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Hey, welcome to the Things I Learned last night. This is a comedy podcast where we talk about tragic events. We were really make fun of it the whole time. No, this is tim something new every week, but this week is a tragic event. This week we learned about the Thailand all murders of in Chicago when someone it's very famous, somebody replaced capsules in the Thailand all with cyanide and that's grust so and then the theories of who did it and what the result has been from the FBI's investigation, so we get into the big story. And also, like everything you buy is sealed now obviously, so this guy, yeah or gal, that's pretty sexist. Speaking of sexism, So I am in Oklahoma City this weekend on the twenty first, I'm in Yukon, Oklahoma, and then next week i am in oh I am I have a passport and everything. I'm going to Alberta, happy and like, not the big towns. I'm going to some pretty small towns Alberta, I mean Brooks, Alberta and then Tabor, Alberta next week on the twenty fourth and twenty fifth. So if you're in Canada, what else are you doing, you know, so come hang out. We'll see you there. But this is the this is a Now we're gonna get serious. Yeah, no more fun, no jokes for this episode. Hey man, what's up? Have you ever heard of thailandol Thailand? Yeah? Yeah, oh, I pop like six of those a day? What probably eight? I don't I think that's a lit four Celsius and twelve Thailand I have to do. Yeah for each Celsius, I have to do two Thailand. I did a counteract the Celsius. I do have to tell my wife to quit taking talent all every day. She takes it every day. She was for a little while. Yeah, that's like bad for your liver, isn't it. I was like, I was like, hey, you know, your body like builds a tolerance, and then now that's not helping you at all. Yeah. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it also kills, like literally kills you. Yeah yeah, yeah, yea yeah yeah. Anyways, uh so that's what we're talking about. We're talking about we're young, gonna live forever. Yeah, it's fine. Crush up and that's how I use that's how I used for flavoring on my tacos. Yeah, get some pizza. I'm like out to eat you guys, got any talent all in this joint? I think I got some of my purse. I'll think, could you bring me those? This guy, this guy at table seven, just sprinkle tilt all over, dude, that guy has had a rough week. That is insane behavior. If you're crushing up people orange juice, that's how they don't That's like a uh, you know, a cure, like like your tin stones get real quick trike, where like just let me bring a gallon of orange juice. If you crush up some uh some thilanol or whatever, put it in there. Geez, that's what some people do. Or what's the powder? TALENTL like that. It's already start the b I don't know. Pretty great. Twelve Yeah, so much p twelve dude, you just get twelve in the street. Everyone trash your time. You know it's gotta kill you. Switched it, but not not to otherwise you'll see him see see that. The whole conversation is on the ployboard. Things I learned last night. No, so we are talking about Tilan all but not really. I mean we're just we're referencing Tyland, tylerandill adjacent this episode. Have you heard of the Chicago Tayland all murders? Oh? No, more jokes. You can't be funny anymore. All right, let's just dive right in. This one's a good one. Okay. This is a wild story, sad story, wild story, though, and we're gonna make fun of it. Nineteen eighty two. October nineteen eighty two. Okay, we need to be serious about this is a serious, serious, pretty funny. Yeah, give me like a little queue where you're like, hey, no more funny. Don't do this though. I don't think that's appropriate. I don't think like this episode we're about to talk about death. Yeah, we're about to talk about death. It's September twenty eight news. Three bodies were found in an apartment complex in Kansas City, Missouri, with a note that says chicken and pickle was fun tonight. WHOA what happened there? September twenty eighth, nineteen eighty two. Matt Mary Kellerman, twelve year old girl wakes up feeling not great, asks her parents and says, hey, I don't feel good? Can I stay home from? Oh? Oh? This is the people putting stuff in tailan al got it? Okay, she tells her parents have I'm not feeling great. I don't think I should go to school. Her dad's like, you're gonna go to school here. It takes some tilanol, and so she takes a tilan al right, and then a few minutes later, he hears the bathroom door slam shut, and so he goes to check on her and like, she's not responding, and so he opens up the door and finds her dead in the bathroom. Okay, so they obviously call Line on one, paramedics show up, They try to resuscitate, bring her to the hospital. She ends up dying the next day. No clue what happened. They're trying to they're like investigating the house, investigating maybe there's something she ate, maybe she had like sudden cardiac arrest. They do an autopsy, and they're like there's no real like evidence of like what could have happened here, you know, And so they're kind of scratching their heads at this situation. That next day, Tember twenty ninth, they're actively investigating this. This is in a suburb of Chicago. By the way, There is a guy by the name of Adam Janice whose family calls