1561 Sky Battle – The Best of History’s UFO Sightings


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Hey Man, what's up? Have you ever heard of the sixty one sky battle? Is this? Is this one fifteen sixty one? Yeah, is that the year? Yes, so this is an alien thing. I mean could be all right, rolled up. I think everyone just stared at the sun too. We were at waffle house. Dude, you were struggling that day. Where you like? This is really taken a toll on to see. This is written back in and flut flat. His name is what? No, I know someone named hands. No, you don't. His name is Hod. We know the same Hans things. I learned last night. What is on the five hund sixty one sky battle? Sky Battle, or or what are we have like pirate and know what? There's also the one thousand, five hundred and sixty one celestial for phenomenon over Nuremberg. There's another name. Oh yes, sky battles way more catchy. Yeah, I agree, it sounds way cooler. It's like if the show was either going to be called battle bots or robots built by nerds that fight each other in the cool little right to the death in a cage. No, it's not even the rope. And they were like this is a little misleading, because this we can't tell if the show is called robots built by nerds that fight each other to death. It sounds like the nerds fight each other to the death, not the rope of the robots, not the rods. Yeah, like it's just misleading. MMM MM. So this is a similar thousand five hundred sixty one. Pirates had to have recorded this, or vikings or something. No, humans, pirates are people to, just like act proven pirates are people to. Okay, well, all right, so Nuremberg, one thousand five hundred and sixty one, okay, average day in the then free yeah, in the then free sires, average day in the then. It's what I thought you were just about to say to me. Nurro Park, one thousand five hundred and sixty one, an average day in the then. Looks that I I saying that time in the then. What, yeah, is in the then free imperial city. Okay, the Holy Roman Empire. Durnberg, sure was a free city. At the time. There was a mass sighting of unexplained aerial phenomena, which is the modern, like welcome term for it, but the proper term is ufos. Use painted that as a woke thing. What are you talking about? Yeah, yeah, well, culture got a little little. Do you stop Tom You AP column by Whoa Phenomena? Huh? But the the truth. People know. So in April one thousand five hundred and sixty one, there's this broadsheet that was printed by a guy named hands class. Or okay, why did you? Why are you lasts for Funny Hands Glass? Or all right, it's Hans first of all. But all right, no, I know someone named hands. No, you don't. His name is Hans. We know the same Hans. We'll get my call find out you really answering like Ah, this is hands, hi, hands. Well, he's a lawyer now, so he'd go go for hands, go for an. That's Alaw your sis to look over hands. Where are you saying? You go for a hand. It's just too confusing. Have you? I saw this like selfdefense video the other day. How is this gonna make sense? And the GUY said, if you're getting mugged, he said you need to defer their attention away. So what you want to do is you want to say something. Oh, just off the wall. That doesn't make any sense. So be like. I saw a pig the other day and it's going to confuse him and be like what? And when they say what, you punch up the throat. Does the Selfdefense. Yeah, yeah, so that's that's go for hands. It's disarming and then you can confuse them. Go for hair stuff. Oh, I was calling to ask about your law practice. I was called to find out about some laws, some law. Hey, do you guys so law? Do you guys do law? Yeah, so, hands, glass her. He printed a broad chee. He was a local wood cutter and illustrator and he printed a broad sheet recounting the events that everybody in the town supposedly witnessed. Yeah, which the broadsheet, the way, was set up as he had it was a piece of wood that he had painted the picture of what happened on and then he had put his interpretation below a picture of it. Yes, here is a picture of the broadsheet of what happened in the sky over Nurremberg that day. So basically, the spun, the Sun was playing chest at the moon and flipped at the table over raw and see that is went flying everywhere. Some tittley wings involved. So to explain this picture you, I hope he had an artistic approach to this. He said, we literally what was in the sky exactly what they saw. That'd be terrifying. So here's what let me explain this far the audio listeners that you got. This the the town of Nurremberg, the sleepy town of Nurremberg. Picture a town in one thousand five hundred and sixty one. That's what it looks like. One of the churches. Picture what town looked like in the then one of the churches on the far end of town is on fire and there's smoke emanating from it on a bunch of little orbs around the outside of that church. And then in the sky there is the sun, very large, with an angry expression on its face, as you know the sun does. Sometimes it looks like the