The Lost Dutchman Mine – A Legendary Treasure Hunt in Arizona


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Unknown Speaker Hey man Criss Angel talks sneaky okay cool Have you ever heard of the Lost Dutchman mine? Speaker 1 What do you do every time you introduce a topic you go Have you ever heard of glitter Unknown Speaker I've ever heard of Tommy fit? Unknown Speaker I just I'm excited to be here. Okay, just happy to Unknown Speaker add people die Speaker 2 before it got into packaging. You can eat as much candy as you want. Unknown Speaker That's not true. Speaker 2 This is the story that kind of catapulted this into a big deal. My mother in law thought we were gonna get killed by the cartel Speaker 1 that actually is true why we had to stop. It's the most bodacious force. I can say that. Things I Learned last night Speaker 1 so the Lost Dutchman Lost Dutchman mine is that it sounds like a roller coaster like a theme park. It Unknown Speaker really does. Actually. Speaker 1 It's no longer the end. There's like a Flying Dutchman that like, you know, you know, the rides were like something comes down and then you dip, Speaker 2 which I want you to actually Could you describe the Flying Dutchman to me without using SpongeBob? Like what does the Flying Dutchman look like? Well, he looks like or just any Dutchman? Unknown Speaker There's a character in animated series. Speaker 2 No, I don't want you to use that one. If you picture a Flying Dutchman without the Flying Dutchman from Spongebob. What does that Speaker 1 look like? Okay, well, he's got wooden shoes. And he's got like, you know, you know, the Dutch little windmills. That's what he's got on his back. And the propeller. That's the Flying Dutchman. I thought when you said the when he's wearing those, like, later husband? Yeah. Yeah. And I was getting there later. Hosen. Yeah. Well, I had some of those in RuneScape. What's his face? They did a they did like a little special event thing. And if Unknown Speaker you watch the RuneScape videos, I sent you the other night. Unknown Speaker No, I'd already seen him. Unknown Speaker That kid getting 99 You know, I'm talking about? Unknown Speaker Yeah, yeah. It was like a reality show. Speaker 2 No, no, no, no, no, it was in the game. It wasn't he was playing the game. And I don't know. I don't know. Like, he had to line this up. Like he got himself up to where he was like, one hit away from 99 in like every step, okay. And he was like going through town, maxing out each stat and and like, he was like, live streaming. It was like balabac Hitting 99 I love that. And everyone was like, I don't think he told everyone on the stream that he was like, about to hit 90 That and everything cool that he did that. And so it's just boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. It was. It was a fun watch. You should go back into the 200 Tick Tock videos. Yeah, don't watch that I sent you. It's in there somewhere. And Speaker 1 Reagan lay in bed at night. And we watch all the things that you sent. Yeah, I know. You've told me this. We get there. And I go, I go. Oh, well. It's time to catch up on Tim's tiktoks. It's our favorite show Unknown Speaker talks. Anybody? Yeah. Unknown Speaker I'm not gonna watch that video. Because I want to cheer on that kid. Unknown Speaker Well, it's interesting. Yeah, it's it's an exciting watching. Good for you. What even is flushing Unknown Speaker flushing is where you make bows and arrows. Interesting. Speaker 2 So you you could make a really good Boehner you just couldn't use it. I had live pretty good archery skills too, but not as good as make archery skills. Speaker 1 Not as good as making it. Yeah. Super rich off that though. So I was more of a businessman. And that's fair. That's where it came out with the Grand Exchange ruined my entire business model because the entire thing kind of was a scam when you think about it. Like I saw a really funny Runescape post. This is so inside but press post that was like when I was 13 I was manipulated by a 30 year old man on RuneScape to mine pure essence for 30 GP. They were like I was in a slave called mining. Speaker 2 That was the beauty of all of like, early 2000s online games like Neopets or Inscape. Unknown Speaker Down Yeah, Speaker 2 Club Penguin, all of them it was old men scamming kids into getting the Speaker 1 point man not like old guys. Well and like they were making they're making money on it, dude. Speaker 2 Yeah, yeah. Well, you know, there's a business for everything. I buy gold coins and people are doing that and I'd like fortnight and stuff. Speaker 1 Oh, absolutely. Yes, yes, yes. Yes. Yes. Get into that. Absolutely. No, I bought I bought like a million gold coins for like 60 bucks, one time thing, or 3 million or whatever it was, whatever the whatever the exchange was exchange, right? Yeah, just like that's where I got it for like one of my Christmas gifts. I asked, Hey, can you buy me gold coins in RuneScape? Yeah, Unknown Speaker where can I buy them Speaker 1 my, my dad did it. And then said, Son, this is the last time we're going to do anything. And he sat me down had a really serious talk where he said, we would love for you to go back to college. Speaker 2 We've been doing this for you for too long. We're not going to Speaker 1 son, you got to earn 3 million coins in the game. Unknown Speaker And that's when you got 99 in Flushing. Speaker 1 Really? It was. I was like, Okay, I'll go I'll show you. Unknown Speaker This is a very similar situation the last time Speaker 1 I kept waiting for you to switch back the Dutchman and you kept doing Runescape stuff. I was okay. Speaker 2 I'll do. Mine is a very similar concept. Unknown Speaker Yeah, mining is involved. Yeah, yeah. Speaker 2 So this is the story. Maybe the legend is a better word, but it's it's the most well known. Dutchman it's the most it's the most well known lost mine. in existence. I don't know how many lost minds you've ever heard of. But Speaker 1 it's not the is it is a mind that we don't know where it is. Kind kinda didn't know where it was. We found it. Speaker 2 Let me paint the picture. Okay, there was a man named Jacob waltz, who lived in