nine one one. He had very similar scenario. He just collapsed in his living room. Okay, pick him up. They try to restitate, pi him up, take him in the hospital. He dies that night at the hospital. The family obviously terrible scenario, right, they go home. This is really sad. They go home and they're like trying to gather themselves and figure out what happened and where to go from here, you know. And in the stress of it, Stanley, his younger brother, is twenty five. Stanley's younger brother is like, man, I got a headache, and so he grabs a tailan all and takes a tailan on. There his younger sisters like he had me two, and so she grabs a tailant all as well, and a few minutes later he falls to the ground and starts convulsing, and then they call nine on one. The paramedics show up, and the paramedics are like actively resuscitating him, and then she falls to the ground and starts convulsing. So the paramedics are split up, and there's four paramedics with Stanley, four paramedics with Teresa, and they ended up both passing away as well. And they this was a moment where they were like, Okay, this is things. Yeah, this is strange, and so they have a local detective starts trying to like really figure out what is the connection between these four What did all three of these people consume? Right, they had to consume something, and they ended up being able to figure out it was the tailanol and it's interesting we can touch on that later. They end up figuring out that it's the tailnyl and later that day, throughout the course of that same day, there was three other people, a Mary McFarlane, A Paula Prince, and a Mary Reiner who were thirty one, thirty five, and twenty seven who same thing. They had same symptoms, fell the ground, convulsing, showed up to the hospital and died at the hospital. And so they're the detectives are scrambling trying to figure this out. Luckily, because of the ganicis, they were able to realize it was the time and all. So they put out this like public alert, be like nobody, nobody, take time and all. And they're actually driving around town that they send up police officers around the suburbs, like through the neighborhoods with bullhorns and it's they're like throw away your toil and all really and insane thing to like just here and I don't know, well you don't hear that, you hear what am I? What is happening to? Ice creaming? And outside? You have to throw your town away. It's gonna kill your family. Hey stop, no jokes. The cops like stop it, no drivers like, bro, this is a serious thing. What are you doing? He's singing, singing? It's a cock card. Everyone trash your time. You know, it's kinda kill you switch to real, but not not to me, otherwise you'll see him. You're the driver because set the whole conversation is on the floor. They don't know how to turn it off, so it's walking the dog. Just listen to this whole thing, just like what does that throw away your tiling home anyway away? So yeah, the driving around time telling everyone's Titan. This hits the news and obviously like people are freaking out. Tilan all is killing everybody, and I think brand dealing with it. So this is interesting. So we're not keep taking it more tent we've got We've only fixes two more. Yeah, the only thing that stops it, like we have another thing called Thailand All killer and you have to take Thailand and take the tail and all killer, and it makes Thailand all not kill you instead of who kills the You know, a marketing play. It's good business, du band. I mean, so, uh, this hits the news and obviously people are freaking out about it. They're able to find that there was a specific lot number, lot number m C two eight eight zero was the one that all of them had taken, and they were like, okay, so we're going to go on the news and be like, hey, if you have lot number MC eight two eight eight zero, throw it away. Don't take it, don't touch it. It's there's something wrong with it. Why would you daminate it? Throw it away? I would want to collect it, right, I mean, I think they've got enough samples. Now that's an interesting point. I don't know. They're like, get rid of it. We'll give it to us. I don't know. I don't know. It's in the trash. Yeah, someone someone What do you think someone's going to dig through your trash and eat your tilet all? Yeah, So this is the news, and the news is like, okay, if you got this lot number, throw you're get rid of your supply. So I don't know what they I don't know if they're throwing it away. I don't know if there's a drop bucket at the library that you're supposed to take it to. I don't know what the plan is. But they're like, get rid of put it in the library, book return, Well, there's some tilet all in my books. They don't even tell the librarians. Okay, there's a lot of people are giving us a lot of tilet all to day. Oh they know. If there's one place that causes heat, it's the library. Yeah, allowed in here. So they they're telling everyone to get rid of their talentol. And meanwhile they send this the the timinol they took from the people who were killed. Ye off off to the lab to get inspected to figure out what it is. What they end up finding is that a handful of the pills, not all of them, but a handful of the pills in these bottles were this was back when and you still can get this from the prescriptions, but you can't get this over the counter anymore. The actual capsules where it's like you could open them up and so the you open it up the pattern and it wasn't time and all it was cyanide. So someone opened this up and replace it with cyanide, closed them back up and put them back on the shelves, is what was happening. So, like you said, tith and All is Johnson and Johnson is the company that I was tiring, and they've been in business forever, just like they're the leader of pain killers at this point in time. Still are yeah right the time? And all's I how do you say the generic name of tunnel? No? Oh? I seen them anything? Yeah? I all right? Jennifer Coolidge, what was that? Hey, thanks for being part of this episode. 