sun from if you're played Super Mario Brothers three. Yeah, there's a sun level, it's got a face, yes, that it's that. Behind the sun there's these two like crescent moon type things. It's almost like the sun has like a backpack with wings on it that it's wearing that day. And then there's a bunch of orbs all over the place, lots of different colors, a bunch of crosses. Some of the ORBS are connected with crosses. What language is is this language? Is this, I don't know, Latin? Maybe that's an assumption. I have no idea. And then there is a bunch of like, honestly, they look like chess pieces. They look like broken ponds all over the place, and then cannons that like shoot the little orbs out of them. Yeah, this is not can't we're at all. Yeah. Well, and then there's a giant black spear type thing at the bottom that looks like if you could picture the ships from Star Wars. That's what it looks like, a gigantic spear shaped. It's worth the Google. where they got to Google to find this thing? The one thousand five hundred and sixty one sky battle or the one five and sixty one celestial phenomena over Nuremberg? Either want to get you there. So whatever happened over the guys? That supposed to that as opposed to the one thousand five hundred and eighty four sky that looks it whatever it is, over Nuremberg. Yeah, and there was another year. Another wasn't and so the interpretation that hands Glasser gave to this was that the Lord was very angry with the people. Yeah, here's, here's here's the translation of for less whole setting down here. Yeah, I'm going to read that and put up a translated in real time. Ready. Yeah, this is, I believe, Latin. I'm not sure, but I know how to read it. Go ahead. So it says in the morning of April Fourteen fifteen sixty one, at daybreak, between four and five am, a dreadful apparition occurred on the sun. And then this was seen in Nuremberg, in the city before the gates, and in the country by many men and women. People talk to weird back then. Just, you know, forget about it. At first there appeared to in the middle of the sun, to blood red semi circle ARCS. So those are the little, yeah, pack thing. I think everyone just stared at the sun too long. Who it's like, so hey look, and everyone went, oh, look at all that stuff. We see. Oh, you see all those dots. I can't get him to go away. If I look at the church, throughout the church. Now, could you guys see that wind in the city? Certainly this is God's judgment. And in the sun above. I'm reading again, I don't know if you could tell. And The Sun above and below and on both sides. The color was blood, not red. It was blood. There stood a round ball of partly dull, partly black. First color on what that means. Likewise, there stood on both sides and as a torus about the sun, such blood red ones and other balls in large number, basically saying there was a bunch of stuff flying around, and rods and balls and crosses and strips, and they said these all started to fight among themselves, so that the Globes, which were the first in the sun, flew out to the one standing on both sides. Thereafter the globe standing outside the sun, in the small and large rods flew into the sun. Besides the Globes. They flew back and forth among themselves and fought vehemently with each other for over an hour. And then it says and when the conflict I'm fast forwarding lung story short. Eventually it got to put that in there. Put A tl be all in there. I just the really hero. It was tough to understand. And then he got to a point where he says the the orbs and the rods got so tired from fighting each other for so long that many of them blew up in a bright shining light and then fell to the earth with smoke. So it's what caused the that's what causes smoke over there, smoke over there, is those those different orbs falling and burning. And so he said that he's that God was very angry with the people and if they didn't fix their lives and behave better, that he was going to bring his rast comes out on them. Yes, yeah, so, as many of those those people. Today, when we see stuff happened in this guy, we say, Oh, that's probably aliens. Back then, when, yeah, sure, back then, when you saw stuff in this guy, you say, Oh, God's probably mad at us. Oh, man, so God knows I was a jerk yesterday. God saw me be a jerk yesterday's so he made a bunch of stuff fly from the sun and blow up. God knows I stole three hundred and fifty million dollars from every bank in the Metro area and for that reason he is out. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. We love our listeners a lot and one way that you can let us know you're here is by leaving a podcast review. Maybe that's a five star thing in the apple podcast at. Maybe you listen on spotify or if you're watching on Youtube leave a commet. We do read all the comments and reviews. We just love knowing what you think about this show. Also, if you haven't yet, go check out some of our other episodes. My current favorite is the identical strangers episode. It's three brothers or triplets who were separated at birth, unbeknowns to them or their parents, as part of a really weird experiment. So there's a lot of really fun stuff we talked about in that episode, but thank you for checking this out. Now back to this one. This is a peculiar event because here we have this guy witnessed it, recorded it and drew a picture about it, just like the police do with things happen and and a lot of other people in the town reportedly saw this and corroborated his story. They were like, Yep, that's exactly what happened. Yeah, they were like signed off. I agree. I don't know. I don't know how this got corroberated, but apparently a bunch of people say, yeah, this is legit. Okay, I don't know. So there's a lot of theories to how this happened. The first and biggest and probably most realistic, is the alien it's obvious it was aliens, this right outlue, aliens fighting in the sky. Yeah, yeah, they they had a war and they said, if we do a war on our planet then we might mess it up. Let's go to the stupid humans. Where there any other accounts from any neighboring cities or anything like that, because if this is a big event like this, you would have seen it. Do we know? I don't know. I don't know how close this was to other towns. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know about any other towns that when I'm saying there is another something interesting that we'll talk okay, but as far as I know, no other nearby town saw this event. I'm saying, like the solar eclipse, right, it's not just like in North Kansas City. Yeah, that was everywhere. Yeah, but think about how towns weren't really that far away back then. Yeah, I'm true, like if we, if we live the same distance away that we live right now, I would never know you existed. Yeah, that's true. Actually, that's pretty crazy, you know, and it's less than thirty miles. To be fair, though, like I don't know how far, and he depends how high up this happened because like it the horizon line. That's true. You and I might not be able to witness the same thing in the sky. You know, you're the same moon at night, though. No, this is there's a different moon for every town the US. The NASSA they put. They put a new moon for everything. NASA. UNT even call it NASA. You called the AASA the NASA. That's a that's a red flag right there. I someone won't say it. Also, are there other ones? That what's another agency that we say it the NASA. Say NASA, the Fabi? We don't say yeah, we don't kind the we don't say the other ones. It's got to be a reason. I don't know. I gotta be a reason. The Er's what are you are hiding at any essay? What if you stood outside of NASA's building and you're like tell me about the fifteen, sixteen, one, five hundred and sixty one lead. Yeah, are fight sky battle, Sky Battle. They would be like probably a natural. So are there sky battle truthers out there who were going to find our show? Maybe we'll see. We'll find out when, when the comments have come in. So okay. So what are the theories then? So the Aliens Right, aliens said, let's go have a war on earth real quick and last like an hour. And I mean if you look at it from that Lens, you can see it like if you were if you didn't know a Y, if you look different the Lids, you couldn't imagine that right, if you were to imagine that that's what happened, you could have better close, pretty close. But if you look at the picture, look at the picture. Hold on, look at the picture. That looks like that, especially that Black Arrow. If you're listening, I'm sorry, but like go look this up. That Black Arrow looks like if you were alive in the fifteen hundreds and you haven't seen star wars yet, like it, but you saw an imperial destroyer. This is probably what you draw and you'd be like, yeah, there was an Arrow in the sky because you didn't know what an imperial destroyer was yet. Okay. And and he said that they were fighting him and they got tired. They blew up with a great light and then they fell to the ground with a lot of smoke, which sounds like spaceships blowing up. So I don't know. Okay, if you want to look at it, that way. It's believable. That's what I choose to believe. Okay, the other theories, there's there's a couple other theories. One of them it was that it was a meteor shower early morning, probably pretty light our with a bunch of you know, just space rocks falling in hitting stuff. And if you've ever seen meteor shower, if you were to look atter, that that's what happened. Imagine a meteor shower. If you would imagine, you can imaginally close. Yeah, yeah, that one does kind of check out. Also, like it if it wasn't mean your shower. Maybe the problem is we're able to go back and like find record of a lot of like like Oh hey, we found meteorites in that area or whatever. None of that's there. So, like, if it wasn't me your shower, there's no record of anything ever being recovered. Okay, and there's nothing that we can look back through looking at the stars and stuff. How well were be stars keeping rightless? I mean, if this guy's keeping a record for this, I mean I would just