the 1800s died like 1890 something. And an 1840s he had this weird habit that, Speaker 1 you know, we're like, the last people who will have a one in our birth year. Yeah, we know the beginning. Like, that's a little crazy to think about. Actually, Speaker 2 our grandkids will write papers about it. And literature classes be like my Speaker 1 grandpa's birthday is 1994. And people were like, holy crap. He's a goblin and we'll have like, go to their class to ah, that's gonna suck, dude. Yeah. Because especially cuz we're like, we're like, 90s kids. So we're like, going out. Live. Everyone out. Everyone Speaker 2 else? Yeah. Yeah, they're gonna be like, there'd be like he was born and there was no brain tips. And they're all dumber than Unknown Speaker they're all gonna go. Ah. The future the brain chips messed up. They don't know how to do that anymore. Unknown Speaker Did you know that the Tough Mudder has. Speaker 1 Nevermind. Don't want to know what you just said. So Jacob walls died in 1892. Speaker 2 Jacob waltz? Yeah. In the 1840s he had this weird habit that popped up out of nowhere, and everyone thought was strange. Okay. Take a guess. What do you think? Unknown Speaker I don't know. What is it? He Speaker 2 paid only in gold nuggets for everything. And so Unknown Speaker yeah, gold nuggets. Yeah, he went mining for gold. Speaker 2 Yeah. But he didn't like refine it. Yeah, it wasn't worth as much. It was just raw gold nuggets. Okay. And he did this for the rest of his life just paid for everything in gold nuggets. And everyone's like, well, here's Jacob waltz, Walton with his golden nuggets. Who knows? Okay, we don't know what we know. Mr. Payne and golden nuggets. Okay. And then he did your thing. On his deathbed. He pulled his he pulled his son in and said, Hey, there's this mine. There's a mine. And there's he's Dutch. Right? There's this mine that I found. It has got a lot of gold in it. Unknown Speaker That's what we've been living Speaker 2 off of. Yeah. And then he tells them how to find it. But he doesn't give very good directions. Speaker 1 Because he's like dying. Go find Unknown Speaker it's Speaker 1 it took him a second to realize the joke I was making was I wasn't proud of that. Unknown Speaker Cheese. Yeah, just like that actually. is insane. Goes trying to find the mind. Never mind. Speaker 2 But he tells some people about it. Who finds it. Yeah. He tells some people about it. Tell some people about it. And now it's like a legend. It's out there that there's this mind and so it's supposed to supposedly last in the Superstition Mountains. Which I don't know if you've heard there were there were they're called. Yeah, they're in Arizona. north of Phoenix. Speaker 1 Oh, what? Yeah, this is in the United States. Yeah. What are we doing? Hear Unknown Speaker I guess that's a good point. Unknown Speaker Let's go. Speaker 2 Well, here's the deal. It's, it's become a big deal because, I mean, starting really in like the 1890s people started trying to find this mine. word started to spread pretty rapidly, people started searching for them. And it's shrouded in mystery, because a lot of people who've tried to find the mine have mysteriously been murdered Unknown Speaker Okay, Unknown Speaker for example, there was Speaker 1 oh, there was a YouTuber who was looking for this mine. His series. Yeah, right. No different. Unknown Speaker I don't know if a YouTuber has been looking for Okay, do you? Speaker 1 Maybe it wasn't this mind. But there was a YouTuber who like was searching for something in the desert. Yeah. And was like, you know, had been looking for it for many years. It's shaped like an M. There's like, okay, hold on. Wait a minute. There's no there's like a cave that has an edit the cave entrance looks like an M. And you'll have to look it up. Just Google. You have a computer in front of you. cave entrance in shape. It'll pull it up, I promise. And so this YouTuber has documented he found this cave. He's got pictures that he was showing a video and all that stuff. Speaker 2 The M cave of Kenny Veatch? Unknown Speaker Yeah. And then he's been missing. He's like he's gone. Unknown Speaker Interesting. Well, it's probably Speaker 1 a completely different topic. Yeah. But looking at that later. Speaker 2 It's probably a very simple, similar situation that's happening here. Unknown Speaker Where are people going? Speaker 2 Well, here's, here's the story. This is this is the story that kind of catapulted this into a big deal. And in 1931 a treasure hunter who I don't know if that was his career, or if that was just like a hobby or something he'd Can Unknown Speaker you put that on your LinkedIn? Is that an option? Treasure Hunter, you can Speaker 2 put anything in your LinkedIn? No, I'll do it at treasure hunter, Adolph Ruth. It's 1931 Speaker 1 You know what I bet Discovery Channel would give us a lot of money to be treasure hunters. Or History Channel. Unknown Speaker Both of them would. Let's pitch a show. Unknown Speaker treasure hunters. Speaker 2 i We might be honest at the near Okay, no. So this guy Unknown Speaker treasured friends. What if we what if we're Treasure Island? Speaker 2 What if we're you? It's treasure hunters. But we're hunting for treasure. But we can only eat animals that we hunted ourselves on the hunt. And so we're hunting we're also hunting right and a duck lied. Speaker 1 You and I are the treasure. You and I have not shot or caught anything. You and me we have an eight week the most outdoor men that I know. Speaker 3 We cut the last ditches treasure drinking our Speaker 1 own pee Bear Grylls style. And we'll ever have of mine that treasure. And we go we found it. We found it and we're showing the caravan. It's a pile of rice, little Unknown Speaker schooling and all this gold because we're like Speaker 1 delusional. And then discoveries like we can't release this footage. We actually have to burn this footage. Because we've ruined these two lives. People's lives. Yeah, that's fine. I'm down for that though. Speaker 2 So Adolf Ruth, he he was a treasure hunter and he went and searched Lost Dutchman mine, okay. told his family about it was like I'm going to the Superstition