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Okay, acid menfin Okay, it's better. That's a better way to what do you say? Menafin? Like that? All right? Anyways, So Time and all owned by Johnson and Johnson. They their response was is to this day like something that's discussed in like PR courses, because it's like they've done it. They did a really good job with it. They came out and they said it was it was Procter and Gamble like those guys. They really no, I was okay, not us. No. They came out and they were like they're like, guys, this is really bad there. They uh, we're going to get to the bottle of this. Yeah. They came out and they're like, yeah, throw away all your stuff, throw away your your time and aunds but we're going to fund but you should not have any of it row away and go buy a different bottle more than no. What was interesting is the police said that was just that lot number. After a couple of weeks, they discovered a couple of other contaminated lot numbers, and so as that kind of came out at the time, it's kind of like, I don't care what the lot numbers, I'm not taking this, oh for sure. And that was kind of the public opinion, like people weren't taking this and it became such a big deal because, uh, the poison hotlines, they said they were ringing off the hook. They're like we're gonna call every five seconds of people being like I took Thailand all like two weeks ago, okay, but it was like it's like SINAID doesn't have a four week release. No, yeah, it's immediate. It was especially at the dosage that was in there. It was like an immediate thing that was happening and there's nothing to stop it. Yeah, and there was people all over the country that we're calling these poison hotlines, but this event happened only in Chicago. It was like it was like one store in Chicago that got the contamination and so but when they started realizing there was other lot numbers uh time, the Nall's response was, we're recalling all time and all. And so they went to every store and they said, throw it away, throw it in the trash. We're taking it all back, and we're not going to sell time in All anymore for a little bit while we figure this out. We're we're halting production. If you got any, get rid of it, don't take it. This is like we're we have a serious Yeah we care, you know. Wow. I mean they didn't, but they don't care. But at least it was a response from a company that was not like that. It's probably fine that happens. It's like Bluebell ice Cream when they were like, all right, we're gonna be done making ice cream for a couple of years. What are you talking about when blue Bell? You know, do you know what blue Bell is? I know what blue Bell is. Yeah, they quit making ice cream for a couple of years. Maybe not a couple of years blue Bell, Look look it up, just google. Blue Bell discontinued. I don't know. They came back in like twenty seventeen. Twenty eighteen is a big deal. Is it blue Bell or blue Bunny? Blue Bell? Because when I started Blue Bell ice Cream, discontinued, it redirected to blue Bell blue Bell ice Cream Salmonila, let's try that. Because discontinued did not give me anything. They got ordered to pay seventeen million. Yeah, and two misdemeanor counts of distributing adulterated ice cream products. That's a misdemeanor. I guess what is it? A miss oat distributed? Yeah, I got a missed the meter. Yeah, but there was like a they just quit making it for a while. I can't find me, and then I remember I remember them coming back. Well, I mean yeah, it was after the misdemeanor, and so it was after this whole lawsuit stuff. Interesting they and then it was like, we're not doing it anymore. I just remember it being because blue Bells in Midwest company, yeah thing, it's not available everywhere. Yeah, and so I remember it being a big thing when it came back. It's like, guys, they're making ice cream again. It's kind of like when Hostess went out. Yeah, and then whoever bought Hostess was like we're back, and the twinkies were not the same. Everyone was like, yeah, yeah, you've had a twinkie. Of course, I've had a twinkie. Like when recently. I don't know how time you ate a twinkie. It's been years, probably four or five years. It's been a while, probably Springfield. I I think the the only time I've eaten a twinkie is like for a youth group game. The only time, the only time, the only time in your life. And I say that as a person who was fat. Twinkies were so good, like in the prime nineties twinkies. I don't even think nineties twinkies were oh man, Yeah, No. I liked the the chocolate cream field things from Hostess