I don't know, I don't know this this was a pretty life changing event for this guy, it seems. Yeah, because if you don't know. I mean even if it was just an eclipse and you had never seen that before. So I'm saying, yeah, shake your brain, whoa. Yeah, yeah, and so I knew it was going to happen in this solar close was a pretty crazy event. Yeah, it's hard to see that. Yeah, what it got dark. It's hard to see that. It's hard to be like, Whoa, it is hard to live through this. We were at Waffle House, Dude, you were struggling that day where you like, this is really taken a toll on my middle health to see. I still saw that and I said, you know what, I think this is God trying to tell us that there is a disease coming and we all need to be careful or turn from our ways. You know, made the joke. That's fine, better than one I was going to make. Make It. No, okay, so, could have been aliens, could have been a medeor shower. Okay. Another idea is that it was a comment and they just saw the comment flying to the sky. The problem is described an hour long experience. Yeah, and they described a lot of other things, like not just one object with the tail, and they described like things fallen down with smoke and explosions. It could have been a comment and he could have just really embellished it, because at the end of the day, like, this is just one guy's painting. Yeah, and something he wrote down, like he could have just embellished what he saw. There was a lot of stuff. It was so much you're not going to leave. And I was here enuff. Yeah, yeah, I said one of them. I to the ORB and I said orb fly again. It did. He's like, my name is hands was like, my name is orb. The nerbs like, I think you mean hots in the guy, and then the hands was like is this is a life change? That has sound better. Okay, so there's that idea. So there's that stupid idea. There's what? Another idea is that this guy literally just made it up, like I know what saging at this point. Yeah, literally just made it all up. Nothing music. Yeah, and several other people will corwate my story. Yeah, yeah, several other people said they saw that happen. So who the other people in the town? Here's here's a thing. Yes, he could have just made this up. At the end of the day, all we have is a painting and some stuff he wrote on a piece of wood. Could he have made that up? Absolutely, people draw stuff that's not real all the time. Yeah, but no, but here's what we will say. But we have a lot of us other broadsheets that he puts. Oh, and they do child tell events that we do know our historically accurate. Okay. And so is it possible that one time he just made something up? Sure, but it does kind of likely. Probably not. Yeah, especially in this format. Most likely he is recounting a triteil. Could he have him bellish it? Maybe. Could he have drawn this a little different than it actually looked? Most likely. He clearly put this the logical spin on his interpretation of it. So maybe his art had that same span as well. Sure, I mean the sun has a face in the picture, so most likely, most like her. No, worn't just look. Okay, let's go look. Yeah, let's look. Let's go see the sun has a look at the sun's they ever seen? Yeah, anybody ever see the face? Ask the end say, ask the ANASA. This is sun of a face. Another theory, which seems to be the most widely accepted, why they accepted, is that this was an issue of Sun Dogs, which a lot of people don't know what this is, but rare occasion. You were like why they accepted is sun dogs. Oh Yeah, a lot of people don't know this, but sometimes early in the morning and the guy over northern European towns, sometimes the docks for the sun just get out the roll over the sky. Yeah, Barki Harrible there. Yeah, T sun is the worst neighbor rightings. Dogs are always running around. It doesn't do anything. Try to catch them and we'll control as to calm or they just blow up. The stugs just kind of blow up. Sometimes, yeah, it's tired, explode. It's a mess. It's a mess. Not these are sun dogs. So this is a an actual effect that can happen. Oh, and it's pretty rare. But basically what happens, and this I don't know how, I don't know all the technical terms for this, but basically it's an atmospheric distortion of the image of the Sun. And so when the sun rises in the morning, if it gets that that there's like this perfect moment in the sunrise wherefore, about an hour this Sun will have these two other suns that you can see from the sky and it's a distortion in the atmosphere. There's not two sets of suns, but they're out on where is this picture? Left and right, signs northern Europe. And what what happens is it's kind of like if you're looking through like an eyeglass in a weird way at a light and you kind of sure can see that light in another spot on the eyeglasses. The same thing. The atmosphere is distorting the image of the sun and you're seeing the sun three times, one in the middle, two on both sides. They Cause Sun dogs because they say, Oh, y'all, look, those are the dogs of the Sun. Over on the side it's is