Mountains, and they were like, We don't know if that's some place you should go just based on the name. But he did it anyways. And he disappeared. didn't come home. Two months later, his body was found without his head. And month after that they found his head with two bolt holes in it two miles away. So a little obscure, little. Okay. And that hit the news. And everyone was like we there's a treasure up there. Unknown Speaker That's what they got. Okay. Speaker 2 Yeah, exactly. Everyone heard about this murder. And but I'm like the subtext of the murder was like looking for treasure. Go Speaker 2 if we just take the whole town, all 400 of us. And we marched into the mountains. Unknown Speaker That's current. I mean, they can't take us off. Gotta Speaker 2 do. Yeah. Well, they did. So over the next few years, tons of people started going In searching for this mine kinds of people died. Speaker 1 Tons of people. A lot of them we say tons of people, how many were talking? I mean, 80 ish. 80 people die. Most of the people die most of us and most false Speaker 2 most Yeah, most of the deaths were falling off of cliffs or getting lost and dying of starvation or heat exhaustion, where most of the deaths were ruled as, okay, a handful were ruled as suicides. Which is strange, that they're like, I'm gonna go find this treasure and then Unknown Speaker and then I'm gonna quit. I couldn't Speaker 2 find the treasure. Tonight, which I mean, I don't know, maybe depending on how confident they were when they left. Speaker 1 I mean, if they already spent the money, there's a chance there's Unknown Speaker a chance, I guess. Speaker 1 Hey, this checking out this episode, if you like this one. Or if you don't like this one. There's so many other ones, right? If you're halfway through this one, and you're like, I hate this, I want to go check out the Richmond TV vigilante. It's an episode we did a while ago. It's a little bit of a shorter one. But one morning in Richmond, Virginia, he's people wake up with just TVs on their front porch. No idea where they came from, until one person checked their ring doorbell footage and got a decent surprise. So Richmond TV vigilante is a great episode. If you're gonna go check that out later. But for now, back to this one. Speaker 2 But there was a handful that were ruled suicides that were it's strange that it was rolled because those were like multiple gunshots suspicious. And so Unknown Speaker there were multiple gunshot wounds. Yeah, like Speaker 2 eight off eight offs was true, too. And it was legitimately like, like legally classified as a suicide. Which is Unknown Speaker and then pretty unlikely his own head. Speaker 2 Yeah, I think the official report is shot himself in the head twice. And then an animal took his head somewhere else. And animal happened upon him and was like, Ooh, dibs on that. I don't I don't Speaker 1 You should laugh more when you're talking about this. This is great for the students Speaker 2 100 years ago. Okay. Um, so it's, Unknown Speaker it's, I wrote a paper about it, though. So, Speaker 2 for this assignment, we're supposed to interview our grandpa about what it was like living in 1930. And I can't do that. Unknown Speaker Because Because 1930 was a rough time. So okay. 80 people have died looking Speaker 2 for this have died looking for it. And so it's become pretty famous. Oh, the camera crew that can't kill us. Right. So there's another layer that was discovered into this story shortly after aid off Ruth. And that's that there was a Mexican family that allegedly owned this mine named the Peralta's at a ranch in the Superstition Mountains. Okay. And the Peralta's were like, miners, yeah, in that mine. And waltz. Walston there was like gold, and would sneak gold out of the mine. And so it wasn't his. But because of the gold rush. And the fact that melanoma is the Pearl has kind of kept it as like a, like a hidden mine on their food. Like they didn't want it to be obvious where it was they tried to hide this mind. And so there's allegedly, this map at the Peralta's owned to lead anyone in the family to their mind, and they call them the Peralta stones. And we have these these are in a museum in the superstition Museum, which is the museum in the Superstition Mountains. It's not a Museum named after superstition. It's all about the mountains. But also they have this weird stones with them. These are directions this is supposed to be a map to Speaker 1 the Latin heart, a priest and horse map. Yeah, that's a map. So here's another trail maps. Speaker 2 I've got like a diagram that illustrates it. So here's what we're looking at here. They're like these like red terracotta stones that have just been kind of scribbled all over. Okay, really is what it looks like. So one of them literally just says Don, and that's why these have been ascribed to the Peralta's, because the guy's name was Don Peralta. And so everyone's like, Oh, this is Don Peralta stones Speaker 1 in relation to Jake Peralta. Yeah, the great, Speaker 2 great grandpa. Okay. And then above that is the front side of the Dawn stone has scribbles and up bunch of scribbles and line numbers yeah some numbers it looks two equals Speaker 1 three minus Dona minus 18 equals seven yeah Speaker 2 doesn't know math and then there's another stone on the other ends reminds me Unknown Speaker a lot of a door I've seen Unknown Speaker where does the door go? Unknown Speaker No the door Unknown Speaker What are you talking about? Are Unknown Speaker you talking about the door Unknown Speaker about Monsters Inc? Speaker 1 Oh, I'm talking about the door with a bunch of scribbles on it that we've spent three days in our Discord. deciphering Unknown Speaker Todd's door Speaker 2 man, that door is weird. Yeah, so no, not that. If you're if you're not Speaker 1 1847 in the heart. Yeah, if you're not in the discord you should be Oh, yeah, there's a degree the degree symbol Speaker 2 that is that's something no one's ever said. But that's an interesting that's interesting. Okay, yeah, let me continue describing this for our listeners. The other set the other stone there's a front and back picture here and so the front of it