Hose. Yes, I loved hose. Actually I called them hos. I don't know, ding dogs whatever, the ding dogs. Maybe that's what I was really good. Yeah, I like the chocolate cupcake thing with a little swirly thing on top. That's the cream field in the middle. That's a that's a ho ho for sure. Anyway, I liked those, but I never had to take Twinkies never caught on in the Myers household anyway. Pretty wild to me. So they they made it, They made the correct call. Yeah, as a company, it discontinued all of it, and they stopped producing it for a while, which the company would do these days. I don't believe. Yeah, they did it. We got rid of that lot number. They did an internal investigation to make sure that it wasn't happening in their lab. They also invited the FBI to do their own third party investigation, and they confirmed that it wasn't happening, because that was one of the theories, was like, oh, it's a discrownt on employee or somebody at the company who was like, we don't like Thailand all anymore. And so they were able to confirm that that wasn't the case. They ended up years later, I shouldn't say year later, months later, reproducing Thailand all and they actually changed arguably the world to the tablets instead of the capsules. Well yeah, so they did a couple of things. They changed it from capsules to caplits, so they were now the jail capsules that you can't open the right jail casings and tablets came shortly after that. But they also started doing the seals packaging, so this their triple sealed packaging is what they called it. So they had the inner foil seal. They had an outer safety seal on the top of the cap and then they put it before it was just on the shelf. Yeah, and it was just the cat unscrewed stuff. And they also added the cotton balls and so they said, if the cotton ball is if the cotton ball, the foil, the outer safety seal, or the box is tampered with, then any of those, then don't consume it. And so they was like protection that all it took was a couple of people to die, and then they were like, let's make massive changes to this. Let's change this all. There are other industries who would go, it's probably my second amend the ride to take tilent all second. Uh, And they they they launched this massive campaign that they paid for like ad campaign, being like, well, before they launched these seals, they launched a massive campaign that was that don't take talent all, and they paid for it. And then after they launched the seals, they launched this massive campaign of like here's the new seals and here's how you open them and how you're safe with them. A couple of years after this, the FDA actually passed a law they all have everyone's got to do these safety seals, whether it was any anything consumable, and so that's why, that's the reason why milk has that like pop cap on it and every like everything you use has a seal. Now, and that's this is the event that caused that the FDA followed lead on it. Wild sweeping change can happen. So let's talk about the suspects. This is the interesting part. Okay, well we've covered the that stuff. Procter and Gamble, Broder and Gamble, they said, just Proctor, Proctor said, how can we make this cost more? They did this? Uh no, So there's a guy by the name of James. How much did did that affect the price of talent? All? I mean, I'm sure it went up a little bit because the cost war saying, So I'm sure it did. I don't know exactly how much it did, but I'm sure it did. I mean, titand'll still pretty cheap. So it's not like it was that big of a deal. So uh. A few weeks after this happened, yeah, uh, Johnson and Johnson receive a letter in the mail and here, let me pull up a pull up. This letter actually from a person who's like I did it it was me. They received an advanced copy old book. Hey would you before I did it? If if it were be Johnson. Johnson gets this letter in the mail and the letter was like your typical ransom note, and it said hey you well it said it said, hey, it's really easy to replace synid with acid to menifin and your cap capture. And he says, I can do it again unless you give me a million dollars. Here's the bank account. I want you to wire it too, but they made it harder. Well, this was only a couple of weeks later. This is before all the changes after and this is this is still early enough in the investigation. This is before they like recalled all the time and all like, this is early in the process, right. So they get the letter and he's like, oh, also, don't tell the FBI. Just wire me this money. And if you tell the FBI any funny business, If you don't wire me in the money within forty eight hours, then I'm going to do lever some more. And Johnson and Johnson sees this and they said, hey, FBI, yeah, of course, good, so good on them. They were like, we can just send him a million dollars a millionhire. I know, there's got to be somebody in the office who's like, just damn well, that's what Johnson. Johnson and Johnson calls the FBI and they said, hey, he just wants to send me dollars. They're like, that's that's nothing. Bess who cares. We'll send him a million dollars. It's like a dollar. Yeah, they were like they we couldn't care less about a million dollars, and so like, we'll send it to him. And the imagine being the low paid FBI employee. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, it's nothing to you. You just pay a million dollars. Yeah, here, let me give you a different account to send that to. We think it's this guy. This guy, I got a different number for you to send that to. And so they was like no, no, no, no, well sure, but he's got to meet us in a field and will helicopter down and give him the cash. We're going to give him the cash in person. So they said, here, here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna take a look at that note, and I bet we can figure some stuff out. FBI, and I bet we can figure some stuff out. And so they take that note. They discover that it's note from a specific New York stationary company, and the both the letterhead that the note was on and the ink that was used was from this stationary company, which is interesting. They also found fingerprints that they matched to a guy by the name of James William Lewis, and so they found Lewis. They took him a non suspicion. So do we use people's middle name when they commit crimes? Like if I committed a crime, would I be just known as Jaron Kyler Myers. Yeah, it's if you've done something bad, it's the bad person. James William Lewis. Yes, that's exactly exactly. I doubt he's going by that. Yeah, I doubt he's going by yeah. Yeah, But that's an interesting point. Timothy James, wrong, wrong, I always mix you and your dad up. Yeah, me too, John Stone. Hey, thanks for checking out this episode. If you like it, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any future episodes. Uh. Speaking of future episodes, we haven't done of past episodes. We have a back catalog of well over one hundred episodes, so check those out. My current favorite is Nellie Bli. She was a journey List from the early nineteen hundreds, who totally changed the industry, especially for women in the industry. Super cool story, but also kind of crazy some of the things that she did. We had a lot of fun in that episode. So check that out. Don't forget to subscribe, but ultimately, just thanks for being here. So they get James, They pull them in and in for questioning. Yeah, they ask them all these questions. They search his house. In his house they find like a little a little chemical lab, and they find the Anarchist Cookbook. Which have you heard of that? No, it's a pretty popular book about making poison. It's fun. It's a little digital download. Gee that that's allowed. But that's what's out there. It's your second event, second right to make poison. It's technically in arms, right they you could probably get through that in court. Probably good. So he has the Anarchist Cookbook. They fingerprint left cookbook, and they did find his fingerprints on the page for cyanide. Okay, and so there's some circumstantial evidence. That's interesting. He uh, he's like, I didn't do anything. He gets they take him in for questioning and at first he's like, yes, it was me and then uh, he's like telling them all about how to make side stuff like that. Wait, actually they take him to the process, they realize they can't link anything to them, and they continue their investigation. Long story short, long story short. They can't link anythame to him. You're telling me. He's sitting here going, yeah, I did that. And they were like, got the fingerprints in the letter, we got this in your house, got a lab. You're telling us you did with sanide, You're telling us how you did it. We gotta let him go, but we don't know for sure if it was real. Well, here's the deal. They had a weird feeling about him. They're like, when you're telling me we can execute people that were like, we find out years later they didn't do it, but in the eighties they're like, this is still the eighties. Yeah, they so they could execute this guy off a spot and figure out a way to justify it. Here's the thing. Here's the thing. He lived in New York City. This was happening in Chicago. And what they know is that this with the cyanide would dissolve those capsules within forty eight hours, so you would have to see them. He would have had to like literally buy them, walk outside, put it in, and walk back in and put them on the shelf, and those people would have had to take them within forty eight hours. And so like this was something where like he had to be local doing this, and he had a pretty solid alibi to be in New York. And so even though he was claiming he did it, like it was like, yeah, I stated a motel over here, here's house in town. I have rental car reight agreement right here. I did all of it, And they're like, you live in New York. Well, here's the thing. They the FBI was sketched about him. So they continued their investigation a little further, and here's what they found. This guy did not do it. Here's how we know. The guy they did used to live in Chicago, but it was years ago him and his wife moved to New York. She got a job for that very same uh stationary company. Okay, she's working for that stationary company. And a year before this event, the stationary company falls into some financial trouble and the checks that they paid all their employees were bounced and so they didn't get paid. They took them to court. The employees took them to court over this to try to get their money. They couldn't get their money at the end of the court hearing. So this guy just he's an opportunity where he's