countries around them. Yeah, and they they had trade networks and they relied upon each other. Um. So, for example, UH, the La Vant, all the nations in there. They had a lot of food, with really fertile land, and so they could eat a lot, but they didn't have access to a lot of bronze or really many other materials in general. And so they trade. They traded all their food for UM materials. Uh. Trades been around forever, but in this era what was significant is it was a very early era of time where people literally relied on every other nation to supply the needs. And it was. It was a trade network just like we have today, where, Um, all your stuff comes from somewhere else. Uh. And so that that was the world that they lived in in that era. What's peculiar is in d between twelve hundred and eleven, fifty BC, Fifty Years Um, a single generation, uh, the entire thing collapsed. It just fell apart. Um. And Uh the only nations to make it out of it were Egypt and Assyria, Um, and a couple of smaller cities, but they it was different. Um, we didn't make it out of them what does that mean? Like they all fell up, like they literally just aren't nations and they got wiped from the face of the earth. Um and so, eachy Syria. Uh, we'll find out. EACHYPT in Assyria. Uh. What do you look at me like that for? WHO WIPED HIM OUT? Tim Okay, so, so Egypt at the SERIO. They survived, but they were like fractured, you know, like they barely made it out of their live everybody else. We lost our Israel lines. Where did they go? Uh? Here's what's crazy. Nobody knows exactly what happened. Uh. There's a lot of theories. Window. How long had they been living in good like good trade systems and all this stuff? About eight years. So this was a very long periods um of relative peace. There were wars and stuff like that, but it wasn't there was nothing crazy, and then within fifty years it all just falls apart at all collapses. The pavailing theory for the longest time was the sea people's. Have you heard of him? What the Sea People's? So this is an interesting thing where a lot of texts from these different nations talk about these sea people's and that's what they call them because they didn't know. They didn't know that the world was bigger. Well, they didn't know where they were coming from. They just these people literally just rose up out of the sea. Well, they probably, I mean they voted in the probably voted in. Probably. It doesn't explicitly say that, though. It's as I came from the sea. Okay. Now, so these sea people came in, uh, and they were just destroying all these cities from these massive empires, which was very peculiar and has kind of stumped uh historians for a long time, because these societies, they were superpowers. They were these superpowers of the day and they were more technologically advanced than anything else in the world. Um, they were masters of the chariot. What existed outside of the Mediterranean, see at that point? Well, Africa, Asia. I mean, what do we have established societies in that era? There are, there, there are, but there's not like, uh, here's the deal. UH, nobody cared to research them, because this is western history and they don't care about stuff that leads to America. Um. Now, so there was there was China. China had their dynasties coming together. There was some northern European stuff in like Russia, um. And then there was all stuff throughout Europe, but they were probably just just as taking largely advanced. No, not nothing compared to the Medachranean, the medal tranean was the superpower of the world. There was all these other civilizations, Um, and they had a society that was forming. But it's nothing like this because they were so interconnected and they had these trade routes and so they were able to develop further than any of those they're gonna blame to see peoples for their falling apart. Well, yeah, so that was the idea, is that these see people's they don't know who they are or where they came from. But yeah, but something about them. They had a technological edge over all of the superpowers of the day and they managed to come in and just wipe them out. Um. And the evidence we have of this is we have a drawing shocking amount just blue people who are dripping away. We have there's a shocking amount of cities from that time period that we're destroyed in that time period and were never rebuilt. And they have sciences. They be where the see people, to see people know. There's letters, there's letters. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like our show, make sure to leave a podcast review in whatever platform you use or, if you're on Youtube, drop a comment. Uh, if you want to listen to another episode, my favorite right now is Jose Canseco. Uh. It's this guy in the MLB who really brought steroids mainstream for the sport and did a lot of other just absolutely insane stuff. And there might be a little bit of aliens in it. So check that episode out. It's one of my favorites. But thanks for being here. So the first, the first and like the biggest one we get is from a town called Uger Itt, uh, creative name. Uh. And it was a letter to another king somewhere. I gotta find the note. Um, it was letter to another king, basically saying okay, here he says. Uh, he said the enemy. Oh, if they did say ships, the enemy ships came here. So yeah, most likely from the