says esta better at us as peligrosa your boy 18 Unknown Speaker Lou Gehrig's Speaker 1 I want you to know listen are the mindspace Corazon but they spoke Corazon wrong as this guy is. Speaking, clearly never taken a Spanish class in his life. I just I've done so confidently. Unknown Speaker Duolingo Duolingo Duolingo. Speaker 1 You can't even say the app. Maybe, maybe chill out. So yeah, it's it's, you don't quit trying to spend five minutes to just look it up, folks. Well, no, this is important link to it in the description. There is a link to this image. Okay, cut them off. There's an edge cut to the next there's not a Speaker 2 witch that's there is there's a cross. It's a witch because a witch with a cross shaking a bunch of ingredients out of the cross. And then there's a horse next to a river. And horses also spelled wrong. And the horse has. It's the most bodacious horse I've ever seen. I could say that. Speaker 1 describing these images, is the worst moment of our entire podcasts. Okay, but then there's a middle one that don't have horses bought that way. Unknown Speaker There's a middle one that's got a heart carved out of it. Oh, Speaker 1 it's not. That's what the that's the that's what the horse sat down. Like? Says 1847 And it says one zero. And I think that's a degree sign. Because why? Because why would they make a zero? You know? Speaker 2 Yeah, that's interesting. Yeah, there's a dagger on it a bunch of other squiggly lines. But then the heart to heart you can put the heart in and you can switch directions of it. And it lines up with the map. Allegedly. Oh, one side of it does. Oh, Speaker 1 weird. I see what you're saying. Yeah. What? Speaker 2 And so the idea is that you can flip it over and zoom in. And so you're looking for the Corazon, which is the heart and so there's something that I guess looks somewhat like a heart that you're trying to find. And once you find it, then that leads you to that and then you flip it over and you find Unknown Speaker because look, there's a heart on that one. Yeah. Speaker 2 Oh, and so doing we Unknown Speaker could find this. Speaker 2 That's what a lot of people say and then they die. And so these these are one of the biggest things that people have clung to Unknown Speaker go down. I'm gonna die. Unknown Speaker This is how you get to the mind. Unknown Speaker Oh, dude, we're gonna find this thing. Speaker 2 Here's the thing though. I don't feel like these are quality matte, like, nothing about this map. makes any sense? Unknown Speaker Yeah. To you and I Unknown Speaker right. Okay, what do you try to say? Speaker 1 I'm no, I'm saying that if you were in the family, you wouldn't understand the maths. Speaker 2 Yeah, maybe there's a lot of familial symbolism in here. Right? Yeah. Speaker 1 Like we could make a secret map that only tilam listeners would understand. Unknown Speaker That's a good point. Actually. You know, should we do that something once we find Speaker 1 the mind we'll make a map for our well we got to do this because I can't believe people are we gotta go on our little chillin road trip soon because people are destroying the things we talk about sexy to Georgia. Guidestones are gone. They got Unknown Speaker blown up. Yeah, yeah. Speaker 1 We His record is gone. Because we talked about her race next. Speaker 2 And so long story short, a lot of people have started looking through these, these maps, okay, and deduced that the horse is the key. And okay, which seems strange, it seems like the hearts the bigger deal, but they deduce that the horse is the key. And the horse tells them that it is this mountain in the Superstition Mountain Range, Mount superstition. And Speaker 1 is this net? Is this national park though? Yes. So you can't just walk in there. Speaker 2 I mean, you just pay your entry fee. You can walk around anywhere. Most national parks you can do whatever you want it. It's just the Grand Canyon. That they're weird about and even the Grand Canyon. Like once you're in you're in imaginative care ports for like that. Speaker 1 Yeah. Anyways, I don't know why you said that. But that's okay. This sounds a crime later. Unknown Speaker They a lot of people think Unknown Speaker that this looks just like a horse. Speaker 1 Is it a lot of blind people? What are you talking about? Like a horse? What they're saying I don't see a horse here. I see. Like a weird face though. In the middle. What you don't see that face, Speaker 2 I do kind of see it. What they say is that this mountain has Four Canyons coming off the side of it, legs of a horse. And then the tail of the horse allegedly points to where the treasure is. And so if you follow that tail that's wrapping around, that's where the treasure is. And then you use the heart map. Unknown Speaker Okay, good. What is this mean in English? Speaker 2 So here's what this says. Okay, so first, the one that says Dawn translates to Dawn Speaker 1 next, My patience is just I'm almost there, dude. Speaker 2 The next one is the horse. We'll talk about the horse. Okay, the horse says so on the left. It's pointing out this river thing and it says the horse of Santa Santa Fe. Yeah. And then on the right of the horse. It says I grazed north of the river. Okay, so that's interesting. So there's some Unknown Speaker that were that mountain ranges. Speaker 2 I don't know actually. Well, that's those are the ones the other ones say that hold on, hold on. Okay, so the other one says, and this one is the one with the witch shaking up the cross. This one says this Beretta is dangerous. I boy 18 places look for the map. Look for the heart. Speaker 1 Okay, so we've got the map and the heart. Speaker 2 Yeah. And it's interesting because 1888 is over here is up a few times 18 is over there. 18 is over there. 