those rus dogs. You know, the sun has pets, just like even the sun has died. Relate to the sun. We're not too different the sun. So here's what's crazy. Is What's crazy. The Sun has the it's two dogs, yeah, but most the time when you look there's only one sun, because that's when the sun carried the dogs. He takes a again for listening to this episode. If you like our show, make sure you follow us on social at till in podcast or subscribe anywhere where you're listening to right now, whether that's Youtube, spotify or apple podcast, whatever it is, and if you want more, we do have a patreon you can support us on. In there you get all sorts to parks like out a free episodes, early access to our content and even a discord with our host and producers. So We'd love for you to check that out. All you got to do is text till into six, six, eight hundred and sixty six. That's till in two, six, six, eight hundred sixty six, but thanks again for checking us out. Here's the thing. This is some unbelievable because if we look at if we look at the picture, there are these like weird arc things. I'm curious with the like little blue pole looking things in the side. Are you know? Yeah, you can kind of. Maybe, if you look at some of that, like there's like that coloration on the side. Maybe he's interpreting that as those bars. Well, and I'm sure, I really do think if you're looking at this, like this appears right and you're looking straight at it, like you're going to have this on the sun dots when you're looking around. Yeah, yeah, that effect where you stare at the sun, you start seeing bash. But it's true, like I'm sure the people saw this and they were staring at it and they're like, what the heck is that? And then they yeah, they started seeing all that stuff from okay son. So this is the wildly ecs e their one. This is the why they accepted theory. Skeptics disagree, but I think, I think this is probably most likely what they saw. And who knows, maybe they this happened and then there was a meteor shower at the same time and a comet and India and the war. I mean one of the odds. I mean the odds are slip, but they're not zero. That's true. There's slip, but not zero. So I think this is the most likely possibility. Here's the deal, though. This isn't the only time that's happened. We have another broadsheet from one thousand five hundred and sixty six and the town of Basil with a very similar picture. This is in which year, one thousand five hundred and sixty six, five years later, I few later, years later, and another year very in town similar. Yeah, and so this picture to paint the picture of picture a town in one thousand five hundred and sixty six, five years further along then, yeah, were whatever things looked like. So the Ford Taurus is a little bit nicer than it was back then, but a town square, there's multiple people out. Yeah, they're all pointing up at it, freaking out. And then the sun is back there, still has a face, still faced, same face. Yeah, he's Sun faced, totally sun face, and there are white orbs, look like, you know, little snowballs or something around it, but then also just black ones, and the whole sky is full of it. Either a white or a black dot. Yep, Yep. And in this one it's a similar story. They interpreted again as God was mad at them and there was a judgment coming. Here is here's the text of this event during the Orr one thousand five hundred and sixty six, on the twenty seventh of July, after the sun had shone warm on the clear, bright skies at around nine pm, so in the evening this time, it's suddenly took a different shape and color. First the sun lost all its radiance and luster and it was no bigger than the full moon, and it finally seemed to weep tears of blood and the air behind it went dark. And then he was they thought the sun was a boy at the time, and then he was seen by all the people of the city in the countryside in much the same way also as the moon, which had already been almost full and had shown through the night, assuming an almost blood red color in the sky the next day. So now this is a multiday event. The next day the Sun rose at about six o'clock and slept with some with the same appearance it had as it was lying before. He let the houses, the streets around as if everything was blood red and fiery. And then at dawn of August the seventh, so many days later. Yeah, we saw a large black spheres coming and going with great speed and precipitation before the Sun and chattered as if they left, as as if they led a fight. So they were loud, many of them were fiery red and soon crumbled and then extinguished. So this one does actually seem like this is a combination of everything. The first one sounds like an eclipse, the first thing to happen. Sure it was probably an eclipse, and then the next one sounds like a blood moon, and then and then it does sound like a meteor shower. Yeah, because this was a multiday affair. Yeah, so I think what's going on here is they piece it all together and say this was like the judgment of the God that came in three different