boats. Uh. They did evil things in my country, Um, doesn't they? So here's another interesting weird thing before we go on. Um, these kings in these nations called the kings and other nations their father. I don't know why, it was a weird cultural thing. So he's talking to this other king and he's calling him his father, and so then he says it does not my father know that the troops and chariots are in the are, in the land of Hattie, and all my ships are in the land of Luca? That's the country is abandoned to itself. And then my father know it the seven ships of my enemy. They came here to inflict much damage upon us. Basically just asking this other king to be like, Hey, come help us, because all my arms, my armies, on the other side of my nation and you're closer. I need you to come save this city. And by the time the letter gets to him, well, the letter never left. They found the letter in that city. So there's all these destroy cities, and so the something happened with these peoples. Some people believe they discovered iron and they started making iron weapons and the bronze couldn't hold up. Bronze wasn't good enough. It goes bronze, iron, steel, steel, yeah, adamant, adamant, saying Admiral Um, silver, gold, platinum, computers, Rune. Oh, are you looking? Skip Myth? There's what was it? What was it Attie? What is it? Uh? Anyway, yeah, I know, I know, weapons no, so I know, medieval times. Here's the thing, here, here's what doesn't make sense about this. Uh. These people, they had chariots which were like the tanks of the day. Um, and even if the sea people's managed to get iron swords, they still shouldn't have been a match for a nation that had thousands of chariots. Uh. And what we don't know. They had thousands of chariots. They could have written that even like we have thousands found like wheels and stuff, like all their chariots, stuff, their faith, their models. Well, I mean that answers it, doesn't it? And so the UH, what's phenomenal is whoever they see? People's arm they went through. They wiped out all these cities, Um, and two things didn't happen. One, the sea people didn't take over the city like most empires. That left it. They just left it. They just came and kill everybody and laughed. Very strange. And then, too, uh, there must have been no survivors, or their survivors got taken prisoners or ran or whatever, because no one rebuilt. And so these they were literally wiped out. And they were it was hundreds of cities all over the Mediterranean and all these different superpower nations just disappeared all at once, to the point that these nations literally fell and disappeared off the face of the earth. Um, and these quote unquote, see people's disappeared after this. They destroyed how many hundreds? I don't know how many cities, but there was, I think, seven or eight nations that would be considered like superpowers that all wiped got wiped out from this event, whatever this event was, um. And so the prevailing three for a long time was that they see peoples that came in, they killed everybody and they just left. Um took care of that. They got rid of you, guys, Um and so recently. But they didn't steal all the riches and stuff. Well, I mean stuff probably got stolen, UM, sure, but nobody knows, like nobody knows where I went. Like, where did they go? You would think that, if you would think, they would either take those cities or take stuff back to their cities, but we have no idea where they came from, Um, what their purpose was or where they went after all this happened. They just disappeared. So historians are looking at the sea people's and they're like, where did you come from. Where did you go? Knda, cut you off. Are you gonna try to finish this joke or there's no joke? I was I was trying to make sure I knew where we were on the episode here. Cool. Uh. So recent historians have been like, maybe this is not maybe the sea people's were not the reason for the collapse, maybe they were more of symptom of a greater problem. Um. And so they started looking at the rest of the situation in the world at the at the time. Um. And there are now about a I don't know how many. There are a handful of possibilities, of possible conclusions. It looks like there's six, uh, theories of what started this collapse, Um, and then led to almost like a domino effect of one of these pins fell and then it led to all these other things beginning to to fall apart. I understand how Domino's works. You need me, I can get so I can set them up if you want me to. We can watch them fall. It's not really great for the audio listener, but I see you got him set up, so go ahead and knock them more. That was what you did. That was a domino one. What would be your starts closer to the MIC, right. I think it would be a little bit more of like a role, like a that might have been a pretty good one. Should we do a smart so this is okay. So the sea people sometimes Tim in our office will listen to a SMR. So the people and they murdered. Everybody have you're a whisper to your echo devices. It's terrible. She whispers back, doesn't she? Yeah, the first time, but you don't realize that. I have never done that where you're like, you're you're tired, you're and you're like, you're like Echo Sena alarm. Yeah, and sugar, it sounds like you've whispered to me. Next time you whisper, whisper back and it's terrifying. It is because the