18 is in the heart. Eight teens on this 118 comes up a lot. Speaker 1 Well 18 is in the harvest is 1847 Tim Well, there's a theory it's not the year Speaker 2 a lot of people say it's the year but there's a theory that those are mile markers. And so each of the mile markers mile marker 18 I feel like Unknown Speaker this is about to be a treasure hunting podcast that we do. Speaker 2 We're about to get it. Treasure I hunted last night Speaker 1 treasure I hunted last night I don't know if that flows as well as Speaker 2 it's still tilling. It's just in the middle. You kind of got a half Speaker 1 I don't know maybe we should just make it things I hunted last night. It gives me a little more broader of a more directions to go for season two, you know? Just in case we have to guess we just shifted people anyway. We're bounty hunters one season give added and we became about the other Oh, dude. Okay. Hey, can you imagine if we became bounty hunters though? Tim looked me in the eyes. Unknown Speaker Yeah, he's a bounty hunter. It's the T and you were Speaker 1 two gallons. The tea. Yeah, I've Speaker 2 just got my tea and my brownie to cut down tea. Unknown Speaker Topic wasn't the episode that we lost. Speaker 2 Of course, I remember the topic of the episode that we lost. Do you not? Unknown Speaker I don't remember. So you could do it again. As I'm saying. Unknown Speaker No, I can't. It's still in the news. Speaker 1 What? No, not the episode we couldn't release which is available to our Patreon supporters. I'm saying the episode that we lost way back when when we first started doing video and audio recording. And someone didn't record the audio. Speaker 2 Ah, good to be honest. I don't remember but do we have those files somewhere? The video files? Yeah. Well then yeah, let's watch the video. Unknown Speaker In like what overdub it really read our Speaker 2 mouths, we'll figure it out. If we watched me say what it is, I'm sure we could figure out what I said, Speaker 1 Okay, well, we do have a lot, we do have a, we have two loss episodes, that one that we've like literally lost because of production stuff, and then to one that we could not put out, but it's available to our patrons. Unknown Speaker And now three, because this one's about murdered. Speaker 1 Hey, it's me again, thanks for being here for this episode. If you like what we're doing, it does cost us money to do this. And so just think about that. You know, that's it. We have Patreon supporters. And it really helps us to make this show possible. Honestly, we're so grateful for everyone who listens to the show. But there's, there's people who want to make more of it happen. And so they financially support the show. And you get a lot back for it. You get our private discord where we chat every day, we're hanging out and just getting to bond and hang out. We also do live zoom Hangouts for our Patreon supporters, you get exclusive merch, it's a good time, there's a lot there's a lot in it for you. And it's a lot enough for us because we get to know you better. You know, you're not just a number and a stat board or whatever. But you know, you're our friends and we appreciate you a lot. So consider doing that. If not, then you can listen to this dumb little ad, because that's how we're gonna get money from you. We're gonna leech from you either way. We're gonna get paid. We're in this for the cold hard cash, baby. Anyway, here's an ad. Speaker 2 How do they how do they get it though? I realized I forgot to put a CTA in mind. Oh, dang, we're doing it. Yeah, Speaker 1 they can text Tillandsia 66866. Thanks, Jared. Speaker 2 Okay, I'm looking through I'm looking at the map of the Superstition Mountains and I'm not seeing a river. I'm gonna be honest with you. Speaker 1 Yeah. It was it has the reo on there. Speaker 2 Yeah, it's I mean, it's depth are definitely talking about a river but like looking at the map, north of the river. And I mean, here's the deal. It's the middle of Arizona, and it's been 100 years. And so like, there could have been a river there before we you know, we did the Industrial Revolution. Speaker 1 Okay. Just throw it on the Wayback Machine. Oh, you're I see what it looks like back then. Okay, so pull up given a real map of this place. Speaker 2 Of the Superstition Mountains. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, well, there is a salt river up north of it. Oh, right next to Tortilla Flat. Unknown Speaker And guacamole Valley. What are you talking about right now? Unknown Speaker I'll show you. So here's here's a map straight from Google Maps. Okay. The Salt River is up there. Speaker 1 I grazed north of the river. Yeah. It might be the Salt River. It's in these mountains right here. Speaker 2 Yeah, I don't know. Maybe it's not maybe that's what everyone's problem is, is they're looking at the unless it's Speaker 1 like in this area right over here. Yeah, I'm saying they're all looking right there because they're idiots. Oh, we're talking about El Capitan right now. That's the same one. Speaker 2 From like, Mac. Yeah, I don't think so. This is an Arizona. Okay. I thought all that was in California. Yeah, I think it was two years. Yeah. But yeah, I mean, maybe it is north of the river up there. Speaker 1 I don't know. The math literally says, I was I say I dwell north of the river. I graze I graze Speaker 2 north of the river. Here's the thing though. This map is no one. There's no real connection to the mine. Sure. Nothing about this map says here's where to find the gold. Yeah, it's just a bunch of weird scribbles. And allegedly a mind Speaker 1 this could all just be a kid coming. Yes. Could be is that a knife on Unknown Speaker a knife on that? It's, it could be completely unrelated. Unknown Speaker There's a lot of detail in the police though. Speaker 2 The one thing that people say to like, be like, Oh, it's talking about the gold is those donuts that are saying that's the symbol for gold? Which I don't know if it is I think it's I think it's just a donut. Okay. Oh, don't say 1867 underneath the pre Speaker 1 18 4700 You should it's a 400% Speaker 2 Maybe right. Anyways, so this whole thing, it could be this could be related to the gold could not. But people have used it to try to find where this is located. Here's the thing though. The Peralta's there's no evidence of a Peralta family living in the area. The only evidence that we can find of a Peralta family of Mexican descent is in Oakland, California. They were ranchers. But that's pretty far from here. These clay tablets have been ascribed to them. But we don't really know