like, I'm going to try to make us some money in this tragedy. This employee, Uh, the employees lost that case, and so the case en did. On the way out, James, furious with the owner of the company, has a few choice words with him and decides, I am going to wait for a tragedy and I'm going to write a ransom letter. Ransom letter, and he's not trying to make money off the ransom. The account number is their account number because he knows it from the check trying to get and so he's trying to frame them for the murders, is what he's doing. He's trying to frame yeah, so that that account number was the company's account number, the stationary company. So he's trying to frame the stationary company for doing the the cyanide. Okay, it turns out it's a paper company in New York. It was under miss to print. This just did a print poison poison. Seven people use code poison for twenty percent off at check out the eyes of one one. So in so they're like, yeah, it's not him, but you're going to jail for twenty years for extortion. And so he did go to jail for twenty years. Oku. He ended up serving fifteen and then got let out on promotion promotion. Promotion promotion. Yeah, I'm sticking with that promotion. Uh. And so again they're back to square one. Okay. Uh. They got a call a couple couple of weeks after the same time frame from a local UH bar owner in Melrose Park, another area in Chicago, and the bar owner said, Hey, there was this guy in my bar. His name is Roger, Roger Arnold. He's a regular, which is a name I don't know. He can't do that could click calls back when you have the right information. So for the F B I f I three, that's to be all three. So this borrowners. Like last night, Uh, there's Roger was in here and he was talking about how he's got a lot of cyanide at home and how he's like, yeah, I did, He's yeah, said sometimes I pop him into I like to put and leave them at the CBS. And he's like it seem pretty suspicious. Was like, where where does he leaves? C V c V s. It's three, put boots in the ground. We need to get out there right now. Could it have been him? This happened at a Walgreens. Thanks for your call, hanging up on leads over and over. Yeah, we don't really care calling her to confess. He's confessed for what the crimes I committed. We're not We're not looking for those. We want to figure it out on our own. That takes a lot this stuff. Don't spoil the episode. Don't spoil jeez. So they picked this guy up, they search his house. They did find in his house a bunch of illegal firearms and drugs and stuff like that, no cyanide. And they interviewed him and they asked a bunch of questions and basically determined he was just a drunk dude kind of bragging about having cyanide for some reason. This is I think it's important, so I've meant to do this. This is James Lewis. This is the guy who wrote the ransom note. Okay, so what do you think did it or didn't do it? He looks like he would have Yeah, he looks like he would have worked for a stationary company. He didn't his wife did. Oh well, he looks like he would have a plan to save his to frame his wife's company. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then this was Roger Arnold, the other guy. He looks like he would have done it. I'm saying, like, he looks pretty yeah, leave it at the common Dude, he's got what he's got those glasses that make his eyes look massive. You know when someone's got glasses on and the glasses service like, You're like, dude, you're you can tell how blind somebody is by how huge their eyes the glass. This guy cannot see a thing without those. Yeah, he thought he had Cyani, but it was just flower. He's like this, Oh, it turns out you're right, it was just flower. Officer. I've been putting that diet all capsules all over the Metro. I wonder why people aren't dying. They should have been more so they took him in for questioning. We're like, yeah, I can't be him. They did pull him in on uh uh, the firearms charges for having all their illegal firearms, and so he went to jail for a minute. That kind of suck. The he's got something slightly illegal in your house and you get framed for I know, the biggest thing happen happening in town. You didn't get framed though you were bragging about doing it in a bar like you. It's not your about having cyanide. You weren't saying you gave it to people. Yeah, here's how that conversation comes up, all right, you know, here's how it happened. Yeah, they're talking about it, and someone's like, yeah, how do you think get cyanide? And he goes, I've got cyanide? Like it's like that, and everybody have signed you signed on all the time. Yeah, what was that? What do you Yeah, I signed out in my house. Yeah, I my house. Yeah yeah, who knows. Maybe I did the maybe I did the tone all that. It is just a funny. I'm just making a funny. Yeah. But his hue so yeah, so yeah, Sinclair, the bar owner calls, you're doing like the likens subscribed if I'm trying to get thumbnails. Sorry, you can photoshop your eyes that are really freaking big, just admormally huge. There you go, there you go. All right. So he goes to jail for for the guns he owns him for, or he is in jail for a year. He gets out of jail in eighty three, and this is kind of a side you know what, I Am going to do it close. He gets out of Jones in eighty three, big grudge against that