lights are off. It is terrifying. It's the host back and I can never prove it to anybody because I've already done it. You. I've already set up the ECHO. Yeahs do it. If you've got an echo gleating lights on those Alexa, it's over for you. Okay. So here's some of the theories. The first one is volcanoes. Most likely, uh there was a volcano in uh somewhere Scotland called hecla uh, and it it erupted, uh, in February, twenties twenty. Just kidding, that's wrong. Um. It erupted at the beginning of wow, it erupted in February and then it off and then it's set in motion. Just the worst year actually know, February two. Uh. Still UH. It erupted in. What year is this about? Twenty years before the Bronze Age collapse. And this eruption was classified as a five and F five eruption. Um. I don't know what the scale is, but it's a five on the eruption scale and it was significant enough where it spewed enough ash and I don't know, stuff into the sky, smoke, if you into the sky, uh, worldwide, that it changed the climate for eighteen years. The temperature dropped for eighteen years. Um. It sounds like that's what we need to happen again. Guys, I did a lot of research. If we just take all the salmon and we shove it in this volcano, it's got to create enough pressure. Two D and fifty million salmon shoved down a volcano. He'll create enough pressure and also plus side when it erupts, it will click the same, but right have same for everybody. It's the fish Cano, fish canoe. That's a movie we gotta Make Right now. We you've you've seen shark Nado this fall, Fish Cano and a theater near you. Uh. So, the this eruption changes the climate worldwide, and I try to figure it out exactly what that net that eighteen years and there's a scale of it. Either changed the temperature of about by about two degrees Celsius, like dipped it by about two degrees Celsius for those eighteen years, or the average temperature was below zero for eighteen years. It's quite arranged. That seems pretty dramatic, quite arranged. So I checked Krakatoa, which Krakatoa was a similar eruption. It was just it was a six on the scale. I thought Krakatoa was a website that verified things. I thought you like. I checked Krakatoa, right, and Krakatoa says and I was like, I don't remember Krakatoa before. Krakatoa was another big eruption. Uh, just by, Ne near, just by, close to it, near Australia, and I want to say the early eight hundreds Um, and so we had better records of that. And that was peculiar because there was a period for I want to say it was seven or eight years where the sky was a different color. After that it was such a severe and I shouldn't say it was a different color, but the sunsets were uh oranger. Uh. Okay, I don't know. It is darker or something. I don't know. It had a severe effect on the world. Uh. And so the theory goes that this eruption uh caused a famine in Europe, and so the Europeans, they all UH traveled down into the Mediterranean to get food from the superpowers. Uh, this influx of refugees and all these nations. Yeah, they did not have enough food for everybody, UH, which led to a new crisis of nations like the nations in the Levant, where their primary export was the food. They now couldn't export, so they couldn't get all the other materials they needed for this enough yeah, because they they didn't have enough to to maintain all the refugees. Um, and so it started to to kind of cripple each of these nations because they couldn't keep up with the amount of food that they had because they were. What was very interesting was these the societies had, uh, these storehouses, Um, and they had like really sophisticated ledgers keeping track of how much food that they needed throughout to get through all the winters and even extended famines. U started to withstand those sorts of things. Well, when there was this inflo some people, it messed up that calculation and so then they ran out of food really quickly, and so they as this theory goes, is it put the whole area into the state of Um, very like a very thin line close to a collapse. And then everybody who didn't travel in to become a refugee started getting desperate. And those are the sea people's. They got boats and they came in and we're basically like, hey, give us food or we kill you. Um, they're like, we don't have any food, and then they killed them. Uh, there's one thing, we're true to our word the end their Ph that was good. That was a good joke. And these, uh, these people groups were all it was a disjointed and fractured groups. They right. Yeah, and because this was a disjointed and fractured group, that's why they weren't capturing the cities. They were just trying to get food and survived, and then we're going out of the next city to get the food and survived. And the reason why these nations uh couldn't defend themselves against these people, Um, is there's that, but there's also this idea that the lack of trade uh for the economy and especially inflation. Gas prices were high. especially the military was very expensive in these nations to train and maintain all their different UH chariots and armors and whatever they have, um, and so they weren't in a state where they were ready to defend themselves like they normally would have been. Um, they're a little bit weaker and more open to attack. Is the is the theory, and so it was. It was the series of of Um effects