where they came from, or who found them or why. And so this connection is pretty loose. It's very, very loose. And there's not really a good reason for us to believe that it's connected to it other than the fact that it's part of the legend. People say it is. There's another story, though, of a guy named Dr. Thorne, who was a Army doctor, who allegedly was kidnapped by the Apache Tribe in the 1940s. And, okay, they said, someone in our tribe is sick. And so He nursed them back to health. And as payment for the work, they blindfolded him, and they draw them Speaker 1 loose in the mind that whatever you grab is yours. Like those, like you've ever been, like a middle school fundraiser event, and they've got that little wind tunnel with all the dollar bills in it, and he's got to grab as much as you can. They're like, we're gonna put you in our Goldmine that we have, and you just grab whatever you can. And then he got bit by a snake because he couldn't see. So it's dark in the mind, no need to blind. Speaker 2 So they know they they blindfolded him, and they took them around the desert for hours, like, you know, like we did call it time up and drive him around. Yeah, so Unknown Speaker they wouldn't know where they were. Speaker 2 Yeah. And so they did that thing, took them around town, took them to the mine. And they were like, tada, we have a mine of gold. Cut off a goldmine. And then they're like, you can have some gold, whatever you can carry as payment for your services. And, and then he grabbed a bunch of stuff as much as he could carry. And they blindfolded him back up and took them away. He just got Unknown Speaker a hold. It just Speaker 2 just carried a bunch of gold through the desert blindfolded. It was like in the basement all along. Like it wasn't even that far away. Yeah, they just turned the heat up really high in Unknown Speaker the house back and forth. Speaker 2 So he's carrying the gold, and then gets back out like they let him they get back to the tribal lands, and then they let him go. And then he goes home. And he tells everyone and he's like, look at all the gold that they gave me. And everyone's like, wow, this is a crazy story. We don't believe but you do have gold. So maybe it's true. Yeah. And everybody's like, tell us where you found it. And he's like, Unknown Speaker he's like, Well, I Speaker 2 don't know. They blindfolded me. And he No, he showed no, what years. This? is 1840s. Okay. And he showed no 1840s Yeah, no. 1940s. He showed no, like, desire to, like, try to find this actual. Unknown Speaker He's like, I got what I wanted. Yeah, he's Speaker 2 like, I got some gold. I don't need more. I'm a content man. Again, the veracity of this story, is can be called into question. Okay. Because there's no record of a guy named Dr. Thorne in the US Army. Okay, so a Unknown Speaker lot of these stories. I'm sure his name's not doctor. You think it's just Mr. Thorns? What do you what do you think like, well, Speaker 1 if you're looking at the army records, and you go Dr. Thorne Yeah, his name is not doctor. Well, it's Richard. Speaker 2 I mean, fair. So he, this story is is questionable. Again. The point I'm trying to make here is a lot of these stories are very questionable stories. Sure. A lot of people have gone looking for this mine. Okay. And they've died, but they probably died because it's a national park in a desert. That is dangerous. Okay. And yeah, maybe some of them got murdered. But honestly, people get killed in national parks all the time. Like that's what murderers murderers frequent national parks like that's a that's one of their hotspots, you know, like they're okay they hang out at those voices point Unknown Speaker are you making right now? Speaker 2 What I'm trying to say here is I don't know if there is a Lost Dutchman mine there's there's this this I don't know there's some believers who really believe that it's out there somewhere find hidden in the Superstition Mountains that you can find and and get rich off of. But a lot of these stories, they seem like Legend. And a lot of these deaths they seem like happenstance. And one of the more significant parts of this is throughout the region. There's a bunch of gold mines sure, like a bunch of gold mines and so there's a pretty good chance that if this was in the 1840s that this guy found this mine Unknown Speaker that is just one of those ones Speaker 2 we already know about. Yeah, that He died and when he died, maybe no one knew about it or maybe he was just sneaking into some other random mine and yeah, napkins gold. off the top, which I guess I don't know how gold mines work, but he's just flicking off a little bit of when I worked at that candy factory and it just kept some candy, you know, off the talking about what Unknown Speaker the factory Did you work at? Speaker 2 I worked for a week at Mountain Man fruit and NAPCO in Parker, Colorado, and they fired you. Yeah, that's because you were stealing candy off the top? No, for different reasons. I don't think you can just fly. Speaker 1 That's not one of those things. You're gonna say go. I got fired for a different reason for a reason. But it wasn't. Well, I was at work one day, and a reporter showed up. And they were like, Who do you sell the Moschini to? And I said, and it became this whole big thing. And I like let it play out for a little bit. And then the owner was like, tell them your job. Go. And you're like, I don't know what you're talking about. Yeah. And then they fire me. Yeah, yeah. Speaker 2 No, they had a they had a policy where before it got into packaging, you can eat as much candy as you want. That's not true. Speaker 1 Packaging. You. You couldn't eat it. Is that what you thought the policy was legitimately Speaker 2 the policy? Everybody did it. And so you most people would just walk by the conveyor belts. And every time they walked by the conveyor belts and just kept some chocolate and eat the chocolate. Unknown Speaker There's no way that was their policy. I mean, that Speaker 2 was their policy. It probably wasn't okay. But Speaker 1 that was there not a chance. That's a there's no way that was their policy. Speaker 2 I mean, it wasn't a huge