visions. MMM, and God is mad at us again because that guy over. Now. How far away did this take place from? This took place in the town of Bassel. The other one took place in Nuremberg. So if you just Nurmberg, yeah, how else would you spot Nuremberg? Yeah, and you Arembe Nuremberg, U said nerm yeah, new, new room. Now Wimberg, Nuremberg, new, new. It's four and a half hour drive. Four hundred and forty one. Okay, so it's a lotzers good distance. How many kilometer miles? That like the face you made, the American face of kilometers, where you're like idiots. We're the only ones that don't use it. So it's a good distance away, though. I'm yeah, like it's not like two hundred and seventy four miles. Yeah, this was written by game named Flood Blat. What his name is? What? Just A flug blood? Well, maybe flu block, I think. Well that I'm gonna Google that. I think the town is called saved. His name is. Why are you the one in charge of this? We either research assisted just so tim knows how to pronounce things. So floog Blat is now in German, both the spelling of the word and the article presuing the right to the Bab Bah. Yeah, okay, here we go. Oh, that's German. I can't read that. What are we doing here? Thing got flog black means it's not the name because it was written. Oh, a flog Blat is a leaflet or a little book or a piece of paper. Okay, so that this is the next time someone gives you a flyer say all hate thanks for this flug black. Well, I'm saying that this is a flog but it's not written by Bog Blat. This is a flug bat of Basil. This is what the caption says. It's a flag Blat of Basil by Samuel a Pireus and Samuel Cosi us. So yeah, so next time, next time someone gives you a flyer called a Flogblat, that's thank you for this flood Plat. Yeah, you guys have a Flogblat or something. You know what one of the most effective voice of Ministry is. I hand out these little flood blots right and it says heaven or hell and it says one thousand five hundred and sixty one in the skies of our Norremberg. There I was God judge in a Bucky's bathroom and the top of your am was a flood black change my life. Froen, who wrote this? Oh, hands evile, Hannes he so, yeah, turns out its Hans, who knew? Who Knew? Who Canoe? You know. So this this scenario is a little bit easier for me to stomach. It's a little easier for me to say all those events happened within like three days of each other. Well, no, because it started the first one was July twenty seven. Yeah, that's and then to last was August seven. So, yeah, it's all this is a long period of different celestial events. Yeah, they were. The other one is just can saying that it all happened one night. Yeah, here's what I think happened. You know, I'm going to tell you what I think. Please tell me Your theory. I think what happened is Hans saw something he couldn't explain and he tried to explain it and he embellish upon it pretty hard. Or we talked to other people and everyone had different things. So the story just kind of develop like it's like telephone, Yep, or for them, Flood Blat, the plague, flood black. It's just so funny to be so that's because you're saying it wrong, probably. You know, it's really nice. What's that? Months ago, super cold in here and we turn the air off, and now it's feels like when we first started this podcast in here, like I feel like I need to take my shoes off. I'm not wanting to belt, but I feel like I should wear it's a little warm. Now, let me kick my shoes off. Oh, we're almost done. I'm kicking my shoes off here. The what more do you have to say? He's the the I used to only do this shoeless. Yeah, and then I started wearing shoes for some reason. I should go back. I should go back to being barefoot on the PODCAST. Okay, is there anything more about the topic? Yeah, so, yeah, so here's the thing. So I think, like I said, I think he probably embellished. Why do you work? Closes time. Mused to be fully nude. Just we're you're a blockbuster and I had, I literally had a story with my eyes closed the whole time. Oh you're gonna do that again? Oh, cool, all right, yeah, I don't see me. It's audio. Yeah, they do. is every professional radio station. Every professional radio station is just naked. All right, it really has. Every country steps with the nerve. They love. If your love, if you're afraid, take a close off. Kay, love hosts. Hey, thanks for listening, a kid. Hey, it's over the pledge drive. Oh my gosh. Okay, more of the story. Probably Aliens. Oh sure, sure, that's your most likely aliens. Your Real theory? Is that my real theors? Guy went around. I think it was part of the sun dogs. I think that makes sense. It is. Then you probably stared at it and saw some stuff in his eyes and then everybody and then he embellished it a little bit. But could be. But but if you look at this and you don't see this and say that's probably an imperial star destroyer, then you're wrong. It is. It is. That's that, to me, is the one part that's like kind of phenomenal about this. Is like that looks like. That looks like what we say what that