that began from this volcano. Um. That's the theory. That's the theory. The other the other ones are relative similar to this. The next one is a drought, and so it's a similar concept that there was some sort of drought. Someone see people. So if there was no ocean, then where are they coming from? The ocean sank and then the people that lived under there were like, well, there's a world up here. So you're saying there are people who living on the ocean and the water just slowly went down and all of a sudden their heads were just out of the water and they were like, y'all, see this, Ya see, like they got cheeriots and stuff. We know how to say that. We're cheeriot. We knew what that is, though. We're very familiar with the world. Wow, the waters down to our shoulders, right, and they kind of get a little word because they're like trying to breathe right, like did a volcano caus this? They're like it's so much easier breathe outside the water. It's probably for that month where the water is still going down. It's just in their eyes. Like what's happening, guys? Can you imagine if that happened with the air? What are you talking about? If the atmosphere just sink works in space? Yeah, it's just our eyes are outside the atmosphere. That would be sketchy. Every time you drop something, get like it burns up. Yeah, you're eating, you drop something off your fork and you're creating comets. Dog Traits are a thing in the past. We can't toss those no more. Yeah, you can't jump either. Talking yet taking away your parents wouldrow their babies in the air. Oh No, yeah, that baby belongs to space. Now that's the spaces baby stars, baby, Hey, thank you again for listening to this episode. Making sure that you don't miss one in the future, go ahead and subscribe to this podcast, whether that be on apple podcast, spotify Youtube, you'll get an alert when we drop a new episode. And if you want more, if you want something a week early, you want to be part of our discord, more access to us as creators. Uh, you can support this show on patreon. It helps us go a long way. Nothing that we're doing is possible without our patreon supporters. If you want more information about that, please text tilling to six six eight, six six. Thank you so much for being here. Yeah, the drop is a similar theory. There was some somewhere far away and then everybody got hungry and then it just kind of causes chain reaction. Another one is iron um the so there's this cycle, uh, where the plankton eat the iron? Stop that? No, so the idea is that there was some other nations somewhere that discovered iron and they started making iron weapons and it gave them an edge and then they were able to become to see people's and go kill everybody these. You're you're hung up on the numbers of that battle. I am, and I'm hung up on the fact that, if this is true, there should be an empire. And skip to the weird theories. There's not any weird theories. Well, there are some people who think to see people's are aliens. I was going time travel. Oh, that's a cool theory about it. Let's play about it, all right. So, all right, here we go. Fifty Years Before that, a dad throws his baby in the air, right, I mean floats away. Fifty years later, it's very angry about the changes they've been made to earth and it's you know, and it's like, I'm an atmosphere. Yeah, well, it's not longer a baby, it's a grown main it was grown into fear villain, right. So he returns. Yeah, I got superpowers from growing, obviously. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, no, I was just thinking like, you know, to to defeat the high number of people, you know, I got to have like cannons and guns and stuff. Yeah, so, yeah, you probably are from the future if you were able to do that. Dude, you know how we, you and I, could single handedly win the civil war if we went back in time with current weapons, like you and me, that would be a pretty fun movie. Which would you try? Which would you fight for? Tim I'd fight for the right one. Yeah, which one is the right one? I was hoping that I was trying to trap you in that. So that's pretty funny. So, yeah, so the idea is that there was some technological edge that some nation got and they went and conquered everybody. But I think that's pretty unlikely because there was no empire that rose up after this. It was just a vacant you. Okay, Um, so I think it's unlikely. The next one is kind of similar. UH, they call it changes in warfare. Yeah, why would they just yeah, I guess why. Why would they just fight them and leave? Yeah, that's very peculiar. Um, it's like mugging somebody but not taking their wallet. Yeah, yeah, and and there's stuff that's missing. Well, I mean, I guess. But if they're if they're greater, if they're more advanced, right, and they come and attack this land and they realize, oh, we already have this stuff, is not that great. Yeah, maybe that's like that's like when someone broke into my van, right and they throw my merchandise and didn't steal a single thing, you know, like they broke my window out, looked at my shirts, my CDs and they were like no, I don't need this, unless there is that guy who broke into my van and he's now just a fan. He just saw your Vano was like oh sweet, I love that. My van used to say tour dates on it, you know. And so I think they broke in opening to find things of value, value and