company. I mean, it was a decent sized company, but like, it wasn't a huge company, you know. But the reason I got fired, the reason I got fired is because Isaiah had the Isaiah got me the job, okay. And he, his boss was like, Hey, I'm looking for some extra help. I was 17. And he was looking for some extra help. It was over the summer. And so I get the job. And then they didn't like I got the job. There's like four other people who got the job at the same time as me. And they're all adults, like they're all real people. I was. And they all went through like training, like they learned how to use everything. And for me, they were just like, I don't know, go do whatever Isaiah needs your help with. And so like I did that for the first day, and then the second day, they were like, Hey, we own the lot next door, and it was overgrown with weeds. It was probably, I don't know, seven or eight acres. And the weeds were as tall as me like six foot weeds. And he was like we got this fine from the county for having this too overgrown. Can you cut down all the weeds? And so they gave me a weed whacker, but it was an hourly rate. Yeah, but it was a broken weed whacker. And it took me a week to weed whack this giant field with his broken weed whack I'm just sitting there just and I got it all weed whacked and then they fired me. Speaker 1 Well you just described is crime. What you just described is someone taking advantage of a 17 year old boy. That's Speaker 2 yeah, that's I mean, that's what I'm saying. Like that's they hired me because they got that fine and they didn't have anyone else to do it. And then they were like, okay, yeah, and so they just had me take it down and then once I finished it, they fired me and they told me it was because I was working too slow. But that was the only thing I did the whole time I was there and they never even like they never trained me they never gave me a warning. But I was too young to like advocate for myself like I didn't understand it was the first it was literally the first job I got hired for. Speaker 1 Yeah, what you just described as illegal. So that was fun. Yeah, Unknown Speaker I got free candy out of it for like a week. Speaker 1 You come in here's why he got fired. Let me tell you why you got fired. Because you were out there waiting. Right at the time you can eat as much as you want to go back you can eat it no so you're out there Speaker 3 watching me out though it nobody's like I told them do we and he's eating every individual weed. No one for this Speaker 1 day should not have passed the marijuana stuff out here. These kids are idiots I was pre so we know I'm saying that you were out there doing all this weed stuff. Not not listener. Please don't get confused. I was you were clearing their lot or whatever. Yeah. So you come in dirty gross hands. This is why you got fired. And you go it's policy Unknown Speaker deck whatever candy we want. Unknown Speaker You put a blindfold on. And then you sat at the end of the conveyor belt and just I think yours walking around stumbling into the wall. Speaker 2 Other Amazon reviews said Yeah, I got the chocolate was good. But there's like dandelion leaves. Yeah. All over my that's why you got fired. You might be right. I mean, they told me it was because of slow that's what they told me Speaker 2 here's the thing though. Here's even better. I was one of, I think four or five friends that I say I got a job for at that. And every single friend that got a job got fired within a week under similar circumstances, so I think it was literally like a weird job will pop up. I'd be like, just get one of those as friends. Unknown Speaker Yeah, yeah. 100% It's sketchy. Speaker 2 Um, I don't remember I think there was something else I want to bring Speaker 1 up a whole thing to tell me. Stories are like they're probably made up. Unknown Speaker It was so that I was I wanted to say about this. I Unknown Speaker swear. Not I mean, Speaker 1 I would love to let's start let's we have a we started a true crime podcast while we did we didn't we didn't follow through. You're dumb? Speaker 2 Well, because my mother in law thought we were gonna get killed by the cartel. Speaker 1 That actually is true. Why we had to stop because we were worried ruffle some feathers. We were worried about stumbling into some stuff that maybe we weren't prepared to stumble into. But now we're prepared to Yeah, so we've been practicing. I think we should one release some of that true crime Podcast. I'm okay with that. And then two, we should become treasure hunters. Yeah, go buy this thing. Unknown Speaker treasure hunting a true treasure podcast. true treasure? true treasure. That's two. That doesn't fall it Speaker 1 doesn't it? Oh, glad you realize it before I had to shut your ideas down. But here's, Speaker 2 here's the moral of the story. The mine probably got mined by someone who found it. And now everyone's out here looking for it. And it doesn't exist anymore. Because it's a it's a matte like it's not lost. Like they found it and they mined it. And those those clay things, probably not related probably just stuff from something else. So if you are in a national park somewhere, and you find some clay tablets with scribbles all over it and stuff written in other languages and pictures. And a dude whose head has been removed from his body and his two miles away, okay with holes in it. Leave it alone, leave it alone. Speaker 1 No, or start a podcast and go find it. As we're going to Speaker 2 Well, I guess that's all I have to say about the Lost Dutchman mine. Speaker 1 Okay, cool. I keep trying to think of podcast titles for what this is going to be. But for now it's who fiddle off Speaker 3 things either last night is a production of space Tim medium produced by Christian Taylor audio by Alex Garnett video by Connor Betts. Our graphics and our logo by Caleb Goldberg and our social media is run by Caleb Walker. Our hosts are Jeremiah and Tim stone. Follow us on your favorite social media platform at Taylan podcast is Ti ll en podcast. Remember to tell all your friends about us and we'll see you next Tuesday for another episode of things I learned last night. Transcribed by