looks like to be starships. Look like that looks like a blind spot to me, like you've now you've damaged your eye in the shape, in the shape of an imperial star destroyer. Sure, no, you've never seen you've never seen star war. So she saw this in the sky. Yeah, you probably would think, oh, it's like an Arrow or something. Yea's what you that's your brain with. Associate with it, because your brain isn't bro You hungry. What is happening to you? What it is? At the end, you're like mentally breaking down to the point where you're like as a real start, are you? You're seen star wars, like you're starting to like you look belligerent. You're sober beligerent right now. Maybe it's because I took off my shoes and yours over here, like we're you were seen star wars worth. Well, what if you're dumb rain saw this in the sky? What would you think it was? You Bet that's what you treat me like. Chill, I'm just better that you haven't seen Star Wars. That's fine. I'm surprised. I'm I think it's weird. They both at the both suns have a face in the tiddly wings up there. Yeah, so I don't know. It's a weird thing. I mean, the other one had sound. This one doesn't seem to have sound. He never mentions hearing anything. Oh, that's interesting. That's right. The one did mention that they were allowed. Yeah, which this is weird. If it was a sky battle with aliens and there was explosions and crashes, you would hear it. You'd probably hear it. Yeah, you don't hear a meteor shower. Yeah, meteors are quiet typically. Yeah. Yeah, they turn the volume down before they go. Okay, thing I was you like to talk about? Not? We probably should go at things are getting weird. Yeah, well, I mean, but if you maybe it's because he was talking the whole time. This guy was like I looks like maybe an imperial thing, or it was like shut up, we're trying to listen to this battle. What have you. Listen real close to fit the wall. It is things are then. Last night is a production of space tim medium produced by Christian Taylor, audio by Alice Garnett, video by Connor Bets, our graphics and our logo by Caleb Goldberg, and our social media is run by KAYLEA boker. Our host are Jeremyers and Tim Stone. Fall us on your favorite social media platform at Tillin podcast is till and podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I have done. Last night

Imagine you woke up one morning to find the sky is full of circular, triangular, and cylindrical objects darting to and fro in an apparent struggle for aerial supremacy. You might immediately think that you were witnessing an alien invasion. Maybe you’d assume you were hallucinating. But, imagine this happened while you were living in the year 1561. That’s precisely what happened to the people of Nuremberg, Germany. The 1561 Sky Battle, also known as the 1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg, excited the imaginations of those who saw it. Whereas our cultural conditioning would lead us to assume it was a fleet of UFOs, the locals on that day thought it was a warning of the impending judgment of God. Regardless of the interpretation, the event is a rather curious one that lacks an obvious explanation. At least, it lacks 100% proof of any of the prevailing theories.

The 1561 Sky Battle

On April 14, 1561, the people of Nuremberg awoke to an inexplicable site in the skies above. According to a broadsheet written by local publisher Hans Glaser, the phenomenon lasted for over an hour. He recounted that the sky was full of colorful shapes that sped across their field of view and engaged one another in combat. Finally, after much fighting, these shapes fell to the earth with smoke and fire. As was typical for his day, Glaser put a religious interpretation on the experience. He claimed that they had witnessed a vision from God, and the message was clear: God’s judgment was coming.

The Theories

Obviously, one of the leading theories for this event is the theory that it was a mass UFO sighting. However, that is not the only theory employed by those who read Glaser’s broadsheet. Other ideas include more common celestial phenomena, including meteor showers or comet sightings. Both of which are believable explanations for this event. The generally accepted theory for what happened that day is a Parhelion or Sun Dogs. The rare visual distortion of the sun can create visions that are similar to the experience described by Hans. There is always the possibility that Hans entirely made it up. We don’t have any photographic evidence, nor do we have any corroboration from other writers of the day.


We want this story to be about aliens. But it’s hard to say much conclusively about the 1561 Sky Battle. It does seem an awful lot like far-off civilizations meeting in Earth’s atmosphere for intergalactic warfare. There are also plenty of perfectly acceptable explanations for this event. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough information to speak with certainty about the event. But, yeah, we’re pretty sure it’s aliens.

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