instead they found my merchandise, which is of no value. Yeah, that's fair. You can probably just on JARREN MEYERS DOT COM, slash van merge, Fan Merge. So yeah, so I think maybe they maybe they went and they were like, Oh, this isn't worth it, though, maybe, but you would still think they would take the land. That's true, I guess. I mean it's just strange. Uh and and what's even more stranges nobody really built. I mean they had to all die or they ran. There are new villages that popped up on the top of mountains. So these people were very scared. Okay, the Sea People's Um. They're like they can't climb hills. Uh. Another theory is changes in warfare, and so there's an idea that Um kind of similar to the civil war. Where was it? The civil war? Was it there? I knew you're gonna say it, but it's still got me just as good. Was it the civil war? was that, Muh, where we changed? It wasn't the lines of people just shooting at each other and then it was actually like condat Um, when you were no, they still did that inter that's where it changed. We had the drummers in the front line that. So do you remember, like do you remember? Do you realize, like that was someone's somebody died playing the flute in the civil war. You know that's not a hero. You're not a hero. You know you're not a hero. The Piccolo. Come on, Dude, you know you're not a hero. There's there's somebody who's like my great great grandfather, my great grandfather, he was the fluter, you know, he played the Piccolo. He was you know, you imagine that. They'll imagine you. You were looking up your family history and you're a great grandfather played the Piccolo in the civil war. Yeah, I like to picture that the Piccolo Guy and the Piccolo guy got shot and then someone on the other side of the line was like the piolow's down and he ran across really valiantly to pick it up and then keep playing because someone had to do it, and then he got shot. Yeah, if someone stops playing the Piccolo, the sea people show up. It's the only way to keep him under water like that PC dude. Piccolo guy didn't even mean to be in the civil war. He's just an ice cream man, right, he's just out there, he's got a little Satchel of melted ice cream. They couldn't carry it. They didn't have they didn't have the technology back then, right, and he's just out there like ice scream, you know. And UH, anyway, no, but you know, it's definitely gonna be one of those lifted truck guys who's got the punisher logo in the back of his truck. He said my grandfather had fought for this wart this and his, his grandfather, fought in the civil war. It's like your grandmother played the Piccolo. Yeah, Um, he's like yeah, what about it? He just puts his together. He's like he's on the highway, he's getting in run range and he gets out of the car. He's like, he's like, you're gonna requet this. You say you're sorry, writing say it. I'm not afraid to use it. Don't make me. He's ripped like he's buff, Dude. He's like a really buff, bald, scary looking guy. Gotta punish your TAT on his face. Wow. So, I don't know. Some of these jokes are good and some of them are just real, real bad. So we got highs and Piccolos, you know what I'm saying? Okay, this episode sucks. So so there was there was also an earthquake storm. Earthquake Storm. What? There was also an earthquake storm. Apparently a real thing. Apparently the earth shakes. Yeah, what happens is, I guess, and it makes sense if you think about it. UH, sometimes there's an earthquake and then there's a lot of them for a while. Um, because I guess, like the plates are moving and then they never figure it out. Well, I mean, if a plate's moving, one quake isn't enough to solve whatever they're trying to figure out. I do know a lot about plates. Yeah, this is a good place, this is really good, good plate. Can I take a bite? Out of that plate. That's a good plate, you got right there. Uh. If then with shifting, most likely one earthquake isn't enough for it to figure out what it's where it's trying to go um, and so it needs some more earthquakes to get where it's going. And so there's occasionally these earthquake storms were in a specific region. There'll be just a lot of earthquakes for a while until the earth gets sorted out a little bit. And so is all the theories involved. These are things that led to them being destroyed by an enemy, basically. So it's very clear they were destroyed by an enemy. I don't know if it was they were destroyed by the enemy. I think. I think, what I think. What we see is we know there was a lot of nations that got attacked by somebody. Um, we don't know who or where they came from, but we know they all talked about the sea people these uh, the the thing is, it doesn't seem like that's the only part of the story. So we're saying that an unknown cause. You just you just take a long way to say. What I just said, though, is that we are confirmed that they were attacked by somebody. Yeah, but it's not. It's not that the attack was what was collapsing it. Yeah, we're saying that these are all the theories of other factors. Yeah, plus the attack. Yeah, that would have led to this collapse of an eight hundred year old civilization that was pretty advanced in stable into and it happened in fifty years. I mean, you know, you are one generation away from total collapse. Is something that I don't know. This is what a lot of Republicans