Have you ever heard of the Lost Dutchman Mine? It’s a fascinating tale of adventure and mystery that has captured the imagination of treasure hunters for generations. In this blog post, we’ll explore how this mine became a legendary legend, delve into the mysterious “heart map,” and discuss some theories about where it might be hiding today.

The Legend Begins

Our story begins in the rugged Superstition Mountains of Arizona, where Jacob Waltz, known as the “Dutchman,” made an incredible discovery in the 19th century. Legend has it that he stumbled upon a rich gold mine but kept its location a closely guarded secret.

The Heart Map

One of the most intriguing parts of this legend is the “heart map.” Before he passed away, Jacob Waltz drew a map in the shape of a heart, hinting at the mine’s location. People have spent years deciphering this cryptic map, hoping it would lead them to the hidden treasure.

The Treasure Hunt

For more than a century, treasure hunters and adventurers have combed the Superstition Mountains in search of the Lost Dutchman Mine. Some have claimed to find it, but their stories often remain unverified, adding to the mystery.

Theories and Speculations

The whereabouts of the Lost Dutchman Mine have sparked numerous theories and speculations. Some believe it’s hidden deep within the Superstition Mountains, protected by treacherous terrain and traps set by the Dutchman himself. Others think it may be located outside the mountains, far from where most searchers have looked.

The Curse of the Dutchman’s Gold

Legend has it that the mine is cursed, bringing misfortune to those who seek it. Many have faced danger and even death during their quest. Some believe this curse is a way to deter treasure hunters and protect the secret of the mine.

The Endless Quest

The Lost Dutchman Mine remains undiscovered today, yet the legend lives on. People worldwide continue to venture into the Superstition Mountains, hoping to unravel the mystery and strike it rich. It’s a story of determination, adventure, and the enduring allure of hidden treasure.

In the heart of Arizona’s Superstition Mountains, the legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine continues to captivate imaginations. While the mine’s location remains a mystery, the thrill of the treasure hunt keeps the tale alive, inspiring countless adventurers to explore the rugged terrain in search of the Dutchman’s hidden gold. Who knows, maybe one day, someone will unlock the secrets of the heart map and discover the lost treasure that has eluded so many for generations.

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Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine – Wikipedia

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