bar owner. So he goes to that bar, kills him, gets really drunk, and then has a plan, I'm going to kill Sinclair the bar owner on the way when he leaves tonight, and so he's waiting outside for him to leave, and he shoots some random guy that just happened to be at the bar. So he goes to prison for thirty years and dies and dies in prison for that. So yeah, rough, And then it just kind of imagine that you get your freedom and then you kill somebody and now you're you've served one year. Yeah yeah, which I mean I would do it a bad year. But it's like no, I mean, if you committed a crime, yeah you would now right, No, we can listen to our podcast for sure. I could not do it a year. Okay. So this this he doesn't get caught for the timelinal thing, and long story short, it kind of fizzles out and they're like, oh, we don't know who did this. We have no way to find out who did this, and so it becomes a cold case and it sits for twenty five years, and in January two thousand and nine, the Illinois FBI was like, hey, it's the twenty fifth anniversary of those murders. We're gonna celebrate out. We're gonna sell it right by discovering who did it. We're gonna celebrate. We're gonna have a parade and the Discovery Train. So we're seeing we can figure out who did this, and so they they're like, we've got some advancements in technology, maybe we can figure this out. The problem was at that time, like CCTV wasn't super common, so like it wasn't like we can have a mount of camera. Most people paid in cash, and so it's like we don't we can't track like purchases and stuff like that. And then obviously like even forensic like fingerprints and stuff like that weren't as good at the time as well, So it's like the science wasn't there. But now they've got better science. So they exhumed the body of Roger Arnold because now he's dead, and they took his femur bone for DNA testing and so they could do some DNA tests on the cyanide pills. They took some DNA from James Lewis to see if maybe it was him, and then they had this other theory that this guy you might recognize him. You know who that is? Yeah, correct, George Bush, Now that's Ted Kaczynski. He's the unibomber's yes, and the unibombers the UNI bombings started in Chicago. So they thought maybe it's him, and so they took some and he he's like, he's like, okay, guys, sure and he was like, it wasn't me. I didn't do that. I'm a bomb guy, not a poison guy. Yeah. And so they took DNA and tested it, couldn't connect it to him, couldn't connect it to you did the other guys with the DNA And basically we're like, hey, we tried, we dug into this further. We can't figure out who did this. Sure, probably will never know, which is wild because there were a handful of copycats around the United States after this. I think there was like five or six more people who were killed from Sinaide and time and all, like shortly after this event, nobody went trick or treating that year. I mean people went trick or treating, but not a lot because everyone's like, there's side in our candy. Yeah, and uh, but whoever did this is out there among us. Oh, we've never figured it out, no idea who did that? Wow? And we have no idea why. We don't know the motive. We don't know who did it. We don't know what happened to them. We don't know if they did anything else later. It might have been a one time thing. Maybe they did other stuff like this. We have no idea, but it it drastically changed the way we sell anything consumable. Ye ever sealed everything still now? So that's the Chicago tailand all murders crazy story, no answers. Wow, okay, yeah, well fiddle off. Then, hey, thanks for checking about this episode. If you liked it, we've got another one you might like, the Richmond TV Vigilante. It's another unsolved mystery, a little less murdery, a little more I found a TV on my front porch. E. It's a great story, very interesting, lots of intrigue. So check that out. And hey, if you want to hear next week's episode or watch next week's episode, right now you can overrun our Patreon and there's a lot more really fun and exciting perks that you get from being a patron. And if you are a patron, thanks for your support. We're really glad that you are helping us make this show, but if not, thanks for being here. St

This comedy podcast episode covers the tragic 1982 Chicago Tylenol murders, where seven people died after taking cyanide-laced Extra-Strength Tylenol capsules. In September 1982, 12-year-old Mary Kellerman died after taking Tylenol for a cold. That same day, Adam Janus died after taking Tylenol. His family members also took Tylenol and died. In total, seven people across Chicago died after ingesting the tainted capsules. The police warned people over bullhorns not to take Tylenol. Johnson & Johnson recalled over 30 million bottles and stopped production. They introduced new safety packaging to prevent tampering. The FBI investigated suspects like James Lewis, who sent an extortion letter, and Roger Arnold, who bragged about having cyanide. But they never found the perpetrator. It led to significant changes in packaging and safety seals for all consumable products. The case remains unsolved after 40 years.

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The Chicago Tylenol Murders – Wikipedia

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