say. You're one generation away from probably getting from this. Yeah, my grandfather played the Piccolo, but uh, and so the earthquake storm started it. So basically what we're getting is there's a lot of different little little things that could have been the root cause sent things down a road that caused a greater class up. Uh, and that's kind of where historians sitting now is. They think it was kind of this greater systems collapses, the phrase that they use, where the society was built on the systems of trade and agriculture. Something happened. They were overwhelmed. Yeah, the system did not run properly. Yeah, supply chain was broken, exactly, exactly. And so, because, because trade was hampered because there was the famine. Um. They were opened up, they got opened up to disease and things like that that they weren't before and they got opened up to the possibility of being rated by these whatever the sea people's were. Um. And it in fifty years. It brought the known world for those people to its knees. Um. And what's very crazy is it didn't bounce back for five years. This whole region was just kind of left in ruin for five hundred years. Um. And then the Greek civilization came up out of it and they were like, let's invest in this property. The Greeks saw it as a wonderful investment opportunity. Um. Uh. It took them years to get to the point where they were even comparable to what was there before. Um. And so a lot of historians, they looked to the mythology um and even a lot of religious texts from that era after the collapse. Um, and they like even the story of Atlantis. A lot of a lot of historians will say Atlantis is talking about the world before the Bronze Age collapse. Um. And maybe there was an actual city called Atlantis, or maybe it was just this distant memory that was passed down through generations of people saying like the world was a much better place before Um. Everything just kind of fell apart. They never finished a sentence. There's a much better place before before what, Grandpa, but for what? It sounds like you just whispered to me. The next time you do that, I whispered back, dude, GRANDPA's lost his mind, Dude. And so so it's it's it's strange because, uh, it's weird. It's strange because this was a time where, uh, we don't we had this society that had written word, that had a good history, that kept tract of everything, and then all of a sudden it just disappeared and there's this this window in history where there's basically nothing Um and we don't have a lot of record of what happened in there. And then all of a sudden grace rises up. And what's Uh, what's interesting is even in the collapse, for those nations that survived, Egypt, it seems like just made a bunch of crap up Um, like they've got all this stuff about how Ramsey's defeated to see people's and pushed them back and all this stuff, and it doesn't seem like that's necessarily true. It just seems like they just kind of got lucky and we're on the tail end of this Um by the time to see people showed up Um, or if they I don't know. It just doesn't seem like they're telling the truth about the scenario. Do you think ancient Egypt? Deep State Ancient Egypt? He's lying about what happened. Yeah, okay, Um. And so these these nations, uh, they went on in Egypt. Obviously stuck around and became a big deal, a serious duck around and became a big deal. But this window was where Israel popped up and out of out of the Levant, they ended up over there and they made their nation. And you know, the rest is in the Bible. If you're curious about that one, you can pick it up. You can pick it up in the hotel room. So, yeah, this is I mean, I don't know. Is the bronzes clapse? It just kind of fell apart. Yeah, a lot like the end of this episode. Apparently, Jesus, apparently it wasn't. There's no real clear reason. Or most of the aliens most likely probably. Well, you know what they say. Anyway, that is at the end. Yeah, well, I'm going to tell you I saw I almost a fight at a red light the other day, one of those big trucks right he gets out, he's like get the person, oh gosh, pull out a fiddle. Things that the last night is a production of space tim medium produced by Christian Taylor, audio by Alice Garnett, video by Connor Betts, our graphics and our logo by Kleb but Goldberg, and our social media is run by Kaylee Walker. Our host are Jarren Meyers and Tim Stone. Follow us on your favorite social media platform at tilling. PODCAST IS T I L L and podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I have. Then last night

People worldwide watched the seconds tick by on December 21, 2012. Due to a ‘prophecy’ about the world’s end, many expected to watch the apocalypse unfold that day. But nothing happened. Unfortunately for our ancient ancestors, they weren’t as lucky. Nearly 3200 years ago, the world stopped spinning. At least, it stopped for the major superpowers of the day. As a result, one of the most technologically advanced and well-connected civilizations in human history was wiped from the face of the earth in a matter of years. What happened? Well, no one is certain. There are many clues, however, which help paint a helpful picture of what caused the Bronze Age Collapse.

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The Bronze Age Collapse – Wikipedia

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